17 Best Barefoot Running Shoes To Improve Your Run

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So you’re looking for barefoot running shoes in the UK? Do not worry we have listed the best barefoot running shoes to improve your runs in the long term!

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So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to find the best barefoot running shoes!

#1 - Merrell Vapor Barefoot Running Trainers

Price: £49.99

barefoot running shoes

Kick-starting our list of the best barefoot running shoes is a product by Merrell Vapor. 

These are a minimal look, maximum performance barefoot shoe that offers a sock-like feel while being highly durable and comfortable. 

The shoes are crafted from mesh to promote breathability even on the hottest of training days. 

With this in mind, the shoes are also equipped with high-tech antimicrobial agents to reduce shoe odour, keeping your feet fresher for longer. 

The best running barefoot shoes on the market come with discrete strapping systems to keep the foot secure and is a design feature that Merrell Vapor’s range has opted for.

Plus, this option is beneficial for those who require running shoes with arch support. 

Merrel Vaopr’s high-quality, nylon arch moulds provide ultimate support to reduce the load on your feet and calves. 

Furthermore, both the secure strapping and arch support helps wearers to focus on the fundamentals - working towards their personal bests. 

As for the shoe’s design, they feature a spectrum of blue in a mountain pattern which we’re sure that all adventure enthusiasts will love. 

Priced at just under £50, these are a great quality pair of barefoot running trainers for an affordable price. 

#2 - Adidas UltraBoost S&L Shoes

Price: £129.99

Barefoot Running Shoes Adidas Ultraboost

This product from Adidas has a soft and flexible insole which feels ‘more barefoot’ like, the gum rubber provides great protection on long runs. These barefoot trail running shoes are made out of breathable fabric and flexible rubber sole.

When you’re running it’s important that your toes are not compressed but have room to spread which leads to better balance. This like regular trainers, where the toes are relaxed. The upper material with stretchy and breathable material for quick drying,

This product has good elasticity and ultralight, the softness of the rubber sole makes the barefoot shoes foldable and can be easily packaged or worn.

In terms of price, it costs £129.99 and can be chosen in 3 colours! If you’re looking for a pair of barefoot running shoes for men then this pair is perfect!

#3 - Salomon Predict SOC Barefoot Trail Running Shoes

Price: £59.99

barefoot trainers

This next pair of barefoot trail running shoes are designed to make any run feel effortless.

They’re constructed using soft, knitted material that provides a snug, plush fit. This type of material is also great for supplying cool air to keep you comfortable while running. 

Yet, attached to the knitted material is a boot-like construction that offers support around the heel and ankle.

As for the shoe’s sole, it’s made from an all-surface rubber compound with a comfortable grip that’s suitable for both wet and dry surfaces. 

They offer a thicker sole compared with other barefoot trainer shoes that promise to support you on a range of terrains. 

So, whether you want to go running along rocky beaches or in woodland areas, Salomon’s range is a viable option for you. 

When looking for the best running barefoot shoes, reviews can help you to make an informed decision. 

With a 100% 5-star track record, Salomon’s range is clearly amongst the best. 

Reviewers comment that the shoes are “wonderfully light” and offer “fantastic support that holds the foot perfectly”, which is everything you’d want and more in a trail shoe.

#4 - Sagauro Unisex Running Shoes

Price: £23.83

Barefoot Running Shoes Saguaro

If you’re looking for women’s barefoot running shoes then Sagauro has an attractive design which is similar to the five finger shoe but it is like wearing regular trainers with room for your toes to relax and be flexible. The trainers are stretchy and comfortable material, the upper is elastic and flexible, it wraps well to the foot even without the insole. 

The shoes are super comfortable, they feel like form fitting socks with soles. The anti-skid rubber sole offers strong grip, it is firm enough to protect your feet from pebbles, rocks and rough floor. If you’re looking for women’s or men’s barefoot running shoes then you have definitely chosen the right product!

The insole is soft and removable, it has soft inserts which are flexible yet protective and reduces risk of injuries!

In terms of price it costs £23.83 and can be chosen in up to 9 colours! If you’re looking for cheap barefoot running shoes in the UK then this product needs to be considered!

#5 - Vivobarefoot’s Geo Racer Knit Men’s Barefoot Running Shoes

Price: £130.00

trainers for barefoot running

Next, we have a great pair of men’s barefoot running shoes by Vivobarefoot.

