The Best 150 Health & Nutrition Blogs

The main point here at Origym, above all else, is our commitment to healthy living through exercise and a proper, nutritious diet. The whole reason we founded this company is because of this commitment to healthy and clean living. We also like to recognise the efforts of others hence why we created the 150 best health & nutrition blogs to follow going into 2018!

All of the exercise in the world is completely undermined if you continue to eat junk. Your body is a machine and food is the fuel that gives us every breath. Therefore, you really are what you eat. You eat rubbish, you produce rubbish, if you eat healthy, you’ll obtain healthy results.

The whole idea of living healthy isn’t just a matter of hiring a personal trainer and you’re on your way. A healthy lifestyle requires a rigorous change in how you eat, exercise, sleep and live.   In today’s technological world, there is all the information you need in order to help you adopt healthy living skills right at your fingertips.

Here’s the problem, though.

There’s just so much information floating around the internet that it’s nearly impossible for the average bloke to sort through and completely understand. It’s nearly impossible to sift out the scams in order to find the cream of the crop of the health and nutrition blogs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to just one source for a complete listing of all of the decent health and nutrition sites so you’re not wasting your time on rubbish?

Well, then the penny dropped!

Why don’t we at Origym sift through the millions of hacks to present you with only the very best of the health and nutrition websites to follow?  We are from the fitness education background, so we like to feel we know what good content looks like, so that’s exactly what we did. We took the time to Google virtually every health, fitness, diet and wellbeing websites and narrowed it down to the top 150!

That’s right, 150 of the very best health and nutrition blogs from around the world presented in a way that anyone could understand. It’s important to keep in mind that we’re not interested in presenting a ranking of them all because there is so much subjectivity involved in doing that.

After all, what is good for one person may not be the best for the other.

Given that, it’s important to keep in mind that these are just the best of the blogs to help you select the ones that are right for you.   We’ve simply reviewed each site to evaluate the value of the information to the reader and already sifted out the lousy ones.

No matter whom you may be or where you may live, we have found the health and nutrition blog that is just the right fit!

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Authority Nutrition- Daily Articles About Health and Nutrition

This is a very active site that writes an average of 7-8 blog posts per week covering virtually every aspect of healthy living.   If you want a site that offers just about everything in one easy format, Authority Nutrition is the site.


Nutrition – The Beachbody Blog

The Beachbody Blog is more geared toward celebrity trainers and weight loss. This site features renowned at-home workout programs of the stars. They offer supportive and comprehensive fitness and diet information for healthy living. | the Latest in Nutrition Related Research

This is Dr. Michael Greger’s Medical Nutrition Blog which is a science-based source for the latest in nutrition presented in the form of short videos. If you’re a person looking who’s big on the facts without the glitter, this may be the site for you.


Quest Nutrition

We could not have our list of the greatest nutrition blogs without Quest Nutrition! They might only do about one blog post a week, but they are in-depth and with a contemporary flare. This is more of a hip site geared toward a younger reader with a busy lifestyle.


Nutrition Secrets

This research based site offers evidence-based and factual dietary information in an engaging manner that isn’t preachy or pretentious. Their one blog a week takes complex scientific information and simplifies it for readers around the world.   


Nutrition Stripped | Live Whole. Eat Well. Feel Amazing

Written and run by a Dietician and Nutritionist, Nutrition Stripped is loaded with practical recipes, nutrition advice and inspiration. This site doesn’t just talk about nutrition in the abstract but rather offers advice for healthy daily living.


Kath Eats Real Food – Nutrition, Life, Food, Fun

Kath is a really fun blog that’s really about daily living. Their blogs covers food, diet, parenting and even advice on selecting just the right wine. The site also features recipes made from whole ingredients and are presented in a fresh, fun fashion.


The Whole Hearted Cook

The brains of this Aussie site, Behind the Wholehearted Cook, are Master Chef Alumnus, Dani Venn. She features drool worthy meals, blogs about various healthy fare and her love shows for her daughter Harlow through her many gorgeous photos.


