50 Best CrossFit Gyms in the UK: The Definitive List

What is it about CrossFit that causes such a stir?

Whether you love it or loathe it, it is clear that CrossFit polarises the opinions of those within the fitness industry. For the beginner, this can be a problem.

What should I think of CrossFit, and if I want to try it, where are the best CrossFit gyms in the UK?

This dilemma is at odds with the CrossFit industry, which prides itself on its welcoming and supportive community spirit. In our research alone, for example, we have found this inclusivity to be one of CrossFit’s defining aspects, especially when we asked students from our Level 3 Personal Training Courses and Level 2 Gym Instructors Courses.

So how do you know which CrossFit gym is right for you, and how do you ensure that you’re going to get the most from your introduction to this amazing sport and community?

Well, to ensure you don’t make a hasty decision, we have researched the 50 best CrossFit gyms in the UK, so you can be sure to find the best provider in your area to properly suit your fitness goals.

If you are brave enough to go out and tackle a CrossFit session, then you want to make sure that your choosing one of the best, if not the best CrossFit Gym in the country.

So, what are you waiting for, get stuck in!


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Featured Gyms: The Top 8 CrossFit Gyms in the UK

  1. CrossFit Glasgow
  2. Form Leeds
  3. Royal Docks CrossFit
  4. Reebok CrossFit Connect
  5. CrossFit Cardiff
  6. Reebok CrossFit – Northern Ireland
  7. CrossFit Scotland
  8. CrossFit Clitheroe


#1 - Crossfit Aberdeen

CrossFit Aberdeen proudly boasts that they are the first official CrossFit Affiliate in the city. They are committed to making people live healthier, happier lives, using the CrossFit workouts and methodologies.

The facility is owned by Rob Lawson who heads up a team of six trainers. Rob himself holds a Level 3 CrossFit qualification and is one of the top CrossFit trainers in the UK, as well as holding qualifications in CrossFit Lifting, Mobility, and Strongman certificates. He is also a Team Reebok UK athlete, which means that the facility can train professional athletes to the highest standards, as well as those who are just beginning their CrossFit journeys.

Despite the expertise, the gym is also inclusive. They offer kids classes, and have an affordable price plan, including a block of ten CrossFit sessions for £68, or an unlimited monthly membership which costs £80 and gives unrestricted access to the gym’s facilities.

#2 - CrossFit Glasgow

CrossFit Glasgow is a veteran of the CrossFit industry, especially in the UK. With the experience of being one of the oldest CrossFit affiliates in Scotland (and the UK), CrossFit Glasgow also has an eye-wateringly well-qualified team of CrossFit trainers on their roster to ensure that your workout of the day is the best it could possibly be. Perhaps their most impressive record is the achievements of their current and ex-members. These include thirty-seven level 1 CrossFit trainers, five level two CrossFit trainers, and seventeen strongman competitors.

The facility is, of course, fully equipped for amateurs and professionals alike, and offers a range of services including competition training, weightlifting, CrossFit kids, and Teen Weightlifting.

With their facilities and expert team, there was no way CrossFit Glasgow wasn’t making our list of the best CrossFit gyms in Scotland.


#3 - CrossFit Scotland

Headed up by the team of Neil Foley and Ron McKinstray, CrossFit Scotland is serious about improving the fitness of others. Neil is one of the most experienced CrossFit trainers active in the UK, with more than thirty years training behind him.

He is also one of only a handful of people to compete in the CrossFit Games in Los Angeles.

CrossFit Scotland operates from a 5,300 square foot facility, and offers members payment plans on a contract free basis. Their price plan is also good value for such expertise, at £115 for three months.


#4 - Viking Training System

The Viking Training System, formally known as CrossFit Edinburgh, is located in the idyllic setting of Holyrood. Though relatively small compared to some of their competitors, the affiliate’s ambition is reflected in the achievements of their head coach and owner Jamie Buchanan who is CrossFit trained and is a Romanov Pose running coach. The coaching staff’s overall experience and qualifications include competing in top level triathlons, CrossFit Level One courses, and a United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning coach.

The facility runs on a policy of inclusion, and offer a range of newcomer offers to encourage new members to join their thriving community. As such, prices are incredibly competitive, starting at £20 for two weeks of classes, and an unlimited monthly class membership of £75 per month.

