22 Best Sports Swimsuits For Women

best sports swimsuits for women

In the world of women’s sports swimsuits, you’re spoiled for choice. That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best swimsuits for women on the market. No matter your style, swimming ability or body shape, we’ve got you covered!

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Best Sports Swimsuits For Women

#1- Funkita - Eco Diamond One Piece

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Funkita took the sport swimsuits world by storm when it launched in 2002, drawing attention with its bold prints and brightly coloured, unique designs. 

Since then, Funkita has created a whole range of sporty swimsuits for swimming that make you feel secure and supported, whether you’re relaxing at the beach or stepping up for a competition dive.

Made from chlorine-resistant fabric with 50+ UV sun protection, these women’s sporty swimsuits are exceptionally durable and long-lasting. Funkita swimsuits are designed to keep their colour, no matter how much time you spend in sunny waters, making them the perfect choice for training camps!

What makes the Eco Diamond one of the best sports swimsuits is the addition of Eco C-Infinity fabric; superior quality polyester manufactured from end-of-life plastic water bottles. 

This gives a new life to waste products, reducing Funkita’s environmental impact and keeping you in eco-friendly waters.

The OG Funkita one piece that has been around since day dot and continues to be the most popular style. 

With fabric panels across the back, it will make you feel secure and supported across the bust and shoulders. The double bind straps over the shoulders provide added comfort and support while swimming. 

#2- Batoko - Lobster Swimsuit

padded sport swimsuits


This sports swimsuit is an exciting one for the eco-warriors out there; particularly those who love sea life! Batoko has teamed up with the National Lobster Hatchery in Cornwall for this amazing collaboration. 

The Lobster sporty swimsuits are made from GRS certified 100% recycled plastic waste that was destined for landfill and our oceans, so you can save the planet while sporting one of the best swimsuits for swimming available today!

A massive appeal (other than being made from recycled materials) is that for every Lobster swimsuit sold, a baby lobster is released back into the ocean!

While still a small business, Batoko is definitely one of the up-and-comers to the sports swimming costumes world. Aside from funky patterns like sharks, orcas, and crabs, the design of their sports swimwear is high quality. 

You’ll notice that it’s a lot stretchier than a standard women’s swimsuit, providing you with more give in the hip and waist area than a lot of other high-rise swimsuits, which is perfect for larger ladies. 

Plus, the classic scoop back and rear coverage make this good-for-the-planet sports swimsuit a favourite to take to the coast on your holidays.


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#3- Rosie Woods x Tide + Seek Classic Cut Swimsuit 

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This scoop neck one-piece sports swimsuit is just as perfect for beach days and pool parties as it is for training. 

Its low cut back and thick elastic criss-cross straps keep you feeling secure during your swim, and the suit has UPF 50+ sun protection to keep you protected throughout your session.

This suit is part of Tide’s first active swimwear artist collaboration, and features art from Rosie Woods. Rosie is an international street artist from London whose art has been shown at many international art festivals. 

She has also worked with impressive brands such as L’Oreal, Alexander McQueen, and Augustinus Bader. For this collaboration, she worked with the  best swimming costumes to create uplifting patterns which draw on abstract expressionism.

The Seek Classic Cut Swimsuit is made from 78% recycled polyamide and 22% recycled elastane, meaning you can feel good about your impact on the earth while making an impact in the pool! 

The elastane component gives you the stretchy yet snug feel you want to find in a good sport swimming costume, while the straps give your neck and shoulders a broad range of motion - perfect for more competitive swimmers.

#4- Finis Swim - Fuse Open Back Kneeskin

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$120-$156 (approx £91- £118)

Finis Swim is one of the oldest, most-established brands in the world of competitive active swimwear. Founded in 1993, their focus was initially on snorkels and fins for swimmers to improve their skills. 

In the late 90’s, they branched out into swimwear and worked with swimmers and coaches to develop the best quality garments at budget prices, an ethos they follow to this day.

