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11 Best Running Sunglasses (2019 Buyer's Guide)

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So you’re looking for the best running sunglasses out there in terms of quality, reputation, and appearance (of course). 

Luckily for you we’ve gathered an ultimate list of the best products available, so you don’t have to do any of the hard work.

So sit back, relax, and prepare to find the best sunglasses for running in 2019. 

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#1 - Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Sunglasses 

half jacket running sunglasses

It’s hard to miss how stunning this pair of Oakley running sunglasses are. 

Personally, we think the colour 'Black Iridium' looks just as good as it sounds!

They have an interchangeable lens design, so if you’re prone to damaging the lenses after a while or you want a weaker/stronger UV protection depending on weather conditions, there’s no need to replace the entire frame. 

Some lense options are HDPolarized, so you needn't worry about glare having a negative impact on your vision. Others also come with photochromic technology that is responsive to sunlight and darkens automatically. 

Oakley praise the rubber used to make their running sunglasses, which they call ‘unobtanium’. This is used on the Half Jacket’s nose pieces and behind-the-ear area, making them sweat-proof and keeping them stable as you run. No one running a marathon has time to be pushing their glasses up...

As well as this, runners can benefit from Oakley’s signature ‘3-Point Fit’, which basically means that the frames don’t give you a headache as some cheaper pairs do when worn for a long duration. They rest on the bridge of your nose and just behind your ears, and shouldn’t even touch the sides of your head. 

Price: £105.00

#2 - Julbo Aero Sunglasses 

julbo running sunglasses

Returning to popular running sunglasses brands, the Julbo Aero sunglasses are available on the Julbo website in 'Fluo Orange', and on Amazon in three different styles. One is a striking green/blue, another is white/grey, and you can even pick up a rather retro black/red (our personal favourite). 

While they look quite curved, they’re only a base 6 (for those who don’t want to go for the full wraparound look). 

They boast a 3D nose fit with wings that can be adjusted in every direction, so you can customise their fit much easier than with some of the cheaper models. This ensures that they stay in place during heavy running.  


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One Amazon customer stated that he thought he’d lost them during an ultra marathon, as they were so comfortable he couldn’t feel them on his face! He also added:

‘Regarding the anti-fogging design? I’ve run through a rainforest with them, and in the UK weather, and the system works perfectly. I would 100% buy another pair.’ 

We can’t argue with this, especially since it backs up everything the Julbo Aero sunglasses claim to be. It’s a 10/10 from us. 

Price: £154.29 (Free delivery to collection point) 

#3 - Bolle Bolt Sunglasses 

best running sunglasses bolle bolt image

Looking for a top-quality pair of half-rimmed running sunglasses? You won’t be disappointed with Bolle’s take on things…

Not only have they been manufacturing sunglasses since 1937, but they have also released safety goggles and glasses in the past (so you can imagine how much they try and test their products!).

This particular product is made with nose pieces, a brow pad and temple tips to ensure that it stays in place during intense exercise. This is one of the first things that you should look for in a pair of the best running sunglasses, so with this box ticked, you can’t go far wrong…

The next big factor is ensuring that you get the correct lenses for what you’re going to be using them for. If you’re running, chances are that polarized lenses are going to work best, along with an anti-fog treatment for different conditions. 

Price: £119.99

#4 - Sunwise Windrush Interchangeable 4 Lens Sunglasses 

sunwise windrush running sunglasses

Another pair of the best running sunglasses for those shopping on a budget, but not to worry - they certainly don’t skimp on quality!

With 95% 4 star and above reviews on Amazon (where they are also sold), there’s almost nothing negative for customers to say about this product. 

One customer states:

‘I am now onto my second pair of these Sunwise sunglasses, the previous pair having broken after three years of constant use. Superb for the price - very lightweight and very clear all-round vision.’ 

They come with four interchangeable lenses, so you can customise your vision before you set out on a run depending on conditions (the best running sunglasses in the UK need to come with options like this!). 

They come with 100% UV protection as well as water-repelling qualities, and they have rubber nose and behind-the-ear pads to improve fit and prevent chafing. There isn’t much more that you could as for, especially considering the price. 

Price: £31.99

#5 - TOREGE Polarized Running Sunglasses

running sunglasses image polarised

85% positive out of 70 customer reviews is somewhat of a rarity on the Amazon marketplace, especially when it comes to sports and exercise equipment. 

People tend to be really fussy when they’re swapping out their usual expensive purchases for cheaper alternatives. 

This is why we go with the products that have good reviews from customers that regularly purchase Oakley, Bloc, Under Armour, etc. as they know what they’re talking about when it comes to quality, and wouldn’t substitute their favourite products for any old rubbish.

Running sunglasses are something that can easily go missing or become damaged, so there’s no huge reason to pay through the nose unless you’re stuck on a certain brand. 

The TOREGE glasses have a great reputation on the platform, where they are also sold, and it’s no surprise as to why. Interchangeable lenses are certainly handy when we’re looking at running sunglasses UK (thanks to the everchanging weather). There is a black polarized pair as well as transparent, yellow, and blue lenses.

They are complete with soft rubber nose and behind-the-ear pads so comfort isn’t a concern. We’d definitely recommend giving them a look, especially considering their price! 

Price: £36.00

#6 - PUKCLAR Polarized Sports Sunglasses 

pucklar running sunglasses

PUKCLAR claim that the glasses’ lightweight design is perfect for physical activity, as those who wear them will forget that they’re wearing sunglasses at all. Amazon customers seem to back up this fact and say that despite their chunky design, they’re light as a feather!