#5 - CrossFit Skirmish 

With CrossFit trainers that include a UK judo competitor, a semi-professional rugby player, and a judge of high profile CrossFit competitions, you can be sure you’ll be well looked after at CrossFit Skirmish.

This CrossFit affiliate allows you to book a free taster session, and your CrossFit membership also gains you access to the affiliated Energy Gym.

They also boast impressive loyalty, with 95% of people who complete their free taster session signing up at a later date.

Twenty CrossFit sessions will cost you £160, or you can sign up on a two month membership for £75 per month, which includes all CrossFit sessions, as well as CrossFit and Olympic Weight lifting classes.


North East and Yorkshire

#6 - CrossFit All Out 

Owned by husband and wife team, Terry and Vikki Anderson, CrossFit All Out is a strength and conditioning facility based in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham. The team have dedicated themselves to creating a CrossFit affiliate box that fosters a genuine sense of community, both in terms of a shared passion for CrossFit workouts, and a more general sense of group camaraderie.

CrossFit All Out is now three years old and is continuing to grow in success. There are now four qualified CrossFit trainers on site, and the facility offers CrossFit Kids and academy classes for younger members.

They also have excellent review and testimonials from beginners and pros alike, cementing their status as one of the best CrossFit gyms in the North

A one month unlimited contract costs £50, while a full year member membership will cost £550 (£500 for concessions).


#7 - CrossFit Northumbria

One of the North East’s premiere fitness facilities, CrossFit Northumbria operates out of a 5,500 square foot, state of the art facility. The self-proclaimed premium CrossFit affiliate in Newcastle is dedicated to offering their members the best possible service.

As such, they cap their class sizes, so that every member feels valued by their team of expert CrossFit trainers. Their classes are also regularly full, so prospective members have to be quick when a space opens up!

Monthly membership costs £90 for unlimited access to facilities and CrossFit classes.

#8 - CrossFit Teesside

Put simply, CrossFit Teesside has made our list of the best CrossFit gyms in the North on account of their outstanding coaching staff. Coach Lee Howe is CrossFit Level Two qualified, as well as holding ten other fitness industry qualifications. Head coach and CrossFit trainer David Butterfield is also CrossFit Level Two qualified as well as being a Level three personal trainer and a fully qualified weightlifting coach.

They also have an exceptional facility, including over 6,500 square feet of training space, a successful CrossFit Kids program, and all the equipment any human could ever need in their quest for self-improvement. As one of the biggest facilities on our list, CrossFit Teesside are a force to be reckoned with in the North East and beyond!


#9 - CrossFit Scarborough 

CrossFit Scarborough is the first CrossFit affiliate in their local area. Their ethos is that egos should be left at the door, and that everyone will be treated as equal regardless of their ability.

They want you to encourage you through coaching, and through offering a social space where you can make new friends. The success stories on their website are testament to CrossFit Scarborough’s dedication to the wellbeing of their clients, who have achieved everything from increasing strength, to weight loss and competition training.

New members are encouraged to make the most of their generous free taster session, available through their website. However, more serious members can capitalise on the facility’s £65 unlimited monthly membership offer (£50 for concessions), or their £50 twice weekly plan.

#10 - CrossFit Jorvik

CrossFit Jorvik is made up of a team of six CrossFit trainers with qualifications ranging from sports science degrees to physiotherapy. Whatever your needs, their range of expertise across all of their CrossFit trainers ensures their status as one of the best gums in the UK.

The team offers a varied program of classes including Olympic lifting, Strongman tools, kettlebell training, battle ropes, rowing machines and much more. There is also a thriving CrossFit Kids program, testament to the inclusive nature of the facility.

Unlimited membership costs £75 per month, whereas three sessions a week is £65 per month.


#11 - CrossFit Sheffield

For those who would prefer a slightly smaller scale facility, CrossFit Sheffield ticks the boxes. They have a close-knit team of coaches, comprised of head coach Tony Goddard, and coaches Josh Golding and Daniel Papa.

Indeed, it is this community-feel, paired with the excellent testimonials of the CrossFit Sheffield family, that warranted their inclusion on our list of the best CrossFit gyms in the North of England and Scotland.

The facility offers a free taster session for all potential new members, who then have to take a fundamentals course to learn the basic techniques required in CrossFit in order to join larger classes. The fundamentals classes cost an accumulated £100, which can be followed by an unlimited monthly access membership for £60 per month.

