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15 Best Barbell Pads

Are you looking for the best barbell pad in the UK? 

We don’t blame you! It’s a great piece of equipment to use if you are new to lifting as it helps with form and technique.

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What is a Barbell Pad?

A barbell pad is a piece of material that wraps around the barbell to reduce any pressure on your shoulders, neck, or hips. 

You’ll be able to use a barbell pad for a range of exercises, like squats and hip thrusts, to protect you and keep you comfortable at all times. 

It’s a great piece of equipment to use on a daily basis and should be used for the extra support to help hit your personal bests! 

So now you know what barbell pads are, let’s go and find out the best ones online for you!

15 Best Barbell Pads (UK)

#1 York Fitness Unisex 2" Barbell Pad

Price: £17.99

barbell grip pads

Nothing beats the comfort of a foam barbell pad. It will protect your shoulders during squats, and spare them the excess strain and discomfort of a heavy lift. 

This in turn means that you can concentrate on the lift itself, building your muscles and optimising your workout.

York Fitness is a world-renowned brand, and their products never disappoint, so it’s no surprise to see them making an appearance on this list. 

The York barbell pad comes with extremely deep cushioning, which is great for those who want an added layer of protection. The foam is high-density and shock absorbent.

It provides a soft, supportive layer between you and the bar, and we think this pad is one of the most comfortable around. 

Many pads use cheap, thin foam which can’t take the weight of a lift, but this pad is exceptionally springy, so it’s suitable even if you’re recovering from an injury.

York certainly hasn’t scrimped on the foam, but that doesn’t make the pad cumbersome or unwieldy. 

The opposite is true. It slips easily over the bar and is held in place by velcro. The outer shell of this barbell pad is removable, so it’s possible to replace it should it become worn over time, which means that you won’t have to buy a whole new pad. 

Over 200 Amazon reviews and an aggregate score of 4.5/5 stars is proof enough that this is the best foam pad for barbell lifters who want extra deep cushioning.

If you’re looking for a different perspective of training, perhaps you should look at gym tyres to help improve your strength. 

Don’t be fooled by the price. This isn’t just a cheap pad with a cheap filling. It offers some of the densest cushioning around.

#2 Mirafit Barbell Pad

Price: £11.95

best barbell pads

Another big name in the world of fitness and lifting, Mirafit rarely disappoints. This is another heavily cushioned weight lifting pad, so it’s perfect if you’ve found that other products don’t offer enough protection, or wear down quickly. 

The pad will fit any standard or Olympic bars, and the full-length closure makes that fit extremely secure.

There’s no danger of this pad slipping, sliding, or falling off, which can be a problem with some barbell pads. 

It offers one of the most secure fits on the list and with the price of £11.95, this product will last for years to come.  

It’s an excellent barbell pad for hip thrusts as well as traditional squats, where that deep cushioning will start to pay off. 

The cover is made from durable PU so the pad should last for a long time, and the foam has a rich, premium feel. 

Much like the York pad before it, this one is packed full of additional padding, and it’s one of the thickest on the list. 

If you need extra grip to perform any lifts, take a look at our ultimate buyer’s guide to lifting straps. 

While the cover isn’t removable (as is sometimes the case on other pads), it is easy to clean. A simple wipe down will do the trick, and then it’s good to go. 

The choice of colour is a nice addition too. While many pads can be quite plain, this is available in black, green and bright orange. 

It doesn’t add anything in terms of functionality, but it is nice to see a barbell hip thrust pad with a little added personality.

#3 RDX Barbell Bar Pad

Price: £7.99

barbell bar pad

This barbell neck pad is unique. Not only does it cushion the neck during a lift, but its special design also means that it distributes weight more evenly across the shoulders. 

This in turn facilities a smoother, more effective lift that’s easier on the body and constitutes a far more efficient workout. 

With weight distributed properly across the shoulders, you can focus purely on form and sustainable muscle growth.

Padding on this neck pad for a squat bar is excellent too. The high-density NBR foam is extremely deep and supportive without ever feeling bulky. 

We found that it can easily absorb the weight of any barbell, and eliminates any undue pressure on the neck area. The padding is around 3cm deep, which is some of the thickest on the market. 

Rather than a solid cylinder of foam, this barbell support pad comes with an indented groove for the neck, which makes it all the more comfortable. 

This design has been proven to relieve neck stress and help prevent injury, especially during longer workouts.

Slippage is a common problem with any weight lifting bar pad. Once the pad is attached it can sometimes move, come loose or detach altogether. 

