11 Best Calisthenics Apps of 2022

the best calisthenics app

Finding the best calisthenics app will provide you with all the tools you need to improve your strength, fitness and flexibility. For that reason, we have put together a shortlist of the top 11 applications that come packed with workouts tailored to your needs, fitness level, goals and available equipment.

Searching the app store, you’ll find an abundance of calisthenics workout apps to choose from, but which one is the best and what makes them different? To find out, we will cover:

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an expert looking for new challenges, we’ve created  this list to help you find the right one for you. 

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What Is Calisthenics?

the best calisthenics app

Simply put, calisthenics is a form of strength training that involves a variety of movements that exercise large muscle groups. It often requires minimal equipment or bodyweight-only exercises to increase strength, fitness and flexibility.

If the name sounds unfamiliar, you may be familiar with the exercises. Being performed at different levels of intensity and rhythm, exercises include favourites such as:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Crunches
  • Planks
  • Pull up
  • Burpees

If you have ever taken part in these exercises you’ll know that they’re pretty difficult, and combining all of them into one session is incredibly intense. If you’re new to calisthenics, find our article on calisthenics for beginners: ultimate guide for an in depth look at the activity.

11 Best Calisthenics Apps

#1 Caliverse 

calisthenics app

Star Rating:

  • Android: 4.6
  • iOS: 4.8

Caliverse creator, Daniels Pitkevics, was searching for the best calisthenics app when he found that most apps lacked the features he needed; therefore, he decided to build his own community-led app from scratch.

The app launched in January 2019 and is continuously updated based on user feedback, with emphasis on accessibility, particularly for beginners and plenty of free content. 

Pitkevics collaborated with United Calisthenics Group to create workouts, plans and exercises, which all include video demonstrations and written descriptions. The app is very easy to use with uncomplicated navigation between homepage, available plans, and the workout library. 

This is among the best calisthenics apps due to the detailed guidance of reps, sets, weight and rest time. You can also edit the number of reps and add additional kg if you use weights otherwise, most workouts are bodyweight-only. 

Workouts are then logged using a calendar and you can schedule future workouts for the following week, whether it’s a workout or a rest day.

Whatsmore is the option to choose between pre-made and community-made workouts, or customise your own. It’s suitable for all fitness levels, as workouts are actually made with newcomers in mind.

However, if you’re looking for a challenge workouts are categorised by four difficulty levels - these are:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Insane

Additionally, if you’re an experienced trainer with knowledge to share, you can create pro workout plans and earn up to £2 for every user who uses it.


The free version of caliverse offers 100+ bodyweight workouts, 300+ calisthenics exercises, with professional videos and descriptions, plus 10+ training plans.

The premium version is £4.49 a month or £43.99 a year, both with a 7 day free trial. This includes more advanced and progressing workout plans that target specific skills or movements. 

It also gives access to new plans added every month, live workout sessions with instant performance feedback, and exclusive Caliverse tutorials. 


It’s an all-rounder and the best calisthenics workout app for any fitness level or age. If you’re motivated by being part of a community and incentives in the form of monthly challenges (with prizes!), then this could be the app for you. 

#2  Calisthenics Mastery

calisthenics workout app

Star Rating:

  • Android: 4.4
  • iOS: 4.4

This calisthenics workout app gives you access to a large library of exercises, videos and informational content to help with your workout plans. 

There are over 150 exercises across 16 different categories, targeting 27 different muscles in the body. All the while there’s access to a wide selection of bodyweight exercises being updated regularly. 

The layout is very simple and basic for tracking workouts; you can search for exercises by name or by the muscle group you want to target. Each exercise link describes exactly what muscles are involved, with written descriptions of how to perform the movement, as well as animated icons to show the exercise. 

This unique platform provides progression ideas, suggesting sets and reps depending on which level you choose for the specific exercise. The ability levels include:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Master

Another great feature is the workout streak counter, it’s a great motivational feature for anyone looking to create a daily exercise habit. Along with this is a helpful way to visualise your fitness goals, as there is a progress percentage; so you can see where you’re up to fast and efficiently. 


The free version of this app contains 50 exercises in 5 categories, with full functionality. Two plans are included for free with routines and schedules created for you automatically, you simply set the difficulty level and you’re good to go!  

