41 of The Best Personal Trainer Gifts

The Best Personal Trainer Gifts

There’s a wide range of personal trainer gifts on today's competitive market, so knowing where to shop can be a little bit of a mind maze. 

However, at OriGym we have curated a list of the top personal trainer gifts for any occasion, be it birthdays, holidays, or just as a simple thank you. So whether you’re a personal trainer looking to put together a wishlist, or a client looking to surprise, this is the article for you!

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Funny Personal Trainer Gifts

#1 - Water Bottles

Tears of My clients Personal Trainer Gift

Priced from: £14.80 to £37

Kick-starting our list of ideal gifts for personal trainers is a water bottle! This may be something which some of you take for granted, but avid gym-goers will know just how valuable a good water bottle can be.

We certainly agree with this sentiment, as our list of the best running water bottles is packed with amazing products.

A water bottle is an absolute necessity for anyone working in a physically demanding profession. 

PTs are going to need to keep hydrated at all points throughout their day, especially when performing activities such as:

  • Conducting1-to-1 sessions with Clients
  • Teaching regular exercise classes
  • Keeping up their own physical health 

Now, you might be thinking - “what’s so funny about a water bottle?” 

Well, several companies offer to print personalisation messages on bottles, making it one of the most customisable presents for personal trainers to appear on our list.

Ginger Rose Water Bottle gift for personal trainer

An example of a funny bottle can be seen in the independent Etsy store GingieRoseCreations

The initial design of ‘Tears of My Clients’ (featured above) has already proven to be incredibly popular among clients, but there is also an additional option to add a customisable design.

This gift for fitness instructors and personal trainers alike is perfect for those of you who share regular inside jokes with your PT. We can guarantee this product will certainly receive a laugh upon opening.

Personal trainer gift foam roller bottle

However, if you’d like something with a little more practicality, how about two presents in one with the fantastic Foam Roller Water Bottle from Mobot.

Not only can this ideal personal trainer gift store up to 27oz of liquid, it also doubles as a foam roller, perfect for the PTs who are always complaining about nagging pains. 

Chilly's personal trainer gift

Alternatively, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the competitive lifter in your life we’d recommend the Girls Who Lift Gold Water Bottle

Let’s face it, we all know that one lifter who is just a little too competitive, so why not surprise her with this humorous show of support. 

Not only does this bottle look incredibly sleek with a shiny gold chrome finish, but it's completely leak proof and can hold up to 200ml of liquid. 

So, if you’re on the hunt for funny personal trainer gifts, any one of these fantastic water bottles are sure to impress, acting as a great way to inject some fun into an otherwise simple present! 

#2 - A Mug

Weighted mug present for personal trainer

Priced From: £6.99 to £12

A mug is a highly practical gift as everyone uses them for one purpose or another. 

Whilst you may think this is yet another boring everyday household item, we are here to prove they can in fact be examples of thoughtful but cheap personal trainer gifts. 

Due to their cheap price, mugs are highly versatile when it comes to gift giving, and can either act as a great stocking filler or the centerpiece of a luxury hamper. 

Using the latter as an example, you may choose to pair your chosen mug with your personal trainer’s favourite beverage and additional treats. 

Kettlebell mug present for personal trainer

Alternatively, give the present on its own as a simple gesture to acknowledge your PT’s hard work.

For inspiration into funny personal trainer gifts, we’d advise our readers to check out MenKind’s Kettlebell Shaped Mug, pictured above. 

This option is ideal for any client looking to stick to a tight budget, with the total cost coming in at just £12.00

So, whether you’ve just become a kettlebell instructor yourself, or simply have a PT who is an avid lifter, we’d highly recommend this humorous gift. 

Gym Hair Don't Care mug present

But if lifting isn’t exactly your trainers' forte, fear not, as this ‘Gym Hair Don’t Care’ mug from SugarLane is sure to get a laugh, especially out of the PT’s with crazy post-workout hair.

This funny personal trainer gift is also cheap totaling in at just £6.99 and can hold up to 11oz of liquid. 

I love the gym gift ideas for personal trainers

Finally, this cheap gift for personal trainers is for those individuals who seemingly never ever leave the gym. 

With Brinley Willaims’s I LOVE the Gym Mug you can let your trainer know first hand that you recognise their hard work and determination. 

Better yet, you won’t have to break the bank either, as this gift costs just £7.95

Personal trainer gift mugs again helps to reinforce the idea that you don’t have to spend excessive amounts of money on presents, and the personalized touch means it’s a gift your PT will remember.

#3 - A T-Shirt

Shut Up and Squat

Priced From: £11.99 to £13.99

Joke T-shirts are great go-to gifts for your personal trainer and fitness-loving friends. 

A PT will need a good t-shirt to wear for various occasions, be it:

  • For the gym sessions
  • Rest days 
  • Social occasions

So, why not add a touch of personality to this multifunctional garment by getting them a gift that reflects your persona or shared sense of humour. 

Now, when buying clothes for someone else, you’re going to need to know their size beforehand. 

The last thing you’d want to happen is accidentally buying a size that’s too big or small and potentially offend your trainer.

Shirt personal trainer gift

Instead, plan ahead to get the right size. This could be done through subtle conversation, maybe complimenting something they’re wearing, before asking what size it is..

If a joke t-shirt sounds like something you could add to your list of personal trainer gift ideas, why not check out Gymtier’s “Shut Up and Squat - No Excuses” T-shirt

This is perfect for the trainer who may be a little pushy at times, but all in the aid of ensuring you reach your desired goals.

This t-shirt comes in 10 eye-catching colours and sizes ranging from S-XXXXL and is sure to benefit the strength training personal trainer in your life.

six pack tshirt personal trainer gift

But that isn't the only humorous t-shirt to appear on our list with the addition of this Doughnut Six Pack from Graphic Gear. 

If you know a trainer with a particularly sweet tooth, or maybe one who gives you a hard time for cheat days, this is sure to make them laugh!

The best thing about this funny personal trainer gift is that it’s available in sizes ranging from S-XXXXL, with an optional 11 colours. This will allow you to pick your PTs favourite colour to further increase their overall enjoyment. 


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#4 - A Christmas Ornament 

Personal trainer gift bauble

Price: £22.05

When the festive season approaches, you may find yourself in need of ideas for Christmas gifts for your personal trainer. 

This kind gesture is a great way of thanking the PT in your life for all their hard work over the course of the year. 

Whether it be you’re reading this article on the run-up to Christmas, or are simply looking to plan ahead, a personal trainer Christmas ornament is a fun, cheap, and easy gift to get your hands on. 

Gifting a Christmas ornament to a PT is also something a little different from what most would expect to receive.

Pt gift bauble

You could even customise it to your trainer's specialist interest. For example, if they’re a qualified nutritionist why not get an ornament in the shape of their favourite food. 

Plus, an ornament is a gift that can be used for multiple years to come, rather than being discarded after one use. Every year following this, when your trainer decorates their own tree they will think of you and your kind gift. 

