29 Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring & Training (2024)

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So you’re in search of the best boxing gloves out there, but there are far too many to choose from.

Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed your search down to the top 29 gloves in the UK according to style, quality, and price!

From the best cheap boxing gloves to the best pairs for training, our ultimate list has all you need. 

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#1-6 - Best Cheap Boxing Gloves

#7-15 - Best Boxing Gloves for Training

#16-22 - Best Boxing Gloves for Sparring

#23-29 - Best Professional Boxing Gloves

What are the best boxing gloves?

This is something we’d love to answer off the bat, but it truly depends on what you’ll be using the gloves for.

So, if you’re looking for the answer to ‘what are the best boxing gloves?’, you should have a think about why you’re looking for them in the first place!

Are you new to boxing, or looking for some cheap boxing gloves to try it out? Or are you slightly more experienced and looking out for the best gloves for sparring?

Whatever your story or preference, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best boxing gloves in the UK this year.

Best Cheap Boxing Gloves

#1 -  Mytra Fusion Boxing Gloves

mytra gloves for boxing image

We can’t argue with 98% positive reviews, which is exactly what the Mytra Fusion Boxing Gloves have on Amazon (where they are sold other than the primary website). 

One of their most frequently praised features is the heavy-duty synthetic leather which seems to last well. Many customers also state that they would recommend them as one of the best boxing gloves for beginners, so do keep this in mind!

If you want to pick up a pair of gloves for under £20 that are great for rookies, look expensive, can be used for sparring, and last a long time then you should definitely consider them.

Price: £19.99

#2 - Lions Boxing Gloves

best boxing gloves image

For their price, these gloves certainly pack a punch according to their 126 customer reviews (83% of which are positive). They are frequently praised for their ample wrist support and padding, as well as for their synthetic leather exterior which appears to take a good beating.

Looking for a great bargain? The Lions Boxing Gloves will be your saving grace, especially if you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend a fortune. They’re actually the cheapest pair on our list, perhaps making them one of the best pairs for beginners!

They claim to be good for sparring also, so why not give them a shot and let us know what you think?

Price: £11.99

#3 - Farabi Boxing Gloves

farabi boxing product image

Having 89% of 136 reviews being positive on Amazon is an achievement, as well as creating a pair of gloves that are suitable for most types of training and sparring for under £20.

Farabi Sports claim that the gloves are great for use with heavy bags, especially because of their tri-layered shock absorption padding. Going from their reviews, we have no right to dispute this!

When the phrase ‘best cheap boxing gloves’ is mentioned, it can make buyers a little sceptical... but worry not.

Farabi Sports are an established fitness brand that specialises in boxing and martial arts gear, making your purchase a smart one (and giving them an advantage over competitors).

Price: £17.99


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#4 - Blok-iT Boxing Gloves

blok it boxing gloves

Applauded in reviews for their quality and fitting, the Blok-iT gloves are perfect for beginners or those simply looking for a bargain. They’re even recommended by trainers on Amazon's platform, which is a reassurance!

The wrist strap looks pretty supportive and the gloves seem to be well padded, so they would definitely be suitable for bag work and sparring.

They come in a variety of colours, including:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Pink 

Which means that you can customise your purchase as you see fit (and you can rest assured that you'll be the most stylish competitor at your next training session!).  

They come with free delivery in the UK, making them one of the best boxing gloves in the UK in terms of quality and value.

Price: £23.82

#5 - Lions Focus Pads and Gloves Set 

focus pads and boxing gloves image

If you’re into sparring or MMA training or looking to start, this is a great bargain for the price!

Not only does it include a pair of the best cheap boxing gloves but it also comes with the Lions Focus Pads, which are ideal for training. Both the gloves and the pads come in 6 different style options, so you can also customise your purchase. 

Usually, if you buy a pair of branded boxing gloves and focus pads on top, the price is over double of what this set costs. No wonder it made it onto our list of the best gloves in the UK!

