OriGym Affiliate Sports Injury Physio

About Sports Injury Physio: Sports Injury Physio is the UK's first online physiotherpist brand, providing effective diasgnosis and treastment plans appropriate for a rnage of clients without you spending thre inflated costs and inconvience of seeing a phyio in person.

    Sports Injury Physio

    The value of having access to an experienced sports physiotherpaist is that they can help guide you through your recovery process so that you know when you should hold back and when you can push the boundaries a bit.

    They'll work out a detailed treatment plan for you, including videos of your exercises. In the last part of the video consultation they'll ask you to perform the exercises to ensure that they’re appropriate for you. After the consultation they’ll e-mail you the plan, with links to the videos.

    Your treatment plan may also include some self-taping or self-massage techniques. They can advise on the materials and equipment you’ll need for this.

    1.  Choose a consultation package.

    2.  Pick a date and a time that suit you.

    3.  Pay via Paypal (you can use your debit/credit card).

    4.  Share a video call with your physio to receive an online diagnosis.

    5.  Your physio sends you a written treatment plan with videos of exercises.

    6.   Ask questions via email for 2 weeks.

    Only available to students