15 Best Running Socks for Men and Women (2022 Buyer's Guide)

best running socks: weekend peninsula anti blister socks

Finding the best running socks is just as important as picking the right shoes for your run. If you don’t pick carefully, you could be in for a nasty shock…

Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work and made a list of the best products available!

F.Y.I., the list is also filled with anti-blister running socks (to save you from giving up running altogether).

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Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best running socks in the UK! 

How to Pick the Best Running Socks

When it comes to searching for your ideal pair, the first thing to remember is that plain old ankle socks won’t suffice. 

There are socks made entirely for running, and reaching for them over cheap cotton socks is just as significant as finding a good-quality pair of running shoes. 

#1 - Material

You should be sure that the socks you buy are made from durable yet breathable materials, such as:

  • Polyester
  • Polyamide
  • Merino wool
  • Acrylic 

Having a low cotton content is fine, but you should definitely keep it to a minimum. Cotton clings to sweat and moisture, whereas synthetic materials will shift it away from your skin. 

#2 - Size

best running socks: finding the best socks for running

Be sure to check out the sizing guide of whatever pair of socks you are purchasing. Ideally, they will be the same size as the running shoes that you use. If you select the wrong size, you’ll be susceptible to blisters and chafing (and no one wants that!). 

#3 - Style 

The third and final main thing to look out for when looking for the best socks for running is the style. 

One of the main style benefits of most good-quality socks is extra padding. 

As you’ll see from our careful selection of products, the most popular socks tend to be those that provide the feet and ankles with added comfort and protection. 

Compression running socks go the extra mile and support the calves, as well as boosting circulation in the legs.

Now that you’re clued up on what to look for regarding your specific needs and wants, let’s take a look at the best running socks in the UK for men and women! 

Best Women's Running Socks 

#1 - Nike Max Cushioned Socks

nike running socks

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Nike Max Cushioned socks is their slick design.

Not only do they look great but they’re extremely efficient if you’re looking to keep your skin dry and healthy during training. The Nike Dri-Fit fabric shifts the sweat from your skin onto the surface of the sock, where it then evaporates. 

Remember what we said about cotton socks? If that’s something that concerns you, these are the socks for you! They’re 72% polyester, so you shouldn’t suffer from excessive sweating here. 

If you suffer from plantar fascilitis or you’re just looking for some extra support for your feet, you’ll be glad to know that these socks come with arch compression. This can either reduce or prevent inflammation in the area, and certianly does no harm to have. 

Price: £12.95 

#2 - 1000 Mile Women’s Fusions Running Anklet Socks 

1000 more mile socks

Our favourite thing about this pair is that they come in more size options than some of their competitors do. If you want to be specific about the size of running socks that you’re ordering, which we do recommend, the 1000 Mile socks are certainly not a bad choice!

They’re made from 98% polyamide (as opposed to polyester), and 2% elastane. When weighing them up against other women’s running socks, you should think about what your priorities are. If you’re looking for socks that last longer, polyamide socks tend to be stronger than polyester in this sense! 

However, polyester is known for absorbing less moisture over polyamide, which makes it slightly better for reducing sweat buildups. It’s a matter of personal preference when it comes down to choosing materials. 

This pair, in particular, has been praised for sitting in place by Amazon customers. It’s no real surprise as they do come with padded ankle, toe, and heel areas, and being an ‘anklet-style’ sock does help them out. 

We’d definitely recommend checking them out, especially if the best pair of women’s running socks for you would last a century! 

Price: £11.99

#3 - Hilly Women’s Marathon Fresh Anklet Socks 

women's running socks image

If you’re looking out for a pair of aesthetically pleasing yet high-quality women's running socks, Hilly has constructed the answer to your prayers (just look at them…).

They come in two different sizes so they’re already pretty customizable compared to some of the other pairs out there, and they also come with ‘mid-level’ cushioning (so they won’t get too hot on your feet). 

Hilly has a great reputation amongst regular buyers of running socks, mostly due to their comfortable yet interesting designs and ability to keep blisters at bay. They’re popular as one of the best running socks for marathon training, and for use on the big day! 

One customer writes on Amazon (where they are also sold): ‘I have run many marathons and ultra-distance triathlons with many different brands and types of socks, however, these are out and out the best I have tried! Highly recommended.’ 

There’s not much to argue with here. 

Price: £7.47

#4 - Storm Bloc Ladies Breathable Padded Running Socks 

best womens running socks image

Whoever thought that running socks could be so aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time?

We’re going to get straight to it and proclaim them as one of the best socks for long-distance running on our list, as well as being great for running on rough terrain. 

They are made from 95% polyester and 5% elastane, so they’re undeniably great for reducing sweat buildups. Their arch cushioning brings all of those anti-blister running socks qualities to the table, and makes it a lot easier to avoid them on trail runs!

Price: £4.99

#5 - Ininji Running Socks

ininji running socks

Toe socks. You can either love or hate them… 

However, when we set a unique appearance aside, it's obvious that these Injinji socks are popular for a reason!

