43 Celebrities That Do Yoga

celebrities that do yoga

Whether you realise it or not, celebrities can have a huge influence on the latest trends in the health and fitness industry. Many trends have come and gone, but one of the most popular activities amongst celebs for years is yoga! 

With so many celebrities that do yoga, we’ve put together a list of the very best famous yoga fans, detailing the type of yoga they practice and why they love it. 

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1. Jennifer Aniston

celebrities hot yoga

With almost twenty years of yoga under her belt, Jennifer Aniston is one of the most experienced celebrity yoga followers and continues to incorporate yoga in her workout regime today.

A long standing fan of celebrity yoga instructor Mandy Ingber, Jennifer’s typical yoga workout would include elements of power yoga, with a focus on breath and flow between exercises. 

She is also a fan of vinyasa flow yoga, where different poses are strung together so there is seamless movement between each.

Aniston has also said that she practices some gentle yin yoga too, allowing her to really relax and wind down.

A combination of yoga, a healthy diet and high intensity activity such as spinning and aerobics is what Jen credits her fantastic figure to! 

2. Davina McCall

celebrities that do yoga 2

Hailed as one of the most influential celebrity fitness gurus, national treasure Davina knows what she’s talking about when it comes to health and fitness- and she is a huge yoga fan.

She is another of the celebrities who do yoga paired with other types of workouts, such as:

  • Kettlebell strength training
  • Kickboxing
  • Running

With high levels of motivation when it comes to working out, Davina uses yoga as her reward and way to wind-down following higher intensity training. 

A fan of more conventional yoga movements such as child’s pose and downward dog, her yoga regime is straightforward and easy to follow, making it ideal if you’re a yoga beginner

With her own fitness merchandise now including yoga blocks and mats, Davina is one of the most inspiring celebrities that do yoga.


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3. Gwyneth Paltrow

celebrities hot yoga 2

As a mum of two, wellness coach and CEO of her own lifestyle brand Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most well-known celebs in the health and fitness industry. 

Another one of the longest serving yoga celebrities around, she has been a fan of yoga and meditation for over ten years. 

She says that the benefits of yoga are just as valuable for her mental wellbeing as well as for staying in shape.

Generally considered a bit of a yoga celebrity connoisseur, Gwyneth practises many different forms of yoga. But she is particularly fond of kundalini yoga, one of the lesser known types of yoga. 

Kundalini yoga focuses on uncoiling female energy from the base of the spine and unleashing it across a slow process of careful and controlled breathing.

Whether Kundalini is your cup of tea or not, Gwyneth is certainly a big name when it comes to celebrities who do yoga. 

4. Fearne Cotton

celebrities that do yoga 4

One of the biggest celebrity advocates for mental health, Fearne Cotton is one of the celebrities who do yoga more for its mental health benefits.  

Fearne talks openly about her own struggles with anxiety and mental health issues on her podcast, Happy Place, and has often credited yoga for helping her break out of an anxious spiral or low mood.

If you follow Fearne on Instagram, you’ll also know that she regularly shares snaps of herself tackling various yoga positions and manoeuvres, along with her own “Sunday stretching” which she swears by for banishing any Sunday night blues. 

She’s also a big believer in the benefits of yoga for children, and regularly practices yoga with her two children, Rex and Honey.

You can find clips of Fearne’s 30 Minute Yoga Reset workouts on YouTube. She is great at explaining the benefits behind the practice, making her another ideal celebrity yoga teacher to any newcomers.

5. Gisele Bundchen

celebrities hot yoga 3

Gisele Bundchen is one of the world’s biggest supermodels, so it’s no surprise that she takes her workout regime seriously.

In Gisele’s 2018 memoir, Lessons: My Path to A Meaningful Life, she puts her incredible physique down to a combination of yoga and surfing. 

Referring to yoga as both a “powerful and beautiful spiritual practice”, it not only helps her stay in shape but keeps her calm and grounded. 

Gisele’s introduction to yoga started when she experienced frequent panic attacks in her twenties, and turned to yoga as a tool to help manage it. 

Although familiar with various types of yoga, her favourite is hatha yoga, where the pace is slower and poses are held for longer.  

