23 Best Massage Oils for Relaxation & Stress Relief

Best Massage Oils for Relaxation and Stress Relief

Regardless of whether you’re a professional masseur on the hunt for the best massage oils on the market, or an amateur looking to pamper themselves with some self-care, this is the article for you! 

Here you will find 23 professional massage oils that we would personally recommend to anyone looking to relax and relieve some built-up stress. 

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The 23 Best Massage Oils

#1 - Aurelia London - FIRM & REVITALISE DRY BODY OIL

Best massage oil

Price: £48

Size: 100ml

Starting off our list of the best massage oils for relaxation and stress relief comes this entry from luxury brand Aurelia London.

This nourishing professional massage oil promises to help the body stay firm and hydrated. This is achieved through the inclusion of ingredients such as precious macadamia and borage oils, both of which are rich in fatty acids.

But that’s not the only benefit, as Aurelia’s body oil also contains mongongo oil, which will increase the users Vitamin E levels. 

This will ensure that your skin remains replenished and hydrated. For more information on Vitamin E, check out this OriGym article listing the best vitamins for your immune system.

As one of the most luxurious massage oils in the UK, Aurelia also claims that their product is best suited for:

  • All skin types seek a beautiful, radiant glow
  • Natural body care to deeply nourish and firm skin
  • Relieving dry skin with rich botanicals
  • Instant hydration with a super lightweight dry oil
  • Delicately fragrancing from top to toe
  • Growing tummies and soon to be mummies

Massage oils for relxation

Other ingredients included within Aurelia’s recipe make it one of the best-scented massage oils to appear on our list. 

If you’re a fan of the following aromas, we think you’ll enjoy using this either personally or professionally:

  • Neroli 
  • Rose
  • Kukui

For a full instructional video on how to use these essential oils for massages head on over to Aurelia’s website now and order your bottle now.

#2 - CHOISELLE Lavender Bath & Body Oil

Price: £18.90 ($25.00)

Size: 2oz

The Lavender Bath & Body Oil was designed to promote hydration throughout the skin, ensuring it stays smooth and radiant year-round. 

The rehydration properties are thanks to the inclusion of organic jojoba oil, whose chemical makeup closely resembles the natural sebum produced by our skin. This helps to replenish any lost nutrients which may have sweated out, making it the perfect post-workout massage oil.

On their site CHOISELLE lists that this product is recommended for:

  • Oily to dry/sensitive skin
  • Any dry area of the body

You can either rub it directly onto your skin, but for optimal usage, it's recommended that you incorporate it into your bathwater. We'd highly recommend using the Lavender Bath & Body Oil to soothe irritated skin, but don't take our word for it check out the perfect 5-star rating on the site, and make an assessment for yourself.


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#3 - Tisserand Sweet Almond Oil

Tiserand best massage oils

Price:  £5.99

Size: 100ml

Are you on the hunt for massage oils that are cheap but don’t compromise on quality? If so, Tisserand’s oil is a viable option for your needs.

This almond-scented massage oil is both highly nourishing and packed with essential vitamins and magnesium to help to protect and soften the skin. 

For this reason, Tisserand’s range is a great go-to for massages and facial treatments. Therefore, if you’re professional massage oils for your or your employer's business we would highly recommend this product. 

The best massage oils and lotions almonds

As one of the healthiest nuts you can consume, the almonds within Tisserand’s professional massage oil have also been known to benefit users with dry, damaged, or irritated skin.

Tisserand advises users to apply a small amount of oil to start and slowly build up application gradually, as a little goes a long way. 

As one of the best massage oils reviews for this almond-based product is very high, with many noting how the product is non-greasy or sticky, a factor that enhances the client’s overall enjoyment and relaxation. 

#4 - Spiced Pumpkin Body Oil 

Maka Spiced pumpkin best massage oil

Price: £15

Size: 150ml

Next, we have one of the best massage oils by UK brand, Mayka Skincare, who offer handcrafted, all natural vegan products. 

This professional massage oils brand uses only highly-effective, active ingredients made from organic botanicals. 

