27 Best Sports Bras

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Working out should be a chance for you to feel great and spend time bettering yourself and should not be hindered by a badly fitted or unsupportive sports bra. That's why here at OriGym, we have the perfect guide to help you find the best sports bra for you specifically.

No matter your shape, size, or age, we will take you through the in’s and out’s of the sports bra industry and help you to find the best-buy. In this article we will cover:

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What Is A Sports Bra?

white sports bra

Sports bras are specifically designed crop-top-like bras that hold the breasts in place to prevent discomfort and minimise movement during exercise.

Breast movement during exercise can put pressure on the bust and cause pain for women, particularly those with larger breasts. It can be difficult for women to exercise with such movemen, but with the correct sports bra, the bust is in place, secure, and comfortable.

Before we get started on finding you the best sports bra, allow us to explain what the different types of sports bras are and who they suit best.

What Are The Different Types of Sports Bras?

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As demonstrated in this article, the sports bra industry is substantial, and with that it often means that finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. Not only do they come in varying materials, funky patterns, and colours, but there are also different designs that provide varying levels of support.

There are 2 main types of sports bras: a compression bra and an encapsulation bra. 

A compression bra is typically recommended for women with a breast size from A to C and designed to compress the breasts inwards towards the chest to limit movement and bounce. On the other hand, encapsulation bras are generally recommended for larger breasts. They tend to offer a sturdier cup that will hold each breast in place and stop any painful rebound movement.

There are now some sports bras that are even considered to be a hybrid style, which provide cups for each breast and incorporate a layer of compression material over the top so you get the best of both worlds. 

The options for sports bras really are vast, and with more research and technology being conducted, it means the market is only improving, and better quality products are becoming available. Sports bra designs are becoming more advanced and are combining and adapting design elements to create an increasingly personalised fit. 

Here is a brief overview of some core sports bra types:

Low Impact: Low impact sports bras are typically more ‘compression’ like design-wise. Low impact refers to a bra which offers more comfort than support, ideal for sports like Yoga or walking. 

Medium Impact: A step up from low impact, offering more support but still allowing some movement and comfort. Perfect for the gym, cycling or classes.

High Impact: High impact bras provide maximum support for sports of a high intensity from running, horse riding, tennis and more. Any exercise where you are jumping around, and your performance may be affected by breast movement, high impact will keep you intact and in the zone. 

Underwired: An underwired sports bra can offer extra support for larger breasts and can also provide a push-up effect. Many women like to have an underwire for extra support but it is important to ensure that the bra fits properly in order to provide safe support and prevent the wire from rubbing or digging in.

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Non-wired: Non-wired sports bras may also be a preferred option as they offer support yet maximum comfort at the same time.

Padded: Padded sports bras offer extra coverage and support. They also offer added shape so you can still feel confident and supported no matter the sport.

Non-padded: If you have already got enough padding or you have larger breasts, then a non-padded sports bra will be the perfect alternative for you. 

Maternity: Some of the best sports bras are designed especially for maternity and post-maternity. These bras allow you to adjust sizing so they can grow with you during pregnancy - they also offer drop down cups for breastfeeding.

Multi-strap: Switch up your straps with a multi-strap bra. From cross-over to straight and racer back, alter straps to suit you and the level of support required. 

As you can see, there are sports bras a plenty for shapes, sizes, and sports of all sorts. Although there are specific bra types like padded or underwired, many incorporate a mixture of properties so you can find the perfect support for you.

27 Best Sports Bras | UK

#1 2XU Perform Medium Impact Crop

Price: £25

Womens sports bra

The 2XU is the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe, it is a sea blue colour and acts as a medium support sports bra. Designed with removable cups and an adjustable hook and eye keyhole back, this bra is not only complimentary, but also versatile.

The power mesh detail and moisture-wicking material features in this medium impact sports bra prevents dampness, allowing a longer and fresher wear during all forms of physical exertion. 