#12 - Form Leeds

At the other end of the spectrum we have Form Leeds. This modern, state of the art facility is run by a large team of head coaches, coaches, and nutritionists. For an individual looking for comprehensive cover and several class options, Form Leeds is the ideal location.

Despite the new facilities, Form Leeds offers comparatively generous price plans. Three classes per week costs £70 per month, and seven classes a week costs £85 per month.


#13 - CrossFit Leeds

CrossFit Leeds is another facility entering our list of the best CrossFit gyms on the strength of their coaching staff, among other things. Owner Mike Rawlinson holds 12 different fitness qualifications, including a level three personal trainer certificate, and a CrossFit Level One certified trainer qualification.

The facility is also invested in the diversity of their coaching staff and the inclusivity that brings. Rosie Plowman, for example, specialises in pre and post natal fitness, as well as having her level one CrossFit qualification.

There are no joining fees and no contracts in their price plans, which include an unlimited £85 monthly pass, a £150 couples pass, and a 15% discount for students, emergency services, and military. 

#14 - CrossFit Hull 

CrossFit Hull may be described as the facility for the CrossFit purist. They pride themselves on the high intensity nature of their workouts, and while they implement various tools and weights in their fitness programs, you will not find mirrors or machines anywhere near their gym space.

They limit their classes to small groups of people, and have a small group of coaches to match (just three, in fact). This means everyone knows everyone, and the community feel of the facility is particularly important.

Despite this, they don’t sacrifice on the size of their actual building. Based in 5,300 square foot venue, the facility includes all the equipment you could need, as well as three showers, and a chill zone with a coffee machine and 49” television.

Price plans are also generous, beginning at £55 per month for a twelve month contract.

#15 - CrossFit Boudica

Headed up by owner and head coach and CrossFit trainer Richard Hornsey, CrossFit Boudica has a serious reputation in the UK for intense workouts and great community spirit. As well as being qualified in everything from weightlifting, to strongman training and personal training, Hornsey imbues his training routines with the ethos of his previous military training.

The team itself is comprised of three core coaches, but that means that every member gets a personal experience upon entering the facility.

Their membership plans range from the £65 per month ‘CrossFit junkie’, to the £6 per class deal for ‘casual CrossFitters’. Either way, CrossFit Boudica welcomes all through its doors, and by the looks of their reviews, most people struggle to leave!


North West

#16 - CrossFit Cumbria

On the front page of their website, CrossFit cumbria dedicates themselves to being “community focused; not just a training facility, but a social space”. As such, you can be sure that you’ll be welcomed with open arms, regardless of your experience.

The gym offers a comprehensive range of beginners’ classes, lasting over two months and costing only £45 per month. For this you’ll get three classes per week, ensuring you can be confident when it comes to personal safety and your technique.

Perhaps this dedication to training their beginners, not just rushing them through the early stages of their CrossFit journey, explains CrossFit Cumbria’s growing success since opening in 2010.

#17 - CrossFit Central Lancaster 

Run by a family trio of Danny, Sarah, and Ryszard Winsniewski (in addition to coach Beth Hoggarth) CrossFit Central Lancaster is a fairly unique venture.

This family ethos may perhaps explain why so many of CrossFit Central Lancaster’s members comment on how welcoming and community focused the facility is.

Beginners are invited to take a free session, and then move onto a fundamentals course to learn the basics, followed by full membership. Contact with the coaching staff occurs regularly, and, from the reviews at least, the small dedicated team does more than enough to help people achieve their goals in a positive environment.

Small yet perfectly sized, this family venture was a must when we were compiling our list of the best CrossFit gyms in the North of England and Scotland.

#18 - CrossFit Clitheroe 

With a motto like “other gyms use machines, CrossFit builds them” you can perhaps hazard a guess at the kind of facility that CrossFit Clitheroe is.

Describing themselves as a “high energy, no-nonsense facility”, CrossFit Clitheroe are proud of their status as the first CrossFit affiliate in Lancashire.

They are popular too…

Their large team of seven CrossFit trainers and eleven staff, catering for every kind of fitness need, and they have accumulated nearly 600 gym members at a rate of twenty new members per month.

