13 Best Gyms in Carlisle (UK)

best gyms in carlisle

Looking for the best gyms in Carlisle, Cumbria, but unsure how to make up your mind with so many facilities on offer? Don’t worry, OriGym has taken the stress off your hands to make your search that little bit easier.

We understand the importance of finding a fitness facility that best suits your training style and how it can be the make or break of your fitness progression. So, that’s why we have taken our search seriously and analysed every gym, leisure centre, sports hall and studio the city of Carlisle has to offer.

The great thing about the city is if you’re looking for a cheap gym membership in Carlisle, you’re spoilt for choice; with many of the facilities offering monthly memberships under £30 while still offering state-of-the-art equipment, top of the range exercise classes and second to none environments.

Before we jump into the best Carlisle gyms, we wanted to make you aware of the personal training courses and qualifications on offer here at OriGym. 

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#1 – The Gym Carlisle

1 Fitness centres in carlisle

We’re kickstarting our shortlist off with one of, if not the best 24hr gym in Carlisle.

You have more than likely heard of The Gym Group brand by now, as they are a prominent franchise in the fitness industry, with venues dotted all over the country. 

Their Carlisle gym meets any expectations that you may have of one of the biggest customer-focused gym chains in England; from its 24 hours a day, 7 days a week open door policy, its top-of-the-range, varied equipment which caters for all types of workouts and training styles, to its space which is specifically designed to create a clean and bright environment, in a bid to make the motivation to get yourself to the gym come that little bit easier!

The Gym Carlisle is kitted out with 42 cardio machines, ranging from treadmills and cross trainers, to step machines and spin bikes, as well as an impressive selection of different weight machines that allow you to practice advanced exercises such as the cable bicep curl. On top of this, they also have a dedicated free weights area that includes a range of dumbbells, benches, Olympic lifting platforms, and squat racks. No matter what your training regime is, the equipment at this Carlisle fitness centre will have you covered.

If all of this isn’t applicable to how you train then fear not, this isn’t listed as one of the best gyms in Carlisle, Cumbria, for its restricted offerings! The Gym Carlisle also features a functional training area where members have a large free space to create their own workout circuit, warm up/cool down before or after exercise, or take some time for themselves by practising a calmer form of exercise, such as pilates or yoga.

For those who opt for the Do It membership, this provides unlimited access to the Carlisle gym facility, as well as access to a timetable of over 30 calorie-zapping classes that you can book on to for no extra charge; all for just £15.99 per month! This is incredible value for one of the cheapest gyms in Carlisle.

If you want a little bit more bang for your buck and would like: multi-gym access, gym passes for a friend four times a month, access to The Gym’s fitness and body composition tracking service and members-only discounts and offers on goods from a variety of brands, then maybe you’d prefer to join their Live It membership for £20.98 per month instead.

As we briefly mentioned, both of these memberships come with the addition of the Carlisle gym’s exercise classes - a great way to keep fit if you prefer guided exercise in the company of others. Whether you prefer a high intensity cardio class, or a stress reduction cool down after a long day, there is definitely something to accommodate all needs and desires, to name a few:

  • HIIT Workout
  • Upper Body Blast
  • Fat Burn
  • Legs Bums and Tums
  • Flexi Stretch
  • Tabata
  • Kettlebells and abs

So whether you’re looking for a new gym in Carlisle (UK) to get your treadmill miles in, or build those triceps, this is a great option for all.

Location: Unit 4 Saint Nicholas Gate Retail Park, London Road, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 2EA

Opening Hours: 24/7

Membership prices: From £15.99 per month

#2 – Snap Fitness 24/7 Carlisle 

2 Fitness classes carlisle cumbria

Another entry for those in the market for a 24 hour gym in Carlisle is this highly rated city centre gym. 

Though Snap Fitness 24/7 shares the same availability as The Gym Carlisle, the service that they offer their members is very different. 

For example, this 24hr gym in Carlisle promotes and embodies a more scientific approach to working out - something no other gyms in Carlisle provide. They do this by offering members their signature Snap Fitness Myzone heart rate monitors. 

By using these monitors when working out, the wearer can identify what exercise stage their heart rate is in and therefore adjust their exercise accordingly in order to reap maximum rewards. In addition to that, the Myzone monitor tracks your statistics and turns them into a score, which can be a great motivator while you’re at the gym. You can even share this score with friends/others at the Carlisle gym to create an environment where a little friendly competition pushes everyone further!

