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17 Best Yoga Poses for Two People (2019 Guide)

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Yoga is a great form of exercise: not only does it help stretch and lengthen your muscles, it also helps you to relax and de-stress, finding your inner calm.

A solo yoga session is perfect for that traditional yoga feel, but if you feel like adding some variety into your yoga practice, or if you simply want to try something new, why not grab a friend and try these 17 best yoga poses for two people? Couples yoga is a great way to boost communication, build trust and have fun!

In this article, we will cover yoga poses for two people from beginner level through to advanced, so whether you’re a seasoned yogi or you’re just starting out, there’s bound to be something for you.

Before you begin, it is important to note that you should only work as far as you feel comfortable. Everyone has varying levels of flexibility. Do not force your body into a position that doesn't feel right, as this can lead to injury. Furthermore, if you feel any severe pain whilst performing these yoga poses for 2, you should stop immediately and if necessary seek professional advice.

So, grab a mat, grab a water bottle, grab a partner and lets get right into it!


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Yoga Poses for Two People: Warm Up

As with any form of exercise, before you attempt the couples yoga poses in this article, you need to warm up your muscles. You should never stretch cold muscles as this could lead to injury. Plus, warm muscles are able to stretch a little further! You don’t need to do anything intense or anything fancy, simply do 5 to 10 minutes of exercises such as jogging, star jumps, heel kicks or skipping to get the blood pumping around your body.

Easy Yoga Poses for Two People

In this section we’ll cover some basic yoga poses that are suitable as either yoga poses for beginners, or, for more advanced yogis, as some warm up poses before moving onto the more difficult poses.

Yoga Poses for Beginners

1. Partner forward fold

Benefits: This easy yoga pose for two stretches the hamstrings

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Partner Forward Fold


How to do it: Sit opposite your partner with both of your legs wide apart and straightened out in front of you. Place the soles of your feet against your partners and take hold of each other’s forearms. One of you then slowly hinges forward from the hips while the other pulls you gently towards them. Keep going until you feel a deep stretch in your hamstrings, and then hold the pose here for a few breaths. Then slowly come back up and swap over, with the 2nd person this time bending forwards and the first person pulling them gently towards you. Again hold this position for a few breaths when they feel a stretch in their hamstrings.

2. Seated cat cow

Benefits: This couples yoga pose is a great stretch for the hips, core and back, and it also helps open up the chest

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Seated Cat Cow


How to do it: This is a variation of the classic cat cow move. Sit cross legged opposite your partner and hold securely onto one another’s forearms. Next, find equal resistance between you and your partner and both draw your shoulders back and down. Inhale and slowly lift both your heads pushing out your chests simultaneously. Essentially this is the cow pose but in seated form. Hold this position for a moment, and then both exhale. As you breathe out, you both tuck in your chin to your chest and round out your upper back. Look towards your belly button to keep your back rounded and ensure you feel a stretch in your shoulder blades too. This is the cat pose in a seated position. Hold this pose for a few seconds, and then slowly alternate between the cat and cow positions a few times. This pose will require communication to ensure you are in sync.

3. Twin trees

Benefits: This balance pose improves balance and posture and opens up the hips

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Twin Trees


How to do it: Stand next to each other shoulder to shoulder with your feet around hip width apart. Both plant your inside leg into the floor, spreading your toes and holding your weight through the whole of your foot. Next, slowly lift your other leg, bend at the knee and place the sole of your foot against either the side of your lower leg, or if you are comfortable with the balance, against the inside of your thigh. Avoid placing your foot against your knee as this will put unnecessary pressure on the joint. With your arms, you can either hold each others together out in front of you which is a little easier, or if you prefer you can raise your arms above your head for more of a challenge.

Doing this pose with a partner can help you practice your balance as you can both steady each other.

4. Chair pose

Benefits: This partner pose strengthens the quads and improves posture

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Chair


How to do it: Stand back to back with your partner with your feet hip width apart and then slowly walk out your feet a little and lean into your partners back for support. You can interlace your arms with each other for stability if you feel comfortable to do so. The next part will require communication to ensure you are in time with each other. Slowly, squat down into a chair pose. You may need to adjust your feet further out so you can achieve the chair pose. Keep pushing against each other’s backs for stability. Hold this pose for a few breaths, and then slowly come back up and walk your feet in.

You can repeat this a few times, or alternatively for a fun little challenge why not see how long you can hold the pose for? Similar to the wall sit challenge. Warning, your thighs will burn!

