11 Best Gym Tyres: Buyers Guide

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Looking for a gym tyre to switch up your training? We’ve reviewed the very best just below! 

There are tons of benefits of training with gym tyres so whether you want to bulk up, get stronger, or you're just looking for a new piece of kit to switch up your workouts, then we have got you covered.   

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11 Best Gym Tyres

1. The Abs Company TireFlip 180

Price: £1499.99

The TireFlip 180XL is the new generation of fitness tyre, think classic tractor tyre reimagined as a space-efficient single piece of kit that offers multiple dynamic strength conditioning options in a single exercise tyre. 

If you’re unsure of how heavy you want your gym tyre to be, this half tractor tyre is a great option as it can be increased in weight from 72kg (160lbs) up to 108kg (240lbs). 

The 2023 model from the Abs Company also includes mobility wheels, sound-absorbing bumpers, 4-floor levellers, and 6-floor mounting points to secure the tyre to your workout area. 

This half tractor tyre is mounted on a 180-degree rotating pivot making it perfect for tyre flip exercises, and it also features dual anchor points that can be used with the battle ropes.

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With two weight horns, the TireFlip 180XL includes 7 x 2.5kg Olympic plates allowing up to 35kg of additional free weight resistance to be added guaranteeing a demanding workout and offering a broader training range with just one exercise tyre. 

For safety, the Abs Company uses only new tyres to avoid the risk of embedded sharp objects and exposed wires, a hazard that often comes with used tyres for fitness.

Measuring 4' x 5' feet, the TireFlip 180XL requires the same dedicated floor space as an average bench press making tyre training possible in smaller training spaces. 

Whether you’re looking to use this gym tyre for tyre flipping, step-ups, push-ups, plyometric jumps, and heavy rope training, the TireFlip 180XL is an elite option. 

If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a 5-year warranty on its frame, 1-year warranty on parts, and 6-month warranty on wearable items.

2. Escape Fitness TIYR™ Gym Tyre

gym tyres for sale 

Price: £1080.00

A twist on a traditional tractor tyre, the TIYR™ by Escape Fitness is available in 40kg (88lbs), 60kg (130lbs), 80kg (176lbs), and 100kg (220lbs) options, so clients of all fitness levels can get involved. 

A selection of features set the TIYR™ apart from standard gym tyres, including a handle for lifting which double as an attachment for battle ropes. We also loved that this workout tyre is precision built with a 100% recycled foam border for a safety unavailable in scrapyard tractor tyres. 

Great for boot camps and PT sessions, the handles of this gym tyre are made using ultra-tough CORDURA®, an abrasion and tear-resistant fabric used in military equipment. 

This product is truly well-designed with an evenly distributed mass and a tough base that is sure to withstand serious punishment. 

What's more, a piece of independent research found that female clients felt more comfortable working out with the TIYR than with free weights, breaking potential gender barriers associated with strength training. 

If you're a personal trainer and you're interested in using the Escape TIYR with your clients, Escape Fitness offers a workshop for fitness instructors. 

The course covers essential TIYR exercises, partner-based exercises, ways to implement the TIYR into group training, how to teach the exercises safely and effectively, and how to grow your PT business with TIYR training challenges.

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3. Jordan Tufnut Workout Tyre

exercise tyre

Price: £829.00 

The Jordan Tufnut is the new generation of tractor tyre for the gym expertly designed by Jordan Fitness, a leading authority in fitness equipment in the UK for over 30 years. 

Available in 60kg (130lbs), 80kg (176lbs), and 100kg (220lbs), the Jordan Tufnut Workout Tyre has an intelligent hexagonal design which means that it is more easily controlled in use than circular tyre alternatives.  

The tyre is made using a steel frame encased with foam and is covered with a strong PVC external cover, features which enable it to withstand heavy-weight shock absorption whilst making it safer than repurposed tractor tyres.

The Tufnut's six-sided design is easier to store, and unlike a conventional tractor tyre, this doesn't roll. Traditional repurposed tyres can be difficult to work out with, but the Tufnut's stable design allows you to focus on your strength training without risk of injury.

The various sides of this fitness tyre have tear-resistant straps allowing you to grip, pull, lift, and flip this tyre for fitness.