The pro version costs £14.99 which unlocks all content and includes auto-progress. This feature increases reps automatically after a workout to push you that bit further. 

Pro also includes fun workout modes to keep things challenging, such as tabata mode (high intensity intervals). You’ll also have access to more workout plans and can switch between plans with ease.


Calisthenics Mastery is suitable for all fitness levels. Depending on your goals, you can set up a personal plan with routines that you can easily edit, and you’ll unlock more advanced exercises as you progress, which is the extra motivation you just may need.

If you’re wondering if to give it a go, you can read about the benefits of calisthenics training here to find out if it's for you.

#3 Calisteniapp 

calisthenics app android

Star Rating:

  • Android: 4.7
  • iOS: 4.8

For the best calisthenics app, Android users in particular may want to consider Calisteniapp. This is one of the few apps that is equally well-developed for both Apple and Android.

Specifically designed for meeting the fitness and health requirements of active people, Calisteniapp provides workouts for training at the gym or at home without any equipment.  You can create your own routines and schedules or select routines on the app, which are all conveniently categorised by fitness level and what muscle group you want to train. 

That's not all, workouts are logged using a weekly schedule which you can customise, and the app will recommend routines you may like based on ones you’ve completed previously. Aside from the great personalisation aspect, the app boasts a wide variety of exercises and routines that come with high-quality, short video tutorials.

Calisteniapp also doubles up as an educational resource, as embedded in this app are articles suited to beginners and advanced level trainers. These explore calisthenics in greater detail and provide nutrition advice to maximise your progress.

One of the best things about Calisteniapp is how much you get access to when using the app for free, something that sets it apart from the rest. The free version is a great option for beginners, you can find your feet and see if it is for you; however if you’re at a higher level and looking for more, the pro version may be better for you. 


The free version offers 250+ workouts, 450+ exercises with explanations and videos, and you can create up to 3 custom routines; even better, it’s ad-free! 

The pro version costs £4.49 a month or £26.49 a year. This includes training programs, unlimited routines and exercises, improved video and download speed and access to all challenges -  it also has Smart Routines which are adaptive routines that evolve according to your progress. 


Depending on what you want to get out of the app, and what you can afford, both the free and pro versions are brilliant! It’s easily a top player for the best calisthenics android app.  

#4 Freeletics - Personal Trainer 

calisthenics apps

Star Rating:

  • Android: 4.2
  • iOS: 4.6 

Freeletics is a calisthenics workout app that has exercises designed to be completed anywhere, with or without equipment. 

The app pushes you to take your fitness further, it may feel a little overwhelming for complete beginners, but it’s particularly effective for those who are looking for an app  geared towards fat loss, conditioning and endurance.

The app uniquely incorporates high intensity interval training (HIIT) and on the other end of the spectrum, has the ability to ease you back into exercise safely after a long break. So you can vary your exercise difficulty, no matter what level you’re currently at.

The workouts are tailored to your fitness level and goals, and after filling out some basic information, the app will provide you with the best workout variations for you to choose from. 

Each exercise has a video demo and the number of reps you should do, perfect if you’re somebody who is more of a visual learner. Not only this, but some of the workouts are circuit-style with rests in between each segment; this style is great for those who want to keep the intensity high throughout.

What makes this one of the best calisthenics apps is the flexibility and customisation. Workouts can be anywhere between 10 and 25 minutes long, with the option to change your preferences or workout at any point if things feel too easy, or too difficult.

The accessibility doesn't end there either, if you need to workout quietly, have less time, or if you’re simply just sore from previous workouts; you can let the app know and it will adjust your session accordingly. 

If you’re a casual exerciser and don’t fancy a structured program, you can choose from individual workouts in the explore tab, there are over 900 to choose from, with categories to help you sift through with ease.

Moreover, at the end of a workout you receive points and can give feedback; this will inform your next session and each one will be slightly more challenging than the last. To push your strength training further, you can read our guide on strength training here.

The homepage has workout challenges that are posted every few days, so you can comment on these and discuss with other users how it went. This also comes with a leadership board - perfect for anyone who likes friendly competition and seeing their name at the top!

One of the great features of this app is the additional meditation and information audio courses. This is a bonus for anyone seeking motivation, educational information and something to help them get into the right mindset. 


