15 Best Rowing Apps

15 Best Rowing Apps

Rowing apps have vastly increased in popularity over the last couple of years, acting as the perfect partner for training on a rowing machine. But with this boom in popularity comes a saturated market, in which many individuals become quite overwhelmed by choice. 

Purchasing an indoor rowing app could be the best decision you ever make as it will greatly help to improve your fitness, rowing technique, quality of the workout, and overall enjoyment when using a rowing machine. 

So, without further ado let's get into this article by breaking down the following topics:

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Why Should You Use Rowing Apps?

Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts don’t follow a set workout when using a rowing machine. Instead, many choose to simply row for a random amount of time or until they get tired.

But how exactly will these indoor rowing workout apps help to improve your overall routine? 

Well, they can inform you when you’re practicing improper technique, and are expertly designed to analyse your form and technique. From this analysis, the apps will typically offer up corrections and helpful tips, which you can in turn use to improve your overall performance. 

Rowing apps will also usually provide you with key stats, which will allow you directly monitor your own progress. These stats will reveal factors such as your strokes per minute, revs per minute, and heart rate percentage. 

What’s more, depending on which indoor rowing app you choose to download, you may also receive the option to pay for pre-programmed workouts. Some rowing apps may also feature a section in which you can get personal advice from professional coaches and athletes who specialise in rowing. 

There are so many different types of rowing apps for iPhones and Androids alike so making the choice of which one to download can be a little stressful. 

However, our list of the 15 best rowing apps will clearly highlight each one’s beneficial properties in order to help you decide which one is best for you.

The 15 Best Rowing Apps

#1 - ErgZone

Price: Free

Apple Rating: 4.8

Google Play Rating: 4.6

If you’re on the hunt for one of the best rowing apps for Android and iPhones then we strongly recommend downloading ErgZone. Here you will find plenty of simplified workouts, specifically crafted for newcomers in mind. 

With ErgZone you will no longer have to configure your details on a rowing machine monitor. Instead, this rowing app will automatically calculate and track every available statistic throughout your workout. 

The live stats that this indoor rowing app will display include your performance time, metres rowed, pace, strokes per minute, revs per minute, calories, and watts. ErgZone even monitors the various heart rate zones that you enter throughout your workout. 

Whilst you develop your rowing skills, ErgZone will even suggest what pace you should be performing at. This particular feature operates by setting benchmark goals for all users to reach, which are regularly updated as you progress through training. 

These types of targets are often referred to as SMART goals. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, then you can read a detailed breakdown of SMART fitness goals here

Finally, if you’re new to rowing then have no fear as ErgZone has you covered. By downloading this particular rowing app you will have access to pre-programmed workouts, where you can follow detailed instructions of rowing coaches. 

Compatible Rowing Machines: Concept2 PM5

#2 - Asensei

Price: Free

Apple Rating: 4.7

Asensei is regarded as one of the best indoor rowing apps on the market today, as it expertly analyses your form and performance whilst rowing. 

Asensei achieves this by studying your movements and providing audio instructions on how you can improve. What’s more, your overall form is analysed, and by the end of your training session, you will have a complete assessment of how well you performed. 

For this reason, it may be beneficial to think of the Asensei rowing machine app as your very own virtual personal trainer. As much like a PT this app will be on hand to improve your overall rowing ability. 

If the mere concept of a virtual PT is enough to excite you, then it would be in your interest to head over to OriGym’s list of the 17 best virtual PTs online.

If you want to put these improvements to the test, Asensei will also send you challenges to match your current capabilities. This will allow you to reach your full potential, improving in areas such as rowing strength, fitness and technique. 

Asensi is also a great rowing app for immediately informing you when you lose power. Likewise, you will receive the same notifications if you’re overusing using your arms, or not engaging with your legs enough. 

This indoor rowing app is incredibly advanced and can completely change the way you row by drastically improving your technique. With the Asensei app be prepared to rethink everything you have already learned about rowing.

Compatible Rowing Machines: Concept2 PM5

#3 - BoatCoach

Price: Free + In-App purchases

Google Play Rating: 3.5

As one of the top rowing apps on the market today BoatCoach is the perfect tool for personal trainers, as you will be able to live to stream your workouts to Facebook. This will be particularly beneficial for those of you who are looking to start training clients virtually. 

But why exactly would this app be beneficial to potential clients?

