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17 Best Balance Boards of 2020 (UK)

So, you've heard about all the benefits that come with improving your balance and now you’re wondering what the best balance boards on the UK market are. We don’t blame you. 

We know how confusing it must be; there is so much on offer, so many different styles and looks, so which gym balance board is going to benefit you and your fitness needs the most? Well, to make your decision a lot easier, we have taken the stressful part off of your hands, done the research, compiled a list of the best offerings and made it simple for you to choose.

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What is a Balance Board?

Originally used by circus performers, the purpose of a balance board has always centred around improving the user's balance and core strength. However, over time, more and more benefits of a balance board have been discovered (see end of article for more information). 

While the form of a balance board is traditionally associated with a wooden board that sits on top of a roller, just like its benefits, this structure has morphed and changed over the years to the point that the UK market has a number of variations of a balance ball for fitness. 

Following their popularity with entertainers, they found their way to becoming popular amongst the likes of skiers and surfers, who would use the device to practice their balancing skills during the off season.

What about today? Well, today a balance board is a device that has come to be used in an array of sports and martial arts training. In addition to this, they’re commonly used for physical fitness and for non-athletic purposes.

#1 - Indo Original 

ankle balance board

Price: £139.99

When you think of a balance board, you probably instantly fabricate an image of a skateboard balance board; an ovaled wooden object with either one or two sets of wheels that you utilise by standing on horizontally. If that’s the case, then you're already thinning about the Indo Original. 

Famous across the world, the Indo Original is the definition of a classic. Not only is it a high quality, extremely durable self balance board, but it comes adorned with beautiful, marine themed artwork. There are plenty of designs to choose from, and they all have a laid back, cool surfer vibe which is instantly recognisable against many of the more clinical boards on the market.

We think this is the best exercise balance board for beginners. Not only is the Original the easiest of Indo's boards to use, but it comes with a free chart and DVD that demonstrates how to get the best out of it. The chart also shows you how to perform a host of different exercises which slowly scale up in difficulty. Balance boards aren’t the most common workout tool, so if this is your first foray into them, we can’t think of a better place to start.

This wooden balance board (UK) is exceptionally well made too, and build quality is high throughout. The plastic roller is heavy duty, durable, and has a wide 16cm diameter. It balances the wooden balance board perfectly, with just the right level of movement to fine tune your muscles. The deck has a non slip surface so you won’t fall off. It provides a fantastic level of traction and feels extremely safe, which is, again, ideal for beginners.

As a neat added bonus, every time you buy a balance board from Indo with a sea turtle design, they'll donate some of the profits to the Marine Conservation Society, so you’ll be doing your bit to help the planet too. You even get a letter of thanks from the charity with every purchase!

So, if a skateboard balance board that does its bit for charity was amongst your priorities, then I think we’ve got you covered!

#2 - SportsPlus SP-BB-005

2 ankle rehab balance board

Price: £44.99

If you’re searching for a cheap balance board that performs like a much more expensive model, then you’ll love the SportsPlus. This is a pivot balance board, which means that it rolls back and forth on a cylinder. The aim is to keep riding the inspired snowboard balance board without either side touching the floor.

These types of workout are fantastic for balance and coordination, but as your muscles work to keep the board level, they'll get stronger too. It’s a simple, fun way to develop core strength, and since this balance board for fitness and coordination is nice and light at just 3.5kg, doesn’t take up much space and is suitably unobtrusive, you can take it anywhere.

If you need further guidance on developing your core strength, or simply want to read more information on the benefits you will recieve if you do so, head over to our article that explains how to engage your core.

Much like the Indo Original, this roller balance board is made from wood. While this might seem like a slightly odd design choice at first, it carries a host of benefits. Wood is lightweight while secure, and provides excellent traction so that your feet won’t slip. It's also strong, and this board can take up to 100kg, which is at the top end of the scale.

