37 Best Personal Training Blogs

best personal training blogs

Personal training blogs are a fantastic tool for getting your name, brand and services recognised within the fitness industry. So we’ve curated a list of the top personal training blogs for inspiration when making your own!

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37 Best Personal Training Blogs

So, now you know the benefits of personal training blogs, here are the 37 best ones out there! Ranging from personal trainer food blogs to women’s fitness tips, you’re sure to find one that inspires you! 

#1 - Fit Girl’s Diary 

best personal training blogs

Starting off our list of the best personal training blogs is Fit Girl’s Diary by Monica May, a personal trainer, nutritionist, meal planner, and blog writer. 

Her personal training blog is designed to inspire and motivate women who want to put their health and fitness goals into motion, but aren’t entirely sure how. Monica has developed her niche with a focus on female health, which is important to make money as a personal trainer, as she tailors her content to this demographic.

Monica’s blog details a range of workouts from HIIT training to glute building sessions and shoulder exercises, with a healthy dose of meal inspiration embedded throughout. 

With each of these workout sessions, Monica includes links to her YouTube channel where users can watch her perform the exercises in real-time. 

best personal training blogs 2

She also accompanies the link with screenshots of the workout, each with a description on obtaining good form and technique, and details on sets and reps.  

Most workouts include bodyweight exercises with advice on using equipment to make workouts more challenging, meaning that each blog post is accessible for all. 

Monica is a qualified nutritionist who puts her expertise to good use on her blog, educating users on the important relationship between food and exercise.

Moreover, should you want tailored food and exercise plans, Monica offers 1-1 training too! 

So, the Fit Girl’s Diary is a great personal training blog to refer to when crafting your own as it encompasses everything that fitness newbies need to kick-start their journey. 

#2 - ParamBodyFitMind 

best personal training blogs 3

ParamBodyFitMind is a website that offers online, tailored personal training programmes for those around the world.

Founder Paramjit Singh is an online fitness coach and nutritionist who is on a mission to educate his clients about how to get fit and create healthy meals for life.

Each article is informative and relevant with actionable tips for readers to enhance their fitness journey, which is why it’s one of the best personal trainer blogs out there!

Some examples of article topics include:

  • Useful Tips to Improve Posture
  • 7 Habits to Follow to Maintain A Healthy and Fit Body
  • How to Get a Job as a Personal Trainer

Each article is broken down into digestible chunks to help fitness newbies get a better understanding of various concepts.

They’re also written straightforwardly, avoiding any complex fitness jargon that beginners might not understand. 

But, when more complicated terms are used, ParamBodyFitMind writers ensure to explain the meaning so as to not over face newbies.

This is super important when it comes to writing your own fitness blogs, as keeping the target audience in mind will boost your chances of developing a solid readership.

#3 - The Body Coach 

best personal trainer blogs

Joe Wicks is an internationally-recognised fitness sensation. The Body Coach website and blog has grown extensively over time and is arguably the most popular blog on this list. 

As soon as you land on Joe’s blog, you’re met with a vibrant colour scheme to match his energetic personality! 

There are 6 clear subheadings that invite users to select what they’d like to read more about. These include: 

  • Latest
  • News & Events
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Wellbeing 
  • Recipes

Each of these sections provides a wealth of blog articles that aim to inspire the reader, and inform them of the benefits of a healthy eating for the body and mind

All of Joe’s posts are accessible to anyone and everyone, and each includes actionable tips on how readers can take his advice on board. 

His discussions about nutrition are simplified, recipes are easy to follow, and his wellbeing updates are honest and relatable to truly captivate his audience. 

Joe’s blog has it all, which is why it’s one of the best personal trainer blogs out there to inspire you when creating your own! 

#4 - Kathleen Trotter 

Kathleen Trotter’s website offers over 1,200 blog posts, fitness videos, and podcast articles for you to take inspiration from when making your own blog. 

Her blog is very well organised, giving you a plethora of articles to choose from. 

best personal trainer blogs 2

As for the articles themselves, they’re incredibly informative and relevant with a distinct voice that makes reading easy and enjoyable. 

Kathleen has a straightforward approach to her articles which helps to add value for readers. After all, nobody wants sugar-coated information, especially when it comes to health and fitness! 

Kathleen’s subject matter is varied as she discusses anything nutrition-based to the science behind exercise and guidance on realistic fitness goal setting

While such topics are varied, Kathleen always remains within the general topic of health and fitness, with a clear purpose of educating her reader. 

This is super important when it comes to making your own blog as a personal trainer, as you should always have the interests of your target reader in mind. 


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#5 - Lucas James 

best personal trainer blogs 3

Lucas James is a celebrity fitness trainer from Scottsdale, Arizona who has one of the best personal training blogs around. 

He has a spectrum of knowledge about the fitness industry and is determined to share it with others to help them kick-start their own health and fitness journey. 

