The 30 Best Yoga Studios In The UK: The Definitive List

Having recently surveyed over 2,000 of our students, OriGym has compiled a list of the 30 Best Yoga Studios in the UK. We've done the research so you don't have to

Are you interested in Yoga but unsure about the best studios to attend? Scroll down to check out the very best the UK has to offer.

In recent years, Yoga has become very popular. However, it should come as no surprise that the practice isn't something new. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga has been practised for over 5,000 years, first originating in India.  More recently, it has become commonplace in leisure centres, health clubs, schools, hospitals, and even workplaces.

The main components of yoga are postures and breathing.

What types of Yoga are there?

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Bikram Yoga 
  • Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Anusara Yoga
  • Jivamukti Yoga


So how do you know which Yoga studio or type of Yoga is right for you, and how do you ensure that you're going to get the most from your introduction to this amazing community?

Well, to ensure you don’t make a hasty decision, we have researched the 30 best Yoga Studios in the UK, so you can be sure to find the best provider in your area to properly suit your zen goals.

If you want to go out and tackle a Yoga session, then you want to make sure that you are choosing one of the best, if not the best Yoga Studio in the country.

We asked each Yoga Studio one question: "Why do you feel your Yoga Studio was recommended based on its unique benefits to its customers." Below you will find the answer to this question from each of our chosen Yoga Studios.

Go ahead, scroll down and see for yourselves!


Featured Yoga Studios: The Top 5 Yoga Studios in the UK

  1. TheLodge.Space
  2. Yogi2Me
  3. Dragonfly Yoga
  4. Calm On  Canning Street
  5. My Soul Space


Best Yoga Studios | North England

The Yoga Studio Carlisle

Address: Kinmont Barn, Treasury Court, Carlisle CA3 8RF

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Here at The Yoga Studio Carlisle, we have an extensive timetable with a diverse range of classes to suit everyone, from the absolute beginner to the improver or advanced practitioner. Our yoga space is stunning, and we're situated in an old barn with open beams situated in the heart of England’s most Northern City, Carlisle.

Our teachers are fully qualified and are all consummate professionals, offering a warm welcome to everyone. On top of that, we do not take ourselves too seriously! However, our most important attribute is that we understand that everyone is unique; their ability to get into postures will be determined by their bone structure, muscles, connective tissue, and journey to the mat. We ensure they understand what stops them, what the intention is with each pose and how to progress safely.

"Yoga is for everyone and it is never too late to start."



Address: 12 Tithebarn St, Liverpool L2 2DT

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YinYan doesn't just have one studio which, we think, ironically makes us one of the best yoga studios! Our mission is to give people convenient and accessible ways to get healthy at work - so we take our sessions to workplaces, vacant offices, shops, secret roof gardens, and more!

We've had popup studios all over the country, from London to Liverpool, and Bracknell to Birmingham. Because we're not tied to a studio, we can quickly and easily open doors for people to boost their wellbeing with yoga, pilates, relaxation and even ukulele sessions.

"If it makes you feel good, we're on it!"


Hot Yoganic

Address: Boodle St, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 8NF

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We are very flattered that Hot Yoganic was recommended and we think this is because we are a family run business based around feelings. When a new Yogi walks into the studio, they're presented with a smile and a warm welcome. Everybody who walks through our studio doors are safe in the hands of our highly experienced Yoga teachers. Following their session within the grounded environment we have created, they leave feeling uplifted and inspired. From the moment a student walks in they aren’t just a number to us, they're an individual whom we wish to get to know and help reach their desired fitness goals. We offer a wide range of sessions with different teachers who bring their own unique flair to each class so the student can experience varying styles of teaching. This allows the student to learn something new each time.


Hot Buddha Yoga Studio

Address: 23 Honiton Way, Warrington WA5 2EY

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We believe Hot Buddha Yoga has been recommended because we offer such a wide variety of styles including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Power Yoga, and Absolute Sequence. In addition, we also offer specialist beginners' courses and pregnancy yoga. We have something to suit everybody: all ages, shapes and sizes. Over the five years we've been open, we have built up a wonderful community/yoga family, which makes Hot Buddha Yoga a lovely place to practise, and so welcoming for new people.