The example we have provided comes from Zazzle’s costing a total of £22.05, with the additional add-on of a red ribbon thread. 

This is the perfect personal trainer gift for the PTs who push you to your very limit, we can guarantee it's sure to get a chuckle. 

#5 - Conference Call Bingo Mouse Mat

Gift ideas for a personal trainer mouse pad

Price: £14.99

The vast majority of people have experienced having to do online calls in recent years. It’s become a daily task that many online personal trainers might find quite boring, so why not find a way to make it fun!

A conference call bingo mat is something that can be placed beside your PT’s computer and will function as a game they can play during conference calls. 

As you probably know, various errors can occur during an online call, and each of these problems can be humorously ticked off your PTs bingo mouse mat.

We have chosen to link Personal Creations' product which totals in at just £14.99

Not only does this gift include a plethora of funny and realistic scenarios, but you can also customise the gift for your personal trainer by including their name at the top of the pad. 

We just know your personal trainer will love a fun game that’s sure to spice up their next Zoom meeting.

#6 - Bodybuilding Rubber Duck 

Bodybuilding Duck present for a personal trainer

Price: £11.13

To conclude our list of funny personal trainer gifts we have a bodybuilding rubber duck! 

As you’re probably well aware, many fitness lovers enjoy unwinding with a soak, be it in soothing and warming water, or freezing cold ice baths.  

Hot baths help to encourage blood circulation which can help to reduce muscle soreness, whereas cold or ice baths are thought to shift lactic acid from the muscles which can help speed up the recovery process. 

Baths, therefore, are likely to be taken by most personal trainers after they’ve had a busy day of leading exercise classes and working on their own exercise programme. 

So, why not get them a novelty gift to keep them company in the water? 

personal trainer present duck

The Bodybuilding Rubber Duck comes in at just £11.13 making it a cheap gift for personal trainers, but one they’re sure to laugh at. 

Now, while funny personal trainer gifts certainly help to provide a good laugh, you may be looking for a gift with more substance or meaning behind it. 

You may read this and worry that with sentimentality comes a higher price, but that’s not true. Read on to discover a selection of personal trainer gifts for on a budget. 

Budget-Friendly Personal Trainer Gifts: Priced £15 or Under 

#6 - Personal Trainer Poster 

Personal Trainer Gift idea poster

Price: £4.50

A personal trainer poster is a great example of giving a thoughtful gift while on a budget. This can truly transform any space, adding some character to the room and reflecting the PT’s personal life and style. 

Furthermore, they can act as great motivation for both trainer and client on days when ambition and motivation are low. 

There are many examples of personal trainer posters that can be turned into gifts, but we have provided one from MagicPosters’ Etsy store which beautifully depicts the exact definition of a personal trainer.

It reads:

Personal trainer: someone who pushes you to your physical potential no matter what the pain or obstacle. a person who guides and inspires you to keep going and achieve the results you desire. an amazing trainer is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget.

Getting a present like this will truly show your PT how much they mean to you and your gratitude for helping you facilitate your fitness goals. We believe it to be amongst the best personal trainer gifts ideas for you to use while on a budget. 

#7 - Keyring

Keyring personal trainer gift 1

Priced From: £6.99 to £16.50

Everyone has a set of keys, whether it be for the house, car, garage or, in a personal trainer’s case, their gym locker. 

It’s for this reason that keyrings are considered to be a great present for personal trainers that are both customisable and affordable. 

Moreover, since most people will use their keys on a daily basis, having keyrings that contain little motivational messages could help to give the user a good boost each time they see it.

This is the case with the example given above from WhisperingWoodsGifts, which contains the motivational message ‘strong is beautiful'.

Keyring personal trainer gift 2

This product comes with a “Strong is beautiful” tag, a barbell and dumbbell chain, and a cute colourful tassel, apt for fitness professionals. 

At just under £7.00, this fitness keyring is another cheap personal trainer gift idea that can help to inspire and motivate your PT each and every day!

I can Keyring gift for personal trainer

Similarly, this Fitness Keychain from YouLoveYouShop can also act as a similar source of motivation, all for a mere £8.00

With this you can encourage your personal trainer to keep going with this gift, reassuring them that they can do anything they set their mind to. 

hardcore keyring for personal trainer

Alternatively, you can give a keychain for personal trainers with specific interests such as strength and conditioning

The example above comes from NoLimits and is cleverly designed in the shape of a plate weight.

Due to the specific shape and design of this keyring, it might be an ideal thank you gift for your trainer, after they have helped you reach your goal of lifting 50kg.

Gyn now Wine Later personal trainer gift

However, if you’re still desiring a funny gift whilst still sticking to a budget we’d recommend the ‘Gym Now, Wine Later’ keyring from HL Bespoke

For just £7.50 you can receive this humorous gift that is perfectly suited for the wine loving PT in your life. 

You can even make this gift more personable for your trailer by customising it to include their name. 


#8 - Positive Affirmation Desk Pad 

Affirmation pad personal trainer present

Price: £11

Within the previous section, we briefly touched upon the topic of motivation, which is a key driving force behind any successful personal trainer. 

As a client, you should want your PT to remain driven at all times, as this will improve all of your sessions.

A positive affirmation desk pad is similar to a calendar and contains 365 positive affirmations and motivational quotes for PTs that aim to inspire and empower. 

Affirmation pad personal trainer present

They’re known for being a fantastic way of starting the day, helping to put the user into a positive frame of mind and to keep motivation levels high. 

Everyone can benefit from a boost during the day which is why this is a great gift for all. 

Many also enjoy leaving their affirmation pads on their bedside table so it’s the first thing they see each morning. 

Or, another good spot to leave a pad is by a mirror, to remind the reader that they’re beautiful and powerful. 

Affirmation pad personal trainer present  3

The Ginger Fox example we have included above is available for just £11.00, and is beautifully designed with vibrant colours. 

When it comes to presents for personal trainers we can guarantee that this one is sure to both inspire and brighten up any gloomy day. 

With this affirmation calendar you’re essentially giving positivity every day for an entire year. 

#9 - Chocolate

Chocolate gifts for personal trainers

Price: £10

Next up on our list of the best gifts for your personal trainer is chocolate! This is tried and tested, and the vast majority of people love receiving chocolate for special occasions. 

Whether it’s your PT’s birthday, Christmas, or simply thanking them for their service, chocolate is a highly adaptable present. 

They’re a perfect addition for this group of easy and cheap personal trainer gifts, especially for clients on a budget.

Of course you could simply buy a generic box from your local supermarket, but that wouldn’t be a very personable present for a personal trainer. 

Dumbbell chocolate for personal trainers

Instead, we’d recommend shopping with the online chocolatier Choconchoc

This particular brand supplies handmade chocolate-based products in all shapes and sizes, including dumbbells, all for the affordable price of £10.00

Not only are the dumbbell designs ideal gifts for personal trainers, but they also come in a range of flavours with white, milk and dark chocolate available to suit all taste preferences. 

