9 Benefits of Online Personal Training

benefits of an online fitness coach

Have you ever stopped to consider the benefits of online personal training? For a lot of people, going to the gym can be an intimidating process. For others, exercising at home is simply more convenient.

Whatever your reasoning, we highly recommend looking into online personal training! 

In this article, OriGym discuss:

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How Does Online Personal Training Work?

Before we discuss the benefits of an online personal trainer, we will first discuss how said training actually works. 

Online personal training is a rapidly growing type of training and is a popular choice for those who become a personal trainer. It allows the budget-conscious individual a convenient way to work out with certified personal trainers via the internet. Since it is a relatively new method of training, we’ll run you through how it works.

Step 1: Consultation

benefits of an online fitness coach graphic

Traditionally when you sign up for online personal training, an initial consultation between you and your potential personal trainer will take place. This can take place over the phone, via video call, text, or email.

The benefits of an online personal fitness coach conducting initial consultations is that you’ll be able to discuss:

#1 Health and fitness goals: Everyone searching for online personal training is doing so for different reasons. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or training for an event such as a marathon, it is important that your online PT knows what end result you want out of your exercise program. 

#2 Your fitness background and how long you’ve been exercising: Regardless of whether you’re new to exercising or not, a personal trainer will need to know your skill level. A common misconception is that personal training is just for beginners, but that is not true. You could have a very experienced background in exercise and still require (and benefit from) a personal trainer.

#3 Workout preferences: This point can relate to a multitude of things. Whether it be exercises you enjoy or want to pursue specifically, to incorporating your own equipment into a session, it's important to let your PT know this information.

#4 Desired length of the program: It’s important that you detail clearly how long you want this training to last for as this can determine the price of online personal training and how long you have to wait to get started. Personal trainers can be in high demand, so be sure to mention how long you want your training programme to last so that they can accommodate you.

#5 Medical history: A part of your consultation, you should also expect to share your medical history with your online personal trainer. This includes any injuries or pre-existing conditions that you may suffer from. In addition to this, some PTs may ask you to disclose previous medical surgeries.

Step 2: Curating a Training Plan

image benefits of online personal training

Following your consultation, the next stage of online personal training is the curation of your training programme. 

The benefits of online personal training advancing onto this section, is that your trainer will take all of the personal information that you have given in the consultations and begin to curate a personalised exercise plan, tailored specifically to you and your exercise goals

During training, your plan may be adapted and changed to what has initially been agreed upon. For example, after 5-weeks of consistently improving your PT may find ways to make things slightly more challenging for you.

This is only done for your benefit and will allow you to continue growing and progress towards your goals. If this is something that you find a little overwhelming, you should know that a PT will never change your programme without first informing you, so there’s no need to worry that it will come as a surprise. 

Step 3: The Workouts

benefits of an online fitness coach

Once all of the technical side of planning is out of the way, you’ll finally be able to put this personalised workout plan into action! As you can probably tell, one of the main benefits of an online fitness coach is that their information and guidance is readily available at your fingertips. 

When it comes to your classes, most online personal trainers will use the following methods: 

App Based Training: A lot of trainers will use apps to conduct classes, monitor training and communicate with you one on one. Apps such as YouTube may be used to demonstrate poses and exercising techniques. Whereas apps such as Trainiac will be used to track your progress, as you advance in the weekly course.

Digital Spreadsheets: Think of these as your personal grading system. Your personal trainer may use spreadsheets to highlight areas that you’re both strong and weak in. This will benefit your overall performance, as you’ll be able to see what areas need improvement, allowing you to work on said area in between classes.

Live Classes: These types of classes may be conducted over Skype, Zoom or Facetime etc. It will involve the trainer interacting with you personally, guiding you through the class, as if you were having a one to one session at a gym. 

Whilst the trainer will keep track of your progress, we’d recommend keeping a more personal log of your workout routines. You know your body better than anyone, so make a note of what you feel you personally struggle with, what you enjoy, and what you feel you do well. Having this information at hand will only help your overall performance. 

Step 4: Updates

benefits of an online fitness coach image

Virtual personal training benefits you even further when you engage in one to one check ins with your PT. Much like the initial meetings, these will be casual conversations taking place on the phone, via text, or over email.

