15 Best Kombucha Brands

best kombucha drinks

There are plenty of fantastic kombucha brands eager to tell you about their range of medicinal drinks. Some offer jazzy, tarty flavours while others like to keep things simple to accommodate a range of palettes. 

So, let’s see what we will cover within this article more specifically:

Without further ado, let’s get stuck into OriGym’s list of the 13 best kombucha brands in the UK. Just one more thing, if you have a passion for all things nutrition, why not check out our level 4 course in advanced sports nutrition or browse our downloadable prospectus to see how you can turn your passion for health and fitness into a career.

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What is Kombucha?

kombucha brands

Kombucha is a fermented and slightly fizzy drink that is made from sweetened black or green tea. 

The basic ingredients of kombucha are water, yeast, sugar, and black or green tea. Each is mixed together and left for at least a week to ferment. Acids and bacteria then form in the drink, creating a film of liquid termed a ‘SCOBY’ (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast). 

The fermentation process can last anywhere between 7-30 days. For a mild flavour, a 7-day brew is recommended and for a more intense flavour, leaving it for up to 30 days is best. 

The fermentation process is believed to be where kombucha’s health benefits stem from. These include helping with digestion, boosting energy levels, ridding the body of toxins and even helping to reduce the risk of certain cancers. Many also regularly consume kombucha to help enhance weight loss effects as it assists metabolic functions. 

When it comes to the origin of Kombucha, it came from China approximately 2,000 years ago and has been a popular drink to consume in Europe since the 20th century. 

The drink is homebrewed by many around the world. However, since it can take a lot of time and effort to create your own batch, many have established their own kombucha brands to deliver right to your door. 

With that in mind, let’s get stuck into the best kombucha brands in the UK! 

13 Best Kombucha Brands to Try

#1 - BT Kombucha

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BT Kombucha was established 20 years ago, and they’ve crafted top quality products ever since using only classic brewing methods. 

The brand actively works to boost awareness about health issues, as well as supporting the organic production of kombucha ingredients through the farmers that they partner with. The bottles they use are also 100% reusable and recyclable which says a lot about their values. 

Speaking of values, they’re outlined in their About Us page - health, vitality, honesty, transparency, and choice. It’s clear you’d have to go a long way to find a more sincere and trustworthy brand than BT Kombucha. 

The brand has a variety of best-selling products within their Kombucha Raw & Organic range, comprising of:

  • Green Tea 
  • Clarity Green Tea
  • Raspberry Ceylon Black Tea
  • Original Black Tea
  • Green Tea with Lemon

Each product is made with all-natural ingredients, including Japanese bancha green tea, pilsner laden water and organic cane sugar. 

You can rest assured that there aren’t any additives lurking in the small print, making BT Kombucha a great choice when it comes to choosing a go-to kombucha brand! 

#2 - Left Field Kombucha 

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Created in 2016, Left Field Kombucha are pretty new on the scene. Don’t underestimate their greatness, though - their teas are award-winning, and even won the title ‘Most Innovative New Product’ at the Scotsman Food & Drink Awards in 2019. 

Not only this, but they also made it onto the BBC Good Food list of Best Kombucha to Buy, beating many other established brands due to their innovation. 

After all, they don’t add any extra flavourings after the fermentation process is complete, which re-defines the way that kombucha should be made through making it healthier. No wonder they go with the catchphrase ‘the healthiest fizz in the fridge’!

Want to make an ethical choice when it comes to selecting the best kombucha brand for you? You’ll be glad to know that Left Field Kombucha only sources teas from members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, so you can be safe in the knowledge that their products are fully fair and sustainable. 

In terms of the products that Left Field Kombucha produce, their most popular products include:

  • Yunnan Black Kombucha
  • Sencha Green Kombucha 
  • Oolong Kombucha 
  • Darjeeling Kombucha  

As you can see there is quite a range in terms of flavour, and they really do provide something for everyone. We chose them as one of our best kombucha brands for their unique contribution to the market, as well as the quality of their products!

