17 Best Granola Brands For Making A Healthy Breakfast

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Numerous brands advertise themselves as selling the best granola, but it can be difficult to make an informed decision. Here at OriGym we’ve created a comprehensive guide detailing the best healthy granola brands so that you can make an informed decision of which to opt for. So, let’s get stuck into it! 


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17 Best Granola Brands

#1 - The Original Grain-Free Granola

Price: $8.99 (approx. £6.51)

Kickstarting this list of the best healthy granola brands is Paleonola’s signature Grain-Free range. Made from a blend of nuts, seeds, berries and unsweetened coconut, this is a great option for those wanting a grain-free cereal for breakfast. 

There are a plethora of ways that you can enjoy this granola: 

  1. Simply mix a handful of granola into a bowl of yoghurt with a drizzle of honey
  2. Mix in with porridge and jam 
  3. Use as a topping for pancakes (make these with a low carb protein powder for a boost to your breakfast)
  4. Have as a cereal with your choice of milk

With each of these different ways of enhancing your breakfast, you’ll never get bored of Paleonola’s signature granola! The main ingredients are almonds, honey and cranberries which have a range of health benefits. But, what are these benefits? 

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, magnesium, zinc and potassium and help to support and maintain bodily functions from the inside out. Honey possesses natural energy-boosting properties which is a perfect way to start your day. 

Cranberries are a powerful berry containing high levels of proanthocyanidins (PACS), a chemical compound that gives cranberries antioxidant properties. They also contain high amounts of Vitamin C to support your immune system. Explore more on these beneficial berries with OriGym’s complete report on cranberry juice.

Paleonola’s range is also non-GMO, low in carbohydrates and has no unrefined sugar, most certainly ranking it as one of the best granola cereals on offer to you. 

#2 - Grandy Oats Original Coconola

Price: $8.99 (approx. £6.51)

Next up, we have a product by Grandy Oats - the Original Coconola!

This option is a coconut-based granola accompanied by cashews, pecans, seeds and coconut chips. Each batch is made in Grandy Oats’ solar-powered bakeries with only organic, fair trade and non-GMO ingredients. If raw and natural granola is what you were after, then this may be the best option for you!

Grandy Oats make their granola by lightly baking the grains and healthy nuts until lightly brown before mixing in the coconut chips for an extra nutty flavour.  Every mouthful promises to provide you with sustained energy to power you through all your adventures, being the ideal way to start your day. 

Now, if you’re on the hunt for the best healthy granola brands on the market, referring to reviews may help you to decide which is best. Over on Grandy Oats’ website, their Original Coconola has an average rating of 5 stars, each reviewer praising the product’s rich and fruity flavour. Reviewers also comment on how filling Grandy Oats’ range is, making it one of the best breakfast options to choose from if you want to feel satisfied until lunchtime. 

Why not give it a go today? You can either opt for a one-time purchase or benefit from a 10% discount with Grandy Oats’ subscription service. Simply select how frequently you want your granola (every month, 2 months or 3) to redeem your discount. 

#3 - Jessica’s Gluten-Free Butterscotch Granola

Price: $41.94 for 8 bags (approx. £30.40)

Jessica’s Natural Foods is an independently run business that specialises in gluten-free granola. Founder and CEO, Jessica, strived to produce a granola brand that was accessible to all, regardless of allergies and intolerances. 

She wanted to create a range of products for others that eliminates the often laborious process of checking hundreds of different labels when shopping. This is where Jessica’s Natural Foods was discovered, and she’s here to share her incredible butterscotch granola with you! 

The gluten-free butterscotch range is a rich, deeply flavourful granola packed with creamy butterscotch pieces, injecting an element of indulgence into your breakfast. Each mouthful promises a wonderful sweetness which you might not get from other healthy cereal bars and brands. 

Each batch is also made with all-natural and non-GMO produce so you can be sure to rely on Jessica’s brand should you want only natural ingredients for your breakfast. 