They wrap securely around the pad, fastening it tightly to the barbell with velcro. The result is one of the most secure pads on the list. 

The 3cm cushioning is a huge bonus too, and this combination of safety and comfort make it easy to recommend. 

If you wanted to improve your balance further, invest in a balance board to give a new perspective to cardio. 

#4 Body Power Foam Bar Bell Pad

Price: £5.99

barbell bar wrap pad

If you’re in the market for a high-quality Olympic bar pad suitable (and safe!) for use even with the heaviest of weights, then the Body Power pad is for you. 

It’s an Olympic barbell pad with enough cushioning to relieve pressure during the most arduous lifts, and it’s incredibly secure. 

Safety is a major concern with extra heavy weights, but this pad certainly won’t let you down in that area.

The ergonomic design offers support as well as just comfort, and you’ll find your lifts much more efficient. 

It redistributes weight and pressure and helps you to lift correctly. That’s especially important if you’re taking the step up to Olympic weights, which can place enormous pressure on the neck and back.

This pad is exceptionally cheap, which can sometimes be a red flag. 

Fortunately, the padding is heavy duty and there’s no suggestion that Body Power has made any cutbacks in that area. 

Build quality is high throughout, and the pad fits easily over an Olympic barbell.

We didn’t detect any movement from the pad during a lift, and we think it’s more than capable of handling anything you throw at it.

A top quality Olympic bar squat pad can sometimes be difficult to find. 

If you’re going to kit yourself out in the latest fitness gear, you should take a look at OriGym’s guide to the best weightlifting shoes. 

Olympic weights need extra grip, extra padding, and more precautions are required to hold the pads in place during a lift. 

In short, they demand a pad with a much higher than normal build quality, which is exactly what this offering from Body Power delivers.

#5 JLL Barbell Bar Wrap Pad

Price: £9.49

best barbell neck pad

This pad from JLL is a great all-purpose pad that’s suitable for standard and Olympic weights. 

If some pads can feel a little loose across the bar, JLL has fixed that problem with secure velcro fittings. 

It’s easy to slip the pads on, and once they’re fastened in place they won’t budge.

We loved the all-purpose design, which makes this an ideal squat pad for those who are in the process of transition from standard up to Olympic weights. 

Velcro is, of course, adjustable, so the pad will work with any bar. Finding a secure fit is often hard work, especially if you’re looking for a truly all-purpose pad, but the Velcro fastening on display here is extremely effective.

If you’re looking for a thick barbell pad you won’t be disappointed with this offering from JLL. 

The foam is high-density and exceptionally deep, and the outer layer is particularly impressive. It's a little different from the other pads on the list and has a soft, slightly textured feel. 

This adds another layer of sensation between you and the bar, and it makes the pad even more comfortable.

Improving your grip is vital for hitting your personal best, so you should take some time and read our recent article on the best grip strengtheners. 

This squat barbell pad comes with some nice bonuses too, including free delivery and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Since this gives you ample time to test it out, the purchase is effectively risk-free. 

It comes in three colours too, from standard black to a bright, statement red which will certainly help you stand out from the crowd!

#6 Fit Viva Barbell Pad

Price: Stock coming soon

best barbell pad uk

With over 2,600 reviews and a perfect five star rating on Amazon, this barbell squat shoulder pad from Fit Viva is exceptionally popular.

It’s easy to see why, as it comes loaded with features including an enhanced grip, safety straps and even a set of challenges for you to complete! 

If ever a barbell pad could claim to be the full package, this is it. Its build quality is extremely high, and the rubber-foam filling is top of the range. 

It’s deep, offers excellent cushioning, and also much more grip than many of the other pads available.

It provides just the right amount of traction so that even the heaviest barbell won’t slip during a lift.

Velcro straps ensure that it’s extremely stable and secure. They hold the pad firmly in place and you can tighten them depending on the size of the bar. 

If that wasn’t enough, this pad even comes with a collection of 30 challenges formulated by professional trainers! They’re designed to help you build lean muscle and work on toning.

If you’re looking to improve your grip on the barbell, take some time and read our buyer’s guide to weightlifting chalk to help hit those personal bests! 

This weight lifting neck pad is ergonomically designed not only to cushion your neck but to cradle it. 

This provides exceptional comfort but also has the added bonus of offering support. It ensures that weight is evenly distributed during a lift and makes each lift that bit more efficient. 

We loved the design, too. A pink barbell pad is quite a unique find, and anything other than the standard black affair immediately feels more stylish. 

