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17 Best Yoga Mats (Definitive List 2019)

Best yoga mats

Finding the best yoga mat can be difficult, especially when there are so many on the market…

But don’t give up yet! OriGym has narrowed down the best yoga mats out there to make sure you can make an informed decision.

If you’re new to yoga, it would be especially difficult to find a brand that you could know and trust without the help of experts. You wouldn’t know whether forking out for the more expensive mat would be worthwhile, as opposed to purchasing a cheaper option.

There are many reasons why you should invest in a yoga mat as you can, of course, go to a yoga studio and take part in a session, a yoga mat can also be used as an all-round exercise mat.   

So what are you waiting for? Check out our list for the 17 best yoga mats on the market.


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1. Liforme Yoga Mat 

Price: £100.00 

yoga mats liforme

Liforme yoga mats may be on the pricey side at the RRP price of £100.00. However, the mat has a useful alignment system for all yogi’s who may struggle with positionings on the mat.

As a piece of yoga equipment, it’s a necessity to have a mat that you know and will not slip even in your sweatiest yoga sessions! Its fantastic grip means that whatever your session your yoga maybe, you’ll know it will not move!

The mat itself is a biodegradable as it’s made out of high-quality non-toxic materials which means the mat itself is hygienic and clean. It’s definitely one of the best yoga mats in the UK to check out.

It’s also a thick yoga mat, especially in yin yoga where you may have to hold the positions for a longer time. It’s a perfect balance to provide stability yet being lightweight as well.

This mat can also be a travel yoga mat as a bag is also provided to carry to your local yoga studio.

This yoga mat is made out of cork and rubber, it has a 3mm thickness, environmentally friendly and non-slip materials. The Mat includes a durable yoga bag made of canvas. This is definitely an Amazon yoga mat you would want to invest in!

2. Secoroco Cork Yoga Mat  

Price: £49.99

yoga mat secoroco

Owning a cork yoga mat is becoming a new trend as people find alternative ways to be eco-friendly. In-depth have produced a relatively thick yoga mat at 3mm to ensure comfort for the yogi. 

It’s retail price at £49.99 which as a mid-range priced product does have some fantastic reviews.

The surface is made of natural cork and the bottom is made of vegan rubber and it’s biodegradable.

As a cork yoga mat, it’s waterproof and resistant to moisture. Also, the thought of using mats on a cold floor is not ideal however, the Secoroco yoga mat provides warmth due to the cork material as well.

The yoga mat is free of harmful materials like TPE, PVC and plasticizers which means the ingredients of this mat is fully recyclable.

Due to the mat’s design, this mat can be suitable for men, women or children.

Both sides of the mat can be easily cleaned, it can be washed as well so even in your sweatiest sessions during yoga, you know you can clean the mat with ease!

This mat also comes with a trendy yoga mat bag design so wherever you take your yoga mat, you’ll be sure people will be asking you on where you have got this amazing yoga mat from!

3. Corkspace Yoga Mat 

Price: £65.00

Corkspace Yoga Mat

Corkspace have been shortlisted as Amazon’s choice of yoga mat so you know it’s a trusted product.

It is the slightly more expensive cork yoga mat at an RRP £65.00 however that does not mean it affects the mat’s quality.

The material is 100% natural cork with a natural rubber underside. The materials are non-toxic, no harsh chemicals added to the matt and it’s odour free.

It’s also hand to know that this yoga mat is mildew protective so you know that the product will not go mouldy.

The yoga mat is a non-slip mat and it’s anti-tear so you will know the product itself is should last you a long time! As mentioned earlier in the article, cork mats are fantastic for being antimicrobial and it’s perfect for hot yoga as it can be easily cleaned! 

Also the mat can be used as an all-round mat for exercise because many people would use it for other exercise disciplines like Pilates or Crossfit.

The mat is also very lightweight and can be transported to your favourite yoga studio. It’s one of the thicker yoga mats on the market as it’s 5mm which provides extra comfort whilst you’re doing poses.

This mat is perfect for any type of person who’s interested in buying a yoga mat. The price is very affordable so why not purchase this yoga mat from Amazon!

4. Yogamatters Sticky Yoga Mat

Price: £20.00

Yogamatters yoga mats

Yogamatters mat has the perfect lightweight portability to carry your mat to your yoga classes and for the mat only weighing 1.2kg it can be taken to almost anywhere!