Every purchase provides 6 bags of gluten-free butterscotch granola along with 2 free products of your choice. Extra flavours include almond cherry, chocolate chip, chocolate hazelnut plus many more. 

This is a fantastic way of filling your kitchen shelves and not worrying about re-purchasing your granola each week. It is also a cost-effective way of purchasing your granola which is a win-win!

#4 - Go Raw Organic Sprouted Bar

Price: $52.99 for a box of 20 (approx. £38.42)

Go Raw’s mission is to help you to eat better, feel great and be the best version of yourself. To achieve this, Go Raw created “the world’s tastiest sprouted seed snacks” so that you feel energised every single day.

In particular, The Pumpkin Seed Sprouted Bar is packed full of wholesome pumpkin and flax seeds to provide a nutty and earthy flavour. Pumpkin seeds are highly nutritious and packed full of antioxidants to support your body from the inside out while flax seeds are high in protein and fibre, providing a great energy boost while supporting digestive functions.

These bars are ideal for a quick breakfast, an ideal paleo-friendly snack to take with you to work or after a workout. Regardless of where your day takes you, Go Raw’s bars are perfect for fuelling your day.

All of Go Raw’s products are minimally processed and made with very few ingredients which, in turn, means no complicated labels to read. As well as this, their products are all non-GMO, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, vegan and kosher. This alone might be enough to convince you that Go Raw is amongst the best healthy granola brands on the market. 

You can either opt for a box of 10 small-sized bars or a box of 20 larger bars, meaning there’s plenty of choice to suit both budget and tastes.

#5 - Gr8nola Superfood

Price: $10.00 (approx. £7.25)

Gr8nola’s range of Superfood Granola is comfortably among the best granola cereals to have on a cosy autumn morning. 

Containing warm flavours such as cinnamon, honey and almonds, when mixed with yoghurt, milk or fruit is a delicious go-to for boosting your energy levels every day. This is an exciting new take on traditional granola if you’re wanting something a little bit different.

Each mix also comes with digestible ground flaxseeds, a fibre rich superfood and omega-3. Omega-3s are fatty acids that have an array of benefits including supporting your brain functions, bodily processes and reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Learn more about these beneficial fats with our complete guide to healthy high fat foods.

All ingredients are also coated with a light layer of coconut oil for added flavour and texture. Coconut oil is a healthy fat that the body needs for fueling the mind and body which is another fantastic reason to begin implementing this range into your morning. 

Finally, Gr8nola’s Superfood is one of the best low sugar granolas on the market. With just 5g of sugar per serving promises to boost your energy while not eating away at your total sugar allowance for the day. It’s hearty, healthy and incredibly delicious - what’s not to love? 

#6 - Eat Natural Gluten-Free Granola

Price: £3.00 (Tesco)

Next on the list of the best granola is UK-based company Eat Natural, who have been supplying cereal products around the world since 1997. 

Chunky, jumbo oats and crunchy buck-wheat are the essences of this gluten-free granola. Eat Natural then add a naturally sweet honey glaze around oats and wheat with a touch of rapeseed oil before slow roasting. 

Each nutty mix is also combined with roasted chickpeas for additional protein with a dash of coconut shreds for extra flavour. A blend of sunflower, pumpkin and linseeds are the final ingredients that make up more than a quarter of the mix.

There are also some fantastic ways of eating this granola for your breakfast. You could have it as cereal by adding milk or natural yoghurt with extra honey, or mix in melted peanut butter and leave it in the fridge to make your very own granola bars to take with you on the move. 

These often make ideal high-protein vegan snacks, and can be a perfect option on a long run or cycle.

Eat Natural’s Gluten-Free range can be purchased at a range of retailers including major supermarkets and health shops. You can also keep your eye out for other Eat Natural products stocked in gym vending machines too, perfect for a natural post-workout snack! 

#7 - MyProtein Granola

Price: £5.49 

If you’re looking for a high protein, low calorie granola then MyProtein has a selection of great flavours to start your day right.