This is among the best sports bras due to its underband and racer back design, allowing flexibility and full ranging movement. As well as this, its antibacterial and odour-free technology allows increased wear between washes; allowing you to do your bit for the environment. 

Designed to restrict unwanted movement and provide maximum comfort, this medium support sports bra is ideal for short distance running, spinning classes or your next gym session!

Sweat wicking material is essential for running in hot weather, find out all about running in hot weather: tips and precautions now!

#2 New Balance Pace Bra 3.0 

Price: £20

top sports bras

New Balance’s Pace Bra 3.0 in the colour ‘Citrus Punch’ is one for those who prioritise the attractiveness of their gym gear. 

This eye-catching medium impact orange sports bra will have you looking and feeling summer ready with New Balance’s DRY X Premium fast-drying moisture technology.

The stabilising front straps ensure minimised movement and the logo imprinted bottom band keeps everything in place.

Featuring a stylish mesh T-back design, which is ideal for avoiding a sweaty back, this compression design orange sports bra is great for inclusive sizes, ranging from XL-XS. This kind of design is perfect for cycling, boxing, hiking and other medium impact sports.

Not to forget, if you are looking for a racerback black sports bra, you can also find this bra in black, all the while pairing it with the best fleece lined leggings that you can find here.

#3 LNDR AERO.0 Sports Bra

Price: £48

best sports bras uk

The LDNR Aero.01 ladies sports bra is an extra coverage, medium impact sports bra top designed as part of LDNR’S best selling CORE seamless range.

Knitted on a circular loom and with a double layer compression design, this chic sports bra top provides a super-sculpting, seamless look holding you in-place and shaping the bust.

The Aero.01 is available in two colours: grey marl and dark green marl. It has sizes ranging from XS-XL, boasting exclusivity. 

Thanks to all of these features, this product has raving sports bra reviews. It is evident that this product isn’t only ‘super comfortable’, but also ‘fits like a glove’.

Ultimately, the reviews portray this as the best sports bra for gym classes, cycling and Pilates.

#4 Pure Lime Compression Bra with Heart Rate Monitor

Price: 33.00

Pink sports bra

Pure Lime’s Heart Rate Monitor Compression Bra has got everything you need to progress in your fitness performance whilst feeling supported and confident. 

As a unique product on the market, the Compression Bra features a heart rate sensor strip on the inside of the under band which allows you to link the bra up to a heart rate monitor and capture fitness data.

Pure Lime’s black heart rate monitor compression bra is also high impact and offers optimal support, allowing users to adjust strap length to provide a lift that prevents chafing. This sleek black sports bra design is crafted with a strong, yet breathable material and offers a wide range of sizes from 32A-42F.

This is suitable for all types of high impact sport, from running, horse riding and football. The heart rate monitor strip links up to a variety of fitness products from brands such as Garmin, Polar, Wahoo, Timex, Sigma, Adidas, TomTom, Runtastic, Decathlon/Kalenji and Cardiosport.

If you’re skeptical about the accuracy however, find out more by reading this article - how accurate are wearable heart monitors.

 #5 Nimble No Bounce Bra Compress Luxe

Price: £65 

Adjustable sports bra

Nimble’s High Impact, No Bounce black sports bra is the ideal crop sports bra for all high intensity sports. Available in a sleek black or copper rust design, this high quality piece is a wardrobe worthy compression bra.

Nothing feels worse than a sweaty struggle trying to take your sports bra off after exercise, but fear not, this bra can be unhooked with ease. 

The no bounce black bra is meticulously designed with a function to contain, secure and protect. This is achieved by design elements such as: Stabiliser to reduce bounce, mesh sports bra back panel for ventilation, removable padding, elasticated underbust, and an adjustable sports bra back clasp.

Women with larger breasts often find it difficult to find a sports bra that supports them in high intensity sports, however this offering from Nimbles aims to combat this issue by catering for sizes from XS-L in the no bounce bra; stating that the design is most suitable for cup sizes C-D. 