Take a look at its 91% positive reviews on Amazon for more reassurance if you need to, but we can safely say that this is a great deal.

Price: £17.99-19.99

#6 - POWERSTAR Focus Pads Boxing Gloves

max strength best boxing gloves set image

This set is marginally different in price to the product from Lions, but it does have more reviews to skim through on Amazon's platform before buying (which may or may not affect your decision!).

The one downside is that they only come in one weight, whereas the Lions Focus Pads give you the option to select different sizes.

However, if you’re a beginner or looking for a bargain then this is still a great buy according to reviews, and we’d certainly recommend it!

Price: £17.45

Best Boxing Gloves for Training

If you weren’t sold on our best cheap boxing gloves section (maybe you’re a pro looking for something a little tougher?), then you won’t be disappointed with the rest of our list!

We’re about to kick things off with the best gloves for training, as this is important to know if you’re feeling a little more serious about boxing or MMA.

#7 - RDX Training Boxing Gloves

rdx boxing gloves

One of the first things you’ll notice about the RDX Training gloves is that they are made from cow-hide leather. This makes them stronger than any that are made from synthetic leather and effectively last longer too.

A quick scroll of their 94% positive reviews on Amazon will show you that they are ideal for training due to their design, namely the fit and wrist support. Many customers seem to think that they are great value for money too which is always a bonus!

Price: £31.99

#8 - Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

venum best boxing gloves set

While made from synthetic leather, the Venum Elite gloves are one of the most popular products when it comes to the best boxing gloves in the UK.

They're available in either:

  • 10oz
  • 12oz
  • 14oz
  • 160z

This is quite a range in comparison to some of the other products on the market. Not only this, but the Challenger 3.0  model in particular claims to be '50% better' than the Challenger 2.0, which we can say seems pretty true after a brief test. They are good for training as the shock absorption is decent and the improved fit over the previous version helps with protecting your hands! 

They have a lot of reviews on Amazon, of which 97% are positive, so it’s hard to argue with their success. Are they the best pair for training? Try them out for yourself and let us know... 

Price: £48.98

#9 - Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

everlast boxing gloves image

The Everlast Pro Style gloves are one of the most reviewed items on our list, and it’s no surprise why. Not only are they a bargain, but they’re great for training according to many Amazon customers.

One obvious advantage to making this purchase would be that you have the reassurance of the manufacturer being a popular fitness brand. Whether this matters to you or not is personal preference, but some people prefer to stick to what they know (and that’s fine!).

Their 75% positive reviews on Amazon show how popular they are with customers, as many have branded them a ‘game-changer’, or more specifically ‘great gloves for training’. We can’t argue with that!

Price: £19.99-37.00

#10 - Valour Strike Red Paw Boxing Gloves

valour strike product image

Valour Strike themselves recommend the 120z as a ‘good choice for someone looking for an all-around training glove that’s a little lighter than the 14oz’, which they also stock in case you want the added weight.

5-star reviews on Amazon brand the product ‘amazing’ and ‘perfect for gym work’, which indicates that it deserves its spot on our list. More reviews state that they are suitable for sparring too!

Price: £26.95

#11 - RDX Boxing Gloves Maya Hide Leather

rdx boxing gloves image

The RDX gloves with maya hide leather are made with ‘Quadro-Dome technology’, which claims to assist the natural alignment of the hand during strikes.

According to the Amazon customer reviews (which are 94% positive), the gloves do exactly that!

The shell-shock gel padding also seems to be a winner, as many customers praise RDX for creating such durable and good-quality gloves that can take a lot of wear and tear.

Many customers have bought multiple pairs from RDX, which is also a reassuring sign that they were built to last.

Price: £30.99

#12 - Adidas Hybrid 100 Boxing Gloves

adidas best boxing gloves image

The name of these gloves will have undoubtedly turned some heads, as we all know a popular brand is usually the go-to for a lot of customers.

However, can they live up to their name?

Their 83% positive review record out of 95 reviews on Amazon would certainly say so, as well as one customer who says: ‘for those more about speed or general fitness these are ideal.’