Many argue that the toe splay is beneficial for those who exercise often, as it reduces friction between the toes by removing excess sweat from the area. 

From what we can see from a mixture of customer reviews and product information, Ininji’s toe sock design has provided us with one of the best running socks for marathon training. 

One of the many Amazon consumers of this product writes: ‘I have used them for years for running 5K to marathon distance, as well as CrossFit and other exercises, and they have kept my feet fresh and blister-free.’

Why not take a look for yourself? Who knows, toe socks might be exactly what your collection is missing! 

Price: £13.99

#6 - Weekend Peninsula Anti-Blister Running Socks 

best running socks

They come with a size selection, thorough padding, and they’re proudly labelled as anti-blister socks. What more could you want?

It’s obvious at first glance that this product is made as nothing less than exceptional quality. The padding is impressive for an ankle sock design, and especially with the antibacterial and sweat absorbing fabric that is used on every inch of the product. 

The ventilation patch that covers the top area of the foot is great for preventing blisters too, and it’s not often we see this much padding in this area! 

Do your shoes rub the top of your feet? If so, the Weekend Peninsula anti-blister running socks will be your saving grace, especially when paired with high-quality running shoes. Their competitive price is certainly worth it for the quality that you receive, and we’d highly recommend giving them a look! 

Price: £8.95

Best Running Socks for Men

#7 - Hilly Men’s Adult Marathon Fresh Running Socks 

hilly compression socks image

We’re kicking things off with a well-known brand to fitness enthusiasts when it comes to the best running socks out there…

The Hilly marathon running socks for men are particularly breathtaking, and not just because of their neat design. 

There are four different sizes to choose from, which should be a top priority when searching for running socks. Not only does it offer protection and ward off blisters, but it also plays a part in moisture reduction. 

Socks that fit correctly will also last longer as they’ll be less likely to wear away from added friction, so they’re truly a good investment. 

Speaking of investment, despite being a popular name in the running socks world and an Amazon’s Choice product, this design has an incredibly competitive price. Go check them out to see what we mean!

There are 98 customer reviews on Amazon, where they are also sold, of which 81% are 5 star… we could stop here and let this do the talking for us, but one more thing before we move on. 

An Amazon customer states: ‘Took a gamble running a full marathon in these after just a couple of short runs while tapering. Not disappointed - comfortable all the way and have continued to perform very well.’

If that’s not proof that they’re also one of the best running socks for marathon races on our ultimate list, then we don’t know what is. 

Take a look at the rest of the reviews yourself! 

Price: £12.00

#8 - 1000 Mile Men’s Fusion Running Anklet 

1000 mile running socks image

How did this pair of men's running socks receive #1 Best Seller status on Amazon, you ask?

While we’re not psychic, we can take a good guess as to why they’ve become so popular on the platform, and why you should consider adding them to your wishlist! 

For starters, we’ve given them our blessing due to the fact that they’re available in 3 different sizes. We won’t bore you with re-explaining why this is important, but it’s definitely what you want to look for in your search for the best running socks. 

Material plays a big part, and thankfully this pair come manufactured with 100% polyamide, which makes them extremely durable as well as perfectly capable of shifting the moisture from your skin during exercise. 

100% of their reviews are 3 stars or above, with 78% of reviews weighing in at 5 stars. 

This speaks volumes in terms of how well the 1000 Mile men's running socks hold up when put to the test of consumers, and you should put your faith in reviews over product descriptions any day. 

Price: £11.99

#9 - Men's Nike 3 Pair Pack White 

nike 3 pack of running socks

Sometimes the best men's running socks in your eyes are the ones that are most practical. However, sometimes you want a good mix of being blister resistant as well as looking the part… 

Due to the hunt for the best running socks being pretty subjective (depending on your personal tastes and what you’re looking for) we tried not to overlook any possibility!

Nike is unmistakably one of the most popular fitness brands out there, so we included this product for those looking for something on the ‘fashion’ side. 

One strength that these Nike socks have is that they’re made from 18% polyester, rather than 100% cotton (as some of the more ‘fashionable’ choices are). While they’re clearly not the most effective product for reducing sweat build-ups, it’s fortunate that they display at least some of this quality. 

They have 96% positive reviews on Amazon, where they are also sold, which certainly weighs in their favour. They also come in a 3 pack which is great value for money. 

One thing we’d add though is that they are probably more effective as winter running socks. They’re better at keeping heat in than removing it, so we wouldn’t recommend running a summer marathon with them! 

Price: £10.95

#10 - Men's More Mile London Running Socks Set 

best running socks: mens more mile

The first thing that strikes us about this product is that it has managed to gain 434 customer reviews on Amazon (where they are also sold), which is rare among clothing products sold on the platform. They shouldn’t be going out of stock anytime soon! 

95% of their reviews are positive, which is a pretty good percentage for a product with so many sales. 

One customer writes: ‘Got a few half marathons under my belt and training now for my first marathon, and these socks are great. They are a snug fit, but the sizing seems to be spot on for me. They’re comfy, and they make an immediate difference both during and after a long run compared to the general cheap sports socks I was wearing before.’ 