Ashy Bines

Ashy Bines is hip and young and popular through her Australian TV Show. She’s fitness oriented but honestly, geared more toward the youth.   Ashy excellently introduces the younger reader to health and nutrition.


True Nutrition Community

True Nutrition Community is product based, but not a bad blog overall. Sure, while they’re interested with selling their health related products True Nutrition Community also provides some valuable information for their readers through a weekly blog. 


Real Mom Nutrition

This American blog is not just geared toward readers in the US, but rather this nutritionist and mom emphasises healthy foods and snacks that will get the children off to a good start in life, health wise. This is a family blog written as a guide to good parenting through healthy living.


HUM Nutrition Blog

Hum is unique its approach to nutrition through an offering of an online quiz that will narrow the nutrition needs down to address your specific lifestyle. Their team of expert Nutritionists provide you with a detailed report tailored just to you.


Better Nutrition

Better Nutrition is a shopping site for Natural Living and they focus on supplement and herb education, holistic nutrition and promote a healthy life style. They also promote nontoxic beauty products and a holistic approach to being a beautiful woman.


Nourish Holistic Nutrition

Certified Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Change Expert, Anne Baker isn’t interested with bombarding the reader with over-information and prefers a more laid back, informative once a month blog. She’s an expert in a more addressing severe health issues through diet and nutrition.


Green Kitchen Stories

Green Kitchen Stories was named one of the best six health blogs in the UK by BBC News. There’s a wide variety of recipes geared toward almost every taste. Sometimes raw, sometimes cooked, the dishes utilize a vast variety of ingredients and are always veggie.


Chocolate Covered Katie

This UK site admits that it’s inspired by chefs across the pond and is devoted to specialising in healthy desserts. More specifically, taking existing popular, confection delights and redesigning them in a much healthier manner. Well worth their place on our top 150 best blogs to follow!


Nutrition Diva: Quick and Dirty

Nutrition Diva is a New York City based blog which separates nutrition facts from fiction. They sift the good information from the bad and offer the best in healthy living for an international audience. Nutrition Diva writes about four, very informative blogs per month.


Julia’s Fitness Blog

We would definitely be remiss for not mentioning UK’s renowned fitness trainer, Julia Buckley. Her active blog covers nutrition, yoga and fitness. Julia also features an “online gym” designed with workout programs that you can tailor to fit your own needs.


Raw Chocolate

Another of the popular Aussie sites, Raw Chocolate is run by Casey Pringle a mother and maker of organic, vegan and fair trade chocolate. Chocolate dishes don’t have to be unhealthy and that’s the whole point Casey drives home through her weekly blog.


Jessica Sepel

Jessica is a clinical nutritionist who really knows the onion when it comes to health and nutrition. Her page offers healthy recipes and includes tips on how to live a healthier life style.


Kayla Itsines

With over 5.5 million followers, Kayla Itsines is definitely doing something right. She’s popular throughout the world for her lively, contemporary healthy lifestyle blog. At just 24, Kayla has an App., an ebook and an entire brand of exercise equipment.


Nutritious Eats

Here, a registered dietician and nutritionist shares her experiences and advice with readers of her 3 blogs per month. This is a no-nonsense blog that isn’t concerned about being hip or glitzy, but rather simply provides the reader with everything they need to know.


Nashua Nutrition Blog

Nashua specialises in high quality weight loss bariatric products used by physicians and weight loss experts. While, yes, they’re still pushing a product, Nashua is still informative and extremely helpful.


Mom to Mom Nutrition

Just as the name implies this is a mom to mom blog about everything food and family. Their blogs cover maternal and child nutrition and musings about the experience of parenting. This is a fun and engaging blog!


