11 Best Bike Phone Holders (UK)

11 Best Bike Phone Holders

Choosing the right bike phone holder can be a challenging task, especially for those of you who are new to cycling and its gadgets. Whilst some may underestimate the use for this piece of equipment, many cycling enthusiasts know first hand how invaluable these holders can be to your fitness journey.

At OriGym, we have compiled a list of the best bike phone mounts available on the market today. Within this list, we have attempted to ensure that there is a product for everyone, by including phone holders of various price ranges.

In order to cover this extensive product in full, in this article we will cover the following topics: 

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Why Take Your Phone Cycling?

We’re all part of a digital age where most of us won’t go anywhere without our phones, with that being said, there are actually a couple of reasons aside from our technology addiction that justifies taking your phone out with you when cycling: 

#1 - As a Safety Precaution

Arguably the most important reason to take your phone with you whilst cycling is for your own safety. For instance, if you get lost or hurt during your outing, having your phone makes calling for help or contacting somebody instantly accessible - granted that it is charged!

Likewise, you can use your phone's map functions to navigate yourself out of sticky situations should you ever get lost. This function is particularly useful if you are unfamiliar with the area in which you intend to cycle around. 

Alternatively, you can use your phone to share your GPS location with friends and family. This can be done to avoid any accidents happening, as they will have an immediate notification on your whereabouts, should something go wrong.

At OriGym, we encourage all our readers to bring their phones with them when cycling in unfamiliar areas; we guarantee if anything, it will provide peace of mind. 

#2 - Track Your Performance 

For smartphone users, you can also track your performance using amazing cycling apps, such as Strava, Komoot, and MapMyRide, all of which detail statistics such as speed, cadence, calories burned, elevation and distance travelled. 

By using a phone mount for bikes, you will be able to have this information displayed directly in front of you, allowing you to track it throughout your journey rather than having to keep constantly checking your pockets for updates. 

However, if you want an alternative use for cycling apps, many others can be used to track bike trails and routes, making your navigational process that much easier. For reference, apps such as Bike GPS, Trailfolks, and OS Maps, can be used to easily plot any new or diverted routes. 

Phone mounts for bikes make reading these maps much easier, never again will you have to stop pedaling, or fumble around your pockets in order to reach your phone. Instead, you can have the GPS function verbally dictate directions. 

With both of these factors in mind, we can conclude that carrying your phone with you whilst cycling is of great importance. This one piece of technology can be used to benefit your overall performance and wellbeing. 


What to Look For When Buying a Bike Phone Mount

Before we begin our list of the best bike phone holders on the UK market, we feel it will benefit readers if we highlight a small list of properties that you should be on the lookout for when making your purchase. 

OriGym advises all of our readers to keep these factors in mind before purchasing a phone mount for a bike.

#1 - Price and Quality

When purchasing a bike phone holder, one of the first things you’re bound to notice is the price. We all live on different budgets and shop around within different price ranges, but with this particular product having a tight budget does not mean you have to compromise in the quality department. 

Typically, prices of bicycle phone mounts can start from single figures and exceed triple digits, but the price shouldn’t put you off. Never feel the need to break your budget, as our list will show, there are great quality products that fit into all price ranges. 

#2 - Good Durability 

The best phone holder for bikes will always have high levels of durability, there is quite literally no point in buying a flimsy product as you’ll only have to replace it every few months. 

Typically, the best phone holder for bikes will last for several years, which is an impressive feat considering this small piece of equipment will take quite the beating when out on the trail. At OriGym, we advise all our readers to consider the following questions in relation to the durability of a bicycle phone holder :

  • Is it waterproof?
  • Is it shock-absorbent?
  • Is it sturdy?

By asking these questions before purchase and considering them while you’re shopping around, you are sure to receive the best phone holder for bikes possible. 

#3 - Type of Bike 

When it comes to purchasing a phone mount for bikes, you should consider what bike you actually own. This may seem like a small detail but it can make all the difference, as certain holders are designed to accommodate a bike's specific shape and size.

Some bike phone mounts are better suited for road bikes, whereas others will be specifically designed for stationary exercise bikes. When looking at any product, it should clearly state within the description which type of bike the holder is designed for.

For example, phone mounts for exercise bikes will greatly differ from those designed for mountain biking. These specific phone holders wouldn’t be able to handle the instability caused by the moving road and tires and may fall off and break during your journey.  