The Spiced Pumpkin scent is by far their best seller, which contains a blend of macadamia and apricot kernel oils that are both rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Both of the oils mentioned above are also infused with a touch of pumpkin seed oil, which helps to create a highly nourishing and moisture-retaining final product.

Maka Spiced pumpkin best massage oil 2

Some essential oils are also added to Mayka Skuncare’s product, these include: 

  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Tangerine
  • Carrot seed 

Mayka Skincare also mentions that this is a fast-absorbing body oil that can be warmed up to promote skin elasticity. 

Heated oil also helps to make a massage all the more relaxing, helping your clients to truly unwind.

If promoting skin elasticity is a personal goal of yours, we’d recommend checking out our discussion surrounding the benefits of green tea, where you’ll learn more about how your diet can affect your skin's health.

#5 - NAQI Massage Lotion Ultra

best natural massage oils

Price: £11.45

Size: 500ml

For this next entry on our list, we’re offering you something a little different for professionals. 

When clients arrive at your practice, they have certain expectations of a sports massage and will want a varied service, which is why it’s equally as important to get your hands on the best oils and lotions.

Unlike oils, lotions are well-suited for deep tissue massages and are worth stocking up on if clients request a firm massage. 

These lotions also penetrate the skin fast, thus providing ultimate hydration and softness without leaving a greasy layer on the skin.

best natural massage oils for use

NAQI’s Massage Lotion Ultra provides a long-lasting gliding effect, meaning that a little splash of the product is all that’s needed to provide a deeper massage for clients. 

Furthermore, this product is also hypoallergenic since it’s crafted with oil/water emulsions with liquid crystals that have the same pH level as the skin. 

Even the best-scented massage oils can cause reactions among those with sensitive skin, but NAQI’s products are also made with soft, hypoallergenic perfumes to provide your clients with subtle aromas while being pampered. 

#6 - Nudco Massage & Body Oil 

best oils to use for massage

Price: £19.07 (€22.90)

Size: 60ml

Nudco is a vegan, cruelty-free, and natural body oil brand that offers high-quality and functional products to enhance a massaging experience. 

Not only does citrus, rosemary, and cedar variation offer scents we’re sure you and your clients will love, but this combination has been known to benefit skin health. 

What’s more, this is crafted using hypoallergenic ingredients, meaning that those with sensitive skin can still use it.

As one of the best massage oils in the UK for vegans, Nudco also offers a super lightweight texture, which will help to prevent greasiness upon contact with the skin.

best oils to use for massage 2

This type of consistency also means that the oils soak into the skin quickly, reducing any stains on clothes, massage sheets, or towels. 

However, rest assured that despite the product being lightweight, it is still thick enough to provide a thorough, firm massage that glides.

When looking at some of the best massage oils reviews can impact an individual's final decision to purchase. 

If you fall under this umbrella, you’ll be pleased to know that Nudco’s body oil has a 100% 5-star track record from their customers, proving it’s one of the best natural massage oils to choose from. 

#7 - The Ritual of Hammam Massage Oil

The ritual best oils to use for massage

Price: £13.50

Size: 100ml

Ritual of Hammam’s massage oil offers a unique combination of nourishing oils that promise to leave the skin feeling ultra-soft and hydrated. 

The ingredients selected for this product include a blend of argan oil and natural Eucalyptus.

This combination has been known to be beneficial, as the argan tree is one of the oldest in the world, only growing in the southwest of Morocco, and is often termed as ‘the tree of beauty’. 

Argan oil is commonly used for cosmetic purposes thanks to its rich vitamin E content which has vitalising and nourishing effects on the skin.

best scented massage oils

Eucalyptus on the other hand is thought to have a range of healing properties with many reporting it can reduce inflammation and redness while also used to help treat and prevent acne.

When combined these ingredients are a match made in heaven, which helps to certify The Ritual of Hammam as one of the best-scented massage oils available for purchase. 

To use, simply pour a little oil into the palm of the hand and rub it together to warm before applying it to the skin. 

This helps to spread the oil evenly and prevent greasy residue from sticking to the applied area.