The free version has a lot to offer, It has 10-30 minute bodyweight workouts and 900+ workout variations that cover all major muscle groups. If you want to move forward with customised workout plans, then you may want the paid subscription. 

The pro version is named The Coach and you can choose from 3 months for £32.99, 6 months for £54.99 or 12 months for £74.99.

The Coach provides you with a that can be described as a digital person trainer. It formulates personalised training plans through algorithms - based on your age, weight, fitness goals, abilities and availability. It can even detect if you’re overtraining and need a rest day.


It’s definitely worth downloading if you need a schedule and enjoy a sense of accomplishment, Freeletics is also great for social elements too. There is a large Meetup community and regular challenges if you desire to meet like-minded fitness enthusiasts. 

#5 Thenx 

best calisthenics workout app

Star Rating:

  • Android: 4.3
  • iOS: 4.8

Thenx is on our list of best calisthenics apps for many reasons, one is its clean, simple layout that gives you quick access to features. The design is remarkably minimal for those who prefer practicality over aesthetics. 

The programs are developed by professional instructors and athletes who want to make calisthenics accessible to all, whatever your age or level. So, you can rest assured that everything on the app is constructed by professionals.

There is a sense of personalisation within the app, and it’s easy to create your profile with basic information such as; height, weight, goals, and how many reps you can perform for each specific exercise. 

After you’ve made your profile, you will find each workout and training programme divided into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced; they’re also listed by goal and muscle group, so you can quickly find what’s right for you.

The workouts are a list of exercises, instructing how many reps to perform and how long to rest for, so if you’re new to fitness you’ll still be well prepared. Further, exercises come with lots of useful information and high-quality video examples performed by the Thenx team - perfect for beginners as we know scripts can get a little confusing.

There is also an explore feed to check out how other users have worked out that day to give you some encouragement, and for the days lacking motivation, you can save and like programmes and workouts for the next day or after. 


The free version gives you access to all daily workouts, they’re posted once a day, are easy to follow, and come with high-quality video demonstrations for each exercise. There is no need to try and come up with your own plan either, as there’s also a clear description of how many reps and sets you need to do to complete the workout. 

The daily workouts are a great feature of the app and are used by over 2 million people; they give lots of inspiration and are a quick choice if you’re struggling to decide what workouts you want to do. 

The pro version costs £9.99 a month or £89.99 a year. This includes all of the above but on top of this, grants access to 8 technique guides and 9 training programs. The programmes are beginner, intermediate or advanced level and are perfect for those who need the extra interactivity and motivation.


Thenx is perfect if you want to focus on endurance and increase the number of reps you can achieve, as well as teaching you the techniques of calisthenics exercises to help you make the most out of your training session! 

To stay on top of your nutrition during this hard work, find the following nutrition articles for some informative advice:

#6 Madbarz

best calisthenics app android

Star Rating:

  • Android: 4.6
  • iOS: 4.3

Madbarz is a popular choice and top contender for the title of best calisthenics workout app, you can see this first hand on their website, there you can find success stories from users who have shared their experience. 

The app has more than 300 bodyweight exercises and over 65 built-in workout routines for different training purposes. All the while being continually updated with new exercises and features based on user feedback. 

After downloading the app, any provided information will be analysed. This includes height, weight, goals and areas of the body you want to target; you will then be presented with a plan best suited to you. 

The metrics of the workout routines are highly adjustable so you can choose the workout duration, what muscles you want to target, and alter the number of sets, reps and rest times. This way, you’ll only ever do however much you can handle.

The app has a progress tracker and assigns you a level based on your workouts, then when you complete a workout, you are awarded points based on the difficulty level of the workout. This scheme is a great way to stay motivated with the sense of accomplishment.

If you are a beginner and looking to learn more, the Madbarz blog has an abundance of free information about calisthenics, nutrition and motivational videos; so, there is no need to struggle through exercises thanks to clear instructions and video demonstrations to download and view.

The app itself is easy to navigate, and each exercise comes with a helpful thumbnail to show you which muscles are activated if you’re looking to isolate muscles in your workouts. The overall functionality of the app is efficient, making it an eligible runner for the best calisthenics app for android. 