The Yoga Bank

Address: 2-3, Broseley House, Widnes Rd, Widnes WA8 6AH

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We may have been recommended for our unusual premises. I think I can honestly say that we are the only yoga studio in the world to find its home in an old bank, including the original bank vault which houses our student’s coats and shoes! We have an amazing team of yoga teachers, and people find comfort in the community that we have created. We offer high-quality yoga to all shapes, ages, and sizes, and our yoga teaching training curriculum is excellent. We are very welcoming, and I feel that clients are very well looked after in our care.



Address: 1st Floor, 20 Watkinson Street, Liverpool, L1 0AF

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I think the thing people love about the studio is the atmosphere: the sympathetically converted warehouse space with bare brickwork and copper accents, candlelight and different scents in every area, really work to make it the perfect place to relax as soon as you come through the door. Teamed with state of the art rainwater showers and changing-facilities with everything provided, lovely friendly staff and fantastic teachers - what’s not to love!


My Body Studios

Address: 2-5 St Bedes, Station Road, East Boldon NE36 0LE

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My Body Studios was the first fully equipped Pilates studio in the North East to open its doors in 2001.

Now, we are still the only studio in the North East to diversify into the different types of Yoga and Pilates, as well as other holistic mind-body methods.  This has allowed us to gain clients from a wide radius, some of whom travel 20 + miles to come to our studio.

We develop professional relationships with our clients which reassures them that we understand their bodies' needs and that they feel safe and comfortable in our studio as a result.  As a result of our professional care to all of our students, we find they tend to stay with us for a long time.  Our students are making a lifelong commitment to their health and wellbeing (not just coming to lose weight or a quick fix).   It is therefore much more than just an exercise and fitness experience to them – it’s like a home from home.  Lots of our clients socialise downstairs in the coffee shop afterwards with fellow students, many of whom have become friends over the years.


Best Yoga Studios | Midlands England

Hereford Yoga Centre

Address: 10, Foley Trading Estate, Hereford HR1 2SF

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Hereford Yoga Centre occupies a special place at the heart of a wonderful community. It's Herefords only facility dedicated solely for the study and practice of Yoga, serving a largely rural population who have limited access to the kinds of high-grade facilities found frequently in large urban centres.

It's the FIRST Iyengar yoga centre in the UK to be publicly funded (with a grant from Sport England) and boasts a beautiful, fully equipped, bespoke designed studio.

Hereford Yoga Centre is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the whole community by providing the highest quality teaching through inclusive methods. As well as offering specialised classes for kids, teens, women, men and older people, we deliver a comprehensive outreach programme in community settings such as mental health services, schools and colleges, and local charities tackling domestic abuse and the difficulties associated with visual impairment.

Hereford Yoga Centre is a non-profit organisation. Our students know that the fees they pay, as well as providing them with tools and knowledge to develop a more active, healthy and balanced way of life for themselves, offer the same opportunity to those in need free of charge. Healthy individuals mean healthier communities and a healthier, more equal society.

"That's worth practicing for."


The Wheel Of Life Centre

Address: 6 N Malvern Rd, Malvern WR14 4LT

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The Wheel of Life is a complementary therapy centre managed by Jennie Sheringham. It is situated on the edge of the Malvern Hills, literally adding to the magic of the Yoga centre.

The Yoga centre is situated within a busy practice run by Alexandra Jones of Meridian Yoga, meditation and relaxation, who graduated from Morley College London in 2003 where she trained in the Yoga style inspired by Vanda Scaravelli. Starting off as a student in the centre 20 years ago, Alexandra then took on teaching the Yoga classes and has since committed to serving the community with her Yoga knowledge.

The students come back to Alexandra year on year. Many students came to her first class in 2003 and are still there now, benefitting from the unique approach which carries a sense of individual attention and care with deep release, movement and consistent development of wellbeing through movement and the breath.