Their reputation alongside their reasonable price (considering their brand) has earned them their spot on our list of the best boxing gloves for training, and we can’t see them disappearing anytime soon.

Price: £30.07-42.95

#13 - RDX Boxing Gloves for Training  * Amazon’s Choice

rdx boxing gloves image

Being an Amazon’s choice product as well as having 95% positive reviews is pretty impressive, and it’s no wonder why this pair of RDX training gloves have made it onto our list. 

One customer wrote: ‘absolutely brilliant product. Have shown no sign of fading despite the punishment they take against a heavy bag, and they do exactly what they were bought for,’ and only faulted them for being quite tight (but this depends on preference!).

From what we can see, they are a great option for those looking for the best boxing gloves for training and we’d recommend trying them out for yourself.

Price: £25.99-28.99

#14 - Everlast Protex 2 Training Gloves

On the lookout for gloves with lightweight foam padding and incredible ventilation? You’re in the right place.

One customer on the Amazon platform praised them by saying: ‘this is an EXCELLENT pair of gloves for training, even at 16oz they feel light, flexible, nimble, and agile. They are very, very durable.’

If you want a branded purchase that is also full leather, the Everlast Fighter gloves are for you.

Price: £49.99

#15 - Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves

adidas hybrid gloves

So you like the look of the Adidas Hybrid 100 gloves, and now we’re here to confuse you even more…

Seriously, you should still consider these gloves before you make your final decision. They actually have 88% 5-star reviews on Amazon, as well as some glowing reviews from as recently as this month.

At the end of the day, the gloves are by Adidas and there’s not a fitness enthusiast alive that doesn’t know of the brand.

If you want to go with a trusted and well-known brand in your search for the top gloves for training, then this pair of Adidas Hybrid gloves should certainly make it onto your shortlist.

Price: £90.97-129.95

Best Boxing Gloves for Sparring  

Learn about the different paths in fitness professions by exploring the highest-earning fitness roles.

#16 - Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

hayabusa sparring boxing gloves

We’ll jump straight into our section on the top gloves for sparring with this review from last month; ‘I would buy these again, no hesitation - after one year they still look and feel great.’

Perhaps one of the main things that boxers look for are gloves that are durable and last well during sparring (especially considering how expensive they can be). The Hayabusa Gloves are evidently a great choice for long-lasting pair!

They’re also made with 4 interlocking splints for wrist support, and this is actually praised in the reviews with one customer stating ‘the wrist support is unrivalled and the gloves look and feel great.’

Need we say more?

Price: £105

#17 - Valour Strike Sparring Boxing Gloves  * Amazon’s Choice


90% 5-star reviews is impressive on Amazon, but so is a pair of 16oz gloves for under £30! (they're currently on sale). 

It’s a good job that the Valour Strike Sparring Gloves have both of these things. They also have the ability to customize the fitting of the glove with the help of an extra velcro attachment, and this is great for those wanting to improve their durability for sparring.

All in all a great deal for a pair of quality gloves, and it’s clear to see why they’ve made it onto our list of the best boxing gloves for sparring.

Price: £22.95-34.95

#18 - Leone 1947 Shock Gloves

leone best boxing gloves

Perhaps one of the most retro-looking designs, why may or may not make them one of the best pairs for sparring based on visuals! (Seriously, these would make any sparring partner jealous).

It’s a good job their reviews match their appearance with one customer adding: ‘I’ve tried several different gloves but for me, this glove is near perfect, and for the price even better!’.

Price: £51.59

#19 - Cleto Reyes Lace Up Gloves 

cleto reyes lace up professional boxing gloves

Another gorgeous retro design but in a higher price range.

That being said, Cleto Reyes have been manufacturing and selling boxing equipment since 1945 and certainly haven’t skimped on this model. If you’re looking for gloves that have been used by generations of professional boxers then they may be the perfect match for you.