Well, BoatCoach displays all of your stats as your live stream broadcasts. These stats are incredibly detailed and include:

  • Performance time
  • Distance traveled 
  • Speed
  • Stroke rate
  • Force of your pull
  • Drive Length 
  • Drive Speed 
  • Drag Factor 

By providing all of this information, BoatCoach ensures that all your clients will receive a clear indication of how they should be performing. Even better yet, you won’t ever have to worry about losing these stats, as they are logged into the app and emailed separately to you.

This information will allow you to track your progress, but if stats aren’t your thing you can also monitor your progress through graphs, audio announcements, and heart rate monitors.  

However, if you’d like to shop for this piece of equipment separately then why not check out this list of the 11 best heart rate monitors

Unlike most of the rowing apps on this list, BoatCoach can also function as an outdoor rowing app. This feature will provide you with multiple workouts that include satellite or street view, allowing you to plot your rowing in motion using your phone’s sensors.  

Compatible Rowing Machines: Concept2

#4 - Start Rowing – Workout Coach

Price: Free + In-App Purchases

Apple Rating: 4.7

Google Play Rating: 4.5

Start Rowing is a brilliant indoor rowing app for rowers of all different skill levels.

With this rowing app you will receive a beginner's plan which promises to get you rowing 200 meters in as little as 8 weeks. But just to sweeten the deal, Start Rowing also provides detailed instructions on how you can develop proper form and technique. 

If you’re relatively new to rowing and are seeking detailed instructions on technique then we’d advise checking out our article on how to do a seated cable row.

Start Rowing also has intermediate and advanced plans, which are tailored to the more advanced rowers. Such programs won’t place much emphasis on form, rather they will focus on the primary objective of these workouts will be to improve your rowing capacity. 

Regardless of which plan you choose to follow, Start Rowing will always place an emphasis on minimising injuries. This is achieved through setting regular intervals in which you can change intensity levels, with some stages requiring you to rest completely. 

But what truly defines Start Rowing as one of the best rowing apps for iPhones and Androids alike is its challenge feature. 

This includes session-based workouts, which will challenge you to exercise your whole body in order to burn calories. This information will be recorded and saved on the app in order for you to track your progress over time. 

Compatible Rowing Machines: All types of rowing machines.

#5 - Row Forge

Price: Free + In-App Purchases

Apple Rating: 3.0

Google Play Rating: 3.0

Row Forge is one of the best rowing machine apps you could download as the in-app purchases include personalised signature workouts designed specifically for you. Even better yet, every day will feature a different workout, ensuring that you will never get bored.

These tailored workouts are designed to adapt to your body type, aiding in your mission to get leaner and stronger. In particular, the workouts to feature on Row Forge will strengthen your:

  • Hamstrings 
  • Glutes
  • Calves
  • Spinal Erectors 
  • Quads
  • Forearms
  • Biceps
  • Lats

From the above-mentioned list, it’s very easy to see why Row Forge is considered to be one of the best indoor rowing apps.

If you’re looking to improve in areas such as strength training and cardio, we would strongly advise you to download Row Forge. By doing so, you will receive a tailored program that is designed to personally improve your performance within these specific areas. 

Row Forge is also different from other indoor rowing apps for iPhone and Android, because it offers eleven baseline tests, ensuring that each and every workout is scalable to your needs.

Conditioning programs are also included in the app to help your body adapt to the perfect rowing technique. Therefore, for just a small purchase you will be receiving tailored programs, challenges, and stats specifically relating to you, rather than a sweeping generalisation. 

Compatible Rowing Machines: Concept2 PM5

#6 - Regatta Fitness

Price: Free + In-App Purchases

Apple Rating: 3.8

If you’re someone who has clicked on this article looking for tutor-led guidance then Regatta Fitness is the perfect app for you. Here you will receive a plethora of the best video classes on the market today, all of which are streamed in HD. 

Instructors can see your performance during these live-streaming classes and will offer personalised feedback and encouragement to help you maximise your rowing capabilities. 

This indoor rowing app is perfect for those of you who become motivated with some friendly competition. This is due to the fact that Regatta Fitness allows you to compete against other members, and will place you on real-time leaderboards. 

You can even connect this rowing app via Bluetooth if you have a Concept2 rowing machine, in order to let you track your data more concisely. 

Unlike many rowing apps, Regatta Fitness includes a feature that will let you integrate your Apple music playlists into pre-programmed workouts. You can schedule fast songs for when your row gets most intense, and perhaps include inspiring music for when you know the row will be at its toughest. 