Madbarz also has an online community of trainers, from beginners to advanced, who can ‘respect’ each other’s workouts, similar to liking a post on social media apps. 


The free version includes a selection of bodyweight workouts to suit your fitness level, weekly challenges, the option to customise workouts and exercise tutorials. It is perfect for those just starting out and seeing if it suits their demands.

The pro version costs £11.49 a month or £79.99 a year. This provides access to workout plans and a nutrition guide, an important factor in any fitness journey. The plans are personally tailored and run by 2 week to 12 week plans. 


Madbarz has everything we look for in calisthenics workout apps, especially the community aspect to keep you motivated and follow others on their fitness journey. It’s perfect for competitive and goal-oriented trainers. 

To get the boost of energy before you dive into the app, find the best pre-workout supplements here to fuel your session.

#7 We’re Working Out - Al Kavadlo

the best calisthenics app

Star Rating:

  • Android: 4.4
  • iOS: 4.8

If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, Al Kavadlo has made the best calisthenics app for you. Al Kavadlo is a fitness expert, author and lead instructor for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification. His app is designed for fun, challenging, full-body workouts. 

This platform has more than 40 unique workouts and over 90 different progressive bodyweight exercises, all chosen by Kavadlo using his expertise in strength training and calisthenics. 

The layout is simple, easy to use and when you download the app, there is no signing in or filling in basic info if you plan to use the app for free. Perfect for those looking for a hassle free, no nonsense workout plan.

Each exercise is listed from easy to difficult and the assistance of an animated Kavadlo will show you how to perform it alongside written instructions. The exercises are progressive, so once you have mastered one level, you can move onto the next. 

The workout categories allow you to select a workout based on your needs, you can choose from categories such as warm up, zero equipment or fun workouts; there’s also an assessment to analyse your strength. 


The free version provides an exercise library, workout categories and articles, while the exercise library has a list of exercises and the different variations. For example, under ‘squats’, you’ll find wall sits, split squats and close squats. 

However, there is no tracking or monitoring feature on the free app and limited ability to personalise your exercise routine or workout plan. Though this is ideal if you simply want to try the workouts or don’t need a schedule; you can still open the app and find a generalised workout based on what you feel like doing. 

If you need more, it will be worth paying for the app. The pro version costs just 79p a month or you can pay £6.99 once. This unlocks all content including the activity section, which includes fitness programs, tracking progress, automatic workout logging and customisation options. 

This is a great budget option and alongside the plans for stretching and training outdoors, there’s a program for aspiring fitness trainers! And if you’re into building serious muscle, you can find our article on whey protein: isolate vs concentrate to help recovery.


This is a nice and simple app that won’t overload you with information, you can get straight into the app and start exercising. Kavadlo has also included a blog where you can search by exercise to find articles detailing yoga exercises, weights or bodyweight only exercises. 

#8 Calisthenics Parks

calisthenics apps ios

Star Rating:

  • Android: 2.5
  • iOS: 3.3 

Though not built for offering workout routines, this will be the best calisthenics app for you if you love to take part in outdoor exercise. The unique Calisthenics Parks allows you to find the best outdoor spots for performing calisthenics, such as outdoor gyms or parks with gym areas. 

It provides a comprehensive list and maps a large number of countries worldwide; there are thousands of archived locations, which are perfect if you’re on holiday or travelling for work. 

Additionally, for each location there’s a rating given by users with pictures, a detailed description and the exact location on the map. Accompanying this is information about what exercises or workout options can be performed in specific parks, such as parallel bars, jump platforms or rope climbing stations. 

You’ll be part of a worldwide community and be able to add training spots near you to their database, if they aren’t already a part of the plethora of locations.

There are already 14,000 calisthenics spots listed on the map and the number is growing thanks to user participation. Not to forget another exciting feature of calisthenics events and challenges happening all over the world, which you can find and join from the app or website. 


Something that sets Calisthenics Parks apart, is that it is completely free to use! 


Calisthenics Parks is a great mechanism of staying fit and connected wherever you are in the world! All done with no damage to the bank account either, which is always a perk.

#9 BodBot

calisthenics workout apps

Star Rating:

  • Android: 4.5
  • iOS: 4.7 

BodBot may just be the best calisthenics app for Artificial Intelligence! If you’re looking for a more personalised approach, BodBot is your digital personal trainer that uses artificial intelligence to customise your workouts. 