The pink is bright without being garish, and the smooth, ergonomic design ensures that this is easily the most stylish pad on the list. 

Good looks alone aren’t a reason to purchase a gym bar pad, but when they come alongside great functionality it’s always an extra inducement. 

#7 Iron Bull Advanced Squat Pad

Price: £14.95 - £19.95

best barbell pad for hip thrusts

Iron Bull markets this barbell wrap pad as advanced. It’s much more than a standard protective barbell pad, and has been designed to boost the effectiveness of your workout.

It’s slightly more expensive than some of the other offerings on the list, but not by much, and the price is justified by the clever design and many benefits.

The design is exceptionally well-conceived, and everything has been engineered with efficiency in mind. 

You’ll notice that the pad looks subtly different from many of the others on the market. 

That’s because it’s been engineered to redistribute weight across the shoulders and cut out many of the problems associated with an uneven lift.

That, of course, helps you focus on your form without having to worry about pain. 

It might not make a huge difference for beginners, but if you’ve been lifting for a while and want to unleash your potential, the ergonomic design and weight redistribution properties of this pad will have a tangible effect.

A matte finish on the outside of the pad is anti-slip, you won’t have to worry about it moving or losing traction. 

The foam construction of these pads is usually quite perfunctory, but Iron Bull has gone further here, too. 

The open and close cell foam is excellent at absorbing shock during a lift, which equates to a much more comfortable feel and less chance of injury. 

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This is certainly the best barbell neck pad for more advanced users and even professionals, who want to take their workout to the next level and ensure that they’re getting the most out of every lift. 

#8 ProFitness Barbell Pad

Price: £15.60

standard barbell pad

A foam cover for barbell exercises is essential if you often find yourself suffering from aching shoulders or a sore back after a workout. 

These covers take the pressure off the neck and allow you to concentrate on the lift itself. 

Unfortunately, many cheap covers wear down easily or don’t provide adequate cushioning, which negates the need for one in the first place.

There are no such issues with this fantastic pad from ProFitness, however. We think it’s the best barbell pad in terms of sheer durability. 

The rubberised foam is startlingly tough, high-density and deep. It won’t flatten even with the heaviest of weights, and it’s exceptionally durable. 

This gym barbell pad is built to last, and the cushioning from that extreme padding will see you safely through plenty of workouts.

If you are building a home gym but struggle to lack space, take a look at OriGym’s recent article to the best compact multi gyms for the ultimate all in one workout. 

High-density padding sometimes equates to additional weight or size, but this pad remains portable and lightweight. 

That’s because the foam itself is better quality, so less is required to absorb shock and provide cushioning. 

It’s an ingenious design choice and means that there’s no tradeoff between comfort and portability.

Effective weight distribution and ease of use make this an excellent barbell pad for squats, and it's also suited to lunges and hip thrusts. 

The easy-slide design will slip onto Olympic and standard weights, and it's secure enough to give you peace of mind. 

A strap wraps around the pad and holds everything nicely in place, so your workout will be super secure. The system is incredibly quick, so there’s no excessive fiddling or time-wasting.

#9 SODIAL (R) Foam Padded Barbell Cover

Price: £7.56

barbell hip thrust pad

Despite being one of the cheapest barbell grip pads on this list, this pad doesn’t make any compromises in the areas of support or durability. 

While we certainly wouldn’t class it as an extra thick barbell pad, the unique design means that it doesn't need to be, as support comes from more than just padding.

The special cutaway design is the first thing you’ll notice. It alleviates pressure on the neck, spine and groin without the use of excess cushioning. 

This provides a little more feedback and feel from the bar, which many weightlifters will appreciate, and allows the product to provide more cushioning in the areas where it’s needed.

That means that there’s much more padding around the shoulders, which makes a huge difference. 

The padding itself is high-density and consists of what SODIAL calls “squat foam.” It has excellent shock absorbing qualities, and the exterior of the pad is coated with non-slip rubber, so it won’t slide about or move during a lift.

A squat neck pad priced this low would normally set alarm bells ringing, but this one is proof that budget doesn’t always mean sacrificing quality. 

A great deal of thought has gone into this pad, especially regarding how to apportion the padding so that it delivers maximum support without adding excess bulk.

Intriguingly, that cutaway design isn’t just a money-saving option. It also helps with weight distribution and form, gently cajoling you into a more efficient (and much safer) lift. 

This makes the pad ideal for beginners, and since it won’t break the bank, it’s a great addition to your starter kit. 