We appreciated the two wooden lips on the underside. This is a subtle and sometimes overlooked feature, but the lips stop the cylinder rolling out from under the exercise balance board, which makes landings softer, safer, and ensures that you won’t have any accidents. This in turn allows you to work on balance board fitness with ultimate peace of mind.

The simple, ergonomic and smart design makes this wooden balance board (UK perfect for users of all levels, but we think it’s great for beginners who want a little added safety and traction. The price is entry level too, so it’s a fantastic place to start.

#3 - Bosu Balance Trainer

3 snowboard balance board

Price: £132.00

This device from Bosu might be slightly more expensive than some of the other offerings on the list, but it still represents value for money given that it’s actually three pieces of kit in one! 

The Bosu Balance Board combines an exercise ball, platform and traditional balance board in one place, which is great if you want to work on your balance and coordination but don’t have enough space for separate pieces of kit. 

It’s an excellent all round fitness balance board, and out of all the pieces on the list, this is the one that really can deliver a full body workout. It’s obviously excellent for smaller, stabilising muscles and the core, but you can also use the device for yoga or pilates, and it’s even suitable for higher intensity cardio exercises.

Great design really elevates this piece of equipment above the rest. It’s made from heavy gauge rubber which is super durable, and there’s a no-skid, no-mark coating on the bottom. This means that it won’t move about during a workout, and won’t damage your floors. Those ridges on the dome aren’t just there for style either. They provide exceptional grip during a workout, so the ball is super safe.

This Bosu balance board might not be the cheapest on the market, but we think it more than justifies its price tag. Similarly, it probably isn’t the best option for beginners who are looking to get into balance exercises for the first time, but it’s a brilliant choice if you’re already familiar with the basics and want to scale your workout up.

If you feel you would prefer a board in a similar style to this one, then you can find a full guide on the best bosu balls to buy in 2020 right here.

#4 - Reebok Core

core balance board

Price: £75.00

If you’re looking for an elite level product that sits at a reasonably low price, then this gym balance board from Reebox is calling you. 

A balance board is a reasonably simple piece of equipment, which makes it especially impressive that Reebok has managed to find space for some innovation. This balance wobble board has different, fully adjustable levels of stability, which means that you can scale your workouts from beginner to more advanced without having to purchase a different board.

It’s so advanced, in fact, that it makes a perfect substitute for a gym balance board. Beginners will love the base level of stability, which is great for strengthening the core, working on support muscles and generally increasing your balance. The next level makes the core stability balance board far less stable, presents more of a challenge, and will help develop those areas even further. It might not seem like much of an adjustment, but taking the board up just a single level makes a huge difference. All of a sudden your muscles have to work much harder to remain stable.

All the usual features you would expect from a high quality product are present and correct. The rubber surface is non-slip and provides excellent traction, while the sports balance board itself feels exceptionally sturdy. If a stability balance board alone isn’t enough to meet your fitness needs, this product also comes with eight slots for Reebok power tubes (resistance bands), so it’s brilliantly simple to scale your workout up. It has plenty of room for expansion and is great for those who want to buy balance board attachments.

This form of exercise has grown in popularity as a 'unique' and 'fun' form of fitness - if this style of exercise best suits your training methods, you may find you would also benefit from the likes of trampolining, too. Take a look at our guide on the best fitness trampolines in 2020.

It’s absolutely the best balance board in the UK for users who want beginner and advanced options in one place, and we have to applaud Reebok for taking such a simple concept and developing it into a far superior product.

#5 - Revolution Core 32

exercise balance board

Price: Currently Out of Stock

Revolution makes quite a few balance boards (the Revolution 101 is highly recommended for beginners) but for the sake of this list, we’ve opted for the Core 32. It’s a snowboard balance board with a difference. It’s designed to improve your board control and style, and replicate the real life boarding experience as closely as possible.