Personalised Yoga practices are offered to each student, thus making Yoga accessible to many students whom otherwise might not attempt the Yoga practice.

The large, light, airy Yoga studio is situated in an area of outstanding beauty, overlooking the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, giving a feeling of space and beauty, providing equipment, comfort and wonderful views to the clientele who join and become members.

"Yoga for all!"


The Yoga Lab

Address: 412 Stafford Rd, Wolverhampton WV10 6AJ

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I feel The Yoga Lab was recommended due to its stylish facilities, happy Yoga teachers, and unique setting. We're not just passionate Yogis teaching the physical asana practice, we teach from the heart. We value the importance of the philosophical history behind the Yoga practice and the mental wellbeing you can achieve. There is a friendly community feel at the Yoga Lab, welcoming anyone and everyone in from a diversity of backgrounds, whether they are a well-practiced Yogi to total novices.


My Soul Space

Address: 2, Sweetlake Court, Mercian Cl, Shrewsbury SY3 9GE

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Our signature class is the Hot Bod class - this is hot yoga done at body temperature - not as extreme as Bikram, but still hugely beneficial to your body! It's a one-stop workout - where you improve balance, core strength, and flexibility. How Bod class is also a low impact interval cardio workout, meaning it can be done by anyone at any age and size. It's great for athletes, like tennis players and golfers who feel a little wonky in their form, keeps you fit, helps you tone up and lose weight if necessary. We operate out of a beautiful studio with polished concrete floors, there is plenty of room. We have candlelit evening classes, natural light and floor to ceiling mirrors so that you can check your alignment and improve your technique. 

"Our ethos is all about feeling good more than looking perfect!" 


The Yoga Place

Address: D18 Hartley House, Haydn Road, Sherwood, Nottingham NG5 1DG

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We offer traditional Yoga which flows and is dynamic. It emphasises breathing and mindful awareness. One of it’s main aspects is how it's designed to adapt to the needs of the individual rather than forcing the student into a rigid pose that isn’t suitable for them.

We also offer Yogic meditation, Yoga philosophy, Yoga retreats, and acupressure massage training. We have been offering classes in Nottingham since 1988.

The main reason that The Yoga Place is so well respected is Tim as the senior teacher. Tim has been teaching in Nottingham since 1988, he has many students who have been coming for 10 years, 20 years, and even 30 years!


Best Yoga Studios | South England

Yoga Body Centre

Address: 3rd Floor Regal House, 152-156 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 0QJ

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The Yoga Body Centre at Clapton Pond has been serving the local community for seven years - we are a small friendly yoga studio offering both Pilates and Yoga classes, open to the public at the studio are: Mixed-Ability Hatha, Iyengar, Astanga, Dynamic Flow, Kundalini, Antenatal, Postnatal, Restorative, Recuperative Yoga, Yoga Trapeze as well as Pilates.

A lot, we know!

Our teachers are all highly experienced and well practiced themselves. In our opinion, this is what makes good teachers, along with years of experience in teaching: a personal love for Yoga is by far most effective way to learn how to be a considerate instructor.

Our classes are small for the floor space - on average usually no more than fourteen on the mats at a time - giving students room to move, whilst also allowing all of the teachers to keep an eye on the individual students. They are then able to alter their practice through verbal cues to adapt and perform the postures in a tailored way ensuring the practice is safe as well as relevant to the student's individual needs.

Situated high on the third floor, we overlook scenes of nature and wildlife from our panoramic vista of Clapton Pond, allowing practice in natural light for much of the day.



Address: The Lodge, 120a, Lower Rd, London SE16 2UB

Visit Their Website offers a health kitchen, Yoga studio, fitness classes, treatments, and more!

There is a great deal of heart & soul behind the birth of TheLodge.Space and we believe that our members see and love this.

TheLodge.Space was a brainchild of Jane Wells, a breast cancer survivor who wanted to provide a hub and a relaxing space for the local community to escape from the stresses of London life. Based in zone 2 South-East London, we are a short walk away from both Surrey Quays and Canada Water tube stations.

We feel that we were nominated because of our unique hybrid approach to providing yoga studio facilities with that little extra touch. In addition to a variety of yoga classes, we also offer a range of fitness classes providing a blend of health-boosting benefits from toning, cardio, stretching and meditation to provide a holistically beneficial package to our members.

What’s more, we have a fantastic health kitchen that caters to a range of dietary requirements and choices. We provide a selection of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free and paleo meals providing choice to our members and their guests. Our space is fantastic for events and we regularly host takeovers, such as corporate summer BBQs, and supper clubs.

Finally, our lovely little Zen Garden looks out over the stunning Southwark Park and features cosy day beds and rustic wooden chairs for a relaxing moment in time, all overlooked by our resident Buddha statue.


Lisa Valentine Yoga

Address: Burgess Farm, Middleton Cheney, Banbury OX17 2NE

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The unique benefits my customers gain at my studio all centre around the individual attention I am able to give them thanks to the deliberately small class sizes.  There is a real sense of community, as many of the classes have been coming since I started here, three years ago.

While the focus of most classes is Vinyasa Flow, we mix in other styles depending on the weather, the season and my sense of the energy within the group.  Our students would say the classes are a fabulous blend of the spiritual, the physical, and ultimately the sheer and utter escapism that comes from breathing deeply, stretching and placing the body into positions that seemed previously impossible.  Classes are finished with the most heavenly smelling head massage, with chakra anointing oils to aid true relaxation.



Address: 3 High St, Marlow SL7 1AU

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Run by Olympic Champion Zac Purchase MBE, Zac's is one of the best fitness and yoga studios in the country, having recently been voted by Women Health readers as number 12 in their top 25. "Our award-winning instructors teach all ages and abilities, and the concept of pay-as-you-go is attracting a fantastic variety of clients. Everyone is welcome to this small family run studio, from those who work abroad and can only pop in once a month, to those who see Zac's as a crucial part of their day and maybe visit 5 or 6 times a week!" Classes cover traditional Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga concepts, with the candlelit versions being particularly popular. Sky yoga is also a highlight, with bookings regularly being made 3 months in advance of the classes. All classes can be booked and managed online and start at just £10 with no membership, joining fees, or contracts. Whats more, as everyone’s first class is free, you’d be crazy not to try it!



Address: Le Bureau, Studio 7, 80 Silverthorne Road, London SW8 3HE

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Yogi2Me is the first on-demand Yoga studio in London focused on providing high-quality Yoga teachers and wellness professionals straight to your door

Why fight traffic or inconvenient class schedules when you can have a teacher come to you? With Yogi2Me, book a private class entirely tailored to your needs, whenever and wherever you want. Yogi2Me brings the studio to you so you can practise in the comfort of your home, the park nearby, or at your workplace. It’s perfect for busy bees who struggle to fit yoga or wellness into their schedules. It’s the perfect antidote for an on-the-go lifestyle!

Practising at peak time means crowded classes. It can be daunting to practise in front of others, boring to practice with a YouTube video, or simply a struggle to find time to attend a yoga class at all.

Yogi2Me only hires highly trained, quality teachers & therapists. Each one is handpicked for their level of experience, teaching abilities, and personalities. They have many years of experience and have been trained through well-established yoga and wellness institutions.

With such high standards, Yogi2Me has received some amazing press coverage and have acquired highly recognised brand ambassadors like Caroline Fleming and Marie Guerlain who are amongst their clients, this is the reason why we believe we're recognised as one of the best Yoga studios in the UK.


Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

Address: 51 Felsham Rd, London SW15 1AZ

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The Sivananda Yoga Centre is a spiritual oasis amid the pressures of city life – a place for people to recharge and develop their Yoga practice in a positive environment. Situated in a quiet residential area, the centre’s welcoming reception area, spacious studios and beautiful Peace Garden provide an ideal setting for practising Yoga, meditation and relaxation.

We are part of a worldwide organisation that brought authentic Yoga from India to the West 60 years ago. The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres were established in 1957 by Swami Vishnudevananda. Centres were founded at the heart of many of the world’s capital cities, from New York, Paris, Buenos Aires to Tel Aviv, Tokyo and New Delhi.


Black Lotus Yoga

Address: 2d Hale Ln, Mill Hill, London NW7 3NX

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At Black Lotus Yoga Gym, we have a lovely warm and friendly environment that is welcoming to all. Our teachers are dedicated yogis who are there to listen and provide support to all our students. Since we are a small gem in London, we all work as a unified team to provide the best classes in a variety of kick-ass ways that provide not only a great workout, but also ensure that our students leave with a sense of accomplishment, not only for the body, but the mind and the spirit.

Black Lotus is a true Yoga gym that embraces all aspects of traditional yoga along with a wonderful community spirit for all ages, races, religions, and genders. Our tea area that offers drinks before and after class encourages friendships and conversation, instead of cell phones. We have it all, we burn incense, play music, chant, celebrate life with our yoga asanas, and encourage all to find their edge. We also end every class with a much needed savasana with adjustments and essential oils.

We have a really cute boutique and are a completely paperless studio that doesn't rent towels in order to help save our environment. We recycle everything in the yoga studio and want to provide a clean space that encourages others to recycle as well. In all, our small yoga studio is an escape from our everyday crazy, busy, lives, where we can find peace, if only for an hour.


The Yoga Factory

Address: Victoria Business park, Short Street Unit 8 SS2 5BY

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Our Yoga gym is a hub for like-minded people with at least one thing in common - YOGA. We work hard to create a local community where people can come together to practice Yoga, and delve a little deeper into the practice with various workshops and events. We try to offer something a little different to make Yoga accessible for everyone. We have many classes from Vinyasa to Yin, including speciality classes for kids, men, and families. We also have a selection of 'Community Classes' on our timetable, that are at a reduced rate to make it available for more people to benefit from Yoga. We hold a bi-monthly called YogaGlow, which is glow in the dark Yoga lead by one of our teachers & guided by our DJ. It's a super fun event where everyone leaves feeling euphoric. We also run monthly Partner Yoga, Gong Baths, and our very own Yoga Surf workshop - Yoga on a balance board, with all the benefits of SUP Yoga, without the risk of falling off and getting wet.  

"We believe Yoga is for everyone, no matter your size, age, gender or flexibility." 


Dragonfly Yoga

Address: Willow House, Dragonfly Pl, London SE4 2FJ

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We feel Dragonfly Yoga Studio was recommended as one of the best Yoga studios because we are the first (and still the only) Yoga gym that was opened in Brockley to serve the local community. Also, Dragonfly Yoga studio was opened as a charity organisation within our Gmax Trackstars Athletic Club, which supports and coaches young people, providing them with great opportunities into Olympic and Paralympic pathways.

The community loves us because we are a boutique studio, with the capacity of 15 people, making it a very friendly environment. Even though we only have one studio room, we are open 7 days a week, from 6am to 9pm, therefore we can serve a great number of people at a suitable time for them.

Somehow magic happens when people walk into Dragonfly: everybody makes friends with each other, shares their life stories, changes for the better, and most importantly, exercises together physically, as well as mentally.

We are very selective with our teachers, not only do they need to be good teachers physically, they need to have a welcoming, warming, and happy personality.

No matter how small the space is, all of our clients come back because of the way they were treated by the teachers, reception, and management team. We make sure all communication is personal, and refer to everyone by their name, not because we have to but because we really love what we do!

"We make everybody feel happy and in turn, they simply connect with us."


Heartcentered Wellbeing

Address: Brentwood, Billericay, Stock, Shenfield, Hutton and surrounds

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I believe Heartcentred Wellbeing was recommended as one of the best yoga studios because we focus on people's bodies and minds with a range of different health benefits including Pranayama (conscious breathing techniques), Yoga, guided meditation, and Ayurveda Nutrition and Lifestyle.

With the hectic lifestyle many people lead these days, we are seeing a huge increase in stress-related illnesses, anxiety, depression, and mental health issues. If I can give people the tools to gain resilience against what life throws at them, calm their nervous system, reduce their cortisol levels, and eat a healthy balanced diet, then I give them the power to heal themselves. My clients also gain the awareness to know when their body and mind are out of balance and can draw on the tools they have learned to rebalance themselves leaving them healthier, happier and more harmonious.

"I give them the power to heal themselves."



Address: 67 Riffel Rd, London NW2 4PG

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BREATHE Yoga gym is London's premier mobile yoga and Pilates service offering private lessons for individuals and groups in homes and offices all over London. All teachers are hand-picked, personally vetted, very experienced, fully qualified and insured. There is no limit on class size and teachers are available seven days a week for a flat rate of £70 per hour.


Sangyé Yoga School

Address: 300 Kensal Rd, London W10 5BE

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We, at Sangyé Yoga School, make no claims to be “the best” yoga gym/studio in London; we simply try to do our personal best every day for those who continue to support the space. Perhaps the strength we can acknowledge and give thanks for is that the school draws the most diverse and discerning of students from nearby and afar. The men/women equally practise with regularity and discipline because Yoga is an important part of how they choose to live.

The students at SYS are passionate about the practice because they understand that what is cultivated in class naturally translates into life. Therefore, they endeavour to stretch and strengthen not only the body but also the mind.

The students are lovely and loyal – something that continues to attract more of the same kinds of people. That said, the teachers and staff at SYS have known each other for a long time, actually like each other (crazy, right?) They embody the same principles that we instil in our students. You can say that we collectively believe in the value of Yoga as a discipline and that the best way to teach/learn, is always by example.

Sangyé means “awakened” or “buddha” in Tibetan and this is something we genuinely believe each practitioner has this potential to achieve… Practice isn’t always easy, perfect and comfortable (neither is life), but it can always draw from a place of inherent power.

"We believe that the school along with the students work together with what we’ve got…and hopefully benefit more than just ourselves."


Power Sanctuary Yoga

Address: Oddfellows Hall, 45-, 47A Bridge St, Leatherhead KT22 8BN

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Power Sanctuary Yoga in Leatherhead, Surrey is about coming together to build strength and flexibility to create a healthy mind and body. We believe people keep coming to these classes because of the wonderful community we have created together. Everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other. We enjoy the physical practice of challenging ourselves and letting go of what we no longer need, we love watching as this practice unfolds in people's lives. Thank you Origym for nominating us for the award of Top 30 Best Yoga Studios in the UK.

"We all feel really lucky to have this space to come to, outside of our every day busy lives to reflect and recharge." (Lee, Power Sanctuary Yoga student for 2 years)

"It's a joy to see the wonderful shifts in my students, even after just a few weeks of practising!"


Best Yoga Studios | Scotland

Angela Elliott

Address: St. Augustines Hall, 12 Dundyvan Road, Coatbridge. ML5 1DQ

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Our own little business came from a feeling of wanting to help people and give them a place to be themselves, and also to have a sense of freedom in a safe and friendly environment. Yoga, despite its history and longevity, is still relatively new to the western world and carries a sense of stigma towards the types of people who are supposed to indulge in the practice. I think that what works for us is that we very much keep it simple: we do our best to remove any stigma, and instead promote Yoga's physical, spiritual and practical benefits all at the same time. Because all of our clients come from different backgrounds, they all have different reasons for wanting to engage in a new Yoga practice. 

We are a husband and wife team, and create a dynamic in class whereby one teaches and one demonstrates so that, not only are our clients hearing and receiving a detailed teaching and explanation, but can then see the alignments and poses performed in front of them, from different angles. Ultimately we provide a friendly and professional Yoga studio and are very happy to have a loyal yet growing client list. We give a personal touch to each person and class, and think that is reflected in our high return rate.


Hot Yoga Edinburgh

Address: 2 Ladyfield, Edinburgh EH3 8EZ

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We're delighted to be featured in OriGym's 30 Best Yoga Studios. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.  Having worked in customer facing roles for 15 years in the corporate world, we understand customer service and the importance of customer service excellence in everything that we do.  We had the aim of creating a beautiful, peaceful Yoga gym, with all the essentials to provide a wonderful experience for our clients.  We used the latest technology to create a heated studio which would feel airy and spacious even when hot and busy. All of our highly trained teachers share our ethos of creating a warm, welcoming space for our customers.  I regularly ‘walk the customer journey’ as I practice Yoga at our studio and experience first hand what our customers will experience, from the moment they contact us, to walking through the door, to taking their class with us and leaving again.  I train all of our teachers to ensure that our high levels of customer service are maintained, even when the studio is very busy. We're open 7 days per week and run a range of Yoga classes throughout the day offering a wide range of class packages so that there is a package to suit everyone’s budget. We also run various open days and free classes throughout the year.  Last year we gave away 1200 free places and this year we are set to offer even more! We believe that Yoga is for everybody and welcome everyone to our Yoga gym. 

"If you can breathe you can practice Yoga."


Calm on Canning Street

Address: 16 Canning St, Edinburgh EH3 8GZ

Visit Their Website

We believe our Yoga gym has been nominated for one of the best Yoga studios due to its community focus. We use local businesses wherever we can - from sourcing our Yoga mats and equipment to the organic handsoap in the bathrooms and the oils we diffuse. As much as possible, everything we use comes from Edinburgh and Scottish suppliers. Every week we have donation based classes so our offering is available to everyone, and every Wednesday we offer the studio out to charities and not for profits to use free of charge. We also partner with the Fostering Service in Edinburgh to offer free yoga classes specifically for Foster Carers. We collect food from the studio for the local Foodbank as we really care about the most vulnerable in our society. We love our community here, and truly believe what we have here is one of a kind and really special.

"Our aim is to create, lasting change and positive impact and really help people feel better."


The Yoga Extension

Address: Suite A, 5 Newton Terrace Ln, Glasgow G3 7PB

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The Yoga Extension focuses on Iyengar Yoga.  There are many styles of Yoga available and that can be really confusing for anyone wishing to try the practice.  With Iyengar Yoga, you will be in safe hands as teachers are trained to a very high standard and are able to deal with people and the many physical problems they may have.  So, in other words, it is suitable for everyone! Within an Iyengar timetable, you will find a range of classes suitable for your level, from beginner to more advanced.  Progress is systematic and careful with attention paid to alignment within the posture. My studio is close to Glasgow city centre but tucked away on a quiet lane so you can switch off from the hustle of daily life.   At the moment we have classes running every day with workshops usually on Sundays.  We have a friendly welcoming atmosphere and everyone comments on the lovely studio itself. 


Best Yoga Studios | But I don't like Yoga Studios.

So you really want to get into Yoga but you still don't particularly fancy attending a yoga gym? That's no problem not everybody likes to experience with others. In fact we have a TOP yoga instructor that'll show you the ropes in the comfort of your own home. 

Some even offer holiday retreats!

Take a look...

Julia Moore's Holistic Yoga | London

Visit Their Website

Julia is a full-time yoga teacher with a passion for bringing yoga to everyone regardless of age, health or flexibility. Her own healing journey with yoga has helped her to understand from the inside out, what it is like to practise yoga with pain.  Unlike many yoga teachers Julia was not blessed with a naturally strong, flexible, healthy body that can easily “do yoga”. She has instead practised reducing tension, pain and poor posture due to hypermobility.

Yoga continues to be a huge support to Julia both physically and emotionally, She's still learning on a daily basis about how the magic of yoga, movement and mindfulness supports and nurtures our body, mind and emotions.


Become a Personal Trainer

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