Are you struggling with recovery after a taught lower body workout? Invest in a massage gun for a quicker and efficient recovery!

#10 Perfect Peach Barbell Squat Pad

Price: £13.52 

gym barbell pad

Perfect Peach is more than just a manufacturing company. Their social media channels regularly upload new workout videos (a mix of exercises, challenges, and inspiration), and they offer unparalleled customer support. 

The company is more like a community, where you’ll find plenty of like-minded individuals and a supportive, friendly vibe.

Happily, this neck pad for barbell squats is top of the range, so it’s a great excuse to give Perfect Peach a closer look. 

It’s the only barbell foam pad on the list that’s designed specifically for women, and it’s built to last. 

The foam padding is some of the most luxurious available, and while the pad isn’t intended for Olympic weights, it will fit any regular bar.

It’s refreshingly simple to use and slides over the bar without any additional straps or fastenings. 

While the lack of extra security might seem alarming, the fit is exceptionally snug and the pad grips the bar without a hint of unwanted movement. 

We appreciated the seamless design and easy fit. There’s nothing worse than struggling with a pad when you’re short of time and all you want to do is start your workout.

The foam is non-slip and offers excellent traction across the neck and shoulders. 

Security feels top of the range, and since the pad is on the small side without additional straps, it won’t take up too much room in your gym bag. 

If you want to upgrade your bag, take a look at our article on the best gym bags for women you can find online now! 

You can opt for the standard black design or go for vibrant shocking pink, but whichever option you choose comes with the stylish Perfect Peach design emblazoned on the side.

#11 JayNelo Blue Barbell

Price: £11.50

gym barbell pad

With a thickness of 3.3cm, this barbell wrap pad packs a little extra cushioning that makes a big difference. 

It's one of the most comfortable pads on the list, and perfect for those who have tried other products but found that they don’t offer enough by way of protection. 

It’s not a true budget option, but it’s far from the most expensive barbell pad that you’ll find, and it falls into the medium price bracket.

That extra thickness is the biggest highlight, but the design itself is also impressive. 

This pad has some of the best contouring that you'll find, and it hugs the shoulders with absolutely no sign of movement or roll. 

We loved the added security of this contoured fit, and it does make the pad that bit more comfortable.

There’s no velcro to be found, so getting the pad into position is as simple as slipping it over the bar. 

It will fit any Olympic sized bar, so it’s perfect for those working with heavier weights who require a weight lifting neck pad with plenty of padding and a secure, contoured fit that won’t budge. 

Stability is never an issue here, and that's mostly thanks to the superior contouring.

Blue is one of the rarer colours to make an appearance on the list, and we think that this pad is quite stylish. 

The white logo and subtle, minimalist font give it a modern, sleek look, especially with the contouring around the neck area. 

It represents a great meeting point of style, functionality and budget.

If you’re planning your sessions but you have nowhere to write it down, perhaps you should buy a fitness journal to keep you organised for future sessions at the gym!

#12 Amonax Barbell Squat Pad

Price: £10.95 - £13.56

barbell pad for hip thrusts

Another extra-thick barbell foam pad, this offering from Amonax is far chunkier than the other pads on the list. 

This inevitably means that it takes up a little more room in your gym bag and can be slightly more cumbersome to use, but the trade-off for additional cushioning and security will be worth it for most.

If you’ve struggled with thin pads in the past or tried to use the standard ones offered in gyms, which are often worn down from overuse, then the Amonax will restore your faith. It’s exceptionally deep, and the cushioning is some of the best available. 

As such, it offers nearly unprecedented support during a lift, absorbs weight and redistributes it evenly across the shoulders.

Quite simply, if it’s extra padding that you’re after, this is the place to look. Such a high level of support makes the pad perfect for a range of weight-based exercises. 

This is the ideal barbell pad for a hip thrust due to its great cushioning throughout. 

Velcro straps add an extra layer of security, fastening around the bar and ensuring that the pad won’t slip. 

This makes lifting heavy weights much safer but does, of course, make the pad a little more fiddly to use. 

That said, once everything is in place it’s plain sailing, and the ergonomic neck rest is so well contorted that it felt like it was designed specifically for us!

If you’re performing a squat, you should always take care of your knees. OriGym has written the ultimate buyer’s guide to knee compression sleeves to help you decide! 

Any kind of warranty is always a reassuring sign, and this barbell pad comes with a 2-year guarantee, so it's safe to say that Amonax has confidence in it. 