To make navigating his website straightforward for users, Lucas has conveniently broken down article topics into the following sections:

  • Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Health & Beauty
  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Technology
  • Fitness Motivation

Breaking down articles into topics like this is something we’d advise with your own blog, as it makes for a more user-friendly experience, compared to having different topics mixed together. 

It’s clear that Lucas writes from a scientific stance as each post details studies, statistics and quotes from fitness experts to best inform his reader. However, despite his factual style, Lucas writes in a way that’s accessible for beginners.

This is a great tip to follow if you want to write your own top personal training blog, as it makes readers trust you as an expert, whilst also remaining easy for them to understand. 

#6 - The Fitnessista 

personal trainer blog

Next on our list of the top personal training blogs is The Fitnessista. 

Run by Mum of 2, Gina, a personal trainer and weight loss specialist from Florida, USA, The Fitnessista is a health, fitness and lifestyle blog for women around the world. 

Now, while Gina mainly posts about fitness holistically, it’s clear that she’s established her personal trainer niche - being a fitness enthusiast and a mother. 

Gina says that she’s on a mission to change the idea that mums can’t keep fit when they have a family. Instead, she outlines her own tips and tricks on how she does it. 

She cover topics such as:

  • Healthy recipes that appeal to both adults and kids
  • Her top 10 prenatal fitness tips
  • Ways to lose a post-pregnancy tummy, to name just a few!

This is the perfect blog for fellow fitness mums who enjoy discovering new ways to keep healthy, while balancing the role of ‘mum’. 

In addition to these points, Gina’s blog is one of the most aesthetically pleasing we’ve seen with a beautiful pink colour palette. She’s also opted for a handwritten style font that adds an element of class to her website. 

These features are accompanied by enticing images, helping to draw the user’s attention.

The Fitnessista is a great example of a blog where everything ties together nicely, and so is one that we’d advise checking out if an eye-catching personal training blog is what you’re aiming for. 

#7 - Revolution Personal Trainer Blog

personal trainer blog 2

Revolution is a personal training brand based in Australia that is dedicated to transforming bodies and forming healthy habits. 

Their training blog is a space designed to motivate fitness enthusiasts who are working hard to facilitate their goals. It is targeted at both existing Revolution clients, and prospective ones. 

Revolution’s content is very cleverly written and includes blog titles such as:

  • 12 week transformations at Revolution Personal Training Studios
  • 7 Myths about personal training that you cannot afford to ignore
  • Matching you with the right personal trainer…
  • 5 myths of personal training 

As you can see from these easy-to-understand titles, Revolution doesn't alienate those who are new to fitness, instead covering fitness topics in an accessible way. 

Meanwhile, existing clients will still find value in these blog posts. For example, transformation articles function as motivation to keep clients working towards their goals. 

Top personal trainer blogs write content similar to this as it captures the attention of prospective clients, while also constructing a strong readership with active members of the business.

Check out Revolution’s blog to see how you can market your personal training services while creating a top personal trainer blog. 

We hope you're enjoying this article, if so why not give these a read?

#8 - Love Sweat Fitness 

The Love Sweat Fitness blog is one of the most aesthetically pleasing personal trainer blog sites on this list. 

Katie Dunlop, the blog owner, is a fitness, nutrition, travel, and lifestyle blogger.

She is a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist and uses her blog as a space to document her workouts, recipe ideas, and to offer motivation to fellow fitness enthusiasts.

In the fitness area of her blog, Katie provides a range of content for her audience. From glute growing guides to maintaining weight throughout holiday seasons, with a healthy dose of weekly workout ideas, Katie’s blog has it all. 

personal trainer blog 3

Katie is also an expert of all things nutrition, particularly when it comes to her plant-based protein brand, LFT Nutrition. 

She often posts content on her blog about the brand and how her vegan supplements are amongst the best on the market. 

The Love Sweat Fitness blog, therefore, is a space for Katie to promote her products- which you could incorporate into your own site.

She also creates bespoke meal plans for clients. Check out our guide to creating a meal plan for beginners for tips on how to do this yourself! 

So, whether you want to advertise your PT classes, merchandise, or nutrition programmes, why not promote these on your personal trainer blog like Katie has? 

After all, there’s a reason we’ve ranked her so highly on our list of top personal trainer blogs!

#9 - Tony Gentilcore 

becoming a personal trainer blog 2

If regular blog content that offers solutions and guidance is what you’re after, Tony Gentilcore has you covered. 

Tony shares insightful and often humorous posts about anything from achieving hypertrophy to effective warmups, with tips and tricks on toning stubborn areas.

He has a clear matter-of-fact approach when writing to provide his readers with the facts. 

This will prove particularly beneficial for fitness newbies who have questions that they want to know the answer to. 

For example, a recent article of his, Diets Don’t Work, provides 6 detailed points as to why you should avoid fad diets.

becoming a personal trainer blog 3

This is why Tony’s blog stands out from other personal training blogs. Many others discuss what not to do without providing solutions.