#10 - Mindfulness Challenge Cards

Mindful challenge present for personal trainer

Price: £6.95

Another cheap personal trainer gift idea is mindfulness challenge cards. As the name implies, these contain mindful exercises that aim to help the positivity, productivity, and creativity of the user.

Tasks are encouraged to be completed each day, and the best part is that they’re quick and easy, meaning they won’t eat up too much of your personal trainer’s busy schedule.

Some examples of tasks could include: 

  • Deep breathing for 5 minutes while planning the day ahead.
  • Short meditation activities to do before bed. 
  • Activities of tasks that focus on particular emotions and how to enhance positive ones and reduce negative ones. 

We have included the Embracing Mindfulness cards as examples here, which can be purchased on Amazon for just £6.95. 

We can guarantee that this personal trainer present will help to shape their positive outlook on life. 

This will carry on over to their daily sessions with clients, with the expectation that they will improve in quality with their mood.

#11 - Personal Trainer Business Book 

Start up personal trainer business present

Price: £11.99

Buying your fitness instructor gifts that are truly valuable can be tricky, especially if they seem to have everything already. 

But what if you were able to get your PT something that could help to advance their career to the next step? 

There are a plethora of books on the market that help to educate personal trainers on how to start a fitness business

If chosen, these gifts for personal trainers can be a highly adaptive tool they can use throughout various stages of their career. 

Start up personal trainer business present  2

If you’re interested in purchasing this present for your personal trainer, we’d personally recommend Start Your Own Personal Training Business: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success

With this gift trainers will learn how to:

  • Create a business plan that gets you funded and helps you grow
  • Examine potential client markets, find your niche, and set yourself apart
  • Establish your business, define your services, and set prices that maximize profits
  • Develop a marketing strategy that gains fans and turns them into customers
  • Calculate the cost of doing business and managing your finances
  • Hire employees as your business grows

Working out at just under £12, this business manual is another fantastic example of a cheap personal trainer gift that is sure to impress. 

#12 - Fitness Dice 

Fitness dice gift for personal trainer

Price: £6.99

The next entry on our list of presents for personal trainers is the novelty gift of fitness dice. 

If you’re unfamiliar with this product, they are typically sold in packs of 3, and when rolled they reveal what two exercises are to be performed along with the number of sets/duration. 

Here’s a good example of how this might play out:

  • Dice 1 - Indicates the number of reps/sets or the total amount of time the individual needs to perform the exercise for.
  • Dice 2 - Will detail one type of exercises such as Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, or Lunges
  • Dice 3 - Will detail other exercises such as Heel Touches, Bench Dips, or Knee Pull-Ins

These aforementioned exercises are featured in FitLit’s Fitness Dice, which can be purchased for just £6.99

Not only is this an example of a cheap gift for personal trainers, but it’s a super fun activity that the PT can either use in their own spare time, or as part of their client’s training program. 

#13 - Stainless Steel Protein Shaker 

Stainless shaker presents for personal trainers

Price: £11.99

At some point in time, almost all personal trainer’s will have used a protein shaker, yet most protein shakers are made from plastic and are susceptible to breaking after just a few months of using them. 

So, if you know that your PT needs a better quality protein shaker, why not consider gifting them one made of stainless steel. 

We’d personally recommend opting for Protein World’s range of metal protein shakers, which are available in black and gold options and are priced at just £11.99

Gold shaker personal trainer gift

Stainless steel shakers are highly durable and secure, making it the perfect gift for personal trainers who’s regular shaker is constantly being tossed in a gym bag. 

Never again will you have to worry about the plastic bottle cracking while you throw your bag into a locker.

Additionally, stainless steel shakers will naturally keep drinks cooler for longer, perfect for hot and sweaty gym environments. 

They also provide a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, especially when made with cool colour combinations. 

#14 - Socks 

Socks for personal trainer gifts

Price: £10

Workout socks are an absolute necessity when going to the gym, and avid gym-goers know that you can never have too many pairs. 

But what do workout socks do that regular socks don’t? 

The best deadlifting socks are typically made from good quality, organic cotton, a highly breathable material that helps to keep the body cool when exercising. 

Cotton is also an absorbent material, helping to soak up any sweat from the skin to enhance comfort. 

Asics’ pack of 3 performance socks is an example of these types of products and is available for just £10.00.

Colourful Socks for personal trainer gifts

These high-quality workout socks will provide arch support for your trainer's feet when exercising. Even better yet they’re available in several unique colours including:

  • Black
  • White
  • French Blue
  • Lime Green
  • Pink Grapefruit 

Arch supported socks also typically provide extra shock absorption to the arches of the feet, perfect for high impact workouts such as running.

Workout socks such as Asics are an easy go-to present for any fitness enthusiast, particularly personal trainers who are on the move all day, every day. However, if you choose to purchase this product be sure you know your trainers preferred size! 

#15 - Low-Calorie Alcohol

Low-calorie beer present for personal trainer

As you probably know, alcoholic drinks can be calorically dense, and many fitness professionals prefer to limit their intake to not hinder their personal progress. 

It’s for this reason that we’re finishing up this section of the best cheap personal trainer gifts in the UK with low-calorie beer. 

This will allow your PT to enjoy a few drinks on the weekend, or after a busy day at work, without eating too much into the daily calorie allowance.

There are plenty of low-calorie beer brands that are known for being full in flavour while not compromising a fitness regime as much as regular beer.

2nd Low-calorie beer present for personal trainer

For example, a pack of 6 x 330ml cans of Skinny Brands Lager contains only 89 calories in every can, which is in contrast to regular beer that typically contains 131 calories. 

Working out at just £9.00 for a pack, this is a great, affordable gift to give to your personal trainer that we’re sure they’ll thoroughly enjoy. 

Nona Gin

But if beer isn’t your personal trainer's thing, we can also offer gift options for non-alcoholic spirits with Nona’s Premium Gin being a great example. 

This top of the line product has been distilled without alcohol and is made with 100% natural ingredients. You can rest assured that this non-alcoholic gin is just as healthy as the other options to appear within this section, containing 1/10 of the calories as a regular glass of gin.

Prices vary for Nona depending on the particular flavour you wish to purchase, but you can typically expect to pay just £19.00. However, please note that this product is shipped directly from Belgium, so you may have to pay extra for shipping.

Ultimately, PTs should have treats too even if it means being more mindful with their food and drink choices. 

Whilst on the topic of treats the next section is dedicated to those of you who would like to spend a little extra on presents for personal trainers.

Mid-Range Personal Trainer Gifts: Prices £15:01 - 39.99

#16 - Wellness Journal 

wellness journal gift for a personal trainer

Price: £24.99

Kickstarting the list of mid-range priced presents for personal trainers is a wellness journal. 

These are daily diaries that prompt users with a series of questions to help them get into the right mind frame each morning. 