This group challenge mentality is embodied by Snap Fitness’ social #SnapNation movement, where members from around the world are encouraged to inspire each other and be proud of the work that they are putting in at their Snap Fitness gym.

Of course, as they are still a gym, their facilities are equipped with all the necessary, and advanced, tools for you to get your ideal workout in. Cardio, strength, or functional, all workout types are catered for. Or combine all of these in Snap Fitness’ own MYFIT high intensity workout programme. These 18 minute sessions consist of nine exercises that change daily to keep the programme new and exciting, however, remain a mixture of cardio, strength, and functional movements. You don’t have to be in the gym facility to take part in these sessions either, as Snap Fitness post their workouts online for all their members to take part in wherever and whenever they are available.

So, if a science-based workout interests you, then why not give a gym membership at this Carlisle facility a go?

Location: Unit 8A, English Gate Plaza, Botchergate, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 1RP

Opening Hours: 24/7

Membership prices: From £19.99 per month

#3 – Bodytek Fitness Carlisle

3 Womens gym carlisle

We get it, your interest in the gym comes and goes - whose doesn't? So if you don’t want to be tied down to a contract or monthly payment, then consider visiting Bodytek Fitness - one of the few pay as you go gyms in Carlisle. 

Of course, if you want to train regularly and save some money then you can make a monthly payment of just £25 and train as much as you want. However, if this isn’t the best option for you, then simply pay £3 on the door and you’re in!

Although it is smaller than most commercial gyms in Carlisle, Bodytek Fitness is spread across three floors so you should find that you have plenty of space and adequate access to any equipment that you want to use without the hassle of queues and waiting periods that occur at most commercial facilities.

You’ll find all the equipment that you’d need for a solid workout and even some equipment not seen in other fitness centres in Carlisle! For example, Bodytek Fitness have their own Nautilus Glute Drive rack, a piece of equipment that is seldom seen in large commercial gym chains around the country.

Though their facilities are kept discrete unless you choose to visit the gym in the flesh, with raving reviews like this gym boats, it is worth taking the blind risk. For instance, once member of Bodytek Carlisle writes:
“Best gym in Carlisle,loads of space to workout and all the new equipment is awesome ..independent gyms best!”

Another writes: “I love the place, I have been training there for over 20 years and although I teach classes at other gyms, I’m always drawn back to Bodytek to train.”

So, if you don’t want to take our word for it, take the word of its active members.

What's more, unlike the majority of other fitness facilities across the country, this Carlisle gym aims to make fitness accessible to all, so for that reason, they offer all their members free workout plans as well as any help and advice they request. If you need a guide to get you started, we'd recommend checking out our ultimate workout plan on how to get bigger arms fast in 2020.

If a more intimate gym in Carlisle (UK) is right for you, and you want to support small independent gyms, then pop over to Bodytek Fitness and see what they’re about for yourself.

Location: Phoenix House, English Damside, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8AU

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 07:30 – 22:00; Saturday – Sunday: 07:30 – 17:00

Membership prices: £3 / workout or £25 / month 

#4 – Strength Shack

4 carlisle gym membership

For those of you who are looking for bodybuilding gyms in Carlisle, Cumbria, Strength Shack will be hard to pass up. 

The range of equipment on offer at this Carlisle fitness centre are truly second to no other in the city; 15 different types of plate loaded resistance machines, 14 different types of pin select machines, and a massive amount of free weights (including dumbbells that go up to 80kg!) are just a taste of what Strength Shack has to offer members.

This makes the perfect facility for avid lifters and bodybuilders; to help further progress your sessions and make the most out of your strength training, it's always handy to have chalk to hand to aid grip strength. If you're yet to experience its benefits, head over to our article on the best weightlifting chalk in the UK and see your strength excell.

On top of this, the floor of this Carlisle fitness centre is stocked with all the necessary cardio equipment so you can keep on top of your aerobic fitness levels and grind out that last fat percentile.

An attractive feature that will definitely be beneficial for new members is the 10% discount on all products at Strength Shack’s Supp Shack store, their on-site and online shop for all your supplement needs.  

A further great factor of Strength Shack is that they provide another entry on our list for anyone who requires a flexible opening hour gym, as they are one of the few 24-hour gyms in Carlisle! Though the gym is only staffed during traditional open hours Monday – Saturday, members still have full access to the facility outside of these times, however, if you are needing guidance or advice, we’d recommend popping in when there will be someone to accommodate you.