The Fuse racing suit is an introductory-level technical sports swimsuit that offers elite-level benefits. With both the look and feel of a premium costume, this suit provides flexible muscle compression, whilst the bonded seams create a long-lasting and versatile fit. 

This sport swimsuit also providesUVA and UVB protection from its hydro-reflective fabric, as well as repelling water to reduce drag and turbulence when swimming.

What makes this one of the best swimsuits for women is the compression technology. This creates a comfortable grip on the legs and waist, as well as dramatically reducing friction and drag when you’re in the water. 

Plus, the 71% Polyamide and 29% elastane blend are bound together using welded seam technology and a dual-panel construction, that will increase the durability of this fitness swimsuit.

#5- Hermoza - Genevieve One Piece Swimsuit 

sports swimming costume


Hermoza is a modern brand that focuses on classic, timeless silhouettes, and high-quality materials. They’re a particularly good brand to look at if you’re looking for high coverage sports swimwear in the UK, and padded swimming costumes with support- such as this one! 

The founders specifically wanted to create swimwear that delivers in function and form as well as emphasise the feminine form.

The Genevieve swimming costume has experienced a boom in popularity after a feature in O Magazine (Oprah’s magazine!), and is designed with just the right amount of coverage and contouring.

The high neck ensures comfort, and the double lined waist creates a cinched effect with the sweeping knot tie. With both a built-in bra and adjustable neck halter, this fitness swimsuit has all the support you need.

Made from 80% Nylon and 15% Spandex, this sporty swimsuit uses double lining for tummy control. 

Plus, if you aren’t a fan of the black look, it comes in a range of geometric patterns and brightly coloured solids, so you can choose a design to suit your style! 

#6- L*Space - Pointelle Rib Gianna One Piece Swimsuit 

sports swimwear uk

$194 (approx £147)

When it comes to unique and stylish sporty swimsuits for swimming, the brand L*Space is sure to have what you are looking for!

From florals and tie-dye to vibrant solids and neutral basics, L*Space offers virtually every cut and every silhouette. 

Classic in the front and more revealing in the back, the Gianna offers beauty without sacrificing support and comfort. 

The pointelle rib one-piece has a deep V-neck, perfect for more athletic builds, and a high leg to reduce drag while you swim whilst flattering your figure. 

The straps across the back are fully adjustable to ensure you’re always secure in your sporty swimsuit.

Made from 89% Nylon and 11% Spandex, the Gianna is a great budget option for those wanting quality without breaking the bank.

Due to its open-back design, it’s suitable for all strokes. Plus, its lightweight design provides a nice, comfortable fit while still providing decent muscle compression and tummy control. 

As an added bonus, the seams are strategically positioned to be the most comfortable they can be, creating the feeling of a second skin! 

#7- Love Shack Fancy x Hurley - Full Wetsuit

swimsuits for swimming

$245 (approx £186)

Inspired by vintage romantic floral prints, LoveShackFancy’s ladies' cool swimming costumes are rich in detail, and use whimsical hand-dyed fabrics. This makes them high quality garments with a stylish twist! 

Partnering with Hurley for this one-piece, this full sports swimsuit has chest zip entry for ease, and hollow-fibre fleece lining to keep the heat in. 

The lightweight knee pads feature a jersey construction that absorbs less water than other sport swimming costumes, keeping your body manoeuvrable for longer. 

Constructed from neoprene delivering warmth without bulk, LoveShackFancy sports swimsuits are designed to keep you warm even in the coldest waters.

The Hurley x LoveShackFancy collection is inspired by 80’s surfer style, combining pastel colours and romantic prints with practical features like zip-up closures and reversible fabrics. 

Another great design feature of this fitness swimsuit is that the floral print is contrasted by the stitching at the seams and the solid-coloured side panels. 

#8- Zone3 - Strap-Back Swimsuit

ladies sports swimming costumes


Zone3 is known as one of the leading swimwear brands out there. As well as making great womens triathlon suits, they also offer some of the best high-performance ladies sports swimming costumes in the UK. 