MyProtein believes that fueling your body with protein-rich foods in the morning and after a workout is of the utmost importance. This simple yet flavoursome granola is packed with protein to help to support your training goals, and re-energise you wherever you are. 

Learn more about how protein affects the body with our complete comparison of animal and plant protein sources.

There are 3 indulgent flavours for you to choose from, designed to suit all tastes. These include Chocolate, Almond and Honey, and Raspberry and Blackberry. To enjoy, simply mix 40g of granola over 150ml of milk of your choice. Or, sprinkle a handful of granola over some yoghurt with fresh fruit. 

Each 40g serving of their signature Chocolate granola contains the following: 

  • 167 calories
  • 8.4g protein
  • 19g carbohydrates
  • 5.6g fat
  • 3.2g fibre

My Protein’s low calorie granola is a great way of fueling your body with the necessary nutrients to start your day right, while not eating into your daily calorie allowance too much. 

So, follow the link to take advantage of one of the healthiest granolas to have for breakfast or as a post-workout refuel. Make sure to also check out the next option if low calorie granolas are what you’re after for breakfast. 

#8 - Deliciously Ella Original Granola

Price: £4 

Are you on the hunt for the best granola in the UK? Perhaps you’re wanting something made with simple ingredients that has a flavourful twist. If so, Deliciously Ella has a wonderful product that could help you start your morning right. 

Deliciously Ella’s granola started in their very own independent cafe, but since customers loved it so much, the minds’ behind Deliciously Ella thought that you'd like to also enjoy it from home. 

The main components of The Original Granola range are crushed almonds and gluten-free oats. The flavourful twist is thanks to a sprinkle of cinnamon, orange juice, a drizzle of maple syrup, raisins, coconut chips and a healthy range of seeds. 

Each batch is baked to a perfect crunch so that even when milk or yoghurt is added, a soft crisp texture remains. We’d encourage you to try it with the additional benefits of oat milk, which provides an extra level of sweetness.

With each serving being 174 calories, this is certainly one of the healthiest granolas on offer to you. This flagship granola also caters for a diverse range of dietary requirements as it is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, kosher and gluten-free. This provides a worry-free experience whenever making your breakfast regardless of your dietary needs. 

Additionally, did you know that Deliciously Ella also has their own app? It contains over 500 recipes waiting to inspire you each meal time. It presents new and exciting ways to use your granola such as for pancakes, waffles, and even smoothies. 

#9 - Bio&Me Low Sugar Granola

Price: £3.70

Bio&Me is the best low sugar granola in the UK. Created by The Gut Health Doctor, an online blogger that discusses the ways that you can take better care of your gut, the blog encompasses everything you need to know about maintaining good gut health using their specially-designed granola. 

The Low Sugar Granola is packed with 15 nutritious ingredients including superfruits, vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seeds each of which helps your body to work at its max. This is why Bio&Me’s granola is the perfect breakfast option to best prepare you for the day ahead.

Each 60g serving offers the following nutritional information:

  • 281 calories
  • 2.8g sugar
  • 29.8g carbohydrates
  • 7.7g protein
  • 8.3g fibre
  • 12.7g fat

Consuming a bowl of Bio&Me’s granola with milk, yoghurt or stirred into a fruit smoothie will keep you full and satisfied all the way through till lunch-time, all while being entirely plant-based. 

So, if you wanted to discover the best low sugar granola in the UK, Bio&Me is most certainly one of the best on offer for you and your family to try. 

#10 - Kind Healthy Grains Peanut Butter Clusters

Price: £3.16

Are you looking for a low fat granola that won’t cut into your daily calorie allowance? If so, Kind’s Peanut Butter Clusters won’t disappoint. Containing just 130 calories and 3.5g fat per portion, this is one of the healthiest granolas on offer to you. 

Kind’s Healthy Grains are an artisanal blend of the most natural whole grains and superfoods each hand-picked to give you a range of fantastic health benefits in each mouthful. Each batch is slowly roasted to provide a warm flavour, perfect for a winter morning before your walk to workearthy

The Peanut Clusters are also a great source of protein while also containing 16g of whole grains. But why are both of these important for your body and health? 