Kyra Lydon

Originating in the states, Kyra Lydon has developed an international following as yoga instructor and registered dietician. Kyra believes in nourishing the mind along with the body and she emphasises meditation and developing your whole spirit as a part of personal good health.


Twice the Health

Another one of the UKs finest blogs, Twice the Health was founded and is run by two London based friends Hannah and Emily. Their focus is health and fitness with a down-to-earth style and a great sense of humour.


Nourishing Jessica

The amusing tagline for this blog is, “people who love to eat are always the best people!” This is a fun blog graced with Jessica’s elegant photography. She explores alternative foods and gluten-free, dairy-free and raw recipes.


The Nutritionist Reviews

The next diet and wellbeing related blog is owned by a registered dietician who offers her unique spin on diet, healthy living and parenting in this very active blog of about 5 posts per week.


Nutrition Over Easy with Monica Reingel

This blog features a wide array of healthy eating tips, expert analysis and the latest diet trends. Monica blogs in a light and easy to read manner that is very appealing.


The Nutrition Twins

In a unique twist, we get dietary advice from not just one- but twins! The Nutrition twins write about 3 blogs per month and their motto is, “we make healthy fun, easy and tempting.” Something they certainly live up to!


Abby Langer

No list of health and fitness blogs would be complete without mentioning Canada’s Abby Langer. She’s legendary as a nutrition spokesperson, recipe development and a hater of fad diets and fake foods.


Alissa Rumsey

The appeal of New York based Alissa Rumsey is that she specialises with chronic disease treatment and sports medicine.


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Blog

Not nearly as boring as the name may imply, this site’s main objective is to educate as many as possible through their weekly blog.   They’re interesting in helping people get well and stay well, so they in turn can help others.


Your Choice Nutrition

Your Choice Nutrition touts itself as a “journey to wellness as we find a realistic way to live a healthier life!” They do about 4 posts per month and offer practical advice with the habits of real people in mind.


Sinful Nutrition- Where every veggie has a dark side.

The delightful, Sinful Nutrition was founded in 2010 to spread the love for nutrition and cooking by developing “sinful” recipes.   It has grown over the years to include exercise tips, home workouts and now a Youtube Channel.


Nutrition Blog Network

If you’re interested with hearing the advice of literally hundreds of nutritionists around the world, this is the site for you. This compilation publishes over 56 blog posts per week!


Second to None Nutrition Blog

Second to None is devoted to healthy eating as it relates to sports nutrition. If you’re an athlete, this is the heavenly site for you!


Fraiche Nutrition

This top diet blog is run by blogger Tori Wesszer, who is a BC, Canada based Registered Dietician and food blogger. Her down home once a week blog is her thoughts about diet, exercise and overall health.


Sarah Wilson

We’re back to Australia with Nutritionist Sarah Wilson’s monthly blog. Sarah concentrates on how to reduce sugar intake through sugar-free treats and tips for avoiding food wastage.


Lola Berry

Nutritionist and author Lola Berry took Melbourne by storm with her popular juice bar and lively blog. Lola’s popularity around the world has gained her over 100,000 Instagram followers who hang on her every word and wisdom.


Indulging Innocently

Balancing health and a sweet tooth, Indulging Innocently proves that you can have your cake and eat it too. All the recipes are gluten-free and with the focus on boosting protein content.


Deliciously Ella

Almost every health conscience Brit is probably already familiar with Deliciously Ella, but if you aren’t yet, you soon will be. After being diagnosed with a rare illness that left her bedridden and finding conventional medicine lacking, Ella began a health based diet that helped her recover and she shares this experience through her popular blog.


Hunger-Under Nutrition Blog

This popular blog aims to inform the public and promote an open dialogue about health. They strive to empower people through good health and clean, organic living.


The Holistic Nutritionist

The Holistic Nutritionist strives to rekindle the flame of good health within you. It awakens the spirit while filling the soul with the spirituality of a good and clean diet.