If you’re a lover of music this will be particularly beneficial, but for other music ideas to motivate yourself look at our definitive guide of the best Spotify workout playlists.

So, if you’re in desperate need of some rowing motivation be sure to download this rowing app for iPhones today! 

Compatible Rowing Machines: All types of rowing machines (but best suited to Concept2 PM5)


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#7 - KinoMap

Price: Free

Apple Rating: 4.5

Google Play Rating: 3.7

Are you struggling with your stroke form? Well not anymore, as with the help of KinoMap you will be able to monitor your strokes with your front-facing camera. 

You don’t even have to connect your phone to your rowing machine in order to track your progress with KinoMap. All you need is your front-facing camera, and your personal information and statistics will be gathered. 

This advanced indoor rowing app also includes structured workouts and interval programs. All of which can be accessed at any time, including interactive coaching videos to guide you through your workouts.

With all this information, it’s easy to see why KinoMap is one of the top rowing apps for Android and iPhone, but the benefits don’t stop there. 

You are also given access to user-made videos, which you can add to playlists or interact with on a personable level. 

Finally, if you want to display your own data on a bigger screen, there is also an option to mirror your KinoMap app onto your television or computer. This will give you something to focus on, and will save your eyes from squinting at your small phone screen. 

Compatible Rowing Machines: All types of rowing machines

#8 - Polar Beat

Price: Free

Apple Rating: 4.6

Google Play Rating: 4.2

Polar Beat has been considered to be one of the best rowing apps for Android and iPhones, which is largely due to the fact that it provides audio training guidance.

This guidance comes in the form of feedback which is provided by the indoor rowing apps sophisticated heart monitoring system. With this information, Polar Beat will be able to accurately increase or decrease the intensity of your workouts. 

iPhone users can take this feature even further by connecting Polar Beat to your health app. By doing this you will be able to track your heart rate zones throughout the workout process, this data is then stored on your phone allowing you to access it in order to track your progress.  

The Polar Beat app also provides users with access to data such as the number of calories burnt, the average stroke rate, the time elapsed, and the distance rowed. 

Polar Beat is also a great indoor rowing app for all of you who are looking to set specific training targets. Once downloaded you will be able to set any goal you wish, whether that be in relation to improving your endurance or boosting your recovery period. 

If you’re looking to improve your endurance and recovery periods it may be worth looking into supplements. For a full list of our recommended running supplements to fuel, your body click here.

Compatible Rowing Machines: All rowing machines (but helps if you own an Apple Watch or Garmin)

#9 - Club Row Fitness

Price: Free + In-App Purchases

Apple Rating: 4.5

When it comes to Club Row Fitness there are many reasons as to why it’s considered one of the best rowing workout apps on the market, but by far the most unique of these is its ‘Rhythm Row’ feature. 

Rhythm Row is a unique studio experience, unlike any other rowing app. With this feature, you will attend classes led by instructors who are tasked with ensuring you row to the beat of the music.

So, if you no longer find yourself enjoying your workouts then we’d strongly recommend downloading this indoor rowing app to inject some excitement into your routines. 

The Rhythm Row feature is also completely customisable and allows you to choose which music playlist you will row too. What’s more, if you have a competitive edge then you’re sure to find motivation with apps real-time leaderboard. 

Finally, we can say that Club Row Fitness is also considered to be among the top rowing apps for Android and iPhone as it’s suitable for every skill level. Whether you want introductory, regular, or HIIT rowing workouts, the app will be able to provide a suitable class for you. 

If you’re unfamiliar with this training method then we’d strongly encourage you to educate yourself on the matter by reading this article dissecting the 9 benefits of HIIT.

Unlike most rowing apps, Club Row Fitness includes live and on-demand classes that you can take part in at any time of the day. Instead of working your rowing classes around your busy schedule, you can make the classes work for you! 

Compatible Rowing Machines: Concept2 PM5

#10 - Ludum

Price: Free

Apple Rating: 4.5

Ludum is considered to be one of the best rowing apps for Android and iPhone as it can be used both indoors at gyms and outdoors on bodies of water. 

However, the unique selling points don’t stop there as Ludum has also been noted to be incredibly beneficial for teams. If you fall into this category you can use the rowing workout app in order to improve your speed, communication and overall rhythm. 

With Ludum, you can even write your own training programs either for personal use or to share with friends and teammates. Once this routine has been developed the app will implement its own pre-programmed workouts, which will help to further advance and support your own. 