So if you’re looking to start yoga for the calming benefits and as a way to feel more present and connected, you could take inspiration from Gisele and give hatha yoga a go

6. Jessica Biel

celebrities that do yoga 6

Another celebrity yoga fan is actress Jessica Biel, most known for her roles in films such as Blade and The Illusionist. 

She factors yoga into her workout routine alongside circuit work with a trainer and strength training.

Biel practices yoga three to five times a week for twenty or thirty minutes at a time, saying the focus on breathing and different muscle groups leaves her refreshed and ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

Jessica also cites the wider yoga community as a reason for her appreciation for the practice. She has said that she finds it a meaningful way to connect with others, as well as helping her check in with herself.

7. Suranne Jones

celebrity yoga

Next on our list is BAFTA winner and yoga lover Suranne Jones, one of the UK’s most loved and most successful actresses. 

Speaking candidly about her own mental health on Fearne Cotton’s “Happy Place” podcast, Suranne uses yoga as a way to ensure she makes time for things that will make her feel good.

A big believer in the power of fresh air and spending time outdoors, Suranne is also one of the celebrities that do hot yoga

As the name suggests, hot yoga involves different standing and stretching postures at a higher room temperature, usually between 80-100 degrees. 

It is not a type of yoga that you can easily recreate at home, but whenever she’s not filming, Suranne tries to make it to a hot yoga class and says she feels amazing afterwards!


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8. Madonna

celebrity yoga 2

Perhaps one of the most well-known yoga celebrities is undoubtedly Madonna!

She has practised yoga for over twenty five years and is often approached by other celebrities to share her tips and expertise.

As one of the most experienced celebrities that do yoga, Madonna’s favourite form of yoga is Ashtanga yoga. 

Ashtanga yoga involves rapid movement between different poses, each one getting gradually more difficult. It is considered one of the more physically-demanding types of yoga, so it is a good option if you like to work up a sweat!

Alongside yoga, Madonna also works out through aerobics, dance, barre workouts, pilates and circuit training. 

9. Britney Spears

celebrities hot yoga 4

Another celebrity who has recently discovered the benefits of yoga is pop sensation Britney Spears. 

Sharing her tips for staying focused and calm during the 2020 lockdowns, Britney demonstrated a sequence of yoga poses to her Instagram followers and shared her belief in the benefits of doing yoga in the morning.

Certainly no stranger to high intensity exercise and keeping fit, Britney is a fan of acro yoga, a combination of yoga and acrobatics. 

She claims that this keeps her supple and flexible, so she can maintain some of those incredibly challenging dance routines on stage.

Since starting her yoga journey, Britney reportedly has two 90 minute yoga sessions a week alongside her other training. 

10. Amanda Holden

celebrity yoga 4

Another big celebrity yoga fan is Amanda Holden.

After a traumatic birth with her second daughter ten years ago, Amanda required support from a ventilator and needed to do focused breath work to rebuild the strength of her lungs. She says that this is how she was introduced to Kundalini yoga. 

She said the breath work involved was vital in her recovery, but now incorporates yoga into her daily exercise regime and says she thrives just as much from the mental benefits it offers.

Flaunting an incredibly toned figure and always on the go with her seemingly endless energy, it seems that yoga is the secret to Amanda looking so good!

11. Russell Brand

celebrity yoga 5

The comedian and presenter is one of the most prolific celebrities who do yoga, regularly posting videos on his Instagram and YouTube channels talking about his love for the practice. 

Defining yoga as an essential “balm” to support us all through contemporary living, Brand meditates every day and is another celebrity who loves Kundalini yoga.

He was introduced to yoga and meditation eleven years ago while on his journey to overcome addiction.

Russell’s story of recovery inspires people daily, and he openly acknowledges how yoga continues to play a fundamental role in helping him live a peaceful and meaningful life.

12. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 

celebrity yoga 6

The Victoria’s Secret model is known for her incredibly lean physique, which she attributes to a combination of working out every morning and yoga. 

Rosie is good pals with Australian yogi expert Claire Grieve, who revealed that when the model first took up yoga eight years ago, she wasn’t a massive fan straight away. 

However, as they focused on restorative yoga poses such as pigeon pose, and introduced playful elements such as headstands (also great for relieving stress and tension), Rosie became a huge fan. She now says that she couldn’t live without it!

She is therefore a good inspiration if you are someone who is a bit sceptical about yoga, as she proves that you should give it another try!