During these chats you should highlight your successes and areas where you feel need improvement. In addition to this, you should also use this time to discuss any nagging worries or issues you may have as your trainer will be able to offer the best immediate solution. 

Be sure to ask as many questions as you can, if that means jotting them down during the week so that you don’t forget anything, do so! Remember your trainer is there to help you, so there is no such thing as a stupid question. 

Engaging in these friendly chats will only improve your knowledge of your training and exercise in general. It is also important to remember that your PT may offer you some constructive criticism during these chats. Keep in mind that this is all done to help you in the long run, try to not get too offended by what they have to say. 

9 Benefits of Online Personal Training

Online personal training advantages may vary from person to person, but we here at OriGym have curated a list of 9 benefits we feel that the majority of people will appreciate.

#1 Work Out On Your Time 

graphic online fitness trainer benefits

When it comes to online personal training pros, one of the most obvious ones to consider is that you’ll be working entirely on your own time. If you are on a busy schedule and cannot make it to the gym every day, working out from home with pre-recorded videos sent to you from your PT will save you a lot of time.

Additionally, many pre-recorded online PT workouts will purposely have a range of shorter classes and longer classes to accommodate time management. For example, short classes are a great choice if you have 30 minutes spare during your lunch break, whilst most people prefer to do a longer workout after work or on the weekend.

In comparison to working out with an in-person personal trainer, this is a huge benefit. With face-to-face PT, you will almost always have to adapt to the schedule of your PT. Just like you, personal trainers have their own life and they can’t spend all of their time in the gym waiting for clients. If you think in-person personal training is the route you want to choose, this is something you’ll have to be willing to accept. 

To avoid any such issues with your online PT, we recommend that you discuss your schedule during your initial consultations. Much like all of the other important information, make sure your PT knows when you have the most/least time available to workout and how often you want to train.

This way your online PT will be able to factor in longer or shorter sessions throughout the week, depending on how busy you are on any given day.

#2 It Can Be Done in Your Choice of Location 

benefits of an online personal trainer

Much like the point made above, another one of the online personal trainer pros, is that you can train in any location that you see fit.

If you’re somebody with an unpredictable schedule or a job that often involves working away, being able to train in any location offers the reassurance that no matter where you are you have access to guided exercise.

When you compare this to one of the cons of in-person personal training, which requires you to attend the gym which your PT is affiliated with, you can see just how beneficial online personal training can be.

Having to train with a PT at their gym could mean that you have to leave your current gym or begin paying for two memberships at once. This isn’t a necessity with online personal training, as you could take your online classes to any gym on the planet and do the same set routines in each one.

#3 Multiple Trainers at Once

image benefits of an online personal trainer

The online fitness trainer benefits extend to the fact with some online PT programmes, you’ll have access to more than one trainer. Whilst you will consult with one specific trainer regularly and may even have live sessions with said trainer, many programmes also offer access to a multitude of other trainers and a range of classes. 

This may come in the form of videos that have been pre-recorded, or they may even put you in direct communication with other PTs depending on the package that you choose. 

This means the benefits of online personal training extend to having a multitude of professionals ready to teach you. All of these trainers may have special areas of interest, be it weightlifting, long distance running, or even swimming.

The benefits of an online personal trainer mean that these personalised exercise plans can be more varied. If you have a team of experts, they are going to be able to guide you in multiple areas, rather than just having one PT that tries to cover all the necessary information on their own.

If we contrast virtual personal trainer benefits with in-person training, we will see that personal training simply cannot offer the same level of variety that online training can. This is in no way a criticism of in-person training, however a PT is just one person and it's just unrealistic to expect them to know as much as a whole team of people.

#4 Access to Any Trainer

9 benefits of an online personal trainer

The benefits of an online personal trainer know no boundaries, not even geographical ones. If you are looking for an in-person personal trainer, you’re going to have to stay within the boundaries of your own city or the surrounding area.

However, this boundary does not apply to online personal trainers. If there is a trainer out there that you greatly admire, but lives thousands of miles away, being trained by said person is still a possibility with online personal training. 