Toby Amidor

Toby takes an urban approach to promoting good health through her weekly blog that includes recipes, hot topics from international media outlets.


The Brown Paper Bag

A blog of roughly two per week by Jacqueline Alwill this site really stresses fresh nutrition ideas, recipes and delicious food ideas.   Known for a new spin on old ideas, The Brown Bag is an enjoyable blog all the way around.


Lyndi Cohen-the Nude Nutritionist

Lyndi isn’t literally the “nude” nutritionist, but her monthly Sidney based blog promotes her wholefoods dietetic ideas. Her blog is particularly focused on helping emotional eating and ending the yo-yo dieting many engage in.


80 Twenty Nutrition-Healthy Eating Made Simple

Here’s the site for the latest in nutrition news, recipes and interviews with dieticians from everywhere. They’re also nutrition consultants who can develop a plan for healthy living that fits your individual lifestyle.


Nutty 4 Nutrition

Originating in Winnipeg, Manitoba, these two blog posts per month promotes healthy, clean living and fresh ideas for a gluten-free and dairy-free diet.


Elite Nutrition and Performance

This is another great site for the athlete specialising in sports nutrition and weight management. This blog does about 4 per posts per month while emphasising eating disorder management, chronic disease management and sports diet.


Andy the RD

Andy holds a Master’s degree in public health nutrition and his Toronto based blog is geared more toward the intellectual in nature.   He’s pretty prolific with an average of about 4 posts per week and all are very informative.


Oh Baby Nutrition Blog

This is a blog geared towards good health for the entire family. Its 3 posts a month will empower the reader with the knowledge that they getting their baby and family off to the right start in wholesome living.


Champagne Nutrition

This delightful site is for those who want to eat well and still go out on the town for a good time. Their one post a week showcases travel, eating out, natural health and clean vegetarian living.


123 Nutrition

123 makes healthy living for families much easier with simple, healthy recipes and advice on healthy living for the whole family.


A Market Basket of Nutrition Services

This is a blog operated by a retail food industry expert and teaches clients delicious meal planning, smart food choices and smart grocery shopping. There’s plenty of sound advice here for the person who wishes to eat at home.


Danielle Levy

Considered a Nutrition Practitioner, Danielle takes a comprehensive approach that focuses on a whole food diet and balanced lifestyle.


Nutrition by Nazima

Nazima cuts through the rubbish and gets right to the nuts and bolts of clean, healthy living. Her practical approach avoids the fads and gimmicks we often come across on the internet today.


Anna Cortesi

Located in Cyprus, Anna is a Clinical Dietician-Nutritionist who works with clients closely to meet their nutritional goals. Anna’s 4 post a month blogs a month help individuals balance good health with a hectic lifestyle.


Nutrition By Carrie

Seattle based Dietician Carrie Bennet doesn’t just write for an American audience. She takes a more personal approach to her blogging and works hard to help guide you to the road to good nutrition.


Sports Nutrition Vlog

This obviously is another great site for the athlete and fully understands sports nutrition inside and out. They do about one post a month and they’re very insightful.



Lemond-Nutrition is a family blog interested with the health of your children from birth through adulthood. At two blogs a month this is great site for busy parents who want to feed their family right.


Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc.

This Calgary based company offers full nutrition consulting for their clients in person and online through their weekly blog of two very informative posts.


Miranda Malsiani-Nutrition Expert

Based at her home in Toronto, Miranda shares her expertise in holistic nutrition and creating unique nutrition solutions.


A Nutritionist Eats- How this Nutritionist Really Eats

The delightful Emily Dingmann shares her love for healthy food and life through wonderful 3 posts a month.


Nic Nutrition

This blog comes to us from Leeds and it’s not about just dieting it’s about adapting an entire healthy way of life. Nic only does about 1 blog post a month but they’re very informative and easy to read and understand.