#3 Mighty Brew 

kombucha uk

Mighty Brew was founded by Julia and Peter 15 years ago when they moved to London from the Baltic Coast in Denmark to embark on a new journey. They shared a passion for brewing their own fermented kombucha and wanted to provide others with beautifully raw and organic drinks.

Mighty Brew’s kombucha uses an advanced three-stage water filtration system to ensure purity in each and every drink. Their products are also free from any artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives and GMOs while also contained in recycled glass and PVC lids. 

The brand's best selling kombucha is their Organic Sencha Kombucha, a green tea drink that is derived from Japan. Sencha shares a similar taste with light apple juice, cider and champagne, and is considered to be the finest type of green tea on the planet.

For this reason, Mighty Brew thought it necessary to recreate a product that lives up to Sencha's prestige. They believe that their range is the most authentic and pure sencha kombucha that promises to nourish the mind, body and soul. 

There are numerous ways of consuming this Japanese delicacy; either combined with prosecco, champagne or white wine which is perfect for a special occasion. It also works well with apple juice or just on its own to share with friends. Whatever the occasion, Mighty Brew’s best selling kombucha will be there for you. 

Now, when buying kombucha, reviews may help you to decide which is the best for you. On Trustpilot, Mighty Brew has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, showing that customers are certainly satisfied with the taste and quality of the brand’s kombucha. Why not give it a try today to see what all the rage is about? 

#4 Nutra Kombucha 

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Did you know that drinking kombucha can help to support a range of bodily functions? These include promoting a healthy gut, supporting digestive functions and your immune system, all of which contribute towards leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

This is where the Nutra Kombucha was born. 

Owners, Colin and Margaret Wynne, were searching for refreshing and healthy alternatives to soft drinks that didn’t include unnecessary flavours, colours and preservatives. So, they started to homebrew their own kombucha using a special blend of teas. 

Colin and Margaret turned their brewing hobby into a nationwide brand which is now ranked as the best kombucha for gut health. 

Their Original Kombucha is a blend of water, sugar, green tea, and SCOBY (symbiotic culture of Bacteria and Yeast). Through the fermentation process, a drink is produced that is nutritiously alive, promising drinkers elevated energy and a detoxified body. Each sip brings a tangy and sweet taste with a hum of fizz to make your drinking experience grand and special.  

Nutra Kombucha believes that since their Original drink is so powerful, they recommend only drinking one a day as this is sufficient in attaining the health benefits it provides. But, if the Original drink doesn’t quite take your fancy, Nutra Kombucha also has a selection of other refreshing flavours.

These include: Lemon & Mint, Ginger & Turmeric and Chilli Fruits are just a handful of Nutra Kombucha’s drink variations.  

Additionally, all of Nutra Kombucha’s drinks are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and dairy-free, thus catering for a diverse range of dietary requirements in one brand. If you want some dairy free foods to go along with your new beverage, check out our article on the best vegan protein sources here.

#5 Freshly Fermented 

kombucha drinks

Freshly Fermented is a brand that is on a mission to offer a range of vegan and organic food and drink options for those wanting to take better care of their gut. A bad gut can truly turn a great day into a nightmare, but with the aid of kombucha, you needn’t worry about this anymore!

The brand notes that it can be difficult to sell kombucha on a large scale as it has to be consumed within 3 months of being brewed. Most supermarkets sell dilated kombucha and often artificially carbonate the drink to increase the shelf life.

However, Freshly Fermented is determined to bring you the most authentic, raw kombucha straight after it’s brewed so that you can take advantage of its copious health benefits from the offset. 

The Black Orange Kombucha is made using strong and malty Assam tea, black tea derived from India. It has a tarty flavour that has a dark red hue, but once fermented, forms a warm orange. It is mixed with organic SCOBY, organic sugar, orange juice and filtered water offering a subtly sweet and fruity flavour. 

Each drink is packed with a full spectrum of bacteria and yeasts helping to keep you feeling energised and your gut happy. For this reason, Freshly Fermented suggests embracing the murky texture of the drink - it is not dirty, it is simply fermented. This is the environment required for kombucha’s bacteria and yeast to thrive to support your gut. 

