15 Best Balance Pads of 2022

best balance pads

If you want to improve your strength and coordination, a balance pad is the perfect piece of equipment. With so many out there, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 balance pads on the market. We’ll also take you through the benefits of using a balance pad and some exercises to try. 

This article covers:

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What Is A Balance Pad?

Put simply, a balance pad is a thick piece of foam that is used to engage muscles, promote better balance and reduce the strain placed on your joints during exercise. 

If you’re new to balance pads, standing on one may feel peculiar at first. But don’t worry, you will soon get used to the sensation! 

A foam balance pad is designed to create a destabilizing effect that forces the user to stand tall and engage their core- which is one of the main benefits of balance pads.

Athletes of all experience levels can benefit from using a balance pad in their exercise routine. If you didn’t already know, warm-ups are a great way to lower the risk of injury and improve your flexibility. So, where does a balance pad come in? 

Balance pads are often used as part of a warm-up, where they can prepare the body for a workout. Through stretching and energising the muscles, you’ll have a heightened awareness of how your body feels. Balance pads can be integrated into a number of your main exercises to give your arms, legs and core a workout. 

As well as getting you ready for a session, balance pads can be a wonderful asset to your cool-down. They can help support your knees and elbows during yoga stretches and even cushion your head. 

Balance pads are also great for engaging muscles that might not get enough exercise in everyday life. As a preventative measure against lower back pain, strengthening the muscles in your feet and core can greatly improve the strength of your joints. Along with these hamstring stretches for back pain and tight muscles, you can say goodbye to that sore back! 

As well as being used in exercise, they are also tools frequently used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. In fact, a study has shown that the use of balance pads in physiotherapy helped improve the balance and coordination of recovering stroke patients. Using a balance pad for physical therapy can help improve your general stability and control.

15 Best Balance Pads

Now that you know exactly what one is, let's get into our top 15 balance pads on the market right now!

#1- APPI Oval Balance Pads

Price: £39.99

We’re kicking off our list with the brilliant Oval Balance Pads from APPI. 

As you will see, most balance pads are typically square or rectangular. But APPI doesn’t follow the crowd, instead opting for an ovular shape. Their distinctive shape means that they are versatile enough to be used standing or sitting. 

APPI’s exceptional design means that this foam balance pad can be used to develop your sitting posture when they’re sat on. This helps you feel all the benefits of good posture, such as healthy ligaments, improving your blood flow and aiding digestion. 

Moreover, our search into balance pad reviews found that this product has 40 five-star ratings that cite it as an excellent physio balance pad. 

As well as being diverse, a soft, foam balance pad such as this helps improve coordination too. 

You might not expect such an adaptable product to come in this small of a package but believe us, it does! Its dimensions are 5.5cm x 18cm x 30cm, meaning that you can pop one perfectly into your gym bag. 

We highly recommend the APPI Balance Pad. They’re a must-have for gym goers wanting to tone their core, legs and not to mention, poise. Even better, APPI has made their balance pad a great introduction for beginners and a high-quality addition to any experienced user's equipment.

#2- StrongTek Balance Pads

Price: £19.50

When investigating balance pad reviews, we found that StrongTek has an impressive 500 five-star ratings on Amazon UK. According to customers, the StrongTek Balance Pad not only works perfectly, but makes the balance part of practicing yoga less difficult. With such glowing reviews, it’s no wonder it has made it onto our list of the best balance pads in the UK.

At only £19.50, you get 2 balance pads for the price of one without having to compromise on quality. Depending on how much space you need, the product has two sizes to choose from: with the Large set measuring 40cm x 34cm x 2cm thick and the Extra-Large measuring 48cm x 40cm x 6cm thick. 

Not only is this balance pad great value for money, but StrongTek is unique in the way their balance pads work together. They come equipped with a Velcro hook that allows you to connect and disconnect the pads without fuss. Either stack them to create a physio balance pad for seating or use them side-by-side to create a wider surface area for kneeling or your daily yoga practice

StrongTek’s Balance Pads are particularly attentive in the way they ensure customer safety. One risk of exercise that cannot be avoided is sweating and, if made from inappropriate materials, a balance pad can make slipping and injury much more likely. But not for the StrongTek’s Balance Pad! With a non-slip textured sweat-proof surface, you’ll have ultimate stability. 