Mitzi Dulan, America’s Nutrition Expert Blog for Health

Don’t let her title discourage you because Mitzi doesn’t just write for American tastes and cover a whole array of topics. She does about a post a month on fitness, food and effective weight loss and is a fun read!


Holistic Nutritionist & Functional Health Practitioner, Paula Owens, MS

Don’t let the fancy name scare you away from Paula’s once a month blog which works to identify the root cause of health issues and treat them holistically.


360 Family Nutrition

360 is a family health blog that provides a balanced approach to healthy eating for the whole family through recipes and great, helpful tips.


Nancy Clark RD-Sports Nutritionist

Nancy Clark is a recognised expert in sports nutrition and is the author of “Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook.”


NTI Blogs

A little bit of a different entry on our blogs for wellbeing list…..NTI is the highly acclaimed educational institution focused on the serious scientific study health and nutrition. These 3 blogs a week are fact based and reliable and have developed a reputation as being a leading authority of diet.


Bloom Nutritionist-Blog

Bloom is the Melbourne based monthly blog by Lucy Taylor is an expert in plant-based recipes and vegan or vegetarian diets.

Orlando Dietician Nutritionist

A monthly blog from Orlando, Florida, which is geared toward a healthy diet for those people stuck with an 80 hour work week. This blog encourages you to give up the fast food and offers tips for alternatives to eat healthy for those on the go.


First Step Nutrition/Prenatal, Postnatal, Infant and Toddler Nutrition Services

First Step is a totally unique blog for those who are expecting or have an infant or toddler to care. First Step helps parents get off on the right start with their family’s health needs.


Tara Miller- Holistic Nutritionist

Tara’s once a month blog is dedicated to helping people discover that small, daily steps can lead to a permanent healthy lifestyle.


Dina Rose PhD/ It’s Not About Nutrition Blog

Dina is another blog dedicated to families by helping parents with the challenges of teaching their children to make wise food choices as a way of life.


April Saunders Nutrition

April takes a novel approach to her 3 blogs a month by teaching readers to set realistic and manageable lifestyle goals. According to April, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to diet and nutrition.


Blog-Eleat Sports Nutrition

Eleat Sports Nutrition is geared toward the athlete who wants to eat right for maximum performance and offers the recipes and expert advice to achieve this.


A little Nutrition-Winnipeg Dietician Services

A little Nutrition offers the implementation of research-based lifestyle and nutrition services. The site writes 4 blogs a month mostly regarding the latest scientific and medical advancement in nutrition and diet.


Shahzadi Devje

Shahzadi is an award winning nutritionist who writes from Toronto, sharing her thoughts and expertise with readers and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.


Bite of Health Nutrition-Nutritious and Delicious Eats Made Easy

Bite of Health Nutrition is devoted to making healthy living more affordable, easy and delicious. They offer tips, recipes and up to date nutrition news through their 4 posts a month.


Healthy Nest Nutrition

Healthy Nest is known for nutrition counselling in Denver, Colorado and specialise in sound digestion, natural weight loss and boosting autoimmunity.


Nutrition Nut on the Run

This is the active foodie’s pursuit of a wholesome lifestyle one run at a time. This once a month blog highlights healthy eating and recipes for those people caught up in a hectic lifestyle.


Nutrition in Recovery

This is a totally unique site that promotes physical nutrition wellness for those in addiction recovery. Their 2 posts a month address the nutritional needs addicts and alcoholics in order to ease their recovery.


Sweet Spot Nutrition

Sweet spot features fun and engaging workshops and blogs to help people make informed food choices throughout their daily lives, justifiably meriting a place on our best wellbeing blogs!


Feel Well Food

Feel Well Food maintains that shopping and cooking are the two things we actually have control of. This is reflected in their 2 post a month blog encouraging and providing excellent food choices.


Madeline Nutrition

Madeline is a holistic nutritionist offering personal wellness and programs to deal specifically with women’s health issues. Her unique approach is shared through one very engaging blog post per month.