Instead, Tony’s blog portrays him as a trustworthy figure in the industry and someone that fitness newbies can rely on for direction. 

So, if you’re considering becoming a personal trainer, your blog should be accessible and actionable like Tony’s, making it a great personal trainer blog to inspire your own! 

#10 - Keep it SimpElle 

becoming a personal trainer blog 4

Keep it SimpElle is a health and fitness blog run by Ellie Linton. 

Elle has a degree in Exercise Science, is a London-based group exercise instructor, and online personal trainer whose blog covers content suitable for a range of fitness levels. 

The blog has a fun tone throughout which includes helpful workout guides, running and cycling tips and how-to guides to motivate Elle’s readers.

Here are a few examples of Elle’s article titles that may help inspire you when creating your own personal trainer blog:

  • What To Do When You’re Struggling With Fitness Motivation
  • How To Start A Successful Fitness Routine From Scratch
  • 6 Ways To Stay Fit & Well This Winter

Each of these blog posts presents Elle as the reader's very own fitness Agony Aunt, since she provides answers to common issues in fitness. 

Keep it SimpElle is amongst our favourite personal trainer blog sites for inspiring your own content.

#11 - Advanced Human Performance 

personal trainer food blog

The Advanced Human Performance blog is written by Dr. Joel and Joshua Seedman, otherwise known as The Exercise Brothers.

The Seedman Brothers are credited with over 1,000 publications, have co-written 2 books and have been awarded 1st place by Healthline’s ‘Best Blog’ in 2019 and 2020.

They have been educating and transforming the lives of their clients for over 15 years, overcoming barriers relating to strength training, fitness, health, and nutrition. 

Their blog is broken down into various topics, including:

  • Areas of the body i.e. chest, abs, glutes, legs, shoulders etc. 
  • Athletic performance
  • Bodybuilding
  • Different exercises such as deadlift and squat variation articles

Breaking topics down into different sections provides a user-friendly experience when navigating the site. Each subsection is also sleek in design with a bold colour scheme and gripping titles. 

If you’re someone who has knowledge of different areas of the personal training industry, dividing up your blog will prove to be beneficial for your readers. 

For these reasons, The Advanced Human Performance blog is most certainly one of the best personal trainer blogs out there. 

#12 - Massy Arias 

Massy Arias is a certified personal trainer who is on a mission to help women get the bikini body they’ve always dreamed of. 

Her blog is very easy on the eye thanks to a photo banner, subheadings and images all of which follow a coral and turquoise colour scheme throughout. 

Having an enticing colour scheme is super important for getting your readers’ attention and for increasing the time that they spend on the site - and Massy Arias does this very well. 

personal trainer food blog 2

As for the blog’s content, Massy writes about all things health and fitness holistically. 

Each blog post is conveniently partnered with a tag, indicating what topic the blog fits into. 

From muscle-building to nutrition, fitness YouTube channels and women’s health, Massy enjoys talking about various areas of health so that her readers find something of interest. 

Massy is a sucker for uploading workout inspiration to keep her readers and clients working towards their fitness goals. 

Some of her personal training blog posts include: 

  • 25 Minute Full Body Workout - With or Without Equipment
  • Epic 30 Minute Leg Day to Burn Fat and Build Muscle 
  • Insane 7 Minute At-Home Workout

Each of these blog posts offers a YouTube link for users to follow, a great way of getting more traffic to her different social media platforms. This is something you could do on your own personal trainer blog! 

#13 - Ben Greenfield Fitness 

personal trainer food blog 3

Ben Greenfield is a New York Times bestselling author and self-proclaimed “Fitness Guru” who is here to share with you his knowledge of health, fitness, and nutrition.

If you’re someone considering making a personal trainer food blog, Ben is the guy you want to be looking at! 

He is a blogger who clearly knows what people undertaking their own fitness journey want to know more about. Topics include:

  • The best healthy ice cream brands and where to find them
  • How to drink alcohol and still be healthy
  • Discussing what actually happens to the body during a juice cleanse
  • The relationship between coffee and a successful fitness regime

Ben recognises that people want to have treats while leading a healthy lifestyle and that this is okay! He’s far from encouraging his readers to solely eat chicken and rice, which is one of the biggest fitness myths

Instead, he educates his blog readers on how they can lead a balanced lifestyle without restricting anything that they love and enjoy. 

Furthermore, this blog is for everyone as Ben tackles topics that even more experienced gym enthusiasts can learn something about. 

This is exactly why we consider Ben to have one of the best personal trainer food blogs out there! 

#14 - Steph Gaudreau 

Just a quick glance at Steph Gaudreau’s blog is enough to know that she’s put a lot of time and effort into her personal trainer blog site. 

With layered colour blocks, photos, pockets of text, and subtle adverts of her fitness plans - each item works together well.