With a little cleaning spray and some paper towels, you’ll have a foam balance pad that looks brand new, even after a session. We hope you can see why this StrongTek product ticks all our boxes for what makes a wonderful balance pad. 

#3 Vivomed Balance Pad

Price: £29.99 

The next balance pad on our list is one of the largest and thickest so far, coming in at a huge 53cm x 42cm x 7.5cm thick. As such, this product is the perfect foam pad for balance and acts as an exceptional physio balance pad.

In fact, on Amazon UK, Vivomed is rated a solid 4.7 out of 5. A recurring remark in their balance pad reviews is that it helps rehabilitate balance and coordination issues. 

Vivomed even recommends this product as a valuable diagnostic tool for physiotherapists to identify weaknesses in balance and strength conditioning. 

Whilst its size may suggest that the product might be cumbersome to move around, this isn’t actually the case. At 600g, this balance pad is actually very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about its portability around the house during your home workout 

This is a home-use balance pad that will help to develop other elements of fitness. Not only will it assist in priming your healthy joints as a foam pad for balance, but it's cushioning properties can reduce lower back pain during exercises like sit ups or crunches. 

In particular, the extreme thickness of this balance pad means that it molds well to the foot. This is the sign of an excellent balance pad for both physical therapy, agility training and strength training

Moreover, this balance pad is great value for money. With its many benefits and high-quality production, we truly have nothing bad to say about the Vivomed balance pad. 

#4 Airex Balance Pad

Price: £58.18

As one of the most expensive products on our list, the Airex balance pad is exceptional when it comes to quality, diversity and comfort. The mat itself is 50cm x 40cm x 6cm, meaning that this balance pad is more than large enough to accommodate a range of fitness needs. 

Something that we think is great about the Airex balance pad is that you are not confined to certain activities by shape, size or dimension. Rather, this foam balance pad is commended by customers for its ability to increase the difficulty of balance and mobility training.

Unsurprisingly, our search for balance pad reviews found that Airex received an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5, from their 202 ratings. It’s not only one of the best balance pads in the UK, but it is also highly recommended by satisfied customers from the US. 

In particular, this foam pad for balance is ideal for those wanting to focus on their joint and core strength. Its non-slip, textured surface makes it perfect for repeated use in cardio training or balance exercises. 

Whilst this product is by no means cheap, we think that the high-quality closed-cell foam is worth the slightly higher price tag. 

This balance pad also dispels any concerns about hygiene you may have. Closed-cell foam is notoriously moisture resistant, meaning that odour absorption won’t be a problem when it comes to the Airex balance pad. Use it inside or outside and feel safe in the knowledge that it’s easy to clean.

#5 PROTONE Balance Pad

Price: £22.99

If you’re looking to engage your muscles, maintain your balance and steal a bargain, PROTONE has got you covered. With slightly smaller dimensions than our last few products at 48 x 40 x 6cm, the PROTONE fitness balance pad is perfect as a foam pad for balance and strength training. 

An interesting fact about this balance pad is that the TPE foam it’s made from forces the body to spring into action and engage its muscles. As with any high-quality foam balance pad, a prerequisite of its standard is having great cushioning properties. For £22.99, PROTONE ticks all the boxes when it comes to high-quality manufacturing.  

Not only do we think it is made from great materials, but so do previous buyers. PROTONE’s balance pad reviews score 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon UK, and a five star rating for both sturdiness and stability. 

Using a PROTONE fitness balance pad to perform core exercises can also have untold benefits. You will feel both a conflicting sense of instability and support, which is perfect for engaging your abs. Paired with one of these ab rollers to strengthen your core, you’ve got the perfect ab workout! 