Furthermore, if you’re searching for a quality pair of sparring gloves and have a large budget (perhaps you’ve been boxing for a while), then we’d at least recommend taking a look.  

Price: £188.79

#20 - Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves  

venum training gloves

Apart from their impressive appearance and colour range, these gloves seem to be loaded up on padding yet nice and light. If you’re looking for the best boxing gloves for sparring that aren’t too heavy, check them out!

They also have a fully attached thumb (rather than one that has been sewn on separately), so you can rest assured that twisting is a lot less likely to happen.

Price: £47.32

#21 - Fairtex Super Sparring MMA gloves

best boxing gloves for sparring

The Fairtex Super Sparring Gloves are in a mid-way price range

Compared to the Cleto Reyes gloves and Valour Strike, they provide a nice middle-ground for those wanting to spend less than £100, yet not wanting to risk a significantly cheaper purchase.

While there’s nothing to say that cheaper gloves can’t be great, we completely hear you and that’s why we’ve included gloves from all price ranges.

With 96% positive customer reviews,  the Fairtex gloves fit the bill quite nicely. Check them out for yourself!

Price: £79.99

#22 - Beast Gear Boxing Gloves   

best gear boxing gloves image

Last but not least on our sparring section is this snazzy-looking pair of Beast Gear Boxing Gloves.

Not only are they stunning to look at, but they are also made of genuine cowhide leather (which is arguably the strongest material).

With 100% 5 star reviews, these gloves certainly have a lot going for them. They’re praised for their durability as well as their wrist support, and for their price despite being made from genuine leather.

Price: £49.97

Best Professional Boxing Gloves

Still not found your perfect pair of boxing gloves? There’s still hope yet.

If you’ve come this far then it’s likely nothing to do with the price or manufacturing of our previously mentioned models. But what else could we have missed out?

Professional boxing gloves. They have one distinguishing feature in particular that stands them apart from the rest, and that is that they are laced up rather than strapped together with velcro.

Also, they’re used in professional boxing matches.

You may have to spend an absolute fortune to obtain gloves that match up with the ones used in televised fights, but here are the closest to professional boxing gloves that we could find on Amazon!

#23 - Everlast Fight Gloves

everlast best professional boxing gloves image

We’re starting out with a well-known brand that has a lot going for them.

Apart from the fact that they are possibly the most prevalent brand in televised matches and clearly made of good stuff, they also have the professional boxing gloves look…

They come in red/grey, white/black, and grey/black, so you can even collect them all if you have the spare cash (and you’re heading into professional matches anytime soon).

You may just want to buy them for their alternative method of wrist support (or to show off to your sparring partners), and we can’t judge you there.

Price: £99.99

#24 - Fairtex Fight Gloves  

fairtex boxing gloves

Having 96% positive reviews and being vastly popular, the Fairtex Fight Gloves clearly have the Amazon customer’s stamp of approval.

One customer even writes: ‘I have been using these gloves for my boxing sessions and they are easily the best purchase I have ever made.’

Can you argue with that? We can’t!

They also come in a good range of colours and designs if that’s what you’re looking for in a pair of professional boxing gloves. It’s always good to stand out!

Price: £89.99

#25 - Cleto Reyes Official Fight Boxing Gloves

cleto reyes lace up professional boxing gloves

We’ve praised Cleto Reyes previously in this article for having one of the most retro designs when it comes to the best boxing gloves, but this time they’ve really outdone themselves.

Each colour design is truly stunning, especially when paired with the lace-up wrist support. There’s just something about these gloves that screams authentic!

Maybe it’s the fact that they’re padded with horsehair as well as foam or their classic appearance, but regardless we can guarantee that you’ll look like a true champ in this pair of professional boxing gloves.

Like what you see from Cleto Reyes? Click here for more designs on the Geezers Boxing website

Price: £244.99

#26 - Ampro Hybrid Powertech Hook and Loop Sparring Glove

ampro lace up professional boxing gloves

Another stunning pair of professional boxing gloves made by a trusted brand that has been manufacturing products in the industry since 1955.