After filling in an extensive questionnaire, the app will orient itself to your specific needs based on the following:

  • Goals
  • Body
  • Muscles
  • Schedule
  • Equipment
  • Desired difficulty 

The fitness test also measures your mobility, strength and posture, which it will take into account when creating your workouts. Essentially, the more details you provide, the more accurate the app's recommendations will be for your lifestyle; your plan will then adapt overtime as you complete your sessions and progress. 

Using the app will continue to improve its understanding of you, by analysing factors such as, how many sets you complete, how long it takes and how difficult you found the workout. BodBot even takes into consideration your activity levels, steps, sleep and your mood to ensure it recommends the best workout for you. 

This also means the workouts will progress intelligently for the number of sets, reps, and weights if you use them, all the while instructing you which muscles you need to work on. 

There’s a huge range of calisthenics exercises with step-by-step guides, while each workout can be anywhere to 20 and 40 minutes long and are divided into 3 parts: warmup, workout, cooldown and stretch. 

Also, for those with injuries or joint problems, BodBot allows you to exclude specific body parts for your workout and focus on your strengths. The app is ideal for those who don’t know what to do at the gym or for home workouts, as well as those who want an app that will take charge and give full guidance. 


The free version gives you about 90% of the product features overall, which is a great perk of downloading the app.

The pro version however costs £9.99 a month or £59.99 a year, this provides a deeper suite of tools, including analytics and the choice to zero in on muscle groups. Perfect for those with particular focuses or areas that need more work.


Although there are personalisation options, the machine-learning app means it will constantly adapt depending on how you use the app. Although this might not be ideal for those who like more customisation and control over their workout.

To avoid the infamous DOMS read our article on the benefits of dynamic stretching to prepare you for your workout.

#10 Fitbod


Star Rating:

  • Android: 4.4
  • iOS: 4.8

Fitbod is another calisthenics workout app that uses Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning to adapt itself to your needs. It’s great for independent trainers looking for professional guidance, along with plenty of room for customisation and flexibility.

When you begin using the app, all it takes is some basic preference information to start creating a workout programme; the interface is simple, easy to use and well-designed for both Android and Apple. 

Upon creating your user, you can create your workout and decide what muscle groups you want to target, what exercises you want to do, or simply conjure up a workout from scratch. 

There are different workout styles to choose from too, in company with specific exercise categories; you can even add your equipment or opt for bodyweight only, making it super versatile for those at different abilities. 

That's not all, because you decide how much cardio you want to do, whether you want the app to provide a warmup or a cooldown, and how long you want the workouts to last - so there is no need to worry about going over your time limit during your busy day.

The next step is to select your goals and choose your level of strength-training experience; with this data, Fitbod uses smart technology to personalise your workouts to fit your ability and goals. The algorithm allows it to continue adapting and progressing the difficulty of your workouts as it cleverly tracks your progress.

Each workout has 7 exercises and you can add more if you wish to your leisure, and when selecting an exercise, it will show you video instructions and muscle information. This way, you can track if you’re isolating muscles or performing compound movements, perfect for those with specific target areas.


The free version of Fitbod gives you 3 free workouts, following this it's a paid service to continue using the app’s features.

However the pro version costs £9.99 a month or £59.99 a year, this provides access to unlimited workouts, training programs, and the ability to log workouts and see your progress. It will also unlock detailed analysis of your workout log, allowing you to track things such as calories burnt and providing you with a body heat map.   


Fitbod is ideal for anyone trying to improve their fitness, build confidence, and finds structure and guidance helpful. With plenty of room for customisation, you’ll also get motivated by the Fitbod Achievements board, where users can showcase their personal bests.  

#11 The Movement Athlete

apps for calisthenics

Star Rating:

  • Android: 4.1
  • iOS: 4.2

If you’re seeking a little more variety, The Movement Athlete (TMA) could be the best calisthenics app for you. TMA provides a unique training experience that combines calisthenics exercises with gymnastic moves, and because of this, promises increased flexibility, strength and mobility. 

It was designed by professional coaches who specialise in gymnastics and calisthenics, as well as input from physiotherapists and sports scientists; not only this but the app was tested by athletes over 3 years.