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13. Beyonce 

celebrities hot yoga 5

She reportedly attended her first yoga class back in 1998 when on tour with Destiny’s Child. Since then, music queen Beyonce has continued to make time in her demanding schedule for yoga, because it allows her time to herself where she can reflect and practice gratitude.

To ensure she’s top of her game to perform those gruelling dance routines, Beyonce’s fitness regime is full on and also incorporates cardio, dance, circuit training and boxercise. 

The main benefits she takes from yoga are the moments of serenity and calm where she can check back in with herself and feel centred, no matter what is going on in her work schedule.

As one of the most popular celebrity figures of all time, if yoga is good enough for Beyonce it’s good enough for us!

14. Lily James

celebrities that do hot yoga 2

Another celebrity who does yoga is Cinderella and Mamma Mia 2 actress, Lily James. 

Describing herself as always “on the go” and a big fan of biking around London as her usual way to keep fit, Lily reveals her appreciation for yoga started when she was shooting Cinderella in 2015.

The actress admitted that she really embraced yoga during filming as it allowed her to build strength and improve her posture

She’s often spotted in London heading out to a yoga class or practising yoga postures in the city’s parks.

15. Maria Sharapova

celebrities hot yoga 6

The tennis champion has been doing yoga since she was fifteen, and is another one of the many celebrities that do hot yoga. 

Maria would continue to practice hot yoga whenever she was injured and unable to play tennis, saying that yoga allowed her to still put her body to use.

Hot yoga has many benefits, such as:

  • Increased calorie burning
  • Providing a cardiovascular boost
  • Reduced blood glucose levels

Maria also attributes her calm demeanour during high pressure tennis matches to the pranayama breathing techniques she picked up during yoga.

16. Reese Witherspoon

yoga celebrity

There’s a long list of Hollywood celebrities that do yoga, and Reese Witherspoon is one of them. 

The Big Little Liars actress is close friends with celebrity yoga instructor Kirschen Katz and has been working with her for over fourteen years.

Reese attends yoga sessions with Kirschen regularly. The calming breathing exercises help her prepare for the publicity on the red carpet and are as crucial to her as hair and make up.

Reese shares snaps of her practising yoga on her social media channels, such as the Vrksasana (tree) pose, which is considered an essential pose for beginners. 

If you’re new to yoga, finding a supportive yoga coach like Reese has, can be a great way to introduce you to the practice and help you stay committed to it.

17. Miranda Kerr

celebrities that do hot yoga 5

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda first got into yoga back in her home country Australia when she was just eighteen, and since then has come to rely on it for its many benefits.

Her international modelling career and the fact that she co-parents a son with Orlando Bloom means that she travels an awful lot. She says that hatha yoga is one of her favourite pastimes to restore blood flow after a long-haul flight. 

She’s also a fan of the more energetic Kundalini yoga, and uses both forms interchangeably to suit her schedule.

She finds the practice of yoga rejuvenating and a vital part of self care, so much so that during lockdown she started running her own “Wellness Wednesdays” on Instagram Live to encourage others to adopt the practice.

So, next time you have a long journey or are sitting still for long periods of time, why not try some hatha yoga to help you unwind like Miranda!

18. Meghan Markle

yoga celebrity 2

With a mother who is a former yoga instructor, it was inevitable that Meghan Markle would grow up influenced by yoga. In fact, the actress-turned-royal revealed that she first started doing yoga sessions with her mother at the age of seven!

She was a frequent attendee of yoga classes in LA and New York when living across the pond. When she lived in the UK too, Meghan was so invested in yoga that she had a yoga studio built in Frogmore Cottage. 

The Duchess of Sussex practices yoga a few times a week, usually as part of her morning routine to begin the day.

She is a fan of more energetic Vinyasa yoga, especially when put to music so it is more akin to a dance class. She has also shared that she likes to create ambience in her yoga sessions by having them by candlelight, which is a great way to unwind even further!

19. Cindy Crawford

yoga celebrities

One of the most famous supermodels from the 90s, Cindy Crawford is now in her mid fifties- but you’d be fooled for thinking she’s decades younger! 

She attributes her lean and toned physique to her fitness regime that she’s followed for thirty years- a combination of yoga, pilates and circuit training.