#4 - Positioning of the Mount

You should also consider where you would like your bicycle phone holder to be displayed. This is an important factor which often goes overlooked, but the positioning that the holder is designed to sit will greatly influence the products overall appearance and design 

Many customers prefer to keep their phone mount for bikes on the handlebars, or steam for easy visibility. Once again, this feature will be highlighted throughout the products’ description, ensuring that you’re buying the correct mount for your desired purpose.

#5 - Angle of Your Screen

Similar to the point made above, when buying a phone mount for a bike, you must consider how you want to view your screen - do you wish to see it vertically or horizontally?

Luckily, many bike phone holders have 360° rotation, meaning you can position your phone at whatever angle best suits you and don’t have to stick to a set angle you decided upon on day one.

However, some bicycle phone holders still only allow you to mount your phone vertically or horizontally; this may be a feature which you should look out for when reading the product description.

#6 - Access to Your Phone

When buying a bicycle phone holder, one of the first questions you will have is undoubtedly - “how easy is it to attach, and disconnect your phone from?”.

The whole purpose of a bicycle phone holder is to allow you access whilst cycling, the last thing you want is a product that prohibits your use of the phone. Whatsmore, if your phone is likely to get stuck, the product is going to cause more trouble than it's worth. 

To combat this issue, we would advise all OriGym readers to look at the bicycle phone holders reviews before purchasing. This will provide you with any insight into the product's downfalls, which would otherwise not be clearly advertised. 

Alternatively, we would recommend purchasing a bike phone mount with a good warranty, as you will be able to return at any notice, should it become defective. 

#7 - Aesthetics

Obviously, substance and a product’s features should always come over style, however, when purchasing a bicycle phone holder sometimes it’s nice to find a product that looks attractive. For some, this factor will be more important than others, and should not be simply disregarded as a useless feature.

We recommend buying a product that looks as good as it operates, why settle for a bicycle phone holder that is highly functional, but doesn't look the part, especially for the frequent cyclers?

Instead, go for a great-looking product, or go the extra mile and find one which matches your own bike.

This is a lot of information to receive, and at OriGym we are aware that it is sometimes hard to keep track of every factor. We would advise you to prioritise certain features over others, as this will allow you to find a product that will specifically appeal to your preferences.

The 11 Best Bike Phone Holders

#1 - Delta Hefty+ Phone Holder

Price: £30.96

The Delta Hefty+ Phone Holder is one of the best bike phone mounts available on the UK market today.

It has everything you would want from a cycling phone holder, including a patented built-in locking system, which will hold your phone securely in place on long, bumpy journeys. 

Whatsmore, the Delta Hefty+ is regarded as one of the best phone holders for bikes as it is designed to offer multiple mounting options. It can be mounted to either your stem or handlebar and can be easily adjusted if you want it at a different angle whilst out on your journey. 

Delta’s waterproof phone holder for bikes is also made from strong, weather-resistant materials. You can rest assured that your smartphone will be well-protected by this phone mount’s integrated silicone bumpers, which not only divert water from the screen, but are specifically designed to reduce vibration and prevent scratches. 

This bike mobile phone holder provides easy in and out access to your phone, so you won’t have to fumble around when trying to answer a phone call, or detach it following your ride. 

Additionally, the Delta Hefty+ Phone Holder also includes a sound booster feature, which will amplify all sound coming from your phone, perfect for those of you who rely on GPS navigation. 

So what are you waiting for, this mobile phone holder for bikes is a top-of-the-line product, with features that will only benefit and enhance your overall cycling experience. 

#2 - Bone Collection’s Bike Tie Pro

The Bone Collection’s Bike Tie Pro is an example of the best bike phone holders available today, and is highly regarded among customers worldwide. One of the reasoning behind this is that the reasoit is made from eco-friendly silicone, proving that the developers care for the environment, just as much as they do for your phone. 

The Bone Collection’s mobile phone holder for bikes includes a patented tie-strap design. This strap is both easy to install and has been created in a way that allows you to quickly release it from your bike frame.  

The Bike Tie Pro also offers a great product for those specifically searching for a waterproof bike phone holder, which has the added benefit of also being dirt-resistant and washable. Furthermore, it is made from a shock-absorbing material, which can soak up any pressure your phone may encounter from your ride.

This specific bicycle phone holder can fit various types of smartphones sized between 4 and 6 inches. This includes any series of iPhone, and all other popular devices such as Nokia and Samsung Galaxy. 