This is similar to using a balance pad for physical therapy. Whether used on its own or combined with weights, this PROTONE product can improve your execution of balancing exercises and refine stability training by making you work harder to strengthen your muscles. 

This popular balance pad from the UK is a great addition to your fitness collection. It is perfect for use in the gym, at home and outside. Even better, the PROTONE foam balance pad comes in either grey or red, so you can choose a colour to suit your style.

#6 TheraBand Balance Pad 

Price: £34.50-£55.95

To switch things up, our next balance pad has three different options to choose from. 

If you’re using a foam balance pad to advance your stability or strength, you might find yourself needing a fitness balance pad with contrasting levels of firmness. If so, this is the one for you!

First is the softest, smallest and most stable balance pad of the bunch. Measuring a compact 37cm x 21cm x 5cm, this ovular green balance pad is marked as the ‘Easy’ level of difficulty. Are you worried about falling over? Not to worry: this foam balance pad provides you with a good level of stability beneath your feet.  

The next, slightly larger 40.5cm x 23cm x 5cm ‘Medium’ difficulty balance pad provides you with more of a challenge. Blue and ovular, this fitness balance pad is an excellent way to engage your muscles more. Its compacted foam surface gives balance, posture and fitness exercises an increase in difficulty. 

Finally, there is the black ‘Hard’ balance pad. As the largest product in the TheraBand range, it measures an impressive 44cm x 26cm x 6cm. This balance pad is particularly unique, because it is filled with air rather than being made from foam. For this reason, it is more expensive than our previous two products, priced at £55.95. 

If you want even more of a challenge for your balance, rocket yoga could be for you, as it is a physically-demanding form of yoga involving challenging balance postures. 

But don’t just take our word for it! Each of these TheraBand products have wonderful customer ratings. The balance pad reviews on their website ranks it at an impressive 4.73 out of 5 stars. So if you’re serious about improving your stability and using a balance pad for physical therapy or fitness, we highly recommend the TheraBand range.

Enjoying this article so far? Here’s 3 more that we think you’ll love:

#7 66Fit Balance Pad 

Price: £27.00 

If you’re looking for a balance pad that is lightweight, portable and large enough to stand on with both feet, our next product is for you. The 66Fit balance pad is the perfect complement to your home exercises, measuring in at 50 x 41 x 8 cm.

What makes this product particularly special is that it is thicker than the average balance pad. Learn to hone your standing balance by stepping on and leaning to the front, side or back of the pad. Its sponge-like material acts as a ‘wobble pad’ to stabilise your gait and equilibrium.

Alternatively, you can develop core and shoulder strength through the unstable, foam surface of this fitness balance pad. Use it to perform planks or crunches, even use it as a comfortable surface to sit cross-legged as an alternative to a yoga cushion

Using a balance pad such as this one for physical therapy provides you with a painless way to aid joints that need more support. 66Fit have designed a foam balance pad perfect for reaction and stability training, as well as being the ideal companion for rehabilitation programmes. Building your muscles with gradual, safe exercise has never been easier. 

Additionally, this balance pad’s non-slip surface is easy to clean as well as being totally water resistant. There is therefore no need to worry about sweat absorption; this product has you covered.

We know that sometimes, it’s difficult to know when you’re getting value for money. What makes this one of the best balance pads in the UK is that it’s portable, practical and affordable. Not to mention that the balance pad reviews for this product rate it a solid 4.6 out of 5 from 89 global ratings. Let the reviews speak for themselves! 

#8- Therapist’s Choice Balance Pad

Price: £165.74

If there’s one thing you need from a physio balance pad, it’s a soft, supportive surface that helps you repair from injuries safely. Well, Therapist’s Choice balance pad is designed to do just that. 

With its tear-resistant foam, this fitness balance pad will become a vital part of your health journey and help you repair fractures, sprains and muscle. 

This balance pad has clearly been constructed with your health in mind. Its close-cell constriction foam is perfect for improving coordination, so you can strike the warrior pose with confidence in your next ashtanga yoga flow

If you’ve been wanting to increase your exercise options, this foam pad for balance can be used for a variety of exercises. At 48cm x 38cm x 5.8cm, an XL balance pad is great for cardio exercises, strength training and yoga alike.