Each training program is personalised to suit your specific skill level and goal and the in-app assessment identifies exactly where you are in your fitness journey.

As you grow stronger and more mobile, TMA progresses and adapts along with you as the Artificial Intelligence technology tracks your progress.

Following the incorporation of this information, exercises are structured into 4 sections: 

  • Warmup
  • Skillwork
  • Strength
  • Cooldown

The skillwork section helps you master technique and functional movements and enhances areas where your skills are lacking. 

Further, thanks to the progress tracking, the app knows what movements you need to work on, with an emphasis on form and technique. This is due to TMA understanding that safely performing exercises will ultimately lead to better results! 

TMA is for everyone, and if you’re a gamer, you may find the app’s gamified approach very motivating. You’ll unlock new and more challenging movements the more you workout with the app and get stronger all the while. 


Unfortunately, there is no free version, however you will receive a 7 day free trial before paying for the app. This costs £24.99 a month, £49.99 quarterly, £159.99 a year or pay £499.99 for lifetime access. 

This will provide access to personalised workouts, 100+ calisthenics exercises, resources and video demo exercises with detailed instructions. Their library is always expanding, while credible experts continue to provide updates and tips for users. 


TMA accommodates all fitness levels and ages with a  range of exercises designed to suit all levels, with the goal to establish an exercise habit. This is the focus in hand rather than a quick-fix within a short time frame.

To stay motivated, hook up a pair of one of the best bluetooth running headphones that you can read about here.


What are the Benefits of Calisthenics?

calisthenics app workout

Calisthenics is a user-friendly and flexible form of exercise, it can be conducted anywhere without any equipment, and there are exercises to suit all levels of fitness and ability. 

The benefits of Calisthenics go beyond physical fitness and exercise performance, making day-to-day activities easier and improving posture. The exercises support areas such as: 

  • Strength
  • Form
  • Mobility
  • Brain-body connection

They’re often low impact too, making them easy on the joints. 

One study published by the Journal of Physical Education and Support explored the benefits of a low-cost and time-efficient calisthenics strength training program on the fitness performance of children. 

The results indicated significant improvement when supplementing traditional Physical Education (PE) classes with calisthenics. There was a significant increase in strength of the school children, which improved their performance in several other physical activities and sports. 

Incorporating calisthenics into PE classes also helped to prevent injuries, increased bone health and boosted self-esteem. So, it’s definitely something to incorporate to change up the daily workout routine.

What Makes the Best Calisthenics App? 

app calisthenics

What Makes the Best Calisthenics App? 

In order to get the benefits of using calisthenics apps, they need to be among those that you want to use and this can depend on aesthetics, tone of voice and featured content. 

One study by mHealth examined the usage of mobile fitness apps in 64 participants over 5 months, measuring commitment and effectiveness. 

Results concluded that those who utilised the apps had a more positive attitude about the apps, to explain that, there was seemingly a connection between usage commitment and the perception of effectiveness and usefulness.

In other words, the benefits of using a calisthenics app will depend on consistency of use, the usefulness and ease of use of the app are two characteristics people look for; alongside our expectations of what a basic app should include, such as aesthetics and accessibility. 

Some of the features to look out for in the best calisthenics apps are:

Trackable Progress Features

Being able to track your progress is a key indicator of your success or failure using a calisthenics app. Inputting details such as what weights you lifted, and if it increased or decreased. Further, your personal measurements and weight and if it has fluctuated at all.

These kinds of figures and trackable measurements ensure that you can see what the calisthenics app is doing for your health, and in particular, if you’re getting your money's worth if you own a subscription.

Compatible Across iOS and Android

Another way to interpret if a calisthenics app is going to progress and is worth the commitment, is the compatibility across iOS and Android. Due to the sheer competitiveness between apps on the market, there should be no reason to not have full compatibility; particularly with android users being more and more common.

This reflects on how the app presents its future, if it has a narrow pathway, it will in turn have a narrow and limited audience.

Rapid Loading Time

Nobody likes to wait around for things to load, especially in the middle of a workout. So, to prevent the feeling of discouragement or boredom in between workouts; an app with a high speed loading time will be much more reliable. 

This way, you can plan a workout with no tutorials buffering, or blurry images.