#6 Bravissimo Inspire Sports Bra 

Price: £40

Cotton sports bra

Bravissimo’s Inspire Sports Bra provides the ultimate support for larger busts that require that extra bit of care. Bravissimo’s Inspire design provides a bra that will fit like a glove whilst maintaining your natural curvature.

The key to this bra’s comfort is padding without the ‘padding’. Many women with larger breasts don’t want extra fabric or size, but are still looking for a complimentary and feel good bra that compliments their shape - and that’s exactly what this bra aims to do.

Bravissimo’s sports bra achieves this by using a double layer of fabric with seams on the inside to prevent uncomfortable rubbing and to provide clever coverage. Whatsmore, the straps and hook at the back also have padding to prevent digging and catching of the skin.

This sports bra is available in an array of colours and patterns allowing for you to inject your personality into your gym gear. Bravissimo's Inspire comes in a range of sizes from 30E- 40L, making it one of the best sports bras for women with larger busts, and is suitable for sports of both lower and higher impacts.

You can pair this bra with your pick from the best running jackets of 2021.

#7 Runderwear Easy-On Sports Bra 

Price: £55

sports bra image

This Runderwear Easy-On sports bra is what every woman needs to jazz up her fitness wear collection, especially since this company is the Official Bra Partner of England Athletics. 

Offering exceptional support through the wide under-band, this product is ideal for runners who want to ensure they’ll benefit from ultimate comfort and protection. It’s the perfect sports bra for high-impact exercise due to the moulded cups that control every movement, despite being wire-free. 

Not just that, but it is incredibly moisture-wicking and breathable thanks to the 68% polyamide fabric composition, so it will never leave you feeling stuffy like poor quality sports bras do.

Perhaps one of the most unique selling points of this product is its tailored fit. The padded shoulder straps can be adjusted to offer a custom fit, and are super-soft for maximum comfort. Getting the right fit is incredibly important, as it can prevent shoulder or neck pain post-workout. 

The Runderwear Easy-On sports bra also comes with a ‘perfect fit promise’, which means that you can exchange it until you find the right fit for you.

#8 Bo+Tee Empower Seamless V Neck Sports Bra

Price: £25

Buy sports bra

Think pink! This on trend, bright pink sports bra is the perfect summer workout essential. Bo+Tee are relatively new to the gym scene, however their popularity is one that is ever-growing and their flattering designs are often found being worn by various celebrities and notable influencers.

This feminine staple piece promises to make wearers feel comfortable, confident and supported. It is designed with a streamlined fit in mind, with ribbed aesthetic detailing and a contoured underbust.

It doesn't end there either, as with removable padded cups, adjustable straps and a seamless fit, this pink sports bra is not only an eye catcher but is also practical and supportive. 

This sports bra is ideal for gym days, yoga classes, walks and rest day fashion; if you love wearing gym clothes even on your rest days, head over to our article on fitness fashion: top trends.

#9 Nike Dri-FIT Rival

Price: £47.95

Best sports bra uk

While the perfect sports bra is generally subjective to the individual, one thing everyone can agree makes the perfect product is a seamless, personalised fit, and that is exactly what you get with the Nike Dri-FIT Rival Sports Bra.

Not only does this white sports bra provide maximum support, moulded padded cups and a breathable mesh racerback design, it is also a great example of an adjustable white sports bra that is designed to easily adapt and fit you like a glove. 

With adjustable straps and a 2-row hook and eye, this sports bra provides all of the personalisation and adjustability of a normal bra with a comfortable and sporty twist. As well as this, Nike’s famous Dri-FIT material is worth your investment with fast drying technologies and utmost breathability. 

This top of the range sports bra is suitable for anything high impact from running, tennis, and skipping to lower impact outlets. This product really is a universal bra that provides a combination of maximum support and day to day comfort.

#10 M&S Cotton Non-Wired Post Surgery Cami Bra A-H

Price: £16.00

Sports bra online

Unlike any other product on this shortlist, our next entry is in fact a post-surgery white sports bra that makes for a highly effective addition to your wardrobe. 