5. Temple

Benefits: A great partner pose to open up the shoulders and chest

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Temple


How to do it: Start off by facing each other in a standing position with your feet hip width apart. Inhale and extend your arms overhead, and then gently hinge forward at the hips until you meet hands with your partner. Once in this position, slowly begin to fold forward, bringing both of your elbows, forearms and hands so they rest against your partners. You need to rest equal weight against each other, pushing into the arms and hands so that your chest releases towards the ground. Hold for a few breaths, then slowly walk towards each other, bringing your torso upright and releasing your arms down.

6. Double Downward Dog

Benefits: A restorative pose which lengthens the spine and allows you to gain focus

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Double Down Dog

Modified Version - What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Modified Double Down Dog


Credit modified:

How to do it: Partner 1 begins in the downward dog pose. Partner 2 then faces the same direction, places their hands in front of Partner 1’s, and slowly lifts up their legs and places their feet against the lower back of Partner 1. You can enter this pose by stepping your feet onto your partners back from the side, or by starting a short distance in front of your partner in down dog, stepping your feet onto the lower back of your partner and then walking your hands in while straightening your legs to create the down dog shape.

To do the modified version of this pose, Partner 1 starts in child's pose, and Partner 2 stands at an arms length distance away. Partner 1 then stretches their arms out and takes firm hold of Partner 2’s ankles. Partner 2 bends at the hips and places their hands against the back of Partner 1. Partner 2 should try to keep their legs as straight as possible to replicate the downward dog position.

Yoga Poses for 2: Intermediate

The yoga poses for two people in this section are for intermediate level yogis. If you have had a go at the easy beginner yoga poses for two people in the previous section and you feel like more of a challenge, give these ones a go! These poses require a bit more flexibility and strength than the beginner poses. Let’s get into it!

...And if you find the following poses too easy, keep on reading and give the advanced yoga poses for 2 a go!

7. Buddy boat

Benefits: This yoga pose for 2 people stretches the hamstrings and lower back, while also working the core muscles

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Buddy Boat


How to do it: Sit opposite your partner, with about a half legs distance between both of you. Reach on the outside of your legs and grab hold of your partner’s hands. Bend your knees and start to place the soles of your feet together. Work to find balance with your partner on both of your sit bones, as oppose to sitting on your pelvis. You can ensure you are on your sit bones by tilting your pelvis into a neutral position and sitting up straight. Both partners then slowly straighten their legs to form the boat pose. Look upwards, draw your lower backs in and engage your core for the correct posture.

8. Double Plank

Benefits: A pose that looks easier than it is! This one improves overall strength with a focus on the core

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Double Plank


How to do it: One person starts in a regular plank, then the second person places their hands on the ankles of their partner and steps up and places the tops of their feet onto their partners shoulders. This pose looks easier than it is! If you’re struggling you can modify this pose by doing the following. The base partner lies flat on their back while their partner places their hands flat on the floor on either side of the base partners ankles. The base partner then takes hold of their partners ankles and straightens their arms so that the top partner is in a plank position. Remember to squeeze your abs tight!

9. Square pose

Benefits: An interesting pose that stretches the hamstrings and lower back and opens up the shoulders

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Square pose


How to do it: Start in the modified double plank position as described above. The base partner then sits up while raising their arms above their head, meanwhile the top partner simultaneously bends at the hips so that you create the square position.

For a challenge, why not see how many sit ups you can perform with this move? This is a great way to build your core strength.

10. Extended forward leg pose

Benefits: This move improves balance and posture, and helps to develop trust between you and your partner!

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Extended Leg Pose


How to do it: Stand facing each other, one leg's length away. Raise your right leg to your partners left hip, while your partner raises their right leg to your left hip, both keeping your knee straight and your foot flexed. Take hold of your partners ankle to keep the leg in place. For a more challenging balance, you should place your leg on your partners shoulder, holding onto each others forearms for balance.

11. Warrior 3

Benefits: A variation of the well known Warrior 3 pose, this improves balance and opens up the chest

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Warrior 3


How to do it: Start by standing facing one another with your feet parallel. Spread your toes and plant your feet, distributing your weight evenly. One partner then starts to move their torso forward into Warrior 3. Once they are stable, the second partner then also moves into Warrior 3. Both partners should then wrap their arm towards the inner thigh of their partner then hold onto their partner’s calf. To maintain balance, press your hips in to one another and ensure there is a slight bend in both of your knees. To release, slowly lower your legs down and move into a forward fold before standing back upright.

