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31 Best Ab Rollers To Strengthen Your Core (2020)

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So, you’re looking for an ab roller in the UK? We don’t blame you! We understand how difficult it is to find one online. We have, therefore, created the ultimate list to make your life easier. 

Ab wheels will provide a better ab workout than traditional flexion exercises, creating stronger and more defined abs. Using the ab wheel will help you to engage your core better and will be beneficial for other compound exercises, such as the deadlift and the squat.   

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1. H&S Ab Core Roller

Price: £16.99

ab roller

First on the list is Amazon’s Choice for the best ab roller on their site. This is a simple and easy tool that can be used to shape up those abdominal muscles, and will help to strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest, and back. The compact size means you will be able to take the wheel anywhere with you.

This piece of ab roller equipment is light as it only weighs 340 grams. It’s durable yet simple design means that anyone can use this piece of equipment. 

The dual guide technology helps you to balance when you perform any exercises with the wheel. You will also get a free foam knee pad included in this deal so you don’t have to work out your core on an uncomfortable surface. 

Thinking of strengthening other areas of your upper body? Take a look at our definitive list of the best kettlebells!

2. Bodymate Double Ab Wheel 

Price: £12.94

best ab roller

The Bodymate roller will help you to strengthen your core in no time at all! If you didn’t already know, a strong core will prevent any major back pain. 

Included with this equipment is a knee pad which protects your knee joints when you perform ab rolling exercises. 

Bodymate may not be a well-known brand but they really believe in their quality as they work together with external testing laboratories to sustain the quality for years to come. 

3. 5 Billion Ab Roller (UK) 

Price: £79.90

ab crunch roller

Even though this isn’t a cheap ab roller, don't let the price tag put you off! It’s one of the only products which uses rubber wheels for maximum stability on any surface, even on a smooth floor to help build various muscles such as your arms, abs, back, and shoulders.

As you are using all 4 rubber wheels at the same time, this will provide a wider and sturdier base, which will help to improve balance and stability.

The handles of this product are made out of memory foam to help increase grip and overall comfort during workouts - even when it’s used for long periods. 

This product would be ideal for any mobile personal trainers who often use core exercises in their workout plans for their clients. If you are a personal trainer looking for further equipment, feel free to look at our essential PT checklist for more information.


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4. Men’s Health Ab Wheel with Foot Straps 

Price: £29.99

ab roller equipment

If you’re looking to buy an ab roller with extra security then this would be perfect for you! This roller helps improve your balance and stability in the core and shoulders, as well as other muscles such as the chest, back, arms and even glutes. 

If you’re looking for a wheel to train with to help with pike exercises, this wheel gives a new alternative to the regular rolling exercise because going backwards and forwards can be repetitive. 

5.Opti Ab Wheel Roller

Price: £5.99

ab roller machine

This is the cheapest product on our ultimate list of ab rollers but it definitely doesn’t lack in quality. All you need to do is to wheel yourself forward and pull yourself back up again for a great workout. A great, cheap ab roller option for those who don’t want to break the bank.  

It’s made out of durable steel and a strong TPR wheel with PVC handles. This roller is really easy to use and can be taken anywhere with you whether it will be at home or your local gym. 

6. Men’s Health Core, Push Up Ab Roller Machine 

Price: £15.99

ab roller uk

If you feel the regular ab wheel doesn’t get you a full-body workout or you may have a lack of space at home, then buy this ab roller from Men’s Health to really push your strength. These cylindrical push-up bars with wheels will help with targeting specific muscle groups, such as your deltoids, triceps, and pectorals. 

The multi-direction workouts are ideal for enhancing the overall development of the upper body. Even with the different uses of the equipment, it only weighs 1kg and it’s portable so you can take it anywhere you want to.

The wheel would be ideal if you’re a mobile personal trainer and want to take training equipment to your clients. 

7. Power Guidance Ab Roller with Knee Pads 

Price: £46.99

cheap ab roller

This wheel is an effective tool for your core strength. It will not just help improve your core and lower back strength, but using the ab wheel will decrease the chance the risk of muscular injury. The ab wheel is made out of high-quality hard plastic and steel for durability. This wheel is safe and has a high load capacity. 

Similar to the 5 billion ab wheel, the wheel is made out of high-density rubber, which ensures that even on smooth surfaces, the wheel will be stable. When you use the wheel, there will be no damage on any surfaces you may use and it’s very quiet.

Unlike other ab wheels, the Power Guidance wheel is a lot bigger because of the extra 2 inches in width. This will be suitable for all fitness levels whether you are a beginner or advanced at training your core. 

This product can be assembled with ease so you can take it wherever you are, even if you want to take it to the gym or if you want to use it at home.

