13 Best Gyms in Canterbury (UK)

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Are you looking for the best gyms in Canterbury, Kent? If so, take a look at our list to discover 13 of the best!

It’s 2020, and that means that there are endless options available to you when it comes to improving your fitness at a gym or fitness centre; you just have to do some searching first. Luckily for you, we've done all of the hard work for you. We've listed everything from great Canterbury gyms with a swimming pool, to those that run classes in boxing and MMA, so that you have a wide selection to choose from. 

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#1 - Energie Fitness

Energie Fitness Canterbury Gyms

Energie Fitness is one of the most affordable but quality 24 hour gyms in Canterbury that boasts a variety of free classes, personal training services, and resistance equipment, all with the option of no contract memberships which means getting fit in a way that suits you. They offer two different membership options which each provide different benefits, from 7 days priority class booking to privilege club and PT sessions. 

This gym is furnished with top of the range equipment meaning that your favourite workout gear will be available. Energie Fitness pride themselves as being one of the best gyms in Canterbury for their resistance equipment which includes dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and also on their olympic lifting platform that provides a solid foundation for your squats and deadlifts. 

If resistance training isn't your go-to for fitness, then Energie Fitness has other options for you. This gym features a huge range of classes which makes it one of the best gyms for fitness classes in Canterbury. There’s a great functional area dedicated to a clean and machine-free workout space, and a stretch zone that makes warm ups and stretching a breeze, with classes that include:

  • Circuits
  • Pilates 
  • HIIT
  • Absolute Burn
  • Fat Shred Cardio
  • Fighting Fit

The location of Energie fitness makes it one of the most accessible gyms in Canterbury. It’s 5 minutes from Canterbury East train station, only a few minutes from the main bus station and also provides access to up to 90 minutes of free parking for its members, meaning whichever way you travel to your gym it’s possible and easily managed. It's also one of the 24 hour gyms in Canterbury which means working out whenever you want to!

Location: Unit 7, St. George Centre, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1UL

Prices: £19.99 per month, £24.99 per month

Opening Times: Mon - Fri 6:00am - 10:00pm, Sat 8:00am - 8:00pm, Sun 8:00am - 6:00pm

#2 - Lifestyle Fitness

Lifestyle Fitness Gym in Canterbury

Lifestyle Fitness is another great gym in Canterbury that deserves a place on this list. This gym provides a much more varied range of facilities than most Canterbury gyms, with an indoor cycling studio, a pitch, studio space, outdoor training area, and a ladies only area, there’s a space for every activity.  

Lifestyle Fitness is another one of the cheapest gyms in Canterbury with prices starting from just £19.99 a month with free classes included in this membership. Whilst there is an option for a longer term contract they also offer a 1 month minimum commitment option which is great for flexibility. They also offer a day pass option if you want to check out the facilities before committing. 

Personal training is also at the heart of this gym with bespoke training available to its members. Lifestyle Fitness offers personalised support:

  • Programme design - a course designed by a qualified personal trainer tailored to your level of fitness and workout.
  • Makeover - a 6 stage assessment designed to provide an in-depth overview of your health and wellbeing.
  • Earn while you burn - a course where they pay you to achieve your weight loss goals.

This level of personal training is great for those that need a little help getting started on their exercise journey or for those looking to push themselves to the next level of fitness. If you’re interested in becoming a personal trainer yourself, take a look at OriGym's guide on how to become a master personal trainer

Lifestyle Fitness also offer a good variety of fitness classes which include:

  • Cross Fit Circuits
  • Body Pump
  • Yoga
  • LSF Cycling

Location: The Canterbury Campus, Knight Avenue, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 8QA

Prices: start from £19.99 per month

Opening Times: Mon - Fri 5am - 10pm, Sat - Sun 8am - 6pm

#3 - Dynamic Fitness

Dynamic Fitness Canterbury

For one of the best women’s only gyms in Canterbury, look no further than Dynamic Fitness, a gym that caters for women and provides premier facilities. This gym has a safe and supportive space for women to exercise in and the staff are all female professionals that offer 3 different 1 to 1 induction sessions when you sign up.