Most journals encourage users to participate in activities such as:

  • Setting daily goals
  • Monitoring food and water consumption
  • Recording sleeping patterns 
  • Listing things they’re grateful for

Many find wellness journals to be a good way to organise their mind before starting a busy day, allowing them to focus on what task lay ahead. 

They’re also good for alleviating stress and anxious thoughts as users can express their feelings before beginning their day.

wellness journal for personal trainer gift

While there are many wellness journals available to choose from, we believe that Papier’s wellness journal is one of the best on the market. For just £24.99 you can receive a beautifully designed journal that will seek to improve your life. 

This present for a personal trainer is customisable to personal taste as it is available  in 3 eye-catching colours, including:

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Cream 

Journaling doesn’t even take long to complete, taking up just 15-20 minutes of a user’s day, we’re sure that your PT will greatly appreciate this personal time to unwind.


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#17 - Portable Coffee Cup

Portable mug personal trainer gift

Price: £25.25

As you know, personal trainers are busy people with various roles and responsibilities specific to PTs, such as:

  • Liaising and training with existing clients
  • Attempting to recruit new clients 
  • Hosting gym classes
  • Conducting gym inductions 

All whilst trying to maintain their own personal fitness schedule and social life. 

Due to the hectic nature of this role it’s easy to understand why certain trainers may need a quick caffeine boost every now and then.

If your trainer falls into this category it may be worthwhile buying them a portable coffee cup in order to keep them energised on the go!

Portable mug personal trainer gift 2

The Cool Sloth’s Etsy shop offers a high level of personalisation with their portable coffee mugs, ensuring your trainer receives a specialised gift, all for a total of £25.25

With this feature, you can ensure the end-product perfectly matches up with your trainer's personality. This includes the ability to customise:

  • The bottles colour 
  • Capacity 
  • Personalised message 

The example given above is the stock image created by the store owner, which clearly displays a funny message dubbing the PT as “49% personal trainer, 51% badass”. 

Cup personal trainer gift

Alternatively, you could instead opt for the sleekly designed TOPL’s 12oz Reusable travel cup, a high quality that can be yours for £29.00.

This particular product has received rave reviews from their existing customers, achieving a perfect 5-star rating. This can be attributed to the product's key features such as the tall 12oz design (optimal for storing plenty of liquid), and elegantly colour schemes that are sure to catch the eye of any PT.

But don’t just take our word for it, head on over to their website and find out first hand, why this travel cup would be the perfect personal trainer gift.


Finally, you could instead choose the more ecologically friendly 6oz Reusable Cup from Huskee

Huskee is a B-Corp Certified, an award-winning design company that designs beautiful and sustainable products to enable the transition to a waste-free world. HuskeeCup is their reusable coffee cup that repurposes the wasted coffee husk. 

For £30.00 these revolutionary cups could be a great gift for a personal trainer who is more conscious of their ecological footprint.

#18 - Sports Towel 

sweatybetty towel for personal trainers

Price: £22

Getting gifts for fitness instructors can be a tricky task, so if you’re wanting to play it safe, you can always get them something that you know for certain they’re going to need and use. 

For example, a sports towel is a gym bag necessity, vital for absorbing sweat after an intense workout. 

These products are also designed to be small enough to easily drape around a shoulder, meaning users don’t have to stuff full-sized towels into their bag, or fumble with it across the gym floor. 

Towels about for persona; trainer gifts

The clothing brand Sweaty Betty has a range of sports towels, all of which are crafted from a lightweight microfiber designed to keep workouts clean and enjoyable. 

These towels cost £22.00 and can also be easily rolled up for transport, perfect for your next session. 

Sports towels can be highly versatile products for any workout session or class. 

In fact, many buyers choose to use these as yoga towels too, meaning your gift will be completely multifunctional.

#19 - Cookbook 

Pinch of Nom gift personal trainer gift

Price: £20

Almost all personal trainers are going to be conscious of what they eat and drink, which means the majority will try to cook their own meals in order to monitor the exact nutritional information.

With this in mind, we can confidently state that cookbooks are excellent gifts for fitness instructors, personal trainers and qualified nutritionists alike

There are a plethora of recipe books on the market, so much so that you purchase ones for specific dietary requirements such as: 

  • Low calorie 
  • Keto
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • High-protein 

2nd Pinch of Nom gift personal trainer gift

Moreover, a new recipe book will provide your personal trainer with a range of new meal ideas for them to test out and expand their knowledge of food and cooking. 

We’d personally recommend Pinch of Nom by Kay Featherstone and Kate Allison. 

The recipes in this book are perfect for personal trainers who are looking to learn more about nutrition. 

Each section is also broken down into different categories ranging from fakeways, to vegetarian and vegan options. 

Pinch of Nom truly encompasses a full range of meals to keep things exciting while healthy which is why we think it’s one of the best recipe books to give a personal trainer as a gift. 

#20 - Running Phone Holder

Personal trainer armband gift for fitness instructor 2

Price: £19.95

If you’re on the hunt for birthday or Christmas gifts for your personal trainer, we’d like to recommend a running phone holder. 

Almost all fitness enthusiasts enjoy reaping the benefits of running, but this process can pose a conundrum of where to store a phone. 

After all, having it on hand is vital for performing such tasks as:

  • Taking calls
  • Listening to music/podcasts
  • Tracking your running apps
  • Mapping out your route

Nike’s Lean Plus ArmBand costs a total of £19.95 and is a great example of a running phone holder that’s perfectly designed for storing your device whilst running. 

Personal trainer armband gift for fitness instructor

With a specialised stretch design, this product can secure perfectly over any arm, without any unwanted tightness. 

Another great feature of this design is the protective window, which will allow you to access your phone at all times. 

For example, if you find yourself running in the rain you won’t need to worry about your screen getting wet, as this proactive window will divert water away from your device. 

#21 -  Workout Gloves

Gloves for personal trainer presents 2

Price: £16.67

On the topic of practical gifts for your personal trainer, a quality pair of workout gloves can be of great value. 

For those of you who are unaware, these are designed to protect the hands when lifting heavy weights, reducing the chances of callus tears and blisters from forming.

If you decide to purchase this present for a personal trainer you should seek out gloves with adjustable wrist wrap support. 

This feature will help to function as extra ligaments and tendons while the wrist is bent backwards, this will essentially improve the performance of the weightlifter. 

Gloves for personal trainer presents

The wrist support helps to redistribute the weight pressure into the forearms instead of the fingers doing all the work. 

These Ventilated Workout Gloves from Mava Sports come in a total of £16.67, and are highly recommended with an Amazon rating of 4.5/5. 

The ventilation feature is important, as without it your hands will sweat and quickly become uncomfortable. 

This may sound minor, but when lifting heavy weights you need total focus, and shouldn’t be distracted by things such as sweaty palms. 