A fan of the relaxed Malibu lifestyle, Cindy loves to practice yoga from the beach and often posts snaps of her adopting traditional yoga moves like the tree pose. She loves working out in the fresh air or close to water and says yoga is one of the things that she needs to do to feel like herself.

The mindfulness aspect of yoga is just as impactful as the physical movements, so following Cindy’s approach and practising yoga al fresco could help you embrace this side of the practice! 

Enjoying this article so far? Here’s 3 more that we think you’ll love:

20. Holly Willoughby

yoga celebrity 3

Although she’s always kept her diet and fitness cards pretty close to her chest, Holly Willoughby is another celebrity who does yoga that could inspire you.

Sharing a recent snap of herself hanging upside down at an outdoor yoga studio in London, Holly looked incredibly zen as she demonstrated an inverted butterfly position, a yoga position with several benefits, such as:

  • Decompressing the spine
  • Promoting healing
  • Improving circulation

Holly is a big believer in the importance of self care and taking time to yourself, and uses healing crystals to help her meditate. 

Other people find having crystals out during their yoga sessions helps them to focus on a particular intention, so this could be something you too could try as part of your yoga routine.

21. Eva Longoria

yoga celebrities 3

Another celebrity yoga fan who is often snapped sporting some impressive yoga positions while on holiday is Desperate Housewives actress, Eva Longoria.

Eva first started practising yoga back in 2018 when she was pregnant with her son, Santi. She had a bespoke prenatal yoga session each day with her doula and loved it so much that she’s kept yoga up ever since. 

She often shares photos of herself in advanced headstand positions, proving how much you can improve your balancing ability if you regularly make time for yoga.

Yoga during pregnancy has many benefits, including improved sleep, reduced anxiety, alleviating back pain and reducing nausea. Eva is one of the celebrities who endorses this as she said prenatal yoga really helped her back pain and expanding bump.

If there’s anything that can make you more comfortable during pregnancy, it’s definitely worth trying!

22. Ellie Goulding

yoga celebrities 4

UK singer Ellie Goulding is another of Britain’s yoga celebrities, and proves that the approach “little and often” can still be incredibly effective. 

Ellie starts her day with a couple of minutes stretching and basic yoga positions every morning, crediting it for getting her blood flowing when she wakes up.

She is a fan of Bikram yoga, which was developed by Bikram Choudury in the 1970s for yoga beginners and is very similar to hot yoga. The increased temperature means Bikram yoga is great for improving circulation and releasing toxins from the body.

Previously the face of a womens’ Nike campaign, Ellie’s love of fitness and keeping active is no secret. 

But if you are interested in taking up yoga and can’t easily get to a class or commit to regular sessions, just follow Ellie’s lead and spend as little as two to five minutes each morning doing yoga when you first wake up!


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23. Justin Timberlake

yoga celebrities 5

We’ve already talked about his wife, Jessica Biel, but did you know that Justin Timberlake is also one of many male celebrities that do yoga?

The star has been spotted calmly practising his yoga positions on holiday, sometimes while on a boat in the middle of the ocean! 

Both Justin and Jessica have spoken about how they like to work out together and would make time for joint yoga sessions a few times a week.

Many couples who do yoga together have revealed it has benefits to their relationships such as deeper connection and better communication skills. If you and your partner are looking for a new hobby to try together that also has health benefits, yoga could be the ideal new pastime.

24. Pink

yoga celebrities 6

Another of the musical yoga celebrities on our list is pop-rock sensation, Pink. 

Her impressive and often challenging dance routines while on tour require almost gymnast-like flexibility, and she loves yoga for its strength training benefits.

Pink is incredibly active and loves outdoor sports such as biking, tennis and surfing alongside yoga. 

She often shares photos of her workout out with her two children and recommends getting children involved in parents’ fitness regimes as a great way to introduce them to exercise.

She shared a photo on her Instagram page of her three year old son climbing on her back while she demonstrated “crow pose”, one of the more advanced yoga positions. 

So if you’re a busy mum but would still like to get into yoga, your children could actually act as an added weight to increase your strength!

25. Gemma Atkinson

celebrities who do yoga

With two “The Ultimate Body Plan” books published to her name, former actress Gemma Atkinson knows what she’s talking about when it comes to fitness.