8.Gallant Ab Rolling Wheel 

Price: £12.99

buy ab roller

This wheel is an effective tool for strengthening your core, and is made out of high-quality plastic and steel for durability. Unlike other wheels which are regularly made out of plastic, this ab roller is made out of rubber. This will help with noise reduction and prevent any damage to the floor you are using. 

This ab wheel will help you work out your entire core, strengthening your stomach, back and sides. The exercise is simple but extremely effective, with a range of techniques to allow you to work your obliques as the move gets easier. 

Weighing only 800g this wheel can be transported easily, so you can exercise on the go. You can even take it to the park, the gym, or you could even workout at home. We've recently put together an article on home workout suggestions incase that's something you want to look into! 

If you’re looking for the best ab wheel money can buy then this will be for you. The smallest details have been considered, as the handles have been wrapped with foam to ensure your hands are comfortable during the workout. The foam handles will help prevent friction and reduce any hand fatigue. 

9. Xn8 Power Ab Wheel 

Price: £12.99 

ab roller with knee pads

If you want the option of customisation of your wheel then this will be for you! This heavy-duty, non-slip rubber wheel offers great safety, stability and comfort while rolling on the surface below. The wheel will target your muscles like your stomach, obliques, back, arms, and shoulders in an effective workout. 

The handles are made out of foam for comfort so you can roll out smoothly and safely. The wide base will help you remain balanced as you work your core, so you can just solely concentrate on your workout.  

The durable plastic discs are made out of hypoallergenic material, which means you can work out without any worries. Also included with this wheel is a 15mm thick-knee mat, which will provide ample cushioning for your knees, safeguarding them from any joint pain. 

10. Beenle - Icey Ab Crunch Roller

Price: £21.99

ab core roller

This wheel is completely detachable, a little different to the rest of the products. This means you can take it anywhere with you whether it be to the local gym or at home and set it all up in minutes! 

The handle is made out of high-quality foam which will not smell during exercise and this will improve your experience while you are working out. The surface of the wheel is designed with dots to ensure maximum stability during your workout. 

11. Kylin Sport Ab Roller Equipment

Price: £19.99 

best ab wheel

This ab roller has a double wheel design which provides more stability than just a single wheel design. The wheel has a combination of both high-quality plastic and stainless steel bar for durability, safety and excellent performance. 

The foam handles will help with reducing friction and muscle fatigue. You could even make it more challenging by having a narrower stance to really target your abs. It also comes with a handy knee mat so your knee joints are protected at all times. 

12. Atyun Ab Crunch Roller

Price: £16.99

ab wheel roller

This practical ab roller measures up to 7.9 inches in width which helps support balance and safety all in one device. The wheel is made out of heavy-duty PVC material so it will not damage any type of flooring if you are using this product. 

The handles are laced with durable foam for extra comfort so, even if you want to practice abs exercises for long periods, you’ll be fine to do so. Atyun have also provided a free knee pad with this wheel. This will ensure your knees are protected when you are exercising. 

13. Amonax Double Ab Wheel 

Price: £18.99

ab wheel with foot straps

This effective core trainer is portable and lightweight, and is designed for both home and gym use. With the 2 wheels on this product, you can also widen the wheels for more stability and control. This is especially helpful for beginners. You could also narrow the 2 wheels for a more advanced and challenging ab workout. 

The handles on this ab wheel and the knee pad are made out of the same material as yoga mats, called TPE. This provides stronger support than other handles and mats on this list. They also provide a 2-year free warranty, so if it does break or snap (which we hope it won’t!), you will get it replaced. 

14. Keyohome Ab Wheel Equipment

Price: £8.99

double ab wheel

This wheel is made out of strong plastic to ensure it withstands even the most intense workout sessions. When you buy this ab wheel, you will also get a free foam knee pad to help protect and cushion your knees against hard floors.

The dual wheels will allow greater stability than other ab wheel models which only have one wheel, so you can focus more on strengthening your abs and less on trying to control the movement with your arms. 

Despite it being a cheap ab roller it’s a great tool to be used at home, in the gym, or even outside. 

15. Odomy Ab Roller With Knee Pads   

Price: £18.99 

ab wheel equipment

This roller is made out of high-quality stainless steel so it’s made to last. The foam handles will help you grip the wheel roller with ease whilst preventing too much strain on your hands and wrists. The roller also comes with a free non-slip knee pad to cushion your knees while you exercise. 

The wheel can actually be detached from the handles. This means you will be able to take it anywhere whether it be the park, gym or at home. 