If you’re enjoying learning all about the 41 Best Personal Trainer gifts, we think you’d find these other OriGym articles to be beneficial:

#22 - Foam Roller

Foam Roller present for a personal trainer  2

Price: £25

Next up on our list of the best presents for personal trainers is a foam roller, an absolute must for anyone who works out regularly. 

These products are lightweight, cylindrical tubes made from compressed foam. Typically, they are designed with ridges that are to be rolled on various muscles of the body, in order to help enhance circulation and untie any knots. 

Foam rollers are available in a range of sizes, degrees of firmness, and colour, meaning that you should be able to pick one perfectly suited for your trainer. 

Whilst many brands will have their own speciality product designed, we’re going to recommend Gymshark’s foam roller

Foam Roller present for a personal trainer

For just £25.00 you can present this super lightweight durable gift to your personal trainer, who can in turn use it to perform warmdowns, or to relax tired and injured muscles following an intense bout of exercise. 

If you’d like to learn more about the various benefits of a foam roller, click here.

#23 - Protein Snack Box 

Snack box gifts for fitness instructors

Price: £15.21

When it comes to gifts for your fitness instructor many customers choose to purchase reusable equipment or other objects. 

However, a protein snack box containing a range of indulgent protein-infused snacks could be a more creative option. 

For example, My Protein offers protein snack boxes contain 10 delicious snacks for a total cost of £15.21. This includes:

  • Brownies 
  • Cookies 
  • Rocky Road Bars
  • Wafers 

What makes this product one of the best personal trainer gifts in the UK is the size of these snacks. They are small and portable, meaning that your PT can throw it in their gym bag to eat at their convenience. 

Please note, whilst this may be an ideal gift for personal trainers looking to bulk out, it may not be suitable for others. 

Be sure that you’re aware of your trainer’s personal body goals before purchasing this gift box. 

If your PT is on a cut, then it’s likely that they won’t be prioritising a protein-rich diet, and you might want to consider other gifts for your personal trainer. 

#24 - Protein Snack Subscription

Protein pack gift for personal trainers

Priced From: £15.99 to £23

With the previous present idea in mind, a protein subscription box will also be a valuable gift for a personal trainer who you have worked with for several months or years. 

These protein snack subscription services operate by sending subscribers a box of protein goodies each month. 

Each box will include different treats to keep the boxes exciting and fresh. 

That way, subscribers can benefit from trying a whole range of different protein snacks to find the ones that they like the most. 

So, which subscription service will act as the best gift for a personal trainer? We have compiled a small list of services that we believe will be to every client’s interest. 

Examples of Protein pack gift for personal trainers

  1. Ripped Kit: This service offers customisable protein snack boxes right to your personal trainer’s door. Subscriptions start from £23 per month for 10 snacks
  2. Whey Crate: If your personal trainer prefers sweet indulgent snacks this is the box for them. Subscriptions start from £15.99 per month for 10 snacks
  3. Snakfully: For £28.50 a month subscribers can have access to 15 high-protein snack bars, along with 16 protein shakes. You can customise this to your liking and select flavours that best suit your personal taste and preferences
  4. Protein Parcel: Finally, this example sends protein-rich best-selling snacks from various brands such as My Protein and Protein World. Their subscriptions start from £22.99 per month for 12 snacks


  5. MEANPROTEIN: In contrast to the others featured on our list. Meanprotein  features a wide variety of protein boxes ranging from £15.50-£43.50. This will allow you to select the perfect pack for your personal trainer, tailoring the featured snacks and accessories to the PT’s personal taste.
  6. AweBox - These boxes range from £26-34.00 and can be selected for monthly subscriptions, or one-off purchases. Working with industry leaders such as Granade and Buff Bake the quality of this product is guaranteed every time.
  7. Protein Crunch - If you're after a savoury post-workout treat why not opt for a bag of protein crunch. Ranging from £19.99-129.99 you can select the desired size of your bundle, featuring 3 flavours, chilli hotness, epic cheese and smoky BBQ

Personal trainer gift snack

If you have been working with a trainer for a long period of time and wish to continue doing so this recurring gift may be the way forward. 

That way, your trainer will know how appreciated they are every month when your gift is delivered. 

#25 - Cufflinks 

Cufflinks for personal trainers

Price: £15.99

Another great option for a gift for a personal trainer is a pair of cufflinks in the shape of dumbbells. 

Whilst this may not be to everyone’s personal fashion taste, we’re sure that your personal trainer will find the humour in them nevertheless.

Cufflinks are typically worn to formal events like weddings, christenings, for a fancy meal or even to a networking meeting. 

When it comes to the latter example, in order to grow their business personal trainers may need to leave their gym gear behind and don a suit.

Cufflinks for personal trainers 2

With this peculiar design by Cufflink People, your personal trainer is sure to stand out and make a memorable impression. 

Everyone is sure to remember them for having a unique item of clothing that coincides with their teaching.

For this reason, this may be the ideal gift for personal trainers who specialise in areas such as weight training. 

#26 - A Comfy Tracksuit 

Comfy tracksuit for personal trainer gfits

Price: £35

Whilst on the topic of clothing, next on our list of the best presents for personal trainers is a comfy tracksuit, which is the ideal attire for lounging on rest days.

Most tracksuits are now made with breathable fabrics, meaning that your trainer won’t have to worry about overheating, instead they can remain snug and cosy. 

These designs also come with adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit for the wearer. 

Naturally, comfort is important but another aspect to consider is the tracksuits design. This COLLUSION Unisex tacksuit is perfectly suited for any PT, and only costs a total £35.00.

Comfy gifts for fitness instructors

Now, before purchasing a tracksuit for your PT, you’re going to want to make sure that you know their size. 

This will firstly help to make sure that the tracksuit fits nicely while also helping to avoid any awkward conversations about it being too big or small. 

There are an array of tracksuits on the market, all varying in colour, fit, brand and style. We have merely included a black design because it’s the most neutral colour available. 

#27 - Sporty Jewellery 

Necklace for personal trainer presents

Price: £28.53

Giving jewellery as a gift is great for several reasons: 

  • It’s long lasting and won’t break easily 
  • It shows how appreciative you are for your trainers hard work
  • It’s versatile in terms of style and cost

In relation to the last point, you can be sure to personalise your purchase to suit your trainer’s personal style and preferences. 

For example, this beautiful sterling silver dumbbell necklace would be the ideal for the lifting lover PT in your life. 

Ideas for gifts for fitness instructors necklace

This particular design comes from the independent Etsy designer TNineandCompany costing just £28.53 in total. 

With this order you are also able to select a chain length that works best for your PT. 

For example, some may prefer shorter necklaces, which are less likely to jangle or hit their chests during workouts. 

This is why we must stress the importance of knowing your trainer’s style before gifting jewelry. 

#28 - Waterproof Cap & Hats 

waterproof cap for personal trainers 2

Price: £18

Next on our list of the perfect gifts for a personal trainer is a waterproof cap; an especially useful gift for those who enjoy partaking in outdoor sports such as trail running.