Regularly documenting her weight lifting workouts and a fan of strength training, Gemma is a big advocate for body positivity, saying that she is motivated by “strength rather than skinniness.”

She started doing yoga before having her daughter Mia and maintained yoga as a form of exercise throughout her pregnancy in 2019. 

She says that she starts most mornings with two basic yoga moves, “Downward dog” and “Child’s pose.” These are easy positions to master, and a great introduction to yoga if you are keen to start the practice.

26. Kate Hudson

yoga celebrity 4

Kate Hudson is another of our acting celebrities who does yoga. The star is often seen at various yoga classes in America and even attended a yoga event in Miami earlier this year. 

She is someone who loves to be active and has even launched her own athleisure brand, Fabletics.

Kate has enjoyed the physical benefits of yoga for a number of years, but revealed that it provided her with a particular benefit during her pregnancy with daughter, Rani. 

Kate suffered from severe nausea and found the pregnancy challenging, but said that yoga during this time allowed her to focus her mind and provided some welcome mental respite.

Yoga does indeed have healing benefits for the mind as well as the body. So if you are interested in yoga as a way to practice mindfulness, Kate is a great inspiration for how yoga can help calm your mind.

27. Cara Delevigne

yoga celebrity 5

It’s easy to forget that celebrities aren’t immune to mental health struggles like the rest of us. Supermodel and actress Cara Delevigne has talked publicly about her lifelong battles with depression and anxiety.

She says that yoga was one of the things that helped her through this time, and is now a part of her continual therapy.

There is growing evidence that yoga can be used to treat emotional issues like anxiety or depression. 

The positive affirmations and chants used in some forms of yoga can help improve a person’s mood and energy levels, helping them to reach a more positive outlook.

If you or someone you know is affected by one of these issues, yoga could therefore be a great hobby to introduce as part of a long term recovery plan.

28. Matthew McConaughey

yoga celebrity 6

Always in impeccable shape in his films, Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey is another celebrity yoga fan. The actor is often seen on the beach practising yoga, incorporating movements such as the “hero pose” into his sessions.

The hero pose is great for building flexibility as it stretches out the quads and ankles. It also strengthens the arches of the feet, meaning balance is improved and you can feel sturdier.

If you are someone who leads a busy lifestyle and often feel like your muscles and feet can bear the brunt of it, some relaxing stretching like Mr McConaughey is a great way to give your body some much-needed TLC.


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29. Michelle Obama

celebrities who do yoga 4

For a woman nearing sixty, Michelle Obama looks incredible. Her secret? She has always been a big advocate of the benefits of regular exercise and maintaining an active lifestyle! 

She has talked about her love for cardio and weightlifting, as well as yoga.

The former First Lady of the USA says that she turned to yoga once she reached her fiftieth birthday, acknowledging that women beyond this milestone can suffer from osteoporosis and are more prone to bone injury. 

Indeed, studies have shown that practising yoga can actually increase bone density if done consistently and properly.

Michelle says she loves yoga because it allows her body to maintain flexibility without feeling like she’s over doing it. If you’re in the same age bracket as Michelle and considering a new form of exercise, yoga could be the one for you!

30. Adam Levine

celebrities who do yoga 5

Have you always been interested in the idea of yoga but just think you’re too inflexible to be any good at it? You’re not alone! Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine admitted that when he first tried yoga it didn’t feel natural to him!

But he persevered and said the noticeable improvements to his flexibility through yoga were amazing. He is now one of the celebrities who do yoga regularly and stated that it has had a “profoundly positive impact” on his life. 

The singer does not consider himself religious, but admits that he has a very spiritual side that yoga helped him tune into.

Although it is true that by taking up yoga you become part of a global community, Adam acknowledges that every individual’s journey with yoga is truly personal to them. 

If you are put off yoga because you think “I’m not bendy enough”, Adam is proof that yoga is accessible to everyone and anyone!

31. Christy Turlington

celebrities who do yoga 7

As the face of Maybelline cosmetics for more than two decades, supermodel Christy Turlington has made a career out of her enviable looks. We’ve included her on our list of the celebrities who do yoga, having practised it herself for over thirty years.

Christy has spent a lot of time studying the many different types of yoga and has tuned in to both the spiritual and sociable sides of it. 