It’s also very clear to see where Steph’s passion lies: lifting weights and eating nutritional food, with a clear goal of getting others to adopt the same mind-frame. 

personal trainer food blog 4

Each blog post is also relevant to current fitness trends. For example, Bulgarian split squats are all the rage at the moment for leg and glute hypertrophy, and are notoriously tricky to perform. 

So, Steph has written a piece detailing 4 variations to firstly make it easier for newbie split squatters while also detailing variations to make it more challenging. 

This kind of article is accessible to fitness fanatics at different stages in their journey, with actionable tips on how they can better themselves.

However, this isn’t the only example where Steph’s blog posts have been on-trend. Other articles include: 

  • Home workouts to get you through isolation 
  • Banana bread recipe
  • The benefits of overnight oats

Steph is clearly aware of what health, fitness and nutrition lovers are talking about and is using this on her blog to get more attention and traffic. In fact, staying up to date with the latest trends in the fitness industry is one of the best pieces of personal training advice we can give you! 

This is why she has one of the best personal trainer blogs out there. So why not use it to inspire your own? 

#15 - Fitnitiative 

personal trainer blog sites

The Fitnitiative blog is owned by Samuel Lynch, an online personal trainer who has been helping people around the world feel healthy, happy, and confident. 

He has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years, helping countless individuals to tone up, lose weight, gain muscle, and recover from injuries.

With this in mind, Samuel’s page is amongst the group of top personal trainer blogs that offers a wealth of informative content that many will relate to. 

The Fitnitiative blog offers exercise-based content, often in the form of step-by-step guides on completing various exercises, such as: 

  • Romanian deadlifts
  • How to build pushups
  • Pallof press
  • Suitcase deadlift 

These are useful for fitness newbies who want to discover some basic exercises with variations to progress. 

The fitness industry can be a daunting place, especially for those who don’t have much knowledge about it. But Samuel’s blog offers a helping hand to those wanting to learn more by simplifying complex topics and making them accessible for all. 

#16 - Fitness Trainer 

Fitness Trainer is a brand that acts as the middleman between clients and personal trainers. Both will specify what they’re looking for in a client or PT respectively, and Fitness Trainer connects the dots! 

Since Fitness Trainer has two distinct audiences, their blog must accommodate both.

personal trainer blog sites 2

They have 4 blog headings, each being targeted toward the client or PT. 

Their ‘How To’ heading has a whole range of informative blog posts that both fitness newbies and established gym-goers would find value in.

From weight loss tip pieces to workout inspiration, recipe ideas to yoga sessions, Fitness Trainer offers anything and everything a client could need to facilitate their goals. 

As for content that’s relevant to personal trainers, the ‘Resources’ heading is where it’s at. Posts in this section cover:

  • Tips for gaining more clients
  • How to tailor programmes specifically towards men/women’s fitness
  • Debunking fitness myths to better inform your clients

Breaking up blog posts that are suitable for different audiences ensures that both types of users can obtain relevant and actionable information with ease. 

So, once you’ve found your feet with your own personal training blog, why not consider opening up your audience? 

This can help to boost traffic to your blog and help you stand out as a personal trainer.

Enjoying this article so far? Here’s 3 more we think you’ll love: 

#17 - Armoury Coaching Studio 

Armoury Coaching Studio is a 1-1 and small group personal training brand from Milton Keynes, UK. 

Their main objective is to help men and women stop “trying to get in shape”, and actually achieve a body transformation they can maintain.

Their content is aimed at fitness novices who may have obtained some support from a PT, but aren’t sure what to do when at home. 

Armoury’s blog provides a range of step-by-step guides to introduce new clients to different exercises and recipe ideas.

personal trainer blog sites 3

For example, Armoury provides tips and tricks to perfect a push up; a classic beginner exercise that most newcomers won’t know how to perform correctly.

They also offer a wealth of easy and healthy recipe ideas. 

From egg muffins to cashew stir fry, chicken saag and salmon rice, Armoury provides the necessary tools for clients to fuel their bodies with the right foods while achieving their goals. 

If you’re searching for personal trainer blog ideas as inspiration for your own, Armoury Coaching Studio is a great site to check out. 

They’ve clearly established their audience and created content that they know their demographic will find valuable. This also helps to construct a reliable readership with each post, and is something you can do with your own training blog! 

#18 - Forge Fitness & Nutrition Coaching 

blog personal trainer

Michael S. Parker is the mind behind Forge Fitness, a certified fitness nutrition coach and weight management specialist from Phoenix. 

Michael works alongside his team of personal trainers and dieticians to create informative blog content for their existing and prospective clients. 

Just a glance at Forge’s blog is enough to recognise that they’re an inclusive personal training brand. 

Each blog post is accompanied by relevant images depicting men and women of a variety of ages, ethnicities, and abilities, doing a range of different workouts.

Some examples of Forge’s content includes:

  • What exercises 40+ year old women should do
  • Working out from home with an online personal trainer
  • Ways to get fit without having to go to the gym

Forge ensures that they target their content towards a range of people and not just those wanting to lose weight or gain muscle in the gym. Instead, they write posts that add true value for a range of readers. 