But, why are waterproof caps better than regular caps, and what makes them the ideal gift for a personal trainer? 

Waterproof caps provide long-lasting protection against the elements which is particularly useful for those living in temperamental British weather. 

This means that water won’t soak into the cap and make the wearer’s head cold and wet; instead, it’ll simply roll off the sides.

waterproof cap for personal trainers

A great example of this is the Sealskinz Waterproof All Weather Cap, pictured above. 

This provides 3 layers of waterproof protection, with the middle layer being coated with a laminated membrane, specifically designed to repel rain, hail and snow. 

This is an ideal gift for clients on a budget, as the cap is currently available on Amazon for just £18.00

Shopping through this particular site provides the added reassurance that you’re receiving a high-quality product, thanks to the 4.6 star user rating. 

Therefore, we can say that a waterproof cap may be one of the best personal trainer gifts in the UK, as we all know how unpredictable our weather can be. 


Alternatively, you can choose to pay £21.45 ($28.50) for the RANDY SUN Cycling Waterproof Beanie. This handknited product is not only incredibly comfortable but will protect you against even the toughest of weather conditions ensuring you remain entirely dry. 

For those interested, you'll be pleased to note that this product is made up of 3 key components:

  • Outer Layer: 80% acrylic, 20% nylon. Tough wear-resisting, not bibulous, good elasticity.
  • Middle Layer: 100% waterproof and breathable membrane. High performance, lightweight.
  • Inner Layer: 100% polyester. Anti-uv, anti-static, soft, warm &comfortable.

If you're looking to stay dry whilst exercising outdoors we can highly recommend this gift for personal trainers. Even better yet, they won't have to worry about messing up their hair with the anti-static fleece interior. 

For similar clothing options check out our list of the best waterproof trousers


Become a Personal Trainer with OriGym

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#29 - Yoga Mat and Carry Bag

Yoga mat and bag gift for fitness instructors 2

Price: £35

Many personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts enjoy incorporating yoga into their daily routines. Daily practice can help to:

  • Alleviate stress 
  • Promote mindfulness 
  • Improve muscle strength 
  • Increase muscular endurance 

With this in mind, another gift option for your PT is a yoga mat with a carry bag. 

Inexperienced yogis may be questioning why this bag is necessary, but any veteran will know firsthand how cumbersome carrying this mat can be.  

Yoga mat and bag gift for fitness instructors

Most yoga mats don’t come with straps to keep them wrapped up and the ones that do can often be so complicated to reattach, it’s easier to go without. 

Therefore, we can say buying your personal trainer a gift that comes with its own carry bag will be the way forward. 

Lululemon’s Stow and Flow Mat Strap is a perfect example of a yoga mat that can be rolled up and easily slotted into a strapped bag, making yoga sessions easier and more enjoyable for the user. 

But as well as a yoga mat, the bag is also equipped with zipper pockets to fit a phone, wallet and keys so that users don’t have to carry excess items to class. 

#30 - Compression Shorts 

Compression underwear gift for personal trainer

Price: £26.99

Another practical gift that personal trainers will find useful is compression shorts. 

These are tight garments that act as a stretchy type of underwear, specially designed to be worn underneath regular shorts. 

Due to their tight nature, compression shorts are designed to enhance blood flow and provide the wearer with more stability and support during exercise. 

During our market research, we have found that PhysioRoom’s compression shorts are one of the products on offer to date.

Gifts personal trainers will enjoy

These are designed with a seamless edge and anti-chafing material for ultimate comfort, all whilst boasting sweat-wicking properties.

PhysioRoom guarantees that athletes will benefit from a faster recovery after exercise, and the reviews for the product most certainly vouch for this with a perfect 5-star rating. 

If you feel that your personal trainer would benefit from this gift, then you can purchase a pair of your own for just £26.99

Again, just be sure when buying clothes that you know your trainer’s size. 


#31 - Compression Socks 

Compression socks for personal trainer gifts

Price: £15

With the previous point in mind, compression socks can prove to be an invaluable gift for any fitness enthusiast. 

Now that you’re well aware of the benefits of compression gear, you should know that compression socks will specifically support the wearer’s calves and feet. 

For this reason, it’s been inferred that these products are particularly useful for those who engage with regular cardio. 

Rockay’s unisex compression socks have a range of 16-23 mmHg (millimetre of mercury - a unit of pressure) graduated compression which can significantly reduce fatigue in the muscles after physical activity.

Compression socks for personal trainer gifts 2

They’re made from 100% recycled materials which is especially beneficial for sustainability-conscious individuals. 

They come in a range of sizes (to accommodate both men and women) and colours too, all whilst costing £15.00

So, that covers the best mid-range priced personal trainer gifts in the UK. We’ll now be moving on to discuss a range of premium products, all of which will cost upwards of £40.00. 

Premium Personal Trainer Gifts: £40.00+

#32 - Portable Speaker 

portable speaker gift 1

Priced From: £169.99 to £699.99

Starting off the list of premium personal trainer gifts is a portable speaker. This product is perfectly suited for trainers who have taken to working out from home as of late, or those who operate as a mobile PT.

When working out from home we can be easily distracted with our surroundings or other obligations. 

However, music can significantly improve our overall performance, ensuring that we remain focused and motivated throughout the workout. 

Likewise, when a PT operates on a mobile basis this present will benefit them as it will allow them to travel with their speaker to the client’s location, removing the need to carry around heavier equipment.

portable speaker gift 3

A great product example of a portable speaker is the PULSE 2i from Bluesound. This luxury gift for a personal trainer can be purchased for a total of £699.99, and will be the perfect accompaniment to any exercise class or one-to-one session.

With the PULSE 2i you can expect unmatched sound quality, specifically designed to offer flawless music playback with no chance of distortion.  

Just to make this product even more appealing it can also connect to other bluetooth speakers, allowing for seamless coherence throughout all your trainers devices. 

portable speaker gift 2

However, if this is out of your price range may we also recommend the MEGABOOM 3 by Ultimate Ears

This product promises a super powerful and immersive 360-degree sound, and is crafted from high-performance, water-proof fabric so users can listen to music whatever the weather. 

The MEGABOOM comes in a range of colours including blue, red, purple and black, helping to make the gift all the more exciting for PTs. 

If you’re interested in purchasing this premium product you’ll likely pay upward from £169.99 depending on what model you choose. 

Whilst on the topic of premium gifts for personal trainers, the R1 Deluxe Bluetooth Radio speaker costs £239.00 and is brought to you by Ruarkaudio.

This product is 14 years in the making and is designed as a modern replica of the brand's first R1 radio that was initially released in 2006. Not only can this device connect to your phone via Bluetooth, but it’s also multifunctional and can act as a traditional radio and alarm clock.

speaker personal trainer gift

But if online shopping isn’t really your thing, you could choose the DALI KATCH G2 which is available in a variety of high street stores. To find which retail sells these personal trainer gifts in your local area, simply click on the map at the bottom of the website's page.