They have a hybrid design that is perfect for a balanced mix of speed, comfort, power, and protection, and although they come at a high price point, this is reflected in the incredible quality of their construction.

These boxing gloves have a Powertech layered foam for natural fist position, reducing hand fatigue while increasing support.

Price: £99.99

#27 - Lonsdale Men’s L60 Lace Up Glove  

lonsdale boxing gloves

Are you looking for something with a unique yet classic appearance?

These gloves provide exactly that, as well as being a well-known and trusted brand that is prevalent in the industry. They’re made of 100% genuine cowhide too, making them stronger than other gloves that are made of PU leather.

Their price isn’t too bad considering that they’re both professional boxing gloves and made from real leather. Is the gold finish worth it? We think so!

Price: £125.50

#28 - Hayabusa Classic Black Lace Up Leather Boxing Gloves

hayabusa boxing gloves

If you want a visually impressive pair of lace-up professional boxing gloves, then these could be exactly that. Not only are they unique in their simple yet hardcore appearance but they’re also constructed from genuine cowhide!

They’ve only been released on Amazon recently hence the lack of reviews, but the two 5 star reviews that have been submitted so far are from this month alone.

One reads: ‘easily the best pair of laces I’ve owned. Didn’t even need to be broken in.’ This is a good sign if you ask us!

Price: £60-95

#29 - Valour Strike Pro Red Leather Boxing Gloves

valour strike best boxing gloves

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best boxing gloves are the Valour Strike Pro Gloves.

If you’re a fan of Valour Strike (which you may well be considering their popularity as one of the best brands that you can buy online), you won’t be disappointed with their take on professional boxing gloves.

First things first, they have a full-red finish which likens them to the gloves seen in every boxing video game. They’re pretty much what your mind pictures when the phrase 'boxing gloves’ is mentioned!

One interesting thing to note is that they come with both laces and velcro to allow for maximum support. Had issues with gloves slipping off in the past? The Valour Strike gloves won’t be going anywhere.

Considering that they’re made from genuine leather, they do have a highly competitive price.

Want to get a taste for professional boxing gloves without spending an absolute fortune? You’re in the right place!

Price: £44.95-69.95


#1 What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

The best boxing gloves for beginners are usually the most protective that you can get for the cheapest price. This is because as a beginner, you don’t want to be spending out a ridiculous price on something you may or may not continue to practice.

Check out our section on the best cheap boxing gloves, or even the cheaper models of sparring gloves if this is something you’re serious about.

#2 What boxing gloves do professionals use?

In organised boxing matches, participants use professional boxing gloves.

Professional boxing gloves are usually made from cowhide leather, stuffed with horsehair (or a mix of horse hair and foam), and are tied together with laces rather than velcro.

#3 What makes a good boxing glove?

There are many properties that make up the best boxing gloves out there, but the main ones are:

  • Great wrist support
  • Good padding around the glove in general
  • Made from a durable and strong material (cowhide leather or good quality synthetic leather)
  • Not too tight and not too loose (room for inner gloves or hand wraps)

#4 What oz boxing gloves should I get?

If you’re asking ‘what oz boxing gloves should I get?’, then you’re definitely taking your time with your purchase rather than buying on impulse. This is the best way to find the best boxing gloves for you!

The answer is pretty simple; it depends on what you’ll be using them for (and your hand size).

Roughly, it goes as follows:

  • 10oz = for a professional boxing match
  • 12-16oz = for training and sparring

If you’re looking for the best boxing gloves for training, then choose according to your hand size. 12oz for small hands, and 16oz for larger hands.

Before you go!

We hope that you’ve found the right pair of gloves for your own needs! After all, with so many to choose from, we're confident that you’ll be ready for action in no time whether that’s in the ring or training from your garage.

Looking to kick-start your career in fitness? Go download our latest prospectus here, or check out our Level 3 PT Diploma to see what you could be learning! 

Written by Chloe Twist

Fitness Content Executive, OriGym

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