Their products are designed by athletes, for athletes, so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality available.

The Zone3 Strap-Back collection has been designed to stand up to the rigorous demands of training day in and day-out. The open back design allows freedom of movement, while the single bound straps provide a supportive and comfortable fit. 

The sporty swimsuit has a medium-high leg that provides you with a stylish and contemporary form, while maintaining coverage.

In 2021, Zone3 swimwear won 220 Magazine’s ‘Best Value’ award. Its fast yet comfortable design and durable fabrics rocketed it past its competitors and fast became the suit that 220 found themselves reaching for time and time again.

The main fabric of this sports swimsuit is called XFINITY - a 100% chlorine-proof material exclusively made in Italy. 

The fabric has incredible shape retention, offers UV protection, and is fast drying. So if you’re looking for a market-leading fit and feel, this is the one for you.


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#9- Davy J - The Zipup Cutout Suit

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Davy J launched in 2018 with a very clear aim: high-end, stylish, sporty and functional sports swimsuits that are designed to survive everything from a dive to a race! 

The Davy J Zipup sports swimsuit is a sleek black costume sports a high neckline and front zip that shows off your sense of style without compromising performance. 

The design creates a two-piece effect from the back for increased flexibility, and almost looks like a wetsuit from the front. 

If you’re wanting supportive swimming costumes, the Zipup Cutout is fully double lined for strength and durability with an additional bust shelf for your comfort. So, while it looks like a fashion suit, it will still give you the support you need. 

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an eco-warrior, then another bonus of this ladies sports swimming costume is the fact that it is manufactured using ECONYL yarn - a 100% regenerated nylon yarn made from waste that would otherwise be polluting the Earth!

ECONYL is exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again. This means you can get fresh new products and a better environment. 

#10- Adidas - Mid 3-Stripes Swimsuit

sporty bikinis uk


Since the 1990’s, Adidas has been a household name in the world of fitness gear and accessories, so you can be sure you’re getting high-quality, long-lasting swimwear from them.

With a medium-cut leg and V-back, this sporty swimsuit provides freedom of movement without sacrificing on coverage. Made from Infinitex Fitness Fabric and ECONYL regenerated yarn, you’ll get durable swimwear while saving the planet!

This sports swimsuit is made with UV and chlorine-resistant fabric and has a soft jersey lining for warmth and comfort in even the chilliest of waters, so it’s great for those who enjoy wild swimming.

The design of the back has been created with freestyle strokes in mind, to give you the widest range of movement when you’re racing up and down the lanes. As soon as you don this fitness swimsuit, you’ll begin to channel your Olympic swimmer. You’ll be setting new personal bests in no time!

#11- TYR - Venzo Genesis Closed Back Swimsuit

sports swimming costumes uk

$384.99 (approx £292)

The TYR Venzo is the first and only technical sports swimsuit in the industry to analyse drag from a microscopic perspective. It utilises ultra-smooth fibre to create a frictionless, durable fabric. 

Using state-of-the-art Surface Lift Technology, the Venzo prevents water from permeating the fabric, streamlining your swimming experience by giving you a higher body position in the water.

Working in tandem with this technology is the Seamless Exo Shell, and the bonded Endless Straps, both of which provide comfort and stability as you move effortlessly through the water.

This ladies sports swimming costume works well with all strokes, particularly breaststroke. This is due to the innovative internal taping and the Endo Max Compression Cage, which provides a shield of support for your abdominals, obliques and quadriceps- as well as increasing distance per stroke.

As one of the best sports swimsuits on the market today for both sprinters and shorter events, this suit offers a good range of motion in every stroke. 

Enjoying this article so far? Here’s 3 more that we think you’ll love:

#12- Nordstrom - Short Sleeve Multifit Front Zip One-Piece Swimsuit

best sports swimsuits


Since 1901, Nordstrom has been a leading fashion retailer, with a keen eye for what’s next in fashion. If you want to look good while beating your personal bests, they’re the company for you!