Nourishing Excellence-Nutritional Therapy

This twice monthly blog takes a more new-age approach to health and diet to help their readers develop spiritually, as well as physically.


The Nutrition Nomad

“Eat healthy-eat local!” is this blog’s motto as it promotes community through eating healthy and together.


Hearty Nutrition Blog

These are Melbourne’s expert dieticians and nutritionists helping you achieve your nutritional goals.


Nutrition Pair

This husband and wife team are educators first and their monthly blog help you make better choices and offer the unique aspect of helping people manage diabetes.


SOL Nutrition Blog

We generally don’t think of nutrition when we think of Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, but SOL does just that. They emphasise a scientific approach to diet and health and all of their advice is backed up by sound research.


Tasty Balance Nutrition

This blog is all about creating a balanced lifestyle along with improving your diet. Their twice a month posts help you eat right and balance your work with play.


Euphoria Nutrition- Better Nutrition Means Better Performance

Charlene Pors manages a post a week promoting diet and lifestyle choices that will help boost your performance at work and at play.


Susan Barendregt, MNT, BCHN Holistic Nutrition

If you’re tired of harmful medications with more side effects then benefits –this is the blog for you. Susan helps reader take a holistic approach to coping and treating their health needs.


Not Your Average Nutritionist -Registered Dietitian, Libby Parker’s Health & Nutrition Blog

Libby is devoted to helping those with eating disorders learn to think about food in a different way. If food or eating is causing you anxiety, then Libby’s monthly blog might be right for you.


Soul Nutrition Consulting

Sara Brunner a registered Dietician takes a personal approach to health and diet by offering personal consultation in person and online. Sara can help develop a personal diet based upon your individual needs and offers her thoughts through her once a month blog.


Nutrition Sheila- Nutrition Applied Blog

Sheila helps develop a healthy relationship between mind, body and soul through food. She offers practical real life information that is easy to apply to every lifestyle.


The Family Nutrition Expert

The Family Nutrition Blog specialises in digestive problems, auto-immunity, hormone imbalance and infertility. There are about 3 posts a month devoted to diet as it relates to these issues and much, much more.


Christy Wilson Nutrition

Christy is more concerned about helping you regain and stay in good health through a proper and balanced diet. She writes about once a month and cuts through the complexity in order to make lifestyle changes simpler.


Yes! Nutrition Blog

This site is dedicated to all dietary and health needs and doesn’t limit itself to one or two main issues. They offer personal consultation and the blog serves as an inspiration to adapt our life to more healthy living and better choices.


Lottie Murphy

Coming in next on our top wellbeing blogs is Lottie Murphy! She has an active site and blog that includes pieces on lifestyle, healthy food and travel. It’s a site that offers an interesting array of information and options.


Boulder Nutrition

Founded in 2003, Boulder Nutrition is another of the fine science-based sites that doesn’t report old wives’ tales as fact. This is a site that features accurate nutrition information based upon proven medical research.


Acrobat Nutrition

Acrobat is a unique service that offers personal counselling on nutrition and weight loss either in person or via Skype. Acrobat also guides individuals in mastering the balancing act of life which helps develop a healthy lifestyle and mind.


Eat Smart Diet and Nutrition Blog

Another of the Australian favourites, Eat Smart does 3 posts a month about the importance of buying local and the importance of fresh food. The site also features the standard fare of dieting advice and healthy recipes.


Nutrition Blog-Jill West Nutrition Consulting

Jill West takes an interesting twist with her health consulting business and blog. She concentrates on the health and special needs of women specifically over 45. Her monthly blog helps woman with advice on menopause, metabolism and weight.


Natural Nutritionist Casey Dick

Writing from Queensland, Casey concentrates on inspiring simplicity in healthy living in the most delicious ways possible.   He believes in a natural approach to healing and maintaining a healthy, illness free life.