These are foot-shaped running shoes that come in a slightly wider fit to allow runners natural stability and ultimate comfort. 

The knit upper section is made from recycled polyester to provide full freedom of movement that Vivobarefoot mentions offers unparalleled breathability and maximum performance. 

The brand’s Active Sole is made from durable, vegan rubber that is just 4mm thin to provide a sensory underfoot experience while exercising. 

The sole contributes to the overall, ultra-lightweight design that works effortlessly and is a product we’d strongly recommend you consider when shopping around.

With that, the minds behind the Geo Racer are so confident that consumers will adore the trainers that they’ve introduced a 100 day trial with each order. 

Vivobarefoot believes that after experiencing the joys of natural foot freedom, your feet won’t want to go back to ‘normal’ shoes. 

The brand also believes that your running adventures should be the highlight of your week which is why they’ve taken the time to design one of the best barefoot running shoes in the UK.

#6 - Vivobarefoot’s Primus Lite III Barefoot Running Shoes for Women 

Price: £135.00

barefoot running trainers

Now, we couldn’t exactly discuss a top brand that offers barefoot running shoes for men and not provide one for women. 

The Primus Lite III are women’s running barefoot shoes that allow you to train in the most natural way possible, regardless of what the weather may throw at you.

As with the Geo Racers, the Primus Lite’s have a foot-shaped interior with a slightly wider fit to allow natural stability. 

They are also constructed with water-resistant upper mesh made from recycled polyester. This makes the trainers a great go-to for your activities all year long.

Plus, the mesh material promotes a flow of air around the feet to keep them cool even on warmer training days. 

Each pair comes equipped with Vivobarefoot’s Ortholite Performance Insole which is made of recycled PU foam. These offer extra support and security when running. 

With this in mind, you may have noticed that Vivobarefoot are a brand that frequently opts for recycled materials when constructing their shoes.

They recognise the importance of sustainably sourced clothing to reduce the impact that production has on the planet. 

Furthermore, if you’re a sustainability-conscious individual and are on the hunt for the best barefoot running shoes for women, the Primus Lite III is worth checking out.

#7 - Merrell Women’s Vapor Glove 4 Trainers

Price: £100.00

Barefoot Running Shoes Merrell 

This minimal trainer for women provides little between you and the ground for maximum freedom and connection underfoot. If you’re looking for ladies barefoot running shoes, then this product is one of the best on the market.

The antimicrobial agents reduce shoe odour. There’s a breathable mesh lining and integrated insole for comfortable running long distance. There’s a hand hyperlock TPU film heel counter which ensures that your feet are locked in and had a secure feeling for your runs.

This ladies barefoot running shoes are vegan friendly! The way the product is made, it has enhanced proprioception and adapts to the ground that you are running on. There is supportive structure diminishes load on feet and calves.

In terms of price, it costs £100.00 and can be chosen 4 colours. If you’re looking for women’s barefoot running shoes then you have definitely come to the right place!

#8 - Vibram Fivefingers Men’s Fitness Shoes

Price: £89.99

Barefoot Running Shoes Vibram Elite

If you’re looking for the best barefoot running shoes on the market then the Vibram Fivefingers El-X are designed to be simple and effective in delivering the barefoot footwear experience. The 3mm rubber outsole is manufactured to ensure stability across the feet whilst running. 

This technical compound is very flexible, has great wet traction and can be not only be used for outdoors, it can be used for indoor use as it has non marking features. 

The men’s barefoot running shoes has an upper part of the product is made out of highly breathable polyester mesh material, this is also reinforced with a PU film! This also has added velcro on top of the product for increased stability.  

There is an elasticated neck which offers great comfort and a secure fit. The simple slip on the upper part of the product acts like a second skin. On the insole of the barefoot running trainer, has a 2mm EVA insole with a this Drylex sock liner for added comfort.

In terms of price, it costs £89.99 and comes in a choice of 3 colours. If you’re looking for the best running barefoot shoes, you will be certain that it is of the highest quality.

#9 - New Balance Barefoot Running Shoes

Price: £77.00

Barefoot Running Shoes New Balance

If you’re looking for barefoot running shoes for women or men then New Balance have a great product. The smooth fabrics with fine stretch on uppers are easy to get on and off. The product is light and feels like you just have socks on but thick enough to protect your feet.