Additionally, online fitness training benefits those of you who don’t have this ‘ideal’ trainer in mind. If you don’t know who to train with, you can do research and cast a wider net. For example, if you’re not seeing any online personal trainers that take your liking in the UK, why not extend your search to other countries. 

Online personal training provides a great opportunity to be trained by some of the finest athletes in the world. You don’t need to be confined to one area, one gym or any other location-based factor, online personal training can truly take you anywhere in the world.

#5 24-Hour Support 

online personal training advantages

Online personal training advantages can also be found in the way in which you and your PT communicate. During your off hours, you’ll be able to communicate with your PT through texts and calls. Some may even use their social media platforms as an extended line of communication, offering advice from their posts as well as the DMs too. 

This is a great benefit to have, as it is sometimes easy to feel lost or overwhelmed when pursuing a fitness goal. For example, if you feel that you are not advancing in a specific area in ways that you would hope, you’ll be able to contact your online PT whenever these feelings arise to get some informational feedback.

As opposed to this, many in-person trainers simply cannot afford to offer this kind of constant support. Many PTs may have other jobs or life commitments, and as a result will have a shorter window for communication. 

Now this point may vary from trainer to trainer, so it’s important to ask them first if they have hours of inactivity. Like everything with online personal training, all you need to do is ask your trainer whether they work to a schedule and what times they’re available.

#6 Cheaper Than Face-to-Face PT 

online personal training advantages graphic

Yet another benefit of online personal training is that it is significantly cheaper than in-person training. 

With most online personal training your initial consultation will actually be free. In-person training doesn’t typically offer free consultations, you are typically expected to have done your own research before approaching an in-person personal trainer.

In addition to this the actual classes are significantly cheaper, too. On average 1-1 personal training that takes place in person can cost anything from £25.00-100.00 an hour. This naturally depends on the trainers skill level, their popularity and how long they’ve been in the industry. However, regardless of all of these factors it is almost always significantly cheaper to use online personal training.

UK based companies such as Motivate and GymWolfPT even acknowledge that their online services are cheaper. GymWolfPT charges just £70 a month for their online personal training, which will grant you access to a tailored program for exercise and diet as well as 24/7 support. 

Motivate offers multiple different payment plans, with their smallest fee being £156.00 a month, which will grant you access to 3 personalised sessions a month, as well as access to digital workouts whenever you so please. 

So, virtual personal training benefits not only your body but your wallet as well.

#7 Makes You Accountable 

online fitness trainer benefits

Another one of the online personal training pros is that you are forced to be more accountable for your actions and how much work you put into your customised workout plan. 

This is due to the fact that everything in online personal training is monitored and recorded. As we have discussed in previous points, your online trainer may live on the other side of the UK or in an entirely different country. They won’t be able to check and monitor your physical improvements/progress throughout your workouts, but they will ask you to!

A lot of the work is down to you, for example you may be asked to record your calorie intake, the amount of steps you take a day or what distance you can run without stopping. This forces you to be more accountable with your own actions, you're more likely to make improvements if you know it's going to be recorded. 

Be sure to be honest with yourself when inputting this information. If you lie, the only person you’re really going to hurt in the long run is yourself.

#8 Customised Workouts 

9 benefits of online personal training

This may seem like an obvious inclusion to this list, but it is still regarded as one of the greatest benefits of online personal training, so we thought it was worth including. When you’re new to exercising it's hard to get a grasp on things, sometimes it can feel like you’re running on a wheel and seeing no improvements. 

This is why online personal training is so great, as you’ll get a personally crafted workout routine that is dedicated to you and your goals. If you want to gain muscle, but currently have a smaller frame, then the expert trainers will be able to guide you in this direction. 

Everyone’s bodies are different and you need to take this into consideration when exercising. When it comes to fitness and nutrition, it is simply foolish to believe that one size fits all. 

For example if you lost a lot of weight from doing a large amount of cardio, it does not mean that this will work for everyone.

This is why sharing as much information about your body, health, and current diet during the initial consultation is so important. Being honest here is the only way to ensure that you’ll get a workout plan that is designed for you and you alone. 

Remember, If you have no prior fitness knowledge, you simply cannot expect to know everything that goes into achieving your dream body. Asking for help isn’t a bad or shameful thing, that is what personal trainers are there for.