Despite their no-nonsense approach, CrossFit Clitheroe is as welcoming as every other CrossFit outfit on our list. They offer a free introductory session and no joining fee. You can also choose between a range of payment options, ranging from £10 one of CrossFit sessions, to £57 per month, twelve-month membership.

#19 - CrossFit Leyland 

CrossFit Leyland have hugely bought into the CrossFit philosophy. Their slogan is “Our speciality is not specialising – routine is the enemy.” In short, they take their CrossFit seriously.

This is reflected in their coaching staff, which between them share two CrossFit regional competition appearances. Within their community of members, they also have the country’s 14th fittest woman in the 45-50 category, and Cathy Wilson who made it to the CrossFit games in 2017.

Since opening in September 2012, the facility has moved to a larger working space, encompassing three workout areas (main gym floor, open gym area, conditioning area.) If you are worried about injuries, they also have a dedicated therapy room, with weekly sports massage appointments and physiotherapy sessions.

They offer free sixty minute training sessions for beginners, and have membership plans beginning at £65 per month for three CrossFit sessions per week. Emergency services and armed forces can also get a 10% discount.

#20 - CrossFit Bury

CrossFit Bury is North Manchester’s first, and only, fully affiliated CrossFit box. Class sizes are strictly limited, in order to ensure all of their members feel valued, and everyone is offered free taster sessions upon arriving.

As you can see from the healthy list of testimonials on their front page, this is a popular CrossFit facility with a broad range of demographics.

They also offer flexible membership options. Their Gold plan costs £85 per month and will give you access to five classes a week and unlimited access to gym facilities; Silver costs £65 per month, giving access to three classes per week and one open gym session; and Bronze costs £55 per month and gives access to two CrossFit classes per week.

#21 - Infiniti Fitness (CrossFit Trafford) 

Infiniti Fitness is home to CrossFit Trafford. As part of a wider gym, CrossFit Trafford is larger than your average box, certainly in terms of its members and CrossFit trainers.

This will suit those looking for comprehensive cover in many different aspects of training. Indeed, CrossFit Trafford’s large team of twelve coaches and staff cover everything from CrossFit, to weightlifting, kids’ training, and nutrition.

Unlimited CrossFit costs £99 per month, which is a little more expensive than other facilities in the area, but the facility is larger, there are more options in terms of personal coaching and gym facilities, and they also offer discounts for military and emergency services.

#22 - CrossFit Central Manchester 

CrossFit Central Manchester does exactly what it says on the tin: it offers a premier CrossFit facility in a city centre location. As such, they welcome newcomers from wide variety of backgrounds to match the diversity of their city location.

New members are offered a range of free sessions to introduce them to the gym’s unique spirit and community.

As well as monthly memberships (which cost only £75 per month for unlimited access to their facilities), CrossFit Manchester offers couple memberships (£130 per month for two unlimited passes) and corporate memberships for businesses.

There are also a range of discounts for NHS, armed forces, students, and the over 50’s. Indeed, through offering universal access to their facilities, CrossFit Central Manchester has fully bought into the spirit of its city, and therefore warrants its place on our list of best CrossFit gyms in the North.

#23 - CrossFit Liverpool 

Another city centre facility, CrossFit Liverpool is perfect for serious athletes and people looking for a high intensity workout facility close to their workplace.

The coaching team of eight, including five CrossFit trainers, a yoga instructor, a nutritionist, and an optimum body mechanic ensure that members of all experiences are catered for.

The community of 154 athletes also ensures that new members will be entering into a community which is tightly knit, typical of Liverpool’s unique sense of unity as a city. In the past this has included 2012 Olympic bronze medallist Natasha Jones, and UFC contacted fighter Paul Sass.

Another city centre facility – perhaps more suited to the serious CrossFitter than the absolute beginner.


#24 - CrossFit Wirral

CrossFit Wirral is a fitness centre offering group and individual sessions where the coaching, training and programming is centred on the CrossFit philosophy and methodology.

Their 2,300 Square foot facility is well equipped and includes parking, changing rooms and toilets, as well as, of course, a wide range of equipment to ensure that workouts remain varied and interesting.

Monthly membership plans range from Bronze to Gold. Bronze costs £40 for two classes per week; Silver, £50 for three classes per week; and Gold, £60 for unlimited access.



#25 - CrossFit Volentia 

Like the best CrossFit facilities, CrossFit Volentia focuses on three main areas: community, coaching, and equipment.