Moreover, a foam balance pad with a flat, cushioned surface is more than just a tool for balance. The stabilising muscles in your body will be tested to their limits and help to reduce your risk of injury. So this really is an investment in your long-term wellbeing and health! 

What’s more, this product is a two-in-one balance pad cushion! We all know that an uncomfortable chair is a one-way ticket to lower back pain. Luckily, Therapist’s Choice has crafted a balance pad designed to increase your sitting support. Maximise your comfort or add extra height to your chair!

Finally, this product’s destabilising materials are second to none. Its closed-cell foam will act as a springboard for improving your overall health and fitness. 

#9 BLK BOX Balance Pad

Price: £23.99

For those of you looking for a balance pad on a budget, this is the one for you! If you want the impressive size but without an expensive price tag, then look no further. BLK BOX’s substantial fitness balance pad can help improve your strength and coordination, without breaking the bank. 

This balance pad from the UK measures a fantastic 50cm x 40.1cm x 6cm. So, if you crave variation in your exercise routine, then BLK BOX can satiate that hunger. 

Use your fitness balance pad for endurance training by running on the spot. Or use this balance pad to increase the difficulty of resistance training with some deep squats. 

One of the best features of this product is that it is very portable, weighing only 1.5lbs. The sleek, smooth surface makes it perfect for barefoot training of any kind. Struggling to find the right equipment at the gym? Simply roll up your BLK BOX balance pad and take it with you. 

Or, if you’re trying yoga at home, this is a foam pad for balance that will take your practice to a new level of difficulty. 

With this physio balance pad, you won’t have to worry about delaying your regime to replace broken equipment. The yielding foam is perfect for long-running programmes, gym use and home use. What more could you ask for at £23.99?

#10 PRO 11 Wellbeing Balance Pad

Price: £19.99

If balance pad reviews are important for you in your search, then you’ll be excited to hear about the PRO11 Wellbeing balance pad. With an astonishing 379 five-star reviews on Amazon, this balance pad is highly rated in the UK and by global customers. 

It’s also one of the largest balance pads on our list, coming in at 52.5cm x 39cm x 6cm. Aside from its incredible size, width and depth, this is not the only quality that makes this product stand out amongst other fitness balance pads. 

In particular, PRO 11 Wellbeing recommends this product for sport-players. This is because a foam balance pad is a brilliant tool for enhancing awareness of the body and practicing reaction training. The pad’s closed-cell EVA foam can increase your balance and control of motor skills. 

So, if you’re needing to refine your hand-eye coordination for a sport or even something like Crossfit, PRO 11 Wellbeing is a foam balance pad that will help you do just that. As well as reaction and sports training, this product is also suitable as a physio balance pad. 

It is also a great product for treating complex orthopaedic fractures. Using this balance pad for physical therapy will increase the functional movement in your injuries.

Despite all these great features, its price tag is extremely reasonable. If you’re looking to enhance awareness of your body and save some money while doing it, PRO11 Wellbeing has got you covered. 

#11- Tanga Sports Balance Pad

Price: €33.57 (approximately £28.80)

Next up is the most uniquely shaped, trapezoidal balance pad on our list. Whether used as a physio balance pad, fitness balance pad or just for comfort, Tanga Sports have created an impressive piece of home training equipment.

For indoor use only, Tanga Sports have crafted a super-pad with all the properties we look for in high-quality products. The instability of its EVA foam makes it a perfect balance pad for physical therapy or Pilates, helping to strengthen joints like your hips, knees and feet. 

Of course, we all want a foam pad for balance and this product is perfect for stabilization. By combining EVA foam and rubber, this balance pad will teach you how to get through those lighter-intensity workouts with control and poise! 

It’s also large enough to support running and fitness training. Measuring a grand 48cm x 38cm x 6cm, this is the perfect foam pad for balance and endurance. You could use it to practice peaceful yoga poses in the morning and again in the evening for a cardio workout. 

