7 Best Focus Mitts for Boxing, MMA and Muay Thai

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All fighters start somewhere, and boxing mitts are the ideal place to begin. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, if you want to be the best in the game then you need the best training equipment, and the right focus mitts are an absolute essential.

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The Best Boxing Mitts

#1 - RevGear Pinnacle RG1 Gel Focus Mitts

Price: £49.99

The Pinnacle RG1’s are built around speed and safety. They feature ‘Ram Force anti-shock gel’ technology, which is designed to absorb a chunk of the impact shock from incoming blows, allowing you to keep up the spar for longer without hurting your hands. 

This gel is infused in the palms of the mitts in an ergonomic tear-drop shape, designed specifically to absorb and contain punching power.

A great pair of mitts are only as good as they are comfortable- with that, the RG1’s excel. They feature synthetic leather-tipped mesh flaps at the entry point of the mitt, allowing the wearer’s hands to catch a cool breeze in the midst of intensive training.

If overheating is something you’re struggling with, though,check out our complete report on the best Muay Thai boxing shorts, all of which offer ultra-breathable fits and practical designs.

You'll also find a grip ball and a padded wedge within the mitt, providing grip and support to keep a firm grasp as you’re taking heat. It'll also grant enhanced comfort and stability to your wrist, preventing it from bending back awkwardly.

There's also an extra layer of gel all around the mitt so that you can benefit from increased comfort and protection, which is without a doubt the most important quality in a mitt.

Additionally, they’re an extremely lightweight choice. This will help your manoeuvrability throughout training, allowing you to string together more complex combinations due to the higher level of mobility you’ll have here. These are some of the best boxing mitts when it comes to all-round performance.

#2 - Origin Hook and Jab Pads

Price: £40.00

The hook and jab pads are among the best boxing focus mitts for beginners. They’ve got all the basics down- they're large, curved and dense to properly catch and absorb powerful punches. These mitts are firm, too. They're built with toughness in mind, so while they may not be the comfiest pick on our list, they’re certainly one of the most resilient.

The tough leather skin and tight sewing makes this pair of mitts durable; they’ll be sure to take the pressure and last a long time, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of them in terms of longevity.

This is perhaps where these Origin focus mitts really excel - they offer a superb balance between a more affordable choice, and the rugged reliability that’s often only offered by more premium options.

Coming in a slick black and white design, you can match these mitts with a range of other training equipment, like your favourite pair of boxing shoes. Origin’s range als extends to matching kit including a maize bag and punching bag. Working in style is half the fun, and you could gather a whole inventory chock full of matching training gear.

#3 - Fly Sports Punchers Mitt X

Price: £130.00

Where these mitts differ from the other picks on our list is in their shape. These are fully circular which will help catch imperfect strikes with their large surface area. This is a great feature for beginners, who are more likely to be throwing less precise punches.

With a toughened foam face that will absorb incoming damage and a cushioned back to keep your hands secure and cosy, this set of mitts are a great option for fresh-faced fighters or seasoned veterans.

They’re extraordinarily lightweight allowing for rapid movement, as well as smooth transitions and movement between punches and swings This will drastically help your speed in the combat zone no matter the type of fighter you are, as well as help you to develop and experience the benefits of good posture when boxing.

Speed and agility are universally sought-after traits in fighting, so you definitely want to improve these skills in training. And Fly Sports’ signature boxing mitts offer the ideal balance of durability and lightweight construction.

The best boxing punch mitts need to be light, so if you need to improve your jabbing speed then these are the mitts for you.

#4 - Phenom Boxing AP-5 Mini Air Pads

Price: £109.99

Phenom’s mitts are designed with toughness and precision in mind. They feature a target in the centre of the palm, as well as boasting increased protection qualities such as 3’’ of shock absorbing multi-layered padding as well as air cushioning technology.

The glove at the back features breathable fabrics to alleviate sweat build-up, as well as a Velcro strap so you can customise how tight you’d like the grip to be. Breathability is often a key feature of all workout equipment - check out OriGym’s complete guide to the best boxing gloves for sparring for more suggestions.

Coming in at 9’’ tall and 7.5’’ wide, these oval-shaped mitts will surely catch any punches coming your way. The size coupled with the reinforced padding makes these mitts particularly great at killing the force of a punch upon impact, making them extremely safe and reliable to use.

You can pick this up in either black or a sangria maroon, so depending on your other training gear you’ll want to find the look that matches you best. The hefty price tag is warranted, as these are definitely some of the best focus mitts- boxing fanatics will need to grab a pair.

#5 - Minotaur Fight Store Rival RPM80 Impulse Punch Mitts

Price: £79.99

The Impulse Punch mitts are made from super resistant microfibre- they can practically swallow punches. They're simultaneously soft, light and tough in the right places, excelling in every aspect that a mitt possibly can.

The padded finger protector on the back of the mitt offers outstanding grip and control, as it’s tailored to fit each finger in its own compartment. This extra manoeuvrability is an essential commodity to make you a nimbler striker, especially when combined with the right men’s and ladies’ boxing boots.