Proteins in the body are made up of amino acids that the body needs to build, repair and protect your bones, muscles and skin. Foods that are protein-rich are also great for providing energy. 

Whole grains are naturally fibre-full which helps you to feel satisfied for longer. Fibre also supports your digestive functions. Kind’s range is a great option for those who enjoy cereals for their breakfast but are also mindful of the number on the scales. 

At just 130 calories per serving, this low fat granola is a fantastic option if you’re aiming for a calorie deficit but also want to feel satisfied. It is noteworthy that Kind’s range does contain peanuts, dairy and soy so it is important to be mindful of this before purchasing for those who have food allergies. 


#11 - Lizi’s High Protein Granola

Price: £3.70

Lizi have been supplying the best granola to UK customers since 2003. Crafted by true foodies, science enthusiasts and organic farmers, each batch of granola is brought to you with passion and love. 

At Lizi, they believe that you should feel satisfied and fulfilled for all of your endeavours and their High Protein range offers just that!

Containing 13.5g of protein per portion, this is a fantastic way to start your day or to have it as a post-workout snack. This provides a whopping 27% of your daily requirements, helping to contribute towards your muscle maintenance and as part of a balanced, nutritious diet. 

The granola includes a range of grains including oat flakes, bran and barley along with walnuts and almonds. Each mouthful will provide a subtle coconut flavour complimented with the benefits of apple juice and a touch of sweet syrup to make your breakfast all the more delicious. 

Lizi offers a range of recommendations of how you can enjoy their granola: with fresh fruit, yoghurt, with milk of your choice or just straight from the packet as a snack. Whatever your preference, Lizi promises to follow through, which is why they’re ranked as one of the best healthy granola brands on the market. 

You can purchase Lizi’s range on their main website or from supermarkets including Ocado, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. 

#12 - Made Good Crispy Light Granola

Price: £4.52

Want to find the best granola for weight loss? If so, Made Good has a fantastic option for you. 

The Crispy Light Granola contains just 130 calories per snack serving, helping you to maintain a calorie deficit while fueling your body effectively. Each mouthful provides a light, crispy texture even when mixed with low-fat yoghurt or milk, both of which we’d recommend if you’re trying to be mindful of your calorie intake. 

Each serving includes brown rice crisps and gluten-free oats along with unsweetened chocolate chips, making your meals feel all the more indulgent even though they’re low calorie. Every serving will also provide a wealth of vitamins (including essential vitamins for energy) to support and regulate bodily functions. 

For example, Vitamin A helps to support your immune system, B helps the body to break down foods for energy, D regulates the nutrients in your body and E helps to maintain eye and skin health. 

So, as well as opting for a low calorie granola to help support your weight loss journey, you’re also fueling your body with a range of essential vitamins to keep you healthy and well. This product is also vegans, kosher and gluten-free, thus catering for a range of dietary requirements. 

Make sure to also check out the next option if you’re on the hunt for the best granola for weight loss! 

#13 - Troo Super Berry Granola

Price: £3.99

Troo is a food brand that prioritises a healthy gut. Each portion of Troo’s granola contains at least 25% of the daily recommended fibre intake, while still being low in calories. This is perfect if you’re wanting to support and maintain bodily functions while also helping you to  lose weight! 

Each 35g portion of the Super Berry Granola contains just 157 calories, perfect for adding some yoghurt and fruit without being a calorically dense breakfast option. 

This granola contains a toasty blend of gluten-free oats, seeds and nuts with freeze dried blackberries, blueberries and blackcurrants for added flavour and texture. This also means that every portion is rich in Vitamin C which has a range of benefits on the body. But what do these include? 

Vitamin C firstly helps to support your immune system while also protecting your cells and helps to maintain healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage. It’s often considered an ideal vitamin to combat tiredness, as well as keeping your energy levels high throughout the day.