With frequent guest appearances from a range of male and female professional bodybuilders, fitness brand representatives, and supplement experts; a gym membership at Carlisle Strength Shack will be great for you if you like to learn as much as you can about fitness from experienced sources - it is easy to see why this is regularly hailed the best gym in Carlisle.

Location: Unit 2, Site 4 Peacock Road, Durranhill Industrial Estate, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 3UD

Opening Hours: 24/7

Membership Prices: From £28.99 per month

#5 – iCan Health and Fitness CIC

5 carlisle health & fitness club

If you’re looking for womens gym in Carlisle (UK), as well as somewhere you can safely get fit in a supportive environment regardless of your age or current fitness level, then iCan Health and Fitness might be one of the best gyms in Carlisle for you. 

iCan Carlisle Health and Fitness Club is a Community Interest Company. They are supported by the Cumbria County Council and the National Lottery Community Fund, as well as a range of other community and nationwide trusts; this means that they are not for profit, and all their funds go towards improving their members’ experience. 

If your preferred form of fitness is group exercise classes, you'll be pleased to know the iCan Carlisle health and fitness club offers a selection of 30-minute classes for members. To name a few, their timetable features: 

  • Circuits
  • Bounce
  • Power Pump
  • Move
  • Move+
  • As well as a dedicated Quiet Workout session

Therefore, iCan is perfect for women seeking an exercise programme rather than an open gym. However, for the days that you are opting for more of an independant workout on the gym floor, ensure you're fully equipped by checking out our buyers' guide for the best gym bags for women in the UK.

The women's gym in Carlisle also offers at home video workouts, and a private one to one body compositional measuring service for you to take advantage of if that is of interest to you.

If you think you could benefit from joining the iCan community then book your free three-day pass and try the female-only Carlisle gym membership for yourself. 

Location: Unit 18, The Maltings, Bridge Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA2 5SR

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday: 08:00 – 12:30, 16:00 – 18:30; Friday: 08:00 – 12:30; Saturday – Sunday: 10:30 – 11:30

Membership Prices: From £35 per month

#6 – Barrie Mark Personal Training Centre

6 Carlisle health and fitness

Though obviously effective and beneficial, open gyms are not to everyone's fitness tastes, and Barrie Mark understands that.

Barrie Mark Personal Training Centre is a unique full-service fitness and health gym in Carlisle. Rather than just committing to a membership that gives you access to the facilities on offer, you are buying a membership to also have access to the experience and dedicated coaching of their skilled personal trainers.

This personal training regime can be more intense and personalised than a workout programme at a traditional gym and therefore can be more beneficial for your health and give you that extra boost to achieving your goals. 

Sessions at this Carlisle fitness centre operate every hour during opening hours Monday to Saturday, so you should always be able to find time for a session that fits your schedule. These sessions are a mix between one to one training, small groups, and larger bootcamp style training sessions. 

The facilities at the Carlisle gym also include Body Composition Scanning equipment, so you can get a real in depth look at the breakdown of your body and figure out the best way to proceed towards your goals with the help of their knowledgeable staff. 

Trainers at Barrie Mark are all fully qualified to advise you on nutrition, and in doing so can help you fast-track your road to success compared to if you were training on your own in the more traditional gyms in Carlisle. When eating clean, a great way to increase your energy levels is through the use of supplements, for that extra push, make sure to give our guide on the best BCAA tablets to boost your workouts in 2020 a read.

If you feel like a more personal training experience would be beneficial for you, then fill in their enquiry form and sign up to their 30 day experience for £99, then you can see for yourself if a personal training gym membership in Carlisle is right for you.

Location: Coulton House, Harraby Green Business Park, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 2NU

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 06:00 – 20:00; Saturday: 08:00 – 12:00; Sunday: closed

Membership prices: Available upon enquiry

#7 – University of Cumbria Carlisle Sports Centre

7 boxing gym carlisle

Another great addition for anyone in the search for an affordable Carlisle gym membership comes from the city’s leading educational facility.

The University of Cumbria’s Sports Centre on the Carlisle campus is not just for students and staff of the university, it is also open for members of the public to use and take advantage of all the facilities that are on offer.

You also don’t have to have a gym membership in Carlisle to access this gym, and as such it is one of the few pay as you go gyms in Carlisle. If you want to access the fitness suite it is a £3.50 charge, and you can also access a range of their other sporting activities for a low price, too. 

The main hub fitness suite at this pay as you gym in Carlisle is air conditioned and includes a variety of exercise equipment, from treadmills and cross trainers to resistance machines and free weights, where you can practice exercises like the clean and press. The University’s Sport Centre also features a power cage that is used for bench presses and squats - one of the most popular inclusions amongst members.  