If you are looking for an all cotton sports bra and want to avoid nylon and polyester, the reliable Marks and Spencer’s white cotton sports bras are a great option for you. This complimentary cotton non-wired sports bra is designed specifically for those looking for some TLC, particularly for those who are post-surgery. 

This cami shaped white sports bra provides support and shape without wiring and instead padded full-cups and an easy hook-and-eye fastening. Low-impact designed, this sports bra is the perfect every day fit and allows comfortable flexibility whilst providing a healthy hold for those needing delicate support. 

Furthermore, this cotton white sports bra is part of M&S’s ‘Better Cotton Initiative’ partnership. They have developed a 100% sustainable cotton usage system in order to improve the cotton production industry and to reduce environmental impact.

So not only does this sports bra provide support against delicate scar tissue, but it also gives something back to the environment and in many ways is a mindful purchase. So for those looking for a sports bra that is suitable for, low-impact sport, post-surgery recovery and day to day wear, this is the one for you.

For other products that may be of interest to you if you’re a fitness enthusiast, read our articles below;

#11 Lulu Lemon Energy Bra Long Line Medium Support, B-D CuP

Price: 48.00

 Red sports bra

Lululemon’s Energy Long Line red sports bra is a classic medium impact sports bra that is guaranteed to have you beaming with confidence. Lululemon is a technical athletic apparel brand that wants to push past ‘sweaty boundaries’ to strive for better.

This red sports bra was voted most likely to be worn multiple times a week, with customers scoring its design highly on comfort and versatility. Offering sizes from B-D, this long line design can act as a crop top sports bra or a bra for under workout clothing. 

Some of its features include: removable cups, low friction support, sweat-wicking, four-way stretch ability and shape retention. Breathable and cool to the touch, this red sports bra is a customer favourite. 

This sports bra is perfect for medium-impact activities such as skiing, zumba or cycling.

#12 Womens Best Power Seamless Sports Bra

Price: £29.00

Women’s sports bra

Empowering women since 2015, Women’s Best is a growing worldwide sports wear and nutrition brand that offers high quality and premium products fuelling female fitness. The Power Seamless nude sports bra is just one of their many sports bra ranges that aims to keep you motivated and confident during training. 

With a simple nude shade and cross back design, this sports bra is all about the detail. Its seamless contours and shaping provides stability, high comfort and encourages self-appreciation. 

Made from 90% nylon, the power sports bra features include: removable padding, breathability, shape-enhancing detailing and a slip-on fit. So if you are looking for a natural fitting nude sports bra, join Women’s Best 1 million customers who are loving their empowering products right now.

This bra is ideal for low-to-medium support sports, from pilates with your pals to hiking in the highlands while looking stylish always. If pilates is your thing, find out now at our article on how to be a pilates instructor.

#13 Boobydoo Freya Active Epic Underwired Moulded Crop Top Sports Bra

Price: £42

Orange sports bra

Feeling blue? Freya Active Epic has got you covered with the ultimate sports bra support system offering high-impact greatness. Tried and tested, this deep blue sports bra has been proven to reduce strain to 1% and reduces pain by 97%.

With the colouring named ocean fever, this sports bra is colourful and stylish, yet practical. Offering support, comfort, adjustable sports bra straps, and hook-and-eye fastening, this bra provides modest, light padding ridding you of any bulk. 

In addition to that, this sports bra has a lot to offer with additional features such as: full coverage for the centre front, perforated foam cups for breathable shaping, COOLMAX® fabric within the inside of the bra and microfibre that wicks away moisture. Other noteable features include mesh sports bra panels for cool, breezy comfort and seaming with soft thread designed to reduce friction.

Made for those with a larger bust, the current sizes available range from a 30D-38GG and are suitable for; running, rackets sports, horse riding, gymming and ball sports. Particularly, anything high impact.