The good qualities don’t stop there as Ludum also provides multiple different workouts, ensuring that there is something for everyone regardless of their skill level or experience. 

You can either choose to work on your cardio by sustaining the same stroke rate for prolonged periods of time, or test yourself with high-intensity sprints. But if cardio isn’t your thing you can also use the Ludum app for low-impact workouts to reduce injury rates. 

For a detailed breakdown of how cardio-based workouts can improve your life, click here for our analysis of the benefits of cardio and aerobic exercise

What more do you need to hear? Why confine yourself to just one practice, when you can have both an outdoor and indoor rowing app with Ludum. 

Compatible Rowing Machines: All types of rowing machine

#11 - ROW ViGOR

Price: Free

Apple Rating: 3.4

If you’re after the best rowing machine apps then you should consider downloading ROW ViGOR, which is arguably one of the most imaginative apps to feature on our list. 

But what makes it so creative? Well, with ROW ViGOR you can row across some of the world’s most famous rivers, all from the comfort of your own home. With beautiful scenic landscape views such as the River Thames it's easy to see why so many users are motivated by this rowing workout app.

But ROW ViGOR’s unique selling points don’t end there, as you can also participate in live fitness classes with expertly trained rowing coaches. 

The workouts will be based around your rowing machine but also incorporate other equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells, a list of the full required equipment will be provided before the class begins. 

If you’ve never used this equipment before then you will undoubtedly be interested in learning how it can benefit your rowing performance. To obtain this knowledge check out our analysis of the benefits of kettlebells.

Additionally, ROW ViGOR is considered by many to be one of the top rowing machine apps for social interaction with other users of the app. This is largely due to the fact that it allows you to challenge your friends to different rowing competitions hosted within the app itself. 

At the time of writing, this is a free app, but is set to introduce a subscription fee within the near future. So, we advise you to snap up this app whilst you can! 

Compatible Rowing Machines: Designed primarily for Concept2 PM5 rowing machines but can function on other models too.

#12 - Remote Rowing Coach

Price: Free + In-App Purchases

Apple Rating: 5.0

If you’re a dedicated rower who needs help to analyse your force curve then stop what you’re doing, as Remote Rowing is the best rowing app for this task!  

With this indoor rowing app you will view a split-screen during your workouts. One side of which analyses your foce curve data, whilst your other data will be available on the second side. 

For those of you in the dark, Remote Rowing Coach’s force curve will analyse the following aspects of your rowing: 

  • Impulse - Average Force x Stroke Time
  • Peak force
  • Average force
  • Percentage of strokes rowed at peak force
  • Drive time
  • Distance traveled

On the other screen will be stats such as your current 500m/split, average 500m/split, distance, time elapsed, stroke number, drag factor, power (Watts), stroke rate, and heart rate zone. 

This rowing machine app can also take any metric you like and pair it up against another on a scatter graph. For example, you could put your stroke rate on the X-axis, and your time elapsed on the Y-axis. 

All your training data can be uploaded to the Remote Rowing Coach’s logbook. This allows you to assess your performance in order to track your improvement and shortcomings as the months go by. 

Compatible Rowing Machines: Concept2 PM5

#13 - WODProof

Price: Free + In-App Purchases

Apple Rating: 3.3

Google Play Rating: 4.0

For the rowers among us who really enjoy intense sessions we would recommend downloading WODProof. With just one simple download you are guaranteed to receive one of the best rowing machine apps for HIIT.

If this type of training and approach to learning interests you, then we can recommend our analysis of the 17 best HIIT apps

This is largely due to the fact that WODProof comes with its own built-in timer. This feature allows you to set your own intervals and create personalised workouts in a timely and organised fashion. 

It’s without question that WODProof is one of the top indoor rowing apps for serious rowers. With this app you will be able to directly compare your performance with that of top athletes and other users. 

WODProof is also considered to be one of the best rowing apps for iPhone and Android users alike, thanks to the stacked library of pre-existing workout videos available. All of which will be available for you to watch as many times as you wish. 

You can also train with friends and teammates with WODProof, which is achieved by sharing scores and training programs. 

With all these amazing benefits, what more could you want from a rowing app? Download WODProof today and ensure that your entire team is on the same page for your next competitive event. 

Compatible Rowing Machines: Concept2 PM5


Price: Free

Apple Rating: 4.6

Google Play Rating: 4.2

By providing innovative workouts CITYROW GO has rightfully earned a place on our list of the best rowing apps for Android and iPhones.