Before checkout, you can select which style of lens you want (just in case the polarized style isn’t for you), and each of the lenses is 100% UV protected for your benefit. 

The glasses are designed as wraparound sunglasses, which is great for those who struggle with eye sensitivity when wearing alternative styles. When looking for the best running sunglasses, you should ideally go for a pair that will block UV from all directions. 

They have over 170 reviews, of which 93% are 4 star and above. Perhaps this explains why they are an Amazon’s choice product - we seldom see running sunglasses on Amazon that are this cheap with such staggering statistics. The bigger brands should watch out!

Price: £23.00

#7 - Icecube AVENTO Polarized Sports Sunglasses 

half-rimmed sunglasses for running

We can’t complain about these insanely popular running sunglasses, especially seeing as though they offer full UV400 protection and ‘pure unadulterated excitement and happiness when engaging in your favourite sport’ thanks to their wraparound design. 

They’re also half-rimmed, which is a nice style choice considering that the lenses are wraparound! This design reduces glare and protects the eyes further, which is important when running due to the ever-changing light conditions.

It would seem as though they also come with anti-fogging capabilities, as one customer says ‘in my time riding I have never gone slow enough for shades to remain fogged for more than split-second - these glasses are no different. Snug fit & comfortable.’ 

Why not take a look at them yourself? (especially if half-rim wraparound appeals to you, as full-rim can look a little clunky depending on the design!). 

Price: £128.61 ($149.99)

#8 - Rayzor Sports Running Sunglasses 

running sunglasses image

To sum up this great pair of cheap running sunglasses they’re shatterproof, lightweight, and come in a huge range of colours. The iridium mirrored effect of the lenses is stunning and also aids the polarization. 

One Amazon customer writes a glowing review:

‘I purchased these upon recommendation from a friend and I wasn’t disappointed. I use these glasses for running and cycling and they are great. 

The one thing I really struggle with is the wind in my eyes and I guess due to the shape of these I haven’t suffered from this problem since I started wearing them. They are definitely anti-glare which is fantastic. 2 years on, these glasses are still in fantastic condition. Not a scratch or mark on them.’ 

If this isn’t enough to convince you that they're worthy of a look, we don’t know what is! 

Price: £49.95

#9  - X-Loop SOLO Running Sunglasses 

x-loop yellow running sunglasses

Perhaps the best cheap running sunglasses on our list (really, we’re stunned at their reception considering their modest price of £10!), the X-Loop SOLO glasses are great for those just getting into running. 

They have 311 positive reviews out of just over 400, which is impressive for a product with so many. 

One reviewer states: ‘these are amazingly cheap but the quality is great! I’ve done 3 trail marathons in them and train in them all the time. They stay on perfectly whilst protecting my eyes, exactly as they should do. Great product and hard-wearing too.’ 

We can’t argue with this, especially seeing as this is a list of the best running sunglasses out there, and although they are cheap the X-Loop SOLOs do exactly what they should do! 

You’ll be glad to know that they come with 100% UV protection, anti-glare properties, and are pretty lightweight according to a host of Amazon customers. 

Are they too good to be true? Maybe, but it’s not looking so! If you’re looking for a steal for your first lot of marathon training, we’d strongly recommend taking a look at this product. 

Price: £7.95

#10 - Avoalre Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Flexible, shatterproof and pretty robust considering their price, Avoalre’s take on the best running sunglasses is no laughing matter. 

They have adjustable nose pads (which is always a plus), as well as a lightweight frame, polarized lenses and an anti-oil treatment that deflects water and dust as well as being easy to clear. 

As well as possessing great specs, the product is praised by one customer like so: ‘Great sports sunglasses. They have tight-fitting arms so they don’t fall off, and they have well-fitting eyepieces. I’ve worn them running regularly and they have stood up well.‘

There’s not much more to say other than you should definitely give this pair of running sunglasses a look!

Price: £22.99

#11 - ATTCL Men’s Sports Polarized Sunglasses 

polarised running sunglasses

Nearing the end to our list of the best sunglasses for running, our second to last product is certainly something. 

Not only do they look as though they’re worth triple their price, but they come with all the specs that you’d expect of a much higher-established brand.  

Although it’s quite an in-depth review, we’ve pulled these sections from what one customer had to say as we feel they captured the essence of what the product has to offer:

‘I am a perfectionist and therefore am not satisfied unless a purchase meets every criteria. In the past, I have bought different brands and styles of sunglasses and find sometimes only after a prolonged period a fault that is a deal-breaker. 

During this summer of constant sunshine, these have been an almost permanent feature in my life and have satisfied this perfectionist that I have finally found ‘the product’ and I need search no more. Price is good considering the quality and obvious research that has gone into the product. Recommended as a ‘must-have’.’ 

They could definitely compete for the title of the best cheap running sunglasses out there, especially considering how expensive they look. With this product, your running pals would scarcely notice that you weren’t wearing Oakley’s. 

We couldn’t recommend them enough, and strongly suggest that you take a look if you’re shopping on a budget.

Price: £22-26.87

Before you go!

We hope you’ve found everything that you were looking for in our ultimate list of the best running sunglasses! Who knows, maybe you’ll find more than one pair that ticks all of your boxes… and there’s nothing wrong with having a spare. 

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Written by Chloe Twist

Fitness Content Manager, OriGym

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