As well as Black Orange, the brand also offers dark chocolate and ginger and lemon kombucha, providing some variety in regards to flavours. The starting price per bottle is £2.99, so while delicious and supportive, the drink is also affordable. 

So, if you approached this article wanting to get a better insight into the best kombucha for gut health, the Freshly Fermented brand should definitely be considered! 

#6 Momo Kombucha 

buying kombucha

Momo Kombucha is a brand that sells kombucha drinks and teas that are delicious, organic and supportive for a range of bodily processes. Founders, Josh and Lisa Puddle, were travelling around New York when they first discovered kombucha and were mesmerised by the vast health benefits a single drink provides.

By the end of their travels, Josh and Lisa felt truly rejuvenated after having a kombucha drink each day. They felt less bloated and had more energy to take on whatever plans lay ahead. For these reasons, they were deflated when they returned to London to find that very few establishments supplied their newfound favourite drink. 

So, they took matters into their own hands. Momo Kombucha’s drinks are now fermented, bottled and distributed from Josh and Lisa’s very own brewery in the heart of London’s New Covent Garden Market.

The brand operates by providing a case of their kombucha drinks. You can either opt for a case of one flavour, or a mix of each. These flavours include Elderflower, Raspberry-Hibiscus, Ginger & Lemon, and Turmeric, the latter two of which have each won the Great Taste Award in 2020. 

Each is produced with water, sugar, SCOBY and different teas to provide a rich and fruity flavour to your chosen kombucha drink. The fermentation process brings a slight fizz to your drink that is both refreshing and quenching while also naturally rich in probiotics and healthy organic acids. 

Josh and Lisa handpick your chosen bottles and offer free delivery to anywhere in mainland UK to keep your costs down. 

So, if you want to get a better insight into the best kombucha in the UK, Momo Kombucha is a brand that has it all. They have a plethora of drinks flavours, have won Great Taste awards and offer affordable prices and delivery costs. So, follow the link above to discover more about Momo Kombucha!

#7 Mother Kombucha 

best kombucha uk

Are you looking to lead a healthier lifestyle? Perhaps you’re looking for low calorie and sugar drinks that aren’t just flavourless fruit squashes.

If so, we have the best kombucha for your weight loss journey - Mother Kombucha!

Mother Kombucha is a brand that is conscious about the earth, people and above all, your health. Founder, Tonya Donati makes products that aren’t just flavorful and moreish, aren’t just low in calories and sugar, but are also cleanly sourced and fairly made. 

This alone may be enough to convince you that this is the best place to purchase your kombucha drinks from. But, how do they achieve this? 

Tonya and her team obtain all of their teas from local community gardens. They also harness the heat needed to brew their products through solar roof panels as a means of reducing their carbon footprint. This is especially useful since Mother Kombucha is located in the Sunshine City (Florida, USA) so warm, sunny weather is easy to come by.

Tonya notes how their multi-phase fermentation process is by no means the quickest or simplest way of making kombucha. However, making sure it tastes incredible and provides an array of health benefits is vital for all customers. 

The Grapefruit Sparkling Water is one of the best kombuchas for your weight loss journey. Containing just 4 calories and 1 gram of sugar per can, this is a fantastic go-to drink to have along with meals that won’t hinder your weight loss efforts while also supplying a range of health benefits. 

It is a tarty, refreshing drink that contains naturally occurring organic acids and is rich in Vitamin B, an essential vitamin that assists the body in producing new cells. It also boosts your metabolic functions to better support your weight loss goals. 

Turmeric and Ginger Kombucha Lemonade is one of Mother Kombucha’s best-sellers. It is a refreshing blend of turmeric, ginger root, galangal, lemongrass and lemon myrtle. The ginger offers a subtle spice while the lemon grass provides a zingy undertone that works so well with the other flavours. 

Don't forget that if you’re interested in varying up your beverage options, you can find out more about the healthiest juices to buy here in our article.