#8 - Natural Recovery Massage Oil

Best organic massage oils

Price: £6.99

Size: 100ml

The Natural Massage Oil is arnica-based and combined with other natural essential oil which help to create a pleasant and effective massage. 

Arnica is a herb that is commonly found in muscle rubs and other forms of skin treatment, and it is known for having a range of benefits on the body including:

  • Speeds up recovery of bruises
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Helps with muscle soreness
  • Can heal wounds
  • Reduce inflammation from insect bites
  • Can treat burns

For these reasons, an arnica-based oil may prove particularly beneficial for those who have a lot of tightness knots or recurring injuries that need treating through sports massages.

best scented massage oils flowers

Moreover, this oil is lightweight and non-greasy, enabling a qualified massage therapist to work the oil deeply into the muscles. 

Now, as mentioned earlier, when shopping around for the best massage oils, reviews may help you make your decision.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Natural Recovery oil has an average of 4.7/5 star rating, awarded by over 70 massage enthusiasts, all of whom attest to the product's effectiveness.

#9 - Physique Therapeutic Massage Oil 

professional massage oils for you

Price: £15.59

Size: 500ml 

Next on our list of the best oils to use for massages comes from Physique, who promises to provide great results across a variety of different massage treatments. 

The oil is made with a rich blend of almond and jojoba seed oil, both of which are highly nourishing for the skin and have excellent lubrication properties.

Along with being regarded as one of the best massage oils in the UK, this therapeutic and relaxing treatment is also infused with ingredients that are friendly to the skin, including:

  • Peppermint 
  • Lavender 
  • Rosemary 

professional massage oils for businesses

As for the texture of the massage oil, Physique mentions that their product is slightly slippery which helps the hands of the therapist to glide over the skin. Therefore, when it comes to the application process, you don’t have to use as much as you would for other brands. 

Smaller quantities also ensure that the oil absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving clients feeling hydrated and grease-free. 

Physique also guarantees that this product is also rich in vitamin A, B, D, and E, making it one of the best massage oils on the market today for skin hydration and nourishment.

#10 - Nature’s Truth Liquid Coconut Oil

The best scented massage oils coconut

Price: £9.99

Size: 118ml

For this next option, we’re providing you with an alternative to the other professional massage oils to feature within this list. 

Coconut oil has been known to be incredibly beneficial for treating the skin, and better yet this product is 100% suitable for vegetarians. 

Nature’s Truth provides one of the best massage oils from a UK health brand, with the liquid coconut oil providing superlight moisturising effects. 

But the benefits don’t stop there, as the product also offers to build a protective barrier around the skin.

best massage oils uk

The brand also promises to nourish and gently cleanse the skin as well as soothe away any other forms of irritation.

This is in large part, thanks to the inclusion of Nature’s Truth best essential oils for massages, which are then combined with the previously mentioned 10ml of coconut milk. 

Another benefit of using this product is that this coconut-based oil is unscented, so it accommodates those who want the most natural of oils that are super kind to sensitive skin. 

Priced at just under £10 for over 100ml, this is one of the best body massage oils that’s super effective while affordable. 

#11 - Aroma Active SOS Stomach Massage Oil 

best types of massage oils

Price: £12.00

Size: 100ml

Aroma Active is an all-natural, sustainability-conscious brand that crafts all things aromatherapy. 

From creams to balms this brand provides its dedicated customer base with some of the best massage oils in the UK. 

However, we’re going to be specifically focusing on the SOS Stomach Massage oil, designed to help soothe the stomach area by keeping cramps, aches, and bloating at bay.

The SOS oil is made with an active camomile oil which aims to comfort and calm the stomach region. 

best types of massage oils for stomach

This is then combined with a blend of essential oils including peppermint, palmarosa, and lemon, all of which has soothing properties of their own. 

To use Aroma Active’s product, simply massage gently into the stomach area in wide, circular, clockwise motions to echo the internal flow of digestive systems. 