The running barefoot shoes have soles which features great resistance and duration. The convex dots on solo enhances ability of anti-skid, giving strong friction when running. These shoes are very flexible which can be portable and taken anywhere with you!

Unlike normal trainers, these trainers will allow to drain any excess water out whilst running yet the trainers breathable mesh material will not allow items such as sand and rocks, so it’s perfect for runners who want to run on the beach without getting their feet all sandy!

In terms of price, it costs £77.00 and comes in 3 colours! If you’re looking for reasonably cheap barefoot running shoes in the UK then this product has to be chosen!

#10 - Merrell Women’s Glove 3

Price: £54.00

Barefoot Running Shoes Merrell

These barefoot running shoes for women from Merrell have combined a sock-like feel with soft, full-grain leather. The Vibram sole that provides a nearly zero ground to foot separation.

There are antimicrobial agents eradicate unwanted odour and there’s an additional underfoot comfort and protection as well!

If you’re looking for one of the best barefoot running shoes for beginners as the traction the product is fantastic with the Vibram installed soles. It has unparalleled traction on challenging and slippery surfaces which is perfect for runners who run outdoors!

In terms of price, these women’s barefoot running shoes costs £54.00 and can be chosen in a choice of 8 colours!

#11 - Merrell Vapor Glove 5

Price: $89.95 (approx. £67)

barefoot run shoes

The Vapor Glove 5 is the newest barefoot trainer in the Glove series that features a hybrid of shoe-like and foot-like insoles to create a natural feel when running.

They’re made from breathable mesh that has water-resistant material which makes the shoes ideal for those working out in warmer and cooler conditions. 

With that, they’re also made with Vibram MegaGrip soles which is the best combination of traction and durability on wet and dry surfaces. 

This ensures that regardless of the weather, you can still rely on your barefoot trail running shoes for stability. 

The top of the shoes features a stretch collar to make putting on/taking off super straightforward. They also have lace-up vamps that allow wearers to adjust the tightness to their own preference.

While this is a common feature on most regular shoes, lace-up vamps aren’t often found on running barefoot shoes since many brands opt for elasticated self-laced designs.

So, if you’re someone who prefers adjusting your shoe’s security, these are for you.

The Merrell Vapor Glove 5 has a minimal design that promises to match your running attire. 

They come in a spearmint blue or classic grey, each of which offers a super sporty look. 

#12 - Freet Tanga

Price: £75.00

running barefoot shoes

If you’re after an ultra-minimal, breathable, and natural-feeling barefoot running shoe, we encourage you to check out this next option. 

The fabric is made from recycled coffee grounds combined with eco-friendly polyester. This creates a highly durable yet soft material to cushion your feet when exercising. 

The upper section of the shoe is made from antibacterial fabric, a great by-product of which is that they’re quick drying. 

The fit of these is slightly wider than other barefoot trail shoes. This helps to make the transition from ‘normal’ shoes to barefoot shoes easier.

Furthermore, the Freet Tanga are amongst the best barefoot running shoes for beginners. 

Beginners often experience barefoot shoes feeling a little strange due to the super thin sole and the below-feet sensory experience.

However, Freet Tanga is a hybrid of regular and barefoot shoes which helps beginners get accustomed to barefoot shoes one step at a time. 

With this in mind, these shoes come with a 3mm insole to provide an extra layer between the feet and ground. 

Once beginners get used to the thin sole, this insole can be removed if desired.

Ultimately, opting for the best barefoot running shoes for beginners will help newbies familiarise themselves with the feeling barefoot shoes creates, thus making the transition from normal shoes easier. 

#13 - Whitin Unisex Barefoot Trail Running Shoes

Price: From £32.29

shoes for barefoot running

If you’re after the best cheap barefoot running shoes in the UK, Whitin has a range that we think will be up your street.

With prices starting from just £32.29, you’ll struggle to find such a good quality pair of barefoot trainers at such a price.

They’re crafted with rubber soles to provide ultimate protection against the ground which won’t create too much feedback.

The outer side of the trainers are made from breathable soft synthetic, promising a comfortable and cosy feel also that keeps your feet cool and dry.

As for the laces, they’re elasticated into the bridge of the shoe, offering a super straightforward slide on/off experience. 