#8 Lenny Boy

best kombucha brand

Lenny Boy is a kombucha brand based in New Carolina and has been supplying Americans with a range of revitalising products since 2012. Lenny himself is proud to say that he handmakes and supplies kombucha drinks that will guarantee to give you an energy boost each day. 

Each of Lenny Boy’s beverages are made with filtered water, kombucha culture, cane sugar and a certain type of tea, which will differ depending on the flavour of your chosen drink. There are a plethora of kombucha drinks on offer, some sweet, some savoury and others that are only released at certain times of the year. 

Let’s run through some of these options


Lavenderade is Lenny Boy’s newest kombucha drink which contains the crisp tartness of fresh lemons accompanied by the calming effects of lavender flowers. 

Strawberry is another sweet option for you which is sweetened, raw strawberries with a subtle hum of lemongrass for added freshness.

Lost Rose offers something a little different. It is made with a blend of rose petal and nettle leaf which creates a light floral taste. Both leaves are also rich in vitamin C, magnesium and calcium, vital nutrients that can better support your body each day.


Sweet Potato Pie makes the perfect seasonal kombucha to enjoy over the autumn season. It contains locally-sourced North Carolina sweet potato accompanied by cinnamon.

Fresh Basil is fantastic for a warm afternoon to quench your thirst. All basil used is also collected from local farms. 


Merry Cranberry is one of Lenny Boy’s seasonal drinks. It contains cranberries and lemons for a zinginess which is a perfect way to end a merry winter's evening. 

If you’re considering buying this kombucha, you can find them across nineteen states across America. Retailers include Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, Earth Fare, Stop & Shop, and Giant. So, go ahead and pick your favorite flavour!

For some great nutritional resources to help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle, read our articles below: 

#9 Fermentory 

kombucha tea uk

Next up on our list of the best kombucha drinks is a brand called Fermentory. They craft a whole selection of natural drinks made from raw and locally-sourced ingredients in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint.

Fermentory believes that you must fuel your body with foods that are rich in herbs, fruit, vegetables, and good bacteria as each has an array of medicinal properties that can enhance your wellbeing. Fermentory’s best sellers include their Wild Blueberry kombucha, an organic juicy drink that has a beautiful thick texture made from organic Maine blueberries.

Another great option is their Ginger Root drink, a potent kombucha that works as an excellent pairing with cocktails. 

Additionally, The Toasted Oak offers something a little different that other kombuchas don't appear to. Each drink is produced with the concentrated tea of toasted oats which provides subtle notes of vanilla, this is a hearty and healthy drink that offers a slight bit of indulgence. 

It is noteworthy that should you be interested in Fermentory’s kombucha drinks, they are currently only available to US retailers. So, keep an eye out on the shelves for these fantastic fermented drinks to start supporting your body’s functions to keep it happy and healthy. 

#10 Qula 

best kombucha for weight loss

Next up on the list of best kombucha brands is Qula!

Qula is a brand that operates differently from other kombucha seen so far. They supply a range of clinically proven probiotic tablets that dissolve in water. The tablet aims to replicate the fizziness and fruity flavour from regularly brewed kombucha without the murky texture or SCOBY from forming. 

One of Qula’s popular flavours is the Orange Mamba, a fusion of blood orange and rosemary kombucha. Made from black and matcha teas, both of which are known for their fantastic energy-boosting properties to help you feel prepared for the day ahead. What better way to start your morning than this? 

The tablet’s rich electrolyte content also makes this the perfect drink to consume for rehydration, especially important at the start of your day since you’ve spent numerous hours without consuming anything!

All that you need to do is drop one or two tablets into the water - this can be in still or even sparkling water if you enjoy bubbly textures. It’s important to let the tablet ferment and dissolve for at least 10-minutes before consuming, and to stir with a spoon after to ensure all parts of the tablet are mixed with water. 

Another fantastic benefit of Qula’s kombucha tablets is that they each contain very few calories and are low in sugar. The Orange Mamba contains just 5 calories and less than 1 gram of sugar, which is ideal if you’re on the hunt for the best kombucha for weight loss. You needn’t worry about fizzy drinks ever eating away at your daily calorie allowance again. 