This piece from Nordstrom is one of their best sports swimsuits in the UK due to its durability and lightweight yet compressive design. If you’re looking for a suit that fits like a custom piece but with a more budget price range, then this is the fitness swimsuit for you

Thanks to the front zipper, this suit is incredibly easy to throw on, while also offering good chest support. It’s made with an internal bra that hugs the skin when the piece is completely zipper up. 

Sleek and sophisticated, this supportive swimming costume will keep you looking good the whole season.

Plus, this sports swimsuit meets Nordstrom’s Sustainably Sourced Materials criteria, meaning the product contains at least 50% sustainably sourced materials, being made from 85% nylon and 15% elastane. 

This cool swimming costume also offers UPF 50+ resistance as well as quick-drying capabilities, so you can get dry in a flash.

#13- Athleta - Rib Asym One Piece

sporty swimming costumes womens


Athleta are probably most well-known for their sporty yet comfortable leggings and technical athletic gear, but they’ve been making a name for themselves in the world of fitness swimsuits too!

This swimsuit gives you maximum support using Lycra Xtra Life Spandex, which uses compression technology for a flattering hold without making you feel like you can’t breathe. This ultra-resistant fabric also lasts 5 to 10x longer than the average sports swimsuit!

The square neck area fits comfortably, the straps are elasticated enough that you can wear it as a cross-back as well to provide you with an even tighter fit for streamlining you throughout your race or wild swimming session.

Made from recycled Nylon (H2ECO) fabric, the smooth and sleek compressive liner boasts powerful stretch abilities. Also offers UPF 50+ protection so you can stay out in the water for longer.

#14- ROXY - Palm Tree Dreams Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit

sports swimwear


ROXY’s ‘On The Beach’ campaign of summer 2021 celebrates getting outdoors with a line of active swimwear designed to fit and flatter all bodies and styles. 

As one of the only female-led action sports brands, ROXY understands how to create ladies sports swimwear that flatters all female bodies, and doesn’t slip off when you want to swim, surf, or cliff dive!

ROXY is well-known for their tropical and eye-catching prints, and this swimsuit is no different - the chic palm tree leaf design is something different that will make you stand out at the beach or by the pool. 

Featuring a long raglan sleeve, you’ll be warm and comfortable no matter the weather. The butterfly clip back closure provides a stronger hold and reduces drag while you’re doing laps.

What makes this one of the best sports swimsuits from ROXY is that it’s made from recycled Nylon using eco-fabrication technology, so you can feel proud of your contribution to the planet while splashing about in the pool. 

Plus, they’re chlorine and sunscreen resistant, improving the longevity of this sports swimming costume.

#15- Rei - Patagonia Reversible Extended Break One-Piece Swimsuit

sport swimsuits 2

$73.99 (approx £56)

Whether you’re lounging by the pool or surfing some intense waves, Patagonia makes technical and sporty swimsuits and accessories for a range of activities. 

From one-pieces and sports bikinis to rash guards and surf shorts, their massive collection of sportswear should give you confidence in the quality of their products.

Their latest collection (which includes the Reversible Break Swimsuit) was designed using nano-grip microfiber technology. This increases the surface area of the fabric when wet, allowing the material to stick and stay to your body, and keep wardrobe malfunctions at bay!

Built for surfing and swimming, this fitness swimsuit features double back straps which keep pressure off your neck for optimal comfort, as well as a deep V-neck with stabilising straps and moderate seat coverage.

A reversible design provides double the wear options and allows you to express your personal style. 

The soft, stretchy fabric is crafted from 80% recycled nylon and 20% spandex, and a comfort lining made from 83% recycled nylon and 17% spandex jersey, ensuring you’re warm and comfortable throughout your swimming session.


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#16- Summersalt - The Marina

sport swimwear


Summersalt launched in 2017 as a direct-to-consumer swimwear brand that is ideal for eco-conscious swimmers. 