The team at this top Canterbury gym are exceptional at what they do, and they boast expert qualifications. The staff are Exercise Referral trained and also Cancer Rehabilitation trained alongside their normal qualifications, meaning these ladies have the best knowledge to support your health and fitness journey.

Dynamic Fitness offers a much wider range of membership options than the big brands. There’s student rates, peak and off peak rates, over 60’s rates, etc. so whatever you're looking for, there will be a membership for you! These all include a free fitness assessment, a free personalised programme, and free reviews and monitoring which means you’re getting more health and fitness for your money.

If you’re looking for unique and fun fitness classes in Canterbury then Dynamic Fitness have the range for you. Some of these include:

  • Ignite - a resistance class that works out the whole body
  • Cyclecise - an indoor cycling class that gets your blood pumping with exciting music
  • Supple Strength - a class designed to improve strength, posture, tone, flexibility through a mix of yoga, tai chi and pilates
  • Ab Attack - 45 minutes of intense ab crunching through a range of exercises
  • Lindy Hop - a dance class inspired by the roaring 20s 

Location: 33 St Dunstan's Street, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 8BZ

Prices: start from £24.99 per month

Opening Times: Monday - Friday 7am to 9pm, Saturday - Sunday 8am to 4pm 

#4 - Exclusive Fitness

Exclusive Fitness Canterbury Gyms

If you’re looking for a more relaxed, luxury gym environment then Exclusive Fitness is one of the best gyms in Canterbury for this. This gym is more like an exclusive health club with emphasis on the quietness and individuality aspects of exercising. They offer flexible and personal membership options that will suit your individual level of fitness and goals, just enquire to find out more details on prices and options.

As part of their quality programming, Exclusive Fitness offer various consultations, services, and exclusive memberships. These include:

  • Standard Consultation: this involves body composition measurements, muscular strength and endurance tests, and a summary report.
  • Gold Consultation: in addition to those mentioned above this includes food diary analysis, nutritional advice, a sports bottle, and a full written report.

Their bespoke services include:

  • Massage therapy
  • Meal prep
  • Nutritional and exercise psychologist consults
  • Fitness tests

This means that this gym in Canterbury is well equipped to adapt your exercise programme to your needs, with expert advice and information, your commitment to fitness has the best support and encouragement at Exclusive Fitness.

This Canterbury health club has great reviews and their website has a dedicated section to people that have reached their goals through this gym. See for yourself, the results are inspiring with many people improving their lives in ways that they never expected. For example Kim, who fits in her workouts at Exclusive Fitness around running her own business, has found that as her health improves so does her work performance. Clearly there are exciting benefits to be found with Exclusive Fitness!

Location: 2 Simmonds Rd, Canterbury, CT1 3RA

Prices: Available upon request

Opening Times: Mon - Fri 6am - 9pm, Sat - Sun 7am- 7pm

#5 -  Unity Fitness Gym

Unity Gyms in Canterbury

If you’re looking for a fitness centre in Canterbury with more focus on the nutritional side of fitness then Unity Fitness Gym is the place for you. It’s different to other gyms in that it places special emphasis on nutrition and accountability. This means that they will keep you in check if you miss a session, making sure you’re okay and ready to continue with your fitness. Great for those that sometimes need a little motivation reminder!

Unity Fitness offers a variety of membership options which provide different amounts of sessions and include coaching and in-depth instruction in every session:

  • Unity 14 - 14 sessions a month
  • Unity 18 - 18 sessions a month
  • Unity 22 - 22 sessions a month
  • Set of 10 - 10 sessions with a 4 month expiry

These memberships are great for those that want a little more exercise a week, or a little less. Individual personal training sessions are also available, with Unity Fitness providing 5 different qualified personal trainers that are ready to support you in your fitness journey. 