#9 It Gets Results!

virtual personal training benefits

Some skeptics out there may doubt the benefits of online personal training, believing it to be just another technological crutch that simply doesn’t produce the same results as in-person training can. 

However, this isn’t true. Whether the trainer is there next to your or a million miles away couldn’t make a difference, the only person who can make a difference is you. Personal training of any kind is all about effort, the more you put in the more you’ll get out. If you put in time and energy into your customised workout plan and diet, then you can expect to see the same results. 

In fact, technology may even produce better results, this is because online trainers will be able to constantly monitor your progress from the information that you submit. If you are looking to gain muscle mass, for example, your rate of progress can be montoried in exact detail, uploaded onto one platform where both you and your PT can compare your progress week on week. 

This technology allows for more uptodate and relevant data for your online PT to work with. 

It is simply incorrect to believe that online personal training won’t produce the same, if not better results than in-person classes. But the only person that can be responsible for both of these results is you. You are the one that is going to have to motivate yourself to cut out certain foods, you are the one who is going to have to motivate yourself to go on that run. 

Personal trainers of any kind are good sources of knowledge and learning. But both in-person and online are useless if you’re not willing to work with them.


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Who Should Use Online Personal Training?

virtual personal training benefits uk

Whilst there are many benefits of online personal training, the fact of the matter is it simply isn’t for everyone. If you are questioning whether this approach is correct for you, then we have created this list of individuals we feel would either benefit from or enjoy online personal training.

#1 Anybody On a Budget 

online personal training advantages image

As we have discussed within the previous section, online personal training is significantly cheaper than regular personal training. So if you are on a strict budget every month, or are looking to save money, it may be worth pursuing online personal training.

Online fitness training benefits your bank account in the following ways:

  • You won’t have to relocate gyms: if you like your current gym membership, with online personal training you won’t have to transfer to one that may be more expensive. 
  • You may not even need a gym membership: If you want to use your own home equipment to save money in the long run, then that is completely acceptable. Online personal training can adapt to your needs and what you already own. 
  • Videos on Demand: Many online personal training programs will offer exercise videos on demand, incorporated into their monthly pricing. For those of you who seek constant guidance outside of training hours, this will save you money as you won’t have to require a trainer to be there every time you’re in the gym. Simply pop in your headphones and push play.

Probably one of the biggest online personal training pros is that you’ll save a significant amount of money every month.

#2 Anybody Who Struggles To Make Progress Alone

virtual personal training benefits image

We briefly touched upon this subject within the previous section, but we feel it is important to stress that if you’re not making as much progress as you’d like, then you should consider an online personal trainer. 

Struggling with progress is not a bad thing, exercising may not be your area of expertise and that is totally okay. When it comes to health and fitness there is no universal answer or solution to progress. So instead of struggling on your own, reach out and ask for a professional's help and guidance. 

One of the main benefits of online personal training is that you’ll be guided through a steady stream of progress that is both approachable for beginners but also challenging. You will be taught how to gradually push yourself, tackling new challenges with each passing day without any worries of going too hard or getting bored of a routine that is too easy.

Never be afraid to seek guidance from online personal trainers. At the end of the day, it is their job to help and support you, so make sure you use their teachings to your fullest potential.

#3 Those of You Who Travel A Lot or Are On A Busy Schedule

benefits of an online personal trainer image

To reiterate, one of the most commonly discussed benefits of an online fitness coach is that they’ll be there for you whenever and wherever you are located. If you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of spare time, adapting to a face-to-face personal trainers schedule may be difficult. 

Likewise, if you travel a lot (be it for business or pleasure), being out of the country will have a knock on effect to your in-person training. Both of these factors may mean that you miss out on teaching hours, despite having already paid in advance. 

However, on the list of online personal trainer pros we have to take into consideration that online training can literally go anywhere with you. Whereas a con of in-person training is that your sessions are limited to a set space during a specific timeframe. 

Whether you’ve been held back at the office trying to get work done, or whether you’ve decided to take a spontaneous holiday, your online trainer can work with you wherever you are. Be that in the comfort of your own home or a sunny tropical location.