This portable loudspeaker is available in 4 different colours and has been designed with optimal sound performance in mind. With an easy-to-use Bluetooth connectivity, your trainer can stream whatever music they enjoy, ready for their next intense workout class.


The Minirig 3 is also a viable option for trainers who are looking to incorporate a Bluetooth speaker into their daily practice. With up to 100 hours of battery life, the receiver of this gift will be able to take it on the go for prolonged periods without the fear of it dying.

Those who are interested in the product will be able to customise it to their personal trainer's liking, with an optional 7 colours available to choose from. So what are you waiting for, this gift is lives up to its mantra of being built to last, so we know that any fitness enthusiast will love it.  

#33 - Stainless Steel Portable Food and Drink Pots

reusable bottle personal trainer gift

Priced From: £46 to £60

As we have discussed at length in this article, personal trainers are likely to move around to multiple different locations throughout the day. 

Due to this busy schedule staying hydrated and well-fed should be a top priority for any PT, so why not purchase them a stylish yet functional gift in the form of stainless steel portable food and drink pots. 

The main idea behind the stainless steel design is to keep food and drink either cool or warm regardless of the weather. 

This helps those with crammed schedules who would otherwise have to worry about a change in their food’s temperature.

2nd reusable bottle personal trainer gift

Chillys’ Series 2 Solids bundle contains a 500ml bottle and 340ml pot (used for hot beverages or food) that promises to keep the contents warm for 12-hours or cool for 24. 

These bundles also come equipped with an all-natural beechwood brush to make cleaning easier, ideal for sustainability-conscious personal trainers. 

The price of these products varies depending on what design you choose, but these range anywhere between £46.00-60.00

This bundle is ideal for anyone who is on the move a lot and wants to find their food and drink piping hot or super cool for times that they can take a quick break. 

Urban to go cup

Alternatively, you could check out the Urban to Go Cup from Eva Solo. If you’re interested in this particular product, you can expect to pay just £30.00 and will have a selection of five different colours to choose from.

This cup from Eva Solo can act as the perfect present for a personal trainer who is constantly on the go. With the double-walled thermal casing, the PT will never again will they have to worry about their favourite hot beverage cooling down.

Furthermore, washing the Urban to Go Cup will also be a fairly easy task, as thankfully this gift is dishwasher safe and created with stainless steel. This means that you won’t have to worry about the bottle becoming stained or damaged by its contents.

#34 - Gym Bag 

Gym bag gift for a personal trainer

Price: £50

When you think about the best gifts for fitness instructors, more often than not, the first ideas that come to mind are all items that can be used in the gym. 

A gym bag is an all-around great gift due to being:

  • Practical for carrying gear and equipment 
  • Long lasting 
  • Stylish 
  • Versatile for use outside of the gym e.g. travelling 

Gym bag gift for a personal trainer 2

The best gym bags are also designed with several pockets and compartments, all of which will serve different purposes. 

For example, smaller pockets will be better suited for storing items like phones and keys, whereas the larger ones are ideal for bunker gear like towels and protein shakers.

The Nike Utility Power Duffel Bag is everything a personal trainer could need for transporting their aforementioned work equipment and personal gym gear. 

This is designed with several pockets, compartments, and adjustable straps to ensure it fits around anyone’s bodily frame. 

All of those who are interested in buying this premium personal trainer gift will have to pay a total of £50.00.

#35 - Adjustable Dumbbells 

Adjustable dumbbell present for fitness instructor

Price: £269

Next on our list of premium presents for personal trainers are adjustable dumbbells. This is a great gift, as it allows users to change the weight they’re lifting to suit their personal preference and skill level. 

To change, users will typically use a mechanism to attach or detach weight plates onto the bar. 

This could therefore be ideal for trainers who are looking to incorporate more strength training into their own regime, or that of their other existing clients.

Adjustable dumbbell present for fitness instructor 2

Powerhouse Fitness supplies adjustable dumbbells that have 18 variations, ranging in weight from a minimum of 2kg to a maximum of 36kg. 

For this incredibly versatile piece of equipment, you can expect to pay £269.00, making it one of the most luxury items to feature on our list. 

In terms of the safety and quality of the product, you can rest assured that this is completely safe to use. 

This is thanks to the ergonomically shaped handles, which allow lifters to get a firm grip of the dumbbell, a must for anyone looking to lift on the regular.

#36 - Wireless Headphones 

Wireless headphone present for personal trainer

Priced From: £125 to £150

Wireless headphones are an absolute must for exercisers who enjoy listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks when at the gym. 

But how are wireless headphones better than wired ones? 

Wired headphones can hinder a workout in several ways:

  • They can get caught in weight plates
  • Knock against your body during cardio
  • Pop-out when you get sweaty 
  • Tangle around your neck whilst stretching 

This is why getting a fitness lover a pair of wireless headphones can truly transform their workout experience. 

Beats by Dr. Dre’s are known for great quality construction and durability, which is why they’re the perfect next entrant in our list of premium personal trainer gifts. 

pink wireless headphone gifts for personal trainers

Beats Solo 3 for example, boast 40 hours of listening time with a full battery, but to further sweeten the deal this design is also equipped with fast fuel. 

This particular feature guarantees 3 hours of listening time after just 5 minutes of charge, ideal for the busy PT on the go. 

For these incredibly luxury premium headphones buyers can expect to pay anywhere between £125-150.00 depending on what model you opt for. 

One primary influence on price is colour, with the Beats Solo 3 being available in 3 options, black, red and pink.

#37 - Weighted Vest 

weighted vest gift for personal trainers

Price: £69

A weighted vest is a garment that is crafted with weights in between the fabric, which is then added to a resistance training programme to increase difficulty. 

Weighted vests also leave the hands free to use additional weights or other types of equipment.

Personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts alike, can benefit from incorporating weighted vests into their exercise regime as the additional challenge will push them further towards their desired fitness goals.


weighted vest gift for personal trainers 2

There are plenty of great weighted vests on the market, but we’d personally advise Vital Gym’s 12kg weighted vest to be the best. 

For £69.00 you will receive a comfortable piece of gear that isn’t going to interfere with the trainer’s overall performance.

Whether it be worn when on a run, hike, in the gym or walking the dog, weighted vests are a fantastic way of adding resistance to any workout. 

#38 - Low-Calorie Wine Subscription 

personal trainer gift ideas wine

Price: £60

Did you know that there are wine subscription services that deliver bottles of wine by the crate right to your door? 

Well, a low-calorie wine subscription is a fantastic gift for fitness instructors and personal trainers who enjoy a drink but are also wanting to be mindful of what they’re consuming. 

That way, they’re still able to enjoy a drink without the added stress that it might hinder their exercising efforts. 