They craft their garments from recycled and eco-friendly materials like TENCEL and Cupro and, as a brand, are constantly striving to refine their processes and keep their operation as eco-friendly as positive.

Their signature colour-blocking design, which creates ultra-flattering curves no matter your body type, can be seen on this sports swimsuit. 

Made from 78% recycled polyamide and 22% elastance, this one-piece offers UPF 50+ protection too!

What makes this suit one of the best sports swimsuits in the UK is the fact that it has been rigorously tested to ensure durability. Live wear tests have shown that even after 100+ hours of use in chlorinated water, the fabric retains its shape and compression power!

If you’re worried about bust support in your swimming costume, then look no further! The sports swimsuit has a shelf bra with built-in soft cups, and the adjustable straps ensure you achieve the perfect fit for your body, making it one of the best supportive swimming costumes.

Sporty doesn’t have to mean boring with Summersalt; there are plenty of colour and design options for this swimsuit, from leopard print to seaweed green. 

#17- Athleta - Freestyle Camo One Piece Swimsuit

womens sport swimsuits

$108 (approx £82) 

That’s right- this is the second fitness swimsuit from Athleta on our list- more proof of the high standard of swimsuits they create! 

In 2019, their swimwear was redesigned to be constructed from sustainable materials, and in 2021, they reported that 71% of its materials are made with sustainable fibres.

The brand uses AquaRib, which features Econyl (100% regenerated nylon fibre) and H2Eco, made from recycled nylon, so you can feel good about your environmental impact while looking great too.

This sporty swimsuit with camo design is made from quick-drying fabric that will keep you dry and comfortable when you’re out of the water, as well as having UPF 50+ protection. 

If you’re after the best swimming costumes with support built-in, the wireless support from this suit will provide you with a comfortable, flattering fit. Plus, the high coverage neckline ensures no water flushes through your suit while training.

Perfect for lap swimming, triathlon training, and tough amphibious workouts, the Lycra Xtra Life Spandex provides an ultra-resistant fabric that snaps back like a professional sports swimsuit, and lasts 5 to 10x longer than the average swimsuit! 

So whether you’re planning to just sunbathe on the beach, or dive into rough waters, this womens sporty swimsuit will keep you secure and comfortable.

#18- Castamira - Free Will Swimsuit

fitness swimsuits

$215 (approx £164) 

Castamira are known for creating luxury swimwear designed to enhance your body shape and empower you! 

So if you want a sports swimsuit that doesn’t sacrifice your personal style, the Free Will suit from Castamira is definitely one to consider.

This black-owned swimwear brand was founded by former Wilhemina model Chantel Davis, so each piece looks amazing from every angle. Designed by women, for women, this modern take on the classic silhouette gives chic 70s vibes, and contours your body to create a flattering appearance.

Featuring a keyhole cut out and an asymmetrical racer scoop back for freedom even in larger strokes like butterfly, these suits are crafted to last, using 80% recycled polyamide and 19% elastane.

If you’re looking to highlight the small of your back, support your bust, elongate your legs, and accentuate your curves, the Free Will sports swimsuit will do just that. 

But as well as style, it also gives you the perfect fit you need to move freely through the water! 

#19- Speedo - Women’s Allover Fixed Crossback Swimsuit in Black/Green

womens sport swimsuits 2


Next up is this stylish yet functional sport swimming costume from Speedo! 

Perfect for lap training, this stand-out suit features a green and black jungle-inspired print that will surely be an eye-catcher in the pool or at the beach. 

The suit has a flattering fit due to the high cut of the leg, a thinstrap style to allow unrestricted shoulder movement, and 100% chlorine resistance for long-lasting performance and colours that stay bright for longer.

Designed with Speedo’s unique Endurance+ material, this sports swimsuit will retain its shape and fit like new for longer, ideal for heavy training sessions. Plus, it’s quick-drying, so you can wash and wear it time after time! 

As the leading swimwear brand, Speedo has a passion for life in and out of the water. So you know that no matter what you’re doing - training, racing, or fitness - they have high-quality swimwear made just for you. 