Whether you're looking for equiptment to use for boot camps, strength training, strongman, or CrossFit workouts, the Jordan Tufnut workout tyre is one of the best commercial fitness tyres for sale in 2023.

4. Morgan Strength Exercise Tyres

workout tyre 

Morgan Sports have over 30 years experience as a leading industry wholesaler of top of the line, commercial-grade combat sports, functional fitness apparatus, and rugby league gym equipment supplying as a direct B2B wholesaler. 

The 60kg (132lbs) tractor tyres for the gym from Morgan Sports are made from a 90-degree hardness EVA foam, regularly used in jump boxes, strong enough to enable users to jump on the tyres when using their tyres in plyometric workouts and drills. 

This eliminates the problem of hard rubber edges found in conventional tyres plus their EVA is odour free so there is no unpleasant smell of worn or farm-yard rubber in your training environment. 

The gym tyres are covered with a durable high-grade vinyl with multiple soft lifting and pulling straps for better control of the tyre during tyre flips, dragging, pushing, group carrying, and partner work. 

All Morgan Sports products are covered by a minimum 6-month warranty with some warranties extending beyond 5+ years.

5. BKT Strongman Tyres

gym tractor tyre

Price: £420.00

If you're looking for a strongman gym tyre over 125kg (275lbs) these tyres are not a standard piece of professional gym equipment. Strongmen, athletes, and experienced strength trainers will typically train at entry-level with 250kg (551lbs) up to 350kg (771lbs). 

Tyres at this size offer the obvious benefit of a much heavier weight and therefore a greater challenge and sufficient workout for athletes, strongmen and clients. For those focused on strength building using tyre training, a gym tyre weight of 80kg just isn't sufficient.

Jack Lovett, two-time British Natural Strongman Champion and World Natural Strongman competitor whose training methods have been featured in 'Muscle & Fitness' magazine, 'Men’s Fitness Magazine', and 'Men’s Health Magazine' to name only a few, notes that whilst 500kg tyres are regularly used by strength athletes in strongman competitions, 350kg tyres are ideal for the full benefits of tyre flipping.

When choosing a strongman tyre for a commercial or at-home gym, Lovett explains “choose a tyre which is a minimum of 20in (51cm) thick to allow yourself or your clients to get a proper lifting position engaging the legs and back rather than the arms”. 

His advice also pointed out that if purchasing second-hand, you should look for a tyre with an undamaged edge for the safest and most secure grip possible.

6. Hold Fast Fitness Workout Tyre

Tractor tyres for gym

Price: £380.00 

One of the few gym tyres for sale directly from Amazon UK, the Hold Fast Fitness Gym Workout Tyre has a weight of 125 kg (275 lbs) making it a brilliant option for anyone searching for a large, heavy-duty fitness tyre.

This is a convenient option for anybody who doesn’t have the time to search second-hand sites, call up garages, or scour junkyards. 

The Hold Fast fitness tyres are great for gym hammer and tyre exercises, meaning that they can do serious work for your core, arm, back, and leg muscles and in calorie annihilating high impact interval training.  

If you have access to a quiet space, a simple strongman exercise to try with a tyre and sledgehammer is to stand two feet away from the tyre, bring the sledgehammer up with your dominant hand, bring your other hand to your dominant hand, swing the sledgehammer down against the tyre as hard as you can, and then repeat on the other side with your non-dominant hand leading.

7. Aussie Strength Functional Gym Tyre 

gym workout tyres

Price: £273.37 

Aussie Strength is the largest fitness warehouse in Australia and is 100% Australian Defense Force veteran-owned, providing next-generation functional training equipment that is effective, mobile, and built on a first-hand understanding of how to push yourself to your strength, speed, and stamina limits.

Delivering market-leading solutions for functional strength equipment to commercial and at-home gyms, Aussie Strength has an in-house research and development team and has full authority over the quality of their products. 

The Functional Tyre Xtreme is Aussie Strength's innovative answer to the classic junkyard salvaged gym tractor tyre and designed based on professional CrossFit coaches feedback and first-hand experience of tyre training by Australian military personnel.

With a hexagonal shape, the Tyre Xtreme has better stability and safety than round tyres.