Forge listens to what people in the fitness world want and are creating truly relevant content for them. This is why we view Forge Fitness as having one of the top personal trainer blogs out there!

#19 - David Kingsbury 

David Kingsbury’s blog is perfect for those who enjoy a motivational push.

His blog is very much goal-oriented with various blog posts outlining the best ways to set realistic targets and form long-lasting habits. 

David discusses his own experiences with unrealistic goal setting and how he was met with disappointment when he hadn’t quite met them.

This is something that many experience when starting a new exercise regime - they expect to lose a stone in 3 weeks or put on 5kg of muscle in 2 months. 

What David’s blog does instead is opens up a discussion about realistic fitness goal setting and how to push his readers on days where inspiration lacks. 

blog personal trainer 2

This is a truly refreshing take for fitness novices as starting a fitness regime with the right headspace and expectations will keep motivation levels high. 

In-between these goal blog posts, David also enjoys writing about his client’s success stories and loves including a transformation photo. 

Transformation photos are great ways of visually seeing an individual’s physical changes and the more examples there are, the more likely it is that a new client will relate to at least 1 individual. 

Furthermore, David’s transformation page functions as free marketing for his personal training services and is something we’d advise replicating if you’re considering starting a blog for the same purpose. 

In short, keeping your clients positive and actively working towards their goals is what makes a good personal trainer blog!


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#20 - PGPT 

blog personal trainer 3

Top personal trainer blogs strive to make readers feel valued and a part of the conversation- and PGPT does this very well!

The personal training brand recognises that those who are new to an exercise regime may find it difficult to know the ins and outs of how to achieve their goals. 

Their blog, therefore, tackles questions that countless people have asked before when it comes to starting a fitness journey. For example:

Is skipping meals OK and will it speed up my weight loss journey? 

  • How to avoid gaining weight over the festive season
  • Why is it important to set small goals frequently? 

Answering each of these critical questions helps individual’s starting their fitness journey to know how to see optimal results. 

With that, those who follow PGPT’s guidance and support could even get a blog post dedicated solely to them.

Their ‘Client of the Year’ blog post is unique to PGPT and something that can make clients feel truly valued, which is a great personal trainer client retention strategy

It’s also a great way to make existing clients work even harder in the hope that it will be their face in the annual celebratory post. 

The PGPT personal trainer blog has established a strong community feel for their clients and is something we believe all PT blogs- including yours, should strive for! 

#21 - Jillian Michaels 

personal trainer blog ideas

Jillian Michaels is an American PT, TV personality, author, and all-round fitness queen.

She has one of the most successful personal trainer apps on the market, The Fitness App, and has amassed 1.4 million Instagram followers. 

Upon entering her site, users are met with a clean, crisp design with high-quality images that are truly inviting. 

It’s here that Jillian notes that her blog is “giving you the keys to a healthier life”, suggesting that all anyone needs to achieve their goals is within her site. 

Her blog is broken down into 4 categories:

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Health and Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Beauty and Style

Users can simply select what topic they’d like to explore before being presented with a plethora of relevant articles. 

In each of these sections, Jillian offers insightful tips to enhance your journey, guidance on the dos and don’ts of fitness with posts dedicated to debunking fitness myths. 

Jillian is a figure in the industry who provides all the necessary tools you need to achieve their exercise and fitness goals. This is something you can learn from when creating your own personal trainer blog! 

#22 - Dai Manuel 

personal trainer blog ideas 2

Want more personal trainer blog ideas to inspire you when making your own? 

Dai Manuel is another fantastic example of someone that is determined to educate the masses about leading a happy, healthy lifestyle. 

Dai is also a sustainability-conscious individual whose blog posts revolve around vegetarianism, veganism, and ways to work out with the planet in mind. 

Most of Dai’s posts are also written with various studies, facts and figures embedded throughout to provide readers with the most relevant and up-to-date information. 

Moreover, while this is predominantly a health and fitness blog, Dai discusses other lifestyle-based topics more broadly, such as: 

  • How a clean and tidy home benefits your health
  • How to recognise the early signs of addiction
  • Dating tips to keep you safe 

This shows that Dai isn’t just focused on changing the bodies of his clients, he’s also passionate about educating his readers about various aspects of life in general. 

The blog is something that all readers can benefit from, regardless of their age, interests, knowledge of sustainability or experience with exercise.

#23 - TS Fitness Blog 

personal trainer blog ideas 3

TS Fitness is a 1-1 and group exercise brand that offers personal training services in New York City. 

It is run by a group of personal trainers with a wide range of backgrounds, certifications, and personal trainer specialties which helps to provide diverse content for all readers. 

The TS Fitness blog posts new content at least once per week, each just as motivating and informative as the last. 

They introduce a new blog post with a key question to get their readers thinking before they even delve into the article, such as:

  • Does cold weather burn calories? 
  • Are diet drinks safe? 
  • What is the best sleeping position? 
  • Should you be curing coffee to hit your goals? 