#20- ASOS - 4505 swimsuit with branded elastic in colour block 

sport swimming costume


The new 4505 activewear range from ASOS offers fashionable pieces to suit every one of your workouts. Whether you’re training, wild swimming, or paddleboarding, their fitness swimsuits are designed to keep you cool and comfy.

ASOS has stated that by 2030 they will have shifted towards more circular systems, ensuring 100% of ASOS own-brand products and packaging are made from sustainable or recyclable materials. 

So with this sports swimsuit, you can prioritise the environment as well as your swim sessions.

The standout colour-block design is clean cut, and sure to turn heads at your local pool, and the round neck and cross-over straps ensure you can swim in comfort. 

Plus, there is bust support from non-padded cups, so you don’t need to worry about any upper body discomfort. Made from 80% nylon and 20% elastane, this is one of the best supportive swimming costumes for those on a budget! 


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#21- ASOS - ASOS 4505 Swim Bikini Sports Bra & ASOS 4505 Swim Bikini Bottom

sport swimsuits sporty swimsuits

Sports bra: £14.50

Bikini Bottoms: £12

If you’re looking for sporty bikinis in the UK, ASOS has a fantastic line as part of their 4505 range, designed with performance and style in mind. 

You’ll notice the plain, all-black design of this suit, making it flattering and stylish for all body types. 

The top is shaped like a sports bra and is wire-free for optimum comfort, with a high scoop neck to ensure you’re streamlined throughout your swim. 

The top is a pull-on style, so you don’t need to worry about clipping anything together or straining to squeeze into it. It also boasts a stretchy underband for unrestricted movement.

This sporty bikini has a racer back to increase your freedom of movement for strokes like butterfly and breaststroke. Both the top and bottoms are made of 80% nylon and 20% elastane.

The high-cut leg of the bottoms offers a flattering fit to your figure, and their snug fit creates a gorgeous silhouette. 

The smooth, stretchy fabric and lightweight ensures you’re comfortable throughout your whole swim session. 

Both the top and bottom of this set is available in sizes 4 through 18, making it one of the most inclusive sporty bikinis in the UK! 

#22- Speedo - Women’s Long Sleeve Wrap Back Swimsuit

womens sport swimsuits 3

The Long Sleeve Wrap Back Swimsuit is a welcome return of the 90’s - bold branding, racing stripes, and colour blocking. This sleek, long-sleeved, zip-front swimsuit features chequered side trims and a monochrome Speedo logo.

The wrap-back design adds a stylish focal point while still giving you flexibility for large strokes, and the inner bust shelf provides support. 

This sporty swimsuit is crafted from Endurance10 fabric, which is a shape-retaining fabric made from 100% recycled material. 

To prevent chafing, this athletic swimsuit has flat lock seams and a lightweight construction. Along with CREORA HighClo fabric, it has 100% chlorine resistance, meaning it fits like new for longer than the average sports swimsuit.

If you’re a wild swimmer, or live in a colder climate, then this long-sleeved suit will be perfect for you. Plus, as a bonus, it gives you that surfer, beach-babe look that is all the rage at the moment! 

How to choose the right sports swimsuit for you

athletic swimsuits

So, now that we’ve given you our list of the best swimsuits for women, here are some top tips that you should consider before purchasing any kind of sports swimwear in the UK. 

#1 Make sure you can move comfortably in your sport swimsuit

If you’re able to try before you buy, the classic way to test if the costume will fit is by moving around in it to your fullest extent; can you outstretch your arms, turn easily? 

Any pinching or tightness indicates a wrong size. Look at yourself in a mirror and assess the fit - if something looks wrong, it probably is!

If you’re still not sure about the fit of your athletic swimsuit, try slipping two fingers under the straps - if you can’t fit them, that likely means the fit is too small. If you can fit more than two, it’s probably too big. 

The lower body of the swimming costume should feel like a second skin, not digging into you anywhere or causing you discomfort.

