17 Best Club Management Software Options

Best Club Management Software Options

Using club management software as a business owner can ensure that every aspect of your professional life runs smoothly. 

Therefore, if you’re interested in optimising the performance of your gym or fitness centre, then it will benefit you to check out this article which will cover:

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17 Best Club Management Software Options 

#1 - Glofox

Price - Between £103 - £248 per month 

The first entry on our list of the best sports club management software in the UK is Glofox. This is an ideal option for gym owners as it was developed by fitness entrepreneurs, for fitness entrepreneurs! 

The main purpose of the company was to ensure that any business can find success, regardless of size or location.

Supporting brands such as F45 and UFC Gym, Glofox have unrivalled international capabilities, and offer services to thousands of fitness operators in over 80 countries worldwide!

As a prominent gym club management software they also offer a wide range of services and features within their software package, including:

  • Payments and billing
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Member management
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • Retention tools
  • Omni-channel fitness tools
  • Member portal and kiosk

When it comes to fees, this fitness club management software adapts to your business ensuring you’ll pay an adequate price for what you really need.

Whilst on the pricing section of the Glofox website, be sure to fill in personal details to help determine exactly what you’ll pay, including:

  • What type of business do you own e.g. a Gym, Yoga studio, Crossfit
  • How many locations do you have 
  • Personal information such as name, email address, and phone number

This will help to generate a quote that is unique to your business, an optimal idea for newcomers who need management software but don’t wish to overpay for services they don’t require.

For this reason, it’s easy to see why Glofox is regarded as one of the best club management software in the UK, but if you’re still not sold it may interest you to know that the average user doubles their revenue within 18 months of implementing the platform! 

#2 - Mindbody

Price: Packages range from £119 - £519 per month

With 20 years of product innovation, research, and leadership, Mindbody is another example of a great sporting club management software option.

Mindbody has several useful tools to help you measure business performance, such as easy-access customer profiles and scheduled follow-ups.

Their purpose-built CRM system streamlines booking and scheduling from any device, meaning that both customers and employees can easily manage classes and attendance. 

Another great feature of this software for club membership management is the lead management system, which automatically pulls in new customer profiles and tagged leads. 

Alongside this, the integrated dashboard allows you to quickly view your entire sales funnel, providing insightful metrics to help sharpen performance and turn prospects into members.

Interested parties can subscribe to a package that best suits their business, ensuring you never have to pay for something you don’t require:

Available for mobile use as well as desktop download, the Mindbody app allows consumers to find and book services for your fitness business. 

Mindbody also allows owners to list their business on the app, which has 1.3 million monthly active users, with over 3.7 million bookings being recorded each month for a variety of websites. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to invest in marketing strategies for your personal training or fitness business, then this is the software for you! 

#3 - EZFacility

Price: Available on Request (following a Free Demo)

EZ Facility is a cloud-based, open source membership management software option that we would recommend to any fitness business owners.

Their software caters to both midsize and multi-chain fitness centres and clubs, and provides a wide range of services for members and employees. 

For instance, members can pay fees, make bookings, and view class schedules through EZ Facility’s gym club management software. 

This makes it significantly easier on you as a business owner, reducing your workload to ensure you don’t have to chase up customers.

When you make money as a personal trainer in a gym, this will need to be kept track of. Some of the services EZFacility provides instructors include:

  • Monitoring payments
  • Equipment tracking
  • Fitness assessments
  • Automating schedules
  • Commission tracking
  • Providing individual logins for members

If you’re looking to streamline your business’ operations, the billing and service module allows owners to generate payroll, process gym fees, and print receipts and invoices.

Even better yet, if you’re just starting a fitness business and have no prior experience in club management software, you can book a free demo with the company:

If you choose to opt for this free demo, you’ll learn how to use the fitness club management software from EzFacility personally. 

This ensures that there are no obstacles in getting your business off the ground, as you will already know how the service operates and how it can best assist you and your customer. 

Speaking of customers, you don’t even need to be actively using the software to connect with them. This is due to the fact that the ‘Alert and Remind’ feature also provides automated email and text reminders about upcoming sessions.

This feature will ensure that customers keep returning to your business, keeping retention levels and profits sustainable.