Even though the ab wheel can help target some muscles in the back, a pull-up is a great exercise to target the remaining back muscles. Struggling with ways to do pull-ups at home? Don’t worry, OriGym have created the ultimate list of pull up bars

16. Odoland 3 in 1 Ab Wheel Roller Set

Price: £24.99

ab rolling wheel

If you’re looking to expand your home gym equipment, then look no further! This set includes a knee mat and a skipping rope. The skipping rope is great for warming up and aerobic exercise. 

You can use this roller set to strengthen your core, as you target an array of muscles like your arms, chest, shoulders, back and abs.

The ultra-wide ab wheel will help provide stability and allow unrestricted movement for an intense workout. This is due to the stainless steel, non-slip TPR and durable PVC so you can exercise for long periods.

17. Songmics Ab Roller Machine

Price: From £9.99

using the ab wheel

This ab roller from Songmics is pretty customisable, as you can choose up to 4 different coloured rims for the wheel - you'll definitely be able to spot your wheel if you use it at the gym! Like with most of the other products on this list, it’s also simple and easy to use. 

There is a slight difference between this wheel and others, as the gap between the wheel is 3cm. This means that it will be stable and will not wobble during use. The wheel is floor-friendly, meaning no noise will be made as you roll backwards and forwards.  

18. Mitavo Ab Wheel Equipment 

Price: £21.99

power ab wheel

The Mitavo ab trainer is a high-quality and robust fitness wheel which consists of two handles as well as the wheel itself. Due to it being small and lightweight, it can be taken virtually anywhere with you. The ab wheel trains a range of muscles like your abdominals, shoulders, back, and arms in an effective manner. 

The foam knee pad is also included with the roller to ensure cushioning to your knee joints and prevent any slipping when you are using the wheel. 

The ab roller handles are sweat-resistant meaning you can train more comfortably and for longer periods, without constantly having to adjust your hand position. 

19. Risefit Ab Rolling Wheel

Price: £21.97

Ab roller wheel

The extra-wide wheel design from Risefit increases the balance and stability when this ab wheel is in use. The stainless steel framework rubber base and sweatproof foam handle all ensure this wheel is built to last for years to come.

You can finally say goodbye to bruised knees as it comes with a free high-density EVA foam kneeling mat. This will protect your knee joints when performing any exercise using the ab wheel. 

There is a free skipping rope included in this set, so you can incorporate a full-body workout without the need of buying a gym membership. 

20. Songmics Best Ab Roller For Home Gym 

Price: £25.99

ab roller

Here is another ab roller set from Songmics, however this set is slightly different. Not only does it come with a knee pad and skipping rope, but this set also includes a pair of push up bars. This set will be a great addition to any home gym for a full-body workout.

Designed for beginners, the gap between the two wheels is 2cm, this means you will be able to evenly distribute the weight for added stability. The high-quality EVA knee pad will ensure your knees are protected when rolling out. 

21. Phoenix Fitness Ab Roller (UK)

Price: £10.49

best ab roller

The Phoenix Fitness ab roller will help strengthen and develop your body in no time at all! The wheel will help target the core abdominal muscles and help to improve your strength and endurance. The ab roller comes with foam grip handles to help with balance and stability whilst the wheel is in use. 

However, due to its narrow wheel gap compared to others on this ultimate list, this wheel will be more suited to individuals who have used ab wheels before and feel like they are up for a challenge. 

22. Eono Flex Ab Core Roller

Price: £15.99

ab crunch roller

From the image, you must be thinking this ab wheel is very high-tech and difficult to use. Well, in fact, it’s the complete opposite! This unique ab roller has a 4 wheel support and triangular body to ensure greater stability than other single wheel designs. 

Just weighing under 1kg, it’s super lightweight and the front wheel bracket and handles can be folded or removed so you can take it literally anywhere with you. 

Eono has built these handles to be 1.5mm thicker than others on this list, so it can withstand the most intense workouts and have a higher load capacity. The handles are also breathable and sweat-proof, so this roller will offer comfort for prolonged periods and a strong grip at all times. 

23.JCT 4 Wheel Ab Crunch Roller

Price: £17.98

ab roller equipment

This wheel offers better balance and support when rolling forwards and backwards than other rollers on this ultimate list. This ab wheel equipment will be more suited towards beginners due to its stable base. 

What’s different with this set compared to others on our list is the free gift you will receive when this ab roller is purchased, which is a set of resistance bands! You can use the resistance bands as a warm-up or if you want to challenge yourself, you can use the bands and add some difficulty to your ab workout. 

24.Sunnyme Ab Roller Equipment

Price: £15.99

ab roller machine

If you want to go back to basics with a simple ab wheel then this will be for you. This simple device will help strengthen your abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms, and back all at once so you will get an efficient all-in-one upper body workout. 