The Super Berry Granola is also suitable for vegans, gluten-free and dairy-free that has also been made without additives, preservatives and flavours, making it one of the healthiest granola options on offer to you. 

#14 - Rude Health Low Sugar Granola

Price: £3.50

The best low sugar granola in the UK is Rude Health’s range of almond and hazelnut cereal grains. 

Rude Health believes that granolas shouldn’t be packed full of sugar like so many products often do, which is why they’ve created a low sugar granola range to cater for those who are wanting to have a balanced and nutritious diet. Each serving contains just 1.9g sugar which is 7g less than most mass-market granolas on the market. 

Each pack contains Mediterranean almonds and Turkish hazelnuts, lightly baked with Rude Health’s hearty oats to bring you a satisfying breakfast with a subtle, crunchy texture. It’s also an ideal granola to have with milk that won’t turn into a soggy consistency as other cereals do. 

Rude Health’s recommended preparation for this low sugar granola is to sprinkle it over a bowl of yoghurt with some fresh strawberries - an easy, no-nonsense way to start your morning that will satisfy you through to lunchtime. We’d also recommend mixing that up with a few blueberries, too - learn why in our total overview of the benefits of blueberries

You can purchase Rude Health’s low sugar granola directly from their website or in most supermarkets including Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. Why not give it a go today? 

#15 - Quaker Oat Granola

Price: £2.99

Next up, we have a product by Quaker, who have crafted breakfast foods for everyone around the world since 1877. 

Quaker’s oat granola is made with 100% whole grain oats that are coated in a delicious sweet honey glaze. Each comes with granola clusters for added texture, perfect for adding milk or yoghurt without it turning into an unappetising consistency. 

Moreover, when you combine this golden granola with fresh or dried fruit, and a sprinkle of nuts, you’ll be able to enjoy extra depth to your morning meal. We’d suggest combining this with a cup of beneficial black coffee to kickstart the day.

Quaker is a brand that prides themselves on making products that have 30% less fat compared with other granola brands, making it one of the healthiest granola options for you. This also helps to lower high cholesterol which poses risks of developing coronary heart disease.

Furthermore, opting for a Quaker product for your breakfast means that you’re keeping your body healthy and happy. 

Each 45g serving of the oat granola contains 193 calories, 3.9g of protein and 3.2g of fibre which helps to keep your muscles, bones, skin healthy and digestive functions supported each day. Plus, the healthy 32g of carbohydrates per serving will guarantee to keep you energised and full. 

So, why not opt for one of the best healthy granola brands on the market? Quaker’s ranges can be purchased either online or in all major supermarkets. 

#16 - Cocoa Keto Granola

Price: £6.99

For this next option, we have something a little different to offer you by Keto Hana - their best organic granola. 

Keto Hana is a brand that makes products that are suitable for those leading a keto lifestyle; a high-fat, adequate-protein and low-carbohydrate diet. Many refer to keto diets as a way to lose weight as the body burns fat rather than carbohydrates when in a calorie deficit. Learn more about the diet with our guide to the best keto cookbooks on the market.

This Cocoa Keto Granola contains almonds, coconut, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts and cocoa powder to bring you a low carbohydrate breakfast that will still keep you full for hours. Accompanied by your choice of yoghurt or milk is a perfect way to begin your day or as a snack.

Each 30g serving contains 186 calories, 4.5g carbohydrates, 5.8g protein and 16g fat. This is a fantastic breakfast option for you to keep your carbohydrates low and fats high.

Moreover, Keto Hana are very selective about what they put into their products, as they believe that using the most natural ingredients helps to support our bodies from the inside out. They want to provide their customers with products that promote satisfaction and make you feel amazing both physically and mentally. 

So, if you’re wanting to find the best granola for weight loss, why not consider opting for a keto diet to facilitate your weight loss goals? Keto Hana’s Keto Granola can be the best way to start your day each morning. 

#17 - Jordans Super Berry Granola

Price: £4.00 

Finishing up OriGym’s list of the best granola in the UK is a product by Jordans, who have been producing a wide range of healthy cereals and breakfast options since the mid-1800s. 