The great thing is, this balance pad is made to endure high-intensity workouts, so you don’t need to worry about the wear and tear. Use it barefoot or while wearing yoga socks so that you can maximise the already long-lasting life of your balance pad.

Of course, Tanga has gone to great lengths to ensure customer safety. It’s slip-resistant material will take the worry out of balance training or cardio. No interruptions here! Tanga Sports have created a brilliant balance pad that we definitely feel is value for money. 

It’s dimensions eclipse some of the smaller products on our list and at €33.5, making it a great option for those looking for a fitness balance pad on the larger side. 

#12 Clever Yoga Balance Pad

Price: $29.89-$36.99 (approximately £24.94- £27.16)

Clever Yoga has struck the perfect balance (pun intended) between making a high-quality product that is adaptable to a variety of exercises.

Our balance pad review search found that Clever Yoga’s balance pad has an impressive 52 five-star rating, and we think this is more than justified for the high quality of this product. 

We believe that variety is important when it comes to training gear. Balance pads in particular need to be flexible enough to be used in a plethora of exercises.

Clever Yoga’s balance pad is no exception because it’s made from closed-cell TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). This just means that this balance pad will be highly resistant to tears, stretches well and will cushion you well.

Like many others, this foam balance pad comes in two sizes. The Large has dimensions of 38cm x 31cm x 5cm and the Extra-Large is 50cm x 40cm x 6cm. While size does not impact the functionality of a balance pad, it does mean that they can be incorporated into more exercises.

Standing exercises performed on a fitness balance pad, such as HIIT training or even yoga, will begin to change its shape if used improperly. To prolong your balance pad’s life, Clever Yoga recommends that this product is best used with bare feet or in socks. 

Take care of your balance pad and it will take care of you! It’s foam material and larger surface areas makes it the perfect balance pad for physical therapy. 

Last but certainly not least, this product comes in light purple, black and blue so you can work out in style. 

#13 Decathlon Balance Pad

Price: £12.99

After hours of Google searching for a new balance pad, you might ask yourself: ‘What makes this balance pad different from the last?’ Well, Decathlon has cleared up any confusion. At only £12.99, this product is by far the best priced Pilates balance pad in the UK. 

We’ve spoken endlessly about balance pads and their benefits in cardio and strength training. But what about comfort? Well, Decathlon has designed their 100% EVA foam balance pad with your comfort in mind. 

This balance pad’s compact size doesn’t mean that it compromises on quality. At only 39cm x 24cm x 6cm, the EVA foam will help to create the right level of instability to engage your postural muscles during Pilates poses. If you’re confused about what Pilates is, check out OriGym’s guide to the difference between pilates and yoga to have all your questions answered!

Many Pilates exercises such as planks, can be tough on the arms and wrists. But by using this balance pad, you can release tension, challenge and care for your body. 

It’s a known fact that sitting without support can often alert you to posture issues. But to correct these, you must find the proper alignment. Here’s where Decathlon comes in. Sitting on this product cross-legged is an excellent way to get your posture up to scratch. 

#14 Sportstech Balance Pad

Price: £39.90

Next up is Sportstech, who have created a balance pad that can do everything

Do you need a balance pad for physical therapy? Well, memory foam is not only used in our pillows, but also in our gym equipment. Sink into rehabilitation with this one-size-fits-all physio balance pad, perfect for sharpening your coordination. 

It’s on the larger side of the products on our list, measuring a wide 50cm x 40cm x 6cm. This, combined with it’s black, anti-slip surface, make for a truly great balance pad for balance and stability. 

The opposing side of this balance pad is something unique to the Sportstech range. It is made of strikingly distinct bright red acupressure peaks made from high-quality plastic. They are designed to improve your blood circulation through massaging pressure points in your feet. Paired with one of these massage balls, it’s a great way to relax your muscles! 

Sportstech is also keen to emphasize the connection between mental and physical health. By using a foam pad for balance, awareness and coordination, you can align your body and mind. Acupressure points will increase your bodily cognizance and in turn, help you relax. 