#14 Fabletics Kamila Seamless Bra

Price: £13.18 (VIP Discount)

Nude sports bra

If you are looking for a sports bra online on a budget, then choosing the Kamila over at is a great choice and Fabletics is the perfect site to get signed up to for all of your cheap sports bra needs.

This low to medium impact sports bra is designed with Fabletics’ second-skin fabric that aims to control and comfort, as well as featuring a wide bottom band for a well-supported finish. The Kamila seamless bra is a suited and booted bargain with allway stretch qualities, a built in bra, and moisture wicking technologies.

Founded in 2013, Fabletics aims to bring affordable yet high quality and stylish sportswear by providing an innovative VIP membership programme. With this programme, shoppers get access to monthly deals and huge discounted products, plus exclusive range releases. 

This high-quality snake skin print bra follows current trends at an affordable price. A cheap sports bra with an expensive look for only £13.18 with VIP membership prices.

So if you’re somebody who takes part in low to medium impact activities, perhaps yoga or spin, this bra is for you. If spin is your class of choice, you may just want to find out how to become a spin instructor here.

#15 George Navy Striped Mesh Sports Bra Crop Top


Do you wear a bra with a sports bra

You don’t need to venture far or spend a great sum of money to find a great sports bra, in fact many UK supermarkets have some great activewear ranges.

This ASDA George navy blue mesh sports bra is a great example, showing you how to get fashionable sportswear essentials at an affordable price.

This trendy mesh blue sports bra features a flattering scoop neck with a cooling sleeveless style. It boasts the popular racer back, an elasticated underband and not to mention, a stylish striped mesh overlay. 

This is arguably the best sports bra for those on a budget and is available in a wide range of sizes from Small-XXXLarge - making it one of the most inclusive size ranges on our list. This bra is perfect for low impact sports, such as walking. If this is your exercise of choice, find the best trekking poles here.

#16 USA PRO Seamless Wide Strapped Sports Bra

Price: £11.00

Do you wear a bra under a sports bra

If you want a change from your average white sports bra, head for an animal print bra! They are majorly on-trend right now but they can be hard to get hold of and are often overpriced. Fear not, sportswear bargain site Sports Direct always has great offers on for the big brands.

This USA PRO charcoal snake patterned crop sports bra offers a dose of fashion combined with optimal sportswear support. The USA PRO cropped sports bra is described as being designed with performance in mind so you can ‘move with confidence’. For the ultimate workout attire, pair this with the best yoga leggings that you can find here.

Crafted with a gentle, soft material aiming to prevent irritation to the skin, USA PRO provides a material that is breathable, pro-dry and sweat wicking. Of course you never want uncomfortable dampness getting in the way of a workout. 

Suitable for medium to high impact, you can look great in your compression snakeskin crop sports bra while power walking in the park or boogying in a zumba class.

#17 Nike Swoosh Icon Clash Women's Medium-Support 1-Piece Sports Bra

Price: £28

sports bra top

Another entry from the leading sports brand, if you’re looking for the perfect summer sports attire, this Nike Swoosh yellow sports bra takes our vote. 

Designed to provide a medium support fit, this one piece compression sports bra guarantees a snug fit whilst keeping sweat at bay with Nike’s famous Dri-Fit technology. 

If you’re wondering how this works, the Dri-Fit material pulls sweat away from the skin to keep you refreshed from the start of your workout to the end. It's vital to stay comfortable to stay motivated, you can find tips for running motivation here.

The Nike Swoosh bra has a single removable pad so that there are no fussy moving pads getting in a twist. If a yellow sports bra is too daring for you, then this design is also available in a classic black with sizes ranging from XS-L.

This bra is the perfect fit for medium impact sports and a summertime gym session or perhaps a game of volleyball.

#18 Under Armour Seamless Low Long Sports Bra

Price: £30

sports bra reviews

Under Armour’s Long Low Impact Pink Sports Bra is an online exclusive and provides a stylish and comfortable fit.