If you are after a highly versatile product, you will be pleased to know the Bone Collection’s Bike Tie Pro is highly adaptable. Not only can it be attached to both your handlebars and steam, but it's suitable for road, mountain and even motorbikes. 

#3 - Nite lze Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount 

Price: £14.40

The Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount is the next product to feature on our list of the best bike phone mounts. With the mounts’ primary beneficial property being that it can fit any type of phone, from smaller models to the XL variations.

This specific bicycle phone holder has a unique design which allows you to rotate it 360 degrees at any point when cycling; this allows you to adjust the angle of your phone to whatever suits you best. Whatsmore, the holder can be attached to your handlebars or stem, meaning that this is a highly adaptable product. 

Wraptor’s Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount will also keep your phone secure during rough terrain. No ride is too sketchy or bumpy for this holder, with its shock-resistant material phones will stay securely locked in place. 

If you are someone who doesn’t want any hassle during the installation process, then this bicycle phone holder is for you. With its simple mounting strap mechanism, the holder can be quickly attached and released from your bike. 

Additionally, this particular phone mount for your bike is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at only 51 grams. This won’t weigh down your bike, a factor which could potentially hinder your overall performance, instead you can glide with confidence and freeing ease. 

For all you cycling enthusiasts out there, we think that everyone can agree exercising on a nice sunny day is far easier than a gruelling winter one. 

#4 - Threo Bike Phone Holder

Price: £29.97

Let’s face it, we all love the convenience and if a product can make a job that much easier, then it inevitably wins favour among customers. The Threo Bike Phone Holder is an example of this mindset, as it is regarded as one of the best phone holders for bikes due to its one-hand operation.

To attach and remove the Threo Bike Phone Holder simply grip and squeeze its side, this will prompt the four arms to clamp or loosen, it's that simple! With this easy to install mechanism, you’ll be ready to hit the road instantly, making installation one less thing to worry about. 

These four arms are made with silicone and act as an anti-shock method of protection, helping to prevent scratching and securely holding your phone in place. But that’s not all, this silicone is also completely waterproof, meaning that you’ll never have to worry over water damage, simply ride with peace of mind. 

This waterproof phone holder also provides 360° rotation, as well as safe free-hand access when on the road. You can display your phone at any angle you prefer, and clearly view any cycling app you wish to accompany your ride.

For those of you looking for a more versatile product, you will be pleased to note that Threo’s Bike Phone Holder can be placed on golf carts, baby strollers and exercise equipment, but it is primarily used as a mountain bike phone mount.

#5 - Arkon Roadvise Phone Clamp Post Mount 

Price: £35.97

As we continue our list of the best bike phone holders, we would be remiss without mentioning the Roadvise Phone Clamp Post Mount. This specific design will keep the rear smartphone camera exposed, giving you the opportunity to record your ride for future reference. 

This bike phone mount is very sturdy, so sturdy that you will need to use two hands to remove it from your bicycle’s frame. This may sound like a hindrance, but OriGym guarantees that it's a benefit, as it means you will never accidentally knock the holder off when adjusting your viewing angle.

With its expanding spring-loading mechanism, the Roadvise’s bicycle phone mount is also compatible with all types of smartphones, and can stretch up to 4 inches wide. Whatsmore, the mount also supports phone cases weighing up to 2 pounds. 

This heavy-duty bike phone holder can also rotate 360 degrees on its swivel ball adaptor. Even better yet, this holder is adaptable to other pieces of exercise equipment, and can be attached to treadmills and ellipticals too.

Therefore, whether you’re using it as a mountain bike phone mount, or an additional feature to your stationary bike, you can rest knowing that your phone is safe and secure. 

#6 - CushBike Silicone Handlebar Mobile Phone Holder 

Price: £9.99

With the CushBike silicone handlebar phone holder, you can attach your mobile to your bike in either landscape or portrait mode. Once secure, use your phone in whichever manner you deem most beneficial to you and your overall practice, CushBike personally recommends using it alongside GPS apps such as Google Maps.

Whatsmore you never have to worry about your phone not fitting, as the CushBike silicone phone holder is stretchy enough to fit a variety of phones, ranging from all types of iPhones to the latest Samsung devices. This particular phone holder also requires little to no installment either, simply attach it to your bike's handlebars without the need for any other tools. 