This thick yoga mat has a 6mm which is brilliant when performing the hardest postures.

As an Amazon yoga mat it’s hard to stand out from the sheer mats on the market. As a yoga mat, the stability of your mat is needed in order for any yogi to concentrate on their breathing and hold the posture for a period of time. 

Topplus have created a mat that has a double-layered structure to the mat ensuring optimal grip!

Also what’s a great positive from this is that once this product has been purchased, you will receive a 12 month warranty. 

Prices costs £20.00 dependent on colour and there are a range of 17 colours to choose from so there’s plenty of choice! It’s definitely a cheap yoga mat to try out!

5. Core Balance Foam Yoga Exercise Mat, Non-Slip, 12mm Extra-Thick

Price: £9.99

core balance yoga mat

Core balance have released fantastic yoga mat were unlike other mats it has a 12 mm extra thick padding which ensures the mat would safeguard from injuries and ensures that you can work out to the best of your ability.

With the 12mm mat, you’ll know that there will be ensured comfort and at a retail price of £9.99, it’s one of the more affordable mats on the market.

The foam on the mat has been textured to ensure fantastic grip on any surfaces and even when you do stretch, it prevents the mat from slipping and sliding whilst you are doing your postures.

Core balance yoga mat has a synthetic rubber material which is great for fast drying and moisture resistant and it’s super easy to clean as it can be easily be wiped down with wipes.

It comes with a carry strap and at 1.25 kg it’s still quite a light yoga mat to bring to your local yoga studio.

What’s fantastic about core balance is that they provide customer service support if you have any queries about core balance fitness equipment.

Core balance also have a range of 5 colours to choose from so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to pick your favourite colour!

This product is definitely worth a look at if you’re looking for a quality mat for a good price.

6.Proworks Large Padded Yoga Mat 

Price: £15.95

yoga mats proworks

Proworks has one of the most affordable Amazon yoga mats in the UK. Starting price for this yoga mat costs at £15.95.

The Proworks padded yoga mat can also be used for a variety of other sports activities such as yoga, gymnastics, Pilates, general stretches and abdominal exercises. This mat is perfect for any type of work out. 

The thick yoga mat is made out of latex-free and free NBR foam which means that these yoga mats provide superior comfort and support during your exercise routines.

The mats are very good for both indoor and outdoor use. The yoga mat is super easy to set up and ensures that the mat stays on the floor without any curls which are a nuisance to all yogis! 

It’s always great to have a strap provided because you can tightly wrap up the mat to make it transportable and easy to carry.

The yoga mats come in 6 colours so there’s plenty of choices to choose from, this is definitely a cheap yoga mat to consider!  

7.KeenFlex Yoga Mat  

Price: £24.99 - £29.99

keenflex yoga mat

KeenFlex is a fantastic product that you will need for any mat-based exercise.  

The yoga mat provides fantastic support for your knees, hips and elbows whilst providing comfort when you do these exercises.

The support comes from a 6mm thick yoga mat. This mat provides ample support during your workouts.

The mat also comes with a free strap which is a bonus as the mat is very lightweight at 1.1kg. This means the travel yoga mat can be taken with you anywhere.

There are two layers to the mat where the top part is slip-resistant which enhances grip whilst the bottom has a wavy non-slip design to ensure extra traction on any surfaces.

The beautifully made mats have been made to ensure you will stand out from the crowd due to the design of the mat. There’s also a range of 7 colours to choose from so you will definitely pick your favourite colour from the list.

The KeenFlex exercise mat can be used for Pilates, gymnastics and more! 

The yoga mat is also fully recyclable does not contain any toxins in the mat. It’s a fantastic choice that only provides health benefits.

The prices range from £24.99 - £29.99 depending on colour, this is a reasonably cheap yoga mat to purchase. 

8. Reebok Yoga Mat

Price: £17.95

Reebok Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is a fantastic product that provides a foundation for all yoga journeys. 

One of the perks of this Amazon yoga mat is an alignment on the mat to provide perfect balance and safety. The alignment provides a fantastic self-confidence boost and body awareness as you go through your flow.

The mat is one of the largest on the market as it’s 173 cm x 61 cm which means it’s great for yoga lovers who are slightly taller and can easily perform a flow. 

Reebok has designed a mat at 4 mm which means it provides comfort and stability. The cushioning aids people who are prone to injury and the mat can also be used pilates.