After a few minutes, any aches and pains should start to subside. However, should they continue you should consider pairing the SOS product with a CBD oil for pain relief

Being available for just £12, we think that the Aroma Active has provided a highly effective massage oil for a cheap price. 

#12 - Odylique Muscle Ease Massage Oil Spray 

best types of massage oils image

Price: £11.50

Size: 70ml

Have you ever considered getting massage oil in a spray bottle? 

This highly effective muscle ease massage spray from Odylique provides a great grease-free massage, and all it takes is a few simple pumps of the nosel. 

As one of the best massage oils in the UK, this product has been created with a concentrated formula designed to promote the repair of aching and tired muscles while also leaving the skin feeling moisturised and nourished.

best types of massage oils for coconuts

The Odylique spray is made with several oils and natural ingredients to create a warm, subtle scent. These include:

  • Coconut oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • High oleic sunflower oil
  • Black pepper
  • Lavender
  • Marjoram
  • Rosemary

To use, Odylique recommends adding 5-8 sprays to begin with and reapply when needed. 

It’s that simple, so if you’re interested in purchasing one of the most unique massage therapist oils to appear on our list, check it out for yourself.

#13 - Cliganic Jojoba Oil 

best scented massage oils

Price: £9.99,

Size: 120ml

Part of the role of a sports massage therapist is answering the question ‘what are the best massage oils for my clients?’. 

After all their satisfaction should be of paramount importance, as it will be the deciding factor of keeping your business afloat. 

Clifanic’s Jojoba oil is a gentle, non-greasy option that is ideal for those seeking natural massage materials. This is largely due to the product being free from:

  • Additives 
  • Fragrances 
  • Alcohol 

Moreover, jojoba oil has a range of great benefits for the skin, including yielding antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. All of these factors make it safe for users with acne or eczema to use.

best scented massage oils for senstivity

But, as well as being one of the best natural massage oils on the market, Cliganic’s oil can also be used as a make-up remover, hair and scalp conditioner, and moisturiser. 

Regardless of how you use it, the slight nutty fragrance is sure to make you feel warm and cozy.

If you’re interested in purchasing massage oils for a cheap price, we’d highly recommend investing in Cliganic Jojoba oil, which can be purchased from Amazon for just £10.00.

#14 - Weleda Arnica Massage Oil 

best massage oils for skin fresh

Price: £16.82

Size: 100ml

This next massage oil is a great treatment choice for massage therapists and athletes alike. 

With Weleda’s Arnica massage oil, the user can expect warming properties to help relax muscles after a strenuous exercise.

This is ideal for those who want to alleviate conditions such as delayed onset muscle soreness, in favour of jumping back into training with relative ease. 

As one of the best massage oils for the skin, this product is made up of: 

best massage oils for skin

The inclusion of arnica, specifically, will provide the user with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. 

When applied to the skin, customers will be able to notice a difference in their bodily stiffness. 

This is due to arnica flowers and birch helping the muscles to relax, in favour of promoting skin elasticity and firmness.

Weleda suggests applying a small amount of oil to damp skin and massaging in circular motions until it’s completely absorbed. 


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#15 - Alucia Organics Grapeseed Oil 

best massage oils for skin health

Price: £14.00

Size: 100ml

Alucia’s Grapeseed is arguably one of the best oils for a massage therapy as it’s not too greasy. Instead, users can expect a smooth satin feel that will act in a fast-absorbing light-weight manner. 

But this isn’t the only benefit of that Alucia’s Grapeseed can provide, other highlights of the product include: 

  • Helps to fight the signs of skin aging
  • Can reduce inflammation
  • Can reduce UV damage 
  • Can reduce the appearance of stretch marks 

Just a few drops on clean skin is enough to provide an effective massage which ensures the product goes a long way. 

best massage oils for skin image

As ever, when searching for the best massage oils for you, reviews are an important factor. 

On Alucia’s website, their Grapeseed Oil has been awarded 5-stars by each reviewer, many noting how it’s well worth the money and kind to skin. 

Since the product’s description clearly lives up to customer satisfaction, we believe that Alucia’s range is one of the best natural massage oils on the market. 