Simply pull the ladder-style strap through the body of the mount, then the tension will hold the silicone phone holder in place until you choose to manually release it. Speaking of silicone, this material is incredibly useful as it will provide your phone with a cushioned protection should it ever fall off during a bike ride. 

This CushBike phone holder has been incredibly well-received within the market, with an impressive 5 start rating on the company website. Users of the site claim the idea is simple but very effective, with an optimal performance level this is a phone holder that should be on everyone's list.

#7 - BTR Silicone Handlebar Mobile Phone Mount 

Price: £19.99

If you're after a highly durable bicycle phone mount we strongly recommend the BTR Silicone Handlebar Mobile Phone Mount. Made with durable grade silicone, BTR markets its product as the easiest possible way of attaching your phone to your bike.

An added benefit of this bike phone holder is that it is equipped with 360° rotation capabilities, alter the screen to your preference at a moment's notice without any added fuss or hassle. Speaking of preference, you don't need to worry about this product not being suitable for your make of phone, as it's designed to be compatible with every smartphone on the market today.

Even better yet, the BTR Silicone Handlebar Mobile Phone Mount will never inhabit your access to the phone. With four adaptable corners, you will be able to safely secure your phone without block its screen in the process.

If you decide to purchase this particular product, you'll be receiving so much more than just a mobile phone holder for bikes, as this versatile piece of equipment can also be adapted to fit pushchairs, scooters, treadmills and practically anything else with a handlebar.

So what are you waiting for, do yourself and your phone a favour and purchase the BTR Silicone Handlebar Mobile Phone Mount.

#8 - Matebike.UK Secure Phone Holder with 360° Rotation Handlebar Mount - Universal

Price: £10.00

The Matebike.UK Phone Holder is considered to be one of the best bike phone mounts on the market today, and the main factor behind this is that it is cheap and effective. 

Costing only £10.00, this cycling phone holder is the cheapest product to feature on our list. However, don't be fooled by the price, the Matebike UK Phone Holder is just as effective as the more pricer entries, and is the perfect piece of equipment for those of you who are on a budget. 

This particular bicycle phone mount features robust and flexible silicone bands which stretch and adapt to the shape of your smartphone, meaning that it can mold to whatever make or model you may have. Additionally, it also features 8 points of contact, so that your phone will stay firmly in place during your ride.

Matebike.Uk’s Phone Holder is also highly durable, an ideal component when cycling across uneven or rocky terrain. With this added support cracked screens will be a thing of the past, thanks to the hilder which prevents your phone from rattling or shaking whilst you cycle. 

If that wasn’t enough to sell you, then you will be pleased to know that this is also a waterproof phone holder for your bike. Even better yet, it includes 360° rotation, allowing you to mount your phone in whatever position you wish.

With so many benefits for a fraction of the cost, there is absolutely no excuse not to treat yourself to this fantastic piece of equipment. 

#9 - ROTTO Bike Phone Holder

Price: £15.99

best bike phone holders

If you typically cycle across rocky paths, or enjoy riding in the rain, you may require a design which has waterproof protection and anti-slip materials. The ROTTO Bike Phone Holder is one of the best bike phone mounts to include these features, whilst remaining beneficial in several other areas.

The ROTTO phone mount for bikes has all four of its corners equipped with anti-shake pads, providing unparalleled levels of protection. This ensures your phone won’t wobble around whilst cycling at great speeds, uphill, or on uneven ground.

Another added benefit of this design is that it’s highly adaptable, capable of acting as a phone holder for road bikes and mountain bikes. It comes with spacers for 22.2mm handlebars and 25.4mm handlebars, making it the perfect product for a multitude of customers.

A further benefit of this product is that it comes with a bike phone bag that can hold your phone, plus your keys, cards, cash, and more! Essentially, you’re going to be able to ride along the rockiest of paths during the worst weather conditions and your phone will still be protected from damage.

#10 - Quad Lock Bike Kit – Universal Fit

Price: £29.95 

The next entry on this shortlist of the best phone holders for bikes is the Quad Lock Bike Kit from Universal Fit, which offers a unique selling point of a specialised twist and lock design. With this feature, you won’t need to use force to detach this bike mobile phone holder, simply twist and pull off. 

Many online customers have highlighted that this feature is beneficial when you’re looking to take a quick picture. 

Additionally, this bike phone holder comes with a patented dual lock system and sticks well to both metals and plastics with its 3M VHB adhesive. If material is a selling point for you, then you’ll be pleased to note that this mount has no weak points and does not bend. 