If you want to workout in a more structured environment with others then Unity Fitness is one of the best places for fitness classes in Canterbury as they boast over 40 sessions every week. Some of these include:

  • Unity Fitness
  • Unity Strength 

Running from 6am up until 6:40pm during weekdays there will definitely be a perfect time for your workout at this Canterbury fitness centre!

This gym is a little different from your PureGym or DW Fitness: there are no mirrors and a lot less exercise machines. While this may not be everyone’s ideal workout environment, at Unity Fitness this allows for a more flexible space and more focus on the classes and nutritional aspects, which is perfect for those who prefer a group workout.

Location: Polo Farm Hockey Club, Littlebourne Road, Canterbury, CT3 4AF

Prices: starts from £104 per month

Opening Times: Mon - Fri 6am - 7:25pm, Sat 7:45am - 10:20am, Sun 9:15am - 10:15am

#6 - Fusion Martial Arts and Fitness

Fusion Martial Arts Canterbury Martial Arts

For those of you looking for a more dynamic and diverse workout, perhaps an MMA gym in Canterbury, then Fusion Martial Arts and Fitness is the place for you. This fitness centre not only offers professional and quality mixed martial arts lessons but also the opportunity to take your skills to a competitive level. This is a family-run academy that welcomes people of all ages and skill levels, so whether you’re a martial arts rookie or a Taekwondo pro this is a fun and energetic place to achieve your fitness goals.

Not only are the staff some of the highest qualified teachers of mixed martial arts in Canterbury, but the venue is fully kitted out with quality equipment that includes:

  • A boxing ring
  • 15 speed and power bags
  • Weights selection including Olympic and kettle weights
  • 30ft strength and conditioning frame
  • Fully matted area for standup and grappling training

This fully equipped Canterbury sport and fitness centre has programmes for anyone and everyone, including:

  • Lil Dragons - designed for kids aged 4 to 6 which teaches basic martial arts and safety and life skills
  • Juniors - for kids from ages 7 - 13, this involves lessons in kickboxing, boxing, karate, martial gymnastics
  • Adults - family karate and kickboxing lessons available 
  • Female Only - a supportive programme for women to learn in a safe environment

Fusion Martial Arts & Fitness in Canterbury offer affordable memberships at £30 which includes one lesson a week during the trial period - this is great for those with busy schedules that don’t want to pay too much but also want to keep fit whilst learning something new! For MMA gyms in Canterbury this is definitely one of the best.

Location: 254 Broad Oak Rd, Canterbury CT2 7QH

Price: £30 per month

Opening Times: Lesson times vary, check the website for booking

#7 - Renaissance Gentle Gym Fitness and Wellbeing Centre

Renaissance Canterbury Fitness and Wellbeing

Sometimes mainstream gyms in Canterbury can be too busy and intimidating, and that’s where Renaissance Gentle Gym Fitness and Wellbeing Centre provides a completely different environment. This Canterbury fitness and wellbeing centre aims to provide a gentle approach to exercise and focuses a lot on physiotherapy rehabilitation. 

With its physiotherapy focus, this Canterbury gym has a more unique range of exercise machines. This includes:

  • Concept Rower
  • Leg and Shoulder Shaper
  • Waist Reducer
  • Abdominal and Back Exerciser
  • Vibrational Training Plate
  • Abdominal Firmer
  • Relaxerciser

They also provide a pre-physical activity screening and relevant advice on subsequent exercises and workouts which means you’ll get the best information tailored to your own body and health. This is fantastic for those that have no idea where to begin or perhaps need advice in adjusting their fitness regime to their health.

This Canterbury fitness and wellbeing centre offers both a monthly paid membership but also individual pre-paid sessions which cost just £9 a session. This is highly affordable and perfect if you’re looking to ease back into a fitness routine with occasional sessions in a comfortable and supportive environment. 