Now, as well as Qula’s Orange Bamba range, they also have other flavours for you to choose from. These include: 

  • Pink Sunshine: A fusion of raspberry and cucumber kombucha.
  • Upriser: A tropical kombucha made from mango and pineapple flavours.
  • Queen of Cups: Guava and rose kombucha, offering something a little different. 

Do you like the sound of them all? Well, very conveniently Qula also offers a tasting pack containing a mixture of each flavour for you to try! This also works out better value for money and means additional purchases aren’t necessary. 

If you’re looking to get cooking your own healthy recipes to go with your new favourite drinks, be sure to check out the best food processors here.

#11 Better Booch 

best kombucha for gut health

Trey, the founder of Better Booch, discovered that when travelling around the US, there were very limited healthy food and drink options to choose from. He craved a sense of community and connectedness to lead a healthier lifestyle, which is when he found that he could achieve this himself. 

Trey then started to brew his own kombucha tea after discovering his 24-year-old sister had been diagnosed with cancer since the kombucha brews possess anti-cancerous properties which she could benefit from.

After some years’ of brewing, experimenting with new flavours and ample taste tests, Trey’s sister successfully overcame her cancer and the family’s business Better Booch was born!

Better Booch’s drinks each have their own set of health benefits that you ought to try and take advantage of. Their best selling range is the Variety Pack, containing a selection of the brand’s best selling brews. The pack includes 3 x Morning Glory, 3 x Ginger Boost and 3 x Golden Pear. 

Morning Glory is a peach and black tea drink that contains high L-theanine, an amino acid that can help foster a state of calm and focus when navigating situations. For example, your morning commute, tasks at work or a strenuous workout. 

Ginger Boost is a blend of spicy ginger that is softened by fresh mint - a match made in heaven. Both help to improve digestion, support your gut and enhance cognitive functions.

Golden Pear is a fusion of turmeric, black pepper, tulsi, and pear each of which contains fantastic immune-boosting qualities that aim to ward off free radicals. Free radicals are atoms that if found in too great numbers, pose risks to your health and wellbeing. 

Just a single tin can offer a wealth of benefits for your body. For this reason, you should definitely consider Better Booch in your search for the best kombucha brands on the market! Also, for more information on the ins and outs of amino acids, you can read our article on amino acids: benefits, structure and foods here. 

#12 Remedy 

kombucha brands uk

Sarah and Emmet Condon have been brewing their very own kombucha drink for years. Their children loved it, their friends were hooked, and family members visited the couple to try out all of their new flavours. This is where Sarah and Emmet decided to take a leap of faith and turn their love for brewing kombucha into their very own business. 

Remedy is a brand that prioritises health and wellbeing over anything else, which is why Sarah and Emmet decided not to include any additional sugar in their brews. They want their drinks to only contain live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants to keep your body healthy and happy.

Remedy’s Cherry Plum kombucha is one of their signature flavours. Containing a fusion of red cherries and Kakadu plum, this drink will be sure to set your taste buds tingling. It provides very subtle undertones of liquorice which brings an extra depth with each sip. 

It’s floral, fruity and so refreshing, perfect for accompanying with an exotic meal or to cool you down after a sweaty workout. Whatever the occasion, the Cherry Plum fizz is certainly worth bringing with you. 

Each 250ml contains a mere 7 calories and 0g of sugar. This low sugar content is down to Remedy’s traditional long-aged fermentation process which results in no sugar remaining in the brew. 

When buying your kombucha, reviews may help you to decide which is the best brand for you and your palette. Over on Remedy’s website, their Cherry Plum range currently has a 100% 5 star track record, with reviewers boasting Remedy as providing an incredible alternative to alcoholic drinks. 

This goes to show that the product's description certainly lives up to customer satisfaction, and you ought to take advantage too!

#13 REAL 

kombucha reviews

Next up, we have another option that could be the best kombucha tea in the UK for you! 