This is a great example of a way that a personal trainer blog should grip readers, enticing them with questions that they know their readers will want to know the answer to. 

They have a matter-of-fact approach to answering these questions, often infused with their own opinions to give readers a clear idea of how they can enhance their fitness journey. 

So if you’re considering becoming a PT, having a personal training blog that entices readers is super important. It keeps your existing clients motivated, while persuading prospective clients that you’re a top figure in the industry that will help them to achieve their goals. 

#24 - Ciaran Robinson

Ciaran Robinson is an online personal trainer from Galway, Ireland. 

He has over 12 years worth of training experience and more than 5 years of professional experience working within the health and fitness industry. 

Ciaran is an individual who strives to help clients reach their maximum potential, and his personal training blog is a refreshing, motivational boost. 

trainers blog

Ciaran’s site is targeted towards newcomers in the fitness industry as it covers topics that are accessible for all. 

For example, he has an article on the calorie content of alcoholic drinks. Many who are new to health and fitness may not be aware of how calorically dense alcohol can be. 

Having noticed this, Ciaran has opened up a conversation about alcohol in a bid to educate beginners about the best alternatives. 

This is evident in more of Ciaran’s articles such as:

  • Tips to eating healthier
  • What breakfasts are bad for you
  • Best pre-workout foods

Each of these topics isn’t likely to be known by those new to health and fitness, so Ciaran has gladly taken the reins to inform beginners. 

This is why he has one of the best personal training blogs, as he’s identified his audience and constructed articles solely around them. 

#25 - Thrive Personal Training Blog 

trainers blog 2

As you now know, establishing your niche before starting a personal trainer blog is super important. 

Once you have your niche, you can create content that is specifically designed to suit your target demographic. And this is exactly what Thrive PT Blog does! 

Operated by personal trainer and powerlifting coach, Megan Hinchley, Thrive is a space where she documents her resistance and weight training workouts to inspire others. 

Megan offers a diverse range of workout material and incorporates a range of equipment into her blog posts to ensure all readers find something for them.

Examples of her workouts include:

  • Home kettlebell workouts
  • Suspension trainer exercises
  • How to incorporate resistance bands into workouts
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • HIIT and skipping workout examples

Each of these workouts is conducted from Megan’s home, as she shows the world that achieving one’s fitness goals is possible without an expensive gym membership. 

All her posts also include YouTube videos too, where she explains how a user can achieve the right form, insight into exercise variations, and rep and set information. 

Anyone wanting strength and conditioning workout inspiration is most certainly in the right place with this top personal training blog.

#26 - Ralph Roberts Training 

trainers blog 3

Ralph Roberts is a personal trainer from Cherryville, North Carolina who offers 1-1 and group training for all levels of fitness. 

Ralph notes how he stands apart from other personal trainers, as he’s experienced the anxieties surrounding exercising and the gym first-hand. 

He never set out to be a personal trainer, but here he is, now helping transform the lives of many on a daily basis. Given his story, this makes it a great becoming a personal trainer blog!

Want to help your clients too? Check out our tips for motivating your personal training clients for some top tips.  

Ralph’s blog is written in a warm and informal way. His introductions begin as though he’s writing a diary entry, which helps new readers feel connected to his message. He then delves into topics that are accessible to all. 

His content always has fun in mind. For example: 

  • Ways to stay fit on summer vacation
  • How to keep fit without working out
  • Fun apps and games that work out the brain

Ralph’s content is refreshing. He recognises that people have other interests, want to be carefree sometimes and don’t want to be bogged down when they feel unmotivated. 

He makes his readers feel understood and valued, which is why he has one of the best personal trainer blogs! 

#27 - Wildcat Fitness 

Wildcat Fitness is yet another prime example of a site where you can get some great personal trainer blog ideas for when you are making your own. 

The blog is run by Lisa-Jane, a blogger, fitness influencer, and personal trainer based in London. 

trainers blog 4

After losing weight herself, Lisa-Jane started to document her experiences of leading a healthy, active lifestyle via her fitness blog. 

It wasn’t long before her platform started to get a fair bit of attention. She then quit her job and worked towards getting her personal training qualification.

12 years later, Lisa-Jane is still changing the lives of women on a daily basis. She’s a true inspiration for those wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Wildcat Fitness blog discusses a whole range of health-based topics, such as: 

  • Her experiences with Apex Ride gym machines
  • Delicious vegan cookie recipes
  • Supplements to alleviate joint pain
  • Her favourite fitness apps

Each post is paired with exciting images that leave you wanting to discover more of what Lisa-Jane has to say. 

Why not check out the Wildcat Fitness blog to spark your own content ideas? 

#28 - Healthy Grocery Girl 

top personal trainer blogs

The Healthy Grocery Girl is a nutrition and personal trainer food blog founded by Megan Roosevelt, who offers a spectrum of amazing healthy recipes. 