It makes a perfect skateboard balance board too, and will help you work on the muscles and coordination needed for kickflips, heel flips and much much more. This board affords you near limitless freedom. Rather than simply balancing on a cylinder, you can perform tricks of all shapes and sizes (check out Revolution’s website and prepare to be amazed by the things you can do on this snowboarding balance board)!

It achieves that through a boggling number of patents and unique design features. A weighted roller distributes weight evenly and ensures that the board moves smoothly while in contact with the roller. If the board isn’t in contact with the roller, though, it stays completely still. This means that you can do flips and tricks, and land safely back on the roller.

A balance board with roller provides a great workout and benefits for the entire body. Another handy piece of equipment that also provides great benefits is a medicine ball. If you haven't already, we would recommend taking a look at our best medicine balls for a full body workout article and investing in one!

The inspired skateboard balance board itself is sturdy and extremely robust, having been handcrafted with durability in mind. It’s designed to take all the associated knocks and rough and tumble of performing tricks, so you'll never have to worry about it becoming damaged. This is a truly exceptional piece of kit that far exceeds the boundaries of what’s normally possible with a traditional balance board.

#6 - Simply Fit Unisex Balance Board

Balance board reviews

Price: Currently Out of Stock

This curved balance board has a slightly unusual look that sets it apart from some of the others on the list, but there’s rationale behind every design choice. Although often lauded as a budget option, this is a great core training balance board in its own right, and certainly worth a look for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

At first glance, the curved design might look more like a modern art installation, but this is one of the most effective boards that you’ll find. The design immediately engages your core and also gets to work on your abs and legs. Simplicity is the name of the game here: just stand on the balance training board and twist to get moving! 

It’s a super lightweight and highly portable option, and great if you don’t have much space to spare in your home. It’s versatile too. Because the design is so simple, you can use the core balance board for exercises like squats, twisted planks and much more, or scale up an existing workout by adding in some weights. If you need some guidance, take a look at our guide on the best push up variations to try in 2020 - most of which can be performed with a board.

The absence of a roller has led many to conclude that this is the best core stability balance board on the market. It places much more emphasis on the core and requires countless small, stabilising adjustments which make a huge difference cumulatively. The pilot balance board can take up to 180kg, which is some of the most on the list, and the one piece design makes it especially durable.

Simply Fit hasn’t tried to reinvent the wheel here. It’s obviously an incredibly simple design, one of the most basic on the list, but that simplicity is extremely effective and pays dividends. 

#7 - Revolution Balance Board Fit 3 in 1

Buy a balance board

Price: £169.95

Revolution has made a few appearances on the list, but this fitness balance board is the one best suited to advanced users who want to take their workout up a notch. It's the Swiss army knife of balance boards, with plenty of attachments and customisation.

For a start, it comes with three different bases and could even be utilised as a 2 wheel balance board. The difficulty of your workout is determined by which base you choose to use. Beginners will love the more stable rocker base, which works out the core without presenting a particularly difficult challenge.

The air cushion adds a whole new dynamic. It’s inflatable, and the board rests on top. The main difference here is that it offers full 360 degree motion. This, of course, engages more of the core muscles and gets to work on joints, too. It’s far more challenging but represents a much more encompassing workout.

Finally, the cylindrical balance board roller presents the biggest challenge but also offers the most gains. It rolls about beneath the board and demands extreme, full body stabilisation. This roller is so unstable that it puts a huge emphasis on the core, joints, ankles and leg muscles, giving them an extreme workout. You’ll certainly feel the burn after this particular exercise!

Whichever base you choose, this is a high quality product with an excellent, anti slip surface and extremely high build quality. It comes with an illustrated exercise guide to get you started, and working your way through the different roller attachments gives the exercises a nice feeling of momentum and achievement. We think it’s the best balance board in the UK for rewarding progression and really incentivising a workout.

#8 - Kumo Inflatable Balance Board

buy balance board

Price: £297.00

A board doesn't just have to be for the use of fitness and core strength, in fact, many people invest in a balance board for physical therapy and rehab purposes.