Plus, having low-calorie wine delivered right to their door is ideal for the busiest of people, which personal trainers can very often be. 

wine subscription gift for personal trainers

The DrinkWell Wine Club is one of these subscription-based services which specialise in low-calorie wine. For a total of £60.00 every two months your personal trainer will receive: 

  • 6 or 12 bottles of wine which change with the seasons
  • Free delivery
  • Complimentary wine accessories 
  • 3 ‘Skinni Snack Packs’
  • Average of 80 calories per 125ml glass of DrinkWell wine vs. the average of 110 calories in 125ml standard wine

This is a fantastic gift for any fitness enthusiast wanting to indulge in a succulent wine without being as calorically dense as regular wine. 


Alternatively, for the wine-loving personal trainers out there, we’d also recommend using ThinK wine group’s subscription service.

Here, there are plenty of subscription choices to choose from, with prices ranging from £29.99 - £123.99 depending on what products you wish to purchase. The cheaper options will feature two bottles of organic rose and prosecco, whereas the more expensive choice features 6 bottles instead.

Not only does ThinK offer low-calorie alternatives, but each of their products is 100% vegan and organic. This makes their range entirely accessible for personal trainers who would otherwise miss out.

#39 - Massage Gun 

Massage gun gift for personal trainers #1

Priced From: £55 to £375

A quality massage gun will be on the majority of personal trainer’s wishlists.

For those who aren’t in the know, these devices will vibrate at a high frequency when placed onto a muscle. 

In turn, this will promote recovery, whilst also decrease the likelihood of tension and the onset of delayed onset muscle soreness. 

Massage guns are viewed to be superior gifts as their effectiveness can be felt in a mere 15-seconds. 

At OriGym we have compiled a small list of the massage guns which we would personally consider to be top of the line.

Theragun Quiet Massager

Massage gun gift for personal trainers #2

This product costs £375.00 and is packed with beneficial treatments that any trainer would enjoy.

With the elite motor you muscles can expect to feel 40lb of additional no-stall force, but what makes this product even more unique is that it operates 75% quieter than other products on the market. 


Massage gun gift for personal trainers #3

This ideal personal trainer gift comes in at £220.50 from the American fitness-based company Achedaway. With an expertly crafted design, this particular massage gun promises recognisable results with a force delivery of 80lbs.

With this purchase, your trainer will also be able to choose how their injured muscles are treated, with an additional 5 customisable heads and speed settings.

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

Sonic Massage gun

If you’re after a cheaper massage gun you could opt for the Sonic Percussion from LifePro, costing a total of £96.21 ($129.99). What’s great about this product is that you don’t have to compromise quality for price, as this particular gift is still incredibly effective for offering deep and powerful treatment.

This massage gun is available in 3 colours and claims to boost your athletic performance when incorporated into your warm-up and cool-down routines. Therefore, we can confidently say that this would be a highly effective gift for a personal trainer whose muscles may be in need of treatment after being worn down over time.

Recovapro Lite Mini Massage gun with Charging Mat

Massage gun gift for personal trainers #4

For £125.00 you can gift this incredibly versatile and lightweight massage gun to your personal trainer.

In terms of effectiveness, this particular massage gun boasts an impressive maximum 2800 percussions per minute. 

In addition to this, if your personal trainer is unhappy with the gift’s overall performance they have a guaranteed 2-year warranty to return.


Massage gun gift for personal trainers #5

This fantastic massage gun costs a total of £69.99 and promises to deliver improved overall wellness, increase blood flow and alleviate stress and anxiety.

With various treatment options available, your ATHLEFIX can reach speeds between 1100rpm-3500rpm. This will allow the receiver of the gift to target whatever alignment is nagging at them in an effective manner. 


Massage gun gift for personal trainers #6

As the cheapest massage gun to appear within this section, this product comes in at £55.00. This could be ideal if you’re on a tight budget but are still looking to make a thoughtful gesture.

The unique selling point of the PT Kit Massage Gun is that it comes with 6 interchangeable heads, and 20 unique settings. This will allow the trainer to select a treatment plan that is specifically beneficial for their needs following working out.

#40 - Running Jacket 

nike jacket present for personal trainer

Price: £49.95

Another staple present idea for a personal trainer is a high-quality running jacket. 

As you’re all well aware, the weather can be incredibly unpredictable at times, making a running jacket the perfect garment for exercising in any weather.

Several high-tech sports brands have crafted high-quality running gear that keeps runners both cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold without needing to invest in various types of running attire. 

For example, Nike’s Running Element track jacket is made from the company’s Dri-FIT technology, which is especially crafted to keep you warm whilst wicking away sweat from the skin. 

nike jacket present for personal trainer 2

Instead, this design draws it out to speed up the rate of evaporation, and keep you cool during intense exercise. 

The jacket’s stretchy fit also provides room for air to blow between the fabric and the wearer's skin, ensuring that you won’t overheat. 

So, why not treat your PT to a great quality running jacket that’s essentially a 2-in-1 for all types of weather? We’re sure they’ll get plenty of use out of it! 


Become a Personal Trainer with OriGym

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#41 - Fitness Tracker 

fit bit as a personal trainer gift

Price: £129.99

Fitness trackers are an incredible piece of technology that all personal trainers ought to have. 

On an average day these monitors can collect a plethora of information about you including:

  • Daily step count
  • Heart rate 
  • Walking/running distance
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Calorie expenditure 
  • Flights of stairs climbed 

High-tech fitness trackers also have goal-setting features to help the wearer make the most of their time exercising and get a deeper understanding of their body to facilitate their goals. 

For example, Fitbit’s Charge 4 device provides an in-depth overview of health metrics such as breathing rate, heart rate variability, and skin temperature. 

fit bit as a fitness instructor gift

The Fitbit also has stress management alerts with breathing sessions programmed into the device which prompts users to inhale and exhale to decrease heart rate. 

This really is an incredible piece of technology for any personal trainer or fitness enthusiast, which you can gift for the price of £129.99

Before You Go!

As evident from the 41 entries on our list, there is a wide spectrum of gifts on the market that are perfectly suited for personal trainers. From this, we hope you now have ideas of what presents you’re interested in purchasing. 

However, please remember, you don’t need to break the bank in order to do this, it truly is the thought that counts. 

As a reminder to all those with high ambitions, OriGym’s PT Diploma can take you from client to trainer in as little as 4 weeks. 

Whereas a specialist training course such as a Level 4 Lower Back Pain Management can help to set you apart from competitors within your local area. 

Rest assured you’ll be receiving the highest possible quality of education. In fact, all of our courses recognised by CIMSPA and regulated by Ofqual certifying them to be industry-leading qualifications.

Written by Emily Evans

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Emily studied English Language and Literature at the University of Sheffield, graduating in 2021 with a 2:1 BA honours degree. Alongside her degree, she also gained experience in student publication as Forge Press’ Lifestyle Editor and Deputy Editor for Post-Production. This is where her love for content writing stemmed from, which also led her to OriGym. Outside of her work, Emily will either be found on a long hike, at the gym or making a mess trying new healthy recipes in her kitchen!

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