Their motto, “Ubi Volentia Ibi Via” – or, where there’s a will when there’s a way – perfectly summarises this premium facility’s work ethic and dedication to their members.

Indeed, this is reflected in their state of the art equipment, which is regularly updated. The facility is one of few in the UK to stock Powerstones (think, World’s Strongest Man), alongside a full range of powerlifting equipment, Hex dumbells, and a full gymnastic suite.

With a core team of seven expert CrossFit Trainers, ranging in skills from UK Weightlifting club coaching, a L’Etape Du Tour finisher, personal trainers, rugby players, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coaches and much more, CrossFit Volentia is the perfect mix of expertise and inclusivity.

#26 - Central Staffs CrossFit 

Central Staffs CrossFit is a popular facility in the area, as can be seen from the rolling testimonials on the homepage of their website.

Headed up by owners Tim Fearnett and Paul Shelley, who between them share a host of impressive qualifications and experience, the gym is designed to be welcoming enough for beginners, but intense enough to please the most hardcore CrossFitters in the area.

Their modern and well kitted-out gym also includes a large outdoor space, which is regularly used in the summer months. Prospective members can also take a virtual tour to get a feel for the place, and also can try a free introductory class to get to know the coaching staff before they sign up.

#27 - Deviant CrossFit 

CrossFit Deviant are serious about functional movement and getting you into shape, along with being one of the most competitive boxes in the UK. Their team of professional coaches are some of the best and most knowledgeable in the area, hailing from a wide variety of disciplines including CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Calisthenics, Rehab, and Nutrition. Ask many in the industry, and they will tell you no list of the best CrossFit gyms in the UK would be complete without CrossFit Deviant.

The coaching team also includes a number of CrossFit Level 2 coaches, Level 4 Specialist personal trainers, University Academics, previous GB lifting team members, a nutritional expert and movement therapy professionals in their rehab studio.

You can access all of this for as little as £51 per month, which also includes a free trial session so you can try out their state of the art facilities before you commit yourself to paying anything.


#28 - CrossFit Glevum

Founded in 2011, CrossFit Glevum has grown into a community of enthusiastic fitness professionals.

This is due to the promises they make to their members. Through a combination of private coaching, group coaching and an in-house nutritional coach, CrossFit Glevum ensures that members, regardless of their previous experience, will achieve realistic goals set by the expert team.

The facility offers services like CrossFit kids classes and nutrition and lifestyle coaching, alongside regular CrossFit classes. Prospective members can also make the most of a free consultation with an expert CrossFit trainer, where they can discuss what they want to achieve in the long term (or not so long term!) future.

#29 - CrossFit Wolverhampton

CrossFit Wolverhampton is built upon three foundational tenets: community, expert coaching, and motivation.

Their team includes a ten year veteran of the fitness industry, a CrossFit trainer who ranked 1st in the UK 2017 CrossFit open, and a full time doctor. Regardless of your ambition or needs, this facility has you covered.

Alongside all of this, members can access CrossFit Wolverhampton’s services for as little as £35 per month, with their high-end package costing only £70 per month, for unlimited access to all of their services, classes, and gym facilities. 

#30 - CrossFit Leamington 


CrossFit Leamington does everything to ensure their members feel welcome and comfortable. This includes working close-knit sessions, offering the option of 1-to-1 coaching, scaling their workouts to ensure nobody feels out of depth, and having a chill out area for members to warm down and socialise with one another.

They even host community BBQs when the weather is nice! Do we need anymore reason to include them on our list of the best CrossFit gyms in the UK?

Their unique approach stems from owner Sotiris, who has been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for eight years, and is passionate about making fitness accessible. If a friendly environment is what you’re looking for, then you couldn’t do much better than CrossFit Leamington.

#31 - Second City CrossFit

Birmingham’s Second City CrossFit is a modern facility with a safe and supportive environment to welcome as many new members as possible.

Their coaching is also top quality. Head coach Mike Holmes has as many as sixteen different fitness related qualifications and badges, covering a wide range of CrossFit trainer courses, UK Weightlifting, and first aid, as well as a degree in sport and exercise and a PGCE in physical education. He is backed up by senior coach Gareth Wayt, who also boasts an impressive list of eleven different qualifications, and a wider team.

The team offer over 40 classes per week, and a comprehensive program of skills training and coaching.