This is, without doubt, the most convenient and easy to use board on the list. It’s inflatable, so it takes up zero space when not in use, won’t damage your floors and is suitable for people of all ages! That makes it a fantastic therapy balance board for the elderly or those recovering from injury, and the soft inflatable surface is extremely comfortable while still retaining excellent traction. 

The biggest draw with this therapy balance board is its low impact feel. It won’t put undue strain on the body, and nor will it demand more than you’re capable of performing. It’s the perfect rehab balance board for those who want or need to start slowly. 

For extra support and to further level up your at-home self physio, why not combine your board with a knee compression sleeves for superior protection! 

It comes with a traditional balance board roller, but also an inflatable disc. Opting for the disc instead of the roller provides much more stability (but obviously doesn’t work the muscles quite as hard), and is an excellent place to start. From there you can get to grips with the therapy balance board before upgrading to the much more challenging roller.

An inflatable balance board might seem like somewhat of a risk, but it’s made from military grade materials that, once fully inflated, actually feel more solid than most other boards on the market. The pump isn't included in the price, unfortunately, but we found that any standard bike or tyre pump performs the task perfectly.

Inflatable physio balance board products like this have a whole host of advantages beyond simple portability and the fact that they won’t mark your floors. If you’re struggling with mobility or balance issues, this physio balance board is the perfect way to ease yourself back into exercise and then scale up when the time feels right.

#9 - Gaiam Evolve 

balance board roller

Price: £52.91

You can tell just by looking at this self balance board that it offers some of the best traction on the market. The rubber, texturised top layer is exceptionally grippy. This has the effect of stabilising the legs so that there's no wasted movement. Energy is, therefore, more keenly focussed on the core and supporting muscles, making this arguably the best pure core balance board available.

Interestingly, this isn’t a roller balance board. It’s subtly curved and generates movement using a fulcrum in the centre. That does make it slightly easier to use than the more traditional roller varieties, which can be quite extreme. We think that makes it a perfect entry level board and a great way for users to get familiar with balance exercises.

It’s not the most advanced or challenging board on the list, but it isn’t meant to be. The beauty of the Gaiam is its ease of use and portability. It’s designed to be used while you're doing other things, and is ideal for those who want to build muscle while standing at their desk or behind a counter. There are no violent or sudden movements here, so it’s simple to work on your stabilising muscles while still performing other tasks.

This level of convenience is fantastic, since not everybody has the time to dedicate themselves to a whole exercise session. Subtle features like the soft slope of the inspired ski balance board work to keep the ankles perfectly aligned and avoid over-pronation, and the build is extremely robust.

No other board offers this level of convenience, and its simplicity opens up a whole range of new opportunities to work out both at home and at work. 

If you do plan on using your ball at home, then you may also want to check out our guide on nailing your home workout, and find out how else you can improve your home exercise routines!

#10 - Movstar Balance Board

Ski balance board

Price: Currently Out of Stock

We love the philosophy of this balance board for fitness. Movstar prioritises fun, and all you need to do to reap the benefits of this board is stand on it and begin to twist! While it is a core strengthening balance board, it places a great deal of emphasis on entertainment, and Movstar suggests that just 10 minutes spent on this gym balance board each day is enough to develop your core and strengthen your legs.

The board comes with accompanying resistance bands for a more varied workout, and it’s extremely light and easy to carry. It lacks the immediate aesthetic “wow” effect of some of the other boards on the list, but Movstar focuses on pure functionality. The ABS plastic is rugged and doesn’t bend or warp no matter what you subject it to, and the traction pads on the surface will hold you securely in place.

The emphasis on twisting and turning makes this a great ankle balance board, but it’s versatile enough to be used for anything from push up support to a plank board. That said, the simple twisting exercises that Movstar encourages are more than enough to strengthen your abs and legs. Get to work with the resistance bands, and suddenly your whole upper body will be getting a good workout!