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#16 - Apricot Kernel Oil 

Best Scented Massage Oil

Price: £8.49

Size: 250ml 

Next up on our list of massage therapists oils is an Apricot Kernel option. 

Apricot oil is an often overlooked ingredient to use for massages and one that we think deserves more attention. It’s very kind to the skin as it is commonly used to reduce inflammation and as a treatment for eczema. 

This apricot kernel oil specifically is great for dry and itchy skin, with many using it to smooth rough skin in areas like elbows and knees.

It’s also used to treat chapped lips during colder months, meaning that this product is multifunctional.

Best massage oil for wrinkles

In fact, many also report that the oil has anti-ageing properties as it smooths out the appearance of wrinkles thanks to its rich vitamin C content. 

For this reason, apricot kernel oil is fantastic for beauticians that offer massages and facials - it’s a great 2-in-1 material that will keep your clients coming back for more. 

Moreover, it’s important to invest in oils that are nut-free to accommodate those with nut allergies, and apricot kernel oil may prove to be a viable alternative. 

Working out at just £8.49 for a 250ml bottle, this product is one of the most cost-effective on this list. So, if you’re working on a budget, we’d certainly suggest getting your hands on a bottle today. 

#17 - Olive Nourishing Dry Body Oil 

De-Stress with the best Massage Oil

Price: £14

Size: 125ml

The Body Shop’s Olive Oil is supercharged with hydrating fatty acids to moisturise dry and chapped skin. 

As one of the best massage oils in the UK, this product is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants which is why many enjoy using it as a part of their skincare routine. 

This range specifically uses fresh Mediterranean scented oil that is made with a special, fast-absorbing formula to keep the skin silky soft. 

The Body Shop then enriches it with Community Fair Trade olive oil from Italy and Moringa seed oil from Rwanda, both of which promote a healthy-looking radiance.

Massage oil for beauty

This is also a great massage oil for sensitive skin as it’s made from 98% natural, raw ingredients while also suitable for vegans. 

Furthering this, the benefit of using the Body Shop’s massage oil for professionals is it’s compact in size and so great for portability while also made with a spray nozzle. 

If you have created a sports massage business plan with the intent of operating on a mobile basis you’re going to need these products, and others that are easy to transport. 

So, why not allow yourself and your clients to soak up in luxury with The Body Shops range? 

They’re a highly reputable brand that only creates top-quality products that we know you and your clients will love.

#18 - Elemis De-Stress Massage Oil 

Elemis best massage oils in the UK

Price: £40

Size: 100ml

The Elemis De-Stress Massage Oil is a concoction of hand-picked essential oils with a nourishing sweet almond base that provides both physical and mental relaxation. It boasts a range of succulent scents including:

  • Rosewood
  • Melissa
  • Marjoram
  • Geranium
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile 

This synergy of essential massage oils is soothing on the skin, helping to melt away tension and promote tranquillity. 

But, while it may smell beautiful,  you may be wondering why Elemis’ range is more expensive compared with others on this list.

Another elemis best massage oils for professionals

Elemis is a brand that sources only the highest quality ingredients to provide its customers with top of the range products. 

The De-Stress Massage oil is known for keeping the skin hydrated and nourished for longer than other massage oils while smelling divine too. 

It is also stripped of any artificial colours, mineral oils, and parabens, providing exceptionally gentle and nourishing treatment for both the face and body. 

This is an incredible massage oil for professionals that will keep your clients coming back for more and more - we’d most certainly suggest that you give it a try. 


#19 - Gya Labs Calming Massage Oil 

Gaya massage oils UK

Price: £15.99

Size: 200ml

Gya Labs is a health and beauty brand that supplies self-care products to uplift your lifestyle each and every day. 

They have a spectrum of naturally sourced products from essential oils and serums, all of which are made from 100% natural and organic materials. 

The product we’ll be discussing in this section is their Calming Massage Oil, designed to help users drift off to sleep easily and to help ease muscle soreness.

This in large part is thanks to the inclusion of lavender, which strives to reduce pain and induce tranquillity.