South West  

#32 - CrossFit Bath 

Choosing to really focus on the wide appeal of CrossFit as a sport, CrossFit Bath tailor their program of classes to cater for as many different audiences as possible.

These include the classic CrossFit WOD classes, group introductory courses to CrossFit training, one on one courses, personal training, Olympic weightlifting classes, ladies classes, skills classes, and nutrition.

Because of their popularity, they now operate out of two facilities, one in Bath and one in Trowbridge. This unfettered dedication to welcoming as many people as possible, ensures their place on our list of best CrossFit gyms in the UK.

#33 - CrossFit Pi – Woodbury

Despite their mathematical name, CrossFit Pi operates on a very simple formula:  a highly experienced and qualified coaching team in addition to a committed, tightly-knit community results in a successful CrossFit affiliate.

And looking at the results, it works.

CrossFit Pi has an impressive list of testimonials and success stories available through their website and social media. They offer free taster sessions, but in the long-term they promise to improve your body composition, physical performance, and overall health, such is the confidence they have in their team.

Unlimited membership will cost you £77.50 per month, while drop in sessions cost £12 per session. They also offer a CrossFit starter pack for beginners, which costs £85 and covers all the fundamental skills required. Elite coaching is also available for competition athletes, testament to the professionalism and expertise of their coaching staff.


#34 - CrossFit Swindon 

CrossFit Swindon is an all-access, community driven facility. They offer a thriving kids program, as well as the more intense workouts typical of any CrossFit facility.

The facility is headed up by Luke and Harry, who as well as experience in the fitness industry share experience in sports including Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai and Rugby, and have a host of personal training and CrossFit qualifications behind them.

As such, workouts are guaranteed to be varied. They are also great value for money: their top tier membership plans gives members unlimited use of their facilities and costs only £65 per month. There is also a 20% discount for military, emergency services and students.


#35 - CrossFit Cheltenham


Self-proclaimed as Cheltenham’s premier strength and conditioning facility, the workouts at CrossFit Cheltenham are designed to be universally scalable, welcoming beginners and experts alike.

They guarantee small class sizes and a high level of instruction from a prestigious coaching staff. The team includes Steve Bunn, owner and veteran of several European CrossFit competitions, Kylie Green who takes the ladies classes and has appeared at numerous UK and European competitions, in addition to national level triathletes, and the 3rd best male CrossFitter in the UK, among others.

Indeed, it is the notoriety of the team behind CrossFit Cheltenham that alerted us to the facility’s reputation, and cemented their place on our list of the best CrossFit gyms in the UK.

This expertise can be accessed for as little as £59 per month (two classes per week), while the unlimited access package costs £89 per month.

#36 - CrossFit Weymouth 


As Weymouth’s first official CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Weymouth has a small and dedicated community of fitness enthusiasts among their ranks.

Their facility is full of personality, and has a tightly knit team of just four coaches, meaning members will always be greeted by a familiar face.

As you may have gathered from this list thus far, no CrossFit box can be great without the support of its community and the spirit that they bring. CrossFit Weymouth is no different, and their members covers a large range of ages and abilities.

Drop in classes cost £8, which is below the average of most CrossFit facilities in the UK. While there are no unlimited monthly payment options, members can buy ten session or five session blocks, costing £70 and £35 respectively.


#37 - CrossFit Exe


CrossFit Exe loudly advertise their range of services, suited to a diverse membership.

They offer group classes, which are always small in number and follow the general CrossFit training plan. They also offer personal training, comprising of specific one-to-one sessions tailored to the fitness needs of the individual, specific ladies only training, and a thriving CrossFit teens program.

Unlimited membership costs £75 per month, whereas three sessions per week costs £65 per month. You can also buy a ten session pass for £85 per month, if a monthly pass doesn’t suit your timetable.



#38 - Reebock CrossFit Thames

Straight from Reebok CrossFit’s website:

As Albert Einstein says “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. We’re here to change your routine and get you better results! 

The quote alone is enough to warrant inclusion on our list of the best CrossFit gyms in the UK. That being said, CrossFit Thames also offer a range of top quality services for their members, which is exactly why they are included on our list of the best CrossFit London locations.

The gym itself offers nutrition and expert advice from their team of fourteen qualified CrossFit trainers, as well as a varied and professionally planned program of workouts. They also offer free workouts, nutritional advice and access to expert coaching through their website, to allow for remote workouts.