#2 Ensure that the fit of your sports swimsuit is right for your body type

best sports swimsuits graphic

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a sports swimsuit is your body type, to ensure you get the best coverage and support throughout your swim.

For example, for larger busts, you’ll need to look at padded sports swimsuits for enough support. Look for wide set straps, added underwire or padding in the bust area, and a thick chest band for optimum coverage. 

For smaller busts, halter tops offer great coverage as well as accentuating your bust. Light padding in the bust area can boost your confidence but might not be best for competitive events.

For hourglass shapes, you want to support your bust while simultaneously creating a silhouette. High waisted fitness swimsuits can be especially flattering to this body type. 

#3 Get the right sports swimsuit for your swimming style

The other important factor to consider when choosing your ladies sports swimwear is the style of swimming you’ll be doing. 

Of course, you can swim any style in any swimsuit, but some have benefits for certain styles. 

For example, with butterfly and backstroke, tech suits may be the way to go as they increase your glide through the water and reduce the absorption of water much better than regular swimsuits.

It is a good idea to look at the product description of a sports swimsuit to see what style of swimming they recommend for that particular suit. 


What is active swimwear?

Athletic, or sports swimsuits, usually have more coverage than regular swimwear. They may be constructed from special low resistance fabric that reduces skin drag. 

When looking at active swimwear, expect to find secure fits, supportive bust areas, and comfortable fabrics.

Unlike regular swimwear, which is designed mainly for aesthetic purposes, the best sports swimsuits have a tighter fit which reduces friction, increasing the efficiency of your movement when swimming. 

How do I choose a sports swimsuit for training?

When you’re looking for a training swimsuit, performance is one of the most important characteristics to keep an eye out for. That means looking at sports swimwear that provides support and coverage where needed, whilst allowing freedom of movement.

The back shape of sport swimwear should match the style of swimming you intend to do. For example:

  • Open-back swimsuits are designed for serious, higher-level swimmers who require maximum movement and flexibility. The back opening allows for the smooth passage of water in and out. 
  • Closed-back fitness swimsuits provide greater support and a more ergonomic fit for increased comfort. The compression of this type of suit also increases blood circulation, leading to improved performance.


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Is swimming a good workout?

Swimming is one of the best kinds of cardio exercise you can do. 

Just 20 minutes in the pool can burn more than 250 calories, the same as running (plus you don’t get sweaty!). Swimming engages lots of your muscles at once, from your core to your legs, making it a great full body workout. 

Plus, the anaerobic aspect of the sport will instantly raise your heart rate as it stimulates muscle growth, as well as providing a boost to serotonin production. This helps lower your stress and anxiety levels- the mental health benefits of swimming are just as powerful as the physical benefits! 

How does sports swimwear influence a swimmer’s performance?

You may be wondering, why is choosing the right fitness swimsuit so important?

Well, one of the reasons sports swimsuits are tight to the body is to make them more hydrodynamic. When you’re swimming, the thing that slows you down is the drag of your body as well as what you’re wearing. This is why choosing the right sports swimwear is important.

The best cool swimming costumes are made of high-quality materials that repel water and multiply the suit’s ability to reduce drag. 

With this in mind, we have mentioned if a swimsuit on our list has a drag-reducing design, so you can choose a sports swimsuit that helps enhance your performance!

Before you go!

So, we hope that this article has helped you decide on the best sporty swimsuit for you! 

If you’re passionate about swimming and fitness in general, why not turn it into a lucrative career? Enquire today to see how OriGym’s personal training courses can help you do just that!

You can also download our free course prospectus here to browse all of the fitness courses we offer. 

Written by Erin McDonough

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Erin holds a BA in English Language and Linguistics, which she attained whilst studying at Bangor University. Whilst studying, she found a passion for editing and writing, and has worked with writers from the Wirral and Liverpool area over the past 3 years. Erin also has a keen interest in strength training and yoga, often incorporating mindfulness techniques into the latter. Outside of work, Erin can be found gaming, catching up with the newest book releases, or song writing.

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