12. Chair & Shoulderstand

Benefits: This yoga pose for 2 improves balance, stretches the shoulders and opens the hips

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Chair and Shoulderstand


How to do it: Partner 1 starts in the chair pose (they may need to rest their back against a wall to keep balance to begin with). Partner 2 then pushes into a shoulder stand, placing their feet on Partner 1’s thighs. Hold the pose for a few breaths and then release.

Hard Yoga Poses for Two People: Advanced

The following yoga poses for two people are advanced level. Some of the poses in this section are a form of yoga called Acro Yoga. Acro Yoga is a practice that combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. As you can imagine, these poses require a high level of strength, flexibility and balance.

If you are at beginner level, we wouldn’t recommend trying these poses without guidance from a trained professional who can help position and spot you to ensure that you do not injure yourself. Acro Yoga is gaining popularity and there are a growing number of classes all over the country, so have a look for a class near you!

13. Wheel

Benefits: This pose provides a deep back bend, and assists with flexibility in the hips and shoulders

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Wheel


How to do it: This one requires a little gymnastics! One person begins by laying on their stomach in the cobra position. The second partner has 2 options to enter the pose. They can either lay on their back, and the base partner reaches up one at a time and takes hold of their ankles. The top partner then bends their arms behind them, taking hold of their partners ankles, and pushes up through their arms (similar to pushing up into a single person wheel pose). For a more challenging entry, the base again begins in the cobra position, then reaches on hand up ready to catch the ankle of partner 2. This time partner 2 places their hands by the base partner’s ankles and pushes into a controlled handstand, lowering their legs down to meet the hands of the base partner.

14. Flying Bow

Benefits: This advanced pose improves lower body strength for the base person, while opening up the chest, lengthening the spine and releasing tension for the top person

Make this pose easier by doing half bow (keeping hold of each others hands for more stability)

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Flying Bow


How to do it: This pose can be achieved from the flying superman position. Once in the flying superman pose (see no. 16 below), the base takes firm hold of the top person’s shoulders to provide support while the top person bends one leg and reaches for their ankle, and then does the same on the other side whilst bending deeply into the back, to form the bow pose. If the top person remains stable and the base’s feet are positioned correctly, the base can then let go of the top person’s shoulders to create the flying bow look. Alternatively, you can modify the pose by keeping hold of each others hands for extra balance.

15. Flying Paschi

Benefits: This pose for 2 improves lower body and core strength for the base person, and stretches through the lower back and hamstrings for the top person

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Flying Paschi


How to do it: There is a great tutorial video by Acro Yoga with Super Dave that shows step by step how to achieve this pose. 

16. Flying Superman

Benefits: This yoga pose stretches and strengthens the muscles of the chest, shoulders and arms, legs, abs and lower back. An all rounder!

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Flying Superman


How to do it: The base person begins by lying flat on their back and placing the soles of their feet against the abdomen of their partner. You can hold hands while pushing up into the position to help with balance. The base pushes through their legs to straighten them, lifting up their partner who lays flat on their stomach. You can then let go of each other’s hands, the base placing them back by their side and the “superman” partner extending them out in front of them to help with balance and resemble the classic “superman” pose.

17. Flying Handstand Scorpion

Benefits: This yoga pose for 2 builds strength in your arms and core while opening your chest

What it looks like:

Yoga Poses for 2: Flying Scorpion


How to do it: The base person lies flat on their back and places the soles of their feet on the lower back/glute area of the top person. The top person then raises their arms above their head and slowly begins to arch their back, aiming to place their hands on the abdomen of the base person. As they are arching backwards, the base simultaneously lifts and straightens their legs to bring the top person into the ‘flying’ position. The top person then bends into the scorpion pose, hooking their feet behind the legs of the base to keep the legs in position.

This pose requires a lot of balance and strength and should not be rushed. It may be easier for the top person to first get into flying camel pose, and then transition into the handstand scorpion.

So, there we have it!

So there you have it: 17 Best Yoga Poses for Two People.

From basic yoga poses to hard yoga poses for two people, we hope you were able to gain something from this article!

If you're interested in pursuing a career in fitness, go check out our latest prospectus here, or OriGym's Personal Training qualifications for more info on what you could be learning! 


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Written by Hannah Oxborough

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