#4 You Don’t Live Near a Gym/ a Gym With Trainers

benefits of an online personal trainer graphic

This might be hard to believe for anybody who lives in a city or a built up area, but some people do not live near to a gym, or at least not close enough to visit 3-4 times every week. 

If this is the case, then you can take your practice online and pursue training from any location you deem fit, be it a local park or a living room. Having access to a gym is never a necessity when applying for online personal training. 

However, we would recommend giving your online PT a heads up about this before you sign up, as they’ll be able to craft this into your personalised training plan.

Additionally, even if you have a local gym they may not have personal trainers that are readily available to assist you. Unfortunately not every gym has the equipment, room, or financial income to accommodate trainers. 

So if you have a local gym but no one to train you, simply take your classes to said gym. For this instance, we would recommend informing your online PT about the equipment and resources that are available at said gym. As this will also help to craft your personalised program. 

Who Shouldn’t Use Online Personal Training?

Whilst this article is mainly focused on the benefits of online personal training, we also feel it is important to inform you of factors that may affect your enjoyment of online training.

#1 If You’ve Suffered From Any Recent or Long Standing Health Condition

benefits of online personal training graphic

If you have an extensive medical history or have suffered from an injury which has required surgery or rehabilitation therapy, then online personal training may not be the best thing for you.

This is for your own safety, if you suffer from an illness or pre-existing injury you may cause yourself harm or pain should you train without specific guidance. In addition to this, if you’re exercising alone, at home for example, no one would be around to help you, should the worst happen.

If you suffer from any long term injuries or illness that may affect your physical performance, we would recommend training with either an exercise referral specialist or a personal trainer with a qualification relevant to your specific medical issue.

#2 If You Learn Better In Group Environments

benefits of online personal training image

Whilst the online personal trainer pros are rooted in the idea that everything is tailored to you, some individuals simply learn better in groups. Online personal training is very much an individualistic activity. Regardless of where or how you choose to exercise, for the most part you will be doing so on your own.

In-person personal training acts slightly differently. Whilst they will run classes and meets that are specifically for you, other times they may host an entire class that all their clientele is invited to join. Here you’ll have the opportunity to meet like minded people who all share a similar goal and are being taught by the same person. 

This allows you to grow your practice further, as you’ll be able to exchange notes and thoughts with others. From this, you may be able to pick up useful tips on exercise techniques or diets, that you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten on your own.

If you thrive in social environments, then you may not pick up on all the benefits of online personal training. Rather you’re probably better joining a group exercise class or taking part in large personal training events with other clients. 

How To Find A Good Online Personal Trainer

benefits of online personal training uk

Now that we have discussed all of the benefits of an online personal trainer, and the type of people that benefit from such training, our attention now turns to how to find a good online personal trainer. 

Online personal training advantages naturally span across many different categories, and as discussed there is no one right way to do it. There are multiple approaches to personal training, all of which we’re about to break down so that you can decide for yourself which works best for you.

One to One Training

online pt benefits

As we have discussed, having a direct line of communication to your personal trainer is so greatly beneficial to your practice. If you are looking for a trainer that you can contact 24/7 then we can recommend the following apps:

The Athlete Factory - This app was designed for busy people on the go, who simply don’t have time to meet personal trainers at allotted times. The Athlete factory is happy to train anyone, from athletes to first time marathon runners, the app is even used and endorsed by the Sri Lankan cricket team. 

After your initial consultation you will be assigned a trainer, who will then create a specialised workout routine and diet plan just for you. The site also provides tracking technology, video classes and of course one to one instant messaging. Allowing you to communicate with your PT 24/7 - £25.00 - £65.00 a Month

Fitocracy Coaching - Once you complete your consultation, Fitocracy will pair you with a trainer that has been hand selected, based on your end goal. With huge endorsements from the likes of Men's Health, you can rest assured that Fitocracy is of high quality.

Once you have been matched with your trainer, they will provide you with Live coaching sessions, a fitness program, meal planner and 1 on 1 access to your coach. The site encourages you to contact your coach as and when you need them - $30.00 a Month

Self Serving Apps

benefits of online pt

If you are looking for a personal trainer app that will adapt with you, you’re going to want to invest in a self serving app. These kind of apps, recognise patterns in your workouts and daily routines, and will create suggestions and plans dictated by your behaviour.