These workouts don’t just confine your training to rowing and will also include bodyweight exercises. This will ensure that more muscles are targeted throughout your workout, increasing your strength and endurance levels in the process. 

In order to achieve these targets, the vast majority of these virtual classes will incorporate strength training and HIIT-based workouts. However, what sets CITYROW GO apart from the competition is that it also includes aspects of yoga sessions too. 

If you’re a lover of all things yoga or are just looking to incorporate it into your rowing practice check out our list of 15 best free yoga apps here.

CITYROW GO is also considered to be one of the best rowing machine apps available because it automatically uploads new classes weekly. This means you will never get bored with the same rowing routine - you’ll be able to change it up on a whim. 

If you are someone who requires more incentive to row then you will be interested to know that this indoor rowing app allows you to earn badges as you row. This is attained by outperforming your previous efforts, putting you in direct competition with yourself. 

This is just a mere fraction of what makes CITYROW GO so great, but don’t take our word for it, go and download it for yourself. 

Compatible Rowing Machines: All types of rowing machines.

#15 - Erg Dude

Price: Free + In-App Purchases

Apple Rating: 4.0

Erg Dude is considered to be one of the best rowing apps for iPhone users, which is in large part thanks to its entirely unique concept of turning your rowing machine into a games console. 

Erg Dude is completely different from anything to previously appear on our list. Instead of analysing data relating to your performance, this indoor rowing app is a video game. 

By downloading this indoor rowing app you will be put in control of a character on your screen by rowing, with each stroke your character will jump in pursuit of collecting coins and avoiding bombs. 

Erg Dude is one of the most innovative indoor rowing apps on the market because there is simply nothing else like it. This is ideal for younger rowers or those among you who simply want to enjoy rowing as a fun pastime. 

But for those of you looking to challenge yourself, you can also adjust the settings to make your row more difficult. As the higher the difficulty level, the harder you have to pull in order to make the character jump. 

Erg Dude is so addictive that you will be constantly wanting to beat your high score. You won’t even realise you are doing exercise. 

Compatible Rowing Machines: Concept2 PM5


Are There Any Peloton-Style Rowing Classes I Can Take Using a Rowing App?

If you are not interested in splashing out thousands of pounds for a Peloton-style rowing machine, there are certainly ways you can attend similar classes. 

Best of all, you won’t have to spend a significant amount of money to do, merely pay a small subscription fee. 

Previously mentioned apps such as Regatta Fitness , Club Row Fitness , and ROW ViGOR all offer Peloton-style classes. 

Regatta Fitness regularly live-stream classes, and provide feedback during and after your workout. 

Club Row Fitness is a rowing app that includes unique “Rhythm Row” classes led by world-class instructors, where you can row to the beat of music.

Whilst ROW ViGOR hosts live fitness classes with trained coaches, which you can attend from your own home.

Are There Any Outdoor Rowing Apps You Can Buy?

It should be noted that indoor rowing apps greatly differ from their outdoor counterparts. Many outdoor apps will typically focus on maps and navigational features in order to ensure you remain safe on bodies of water.

If you’re interested in specifically purchasing an outdoor rowing app, then OriGym can recommend the following apps:



Do I Need a Monitor on My Rowing Machine to Use a Rowing App?

The short answer to this question is that it varies from app to app, some will require a screen whilst others won’t. 

Most indoor rowing workout apps will assume you have at least one PM3 monitor already fitted onto your machine. In fact, many apps now solely cater to PM5 monitors or Concept2 rowers.

However, there are still a few select rowing apps that don’t require monitors in order to function such as:

Start Rowing – Workout Coach


Polar Beat



These apps all offer an ideal choice for those rowers on a budget, or those that perhaps aren’t as comfortable with a monitor on their exercise equipment.


Whether you’re looking to study your form, track your heart rate, follow along to workouts led by world-class coaches, or to just help you enjoy rowing more, we hope our list has accommodated your needs. 

It’s unreasonable to assume you will instantly find the right rowing app for you, so we’d recommend trying multiple out. By doing this you will get a better understanding of what aspects work to your benefit, and which ones you can do without. 

Before you go, remember that our Personal Trainer Diploma is still available to all those looking to break into the fitness industry. At OriGym we greatly value our students and want to ensure that they succeed, which is why after graduation you will be guaranteed an interview. 

Alternatively, feel free to download our course prospectus where you are able to read up on all of the courses we offer. 

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