If you like the idea of training with resistance bands, however, don't find Movstar's to suit your strength levels or preferences, don't let this hold you back - we have an entire article on the best resistance bands for building strength.

This self balance board is great for all ages (although there are more secure boards designed specifically for the elderly on the list), but we think it’s a great way to encourage children to get fit. Twisting exercises are, at their heart, quite fun and simple to perform, so it should be easy to get your kids involved!

#11 - StrongBoard Balance Board

physio balance board

Price: £292.74

If you’re tired of traditional balance boards and want to step things up a notch, then we think you’ll love this self balance board from StrongBoard. It’s the only one on the list that’s spring loaded, which makes it much more unstable and demands greater dexterity. That in turn means that your muscles have to work harder to remain balanced (especially in the core), so this balance wobble board is perfect if you’re after a more extreme workout. 

Make no mistake, this is a heavy duty product. It isn’t lightweight like many of the others on the list, but it does come with a 3 year guarantee, and it’s made from military grade materials. As a result, it’s extremely robust, and could feasibly last for many years. The springs don’t lose any bounce no matter how much force you subject them to, and the non slip platform grips the feet splendidly. 

Standing alone requires perfect core stability, and forces your support muscles to work in unison. The patented spring technology prevents you from ever finding a point of complete stability, so your muscles are forced to make endless small readjustments which, over time, burn fat, tone muscles and even reprogram neural pathways to the brain, leading to much better long term balance.

As such, it’s ideal for sports as well as general fitness, and promotes an understanding of the body's centre of gravity. The way the springs distribute weight also makes this an excellent ankle strengthening balance board, and since it’s won so many awards for innovation, we’re sure that it won't let you down!

#12 - Revolution Swell 2.0

2 wheel balance board

Price: Currently Out of Stock

The final offering from Revolution to make the list, this board cannot be beaten if you’re a water board enthusiast or want to work on your balance with sport in mind. We think it’s the best sports balance board available anywhere, and every design choice has been taken with athletic excellence in mind.

It’s designed primarily for water sports (think paddle boarding, surfing) but it makes an excellent ski balance board too, and would be great for skateboarders. Any activity that requires whole body motion, or demands that every muscle work in unison, will be radically improved by this piece of kit.

That said, it isn’t a beginner option. The board is larger than average and the roller is much longer, which makes staying balanced that bit more difficult. Of course, that also gives your core a better workout and gets your support muscles pumping in tandem. The increased size facilitates both side to side balancing activities and heel to toe, so it’s perfect for any sport that involves a board.

A magnetic stop mechanism allows you to adjust the difficulty of each workout by increasing or decreasing the roll distance, so the opportunities really are endless. Even seasoned board veterans will find a welcome challenge here.

If that wasn’t enough, this is one of the strongest and most durable boards on the list. It can support up to a staggering 450 lbs, and everything has a real premium feel. Even the special durasoft traction is well conceived. It provides enormous amounts of grip but is comfortable even on bare feet. 

A board is a great piece of equipment to have for a home workout if you don't have the space for larger apparatus. For more ideas on how you can work without splashing out too much cash, we think you might find our article on surprising household items to level up home workouts interesting.

#13 - Relaxdays Twist Board

Wooden balance board UK

Price: £23.87

This curved balance board is a refreshingly simple addition to the list. There are no frills or special features, it's just a quality board that’s suitable for everybody, easy to use and has some serious health benefits. 

Using the pivot balance board for simple balance exercises is enough to strengthen your legs, abs and back, but the strong ABS plastic design of this product makes it suitable for a host of other workouts too. It makes an excellent pushup board, so you can get to work on your arms, and squats will strengthen your legs and buttocks. The possibilities are endless, and this is absolutely one of the most versatile boards on the list. 