Tranquil massage with the best massage oils

Gya Labs’ range is also designed for those with dry skin thanks to the infused organic Argan oil and jojoba that helps to keep rough skin nourished for longer than other oils.

Now, body massage oils with reviews that are positive, are more likely to spark your interest. 

Therefore, you’ll be pleased to know that Amazon has over a perfect 5-star rating from over 1,000 reviewers.

#20 - Ecodrop Pure Essential Oil 

best scented massage oils Citrus Bliss

Price: From £8.59

Size: 10ml

Now, when looking for the best essential oils for massages, it can often be difficult to know which are worth the money. 

Some products can be super overpowering while others lack smell at all. This is why we’d like to draw your attention to Ecodrop, an essential oils store that supplies a wealth of scents including:

  • Organic Black Pepper 
  • Organic Eucalyptus
  • Organic Ginger
  • Organic Juniper Berry
  • Organic Thyme

Each variation has its own perks, and can help to relieve any pent-up stresses and tension after a tiring day, perfect for making your clients truly unwind and enjoy their time on the massage bed. 

best scented massage oils Citrus Bliss 2

All that you need to do is add 5-6 drops into a massage oil and stir together. Get a small amount in the hands and rub together to warm before applying it to the skin.

The essential oils work together with the massage oil to provide muscle relieving effects that promise to last for hours. 

You can get your hands on these beautiful formulas on Ecodrop’s Amazon store, starting at £8.59 per oil. 

#21 - Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil 

Cedarwood the best massage oil for professionals

Price: £11.00

Size: 10ml

Arguably the best-scented massage oils contain cedarwood, a smell that often reminds people of a good quality aftershave with balsamic undertones.

Many view cedarwood as a mature and earthy smell which makes a nice contrast to more citrusy essential oils. 

This particular product is made from raw, natural ingredients that promote a “feel good” and calming aroma when used in a diffuser or mixed into massage oil.

When used on the skin, the cedarwood provides natural pain relief and is ideal for those that want aches and pains alleviated.

Best sports massage oils

Such properties are thanks to cedrol, an active compound found in cedarwood that is known for helping to reduce muscular soreness. 

To use the cedarwood oil, simply add a few drops into a carrier oil and stir until mixed. 

This can then be applied to the body for a massage or face as a facial - it’s a great 2-in-1 if you’re someone that offers both. 

For a price of £11.00 per 10ml this is somewhat a luxurious massage therapist oil, but the quality is so high it’s certainly worth the investment.  

#22 - Naissance Pack of 3 Body Massage Oils 

massage oils for cheap prices

Price: £15.99

Size: 3 x 50ml

Since we’ve run through some of the best massage therapists oils, it might be difficult for you to choose the ones you like the most. 

If this is the case with you, have you considered purchasing a multi-pack of body massage oils so that you can several in one go? The Naissance selection contains 3 luxurious scents:

  • Clove, lemongrass, thyme, and marjoram
  • Fennel, frankincense, grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, and cedarwood
  • Nutmeg, lavender, patchouli, cedarwood, and orange

Each 50ml massage oil is a blend of organic essential oils, formulated from nourishing safflower and coconut oil base. 

Maissance massage oils for cheap prices

As some of the best-scented massage oils on the market today, these fragrant products won’t cause any type of irritation. In fact, they are suitable for all skin types as each is made from all-natural ingredients.

Opting for a multi-pack means that you have a scent to suit every mood, whether you want uplifting, stress-relieving or indulgence, Naissance’s pack has you covered. 

Plus, if you’re after massage oils for cheap prices, this set may be the best option for you as it works out at just under £17.00 for all three bottles, making it the best way to test out different variations before committing to a bigger purchase. 

#23 - Aromatic Essential Oil Multipack

Price: £23.00

Size: 5 x 60ml 

When discussing some of the best-scented massage oils on the market, we’d be remiss without mentioning Positive Essence. With the purchase of this multipack, you’ll be provided with a spectrum of five unique scents.