Or, if you’re someone who prefers to stand while you work, you probably know how the confines of an office chair can wreak havoc on your back. Restricted movement can make you fidgety and become a distraction from your work. If this is a problem for you, the Sportstech balance pad can help solve it!

#15 Pete’s Choice Balance Pad

Price: £23.99

Last but not least, this balance pad from the UK is larger than most at 51cm x 41cm x 5cm. Pete’s Choice have made a truly great product at a reasonable price!

It is also highly recommended by customers. With an astonishing 1,358 ratings, Pete’s Choice balance pad reviews are positively glowing. It’s gained a remarkable 4.6 out of 5 stars from both UK and international customers

You can use this balance pad for a range of purposes, from rehab to strengthening, desk work to stability. 

Of course, no fitness balance pad would be complete without durable construction. To endure a tough workout, your product must be tear-proof, water-proof and sweat-proof. Well, that’s exactly what Pete’s Choice ergonomic design can offer you. 

Or, if you have a wide gait or a bigger shoe size than average, feeling comfortable on Pete’s Choice balance pad will be guaranteed. It’s Extra-Large size can accommodate all manner of sizes and activities, as well as injury rehabilitation. 

With its TPE foam, your joints will feel taken care of and muscles on the mend will feel supported and challenged. But don’t just take our word for it. The balance pad reviews from customers worldwide have praised it as the perfect balance pad for post-surgery rehabilitation. 

As an extra added bonus, you won’t just be receiving a balance pad. Pete’s Choice offers their customers a premium-quality stretching strap and exercise ebook to accompany all balance pad purchases. If you’re just getting into yoga, check out our list of the best yoga equipment for beginners to help you start your yoga journey! 

This product is therefore the perfect balance pad for first-time buyers needing some extra guidance, whilst not breaking the bank!

Benefits Of Balance Pads

Balance is often an overlooked aspect of fitness. But in fact, it is vital for so many sports and exercises, from yoga and pilates to weightlifting. Here are some of the main benefits of using a balance pad for balance! 

Improves Performance 

You may be wondering, why are balance pads so important? Well, aside from the obvious, studies have shown that balance ability is closely related to greater athletic performance. 

Using a fitness balance pad can train your muscles to work more efficiently and quickly, which enhances your performance in both sports and weight training. 

For example, having good core balance is beneficial for exercises such as squats, as they help keep your body under the pressure of a heavy weight. 

Injury Prevention

Most, if not all, balance pads use an unstable foam or sponge-like material to force muscles of the body to work together. Although it can be hard to master, learning to stay stable helps train your muscles to keep your body stable under strain and pressure.  

This kind of coordination is what is needed to recover from an injury. Particularly in high-impact sports, you can recover quickly if you stumble. In fact, research has suggested that balance pads are recommended for athletes to improve their muscular strength, power and decrease the occurrence of sports-related injuries. 

Improves Joint Stability 

In order to access your full athletic potential, you must have healthy joint stability. Balance pads are crucial for fostering healthy hips, ankles and knees. As well as a heightened sense of coordination, a foam pad for balance gives your joints the support they need. 

Fractures or sprains to your joints can often affect your general stability, so using a balance pad for joint health is key to protecting your long term health. 

Improves Proprioception 

Put simply, proprioception is your ability to sense movement and position in the body, or the act of being aware of your body and its movements. 

Balance pads are an excellent way to increase your proprioception. In fact, everyday injuries are usually a consequence of improper balance and a lack of spatial awareness. So if you’re looking to decrease your likelihood of injury, balance pads are a great place to start.

What To Look For When Buying A Balance Pad

If you’re a first-time balance pad buyer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the wealth of information available to you. To help make the process easier, here are some things that you should look out for when searching for a balance pad. 

Thickness and Firmness

When choosing between products, it’s important to compare the thickness of each pad. The density of foam balance pads can range anywhere between 3cm and 8cm onwards. Which one you pick, will depend on how you intend to use it.