Jordans Super Berry Granola is made with lightly baked wholegrain oat flakes and freeze dried berries for natural sweetness. The berries include blackcurrants, blueberries and cranberries, each of which are packed full of minerals and vitamins to help support your body each morning. But, what are these and how do they benefit the body? 

Each berry contains a healthy dose of Vitamin C, a vital mineral that helps to support your immune system, muscles, bones and skin while also providing you with an energy boost to start your day right. The berries are also rich in Vitamin K, another essential vitamin that the body needs for blood clotting and helping wounds heal.

As for minerals, each berry contains manganese to assist the body in forming connective tissues and bones while also boosting your metabolism each morning. Finally, they all also contain calcium to build bones and keep your teeth healthy. 

Each serving of Jordans oat berry granola also contains almonds for an extra crunch and just a touch of honey for sweetness. 

Customer reviews comment that Jordans granola range is the perfect way to start the day, keeping you full and satisfied all the way through to your next meal. So, if you’re searching for the best healthy granola brands available to you, you won’t be disappointed with Jordan’s. 


Enjoying this article so far? Here are 3 other interesting articles related to this one:

Benefits Of Eating Granola 

The benefits of eating granola are plentiful, and can revolutionise the way you plan out your daily meals. This section will run through these in more depth and demonstrate how incorporating a bowl of granola into your morning routine can help to keep your body happy, healthy and supported.

#1 - Can Promote Weight Loss

One of the great benefits of fueling your body with granola each morning is that it can help to promote weight loss. It is a light yet filling food that can keep you energised, and fuller for longer. This also reduces the chance of you snacking in between meals and from craving any unhealthy foods which pose risks to you sticking to your diet. 

However, the key point to take from this benefit is that it can promote weight loss. It’s important to refer to a granola brands’ label before incorporating it into your diet. While granola can be a healthy option for your breakfast, some granola brands add unnecessary sugar to a product to make it taste nicer. 

For example, honey, syrups and/or chocolate additives are sometimes added to granola, and these can contribute large amounts of calories to your breakfast. Furthermore, it’s important to study a food’s label before incorporating it into your diet, especially if you are to rely on it to lose weight. 

This list has highlighted the best granola for weight loss that can help to keep you in a calorie deficit each day, especially when combined with the diverse benefits of eating healthily.

#2 - Promotes Good Heart Health

A fantastic by-product of opting for granola for breakfast is that it helps to promote good overall cardiovascular health. But, how does it help with this? 

High cholesterol is also associated with the risk of developing Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), a disease that is caused by a build-up of fatty substances in the blood vessels. This means that efficient blood flow is hindered, resulting in an increased risk of heart attacks. According to the British Heart Foundation, CHD affects 7.6 million people in the UK alone. 

Granolas that contain almonds and nuts are also beneficial for the heart. Both are high in omega-3 fatty acids which are good for lowering triglycerides in the blood. Triglycerides are what the body produces when the food you eat isn’t immediately converted into energy and are instead stored as fat. 

Find out more in OriGym’s complete exploration of the different types of body fat.

Moreover, oats are a good source of beta-glucan, a type of fibre that helps to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Ultimately, opting for granola for your breakfast can help to promote good heart health which also helps to reduce the risk of developing serious heart diseases such as CHD and the risk of heart attacks. 

#3 - Reduces High Blood Sugar

Did you know that incorporating a bowl of granola into your morning routine can also help to reduce high blood sugar levels in your diet? This is especially beneficial for diabetics who need to monitor their blood sugar levels each day. 

This is because granola is rich in manganese, a mineral that helps to support metabolic functions while also being a blood sugar regulator that can either stimulate or inhibit insulin release. A 2014 study found that those who have high blood manganese levels have a decreased chance of developing Type-2 diabetes. 

This suggests that fueling the body with a granola-rich breakfast helps to reduce sugar spikes and drops in diabetic patients. We’d strongly advise combining this granola with a balanced diet that contains plenty of metabolism-boosting foods to fully see the benefits, though.