If you’re asking ‘how heavy are tractor tyres?’ you might be happy to know that this particular tyre for exercise is available in 40kg (88lbs), 60kg (130lbs), and 80kg (176lbs), and features two straps on the hexagon's face for flipping, pushing, pulling and walking with this versatile gym tyre. 

For team drills, solo use, or partners, the Aussie Strength Functional Tyre Xtreme is a gym-ready fitness tyre which offers a huge range of challenges and exercises.

8. Apollo Training Tyre

exercise gym tyres 

Price: £100.00

The Apollo training tyre is a classic, black rubber tyre perfect for building explosive power. Whilst the Apollo training tyre looks and will behave like a traditional tractor tyre, it doesn't have the potential debris such as embedded glass, gravel, and wires of second-hand agricultural tyres.

This tyre comes brand new and therefore it has a clean, sterile, and professional appearance ready for any at-home or commercial gym space.  

The Apollo Training Tyre stands at a height of 45" inches high, or 3' foot 8" inches, and is the perfect, gym-quality training tyre aesthetically similar, though lighter weight, to the tyres used in the iconic 'The World’s Strongest Man' challenge.  

This is a great choice for plyometric single leg jumps, tyre flips, the 'Farmer's Walk', CrossFit exercises, squats, tyre pulls, and partner work.

If you want the look of a traditional tyre but also want professional-grade, commercial gym design which is safe to use with your clients, the Apollo training tyre is a great option.

9. AGG Tractor Tyre For Gym 

Fitness tyres for exercise 

Price: £143.99

At 60kg or 130lbs, the AGG gym tyre is a mid-weight tyre at the lower end of the price spectrum. Brilliantly durable the AGG stands at around 4ft high and when purchased from Amazon UK comes with a free strap. 

A brilliant CrossFit tyre, the AGG can be used in tyre and hammer workouts.

If you're considering this product for an at-home workout and haven't done tyre training before, remember when flipping the tyre to start with the tyre flat on the ground, place your fingers as far under the tyre as you can and keep your hands shoulder-width apart. 

The AGG workout tyre is a nice option for at-home practices and for start-up gyms looking for a versatile piece of equipment. What's more, it's available on Amazon and so can be delivered straight to your door in a matter of days.

Want more inspiration for exercising at home? Check out the OriGym guide to nailing your home workout!

10. Crossply Tractor Tyres For Gym Workouts 


tractor tyre for gym

Price: £89.25

For personal practices, lower budgets, and gym startups struggling to find scrap tyres or who want a new tyre but simply don't have the budget for premium training tyres, crossply tractor tyres are a great choice.

The sidewalls of crossply tyres are often stronger than radial tractor tyres, offering better durability for repeated use and longer-term wear.

Crossply tractor tyres are great for exercise as they’re rigid and have less bounce than radial tractor tyres, making them easier to handle mid-workout. Plus, they are often found in older tractor models and use cheaper construction materials, making for a brilliant budget option gym tyre.

11. Worn Car and Tractor Tyres for Gym

If you want to stick to a very low budget, then used tractor tyres are a great option and can be easily sourced from dealerships. 

Dealerships will normally have to pay to have old tyres taken off their hands, and so are typically happy to give tyres away for free - so it works well for both parties!  

A quick Google search will bring up tyre dealerships local to you or, for larger strongman tyres, search for anywhere dealing in farm tyres, earthmovers, and construction vehicles. If searching for strongman tyres second hand, tyres of this size are also available from eBay ranging from £40 up to around £120. 

If you require a large number, or a variety of tyres for boot camps sourcing worn tyres from dealers may be the most economical option. Buying or repurposing used tyres is also an eco-friendly option helping to cut down on waste, leads to fewer tyres produced and therefore less fossil fuel being used.

And when it comes to ‘what muscles does tyre flipping work?’ a used tyre will give you just as much of a workout as any of the other options above!

Before You Go!

We hope that our list has helped you to find the best gym tyre to mix up your exercise routine!

If you’re serious about fitness, why not make it your full-time career? If you think you have what it takes, you can enquire about our Personal Training Diploma here.

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Written by Abbie Watkins

Fitness Content Manager, OriGym

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