  • Sandalwood
  • Coconut
  • Lavender
  • Tea Tree 
  • Mandarin

These good massage oils are made with only premium farm-fresh ingredients, accompanied by a sweet almond and jojoba oil base to promote total blissfulness.

The Positive Essence store designs their products for optimum absorbance into the skin as they recognise how a greasy massage medium can leave an unpleasant residue.

Aromatic best scented massage oils

Instead, they make essential oils that are lightweight and glide over the skin. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to purchase some of the best scented massage oils we’d highly recommend this product. 

If you currently work as a massage therapist this could give your practice some variety, as client’s will be able to pick their own scent based on personal preference. 

How to Choose The Best Massage Oils

how to choose the best massage oil

In a bid to answer the question ‘what are the best massage oils?’, we have provided you with a list of products we think will be of great benefit to you. 

However, at OriGym we also felt it important to discuss how you can select high-quality massage oils that didn’t appear on this list. 

When shopping around, there are certain factors which make some products superior to others.


#1 - The Type of Oil

Best massage oil graphic

First of all, you’re going to need to identify the type of oil you want to use, throughout the main body of this article we discussed 2 different types.

Carrier oils- These are sometimes referred to as base oils, and are the main bulk of your massage oil. Their name comes from the fact that they carry the essential oils to your skin.

Some examples of carrier oils include:

  • Olive
  • Coconut
  • Almond 
  • Vegetable

Essential oils - These are diluted by a carrier oil to help absorption into the skin. They are also the ingredients that provide the product’s scent - the more you add will influence the intensity of the fragrance. 

If you’re running a business, we strongly recommend purchasing a few types of carrier and essential oils to accommodate different skin types, allergies, preferences, and types of massage. 

#2 - The Type of Massage 

SMT best professional massage oil

The type of massage that you’re giving is also going to influence the type of carrier oil you should purchase. 

For example, Swedish massages call for heavier oils like olive and vegetable oil as they’re a lot denser in consistency and take longer to absorb into the skin. 

This is due to Swedish massages using low-friction techniques which require a thicker oil in order to be effective. 

In contrast, a sports massage is best paired with lighter oils, such as grapeseed. This allows the massage therapist a greater level of control over the speed and pressure that is applied to their client’s muscles. 

Similar to the point made above, in order to ensure that the needs of every client are met, we’d advise purchasing a variety of oils of different consistencies.

#3 - Allergies 

Allergies to massage oils

If you have a client with a nut allergy but only have almond-based oils in your stock, you’re going to have to turn them away, effectively costing yourself business. 

Similarly, those with latex allergies will also have to avoid avocado oil and shea butter. 

To avoid any accidents from occurring, you should request clients book a consultation before the massage itself. 

This will allow you to outline any possible allergies and even perform a patch test 48 hours prior to the arranged appointment. 

Taking these precautions will help to reduce the risk of any allergic reactions from occurring on your watch, which in turn will protect you should a client try to make a legal claim against you.

For those who are interested in learning more about how you can legally protect yourself, click here to read more facts about the Sports Massage Therapist industry.

#4 - Massage Duration 

Massage couch ready for the best massage oils

When selecting your massage oils, considering the duration of your massages will also influence what product you ultimately choose to buy.

Massages that are 30-minutes or less are best using a lighter oil since heavier oils have tendencies to cause stains and make the skin feel greasy. 

Conversely, heavier oils are best for longer massages as there’s more time for the medium to absorb into the skin. 

However, in these instances, you should strive to ensure that shower facilities are available to clients, in order to wash off the excess oil.

#5 - Massage Oil Scents 

Best scented massage oil

Finally, throughout this article, we have discussed some of the best scented massage oils on the market. 

The reason why we placed such a great deal of emphasis on this topic is that it can heavily influence both your enjoyment and that of your clients. 

Scents such as lavender, rose, and chamomile are known for having calming effects on the mind and body, helping to reduce anxiety and promote sleepiness.

Black pepper best scented massage oil

Whereas other fragrances like black pepper, lemon, and ginger are energising smells that promote a boosted mood and alertness. 