Additional services include lectures and seminars on fitness related topics, three monthly fitness assessments to properly survey progress, and various events for members to attend. Uniquely, they also have a sister gym in Hale California, meaning their coaches can share techniques and workouts with a wider network of CrossFit professionals.

#39 - CrossFit London 


As you would expect from the capital, CrossFit London is a large organisation with a fifteen-strong team of fitness industry professionals.

This gives them flexibility in terms of offering one-to-one sessions, kids programs, as well as the standard CrossFit classes we have become accustomed to.

Offering further flexibility, CrossFit London actually operates out of two venues. While they are close together, this means that classes can remain small in size, and that the large team can divide themselves between two dedicated fitness facilities. They also have plans to move to a huge new facility in the city centre, offering even more flexibility than their current set up.

As you would expect, this level of professionalism garners CrossFit London some amazing reviews. As you may have also expected, the prices are a little loftier than elsewhere. However, it should be noted that these are London prices, compared to the rest of the country.


#40 - Royal Docks Fitness


The last of our London contingent, Royal Docks Fitness, proudly boasts its status as CrossFit’s 10,000thaffiliate, and London’s premier CrossFit facility.

The team of five coaches behind CrossFit London also have the expertise to back that up. Naama Chezar, for example, is the only female CrossFit level three qualified coach in the UK and holds numerous other fitness-related certificates. With coaches like these, there was no way Royal Dicks Fitness wasn’t making our list of the best CrossFit gyms in the UK.

Members have access to a free intro classes, and from there can chooses between a two class per week, a three class per week, and an unlimited package, costing £110, £140, and £160 respectively. Again, these prices are at the upper end of the spectrum, but again, these are London prices.

South East

#41 - CrossFit Cambridgeshire 


CrossFit Cambridgeshire is the largest, best equipped and cleanest CrossFit gym in Cambridgeshire. Their facility includes a coffee bar, a chill out area, well-equipped changing rooms and a sponsored treatment room for injuries and sports massages.

Like many of the other CrossFit UK locations, this CrossFit box is run by a small and dedicated team, headed up by coach Lee Carder. Placing emphasis on caring for the specific needs of each member, CrossFit Cambridgeshire’s membership plan is an integral part of the unique service offered by the facility.

The coaches combine a blend of personal coaching sessions with group classes, to ensure that workouts are varied, and that members are kept on track with regard to achieving their goals.

It is this person-centric approach to CrossFit training that has secured CrossFit Cambridgeshire’s place on our list of the best CrossFit gyms in the UK.


#42 - Reebok CrossFit Connect


Located on Hove Seafront, Reebok CrossFit’s 5,200 square foot facility is one of the biggest CrossFit affiliates of its kind in the UK, offering a wide array of private training and group classes to suit all abilities.

In traditional CrossFit manner, their facility has no weight machines and no mirrors…there is however, plenty of equipment for CrossFit training.

They offer many different types of class, including CrossFit sessions, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and CrossFit Kids. They also run competitions for members looking to push themselves to the next level, emphasising the social aspect of the sport.

The coaching team is similarly impressive, including a host of highly qualified and renowned CrossFit Trainers. The team of eleven coaches is headed up by Holly Gehlcken, weightlifiting champion, winning world British, and southern titles in 2010.

New members can access a free trial session, and can enquire through email or in person for full membership options.

#43 - CrossFit Stone Towers

CrossFit Stone Towers is the leading functional movement workout space in Canterbury, which is to say, they are the leading CrossFit provider in their area and were a shoe-in for our list of the best CrossFit gyms in the UK.

Head coach Ross Johnson is a level one CrossFit trainer and a ten year Royal Marine commando. His military ethos is infused into the daily classes, which are friendly yet, unsurprisingly, challenging for Stone Towers’ committed members.

Annual membership, including two months free training, costs £600, whereas a six month membership, billed monthly, costs £60. Given Johnson’s military background, it is perhaps unsurprising that armed forces and emergency services enjoy a 10% discount.



#44 - CrossFit Aberystwyth


CrossFit Aberystwyth has an excellent reputation in Wales, and is run by a team of four committed coaches. Head Coach, Tom James, started his CrossFit journey while recovering from a knee injury acquired during playing professional rugby, and hasn’t looked back since.