Nutritiousdeliciousfoods may be a mouthful in itself to say, but their monthly blog posts are simple and no nonsense advice on healthy living. The site concentrates on recipes that are both tasty and good for the body.



Here’s a blog that gets right to the nuts and bolts of living vegetarian. Butternutrition features recipes, advice from the experts and the latest in health news.


Nutrition Society Blogs

You can’t be European and into health without having heard of the renowned Nutrition Society and the research on health and diet that they conduct. Their blog is simply an extension of that and this is where they share their expertise and advice.


Citadel Nutrition Blog

Citadel is a little unique in that it is geared more toward a pescatarian diet that excludes red meat but promotes the health value of fish and fish oils.


Living Paleo Magazine

This once a month blog is an extension of the magazine and includes recipes and diet plans that work.


Healthbean Nutrition

Healthbean specialises in celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and allergies and intolerances. They write one or two blogs a month which includes advice on how to address these issues through diet and nutrition.


360 Studio- More Wellness in Your Life

360’s nutritionist, Tanya, describes herself as an “organisational geek” and a self-made yoga master. Her prolific 3 posts a week showcase her expertise as a nutrition guide, yoga and “stuff that makes your life better in every way!”


Lazy Girl Running

Lazy girl is the brainchild of London based nutritionist, Laura Fountain, who shares her expertise and fondness for the European diet through her weekly nutrition blog.


Running Beans Nutrition

Charlie Watson loves to run-I mean, really run and he shares his fondness for the sport and the unique nutritional needs these athletes require.


The Fat Girl’s Guide to Running

This blog is celebrating seven years of the fat girl giving advice on everything from losing weight the natural way to five reasons to train for a 5K run. This is a fun and very readable blog that remains popular for a very good reason!


Fitness on Toast

Fitness on Toast offers topics ranging from the top healthiest places to eat in London to interviews with top athletes about the importance of nutrition in sports.


The Grit Doctor

Ruth Field doesn’t post often, in fact, not even once a month on average, but all of her advice has a practical application to life. Her most recent blog for example, was about how to quit smoking on your own, the natural way.


Dorothy Bean

Dorothy is a remarkable story of achievement as she overcame OCD, oral allergy syndrome and Gilbert’s Syndrome to become a top runner and popular blogger.


Miz Fit

Carla Birnberg believes it’s all about motivation when it comes to health, fitness and spirituality and her weekly blog is a reflection of her ideals. Definitely warranting a place on our top health blogs to watch.


Born Fitness

The no-nonsense Adam Bornstein challenges the fitness myths and encourage readers to question everything they ever knew about nutrition and fitness.


Daily Cup of Yoga

What began as a simple blog about the relationship between men’s health and yoga soon ballooned into an international sensation. Daily Cup of Yoga has become the definitive site to visit for advice on all things yoga.


Strength Running

Strength running is the #1 blog for runners looking for speedier finishes and all around strength. This site blends a love of the sport with the importance of good nutrition.


Balance Bites

This is a blog created to help you manage your blood sugar, food allergies and improve your digestive health.   Balance Bites benefits from the two expert nutritionists who founded it and share their extensive knowledge through their weekly blog.


Sarah Remmer

Sarah quite simply is concerned about mums and the health of mums. If you fall under that category than this is most definitely the health blog for you!



Dietriffic is a discussion of all things food. Simple and direct, this blog offers everything you will ever need to know about good nutrition.


Your Health is on Your Plate

Dr. Roxanne Sukol is no amateur when it comes to health, diet and nutrition and shares her extensive knowledge on a broad array of topics.


Eat, Drink, Better

This blog offers great tips for converting and living vegan, as well gardening advice and the importance of buying locally grown food.


Food Politics

Food Politics is the place to go in order to learn about the politics of food around the world. Food Scholar, Marion Nestle focuses on food legislation and laws and how they affect you.


Eat Without Guilt

Dinneen Diette struggled with weight issues for years and understands what feeling inadequate is all about.   Here, she shares her thoughts on how women view themselves and their bodies.