#13 Power Guidance Bar Bell Squat Pad

Price: £16.99

foam cover for barbell

This weight lifting bar pad from Power Guidance is a uniquely portable option. 

Although no barbell pad is exceptionally large, they do take up quite a bit of extra space in your gym bag, and those that come with extra foam can start to get heavy. 

That’s certainly not the case with this barbell wrap pad. 

Every care has been taken to keep it as lightweight as possible without making any compromises in terms of cushioning and stability. 

Power Guidance has achieved this feat through a combination of high quality, lightweight foam, and by doing away with straps and harnesses altogether. 

There’s no issue whatsoever with the foam, which provides exceptional cushioning even during heavier lifts. 

The lack of straps and fastenings to secure the pad to the bar might seem like a glaring omission, but in reality, we found that it wraps around snugly and stays in place without assistance.

Additional features including a brilliant anti-slip coating on the exterior elevate this pad above much of the competition. 

The surface provides some of the best in class traction, and we detected absolutely no issues with rolling or unwanted movement.

That, of course, makes it perfect for a wide range of exercises including hip thrusts, lunges and squats. 

If you need that extra protein boost for your workout, try out protein cookies if you’re not a fan of drinking protein shakes. 

The fact that Power Guidance has been able to design a truly all-purpose pad with excellent traction and deep cushioning in such a lightweight form is highly impressive. 

If you don’t have much space to spare in your bag, this pad is the way to go and is the best barbell pad for hip thrusts on this list. 

#14 Portzon Squat Pad

Price: £11.30

olympic bar pad

A slightly more expensive option, this Portzon Olympic barbell pad prides itself on being a premium option and delivering top quality. 

That quality is evident from the moment you take it out of the box. It simply looks and feels incredibly durable. 

Portzon has opted for high density foam which is soft but tough. 

On the one hand, this standard barbell pad does feel comfortable against the neck and shoulders, but on the other, it is a little stiffer than most pads. 

As a result, it won’t buckle or give and holds up fantastically even during the heaviest of lifts.

An Olympic weight requires a thick barbell pad with a great deal of additional grip. The Portzon delivers big on both accounts. 

The chunky padding is extremely impressive, but even more so is the amount of grip on offer. This is due to the anti-slip coating applied to the foam. 

It provides extreme traction and makes the pad suitable for an array of other exercises including thrusts and lunges.

Recovery after a tough workout especially with squats is vital and if you need a tool to help then foam rollers are great to help with recovery.

While most straps are either slip-on or utilise straps, the Portzon includes both and lets you choose. 

You can slide the pad over the bar and leave it at that (in practice this is fine, and the fit is snug enough to prevent roll or slippage), or use the straps for a bit of added security. 

It’s nice to have the choice, but if you’re in a hurry the slide on option offers more than enough security. 

#15 BEAR Strength and Conditioning Pad

Price: £18.17

best barbell pad

BEAR is an extremely popular brand, and everything from the logo (a bear with its jaws opens wide, in the middle of a roar) to the heavy duty feel of the foam screams toughness. 

This is a heavy duty piece of kit in a higher price bracket, but it delivers in enough areas to justify the added expense.

Given that this is an Olympic barbell pad, you’ll get all the added support and cushioning that you need for heavier weights. 

This includes extra high-density foam with top of the range shock absorption qualities, and a great non slip rubber outer layer. 

The foam on this pad feels especially springy, and it retains its shape beautifully even on much heavier lifts.

Despite the heavy duty look and feel, the pad is simple to put on and take off. It adheres nicely to any Olympic sized weight and the fit is secure. 

If you want to strengthen your core daily, you should invest in an ab roller and this will help with the various compound exercises you will use with the barbell pad! 

You won’t have to worry about the pad rolling or showing any instability, which frees you up to concentrate solely on the lift. 

This barbell squat pad from BEAR has amassed more favourable Amazon reviews than many of the others on the list put together. 

It currently holds a 4.5/5 star rating from impressive 1,550 reviews, which is testament to its popularity around the world. 

If you want to take the plunge with a more expensive pad that’s likely to last for years to come, then we couldn’t recommend the BEAR enough.

Before you go! 

These are the best 15 barbell pads you can find online today! 

Whichever bar pad you choose, we’ll know it will last for years and assist you on your fitness journey. So get one today so you can hit your personal bests! 

If this article has inspired you to take up a career in the fitness industry, why not check out the range of personal trainer courses that we have to offer here at OriGym!

Alternatively, you can download our free prospectus to find out more. 

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