Tom’s qualifications, including a CrossFit level 2 coach qualification, a level three personal trainer certificate, qualifications in performance nutrition, Olympic weight lifting, and CrossFit kids training, ensures that he is one of the highest qualified CrossFit trainers in the UK, and that CrossFit Aberystwyth can offer a wide range of services.

They are also fantastic value for money, with single sessions costing just £7. They also offer discounts for emergency services, students, and military.


#45 - CrossFit Swansea


CrossFit Swansea has a unique identity, even within the UK CrossFit industry. Owner, Dan Spinks, for example, is an ex-skateboarder and martial artist, while his co-owners have passions for Olympic weightlifting and marathon running.

What this means is a diverse range of personalities, and a team who are prepared to meet your every need. Kerry Pillai is also on the coaching staff, specialising in pre and post natal fitness, and as well as her expertise, she also brings her own Thin Lizzies Fitness company to the facility. Thin Lizzies Fitness offer specific workouts for women, and Kerry is a strong advocate for exercising all the way through pregnancy. 

CrossFit Swansea is also great value. You get a free intro session, and their unlimited access package costs just £55.

#46 - CrossFit Cardiff 

Established in 2011, CrossFit Cardiff is now one of the UK’s premier CrossFit venues and is another facility that simply had to make our list of the best CrossFit gyms in the UK.

The team of six core coaches all have at least their Level One CrossFit qualification, and the gym’s reputation ensures that they have all the equipment you could possibly need if you wanted to improve your fitness.

For such a renowned facility, the prices are entirely reasonable. Unlimited membership costs only £60 per month, whereas a couples membership will cost just £100 for two people. Drop in sessions are only £7 per class, and you can get a discount if you are military, emergency services, or are a student.



Northern Ireland

#47 - CrossFit Belfast 

CrossFit Belfast operates out of a 5,200 square foot venue fully equipped with men’s and women’s showers and changing rooms.

The facility offers group and individual coaching utilising the CrossFit methodology, and also offers personal training with a member of their expert team. 

While they don’t offer an unlimited plan, their five sessions a week membership costs £100 per month. They also offer a comprehensive foundations course for beginners, to ensure than anyone can join in with their sessions in a safe manner.


#48 - Reebok CrossFit – Northern Ireland 

Proud of their status as the first CrossFit affiliate in Northern Ireland, and established in 2008, CrossFit Northern Ireland is based in Belfast city centre and is at the forefront of functional training.

Their coaching team made up of eleven members is suitably large to cater for the facilities reputation and popularity. Head coach, Andy Gausden, has worked in fitness for over 15 years, and has earned a wide range of CrossFit and sports qualifications meaning he is among the most highly experienced CrossFit trainers in the UK.

Fairly uniquely, the gym also employs a community manager to ensure that the social aspect of the facility is maintain, and that their members thrive in an environment which is more than just a gym.

Existing reputation combined with a dedication to bringing in new members and expanding their community makes CrossFit Northern Ireland a certainty for inclusion on our list of the best CrossFit gyms in the UK.


#49 - CrossFit Derry  

CrossFit Derry is run by a team of six dedicated coaches. Headed up by Graham McFadden, who is himself a Level 2 CrossFit trainer, among many other things, the team hold qualifications in level three personal training, precise nutrition, gymnastic, and British weightlifting.

The facility doesn’t offer contracted membership plans. Instead they sell bundles of classes, meaning that you won’t waste money if, for example, you’re ill or are on holiday for half of the month you have paid for. Members can book online, and are encouraged to share bundles between friends and family.

This is also good value for money. Sixty classes, for example, is the equivalent of paying £4 per class.

#50 - Ascendance: CrossFit DownPatrick 

Ascendance, also known as CrossFit DownPatrick, is a friendly and locally owned CrossFit and gymnastics facility.

The gym offers members the choice between group classes and one to one personal training sessions, all under the guidance of a team of highly experienced, professional coaches.

Ascendance’s “coach for life” scheme also singles out this facility. At a free consultation offered to beginners, you will meet your coach, and from there, the coach will work with you to set goals and understand what motivates you.

For twenty four sessions a month, it costs £90, whereas eight classes a month will cost £70. Both plans give members access to Ascendance’s performance tracking app, to maximise the chance that you will meet your fitness targets.


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