With a long cut, seamless style and adjustable straps, this bra hugs you in the right places. This product has a compression based design, and is a low impact sports bra that is ultra-tight with a second skin fit - offering optimum flexibility with a 4-way stretch construction. 

Though it is designed more towards low impact sports, this ‘nothing there’ sports bra is designed to provide strategic support, with Under Armour’s soft knit material engineered with ventilation and quick dry qualities.

As well as being super comfortable, this sports bra also looks good with skinny straps. It boasts a pretty cross back design and soft, removable cups that accentuate shape and deliver complete coverage.

This top product is the choice for low-impact activities from yoga and Pilates to Tai Chi. 

#19 Energy Strive Non Wired/Padded Lined Full Cup Lace Black Sports Bra 

Price: £24.00

mesh sports bra

Having a bigger bust doesn’t mean that you have to wear a frumpy sports bra that ‘does the job’. Instead, feel self-satisfaction and support with the Pour Moi Energy Strive Lace Black sports bra.

Though this sports bra is non-wired and non-padded, it doesn’t mean it is any less supportive. In fact, this feminine piece provides maximum high impact support whilst maintaining shape, perfect for bustier avid runners. If you’re someone who enjoys running, find our article on the benefits & risks of running everyday.

The airtex fabric and soft microfibre on the cups promise to keep you cool, no matter how intense your workout is.

With full lining, this lace sports bra provides a classic effeminate look. It is versatile with its adjustable straps and J-hook fastening, so you can simply clasp the straps together to create a racerback. With sizes ranging from 34D-38J, Pour Moi has got your back if you are looking for a lace sports bra for a bigger bust.

This is the perfect choice for high impact sports such as; running, cycling, gym going, weight training, Hiit and Racket Sports.

#20 Nike High-Support Non-Padded Sports Bra

Price: £69.95

Crop sports bra

Did you know that you don’t need tons of padding for a sports bra to be high impact? Nike's FE/NOM flyknit non padded sports bra shows how compression technologies and carefully crafted material can provide all the support you need.

Nike is the founder of the ‘Flyknit’ material that is designed to maximise breathability, whilst remaining flexible and supportive, hugging you through all physical exertion. 

With a seamless and soft fabric design, this non padded sports bra is all about creating a feeling of freedom so you can focus on power and performance rather than pulling and pain. Sizes range from XS-XL and many customers love it, rating the design highly.

One customer boasted how it is: “By far the best sports bra I’ve worn for running in ages! It’s pretty expensive but totally worth it”.

So if you’re seeking a sports bra suitable for high impact sports, this is for you as it is ideal for long distance running, HIIT training and ball or racket sports. You can even wear this bra in almost any weather condition, like the rain, find our article on running in the rain here.

#21 DODOING High Impact Support Sports Bra

Price: £9.99

crop sports bra

This next entry is for those looking for a cheap sports bra that doesn’t compromise the quality being offered.

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing a cropped sports bra in their local gym or when on a run, however, in the summer months wearing as little as possible is typically the recommended route to prevent overheating when wanting to focus on an efficient workout.

It is for that reason why this sports bra crop top could be a great way to get the support you need whilst feeling comfortable in yourself. The entry comes from the brand DODOING, who have a great variety of crop top sports bras that are affordable and offer a decent low to medium impact support. 

This dusky blue cross back crop top sports bra is a great addition to your sporting wardrobe, made from a soft yet sweat wicking material with full coverage, it promises to keep you comfortable and dry throughout your workout. 

Featuring padded cups, this bra offers everything you need to support your bust in a discreet way. Like many of the options on this list, the DODOING High Impact sports bra is available in numerous colours and sizes ranging from  XS-XL which you can pair with the best running gear that you can find here.

This is the one to buy for those who want an exercise wardrobe addition and a day-to-day product for an active lifestyle. Particular sports that are perfect for this sports bra are: yoga, gym sessions and classes.