However, with reference to the previous point, some granola brands add sugary products, such as honey and syrups to their granola to make it tastier. This may cause harm to diabetics, hence the importance of referring to a food’s label to see whether it’s suitable for your diet. 

#4 - Help to Improve Digestion

Another one of the benefits of eating granola for breakfast is that it is a great digestive aid. This is largely thanks to the high fibre content of most granolas.

A high fibre diet can help with bowel movements, making it easier for waste to pass through the digestive tract. It can also stimulate peristaltic motion, whereby the muscles in the intestines soften, thus helping digested food to move easier. 

Moreover, fibre can help alleviate symptoms of constipation which can lead to copious health issues. For example, long-term constipation can lead to haemorrhoids (piles) and bowel incontinence (leakage of stools), as well as stomach cramps and discomfort.

It is imperative, therefore, that you fuel your body with a high fibre breakfast to help prevent experiencing such issues. A fantastic by-product of granola is that it is naturally high in fibre, thus helping to promote healthy digestive functions each day, as well as ensuring we’ve got plenty of energy before running to work

#5 - Boosts Antioxidant Levels

A great reason to incorporate a bowl of granola into your morning routine is that it helps to boost antioxidant levels. There are a whole range of ingredients typically found in granola that are rich in antioxidants. These include oats, coconut, chia seeds, nuts and many fruits. So, opting for a granola that contains each can also boost your antioxidant count. 

Antioxidants are substances that help to protect your cells against free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells, resulting in you feeling ill, ageing and even exposing the risk of cancer. 

Exposure to direct sunlight, pollution and excessive alcohol consumption and cigarette smoke increase free radical rates in the body, thus posing risks to your health and wellbeing. While the body can deal with some free radicals in the body, it’s always beneficial to fuel your diet with antioxidant-rich foods to keep your body healthy. 

Explore more options with our comprehensive report on the best antioxidant foods to help diversify your diet.

How To Find The Best Granola Brands?

Since this article has run through some of the best granola cereal brands on the market and detailed some fantastic benefits of granola, you may be curious as to how to find the best granola brand for you.

Dietary Requirements

Firstly, studying the granola’s label is the best way to determine whether it’s the right one for you. Should you want granola that is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, kosher or gluten-free, or not contain a certain ingredient due to allergies, studying the label is imperative in determining whether a granola brand is right for you. 

You may also want a granola brand to accommodate other dietary requirements such as being low in calories, low in sugar or high in protein. Again, studying the food’s label is a great way of seeing whether the granola will do what you want it to before purchasing. 

It’s also important to consider more stringent dietary guidelines you might be adhering to. As healthy as many granola brands are, they may not necessarily be low-carb enough to work for a ketogenic diet, or have too high a sugar content for those sticking to a paleo diet. 

If you’re curious about the restrictions each of these plans bring, check out our complete overview of paleo, keto and whole30 diets.


When selecting the right granola brand for you, you might want to consider how accessible it is to purchase the product. 

Some granola brands only operate online, while others have expanded their business out to supermarkets, making it easier for you to make a purchase of your favourite granola when doing the food shop. 

For this reason, you may wish to study the cereal aisle's shelves of what options there are for you. This will also help you to find the best granola brand for your needs.

Alternatively, if you’re happy to shop online, we’d encourage you to check out the review section to find out further information from those who’ve purchased the product previously. You’ll also be able to conduct your own research into key components of your chosen granola. 


There is a diverse range of granola flavours available for you to choose from, as well as those that opt for a more natural, unflavoured flavour profile.

Whether you prefer nutty flavours, granola with fruit, more indulgent chocolate options or just plain and simple, there’s a vast array of options in our list of the best granolas that ensures you’ll be able to find a granola that suits your palette. 

This article also highlights a range of different combinations of flavours to keep your tastebuds satisfied. All that you need to do is try a couple from this list to determine which is your favourite flavour. 