REAL is a brand that hand-picks all of their loose-leaf teas with care and precision to make the highest quality drink for you to enjoy from home. They have a handful of small gardens all over the world and work closely with their tea experts to pick the leaves when they’re at optimum growth for fermentation.

The brand has also experimented with over 150 different types of tea to bring customers the best blends of flavours. These are used in bars all over the UK for cocktails and by some major chef’s including Gordon Ramsay and Tom Kerridge. 

REAL’s Royal Flush drink is their best selling product. This is a tea brew that boasts rich floral tones, accompanied by notes of rhubarb, white peach and blackcurrant. Spices are added to bring out a delicate zing to each sip. 

The drink is incredibly versatile - try it along with a fresh dish, as a champagne alternative at an event or in the summer sun. There are so many ways that you can incorporate a glass into your day. 

Royal Flush has won the Best No & Low Wine or Wine Alternative and the Sommeliers’ Choice No & Low Award in 2020. This suggests that the experts in the food and drink world truly know the value that REAL’s range is worth, which is why they want you to experience the same from the comfort of your own home. 

Why not stock up on REAL’s kombucha for your next event? Whether it be for Christmas, New Year or for a birthday celebration, be sure to offer your guests a non-alcoholic alternative that is still rich in fruity flavour. 

For other beneficial beverages, head over to our article on cranberry juice: benefits, side effects and nutrition here.

#14 Hip Pop

kombucha review

Are you on the hunt for the best kombucha in the UK? As we have another fantastic option for you that you ought to try!

Formerly Booch & Brew, Hip Pop was founded by couple Emma and Kenny. The brand first started when Kenny first told Emma of his tummy troubles, to which Emma brewed up some of her very own homemade kombuchas. Within only a few weeks, Kenny’s suffering with IBS had drastically improved, transpiring in him building his own microbrewery.

Locals in their area caught wind of the incredible benefits that the medicinal drink provides, which is when Emma and Kenny decided to quit their jobs and start their very own family-run kombucha business in Cheshire.

They use only nutritious organic ingredients that are collected from local areas that are not processed or fused with sweeteners. Emma and Kenny are determined to bring their customers only the freshest and raw kombucha that has the same positive effect as it did Kenny.

Hip Pop’s Apple & Elderflower Organic Kombucha is a must-try. It has deliciously tarty flavours, compliments to the apple, which is paired with a floral kick of elderflower. The drink has a subtle bubble, making it all the more thirst-quenching after a long day. 

Hip Pop’s range is rich in vitamins B and C to help support your bodily functions. Vitamin B has a vital role in helping the body convert food into energy, while vitamin C is particularly beneficial in helping to keep your immune system strong and well. Moreover, each of Hip Pop’s drinks contains friendly bacteria. 

Each help to support digestive and metabolic functions, thus working wonders for those who experience IBS symptoms. Just one glass of Hip Pop’s kombucha a day can help you go about your activities without the worry of feeling poorly. 

You can get your hands on your very own Apple & Elderflower kombucha for just £27.99 for a 12-bottle case, working out at just over £2 per drink. This is a cost-effective way of fueling your body with a wealth of vitamins, helping to support your digestive functions all the while tasting beautifully fresh. Why not try the best kombucha tea in the UK today? 

#15 Jarr 


If you’ve gotten this far into this article, the chances are you’re seriously considering buying some kombucha. But, before you make your decision, we have one last kombucha brand that could help you to select which is the best for you. 

Jarr opened its doors to a commercial business in 2015. Owner, Adam, and his close-knit team, Tom, Jess and Neil owned a tiny garage located in the heart of London where they served Jarr’s hand-brewed kombuchas to the masses. This was the first kombucha tap-room to open in Europe!

After stocking their products in local London stores and Harrods for a few years, Jarr then began construction of their very own, state of the art kombucha brewery in Belgium. This is where all of your premium range kombucha is now made, and where Jarr is always experimenting with new innovative flavours that will leave you wanting more. 

Jarr’s Original Kombucha is the most special to the brand as it’s what kick-started Adam’s wonderful business venture. It possesses the perfect balance of sweet and sour tones that can be likened to green apples and fresh citrus fruit. It’s the perfect way to start any day for a guaranteed energy boost. 