Ease of use is one of the biggest advantages. There’s nothing to set up and not even a roller to worry about. It’s easy to transport the core strengthening balance board anywhere owing to the two carry handles on the sides, and it’s incredibly light despite being able to support up to 150kg of weight. 

For those who have long been advocates of strength training, why not take your knowledge and experience to a new level. Check out our guide that explains how to become a strength and condiitoning coach.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, it’s amassed an impressive 256 balance board reviews, and even earned the label “Amazon’s choice.” The textured surface offers good traction, and the board hardly takes up any space. It also provides a great option for those looking specifically for a cheap balance board, and is available in pink, blue or black depending on your decor. 

We certainly wouldn’t call this an advanced board by any means, but it’s proof that sometimes simple really is best.

#14 - Bezioner Turning Board

14 best balance board uk

Price: £10.99

Now our next entry is for those searching for a cheap balance board that can still provide a thorough workout, even for those of an athletic level.

The Bezioner is what we would call a special board. Not only has it been titled the best balance board for dancers available anywhere, but it offers an unparalleled focus on spin, posture and limb alignment. You just won’t find this level of specialisation anywhere else. The core training balance board caters perfectly to the needs of dancers, but anybody in search of a little extra dexterity will be able to reap the many benefits too.

It’s slightly wider than the average balance board, the idea being that it can easily accommodate the many twists, spins and turns that dancers must practice. It’s easy to work on pirouettes and releves, as well as more general dance moves for the likes of jazz and ballroom. This really is an all purpose dance tool, and whatever style you're working on it will be able to help.

The design forces you to align your body correctly to maintain proper balance during a move, which in turn influences foot placement. The dance balance board will gently ease you into the correct position while also building up strength in the core and support muscles.

A thick, EVA foam pad offers much more comfort than nearly all of the other boards on the list, and the ABS plastic feels nice and durable, so you’ll be able to practice with peace of mind. The free carry case is a nice addition too, and makes the dance balance board truly portable. 

A genuine dance balance board can be hard to come by. Although many other balance boards claim to be right for dancers, few offer the same level of training as the Bezioner.

#15 - Noblik Twisting Fitness Balance Board

Gym balance board

Price: £18.21

Another board that keeps things simple, ergonomic and cheap, this offering from Noblik could easily be mistaken as a purely budget option without much else going for it. While it is one of the cheapest on the list, this curved balance board has a lot more to love than just the price.

The unique design of this cheap balance board bends upwards at the sides slightly more than any of the other boards on the list. This in turn forces the body to move more in pursuit of stability, activating the core muscles. Remaining balanced demands constant slight adjustments, which add up over time to calorie burn and toning.

Simplicity also equals versatility. While some balance boards will only ever be that, this one can be used as a yoga board, twisted back plate or more general fitness board. It’s great for scaling up exercises like squats and pushups, and its simplistic design belies its multifunctional appeal. Of course, a range of activities as wide as that requires a durable board, and the Noblik delivers big in that area too with robust ABS material.

The extreme traction on the top of the gym balance board holds the feet firmly in place and prevents excess or unwanted pivoting, which can be a problem with many boards. As such, the additional security around the ankle makes this a great ankle rehab balance board for those who are trying to ease themselves back into exercise after an injury but don’t want to risk any further damage. 

If you have a particular interest in injury prevention and sports rehabilitation, you may find our article on common weightlifting injuries and prevention guide a fascinating read.

#16 - Theraband Rocker Balance Board

dance balance board

Price: £78.95

Theraband has come up with an especially well thought out balance wobble board that’s perfect for those who demand a little more from their workout. It’s specially designed to make your muscles work harder without actually making the workout any more difficult. This is due to the single plane of instability, which offers much more targeted training.

It means that not a single ounce of energy is wasted, and your muscles will develop consistently rather than in the haphazard fashion of some of the other boards. Similarly, the 30 degree angle of deflection also encourages a more efficient workout and ensures that your efforts are focussed on the correct muscle groups.