For example, if you’re looking to use a fitness balance pad for strength training, purchasing one a thinner variety will be more beneficial. This is because you will still reap the benefits of muscle stabilization without it becoming a distraction to your training. 

However, if your sole focus is to become a master of equilibrium, try a thicker balance pad. One that is around 6-8cm will force your muscles to work harder to stay upright. 

When it comes to firmness, ask yourself how much you’d like to be challenged. If you’re looking for a physio balance pad, a soft and cushioned material will be necessary. Recovering from a fracture or sprain can be tough, but an unstable surface is what you need for proper recuperation. 

Thickness and firmness is also something you should consider when choosing a yoga mat: check out our list of the best yoga mats here.  

Multifunctionality and Size

The ideal balance pad must be versatile enough to support any manner of your fitness regimes. If you’re someone who likes to exercise at home and has a lot of space to store equipment, you should go for a large balance pad if you can! The bigger the balance pad, the greater the range of exercise that can be performed. 

However, if the balance pads at your local gym just aren’t cutting it, perhaps it’s best to scale down. This is when investing in a pair of smaller, ovular balance pads will be much easier for you to slip into your gym bag.

Likewise, it’s good to be aware of any specific uses the product is geared towards. For example, a foam balance pad for cardio fitness may be designed differently to one specifically made for yoga. Be conscious of your own goals and ensure you know what the balance pad is made to handle. 


In order to avoid any trips or slips, a good balance pad should be waterproof and have a protective coating. Non-slip, moisture-resistant properties are a must-have feature!

If your foam balance pad isn’t water resistant, preventing bad odours will become a difficult task. Fungal and bacterial growth will be rife and before you know it, your equipment will have to be replaced. 

For this reason, we recommend a fitness balance pad with a wipe clean surface. By keeping a cloth to hand, you’ll have more time to focus on your fitness while ensuring you get the most out of your balance pad purchase. Paired with a wrist sweatband, you can train with confidence! 

What Exercises Can I Do With A Balance Pad?

The question should be, what exercises can’t you do with a balance pad? The key to enhancing your fitness routine is to strengthen those small stabilizing muscles in your body that so often don’t receive enough attention. 

Whether your focus is to increase stability, build resistance or improve your strength, simply standing on your balance pad has huge benefits. Here are two of our favourite exercises for you to try!

One-legged stand

This is a basic yet highly effective exercise to do with a fitness balance pad. Whilst it may seem simplistic, it is made a lot harder by the destabilising surface of a foam balance pad.

The video above shows this exercise using a step. It is essentially the same motion, except here you are stepping onto a balance pad on a chair!

It is great for improving your core strength and balance, but it will also target your quad muscles too! 

Starting position: Start by standing on two feet, facing your balance pad.

How to do it:

      • Lengthen your back and step onto the pad. 
      • Slowly raise your leg into the air in front of you and hold this position for 10 seconds. Remember to keep your core engaged
      • Repeat with your opposite leg. 

Step-up step-down

This is another balance pad exercise that looks easier than it actually is! It is great for improving stability, and can also be used as a cardio exercise if performed at a decent speed. 

The above video shows this exercise using a step. The movement is essentially the same as this, except you are stepping up onto a balance pad! 

Starting position: For this exercise, you’ll also need a small chair or stool to prop your balance pad up on. You could even use a specialist yoga chair for extra stability. 

How to do it:

      • Step up onto the balance pad one foot at a time, making sure to stabilize yourself by engaging your core.
      • Hold here for a moment before stepping down, putting two feet back on the floor.
      • Repeat the process as many times as desired.

Before you go!

So, that concludes our guide to the best balance pads of 2021! We hope you’ve found the right balance pad for you, no matter your goals and budget. So what are you waiting for? Include one in your next workout and see how beneficial they can be!

If you’re passionate about fitness, why not check out OriGym’s industry-leading personal training courses and help clients achieve their fitness goals! Enquire today or download our free course prospectus to browse our full range of courses. 


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Written by Abbie Andrews

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

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