They’re comfortable too, coming with ultra-breathable fabric on the hand cover so you won’t feel too hot, and an ergonomic ball grip that slides into your palm.

Finding the right size is incredibly important when it comes to boxing mitts. If a pair is too big, they’ll be loose and risk being launched off your hand by a big hit, and if they’re too tight you’ll be in agony after only a few jabs.

Fortunately, with these mitts you can actually customise your size. You can pick these up in small/ medium or large/ extra-large, which come in at 6.75” x 8” and 7.5″ x 8.75″ respectively, making them ideal for boxers of any size. This customisation places these as some of the best boxing punch mitts around.

These pads are built around precision- they're deliberately smaller than many other mitts to encourage the striker to consider their aim with purpose. For this reason, these mitts are probably most aptly suited for a fighter with decent experience with sparring.

#6 - RDX T15 Nero Green Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads

Price: £60.99

Perhaps the main advantage of the Nero Green set is that they come in a bundle with matching boxing gloves, so you’re getting a full sparring set at a decent price. The price is even lowered as it comes with a bundle discount so you get more out of your money than if you were to buy them separately. 

These focus pads are extremely environmentally friendly, being made from vegan durable faux leather and packaged with recyclable materials upon delivery.  If veganism is something you’re considering, explore more in our complete guide to the benefits of following a vegan diet.

They come in an eye-popping lime green with slick black detailing. Not only does this just outright look great, but the colour choice also offers a major tactical advantage while you’re training. You'll find that, by having a particularly vibrant target to strike at, your accuracy and tracking will improve drastically. 

This is because the appearance of the mitt will most likely be in stark contrast to everything in your visual field, allowing you to subconsciously highlight them. The punches will feel sharper, and your reactions will be noticeably snappier. 

As far as reliability goes, customer reviews have scored these mitts at a remarkable 4.6 stars out of 5, so you’re likely to be satisfied. This makes the RDX T15’s some of the best boxing mitts, review-wise at least.

#7 - Yokkao Focus Mitts

Price: £141

You'll struggle to find anything tougher than Yokkao’s focus mitts. As the most expensive pick on our list, you’ll be expecting resilience, but even the highest expectations will be surpassed by the remarkable quality of the premium cowhide leather that the skin of the pads is made from.

The tightly laced seams keep the reinforced padding within feeling secure, and the thick hand grips provide an extra level of protection on top of the shock absorbing interior. Yokkao have adapted their mitts to have an inwardly curved face which will inspire precision in your training. 

This is because the concave design effectively creates a sort of ‘sweet spot’ at the very centre of the mitt, the point at which your hand is hugged by the curvature. Should you hit any other point around the centre, you won’t feel the full connection of the blow, potentially ruining the flow of a combo. 

This makes these mitts a great option for experienced fighters, if you’re just starting out and need more confidence in your accuracy then it’s best to get a mitt with a flat face.

These mitts are simply designed to last, they’re probably the toughest you can buy anywhere on the market, so if you’re an extremely heavy hitter who has a particular need for longevity, then these are the pads for you. 


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What To Look For In A Good Pair Of Mitts

If you’re inexperienced, it’s tricky to get to grips with exactly what you should look for when finding your ideal fighting mitts. There are a range of factors to consider, all varying around your individual skill level, so it’s important that you find something that works for you.

Let's break down the ideal components of the perfect set of boxing mitts!


Individual Ability

Your skill at combat sports should be one of the top priorities when considering which pair of focus mitts to purchase. For beginners, you should be looking for something with a large striking area to account for any inaccurate shots. 

It may also help to buy a pair of punch mitts with less padding, as your strikes may not be yet powerful enough to damage the hands of the wearer. These will generally be light and more manoeuvrable than other, more padded gloves, perfect for adding additional support during upper chest exercises.

Another major upside to this is that the mitts you pick will likely be far cheaper and lighter than heavily reinforced ones, so you can save a little money when you start off, as well as gain a better grasp of whether this is the sport for you.

If you’re an experienced fighter, then you should go the opposite route- try to find something with a smaller surface area to promote and train your accuracy, and make sure you find a pair of mitts with enhanced padding to protect the wearer’s hands from heavy hits.


Longevity is something you need in boxing mitts. Most of the time, focus mitts aren’t cheap, so you need to know that the set you invest in will last for more than just a few weeks.

Durability is enhanced by quality craftsmanship, so you need to make sure that the mitts are held together well with good-quality, reinforced seams. They need to be sewn tightly with a thick, durable material, anything that looks flimsy won’t get the job done.

Another material you need to be aware of when it comes to durability is the skin of the mitts. Leather is always a reliable material as it’s tough and proven to last, so any product made with it (or even a high-grade synthetic leather) will have you punching your heart out for months on end.

If you’re stuck for how best to train, though, we’ve put together a complete report on the best punching bags for beginners and experts alike.

Another huge consideration when it comes to durability is maintenance- your mitts simply have to be maintained as best you can to retain their original quality. They'll naturally be covered in sweat frequently, so any material that isn’t prone to washing easily might not be the best call.