This balance rocker board is quite technical, which is why we would recommend it to advanced users who want to make the most of every movement. It's an effective rehab balance board, too. The carefully engineered angles and levels of instability make it an excellent choice for those who want to work on their balance after an injury.

This small piece of equipment is extremely practical; whatever your living situation is, the Theraband can fit into your lifestyle. For those using this board whilst living away for education, we think you may also find our article focusing on how to build a home workout to do whilst in student accomodation extremely useful.

Of course, it offers all the usual benefits of core muscle development, increased ankle and knee strength, and will generally boost your range of movement. The moulded plastic body of the board feels solid beneath the feet and doesn’t show any signs of buckle or strain, and the top is nicely tactile for added grip.

This is a balance board fitness enthusiasts will love for its technically minded approach to exercise, which pays dividends through more efficient workouts and much more consistent muscle development.

#17 - Devebor Balance Trainer

17 balance ball board

Price: £101.02

If you’re looking for a product that is similar to that of the Bosu balance board, then this offering from Devebor provides your perfect match for a slightly smaller price tag. 

It might not resemble some of the more traditionally designed boards on the list, but this balance ball board is top of the range, and one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you’ll find. It's a fusion of the more standard board with an exercise ball, and contains elements of both.

The biggest area of interest is, of course, those resistance bands. They're seldom seen on other balance boards, but they massively expand the capabilities of this device. They make exercises like low ab crunches, tricep dips and planks simple to perform, and also mean that you can scale your workouts up and down. This is certainly the best balance board (UK) for those who want to practice a wide range of exercises, and it excels in the area of sheer versatility. 

It’s exceptionally well designed too. This is an inflatable half balance ball, so it’s extremely portable and barely takes up any space once deflated. If exercising on top of an inflatable ball sounds a little precarious, there’s no need to worry. Devebor has given it anti burst properties, and it feels exceptionally stable once inflated. 

Weighing just 11.5 lbs it’s lightweight, but there’s plenty of traction and grip on the underside to ensure a stable workout. This can be a major area of concern with any balance board, but we didn’t detect any problems here. Of course, it’s easy to clean and suitable for all ages.

Here at OriGym, we understand how difficult working out at home can be, especially if you don't have a lot of knowledge on what exercises would best suit your desires. That is why we have created a great workout tool that allows you to build your own unique home workout. Give it a try, we promise you will love it!

If you’re after a versatile, highly portable balance board that you can take to the gym and beyond, then this is the one for you. 


What are the Balance Board Benefits?

While each variation of the boards may come with their own unique benefits, they generally all share the following advantages:

#1 - Develop balance and stability 

Potentially the most obvious benefits of a balance board, they are most popularly used as a device to improve balance and stability. 

Good stability in everyday life significantly reduces the risk of falls and any long-term injuries. Balance board training can have substantial positive impacts on your stability, particularly your ankles. 

For many people, regardless of age, ankles can be a problem area; from dormant previous injuries, fallen arches and hereditary weaknesses - these can all have a lasting effect on your ankle instability. 

By incorporating a balance wobble board into a daily routine, even for just 10 minutes, it has been proven to develop fine motor skills and coordination in the ankle joint, ankle movements, and reactions to any unstable ground can become more efficient, reducing the risk of falls.

#2 - Prevent injuries

Following on from our previous point, by building on your stability, this will have a direct effect on reducing the likelihood of injuries or potential falls – especially for seniors.  

You may not know that the body works to build tissues in muscles that are regularly utilised. Through the regular use of a balance wobble board, your body will automatically work to strengthen your ankles, and in turn, you will be increasing your range of motion and robustness - having a direct impact of preventing potential injuries that could occur if you didn’t build on this.

balance board physical therapy

#3 - Develop the ‘mind to muscle’ connection

A very important factor of fitness that is often not talked about enough is the mind to muscle connection. What we mean by this is the ability to concentrate the mind on the contraction or use of the muscle -  to fully connect and engage with the work at hand, as opposed to simply carrying out an exercise (this would be to single-mindedly focus on a task).