She has a preference for group classes rather than doing yoga by herself, saying the “collective peace” that is created through yoga is unlike any other form of exercise.

As well as its physical benefits, Christy’s love for yoga is because it has helped her improve her mental health when it comes to patience and determination.

32. Charlize Theron

yoga celebs

Award-winning actress and face of Dior’s J’adore perfume, Charlize Theron is another high-profile celebrity who does yoga. 

She is often snapped leaving yoga classes both in LA and South Africa and enjoys hot yoga as a way to decompress after long periods on set shooting.

Her appreciation for yoga is completely genuine, and she says that’s what makes her stick at it so regularly. She claims that the secret to continuing to do exercise is to find something you really enjoy, so that you’ll never consider it a burden.

So why not take inspiration from Theron- yoga could well be the form of exercise that you’ve been waiting to incorporate into your own health and fitness routine! 

33. Robert Downey Jr

celeb who does yoga

The Iron Man actor went through a troubled phase twenty years ago when he was arrested for drink and drugs charges. But he has managed to steer clear of substances since 2001, and says yoga is one of the main contributing factors towards his recovery.

Another yoga celebrity who works with a yoga coach, Robert Downey Jr has spent a long time practising yoga with renowned yoga instructor to the stars, Vinnie Marino. 

Robert Downey Jr is most invested in power yoga, which is a more modern and athletic form of yoga and particularly good for fat-burning.

The actor regularly credits yoga for enabling him to feel relaxed, meditative and in touch with his spiritual side. His is a positive story showing the impact yoga can have in helping through recovery from addiction.

34. David Beckham

celeb who does yoga 2

David Beckham is another celebrity who has recently discovered the benefits of yoga.

The footballer has worked with PT and renowned yoga expert Shona Vertue, and discovered that yoga was particularly helpful in alleviating his muscle pain following the end of his extensive football career.

Through a regular combination of yoga, stretching and weight-training, Beckham has managed to strengthen weaker areas of the body and improve his overall flexibility. 

He clearly enjoys yoga so much that he’s often photographed doing some impressive yoga poses, such as headstands, with his wife and children while on holiday!


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35. Halle Berry

yoga celebs 4

Another celebrity who is a fan of yoga for its mental as well as its physical benefits is Academy Award winning actress, Halle Berry. 

Ever since her performance as a Bond girl in Die Another Day, her toned physique has made many wonder what her secret is to staying in such great shape. She has revealed that her secret is a combination of regulating working out and a consistent yoga practice! 

Halle is a big believer that when you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside. She has praised yoga for its ability to eradicate negative energy and relieve stress, making her feel completely at ease. 

She now practices yoga three times a week and considers it training for her mind, as well as her body.

36. Lady Gaga

celeb who does yoga 3

It takes both strength and stamina to perform impressive dance routines- and pop sensation Lady Gaga has a dedicated fitness regime to make sure she’s in peak condition to perform.

Gaga has been an avid yoga fan for sixteen years, attending her first yoga class when she was a student at NYU. 

She is another of the celebrities that does hot yoga who advocate its ability to release toxins from the body and build bone density- both which come in handy when she is on tour for long periods at a time.

The singer practices yoga regularly alongside swimming, cardio and aerobic exercise, so it’s no wonder she has such stamina on stage!

37. Olivia Wilde

yoga celebs 6

It’s always refreshing when celebrities reinforce the message that how you feel is more important than how you look- and actress Olivia Wilde is one such celeb.

She is a celebrity who does yoga in Los Angeles, and is often snapped on her way to a group yoga class. The mother of two always appears incredibly lean which she puts down to good genes, a vegetarian diet and plenty of yoga.

She is honest about her appreciation for yoga, saying she does it because it makes her “feel beautiful.” 

With so much emphasis on appearances, the benefits of truly feeling your best internally can sometimes be overlooked. Take a leaf out of Olivia’s book and try yoga to see how it could have a positive impact on your mental health. 

38. Vanessa Hudgens

hot yoga celebrities

High School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens is a longstanding fan of yoga, and factors it into her workouts alongside pilates and cycling. 

She says she sees the best results when she combines yoga with other forms of exercise. Hse is an advocate for the mental health benefits of exercise, and says there’s nothing quite like the endorphin rush you get following a workout.