Laces like this are common amongst the best running barefoot shoes as it creates a second-skin feel on your feet. 

Whitin is a brand that recognises that getting your hands on a pair of running shoes that you love is super important. 

This is why they’ve created a plethora of design and colour choices for you to choose from. Examples include: 

  • Minimalistic black
  • Bright yellow and blue 
  • Soft pink and white
  • Black and gum sole 

Whether you prefer a simple colour palette or enjoy incorporating bolder colours into your running wardrobe, Whitin’s range is most certainly worth checking out for their extensive choice.

#14 - Adizero Adios Adidas Trainers

Price: £159.95

Barefoot Running Shoes adidas

If you’re looking for one of the best barefoot running shoes on the market, the Adizero Adios Adidas Trainers combines its lightweight upper design with a well-balanced durable outsole to create full foot stability throughout movement. 

The sole incorporates flex grooves for a more natural running motion while the synthetic overlays deliver added stability.

The lock down fit gives you the most comfortable and stable run yet! It’s highly durable, the sole also boasts non marking materials, which you’ll be able to use indoors or outside.

The air mesh textile upper delivers supreme ventilation and it has a durable rubber outsole for superb grip and traction. The sock like construction ensures that you as a runner would have an almost barefoot like feel.

The purpose built flex groves for a more natural and organic movement, the synthetic overlays provide additional support. In terms of price, it costs £159.95! This has to be one of the best barefoot running shoes on the market!

#15 - Xero Running Shoes

Price £76.67

Barefoot Running Shoes Xero

If you’re looking for a barefoot running shoes in the UK, this product from Xero has a fantastic double drainage system on the bottom to ensure that it drains out. The trainers are flexible and comfortable, it is breathable and has smooth fabrics on the upper part of the shoe to ensure ultimate comfort.

The trainers are non slip, it’s made out of breathable print fabric and has flexible rubber sole and it is has the function of skid resistance which is perfect for running on any surfaces. 

This product is vegan friendly and has a 5000 mile warranty to ensure that this product is long lasting. These shoes ensure you can flex your feet as you run whilst you are not damaging it. 

The thick insole and durable rubber sole ensures that it will protect your feet from any rock or stones as you are running. This is a fantastic men’s barefoot running shoe to purchase!

In terms of price it costs £76.67 and comes in a choice of 3 different colours and styles! It is also handy to note that it comes in various sizes so it’s suitable for both men and women.

#16 - Ziitop Barefoot Trail Running Shoes

Price: From £22.89

barefoot trainers running

Ziitop’s barefoot running shoes for men and women are a great way to get some high-quality shoes that won’t break the bank. 

These shoes are designed for a range of activities, such as:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Rock pooling
  • Surfing… just to name a few

They’re made from quick-drying materials to keep feet dry and cool for on-land activities, yet also dry in no time when left out in the sun.

The shoes feature toe sections to create a second-skin feeling wherever you go. 

They’re made from mesh fabrics and have honeycomb ventilation systems to promote constant airflow. 

Each pair is sold with insoles crafted from multi-density EVA foam with top-quality cushioning to promote additional comfort. 

When shopping around for the best barefoot running shoes on the market, reviews may help you to make your decision.

Viitop’s range has an average of 4.5 out of 5-stars, awarded by over 250 satisfied customers. 

Many reviewers note that they were impressed by the shoe’s durability and lightweight feel for such a low price. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for cheap barefoot running shoes in the UK, Ziitop is a brand that we’d suggest you look into. Follow the link above to find out more! 

#17 - Under Armour Micro G Running Shoes

Price: £37.97

Barefoot Running Shoes Under Armour

If you’re looking for men’s barefoot running shoes, these running shoes are an amazing product from Under Armour which has stretchy material which it fits more closely to the foot so that the shoes do not easily fall off.

These shoes will mould the width of your food with easy so you do not need to adjust the laces accordingly. The fabric is breathable and has a high quality sole with drainage holes to ensure proper water flow out of them which creates a cooler shoe environment.

This product has great slip resistance and prevents you from falling over in slippery or arduous  conditions. These shoes protect your feet from any foreign objects and provides a relaxed and comfortable feel. This barefoot trail running shoes are perfect for those who love to run outdoors!

In terms of price, it costs £37.97 and comes in a choice of 3 colours.

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