#4 - Zen Planner

Price: Ranges from £98 - £207 per month

Designed for the likes of boutique studios, martial arts schools, and yoga studios, Zen Planner provides great sports club management software for UK-based businesses.

Zen Planner has a cleverly-designed, clear dashboard for business owners, with a sleek interface that automatically adjusts to the screen size, regardless of which device you’re using at the time.

Said interface displays critical metrics relating to your business, including information on newly acquired customers and existing customers who have paid their monthly fees - making it the ideal software for club membership management.

Zen Planner has other unique features, which include:

  • Attendance summary
  • Number of prospective customers
  • How many credit cards are expiring in the next month
  • Students with birthdays coming up soon!

With their apps for iOS and Android, members can pay bills, view class schedules, and track their workouts on their preferred platform.

Furthering this, the staff app is similar in the sense that you can directly monitor and change shifts, along with managing salaries. Please note, the staffing variation of Zen Planner is free upon purchase of packages:

As noted above, you will be expected to pay a higher price for the amount of customers you currently have within your service. 

But don’t worry, as these increments will only increase by £38, meaning that you’ll never experience a drastic financial jump from one package to the other. 

Business owners using ZenPlanner report a 20% increase in annual revenue, and if you’d like to reap the benefits too, be sure to download a free demo today and begin to improve your business. 


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#5 - PushPress

Price: Ranging from Free - £185 per month depending on which package you choose

For business owners interested in free health club management software, PushPress may be just the product you’re looking for. 

Trusted as one of the world’s best fitness brands, and used by over 2000 gyms worldwide, you’d be hard pressed to find a software as universally respected in the fitness industry. 

This is largely due to the fact that their team consists of people who have owned and managed gyms and other fitness centres. 

Therefore, PushPress knows exactly what it takes to successfully manage a business specialising in health and fitness.

For example, their tools for recurring billing and membership enable you to sell a variety of membership types, including:

  • Recurring subscriptions
  • Private training sessions
  • Courses
  • Non-recurring subscriptions
  • Events and seminars
  • Drop-ins

As discussed, this is an example of a free health club management software, but please do note that this option is only available for the base level package that is targeted at small/start-up businesses.

However, those who opt for the Pro or Max package will still receive some free perks, as each will have the option to book demos or sample the software in a free trial. 

Furthermore, all users of this fitness club management software will be pleased to note that this product is compatible with multiple devices including iOS, Android and Amazon Fire. 

Are you having fun reading this article? Well here's some more for you!

#6 - Trainerize

Price: Ranges from Free - £282 per month

Trainerize helps fitness professionals to create workout schedules, build meal plans, and track progress, all in the interest of helping members and customers reach their fitness goals.

The gym club management software app allows business owners to build, save, and print training plan templates, as well as provide fitness targets and work out details for their customers. 

Therefore, this particular software may also be suitable for those who are looking to become an online personal trainer

In particular, the trainer marketplace will help users with acquiring new customers by matching existing users with the services on offer. 

customers can then use Trainerize in-app messaging feature to connect with trainers, allowing them to engage with the services you provide. 

Trainerize is a great option as software for club membership management if you’re looking for personalisation. 

For example, each pricing package is unique to the amount of customers you currently have, meaning that you’ll never overpay for services you don’t require:

Furthering this customisation potential, trainers and business owners can also incorporate their own brand into the app. 

This allows you to customise the interface, ensuring aspects such as your logo is prominently displayed to separate you from competitors.

If you’re interested, then take advantage of Trainerize’s trial period, which offers free club membership management software for 30 days! 

#7 - RhinoFit

Price: Ranges from Free-£120 per month

Created in 2012 as a CrossFit gym club management software, RhinoFit has grown into an industry titan, leading the way in management for gyms, studios and boot camps alike. 

Their membership management system is second to none, allowing users to create custom gym memberships and billing automatically with a built-in payment processing system. 

RhinoFit also allows you to set up fitness class calendars on your website, so that members can book their space online or through an app. This will not only make things easier for customers, but as a business owner you will be able to directly analyse what aspects of your business are popular among customers. 

Whilst on the topic of customers and classes, the built-in email and SMS system will then automatically remind members of upcoming reservations. This will reduce the work you have to do, ensuring you’re not chasing anyone. 