Not only are there high quality facilities available at Renaissance Gentle Gym Fitness and Wellbeing Centre but they also provide some highly valuable and unique classes for fitness in Canterbury. These include:

  • Tai Chi for Health
  • Falls Prevention
  • Functional Classes

These are very different from your traditional gyms in Canterbury and are suitable for people of all ages and any skill level.

Location: 41 Dover St, Canterbury, CT1 3HQ

Prices: £25 per month, £9 per session

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 12:30pm, Tues 3:30pm - 7pm, Thurs 4pm - 7pm, Sat - Sun 9am - 12pm 

#8 - City Boxing Canterbury

City Boxing Canterbury

For a great quality Canterbury boxing club, look no further than City Boxing Canterbury. This is a gym that offers both competitive boxing training and purely recreational boxing, so there’s a training programme that will suit any needs. Boxing is a great way to workout your whole body, it improves your stamina, core strength, and balance whilst getting your heart pumping and body moving.

City Boxing Canterbury offers a range of programmes that are specifically tailored to age and boxing ability. These include:

  • Cubs - for ages 4 to 6
  • Juniors - for ages 7 to 16
  • Ladies only
  • Seniors

Each session typically consists of warm up, footwork, circuits and strength training, bag work, and a cool down, with those on a competitive programme also learning technical skills and sparring. These informative and engaging sessions are taught by qualified coaches who have experience with boxing, nutrition, personal training, and fitness, so you know when you visit this boxing gym in Canterbury you’ll be in the best hands. If this sounds like the place for you why not check out our post on the best boxing gloves for sparring and training so you’ve got the best equipment to start your boxing experience!

If you decide that you want to take your boxing career into a competitive environment then City Boxing Canterbury have the capability to support you with this, as they are affiliated with England Boxing (previously known as the Amateur Boxing Association of England) which is the main governing body for boxing in England. The coaches will support you and will be able to advise you on the best way for you to take your skills into a competitive ring. Get started in this top Canterbury boxing club today!

Location: Unit 2 & 3 City Business Park, Marshwood Close, Canterbury, CT1 1DX

Prices: £25-£45 per month membership, £4-£6 per session

Opening times: Mon-Sat varied hours

#9 - CrossFit Stone Towers

Crossfit Canterbury Crossfit Stone Towers

CrossFit is a modern style of workout that has numerous benefits like improving stamina, balance, agility, flexibility, and weight loss, and it also consists of high intensity interval training that is often very varied and challenging. For the best place to do CrossFit in Canterbury, head over to CrossFit Stone Towers, one of the gyms in Canterbury specifically designed to provide CrossFit workouts. 

This CrossFit gym in Canterbury prides itself on its group classes that are more often of a smaller size. This allows for the personal guidance from the coach whilst also being in a supportive and competitive environment with your fellow CrossFit trainers. It’s a perfect blend of personal training and group classes! But if you feel like you want to get ahead of the group before partaking in a CrossFit class, then check out our guide on how to get better at CrossFit here to get that handy head start.

Canterbury’s CrossFit Stone Towers offers a variety of memberships that are tailored around price, specific exercise programmes, and certain discounts. Students are able to get a discounted monthly price at £50 per month, as well as Armed Forces and Emergency Services staff who can sign up with a 10% discount. They also offer a free taster session and a £10 drop in session which is great for a busy schedule. Other membership options include:

  • Annual upfront membership with 2 months free
  • 6 month membership
  • Weightlifting club membership
  • Stone Towers evolve programming

Location: Unit 17 Barton Business Estate, New Dover Road, Canterbury, CT1 3AA

Price: Dependent on membership

Opening times: Mon - Fri 16:00 - 21:00, Sat 09:00 - 11:15, Sun 09:00- 10:00,  18:00 - 19:00

#10 - Kingsmead Leisure Centre Canterbury

Kingsmead Leisure Centre Canterbury

While there aren’t many gyms in Canterbury with a swimming pool, the Kingsmead Leisure Centre in Canterbury is one of the best. This leisure centre has a state of the art 36 station gym, 3 exercise studios including a dance studio, 3 swimming pools including one 33 metre swimming pool, a 4 court sports hall, and therapy rooms. With so many facilities there’s a space for every workout. 