Food insight Blog

Food insight is published by the International Food Information Council Foundation and offers the latest news on the science of food.



This is a really fun blog written by the father of three toddles and is his personal exploration what you should and should not eat.


Healthy Fellow

Healthy Fellow explores all things related to natural health remedies. Here one will find the best of home remedies and holistic healthcare.


Living Healthy in the Real World

An excellent compilation site, that takes the time to glean the globe for the very best in health information to share with you via their weekly blog. Well worth a place on our list of health blogs.


Ask Amy

Just as the name implies, one can ask Amy practically anything related to diet, health and nutrition and she’ll do her best to address it.


Amy Savage

This nutrition and recipe blog by Amy Savage gives you real inspiration when it comes to clean eating. The blogger who is originally from the UK, but now resides in Australia has a wealth of knowledge from her degree in Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, that she shares with her audience!


Nutrition U

Written by a cancer survivor, this blog discusses how diet and fitness can help one build a resistance to the diseases through a holistic approach.


A sprinkle of Sage

This health and nutrition blog discusses the author’s own success in losing weight through natural methods. If your looking at shedding a few pounds, some great inspiration can be found here.


Food Facts

The facts and nothing but the facts- Food Facts discusses just what is inside our food. If your looking to get a straight answer this nutrition blog is for you!


Fit to Eat

Professor Christine Rosenbloom is a respected expert in the science of food and works with adults to promote a healthier life-style.


David Grotto

David founded a nutrition consulting firm and shares his expertise on diet through his weekly blog. He also addresses individual health concerns through a holistic approach to healthcare.


Eating Simple

This delightful site is devoted to helping you simplify your eating choices but still eating a delicious meal.


Eat Simply

Eat Simply is a blog that help you read in-between the lines of a food label to learn what you’re really eating.


Guy and Good Food

The musings of two men as they discuss being male and eating healthy. Yes, men can and do make better choices than simply fish and chips, takeout or beer.


Summer Tomato

This site was voted one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2011. Created by a PhD, it offers tips for healthy living in an urban environment. This nutrition blog is definitely worth a follow!


Maya Nahra

For something a little different, Maya is a food behaviourist whose slogan is; “Shifting the diet mind-set for extraordinary living.”   Maya Nahra helps us change just how we view eating and develop a more healthy relationship with food.



My New Roots

This vegetarian site promotes healthy living through a plant based diet. It is pact full of great content and fully deserves to make our list of 150 best nutrition and health blogs to follow.


Market Basket Nutrition

Founder Cindy Silver promotes a simple and healthy lifestyle through her monthly blog posts about buying local, preparing home-cooked meals and developing a healthy lifestyle.


Nutrition Designs

A wife and mother will show you how to improve your daily diet and lead a healthy, holistic lifestyle. Dietician Tiffany offers up recipes and advice and asks all of the questions about diet and health that need to be asked.


Susan Mitchell

Dr. Mitchel discusses all issues related to diet and food from the perspective of an medical doctor.


Apple a Day Nutrition

Last but not least to finish our list of top health and nutrition blogs is Apple a day nutrition.  A mother and nutritionist shares recipes and tips for developing a healthy lifestyle as a family. This site helps mums with meal planning and treats that will benefit the health of children while still being incredibly tasty!


That concludes our list of the best health & nutrition health blogs to follow! Make sure to give them a subscribe if you like their content or find it interesting! Equally if your looking to become a health and fitness professional or blogger yourself, you might want to download our prospectus or check out the Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise.


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Turn your passion for health and fitness into a new career

Written by Luke Hughes


Luke is the CEO for OriGym, with a masters degree and 1st class honours degree in sport and exercise science and is a qualified personal trainer. Luke loves playing football and running, but his main passion is for cycling, where he can often be found cycling round the Lake District on a Sunday afternoon!