As a balance wobble board amplifies your body’s feeling of imbalance, you are forced into training yourself to activate a mind to muscle connection. It is crucial for your body and mind to stay engaged at all times when performing this type of exercise, otherwise you would simply fall off the board. As a result of regular wobble board training, this will automatically help to develop your mind-muscle connection, which you will then be able to apply to different types of training, such as strength, in order to maximise your results.

#4 - Build core strength

Our core muscles are made up from a number of muscles that overlap and extend from the base of the neck to the muscles between the legs and they play a crucial part to our everyday life. In addition to supporting the torso, the core muscles play a part in stabilising the spine, overall, every move that we make relies on our core strength.

When training with a balance wobble board, the core is being challenged consistently - working hard to keep you stable. The imbalance of your position keeps your abdominals and intercostals (the muscles that run between the ribs)  stimulated as the user makes the necessary adjustments to keep upright - this strengthens the stabilizing muscles of your torso.

You may  be noticing that many, if not all, the benefits have a direct link to one another; the core strength that comes from training on a Balance Board will make you less prone to injury. The strain on your limbs will be reduced and you’ll be keeping injury prone areas, such as your lower back, healthy.

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#5 - Aid in post-injury rehabilitation 

In the event that somebody suffers from a work-related or sports injury (or simply an injury that involves seeking physio), it is common for physical therapists to recommend introducing stability training into the rehab and recovery process. This would include the patient/client having to use a stability balance board regularly and perform certain exercises that would benefit their specific injury, whilst trying to stay balanced during the movement.

If you have a personal interest in sports rehabilitation, then you might find our article on sports massage salary an interesting read.

#6 - Improve posture 

Due to the popularity of technology in today’s generation, it has brought along with it the increase in bad posture. As we are all regularly looking down at our phone screens, or working long hours in front of computer screens, many of us have developed a very lazy posture; you know the one - arched forward with a rounded lower back and our shoulders lazily falling forward. Prolonged periods of this that will inevitably lead towards causing issues for your spine in the future.

However, before it is too late, this can be reversed through the use of a balance wobble board. As you are strengthening the muscles in your torso through your daily use of the board, like we previously mentioned, this will sequentially help the user build a strong foundation for the spinal bones, therefore, equipping the user with the strength to hold their shoulders upright and high, as well as keeping the joints in place.

In addition to this, through improving your posture with a balance board, this would also make you less prone to injury.

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How To Use a Balance Board?

This is a hard question to answer as there are many variables that would change how you would use a balance board. For instance, now you have read the article, you will be aware of all of the different shapes, styles and sizes that balance boards come in, as well as the additional parts and attachments that you can use for further benefits. 

It would also be dependable on your use for a balance board; whether it is for physiotherapy, ankle rehab, core stability, dance and sports performance or general fitness exercises. There are an array of ways that you can use the balance board and a long list of exercises you can perform on them; from standing up to planking, squatting to weight training - the list is endless and diverse.

The great thing is, you can find a sea of articles floating around online that cater exactly for your needs, so you can ensure you’re getting the results you want, as opposed to more generic balance board exercises - and they can be performed by people of all fitness levels.

Before You Go!

Whether you’re an athlete or weightlifter, dancer or performer, or simply someone looking to improve your stability and reap the other benefits of a board - a balance wobble board can benefit everybody. 

We hope from our 17 options you are able to find a board that suits your demands, fitness level and lifestyle - all the offerings are fairly small and storable, so regardless of your living space, everyone can make room for at least one of the options. 

So whether you were searching for a roller balance board, an offering to help you tone up and boost your fitness or an ankle rehab balance board, we hope we’ve connected you with your perfect match.

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Written by Annie Williams

Fitness Content Executive, OriGym

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