#22  Leonisa Reversible Seamless Sports Bra

Price: £19.00

Low impact sports bra

Leonisa’s Seamless Reversible Sports Bra is the perfect find, offering two styles in one. You can swap and change between a black and marl grey coloured sports bra, so you will always have a trusty back up option available.

Ranging in sizes M-XL, this highly-inclusive reversible sports bra is designed to be a wardrobe favourite with a second-skin feel. With a ‘no-show look’ under clothes, you won’t feel a thing.

Designed with a breathable material increasing airflow, you can get more wear between washes without anyone knowing that it’s the same sports bra! We know life can get busy so squeeze an extra day out of the bra with this technology.

Reviewers are extremely pleased with the product, wth one customer writing: “Beautiful, very comfortable. I love the fabric and how it fits my body without digging in.”

This sports bra is for those who want comfort on their jog, ride or gym session and that you can pair with some of the best womens running hoodies and jumpers that we ranked here.

#23 Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra Padded

Price: £49

Yellow sports bra

The brand Shock Absorber sets out to be the UK's number one sports bra brand, developed by experts in breast protection, they claim to be driven by innovation to create extreme and high performance sports bras.

Nominated for the 2020 Health & Wellbeing Awards, this shock absorber sports bra has been proven to reduce 78% of breast bounce movement. 

The Infinity 8 support system works to counteract the breast’s ‘figure-of-eight’ movement associated with running in order to minimise damaging movement. 

Whatsmore, this sports bra offers wide, padded and adjustable sports bra straps for comfort to ensure you endure no digging in or accidental slips.

Comfort is key when exercising and this bra provides a seamless inside to prevent rubbing and chaffing with a ‘soft, non-rub hook and eye’.

It even includes high visibility strips for safety when running in the dark, click here to find further safety measures such as the best reflective running gear. This bra is suitable for running and all high impact sports, sizes ranging from 30A-38F.

#24  HIIT Branded Bra 

Price: £15.00

Continuing with the popular sports bra trend of a cross-back design, this entry from HIIT is notable for its combination of style and comfort.

This HIIT sports bra which is available on ASOS is a simple yet complementary low to medium impact bra that gives you a ‘stylish without breaking a sweat’ commitment. This affordable black and white sports bra has a monochrome imitation of streetwear for an inspired range.

With this sports bra, you can be sure that you will feel protected, stylish and comfortable with coverage, a scoop neck and a contrast strappy back. A black and white sports bra is a staple in your fitness wardrobe, so avoid the risk of sweat marks and any contrasting colours with this reliable bra.

This bra supports anybody who needs a low to medium impact sports bra that can support activities like dance, gym classes and hiking.

#25 Nike Women's High-Support Padded Zip-Front Sports Bra

Price: £47.95

Comfortable sports bra

This slick Nike Dri-FIT women’s sports bra is ideal for those looking for a practical product that assists in high impact sport, featuring a handy zip front design making it easy to pop on and take off. 

With sewn in cups, this simple design focuses on comfort, support and practicality whilst maintaining feminine shaping.

Nike’s Dri-FIT material ensures sweat wicking power and the mesh racerback straps and keyhole shape allows a cooling air flow. This would be perfect for running on the beach, if this is your perfect hobby head to our article to find the 9 essential tips for running on the beach.

This zip front sports bra offers sizes ranging from XS-XL, and features a classic Nike logo on the lower back.

With a sports bra like this, you can feel secure and comfortable and take part in high impact sports with confidence. You can head to the gym or spin class and stay as comfortable as possible throughout. 

#26 TALA Zahara Bra

Price: £32

medium impact sports bra

Our next entry is one that comes from one of the UK’s newest sportswear brands that has taken the industry by storm.

This sea coloured high-neck sports bra is a great alternative design for those who like a sports bra with a hint of style or prefer to cover the top area of the chest. TALA is a fast growing brand that is all about flattering fits that are high performance.