Jarr suggests accompanying the kombucha with ice and a slice of green apple to truly accentuate the fruity tones. 

Each of Jarr’s kombucha is packed full of antioxidants thanks to each ingredient being 100% organic. Each brew is also suitable for vegans, vegetarians and kosher, accommodating a diverse range of dietary requirements. 

Moreover, in 2019, Jarr was awarded the Great Taste award for their Original kombucha, which is all the more reason for you to give this humble blend a try!

As always, when buying your kombucha, reviews may help you to decide which brand is the best for you. On Jarr’s Facebook site, their kombucha averages at 4.5/5 stars, many reviewers commenting on how it’s the best kombucha they’ve tasted and how they’re always left wanting more. 

You definitely shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to try one of the best kombucha in the UK. So, follow the link above to check out Jarr’s rich and flavourful brew. 

Before we move onto some of the FAQs about kombucha, why not check out our article on the benefits of rooibos tea here?


kombucha drinks

How Many Kombucha Can I Drink A Day?

With the vast healthy benefits that kombucha provides, it’s no surprise that you might want to consume it each and every day.

However, it’s important to note that since kombucha drinks contain a lot of antioxidants, bacteria, and yeasts, not everyone will have the same reaction. 

It’s recommended, therefore, that you try just one cup of kombucha a day to see the effects that it has on your body. It may take a week or two to feel the health benefits it provides, so this may be a good time to gage whether it’s a drink your body can tolerate. 

That way, you can gradually increase the amount of kombucha you consume each day to truly maximise the benefits!

How Long Does It Take To Brew Kombucha? 

As this article has touched upon, the fermentation time of kombucha can take a while, with most kombucha brewers fermenting their drinks between 7-30 days. 

If a mind flavour is what you’re after, it’s encouraged to brew your kombucha for a shorter amount of time. Conversely, if you want a bolder flavour, a longer brew time is recommended.

The longer you brew your kombucha, the more vinegary the brew becomes. This is because the sugar needs time to ferment and this can take a long time. 

Moreover, it might be easier for you to purchase your kombucha from your local supermarket, in bars, restaurants or online via the retailers outlined in this article. So, why not consider referring back to this article on the best kombucha in the UK to see which brand is most suited to you? 

Are There Any Negative Effects Of Kombucha? 

Since there are so many benefits of kombucha, you might be thinking “well, what’s the catch?”

Truthfully, there have been very few reports of drinkers experiencing negative side effects of kombucha. 

So, for those whose stomachs can’t quite handle the effects of kombucha, this can result in a feeling of nausea and vomiting. It’s encouraged, therefore, to try kombucha once a day before incorporating numerous glasses into your day. 

Moreover, there is also a risk of you experiencing an allergic reaction from an ingredient contained in the drink. For this reason, it is recommended to study the drinks food labels and/or nutritional information online to determine whether the drink contains anything that may cause an allergic reaction to occur. 

Ultimately, kombucha is a very healthy drink with a plethora of health benefits. As the age-old philosophy goes, too much of anything can make you sick. So, being mindful of how much you consume and its nutritional content is suggested before drinking. 

Before You Go! 

So, there we have the best kombucha brands in the UK for you to try! We hope that this article has given you a better knowledge of the process behind making kombucha drinks as well as showing you which brands are best to try.

If you love all things nutrition, why not make it your career by studying a level 4 course in advanced sports nutrition? Or, browse through all of our fitness courses here in our downloadable course prospectus to see how you can pursue a lucrative career in the fitness industry.

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Emily studied English Language and Literature at the University of Sheffield, graduating in 2021 with a 2:1 BA honours degree. Alongside her degree, she also gained experience in student publication as Forge Press’ Lifestyle Editor and Deputy Editor for Post-Production. This is where her love for content writing stemmed from, which also led her to OriGym. Outside of her work, Emily will either be found on a long hike, at the gym or making a mess trying new healthy recipes in her kitchen!

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