Freeletics -  Freeletics has three apps, which specialise in gym, running and weight training. With a focus on HITT workouts, users can expect to be pushed to their very limits for short bursts of intervals. A great aspect about Freeletics is that to complete most of these exercises you don’t need any equipment.

This app will ask you for data after each one of your exercises, which may contain information such as the distance you ran or how much weight you lifted. After you submit your initial data, your personalised workout programme will be generated, and will be continuously altered as you improve. - £12.99 a Month.

Fitness Builder Plus As this article has proven, the online personal training benefits are pretty great, but what if we were to tell you that you could have access to over 750 pre-recorded classes? On top of that, if you’re a personal trainer yourself, Fitness Builder Plus allows you to upload your own work too.

One of the great things about this app, is that it has an algorithm which recognises your activity. If you find yourself practicing yoga frequently, then Fitness Builder Plus, is likely to recommend yoga classes that advance in difficulty - $9.99 a Month.

Pre-Made Training Programs

benefits of an online personal trainer uk

Whilst there are many benefits of working with an online fitness coach, you may still be unconvinced. Perhaps you don’t want a strict plan that is just for you, maybe you’re in the market for something a little more general and allencopmasing. If that is the case we can direct you to some great pre-made training programs that we think you’ll enjoy.

Blueprint to Mass - Created by the Terminator himself bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzennegger has created an online training program that is designed for all you aspiring bodybuilders out there. 

On the blueprint to mass training program you’ll be given advice on exercise, nutrition, supplements and how to get started. This 12 week program is highly regarded by many fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts alike, and it's completely free of charge. Meaning you can dip your toe into the online training pool without having to spend anything.

Free Trainers - This site is extremely popular, with it reaching over two-million readers every single month. This site allows trainers and athletes to post their online fitness routines and advice online.

Whilst you may not get a custom made workout plan designed for you by trainers, you will be able to search the site in order of your specifications. If you are looking to lose weight or target your abs for example, you can simply search this on the site and it will generate a previously used workout plan for you to follow.

To answer ‘how do you find a good personal trainer’, we must be honest and say that only you can find the trainer that is right for you. We can make recommendations based on specific criteria, however as we have touched upon multiple times, when it comes to online personal training there is no one size fits all.

Afterall, that’s what personal training should be, it should be personal to you. What one person is looking for, may be the complete opposite to what another is looking for. 

So, you need to be aware of two key things before approaching an online personal trainer. Firstly, you need to know what you want out of the training, do you want to lose weight, run a marathon or become a bodybuilder, you need to make this clear straight from the initial consultation. 

Secondly, you need to be aware of what kind of training you want, do you want training that heavily relies on one to one communications or would you rather have an online personal trainer that specialises in online videos. 

We here at OriGym would advise you to do your research before committing to anything. Remember, don’t feel constricted to just your country of residence, when it comes to online personal training you can take your practice literally anywhere.


graphic benefits of online personal training

#1 What should I do if I feel my designed training plan is too easy/too hard?

The best way to resolve this issue would be to communicate it with your online PT, but be sure to do so immediately. Make sure that you raise this concern with them in order to change your personally designed training plan. Don’t push yourself and likewise, don’t take things that come too easy, you want something that is challenging but doable.

#2 I’m on a budget and worry I won’t be able to keep up with the specifically designed meal plans, what should I do?

Once again the answer to this question is communication. If you struggle at any point during your training with your finances, then you need to inform your personal trainer so that they can adapt your training program. If you don’t have that much spare cash, then any trainer will be able to take that into account and create you a meal plan that is both nutritious and cost effective.

Before You Go!

We hope you have enjoyed our article discussing the many benefits of online personal training. If you’re about to explore the world of health and fitness for the first time, we wish you the best of luck! 

Whilst you’re here, have you ever thought about pursuing personal training as a career? If you think you have what it takes, go ahead and enquire about our CIMSPA endorsed Personal Training Diploma.

Alternatively, why not download the full OriGym prospectus here - it’s free!


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When he is not writing content for the site, James can be found researching new recipes, writing music reviews, reading and watching latest film releases.   

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