So they’re comfy, great as a pair of anti-blister running socks, and feel expensive. Is there anything else you should know?

They also boast a 92% polyamide design, which makes them great for avoiding sweat buildups and keeping your feet nice and cool. They’re also nice to look at, and are often praised for their quality…. What more could you want?

Price: £14.99

#11 -  Hilly Men’s Twin Skin Socklet 

hilly men's running socks image

Another favourite running socks brand of ours, Hilly never disappoint when it comes to providing high-quality products that serve their purpose. 

They’re also popular with customers: ‘What a great addition to my running gear these are. No more blisters on the balls of my feet since I got these. Well worth the money. I’ll definitely be buying more.’ 

We’ve got one thing to say ourselves; size options. Yes, we keep mentioning this and you’re definitely tired of hearing about it, but we wouldn’t keep rambling on for no good reason. This product comes in 4 different sizes, meaning added protection from the friction that creates those nasty blisters (as long as you order the size that suits you best). 

They’re made from all the right materials, with a mix of polyamide, polyester, elastane, and only 40% cotton on the outer sock. This is a favourable mixture, as it will shift sweat to the surface of the sock rather than trapping it inside, and your feet will stay nice and dry (even in hot weather!). 

Price: £10.39

#12 - Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Merino Running Socks

running socks for men image

This product is a little on the pricey side compared to some of the others listed, but it is made from 53% merino wool (which does some explaining!). 

It’s also made my the Darn Tough socks brand, which is a popular Vermont family-run business. They create and test their products in Vermont before distribution, as they claim that quality is the most important aspect for them.

To quote the Darn Tough website, they say; ‘We ski, snowboard, hike, bike, and run in the most unforgiving climate in the lower 48. It is under these conditions that we design, test, and manufacture our socks.’

Quality is obviously a must for this brand, and they believe that they do it better than any other company. But what do the consumers have to say?

For even more reassurance, one Amazon customer writes ‘my sock of choice for running ultramarathons. 45 miles plus - with the conditions meaning wet feet for much of the way - and not a single blister. Ever.’

Price: £16.20

Running Compression Socks 

#13 - Rymora Compression Socks

running compression socks

We’re going to say it again; we’re over the moon that this product follows OriGym’s main rule when it comes to selecting the best pair of compression running socks. They come in 3 different sizes!

Similarly to our previously mentioned product, they’re also in high-demand and sold in huge volumes across the web, including Amazon. They have 1,200+ customer reviews on this platform in particular, with 96% of them weighing in at 4 stars or above. 

The first review that pops up reads: ‘Bought these socks for my marathon training and I can honestly say these are the best compression type socks around. They fit really well and have the right amount of compression in all the right places.’

In fact, we thought this one was super helpful so decided to include it below.

Aside from their popularity, the Rymora running compression socks boast all-round ventilation, additional padding, and are made from 65% polyamide, so you should certainly get your wear out of them. 

Price: £12.47

#14 - NV Compression 365 Compression Socks 

365 cushion socks

A few of the product features that catch our eye here are the ultra-padded foot area, the cushioned toe and heel supports, and of course the fact that there are 4 available sizes. 

The sizing is especially important for compression socks, as the wrong size can significantly reduce their effect (or cut off circulation if they’re too tight). 

Using compression socks running long distances can be extremely beneficial to your overall performance, and for those who suffer with bad circulation. This is why we’d recommend giving them a try if ankle running socks don’t quite cut it for you!

The NV compression socks are praised by customers for boosting circulation and warding off cramp, and one Amazon review reads:

 ‘I really like these socks, they have helped a great deal with my shin splints -- in fact I’ve just ordered another pair (so I can wash the first!). I’ve found the fit around the top of the calf excellent, not too tight, but tight enough to get good muscle support all the way up.’ 

Price: £12.99

#15 - Hilly Men’s Pulse Compression Socks 

best running compression socks

One of the most mentioned brands within our list of the best socks for running is Hilly, and it’s no mystery as to why. 

They’re packed with top-quality materials, a range of professional designs, are available in a good range of sizes, yet still sell at competitive prices. 

These running compression socks are made from 63% polyamide, which wipes out a good deal of competition (mostly low-quality sellers on Amazon that gain little traction). 

It also boasts 32% Tactel, which we haven’t yet mentioned in this article. Tactel is another durable material that is fast-drying and good for eliminating sweat buildups around the ankles, toes, heels, and calves. 

There are numerous ventilation areas on this product, so we certainly can’t fault it for being inconsiderate. 

Many customers state that compression socks are usually hard to get on due to no ankle or heel markings, so the fact that this product highlights these areas boldly makes it incredibly practical and shows that it was designed with the consumer in mind. 

Price: £22.00

Before you go!

Hopefully, you’ve torn through our list and found yourself the best running socks for the job. 

Interested in a career in fitness? You can always go ahead and download our free prospectus, or check out our Personal Training Diploma here to find out everything you need to know about becoming a PT! 

Written by Chloe Twist

Fitness Content Manager, OriGym

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