The large wheel will allow you to have better stability throughout your workout, so you can focus more on strengthening your abs safely and less time trying to control the movement of the wheel with your arms.

There are grooves on the handles of the ab wheel for improved comfort so you can easily go back and forth without the constant adjustments of your hands. 

25.PROIRON Ab Roller Machine

Price: £16.99

ab roller uk

This wheel from PROIRON is very similar to the Eono wheel that we mentioned earlier. It has the four wheels to ensure stability and ease of use. The wider structure of this wheel also helps with your balance and helps you focus on your core exercises. 

This is a lot safer and easier for beginners due to the wide gap between the wheels. The grooves within the handles also reduce friction and muscle fatigue in your hands.  

26.Weyty Ab Roller With Knee Pads

Price: £25.99

cheap ab roller

This wheel is a lot bigger than other wheels on this ultimate list. This versatile tool will help you train your core, improve your posture and tone your arms, back, and shoulders. It’s very safe to use and to take anywhere you want to. 

The ab roller diameter is 20cm, which means it provides better stability and balance as you roll yourself forwards and backwards during the exercise. 

The ab roller from Weyty, like with many others on the list, comes with a knee pad so your knees are protected at all times. The ab roller also features padded handles for maximum comfort and stability when you roll. 

27.HIKS Ab Roller Wheel

Price: £14.99

buy ab roller

These rollers are actually a little different to the conventional roller, as there are two of them! These wheels are suited for those who are a bit more advanced when it comes to core training as you will need to get your coordination correct as you roll backwards and forwards. 

The product also comes with a free foam knee pad for better comfort as you roll out. The rubber foam grips are also included so you can spend hours working out your abs without strain on your wrists and hands. 

28.Sport Core - Ab Wheel With Foot Straps 

Price: £19.90

ab roller with knee pads

Similar to the HIKS ab rollers the Sport Core roller has 2 instead of just 1 wheel meaning you could use it if you were more advanced for core training. However, the difference between the two is the rubber rope which is attached to the ab rollers. 

The rubber rope will bring resistance to the rollers as you roll out, this will make doing core exercises a lot more challenging but brings a difficult dynamic to the normal ab workout. 

The knee pad included helps to protect the knee joints but not only that, as the rubber rope is attached you can use this double ab roller as a full-body workout so you can perform bicep curls or even a low row to help work out different muscles of your body. 

29.Luoli Power Ab Wheel

Price: £42.39

ab core roller

This ab trainer is not only suitable for your regular ab workouts, but it will also help strengthen your back, shoulders, chest, and arms. If you feel like you need to strengthen your arms even further, take a look at our guide on how to get bigger arms fast!  

There is a slight difference between this ab roller and others on this list. The handles are not straight but instead curved, giving a different grip angle makes it more challenging when the normal straight handle is too easy. 

The tread of the wheel will ensure your safety as you roll backwards and forwards during the exercise. What’s important out of everything mentioned about this product is the size of the wheel. The wheel would be suitable for beginners if they have never trained abs before as it will help stabilise and balance the user with ease. 

30. Killians Ab Roller Wheel 

Price: £34.00 

best ab wheel

Our penultimate ab roller is from Killians and this wheel is an ultra-wide wheel. It offers what not many on our list do, to work the oblique muscles. Within the equipment itself, it has resistance levels so if you find the ab workout too easy, all you need to do is change the resistance and it will automatically make it more challenging. 

The ab roller is made out of high-quality materials, such as plastic and stainless steel for long-lasting durability and safety. The foam handles like with the Luoli wheel offers curved handles to take your core workout to the next level to make it more challenging. 

31.RXRENIA Power Ab Wheel

Price: £36.99

ab wheel roller

Our final product is from RXRENIA and is one of the most effective pieces of equipment you can find today, it’s strong, durable and affordable. The non-slip rubber wheel securely grips on any floor type and also prevents damage to floors. To make it even more challenging, there are resistance levels built into the ab roller to give you a chance to improve your core even further. 

This piece of fantastic equipment can minimise hand fatigue and prevent your hands from slipping from the wheel. Like with a number of ab rollers on this ultimate list, it comes with a comfortable knee pad to prevent any knee pain during exercise.  

Before you go! 

We hope our guide to 31 different ab rollers will help you to narrow down your search through hundreds of options on the internet! While 31 does seem like a lot, we felt that it would be the right thing to do so that you have a range of the best ab rollers to choose from. 

Whether you're a complete beginner when it comes to training abs, or you're an expert, we are sure that you’ll find something for you within our ultimate list. 

If you want to take your passion for nutrition to the next level, why not take a look at our Level 4 Nutrition Course or download our latest prospectus before you go! 


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