On top of their fitness suite, the Carlisle fitness centre also offers a selection of bookable activities, including: aerobics, badminton, squash, and yoga. A membership with Carlisle gym provides access to a concession rate whereas non-members will have to pay full price. 

Moreover, this is one of the only Carlisle gyms that comes equipped with AstroTurf football pitches and an indoor sports hall, which are all available to hire, too! 

If you are looking for a gym where you can work out but also play a selection of sports, then the University of Cumbria’s Carlisle Sports Centre should be the perfect Carlisle gym membership for you.  

Location: University of Cumbria, Fusehill Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 2HH

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 22:00; Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00

Membership prices: From £16.50 per month

#8 – Bannatyne Health Club Carlisle

8 pay as you go gyms in carlisle

If your search revolves around gyms in Carlisle, Cumbria, that come equipped not only with a state of the art gym, but also a swimming pool and spa facilities, then we have your new membership right here.

Bannatyne Health Club are some of the most highly rated health and fitness clubs around the country, of which there are now more than 70!

The wellness brand are known for having high quality equipment and services and offer a full-service venue to their members where you can find such a variety of facilities that you’d never want to be anywhere else!

Their Carlisle gym floor is fully equipped with brand new state of the art Technogym equipment, some of the best high-tech and science-based workout machines on the market at the minute. This investment into quality equipment continues with their functional training rig, the Technogym Omnia 8. 

The leisure centre in Carlisle is fitted with a heated swimming pool and sauna and steam room for members to use. They also have a spa pool, which is great for recovery and relaxation – two very important aspects of any gym-goers life!

Frequently hailed the best gym in Carlisle, the facility has everything a person could want and need to achieve their fitness goals and discover fitness needs they never knew they had. Included in your membership is access to any one of their many group classes - noted the best fitness classes in Carlisle, Cumbria. 

They offer all types of traditional classes however they also provide classes on their more unique equipment such as Les Mills and on their Queenax station. If you're usually an independant gym-goer but keen to get involved with a few classes - take a read of our article that explains the benefits of group exercise classes!

When joining Bannatyne Health Club, members receive a free health check-up which forms the basis of a personalised gym regime which is then reviewed monthly and can be adjusted with your performance. 

For those wanting to get into shape ASAP but are a little low on funds right now, don’t worry as Bennatynes have partnered up with Swedish bank Klarna to offer members a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option, meaning you can kick start your membership today without the worry of paying for 30 days.

Gym memberships in Carlisle don’t get much better than this, and for the price it really isn’t asking too much either - so go and see for yourself why Bannatynes is the best gym in Carlisle.

Location: 50 Kingstown Road, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 0AD

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday: 06:00 – 22:30; Friday: 06:00 – 21:30; Saturday – Sunday: 08:00 – 20:00

Membership prices: From £39.99 per month

#9 – Morton Leisure Centre

9 crossfit carlisle uk

For those looking for a Carlisle leisure centre with swimming facilities, we know its a rare find, but we have a great option for you right here.

Morton Leisure Centre in Carlisle has three separate facilities for members to take advantage of: the gym, the swimming pool, and the studio. 

Inside their fully air-conditioned gym there are 50 equipment stations made up of a mixture of cardio and resistance machines as well as free weights. Whether you want to use their selection of cycling machines, including upright and recumbent, or you’d prefer to hammer their Olympic bar, all your general-purpose gym exercise needs will be met at Morton Leisure Centre.

They are also a Carlisle leisure centre with swimming facilities, and their 20m laned pool is great for both children and adults. Not only can you have time to free swim, but if you want to improve your skill in the water then you can join any one of a number of classes on offer for swimmers of your skill level. A great way to improve your skill is by keeping track of your progress; for further support, we'd recommend purchasing one of the products from our shortlist of the best swimming trackers to help track your data.

Finally, their studio is wherethe fitness classes at the Carlisle gym are held. The studio is big enough to fit 30 members in and offer a range of classes that will be sure to please just about anybody who is looking to attend one! What's more, you don’t need to be tied into a contract to attend the centre's fitness classes; for £3, non-members are welcome to join the fitness fun, though it’s best to check in advance if pre-booking is required.

 These classes include:

  • Water Aerobics
  • Yoga
  • Pilates 
  • Boxercise

In addition to their regular facility offerings, this is only of the only Carlisle gyms that hosts events for kids and can host children’s parties too so if you have a family that you would like to introduce into the world of fitness then keep an eye on their events page.