The Zahara high neck sports bra combines ‘style with functionality’. With a high compression padded design, you are supported with the rib detail that contours your assets for medium impact activities. 

As well as this, this product earns its title as the best sports bra due to the composition of 92% up-cycled Polyamide, helping the environment with fashion upcycling. But that's not all as it also has four-way stretch abilities and is anti-bacterial. 

This is one of the best medium impact sports bras in the UK and it is suitable for activities such as weight training, if this is your workout of choice, find the benefits of strength training here!

#27 MyProtein Women's Power Longline Sports Bra

Price: £26.00

How should a sports bra fit

Concluding our shortlist of the best sports bras in the UK, MyProtein’s Power longline sports bra is a great medium impact compression bra that offers a more modest design for flattering coverage.

As well as featuring a cross-back detail for style appeal, this long line sports bra is designed with power in mind with sweat wicking, hydrophilic material to stop sneaky sweat droplets seeping out. 

Another benefit of MyProtein’s carefully engineered design is the cotton-touch, super soft material with a moulded neoprene front that enhances comfort and support without affecting overall performance movement capacity.

Boasting inclusivity, this is arguably the best sports bra due to the availability in sizes XXS-XXL, this is perfect for ladies with a larger bust who may otherwise find it difficult to find a sports bra elsewhere. There is also a range of eye-catching colours, from ‘danger red’ to ‘berry pink’- so you can find a sports bra that matches your personality.

This bra is the perfect choice for medium impact sports such as dance, skiing and cycling.


Why Should I Wear a Sports Bra? 

Non padded sports bra

Sports bras should be worn in order to support the bust during exercise. Comfort is key and it's vital to prevent unwanted aches or pains that could come from an unsecure bra. In simple terms they’re a sturdier option than the everyday bra and are worn for comfortability and safety. 

There have been numerous research studies and experiments into the effect that physical exercise can have on breasts if they are not supported properly. 

Physical exercise is where most pain and injuries occur. For example, a study on sports bra support for breast movement during physical exercise found that sports designed bras undoubtedly provide more support for breasts than regular bras. 

So, no matter your cup size, form of exercise or breast shape, sports bras prove highly effective in preventing unnecessary pain, awkward moments and offer a trusty wardrobe item to bring back confidence and reassurance.

How Should a Sports Bra Fit / Is This The Sports Bra for Me?

Sports bra measurements

A bra with the perfect fit will ensure maximum safety and will prevent long-term muscle tissue damage. A guide by the NHS Chartered Society of Physiotherapy provides all of the points that we should be checking when going to buy a sports bra.

These points are:

Band size

  • This is where the bottom part of the bra is, the band that fits around your chest - front to back underneath your breasts.
  • Measure under your breasts all the way around from front to back, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Round the measurement up or down to the nearest inch.

Cup size

  • Measure horizontally around the fullest part of the breasts from back to front. Make sure you don’t press breasts down.
  • Round the measurement up or down to the nearest inch.

Time to calculate:

Subtract the band size measurement from the cup size – the difference is your cup size (0-½ inch = AA, ½ - 1 inch = A, 2inch = B, 3inch = C, 4inch = D, 5inch = DD or E, 6inch = DDD or F, etc.) 

Before You Go!

So now you know how many different kinds of sports bras there are, there really is something for everyone.

Breast safety during sport is important and many women are unaware or don’t realise the long term damage that a lack of support can cause. So, whether it's a cross back, zebra print compression bra or a neon high impact padded sports bra, find the match for you and you can conquer anything. 

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Written by Katie Hammond

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Katie is a freelance content writer here at OriGym. Holding a first-class honours degree in Theatre and performance from The University of Leeds, Katie has a background in physical theatre, performance arts and cultural industries.

With experience in script writing and having worked for My Protein and My Vitamins, Katie has a keen interest in writing about health and fitness. She has a love for skiing and enjoys attending the gym and personal training sessions.

When not content writing or skiing down a mountain, Katie runs her own foodie blog and enjoys singing, song writing and performing.

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