Regular Updates

A real important area to be vigilant in is the development and improvement based on user feedback, feedback on apps is vital for creators to become more advanced and useful; therefore, they should be using this to their advantage and listening to their consumers wants and needs.

This shows that they're listening to their consumers and are constantly updating, updates are vital to ensure consumers are getting exactly what they pay for, particularly if it's that of a subscription.

With all of these points in mind, we hope you find the best calisthenics app to suit your preferences; when you get finished with your first workout, you can refuel after your session, by picking out your favourite from the list of best electrolyte drinks of 2020.

What are The Benefits of Using a Calisthenics App? 

are calisthenics apps good

Using a calisthenics app allows you to set goals, measure progress and visualise results - which some people find very motivating. You’ll get workout routines, tips and guidance and the ability to monitor your exercise. 

You are regularly encouraged to increase difficulty levels based on your performance, such as time or number of reps helping you to increase your  overall fitness. Some apps can also sync with other devices and apps, such as heart monitors, watches and nutrition apps giving you a more accurate reading of your fitness levels.

You can read here all about the accuracy of wearable heart rate monitors.

The act of tracking your workouts and seeing progress can give you more incentive to exercise. A study in July 2020 by Computers in Human Behaviour explored the relationship between fitness app use and physical activity behaviour.

The study examined two groups of college students, one using fitness apps and the other not, to see if the apps had a positive impact on physical activity. The data showed that the app users participated in more physical activity and had a greater exercise identity.  

Having all of this information in your pocket means you can workout anywhere, whatever the weather, and fit it around your schedule. Calisthenics apps can therefore be a more affordable, flexible option and are sometimes completely free to use. 

The best calisthenics app will offer customisation, allowing you to set unique goals based on your needs, strength, experience and health. Most apps will even allow you to create unique workout routines using recommended exercises. 

The assistance of an app can help anyone who feels anxious or nervous about the gym and exercising, as an effective calisthenics app can be your guide and improve your self-confidence on your fitness journey. It’s also an opportunity to learn new exercises and follow tutorials to ensure you perform them safely and in good form.

Setting alerts, notifications and stats summary updates can remind you of your goals and progress, as well as giving you a motivational nudge on the days you need it. 

What Are the Negatives of Using a Calisthenics App? 

calisthenics negatives

Whether you choose to use a calisthenics app will depend on factors such as; how you exercise already, your goals, what motivates you, and your mindset.

Though when focusing on mindset, it’s important to be aware of the potential mental health risks that can come with using an app to track and log your health and fitness data. 

To exemplify this, in June 2019, JMIR Publications released a study to understand the role of healthy eating and fitness apps on young people, the typical fitness mobile apps are designed to promote healthier living and encourage engagement, but are the results always positive? 

A survey was given to 106 participants aged between 18 and 25, who all had experience of using healthy eating and fitness apps; the results demonstrated that almost half of the participants indicated that they had negative experiences using the apps. 

This induced feelings of fear of not achieving targets and social isolation due to the personal restrictions around diet and fitness goals. 

Even the best calisthenics app may not be the answer for everyone, especially younger users struggling with body image. It can feel all-consuming for some, whilst others are happy to log information and switch off, making the app work for them.

Consider your mindset and what is best for you before jumping into an app, but we have chosen apps in our list that offer lots of customisation and encourage rest days. Some apps focus on body goals and targets, whilst others are built simply to guide your workout, its about finding the right one for you.

Before You Go!

We hope our list helped you find the best calisthenics app to suit your fitness needs. If you think any of these apps could kick start your fitness journey, there’s no harm in downloading a few and trying the ones you like the sound of. 

Calisthenics is definitely a challenge, but one that is highly rewarding, so reap the benefits with one of our recommendations. 

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Written by Jessica Greenall

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Jess studied English and American Literature and Drama at University of Kent, graduating with first-class honours degree. She went on to gain experience in content marketing, copywriting and journalism, and has written for a variety of organisations and websites. Her passion for health and fitness led her to OriGym. She is particularly interested in the benefits of exercise and nutrition on mental health and wellbeing. Alongside writing, Jess is an English teacher and she enjoys cycling, swimming, hiking, yoga and learning languages in her spare time. 

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