Vanessa is a fan of both hot yoga and Modo yoga, which both have different benefits.

Modo yoga is one of the newer forms of yoga emerging from the community, and is considered a more modern version of Bikram yoga. 

Modo yoga is great for both beginners and advanced yogi students, and has a focus on mindfulness through movement, so you can really concentrate on your breath work and posture.


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39. Lebron James

hot yoga celebrities 2

Yoga is also a firm favourite with professional athletes as well as Hollywood actors. American basketball player, Lebron James has previously listed yoga as his “secret to stability”, incorporating it into his workouts regularly to help improve his balance and prevent injury.

He has credited yoga to helping to alleviate back pain which he suffered a few years ago. Depending on the type of injury, yoga is often recommended as a healing therapy for back aches, so could definitely be worth trying after seeking advice from a professional.

Never far away from a ball, Lebron James has often included a yoga ball as part of his yoga regime, which are said to be great for strengthening the core and building upper body strength. 

If you’re already an experienced yogi and looking to mix it up a bit, using yoga equipment like this could be a good way to keep you interested and inspired.

40. Vogue Williams

hot yoga celebrities 3

Irish supermodel Vogue Williams is another celebrity who does yoga for its many physical and mental benefits.

Often asked by her Instagram followers what her secret is to looking so good, the model has shared clips of her own yoga sessions, impressively demonstrating her ability to hold her own body weight on just her hands!

This kind of yoga pose is fantastic for building upper body strength, stamina and muscle tone.

Vogue has set up her own health and fitness program this year where yoga features heavily, saying she wants to empower women to look and feel their best. 

41. Zoe Saldana 

celeb who does yoga 5

Actress Zoe Saldana is familiar with this, and was first introduced to yoga as part of her postnatal exercise regime following the birth of her twins in 2014.

Zoe does yoga sessions twice a week with Arielle McDadden, a popular instructor among the circle of celebrities that do yoga. 

Arielle revealed that in the classes she does with Zoe, they focus on yoga positions that strengthen the core such as the plank. 

Movements like this are ideal for rebuilding strength in the abdominal area after pregnancy, so you will often find personal trainers who work with pregnant clients endorsing these exercises. 

Zoe is also a fan of yoga because of the way it stimulates her mentally as well as physically, saying that both her mind and body feel refreshed after an intense yoga session. 

It’s also an opportunity for her to have some meditative quiet time to herself- which is important for everyone but especially so when you are a busy mum like her.

42. Cameron Diaz 

celeb who does yoga 6

Cameron Diaz has always been active and loves keeping fit outdoors. She’s a big fan of surfing, swimming and snowboarding, alongside strength exercises such as yoga and pilates.

The actress has admitted she doesn’t view exercise as a chore, but more of a way for her body and mind to be in tune- and that yoga is a perfect way to achieve this.

Her personal trainer, Teddy Bass has shared that Cameron uses a combination of yoga and pilates strength training to maintain her core strength and to focus her mind. 

She’s such a fan of it that she’s even been spotted practising her yoga poses poolside while on holiday. 


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43. Ziggy Marley

hot yoga celebrities 6

Musician and humanitarian Ziggy Marley is a big advocate of the spiritual connection formed in yoga. He first got into yoga for spiritual reasons as his priority, but says that perfecting the physical poses in yoga soon followed. 

A fan of practising yoga with his family, Ziggy regularly endorses the benefits of yoga via his Twitter feed. His favourite poses are the plough and headstand, which he says keep him calm and centred as well as energising his mind. 

Ziggy often says that yoga teaches you a different kind of strength, which many other yoga celebrities agree with. 

In the words of Ziggy himself “you are not strong until you yoga strong!” 

Before you go! 

So, we hope that our list of celebrities who do yoga has given you the inspiration you need to start yoga, or continue your existing practice!

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Written by Lucy Jones

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

With a combined English Literature & Spanish degree, Lucy is both a fitness and culture enthusiast. With previous experience spanning higher education, recruitment and publishing industries, Lucy has a passion for both excellent customer service and attention to detail. As well as a keen runner and swimmer, her favourite form of exercise is dancing and a stint of travelling a few years ago allowed her to indulge in an authentic tango class from Argentina's resident experts! 

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Download Your FREE Yoga Course Prospectus

Download Your FREE Yoga Course Prospectus