With RhinoFit you can customise your pricing package to suit your business, there is even an option to use this as a free health club management software:

Be sure to read the information relating to each package diligently, as you may require specific aspects that are only covered in the pricer options. 

For example, those who opt for the Standard and 24/7 Access packages will have unlimited access to email marketing. This allows users to run email ad campaigns that include business-related topics such as deals and special promotions.

#8 - Perfect Gym

Price: Available on Request 

Perfect Gym’s sports club management software allows business owners to manage all of their membership data in one place. This includes:

  • Account information
  • Payment history
  • Attendance
  • Contracts
  • Behaviour and preferences 

By analysing customers’ behaviour and preferences Perfect Gym can help to find correlations in your business model. This will allow you to create sales predictions, product recommendations and sales forecasts in order to bring in more money.

The sales funnel visualisation feature also allows you to identify where sales and customers drop off most often, so that you can quickly put strategies in place to prevent this from happening in future.

If you’d like to learn more about the concept of a sales funnel, be sure to check out our article on how to sell as a personal trainer

Speaking of guaranteeing sales, if you’re looking for a streamlined booking system, Perfect Gym’s Point-of-Sale software allows customers to easily register, and book classes and personal training sessions with complete ease. 

This fitness club management software also allows owners to manage their inventory, as well as recommend specific products that will help to increase sales and revenue.

On top of all of this, Perfect Gym also offers hardware and integrations to go alongside their sporting club management software, which helps to make the customer experience even more seamless. 

This includes technology such as biometric (fingerprint) entrances and digipads for your gym or fitness space. So, if you’d like support in every aspect of your business then this may be a viable option for you. 

#9 - Gymdesk

Price - Ranges from £60 - £161 per month

Gymdesk provides simplified billing, membership management, and marketing features for gyms and martial arts schools. 

But what makes it one of the best club management software in the UK and across the world?

This hype in large part is thanks to the innovative self-service portal for members, which as well as helping to reduce administration costs for owners can help to:

  • Update personal information
  • Sign up additional family members
  • Book private classes
  • Access exclusive member content

This feature also sets monthly billing on autopilot and allows you to collect payment information either online or using an onsite card reader.

Speaking of payments, picking a package for this service has never been easier with the detailed description on the company site, which ensures you’re paying a proportional amount for the size of your business. 

Alongside the online portal, Gym Desk can also provide your fitness centre with an in-person kiosk, allowing members to sign up using a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Members can also check into the gym or classes using their phones, or with a tablet kiosk using a numeric code, name search, or a barcode scanner. 

This will reduce the workload on both your staff and members, as you won’t have to constantly keep track of who is in attendance at any given time.

If you’re wanting to get the most from your software, you can publish a website for your gym through Gym Desk, which comes at no additional cost.

Whether you’re looking for free health club management software, or don’t mind investing a little, Gym Desk offers a free 30-day trial. So, why not give their software a try today?

#10 - Bsport

Price: Available on request

Bsport has a selection of virtual, marketing automation, and analysis tools to help business owners streamline and optimise their operations.

Their software for club membership management offers a ‘360’ approach, including assistance in areas such as staffing and marketing. 

For example, the 360 Marketing feature allows you to run a full cycle marketing campaign, and set up in-house analysis to help you identify and better target your audience.

Other great features include:

  • Sales and retention tools
  • Know-your-customer tools
  • Clock-in and clock-out features, to digitise your instructors’ time tracking
  • Private bookings
  • In-person and online options for payments

Bsport also offers a Video-on-Demand solution, which allows you to create an in-house library of pre-recorded content. You can then monetise this feature by asking customers to subscribe for access, an ideal aspect for those looking to also target potential customers outside of their local area. 

With Bsport you also have the option to live stream classes through Zoom to increase your reach, without the extra administration work.

Therefore, if you want a fitness club management software that seeks to ease the stress of running a business, be sure to make an appointment for an initial consultation. Following this, a Bsport representative can help to set up a pricing package that is suitable for your needs.

#11 -

Price: Available following consultation is another of our favourite pieces of sports club management software available on the market today. 

With an innovative approach to business management, this programme can help you with a wide range of fitness centres, including:

  • Gyms
  • CrossFit boxes
  • Personal trainers 
  • Strength coaches
  • Sports teams
  • