13 Best Gyms in Blackpool

gyms in blackpool lancashire

Are you looking for the best gyms in Blackpool? With Blackpool playing host to so many different fitness centres, it can be difficult to narrow it down to the cream of the crop.

Rather than rushing into a membership with the first gym that you view online, it’s best to take your time and find one that will suit all of your individual exercise needs. Different membership packages will appeal to different people, as will the facilities that each gym contains, so it’s really important to take your time and make the right decision. 

And there are lots of Blackpool gyms out there, ranging from cheap pay as you go gyms, to Blackpool council gyms and luxury fitness centres, so here’s some guidance on the best Blackpool gyms. 

Whether you’re on a busy schedule and need a 24 hour gym in Blackpool, or you’re wanting a serious CrossFit gym, this guide will give you all the details. 

Interested in pursuing a career in fitness? If so, be sure to take a look at our REPs and CIMSPA accredited personal training courses or download our course prospectus before you carry on reading! 

#1 - The Gym Blackpool

gyms in blackpool lancashire

Looking for 24 hour gyms in Blackpool? If the answer is yes, then perhaps The Gym is exactly what you’re looking for, where you can train at a time that suits you. 

If you struggle to stick to a fitness routine, or work long hours, you’ll definitely benefit from this perk, as it removes the ability to make any excuses. For example, if you have a busy routine, you could start to exercise in the morning before work to help you to transition into a more active lifestyle. 

If you want the ability to exercise whenever you want, then this is the gym for you. With no contract and free WIFI, this Blackpool fitness centre is perfect with starting prices at just £10.99 a month. And while you’re connected, stay abridge of all things fitness with OriGym’s selection of the best fitness podcasts!

There are two membership options available, and the one that is slightly more expensive comes with perks such as multi-gym access, fitness & body composition tracking, and the option to bring a friend four times per month. You can’t argue with that! 

The on-site facilities at this particular Blackpool gym include:

  • Large free weights area
  • Functional training workout area
  • Multiple Weight Machines
  • 42 cardio machines

And if this 24 hour gym in Blackpool didn’t have enough, they even offer free parking on the nearby multi-storey car park. The Gym really are the complete package for those seeking one of the most convenient gyms in Blackpool!

Location: Units 2, 3, 4 & 5 Ground Floor, Talbot Road Multi Storey Car Park Cookson Street Blackpool Lancashire, FY1 3AJ

Pricing: With two possible packages, choose either the ‘Do It’ package for £10.99 a month or ‘Live It’ package for £15.98 a month. 

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 6am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-8pm

#2 - JD Gyms Thornton Cleveleys Blackpool

blackpool council gyms

This is an ideal gym in Blackpool if you’re looking for a fitness centre with hundreds of pieces of the best cardio and strength equipment. With a jam packed timetable promising over 300 classes a month and a central location, this just might be the Blackpool gym for you.

JD Gyms in Blackpool has an incredibly new and fresh feel, with strobe and coloured lights to get you in an upbeat and motivated attitude to work out. They’re one of the most recognisable names in the fitness industry, and for good reason! 

Whether you’re fan of all things cardio, or more focused on building your biceps, this really cheap Blackpool gym has you covered. With over 250 machines and an extensive range of free weights, you’ll likely find your fitness needs catered for at this JD, one of the best gyms in Blackpool. 

Not to mention that this is one of very few Blackpool gyms that boast saunas in their luxury changing rooms, so you can steam away the stresses of a strenuous workout!

This popular gym in Blackpool also offers a variety of classes including: 

  • Spin
  • HIIT
  • Yoga
  • JD Abs, Burn, and Stretch
  • X fit
  • Zumba
  • Body Pump 

However, spaces on these popular classes are limited, so be sure to book so you can guarantee your place on one of this Blackpool gym’s intense workouts! Plus, learn more about the benefits of exercise classes with our comprehensive guide!

Location: North Promenade, Thornton Cleveleys Lancashire FY5 1DW

Pricing: If you’re committed to joining this gym then the 12-month contract is £19.99 per month or if you want the ability to cancel at any time with no ties then it’s just £25 per month. 

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 6am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-4pm, Bank Holidays 8am-8pm

#3 - Village Gym Blackpool

gyms with swimming pools blackpool

Village Gym is the perfect modern gym for those of you that enjoy top notch kit. With a spacious gym floor, this Blackpool fitness centre hosts state-of-the-art cardio machines with touch screen technology and media players.

Or if you prefer to press and lift at your own pace, this Blackpool gym has an extensive free weights and resistance training area, so you can tone and define to your heart’s content. And for tips and tricks for getting that extra definition, check out OriGym’s suggestions for the best bicep exercises!

If swimming is your thing then this Blackpool gym’s indoor and outdoor pool are ideal! Their indoor pool is heated, so you can still make a splash on a winter’s evening, or make waves on a summer day in the outdoor pool. Both are brand new, re-styled and re-tiled, meaning you won’t find a better gym in Blackpool with a swimming pool. 

The Village Gym even has a boutique hotel onsite that offers stunning rooms, and your membership gives you the chance to receive better room rates. So, if you’re looking for a luxurious Blackpool hotel with a gym then this is for you.

Membership Benefits:

  • Classes: If you prefer to work out with others,  then this gym in Blackpool has a great selection of classes, ranging from high intensity HIIT fitness classes to more relaxing, mindful workouts like yoga and pilates.
  • Group Cycling: Perhaps you’ve heard about the phenomenon of Soul Cycle? Many Blackpool gyms incorporate a variety of classes into their schedule, and Village Gym is no different. The classes are always led by a certified professional, so you know you’ll be received the best workouts
  • Personal Training: One of the key features of this gym in Blackpool is that it offers access to personal trainers who assist and advise you on your journey to setting and smashing your fitness goals.

All things considered, we feel that you won’t get a better luxury Blackpool gym membership anywhere else!

Location: E Park Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8LL

Pricing: With adult day passes starting at £12, prices for memberships are available upon request.

Opening Times: Times will vary for classes and the pool, but the general times are as follows. Monday-Sunday 6am-10pm

#4 - Helio Blackpool

blackpool council gym

If you’re looking for gyms in Blackpool town centre, then this could be the one for you. 

It’s easy to say you want to live healthier, but what does that actually mean? Well, it seems at Helio they are dedicated to having all their members fully integrated into the fitness world. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete novice (make sure to check out OriGym’s guide to gym etiquette and rules if you are new to exercise!) or an experienced gym regular, this Blackpool gym’s aim and philosophy is to give support and encouragement so that everyone can achieve their goals. 

This gym in Blackpool town centre has one central philosophy: that members build a healthier, longer-lasting lifestyle with the help of the team of personal trainers.

These professionals help set the goals, create the tailored fitness plans and boost motivation along each individual journey. With the ability to request a free trial, you can even test the waters and ensure that this is the right Blackpool gym for you. 

Helio prides itself on having the latest fitness equipment to enable their members to workout at their own pace without worrying about causing a queue. Their vast range of classes include: 

  • Blast 45
  • Core Training 
  • OTM Session 
  • THUMP Boxing
  • Fighting Fit

And with a wide range of other classes and features to experience, this fitness centre is definitely worthy of its spot on our list of the best gyms in Blackpool.

Location: Newton Drive, Blackpool Lancashire FY3 8ER 

Pricing: Memberships start at £16.95

Opening Times: Monday-Thursday 6:30am-10pm Friday 6:30am-9pm Saturday-Sunday 8am-6pm

#5 - Universe Fitness Blackpool

leisure centres blackpool

Of all the gyms Blackpool has to offer, this is definitely amongst the best!

Universe Fitness is a well-established gym in Blackpool (Lancashire) with over 15 years experience in the fitness industry. And with a brand-new facility that hosts an incredible fitness experience, that reputation is only going to grow!

This fitness centre is unlike your generic 24/7 gyms in Blackpool that have the same corporate feel - this Blackpool gym has invigorated its exercise areas with a new lease of life. 

With a wide variety of the latest equipment from elite series strength machines to sterling plate loaded equipment, this Blackpool gym provides an exceptional and unique fitness experience in the Fylde area. 

Becoming a member of Universe Fitness means committing to their pledges - growing stronger, growing faster, eating healthier, competing with others and improving your health as you grow accustomed to using their vast cardiovascular zone. 

This cardio paradise features several running machines, cross trainers, exercise bikes and concept rowers so you never have to worry about waiting in line to use your favourite machine! And whether you’re squatting or sprinting, make sure you’re aware of all the cardio & aerobic exercise benefits and risks.

This Blackpool gym’s commitment to delivering personal training and online coaching services to those who can’t quite get to the gym is exceptional. Universe Fitness provide expertly passionate personal training that specialise in:

  • Body Transformations
  • Training Plans
  • One to One Personal Training Services
  • Group Sessions
  • Online Coaching
  • Competition Prep

So, with such a wide variety of services and facilities at just one Blackpool gym, perhaps Universe Fitness is the right choice for you!

Location: Bloomfield Road, Seasiders Way, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 6JJ 

Pricing: With starting prices of just £28 per month 

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 5am-Late and Saturday-Sunday 7am-Late

#6 - Brian Rose Boxing & Fitness

mma gyms blackpool

Tired of the same old Blackpool leisure centres and Blackpool council gyms? On the lookout for something more specialised? Well, this Blackpool boxing gym might be exactly what you’re looking for!

Brian Rose Boxing and Fitness are the arguably most recognisable name when it comes to boxing gyms in Blackpool town centre. Owned by former English boxing champion Brian Rose, the Blackpool boxing gym is open to any and all abilities.

The aim of the gym is to give back to the community that helped Brian out as he developed over the course of his illustrious career, and the Blackpool boxing gym does that!

Google and social media reviews are a perfect 5 stars, with gym goers praising the “knowledgeable staff” and the overall quality of the gym’s facilities and classes. And with so much expertise on offer, you’ll want to keep that energy going at home - OriGym’s guide to boxing gloves for sparring and training means you can find the pads and mitts that are ideal for you!

These classes are where this Blackpool MMA gym really excels, though. They offer a wide variety of classes, all designed to cater to all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Classes are held across all days of the week and include:

  • Boxing Fitness
  • Box HIIT
  • Box Fit
  • Core Conditioning
  • Circuit Training

This Blackpool boxing gym also offers amateur boxing classes, aimed both at adults and at the younger generation. The aim here is to introduce those who may have had no experience of combative sports to the world of boxing, and indulge the passions of an entirely new generation of boxing fans. 

Combined with its central location, this Blackpool MMA gym really has a complete package for anyone who wants to have an entirely different experience to a more conventional Blackpool council gym!

Location: 75 - 77 Talbot Road, Blackpool, FY1 1LL

Pricing: Classes are £5 each, or a monthly membership is £20 with a 1 year contract, or £25 a month with no contract.

Opening Times: Monday - Friday: 6:30am - 8:00pm. Saturday - Sunday: 9:00am - 12:00pm

#7 - Palatine Leisure Centre 

gym in blackpool

Palatine Leisure Centre is a gym in Blackpool town centre that has a range of amenities that we think you’ll really enjoy. 

As well as 3 huge and well-equipped gym floors, this Blackpool gym has 2 swimming pools where you can engage in a leisurely swim or take part in an aqua class with family and friends.

The gym also hosts a range of regular exercise classes, such as:

  • Spin
  • Kettlebell
  • Legs, bums, and tums
  • HIIT
  • Boxfit

This is especially useful for those looking for boxing gyms in Blackpool but perhaps want access to other facilities and can get the best of both worlds. 

Their gym also has a climbing wall and an athletic track, both of which are rarely found in gyms and so may influence you into getting a membership with Palatine Leisure Centre. 

Memberships for adults start from £29.99 which is very reasonably priced considering the facilities. 

Children’s memberships start at £15 per month and concessions are £22.50.

So, if you’re searching for cheap gyms in Blackpool that still offer a healthy range of activities and classes, the Palatine Leisure Centre ought to be considered. 

Location: 207 St. Anne’s Road, Blackpool, FY4 2AP

Pricing: £29.99 per month, per adult 

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 6:45am - 9:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 8:00am - 4:30pm 

#8 - 100% Muscle Fitness 

gym in blackpool

Finding bodybuilding gyms in Blackpool can be difficult to come by which is why gym owner, Karl Holmes, sought to provide fellow and aspiring bodybuilders a space to work out. 

A huge amount of thought has gone into the facilities at 100% Muscle Fitness to provide gym goers with a truly amazing space to achieve their health and fitness goals. 

The gym offers a large main floor with top-quality gym equipment, machines, and free weights.

There are also a variety of classes available such:

  • HIIT cardio
  • Weighted cardio 
  • Boxing class
  • Circuit
  • Kids class 

These classes are conducted daily by truly inspiring personal trainers to motivate each and every attendee to beat their personal bests and improve their fitness.

There are various ways that you can pay for your gym membership:

  • £5 day session
  • £10 weekly 
  • £30 monthly
  • £26 direct debit
  • £240 yearly

Opting for the yearly membership works out at a mere £20 which is a cost-effective option for those searching for Blackpool bodybuilding gyms. 

Location: 57 St. George’s Lane, Thornton-Cleveleys, FY5 3LT 

Pricing: £30.00 per month

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 6:00am - 9:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 7:00am - 2pm

#9 - Bannatyne’s Blackpool

blackpool hotel with gym

Of all the leisure centres Blackpool has to offer, this luxurious Blackpool fitness centre is the perfect facility to cater for all of your wellness needs.

From their fully equipped gym to their luxurious spa facilities, there's something for everyone at Bannatyne Health Club - no wonder it's become known as one of the best premium gyms in Blackpool! They even have onsite wellness spas that offer packages that are affordable and relaxing, perfect for a post-workout treat.

This deluxe Blackpool gym is home to a wide variety of high-quality Technogym equipment, including cardio machines, plate-loaded resistance machines, free weights and a large functional fitness area.

Outside of their gym, Bannatyne’s also runs a range of classes all varying in intensity, so there’s something for everyone, regardless of ability.

As a way of setting themselves apart, this Blackpool gym have a range of eponymous functional classes, named ‘B: functional’, such as:

  • B: Core Fit
  • B: Strong
  • B: Conditioned

They also run Les Mills classes, such as:

  • Body Pump
  • Body Attack
  • Body Combat
  • Body Balance

Furthermore, if more traditional classes are your thing, this Blackpool fitness centre has you covered with classes like Yoga, Aqua and Group cycling running throughout the week.

Alternatively, if you prefer to swim laps rather than lift weights, this is one of the few gyms in Blackpool with a swimming pool. Bannatyne’s heated swimming pool, complete with a sauna and steam room, is ideal if you want to relax after your workout. Or, if you’re more of a serious swimmer, keep a track of your data with one of OriGym’s picks for the best swimming trackers.

If you’re looking for more than just your standard leisure centres in Blackpool then, or a luxury Blackpool gym that is known for being more than just a place to exercise, then Bannatyne’s might be the right option for you!

Location: Rigby Road, Blackpool, FY1 5EP

Pricing: Announced upon enquiry 

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 6am-10pm Saturday-Sunday 8am-8pm

#10 - Davies Boxing Gym

blackpool leisure centres

This amazing boxing gym in Blackpool is run by a father and son duo Ryan Davies (professional boxer) and Mark Davies (professional boxing trainer). Davies Boxing Gym offers a quality fitness experience with their start of the art facilities and superb standard of instruction. 

If you’re looking for a Blackpool boxing gym, then this newly built gym offers physical boxing training for a variety of fitness levels. This welcoming Blackpool gym aims to accommodate everyone, regardless of experience.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner who’s looking to get into shape, or someone looking to compete at the highest level, this gym has something for everyone. The only thing you need to bring is willingness to learn, grow and progress on your fitness journey. 

And if you are a boxing beginner (or even a championship challenger), ensure you start off on the right foot with the absolute best boxing shoes.

This Blackpool boxing gym has an extensive range of classes that include:

  • Metafit with Abs Blast
  • Adult Fitness Class
  • Kids’ Developmental Boxing
  • Over 50’s Boxing
  • Adult Boxing class
  • Metafit

This boxing gym in Blackpool is perfect if you’re seeking a pay as you go gym in Blackpool, too - they offer classes on a pay-by-class basis. What makes that even better is that it’s just £5 per class!

Davies Boxing Gym aims to provide you with a complete health and fitness lifestyle mantra as they strive to ensure each individual gets the results they’re looking for. All members are provided with bespoke training and diet plans. So, if you’re wanting an individualised program then this Blackpool boxing gym is definitely for you!

Location: Unit 1, Mitcham Road, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 4QN

Pricing: Given upon request or go on a class basis for £5 per hour

Opening Times:  Monday-Friday 10am-8pm Saturday 10am-3pm Sunday 9am-12pm

#11 - Blackpool Sports Centre

24 hour gyms blackpool

If you’re reading through this list, and are desperately seeking a Blackpool leisure centre that’s well equipped and well recognised, then stop here!

Overlooking the idyllic Stanley Park, the Blackpool Sports Centre is a pillar of the community, and presents an ideal option for those who are looking for a cheap Blackpool gym that’s both convenient and modern.

This popular Blackpool leisure centre offers a wide range of activities and boasts a variety of facilities with something to satisfy everyone’s fitness needs. Whether you’re looking for a kickabout with friends, or to practice your sprints on a running track, this leisure centre in Blackpool’s town centre has it all.

The facilities at this Blackpool leisure centre include:

  • A Gym
  • Sports Hall with badminton and table tennis facilities
  • All weather pitches
  • Exercise class studios
  • 60 metre indoor running track
  • Spin studios
  • 3G pitches
  • Athletics arena
  • Netball courts
  • Indoor rock-climbing wall
  • High ropes course

If you’re looking for something a bit different and wanting to try a variety of different fitness workouts, then Blackpool Sports Centre is for you. With something to suit everyone’s lifestyle, this Blackpool leisure centre will help you achieve your goals and create more healthy habits!

Location: Blackpool Sports Centre, West Park Drive, Blackpool, FY3 9HQ

Pricing: Available upon enquiry

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 6:15am-9:45pm Saturday 8am-5:45pm Sunday 8am-5pm

#12 - CrossFit Blackpool

crossfit gym blackpool

As CrossFit gyms continue to soar in popularity, our list wouldn’t be complete if we overlooked this CrossFit gym in Blackpool offering the best in strength and conditioning training.

CrossFit itself was founded in 2000, and involves a blend of HIIT training, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and plyometrics amongst other forms of exercise and sport. It’s often referred to as a form of ‘exercise cult’ due to its competitive nature, but this is of course an exaggeration! 

The workout schedule at this Blackpool CrossFit is intense since it involves such a mixture of different workout styles, so it’s ideal for those looking for a challenge. As you might imagine, no two workouts are ever the same!

If you’ve attended bootcamps in the past, it has a similar feel, except the community aspect is long-term. Each class is tailored and planned with specific warmups, strength training exercises and skills incorporated into each one. 

This Blackpool CrossFit gym thrives on the belief that fitness is a vital part of everyday life, and that you should be prepared for any challenges that life throws your way. Their timetable is jam packed, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with fitting in CrossFit classes around any of your other commitments. They run every day with a variety of classes!

Alongside these hours, there is an ‘open gym’ scheduled on each day of the week, which means that you can head over to the club and workout either on your own or with other members of your CrossFit team outside of class hours. This keeps things nice and flexible for you should you miss a class and means that you can get extra workouts in! 

Unlike many gym memberships in Blackpool, CrossFit offer you to come along to any scheduled classes and workout for free. 

If you’re looking for bodybuilding gyms in Blackpool, this may be something fresh and different for you to try. While it’s not strictly aimed at bodybuilders, many complete high-intensity CrossFit workouts to aid them in cutting body fat, so it’s never a bad idea to give it a trial session if regular cardio is becoming stale! 

And whether you consider yourself a CrossFit master or just a beginner, we’ve got tips and tricks on how to get better at CrossFit!

Location: CrossFit Blackpool, Whitehills Business Park, 6-7 Barrow Close, Blackpool, FY4 5PS 

Pricing: Memberships start at £55 a month, or £70 a month for unlimited classes.

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 6am-8:30pm, Saturday 9am-1pm and Sunday 9-11am

#13 - Sargent Fitness

gym in blackpool

Sargent Fitness is one of the ultimate fitness experience gyms in Blackpool. So, if you’re looking to transform your body with the best workout that Blackpool has to offer then this gym is for you! 

This intense Blackpool gym combines an explosive mix of high intensity cardio with resistance training and classes where you can burn up to 1000 calories or more, meaning you’re shedding fat and toning up! OriGym’s guide to the different types of body fat will help you understand the exact effects of one of those strenuous workouts.

They make the bold guarantee of toning, sculpting and strengthening, and with the amount of workouts on offer, it’s understandable that this Blackpool gym would make that claim! 

The workouts on offer include:

  • Full Body Cardiovascular Workout 
  • Prehab 
  • Full Body Upper Focus
  • Combat 
  • Strength 
  • Calisthenics
  • Full Body Lower Focus
  • Trainer’s Choice
  • Olympic Lifting 
  • Full Body Core Focus

With such a packed timetable, and classes offered everyday, this Blackpool gym is the perfect place for a mix of HIIT and resistance training! 

Still unsure? The reviews across social media and Google are exceptionally positive, with a 5 star rating! Many of the reviews state how Sargent Fitness is “the best place to workout”, with others praising the “friendly and knowledgeable staff” and the “supportive environment”. 

This positivity, coupled with the intense workout regimes, means that this Fylde fitness centre earns its spot on our comprehensive list of the best gyms in Blackpool!

Location: 2 Constellation House, Lockheed Court, Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool, FY4 2RN 

Pricing: Prices vary, but start at £42 a month for team training. Enquire for prices for individuals.

Opening Times: Monday 6:15am-8pm, Tuesday 6:15am-7:30pm Wednesday 7am-8pm, Thursday 6:15am-8pm, Friday 6:15am-7:30pm, Saturday 9am-2pm and Sunday Closed 

Before You Go!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of what we think are the best gyms in Blackpool, and the Blackpool and Fylde Coast area. Perhaps you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for, or maybe you’ve discovered a new passion and are going to try something new!

Regardless of where you are, we believe in finding the right fitness experience for everyone, whether they’re a beginner or an expert. Exercise is an integral part of all our lives, and it's important to find a place where you feel comfortable to workout at your own pace.

But, if you consider yourself an expert in all things fitness, perhaps one of OriGym’s formally accredited personal training courses could be the next step in your fitness journey.

Or, take your time and download a FREE course prospectus and read more about what we offer.

Written by Chris Allsobrook


Chris is a former English teacher, turned content editor. He holds a first-class honours degree in English Language and Creative Writing from the University of Central Lancashire, before going on to complete his teacher training, and obtain a PGCE at Liverpool John Moore’s.

Chris is a keen runner and is currently undertaking both his fitness instructing and personal training qualifications here at OriGym. 

Outside of fitness, you’ll often find him gaming, watching the football, cooking, or spending time with his family.

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