Location: Wigton Road, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA2 6LB

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 06:00 – 20:00; Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 – 12:00

Membership prices: From £19.95 per month

#10 – Trinity Leisure Centre

10 Carlisle fitness centre

Part of the Better Centre franchise, by committing to a membership at Trinity Leisure Centre Carlisle, it automatically provides members access to any other Better Centre gym in Carlisle, Cumbria, or the UK!

The Trinity Leisure Centre in Carlisle is smaller than its sister centre, Morton Leisure Centre, but is located in the northwest of Carlisle city centre, making it much more accessible to a larger portion of Carlisle’s population. A membership to both Better Centre facilities would be perfect for those who live and work in different areas of Carlisle, or just want to be able to access a Carlisle gym that is less busy than the other at certain times of the day.

Trinity offers a 30-piece fitness suite, fully air-conditioned and equipped with a range of stations to fit any workout programme, which you do not necessarily need to be a member for to enjoy. For a small fee, non-members can book through the Better app to partake in either the open gym, fitness classes, use of the swimming pool or many other sporting facilities without committing to a full membership. This is one of the best options for those looking for a pay as you go gym in Carlisle.

Like Morton Leisure Centre, this is another Carlisle leisure centre with swimming facilities; the 17m x 15m L-shaped swimming pool is perfect for use by adults, children, and families alike. 

Rather than a fitness studio, Trinity Leisure Centre in Carlisle offers members bookable access to their sports hall, suitable for a range of indoor sports such as basketball and badminton. Although it may not be a fitness studio, weekly circuit training classes are held here that members can take part in.

Overall, a Better Centre membership would prove great value for people who travel between different areas of Carlisle and want to be able to work out or swim on their own terms.

Location: Strand Road, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 1JB

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 06:00 – 20:00; Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 – 12:00

Membership prices: From £29.95 per month

#11 – Lifestyle Fitness Carlisle

11 Fitness classes carlisle

Carlisle is lucky in the sense that it boasts multiple options for fitness enthusiasts shopping specifically for a 24hr gym in Carlisle, and Lifestyle Fitness presents a great entry. 

Lifestyle Fitness is a highly accredited chain of fitness centres across the UK, and their gym in Carlisle has a lot to offer members for a very low price of just £15.99 a month.

We should start off by saying that Lifestyle Fitness is a 24 hour gym in Carlisle, so you can tailor your workouts around your daily schedule if you are busy during typical gym opening hours, or prefer a more unfrequented gym environment. 

This Carlisle fitness centre has all the bases covered with their facilities. They have all the relevant strength and cardio equipment, as well as their own spin studio and functional training areas. If you have an equipment of your own that you want to make use of at the gym, make sure you have the appropriate luggage holder to transport any heavy weights, belts, grips, etc. Why not head olver to our article on the best gym bags for men in the UK.

Not only this, Lifestyle Fitness is one of the few gyms in Carlisle with a sauna. If you have never used a sauna before, they can be a great addition to your workout regime and leaving the gym after a spell in the sauna can be one of the most satisfying and beneficial feelings you can experience. 

Included in your new Carlisle gym membership is access to any of their 35 classes every week. These classes include: 

  • Lifestyle Fitness’ own LFS Express Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Body Pump
  • Body Balance
  • as well as a range of Les Mills classes too! 

These classes are a great value addition to the membership and can really help you make the most of your time at Lifestyle’s Carlisle fitness centre.

Location: Currock Road, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA2 4AS

Opening Hours: 24/7

Membership prices: From £15.99 per month

#12 – Border City Fitness

12 24hr gym carlisle

For those looking to either start or continue with their passion for CrossFit in Carlisle (UK), don’t worry, we haven't forgotten about you.

Formerly Border City CrossFit Carlisle, Border City Fitness now use their CrossFit roots to train their members to be functionally fit with lifestyle changes. 

Carlisle CrossFit classes at Border City Fitness focus on high intensity movements from a variety of exercise types including conditioning training, gymnastics, Olympic lifting, explosive movements, and more. 

There are a selection of other classes available to members, too, each offering different benefits. For example, the crossfit carlisle gym encourages members to attend their functional bodybuilding classes if they are wanting to target and improve specific muscles groups; gymnastics classes for people wanting to improve their more athletic CrossFit movements; and mobility classes for those who have some niggling injuries that can be rectified by increasing mobility and joint range of motion.