This top Canterbury leisure centre provides a great array of fitness classes, from dance to water fitness to gentle workouts. Some of these classes include:

  • Body combat
  • Body Balance
  • Pilates
  • Aqua Step
  • Zumba Gold
  • Gentle Pilates

There are various levels of some of these fitness classes so you can find the right intensity and skill level for the workout you want. 

Kingsmead Leisure Centre Canterbury also offers a unique challenge for the tenacious trainers out there: the Go Tri beginners Triathlon sessions. This is a great opportunity to train in multiple disciplines which traditionally involves swimming, cycling, and running various distances. If you find that you enjoy this training then you can join the Active Life Triathlon Club that is based in the Kingsmead Leisure Centre in Canterbury and be part of a group that shares their tips and tricks for excelling at this multidisciplinary sport.

If you’re specifically interested in gyms in Canterbury with a swimming pool then the fact that this leisure centre has 3 should grab your attention. Swimming has amazing health benefits, it gets your heart rate up, builds your endurance, tones muscle and builds strength whilst being a fun way to exercise. Kingsmead Leisure Centre offers ladies only swimming times, adults and lunch swimming times, and various water fitness programmes including shallow aqua, waterworks, and deep aqua.

Location: Kingsmead Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7PH

Prices: starting from £30 per month

Opening times: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat-Sun 8am-3:30pm

#11 - King’s School Recreation Centre

Kings School Recreation Canterbury Sport and Fitness Centre

The King’s School Recreation Centre is another one of the gyms in Canterbury with a swimming pool, and a full 25 metre pool at that. It’s open 7 days a week, it has specific adult only sessions available throughout the year, and once you’ve finished your swimming workout you can unwind in the on-site sauna and steam room! 

Other great facilities alongside the pool and gym at this Canterbury leisure centre include:

  • Fitness suite
  • Cycle Studio
  • Strength and conditioning room
  • Tennis courts
  • 4 squash courts
  • Astro turf pitch

The gym is also well equipped with cardiovascular machines, a free weights area with dumbbells up to 50KG, resistance machines, and a qualified team of fitness instructors on hand to provide personal support and fitness advice.

If group workouts are more your thing for fitness in Canterbury then Kings School Recreation Centre’s classes could entice you. Some of these include:

  • Yoga
  • 50+ Aerobics
  • X-Fit
  • Ab Attack
  • Studio Cycling
  • Ultimate HIIT
  • Mat Pilates

This gym offers a huge variety of classes and there are options for older people to get involved in a comfortable and supportive environment, with classes designed for body and mind, intense fitness, and 50+ classes.

There are 3 different membership options available, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The silver grants access to the facilities of the centre with a ‘pay as you go’ system in place for the equipment. The gold is their mid range membership with more access and some discount on fitness classes and racket court hire. The platinum is the top membership which includes swimming, the sauna and steam room, racket court hire, fitness classes and coaching sessions.

Location: 1 St. Stephens Road, Canterbury, CT2 7HU

Prices: available upon request

Opening times: Mon-Fri 6am-9pm, Sat 6:30am - 5pm, Sun 7am-7pm

#12 - Canterbury Strength Weight Lifting Club

Canterbury Strength Weight Lifting Club gyms in Canterbury

If you’re looking for a more strength based workout for your fitness, Canterbury Strength Weight Lifting Club could be the fitness centre for you. This club provides training for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, as well as more general weightlifting and strength training.