Contrary to what many believe, those working towards health and fitness goals can eat a whole lot more than just chicken and vegetables- and Megan’s here to show you how.

Firstly, her food blog is crammed full of vibrant colours as each dish looks just as delicious as the last. 

Each snapshot of meals is partnered with a title of the recipe, making it super easy for users to scan and select what they’d like to see more of.

The Healthy Grocery Girl presents a range of recipes for all occasions. From light bites to filling evening meals, sweet treats and high-protein vegan snacks, Megan accommodates all.

Examples of such dishes include:

  • Orange Chickpea Chow Mein
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches
  • Citrus Chicken Nacho Soup
  • Lemon Banana Blueberry Pancakes

As you can tell from these recipes, Megan doesn’t shy away from indulgence, showing that those working towards their goals that balance is key. 

Megan also offers nutrition coaching for those wanting to learn more about how to improve their health, feel better and create positive dietary habits. 

#29 - Roman Fitness Systems 

top personal trainer blogs 2

Roman Fitness Systems is a personal training and fitness blog run by John Romaniello.

The blog has been running since 2009 and is a space where John regularly posts valuable fitness articles that aim to enhance his clients’ workouts, meals, and lifestyles. 

John predominantly writes about exercise variations to inspire his readers. 

Each of these discusses how to achieve the best technique, the benefits of the variation and how to implement it into an existing programme. 

Some of the exercises John writes about are: 

  • The Landmine Chest Press
  • T Bar Row
  • Zercher Squat
  • Reverse Nordic Curl

Each exercise also has a YouTube link, so you can see how each variation should look. 

If you’re also someone who uses YouTube to promote your personal training services, implementing links like this to your personal trainer blog will add value for users.

It will also create more traffic to your YouTube channel, thus allowing you to develop as a PT across several platforms.

#30 - The Jade Way 

top personal trainer blogs 3

The Jade Way is one of the top personal trainer blog sites we’d suggest checking out before making your own. 

The Jade Way is written by Jade McClure, a personal trainer and qualified nutritionist who knows exactly how to grip a reader. 

They do this by prefacing articles with questions, making the reader think about their own health and fitness. 

Examples of these questions include: 

  • Why am I not seeing results from the gym? 
  • When clean eating progress stalls, what’s next?
  • Do calories really matter for fat loss?

Asking a reader questions makes them curious as to how they can adapt their existing programme to better results, thus drawing them in to read the rest of the article. 

Jade draws on his previous experience working towards his own goals and details from past clients to construct articles that users will get true value from. This enables his readers to trust his blog posts and change their own programme where needed. 

We recommend taking tips from Jade when forming your own personal trainer blog site, as he really knows what he’s doing! 

#31 - Jill Brown Fitness 

top personal training blogs 6

Jill Brown’s fitness personal trainer blog is aimed at women in fitness.

She views the industry as a male-dominated space and wants to encourage more women to get involved. 

With over 30 years as a fitness coach and 12 years as a nutritionist, Jill Brown’s training blog is one of the most informative out there. 

Jill Brown enjoys debunking various fitness myths to ensure that women starting their journey know what to do and what to avoid. 

Some of the ideas that Jill is determined to change include:

  • That juice cleanses are healthy 
  • That crunches alone can give you a six-pack
  • Lifting weights will make you bulky
  • You can spot fat loss

It’s important that anyone, not just women, recognise fitness myths before working towards their goals as listening to them could waste valuable time and effort. 

Everyone could do with a figure like Jill when working towards their goals, which is why we think she has one of the best personal training blogs out there.

#32 - Kimberly Doehnert 

Kimberly Doehnert is the CEO of Fitness 4 Life Consultancy, IFBB Figure Pro, and fitness expert with over 28 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. 

She is also a certified personal trainer with a blog that helps fitness newbies feel confident working towards their goals. 

Kimberly writes about anything from nutrition to advice on bulking, at-home workout guides and fitness myths. Her blog content is varied and exciting!

Kimberly is also great at breaking down complex fitness concepts in a way that a beginner will understand. 

top personal trainer blogs 4

For example, things like tracking macros is likely to be somewhat of an alien concept to those starting out in fitness.

Yet Kimberly breaks down each succinctly with some recipe examples for readers to try out themselves. 

It’s clear that Kimberly aims to help people striving for their fitness goals, as she ensures her content is accessible for all, regardless of prior experience. 

This is why we view Kimberly as having one of the top personal training blogs out there. Her’s is definitely a site that we’d suggest checking out for content inspiration.


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#33 - Mark Fisher Fitness 

top personal training blogs

Mark Fisher’s personal training blog is vibrant and fun, with a refreshing design that makes a nice change from sleek, minimalist sites. 

Instead, Mark has opted for a bright magenta colour palette that reflects his purpose for being involved in fitness - to help others find fun in leading healthy, active lifestyles. 