Reebok has created an almost cellular structure on the bottom of the mat to ensure slip resistance and absorbency grip on any floor. This will allow every yoga enthusiast to enhance their yoga poses.

This fantastic yoga mat is very easily to wipe down with any type of cloth. 

Prices range from £17.95 so as a moderately cheap yoga mat, it’s definitely one of the best for its price!

The Reebok Yoga Mat is also very stylish and it’s very portable as well so you can take the yoga mat anywhere. 

9.  Lulu Lemon Reversible 5MM Yoga Mat

Price: £68.00

Lulu Lemon Yoga Mat

This is a fantastic yoga mat, that ensures comfort for all shapes and sizes. The mat has a natural rubber material which means that the durability of the yoga mats lasts longer. This means that it’s tear-resistant in comparison to other mats.

The natural rubber material is also good to know it’s an eco-friendly material. It’s a non-slip and odourless material. It is a rubber free and latex-free material which could be detrimental for your health. Lulu Lemon has also designed patterns to provide a superior grip.

The wave grip will enhance performance on all surfaces. This Amazon yoga mat comes with a free strap so you can take it on the go, whether it would be to the gym, work or outdoors.

What’s also very good is the free strap as it’s very portable and light, and makes the product a perfect travel yoga mat. 

The price begins at £68.00 so it’s a fantastic yoga mat to purchase.

There is also a fantastic range of 9 colours so you will definitely stand up from the crowd. It’s also very good as it’s a reasonably thick yoga mat at 5mm which means you can still have a yoga mat that provides comfort and stability.  

10. JLL® Yoga Mat

Price: £9.99

yoga mats JLL

The Jll yoga mat is a fantastic mat and is one of our most affordable on the list at a retail price of £9.99

This mat is perfect for yoga beginners who just want to buy something and test out a mat without breaking the bank!

The mat has an antibacterial finish, easy to clean and it is very durable. This means even in your hot yoga sessions the yoga mat is very hygienic and can be cleaned in seconds.

It’s a 6 mm mat so it’s more than capable of providing safety and comfort when you go into your postures. Due to how easy it is with the carry case, it means that you can use this to take the mat with you every day for outdoor use and indoor use.

The product can be chosen in a choice of 4 colours so you will definitely stand out from the crowd.  

11. Core Balance Mandala Printed Spiritual Yoga Exercise Mat

Price: £7.99

core balance mandala yoga mat

Another one from Core Balance is a brilliant choice for its retail price at £7.99. The most affordable yoga mat out of the list.

The stunning print from Core Balance nurtures your spiritual side when practising yoga. The moderately thick yoga mat provides good support and stability even when you’re practising the most difficult yoga poses.

Due to the yoga mat's design, it provides superior traction ensuring the mat does not slip. The foam mat is lightweight and has a free carry strap which you can easily carry over your shoulder.

This means that you can take your yoga mat wherever you want to practice. The moisture-resistant material means that the hot yoga sessions will not be a worry. It’s also fast drying to prevent you from sliding around during the workouts.

The mat also comes in 3 colours so the choice is a little limited however the patterns on the yoga mat makes up for it! As mentioned earlier, Core Balance provides a customer service team to assist with any queries and questions. Therefore this product has to be on the list!

12. Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat

Price: £64.00

yoga mats yoga design lab

This yoga mat is one of the best yoga mats in the UK, despite retailing at £64.00. However, the components to make up this mat has to be one of the best on the market. This yoga mat has a 2 in 1 feature where it can be used as both a mat and a towel.

The mat reduces slipping and injuries on the mat which provides a base for the perfect yoga mat. The mat is very absorbant the beautiful top layer of the mat is bonded by a natural tree rubber. This basically provides you a grip of a towel yet cushion of a yoga mat!

The patterns and colours of the mat are amazing, it comes in an unbelievable 20 patterns which means that you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd and can pick your favourite choice. In addition, the print will not fade so it will still be vibrant and bright.

It’s a little heavier in comparison to the other yoga mats at 2.2 kg however it’s still very easy to carry with the free strap provided to ensure you can take it to any yoga class.

It’s also very easy to clean with either an organic mat spray and towel or you could even put it in the washing machine! The mat is great for any use of general fitness and even better it can be used by anyone! 

13. Sweaty Betty Yoga Mat

Price: £65.00

Sweaty Betty Yoga Mat

Sweaty Betty has produced a thick yoga mat, at 4mm it makes the yoga flows very enjoyable. It’s perfect for any home work out training equipment.