Every kit provided by Quad-Lock Bikes comes with a top-of-the-range universal adaptor, applicable to any make and model of phone. You will then need to select your second additional bonus out of a choice of the following:

  • Stem Bike Mount (no additional fee), 
  • Out-Front Mount (£11.95 extra)
  • Out-Front Mount Pro (£31.95 extra). 

The Stem Bike Mount is designed to go, as you would imagine, on the stem of your bike, and can fit on any bar between 25 and 40mm. It is made with glass-filled nylon and polycarbonate construction and attached with stainless steel fasteners. 

The Out-Front Mount is a handlebar phone mount that can be reversed for over-stem mounting. It is made from stainless steel hardware, and comes with an adjustable mount head. 

Finally, the pro version comes with all of the aforementioned features, as well as an added black anodised CNC aluminium mounting arm as well.  

#11 - Autkors Bike Phone Holder 

Price: £10.99 

Finally, the Autkors Bike Phone Holder is recognised as one of the best bike phone mounts on the market today, thanks to its wide compatibility with different types of phones and vehicles. For example, it can be used as a mountain bike phone holder, or you could choose to incorporate it into the set-up of your motorcycle or golf cart. 

Within this article, we have previously discussed the benefits of convenience, and the  Autkors Bike Phone Holder is another example of an easy-to-use product due to its one-hand operation. With this feature, the phone can be easily picked up or placed on the mount with just one hand, and will be automatically locked in securely. 

If you’re looking for a mobile phone holder for bikes that can easily be installed with no tools required, then you have found the product for you. Furthermore, this product comes with the added benefits of 360° rotation, allowing you to adapt the screen-view to your liking. 

This design also features a four-prong shockproof design, which will prevent scratching and vibration damage from happening to your phone.

Whether you decide to use this product as a phone holder for exercise bikes, or incorporating it into other vehicles we can guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results.


Can Bicycle Phone Holders Fit All Phone Sizes?

Most bike phone mounts are built to fit all makes of phone (iPhone, Android, etc.), as well as all sizes, so fear not if you’re still clinging on to that older generation model. 

However, with that being said, there will be some bicycle phone mounts designed specifically for certain sizes and brands. 

We would advise you to carefully read over the product’s listed details in order to ensure that the bike phone holder you choose fits your particular type of phone before you buy it. 

Are Bike Phone Holders Necessary?

This question is somewhat subjective, as different cyclists will naturally have different opinions. 

To put it simply, if you’re a frequent cycler then a bike phone holder will be a necessity. You don’t want to be constantly taking your phone in and out of your pocket to check your speed, track your data or navigate through your latest cycling route.

A bike phone holder will simplify these processes, displaying all the information you need in front of you, whilst keeping your phone safe and secure. However, if you are someone who likes to detach from the world whilst cycling, or if you just rarely look at it,  then you could probably do without a phone mount.

Are There Any Safety Precautions to Keep In Mind When Using Bike Phone Holders?

Perhaps the biggest safety precaution you could take whilst using phone holders is to pay attention to your surroundings. Just because you can look at your phone whilst cycling, doesn’t mean your eyes should be glued to the screen.

Be sure to maintain an awareness of your surroundings, failing to do so could result in serious injuries, such as accidents with other vehicles and falling down.

To avoid this, merely check on the phone every now and again, never relying too heavily on it during a ride. If you require it for directions, we suggest turning on the audio GPS directions so you don’t have to follow the location on the screen. 

Before You Go! 

After reading our list, you should have a clear idea about which is the best bike phone holder for you. Many of the products we have listed vary in price, sturdiness, and style, so hopefully  we have included the perfect bicycle phone mount that matches all your interests. 

If you have decided to use one of the mounts featured, we wish you the best of luck in your cycling journey, and would like to stress you use this tech safely. 

Before you go, have you ever wanted to work in the fitness industry? OriGym’s personal training diploma will help you kick start your career, with the help of an incredible team who are on hand to guide you seven days a week.

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Written by Joshua Birchall

Freelance Fitness Writer & Expert

Josh holds a BA (Hons) in Film Studies with Creative Writing from Edge Hill University, combining his love for movies with his passion for writing. His passion brought him to OriGym, where he enjoys writing content blogs on all things health and fitness related.
Josh keeps himself active through long-distance running,  participating in HIIT workouts at his local gym playing football and playing tennis
for Ormskirk Tennis Club.

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