Mark’s blog is one big how-to guide for those either considering investing in a personal trainer or those wanting a motivational boost to keep working towards their goals. 

He offers answers to those with questions about workouts and nutrition. Some examples include:

  • How to pick a gym or personal trainer
  • How to stay fit over the holidays without depriving yourself
  • How to stay motivated 

These are key questions that Mark knows people are going to ask at some point during their fitness journey. 

Everyone struggles with fitness motivation from time to time yet here, Mark offers a series of actionable tips for readers to try out.

From monitoring repetitive workouts to tips on getting involved in group training, Mark’s blog lends a helping hand to those striving for their goals.

#34 - The Personal Trainer Food 

Personal Trainer Food is a subscription service where fitness enthusiasts and professionals can order a selection of healthy meals that suit their exercise regime.

The brand teaches individuals about how to form healthy choices with food, while teaching them delicious and straightforward recipes to incorporate into their repertoire. 

In accompaniment to the service, Personal Trainer Food has a blog to guide subscribers about various aspects of nutrition. 

top personal training blogs 2

The blog offers a wealth of information: from recipe ideas and vegan alternatives, to client testimonials and tips for weight loss. This blog is therefore a must-read for anyone passionate about health and wellbeing.

Personal Trainer Food also notes how establishing good exercising habits is half the battle when striving for any fitness goal, nutrition being significant in the process.

This is why this blog is so popular, as each individual with a fitness goal must know at least the basics of nutrition. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for the best personal trainer food blogs, this example is certainly worth checking out!

Want to be able to offer nutritional advice to your own clients? Taking our advanced UK nutrition course qualifies you to do exactly that.  

#35 - Carly Rowena 

top personal training blogs 3

Another great example of a personal trainer blog site is Carly Rowena. 

Carly’s blog is a fusion of fitness and lifestyle, offering her readers varied content about the things she loves most. 

From fitness to travel, motherhood and interior design, Carly’s blog has everything a reader needs and more. 

But, while she has a range of topics, Carly tends to draw her discussion back to fitness one way or another. Some ways that she does this includes: 

  • Reviews of fitness retreats while travelling
  • Activities to keep fit while travelling with children
  • Workouts that support the body after pregnancy 

And some fitness-specific blog post examples are:

  • Everything you need to know about cardio
  • Reasons why you’re bored of working out
  • Her favourite workouts

This is a great blog to check out if you’re someone who enjoys reading prominently fitness content, but with aspects of other topics too. This is a great example of how you can incorporate other topics aside from fitness into your personal trainer blog! 

#36 - Dorothy Beal 

Dorothy Beal is an avid marathon runner, personal trainer and fitness writer whose blog chats about her experiences competing and working in the fitness industry. 

Her content mostly revolves around running, with guidance for those getting started and tips for how to train for a marathon

It doesn’t matter where she is in the world (as Dorothy loves to travel), she still documents her workouts and progress along the way. 

top personal training blogs 4

Many articles are also accompanied by beautiful candid shots of Dorothy in picturesque locations, helping to inject some personality into her fitness site. 

Dorothy’s blog also features reviews of various fitness products such as running shoes, fitness watches and gym gear.

If you’re someone who wants to create a blog as a personal trainer, creating content that people have confidence in is paramount. Dorothy’s personal trainer blog site is therefore a great site to refer to for inspiration on how to achieve this! 

#37 - Matt Swierzynski Personal Trainer Blog 

Finishing up our list of the best personal trainer blogs is one by Matt Swierzynski. 

Matt offers personal training services that aim to help clients look great and feel fantastic.

He notes how his programmes are challenging and can take a lot of effort- but that’s the perfect recipe for true success!

top personal training blogs 5

He talks about the best supplements to take, obtaining good posture and the benefits of different styles of working out.

When Matt writes his blog posts, he does so from a scientific stance, often backing up his claims with studies and articles to ensure that what he says is always factual.

He also takes the time to delve into complex topics in detail, so that even fitness beginners can understand. 

Regardless of where a reader is in their own fitness journey, we’re sure that they’d find value in Matt’s content. This is something you should aim for with your own personal training blog, which is why it’s one we’d recommend checking out. 

Before You Go! 

So, there we have our top blogs by personal trainers to help you when making your own. With a wide range of types of personal trainer blogs, you’re sure to have found something to inspire you!

Why not take your personal training career to the next level with a Level 4 course in Advanced Sports Nutrition? Enquire today, or download our free course prospectus here for more information about the range of specialist fitness courses we offer.  

Written by Emily Evans

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Emily studied English Language and Literature at the University of Sheffield, graduating in 2021 with a 2:1 BA honours degree. Alongside her degree, she also gained experience in student publication as Forge Press’ Lifestyle Editor and Deputy Editor for Post-Production. This is where her love for content writing stemmed from, which also led her to OriGym. Outside of her work, Emily will either be found on a long hike, at the gym or making a mess trying new healthy recipes in her kitchen!

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