Again, the scent used is down to the clients’ preference. Some clients may prefer subtle notes while others enjoy more pungent flavours. 

One of the ways in which you could market yourself as a sports massage therapist is to list all of the scents you provide. This will allow interested parties to make a decision of what oils they want prior to creating a booking with your service.  


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How to Use Massage Oils 

Massage table

Once you have selected the best massage lotions and oils for your business, you can then move on to actually incorporating them into your practice.

Naturally, if you hold a qualification in sports massage therapy this process will be second nature to you. 

However, in the interest of providing insight to novices, or those looking to indulge in self-treatment this section will act as an instructional guide on how to use massage oils.

Step 1: Decide which massage oil you’re going to use as per the type of massage being given. 

Step 2: Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil into your carrier, and then proceed to stir until mixed.

Massage therapist using oil

Step 3: If using warm oil, pour the oil into your oil heater. Alternatively, pour the desired amount into a glass and place it into a bowl of hot water for 5-10 minutes.

Step 4: Gently pour this oil into the hands and rub together before applying it to the body.

Step 5: Distribute the oil evenly over the skin using circular motions, paying particular attention to drier areas such as the elbows and knees. 

Repeat these steps if and when needed.

Please note, if you intend on heating the oil it's always best to prepare slightly more than you think you’ll need.

Running out of oil during your session will only present you as being unorganised to clients, leaving a negative impression of you and your business. 


What are the Best Massage Oils for Sensitive Skin?

Questions about best massage oil

As a massage therapist, getting oils the best massage oil for skin sensitivity is an absolute must. 

The last thing you want to do is cause discomfort, or portray yourself in a negative light.

Fortunately, a lot of massage oils are 100% natural, meaning no artificial colours or fragrances are added. This helps to accommodate those with sensitive skin as it directly removes most of the known triggers.

Best massage lotions and oils for sensitive skin

We’d suggest purchasing a range of natural massage oils with essential oils that can be added for an enhanced smell. 

Similarly to those who suffer from allergies, we strongly recommend organising an initial consultation with a client prior to the massage itself. 

This will allow you to conduct a patch test and determine which is the best massage oils to use for the massages.

Does Massage Oil Go Out of Date? 

Thinking about the best massage oils

When it comes to searching for the best massage oils and lotions, you should always consider using the product by their use-by date.

The typical carrier oils have a shelf life of 9-15 months, while most essential oils can last around 2 years before going out of date. 

However, due to the many different variations and ingredients involved in these products we cannot guarantee that they will always last this long. 

For example, grapeseed oil has perhaps one of the shortest shelf lives, lasting only around 6 months while coconut and jojoba oil can last for around 2 years. 

Using the best massage oils

In contrast, lotions tend to last longer than oils, a factor which is dependent on the quality of ingredients and preservatives to extend the use-by date. 

You can typically tell when a product is out of date as the consistency of the oil and smell will change. 

The colour of the oil may also turn cloudy if it’s off which is an indication that you may need to replace it. 

So, while you may be tempted to invest in a whole range of fancy oils and lotions, it may be worth thinking about how long it will take for you to use up your supply before they turn sour. 

What Equipment Does a Massage Therapist Need? 

Now that we’ve provided you with the best massage lotions and oils on the market, you may now be thinking about what other equipment massage therapists need. 

We’re here to offer some insight on this matter, with a simple checklist that all sports massage therapists can follow. 

  • Massage bed
  • Massage mediums (oils, lotions, gels)
  • Massage tools
  • Massage pillows
  • Towels
  • Bedsheet and linen
  • Storage 
  • Uniform 
  • Cleaning products
  • Consultation forms

For more information on why each of these products are necessary, check out OriGym’s list of essential sports massage equipment


Before You Go! 

If you entered this article wondering “what are the best massage oils in the UK?”, we hope you feel confident enough to find the best quality products that suit your needs and budget.

If you’d like to learn the practice yourself, be sure to enrol on OriGym’s Sports Massage Therapist

Here, you will learn valuable skills and information that you can transfer into a flourishing career. 

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