If you’re struggling to decide, we’d suggest opting for a few options so that you can determine your favourite, and then incorporate that into your diet. This then allows you to plot around your breakfast, and plan out meals that include other immunity boosting foods to really reap the benefits.


Perhaps one of the more important factors in choosing the best granola for you is the price, especially if you’re looking to eat healthily but have a tight budget.

If you’re someone who prefers simple granola, then you can expect to find a range of options for a very affordable price. Conversely, if more extravagant flavour combinations are your cup of tea, you may find the granola is a little more expensive.

Additionally, as with some options in this list, some companies only offer bulk purchases on their products meaning numerous units are to be purchased rather than just one.These often function similarly to recipe boxes, in that you’re able to cancel online at any time. This does mean it is a more expensive initial outlay, but potentially cheaper per unit. 

Ultimately, when finding the best granola for you, the price of the product may be the deciding factor in which you go for. When you do choose, consider referring back to our list which includes a range of granolas differing in price to accommodate your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Granola Brand?

Now that we’ve cover

ed a spectrum of granola brands available to you, you may be wondering which is the best granola cereal for you. Unfortunately, there’s no single answer - it’s entirely down to your reasons for choosing granola. 

If you’re wanting to lose weight, you may want to consider selecting a granola that is low in calories, fat and sugar. While granola is rich in grains, nuts and fruit, it can also contain high amounts of sugar from added syrups and flavourings. This, in turn, can significantly increase the calorie content per serving, making it more difficult to achieve a calorie deficit. 

If you’re wanting to gain muscle, then you may want to select a granola that is high in protein. Granola can then become a great breakfast, post-workout snack, and even a dessert that can rival a healthy ice cream.

Conversely, you may not be wanting to lose weight or gain muscle mass, meaning you may simply want to find a granola that suits your palette. There’s a whole range of options in this list, including chocolate-flavoured granolas, fruity options and some simpler flavoured granolas. 

Whatever your reasons, this list outlines the best granola cereals on the market for you to make an informed decision of which is the best for your needs. 

Is Granola Healthy?

Granola is typically considered to be a healthy breakfast cereal. With a combination of oats, nuts, seeds and fruit, these are all ingredients that many look for when wanting a healthy, hearty and satisfying breakfast to couple with the benefits of your usual cold brew coffee.

However, many granola brands may also add syrups and honey into the granola to make it sweeter which might not be suitable for everyone. For example, diabetics may need to monitor their glucose levels each day, meaning that granola with added sugar may not be a suitable breakfast option. 

Furthermore, it’s important to refer to a food product’s label to identify whether it’s suitable for your type of diet. Some may contain ingredients that you’re allergic to, or have an intolerance of, and therefore might not always be suitable.

Ultimately, granola can be a very healthy breakfast option as the base ingredients are nuts, oats, seeds and fruit, but it does depend on any added extras that are part of the granola brands you choose. 

Which Is The Best Granola For Weight Loss?

Yes - granola can be great for weight loss!

However, with the previous point in mind, it’s important to opt for a healthy granola. While most granola-based products are rich in grains, nuts and fruit, they can also be added with syrups, chocolate chips and flavours which makes them less healthy. 

If you’re wanting to be mindful of your weight, it’s recommended to opt for a low calorie and low sugar granola to help you to achieve a calorie deficit. This is imperative for weight loss to occur, so selecting healthy granola will help with this. 

Consider double checking food labels before purchasing so that you know that you’re selecting a granola that won’t hinder your weight loss efforts. And check out our complete exploration of how to maintain weight loss for ideas on how to ensure you keep off the weight you lose.

Before You Go!

Whether you want a low calorie option, granola with high protein or low sugar, this list encompasses a diverse range of different granola brands so that you can make an informed decision of which is best for you and your dietary requirements. 

If you’re already comfortable with your nutritional choices, however, then perhaps a career in nutrition could be your calling. Check out OriGym’s prestigious sports nutrition course to get started, or download our FREE prospectus to learn more about how it could be perfect for you.


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