The heaviness of the pads you choose shows a lot about not only their quality, but also how your training session will go, and the training exercises you’ll be able to complete. For instance, you might want heavier mitts if you’re testing your swing strength, whereas you’d opt for lighter mitts if you’re completing boxing exercises as part of cross training

Generally speaking, heavy mitts are tougher, more shock absorbent and more durable due to their excess of reinforced padding when compared to a lighter option, all indicators of good quality.

However, this is where the heaviness of the mitts could impact your training. If they’re too heavy, then the wearer could suffer from fatigue more quickly and start to drop their hands. If they’re too light, the training won’t necessarily have the impact the wearer is looking for, and their abilities could start to plateau.

It's important to reach a sweet spot here; find something that’s heavy enough to boast good quality, but not too heavy as to slow down or tire the wearer as this will surely dampen your training experience.

Grip and Reinforcement

The glove at the back of the punch mitt needs to provide good grip to keep the mitts on firmly under a barrage of punches. Any option with individual finger slots is great for your grip, as you can use the barriers between your fingers for extra support.

Of course, it’s still a good idea to work on your grip, even if you’re planning to use a pair of focus mitts with individual finger slots. We’d recommend incorporating specific exercises (like deadlifts or pull-ups) that use your grip strength, or even investing in grip strengtheners to help you reach new levels of strength.

Any mitt with an ergonomic ball grip that slides into your palm also provides outstanding grip support. This is because the more closely the mitt fits your hand, the more securely it’ll sit still, so it won’t move around and come loose during training.

Reinforcing your hands and wrist is a key feature to look for too. Many mitts come equipped with additional straps to secure your wrists at the base of the glove. This will help to keep your hands and wrists stable, and even prevent you from damaging them by having them forcibly bent back from a strike. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Boxers Hold Their Focus Pads?

Having the correct technique is vital when it comes to protecting yourself behind focus pads. Any misstep could involve a litany of injuries including damaged hands, wrists or even a punch in the face!

Let’s quickly summarise the right steps you should take to perform your role properly and evade injury.

Stand up Straight and Squarely

Firstly, you need to be standing upright as you’ll get the majority of your strength and support from your back. This will help keep you firmly standing, and stop you from being moved by hits. 

Plant your legs into the ground with one ahead of the other and twist your back heel outwards slightly. This is the optimal starting position for any boxing match or sparring session.

Extend Your Arms

You should then reach out with your arms so that they’re clearly away from your face and kink your elbows slightly to avoid any unnecessary injuries. If you lock them, you could suffer from a major injury. 

Kinking your elbows will grant increased support from your triceps to resist the force of the punches and keep your hands in place.

Keep Your Hands Facing Forwards

Ensuring a strong defence is the backbone of a solid training session. Not only will it help to protect you, but it’ll also encourage a better performance from your sparring partner. 

To do this, the final step is to keep your palms facing forwards at all times. Should you lapse and begin to subconsciously turn them inwards, a punch could easily roll off of the focus mitt and break through your defence, killing the momentum of the spar and possibly even hitting you.

Keeping focus is often a key element of all exercise, and there are ways to help sharpen this. Check out OriGym’s total overview of the benefits of meditation to learn more about how mindfulness can aid your fitness pursuits.

Is Mitt Work Important In Boxing?

Mitt work is possibly the most important part of any combat training. When you’re under the spotlight in a dangerous scenario, your combination work and striking power need to be second nature to you. 

The only way to learn these skills and maintain them under a high-pressure scenario is to spend hours, days and weeks with a partner and punch mitts.

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. It's important to work to your limits rather than undertraining, and that’s what you’ll need to do to maintain composure and remember your skills in the midst of a one-on-one fight. Be wary of overtraining, however, as this can set your training back significantly.

How Do You Choose Focus Pads?

When it comes to the best focus mitts, boxing or MMA, it’s all about personalisation. No one person has the same technique, the same power or the same accuracy. Take into consideration the suggestions we provided in the ‘What to Look for’ section and apply your own skills and experience to those criteria.

Another simple thing you should consider when choosing focus mitts is the pricing and reviews from previous customers. If you have two pairs of mitts to choose from, compare these two factors. 

If one option is cheaper and has the added reliability of better reviews, then it could be a good idea to go for that pair. It's always handy to be shopping-savvy when it comes to buying things that’ll be important to your training, so be sure to weigh up these issues as well as the actual mitt quality and what suits you.

Before You Go!

After breaking down some of the best boxing focus mitts on the market, we hope we’ve found something that’ll help you on your way to becoming a true fighter. Just remember - find something that suits your current physical specifications and skill level- you don’t want to be punching above or below your weight.

If you’re an avid fighter and love fitness, why not take the next step in your journey and become a personal trainer? You could join our team and build a life helping others achieve their goals by taking a look at our full Course Prospectus here.

Written by Harry Griffiths

Freelance Fitness Writer & Enthusiast

Harry is a freelance article writer for Origym. With a degree in creative writing at his back, he writes about all things fitness for our company blog, covering everything from exercise techniques to product reviews. A passionate weight lifter, Harry’s commitments to fitness
and wellbeing extend from behind the keyboard all the way to the gym floor.

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