And this isn’t simply a facility for the CrossFit enthusiasts; if you’re looking for a boxing gym in Carlisle, then Border City Fitness might be the best choice for you! A membership at Border City Fitness comes with access to Dragon’s Gym, a combat focussed gym with Muay Thai and Boxing training available for members. 

Finally, this Carlisle CrosFit gym also hosts open gym sessions where members can come and train using the facilities without taking part in a class – great for if you want to just do your own thing once in a while! If you've long had a passion for CrossFit, or maybe you'd like to turn your new hobby into a thriving career within the industry, go and check out our article on how to become a crossfit coach.

Border City Fitness have a lot to offer their members, whether it be specific fitness classes that you can book on to, their wide range of facilities for use during open gym sessions, or the use of their boxing gym in Carlisle, you will definitely find something to suit you and maybe even try something new along the way! 

Location: Unit 1 Lorne Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA2 5XW

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 09:30 – 20:00; Saturday – Sunday: 09:30 – 12:00

Membership prices: From £50 per month

#13 – CrossFit Hawk Eye

13 carlisle gym membership

Crossfitters: we told you we hadn’t forgotten about you, simply saved the best until last!

CrossFit can be an intense lifestyle change for some people. If you have not focussed on your fitness before, or your gym sessions are uninspired and vague, then a change into CrossFit’s high intensity strength and conditioning functional training regime will definitely shake up your fitness levels!

To make this transition easier, Carlisle’s CrossFit Hawk Eye initiates their members with a three-step process. 

First, apply for a 20-30-minute consultation at their CrossFit Box in Kingstown Carlisle. This is a free taster session where you can spend some time under the instruction of one of their expert CrossFit trainers and see if this intense form of training is something that you would be interested in committing to. 

If you decide that you want to commit to this Carlisle crossfit gym, then the next step is taking part in their Roots Course. Here you will learn the basics of Hawk Eye’s CrossFit programme and you will be able to take part in as many Roots Course classes that you like with a month’s unlimited membership.

Following this, you’re good to go. Choose a membership option that is right for you and feel free to sign up to as many classes as you see fit. For a headstart and an extra boost to see you power through the introduction phase, take a look at our ultimate guide on how to get better at crossfit.

Classes consist of varied functional exercises following a Workout of the Day system for all CrossFit members that can be easily scaled to your own ability. At Carlisle crossfit gym, expect to take advantage of their unique and impressive fitness equipment that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. 

To name just a few of their extensive list of equipment:

  • 3000 square foot workout space 
  • 24 foot Bulldog Gear functional training rig
  • 24 barbells
  • More kettlebells and dumbbells than you can imagine
  • Plyo boxes

You name it, they’ve got it.

A unique service that CrossFit Hawk Eye offers is Project Female. This is a service run by qualified pregnancy and postpartum athleticism coach Emma Blaylock and is there for you to keep fit during pregnancy or to assist with getting back into training during the postpartum period. 

Whether you want to lose weight, gain functional strength, or just make improvements to your lifestyle and general health, CrossFit definitely will have something to offer you so don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the best gyms for CrossFit in Carlisle UK. 

Location: Dukes Drive, Unit F8, Kingmoor Park, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA6 4SH

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 06:30 – 21:00; Saturday: 08:00 – 12:00; Sunday: 09:30 – 11:00

Membership prices: From £55 per month

Before You Go!

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of the best gyms in Carlisle, Cumbria, we hope you can find a gym membership that caters specially to your personal exercise needs and demands and can provide the perfect base for you to achieve your fitness goals.

We hope these 13 facilities provide you with enough choice to cater for your demands; whether that be finding a 24 hour gym in Carlisle, a Carlisle leisure centre with swimming pools, fitness classes in Carlisle, Cumrbia or a pay as you go gym, we’re sure we will have your new gym in Carlisle (UK) somewhere above.

Already think of yourself as quite the fitness fanatic? Why not make a career out of your passion!

Make sure you head over to our course page and check out our REPS accredited personal training qualifications or download the free OriGym course prospectus to learn more!

Written by Annie Williams

Fitness Content Executive, OriGym

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Graduating from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA (Hons) in Journalism, Annie specialises in mental and physical wellbeing, with a specific interest in nutrition and mindfulness. Her long standing interest in fitness is what brought her to OriGym, and led her to become a qualified Personal Trainer and obtain specialist qualifications in Advanced Sports Nutrition. Annie’s primary professional attraction lies in following and tracking the ever-changing trends in the fitness industry. Beyond OriGym, Annie divides her time between personal writing, her passion for the countryside and mountain walking, and charitable runs.

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