There are other body benefits to weightlifting besides strength though - improved posture, metabolism, maintenance of weight loss, and improved bone health to name a few. So, whether you’re looking to compete, looking for a close knit community of Olympic weightlifters, or just to start building up your strength then this could be the one of the best gyms in Canterbury for you.

The CSWLC is affiliated with the British Weight Lifting Association, the official UK governing body for the sport of weightlifting, which means they can provide the correct guidance and latest up to date news whenever you need it. They encourage members to compete and host local competitions for ages ranging from youths, seniors, and masters. These competitions are a great experience for those wanting to advance to national events. 

The qualified trainers at this club offer various training sessions which are all on a pay-as-you-go basis. Plus, under 18s are able to train for free, which is a fantastic way to encourage youngsters to get active and thrive in a supportive sports environment. 

They also offer tailored fitness programmes and convenient online support, as well as informative nutritional advice should you need it. From beginners to advanced, the CSWLC will guide you through your fitness.

This is not only one of the best equipped gyms in Canterbury for weight training, but also the ONLY Olympic weightlifting gym in this area! Their facilities include:

  • 4 lifting areas
  • Olympic weightlifting bars
  • Weight discs
  • Squat racks
  • Jerk blocks

The team is highly qualified, with every staff member being a British Weightlifting qualified coach and the head coaches holding UKCC Level 2 qualifications. Together they're qualified with a range of certifications from level 3 personal training, level 4 Lower Back Pain Management, to Sports Massage Therapy, (as well as a number of other valuable strength and conditioning qualifications) so you know you’re in strong hands with this dedicated team! 

Location: Currently relocating

Prices: Contact for prices and times

Opening times: Currently relocating, opening times to be determined at a later date.

#13 - Inspire Fitness

Inspire Fitness Canterbury

As far as gyms in Canterbury go, Inspire Fitness is an unique club. This Canterbury fitness centre is a place for classes that are based on poles, silks, trapezes, hoops, and hammocks. If you’re bored of your usual treadmills, deadlifts, and crunches then this venue offers a new perspective on fitness that is bound to get your blood pumping again. 

Inspire Fitness has a fantastic variety of classes that include:

  • Pole fitness
  • Aerial Hoop
  • Aerial Hammock and yoga
  • Silks
  • Pole fabric
  • Children’s aerial classes

If the thought of spinning around a pole intimidates you, don’t worry! There are a range of intensities and skill levels with instructors that are ready to train you efficiently through the exercises. There are 5 week beginner courses available to get you started. The classes are designed to build your upper body strength and core strength whilst being a fun and energetic way to get fit.

For pole dancing classes in Canterbury this gym boasts the best quality equipment that includes:

  • 10 floor to ceiling studio poles
  • 7 aerial hoops
  • 10 aerial hammocks
  • 5 aerial silks
  • Industry tested crash mats

If this still hasn’t convinced you to give Inspire Fitness a go, then you can partake in a taster session for only £5.

Pole and aerobic fitness have a variety of benefits for your health. Build your strength, improve tone, lose and maintain weight, improve posture, improve flexibility, and also build your confidence. With all these benefits and such a fun approach to fitness, this is one of the gyms in Canterbury that definitely deserves a place on this list.

Location: Military Road, Canterbury, CT1 1YX.

Price: £55 for 5 week course

Opening times: Mon-Thu 5pm - 9:30pm

Before you go!

With such a variety of gyms in Canterbury this list should have taken some of the guesswork out of choosing the best place to workout, and hopefully this list of the best gyms in Canterbury (Kent) has inspired you to take your fitness journey to the next level at a gym that’s suitable for you. 

Don’t forget to take advantage of any free taster sessions or membership discounts so that you get the most for your money out of these gyms!

If you’re looking for the next step in pushing your passion for fitness then why not take a look at our level 4 advanced sport nutrition course or download our latest prospectus here to find out more.

Written by Dee Hammond-Blackburn

Fitness Content Executive, OriGym

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