It has a premium material as it’s a soft NBR foam. Due to the 4mm thickness, it would be a great investment to last your whole yoga journey! It’s one of the best on the market £65.00

Weight 2kg, the great strap that’s provided will be able to take your yoga mat everywhere. What’s also good is that it can be stored safely between classes.

Sweaty Betty has produced a textured surface to ensure that you will not slip as you transition to each yoga pose. The yoga mat also grips on the floor very well so it should never slide beneath your feet.

It’s very easy to clean, as it’s simple as a wipe down surface which means it will keep bacteria and germs at bay. What’s fantastic about this Sweaty Betty yoga mat they have a 30-day return policy.

In terms of colour, Sweaty Betty yoga mat has 2 colours however the design of the mat should encourage you to buy it. It's definitely a relatively cheap yoga mat to consider! 

14. Reehut exercise mat 

Price: £13.99-£15.99

yoga mats reehut

Reehut have released this yoga mat that can be used for not just yoga but any sort of fitness. It's a reasonably cheap yoga mat as the retail price is between £13.99-£15.99.

It’s 12mm which comfortably cushions the spine, hips, knees and elbows on any hard floor surface.

The double-sided textured surface provides slip resistance to prevent any injuries whilst you are doing the yoga postures.

Reehut provides a free strap which is lightweight, portable, easy to store and makes the product a perfect travel yoga mat. It’s non-toxic, soft and thick design which is perfect to fight against coldness and dampness in any conditions.

It’s also very easy to clean as you can wipe the surface with soapy water to ensure your yoga mat is fresh and ready to use again. This yoga mat can be suitable for any age or any gender!

This yoga mat has up to 7 colours to choose from, you definitely need to consider this as one of your options!

15. Fitness Bug Yoga Mat

Price: £11.85

fitness bug yoga mat

Fitness Bug have released an Amazon yoga mat that provides an incredible 15mm thickness. One of the thickest yoga mats out there!

The retail price is at £11.85 so it’s a reasonably cheap yoga mat to purchase on Amazon!

This mat can not only be used for yoga, but would also prevent joint strain whilst doing any physical activity on the mat which improves posture and movement.

The mat is eco-friendly and the NBR foam provides anti-bacterial properties and you can easily wipe the surface with a damp cloth. The yoga mat has an anti-slip ribbed surface which prevents any injury and provides support whilst doing any physical activity.

Even though it’s at 15mm, the product is very portable to carry with you and it can be put away. What’s fantastic about this yoga mat is also a 2-year warranty with every Fitness Bug mat purchased. The mat can also be purchased in 11 colours so you will definitely have a favourite to choose from.

16. Adidas Yoga Mat

Price: £34.95

Adidas Yoga Mat

If you are a complete beginner and looking for a yoga mat online, Adidas have released a mat that helps you on your yoga journey. The yoga mat comes in the 1 colour and the designs on the mat make sure you will stand out from the crowd!

With a price of £34.95, you definitely can’t go wrong as it’s one of the most affordable on the market. It's definitely a relatively cheap yoga mat to consider!

Adidas ensure comfortability is a priority, the actual mat is only 4mm thick. The mat is durable as it would hold up to every day general wear and tear. It’s also very easy to clean as the foam mat can be easily wrapped up and put away for when the mat’s not in use.

Both sides of the mat have got a non-slip surface to ensure you will be performing without the worry of the mat slipping beneath your foot. The yoga mat is made of quality materials that are eco-friendly which will prevent any toxic materials being breathed in.

17. Nike Yoga Training Mat

Price: £53.95

Nike Yoga Mat

Nike is our final choice for the best yoga mats. The Nike yoga mat has a high density foam to provide superior comfort 

This mat can be used for anyone from men, women, kids etc. This Nike yoga mat has grooves within the product to ensure that you will have superior grip on the product. 

The yoga mat has a carrying bag and straps to ensure you’ll be able to take the mat anywhere with you and safely stored away. As a relatively thick yoga mat it bears well against wear and tear at 4mm to ensure that joint pain is at a minimum.

Nike only come in the 1 colour black however the durability of this product is great and it costs £53.95.

Before you go!

After looking at our selection of the best yoga mats in the UK, we hope you found the perfect mat for you to start your yoga journey.

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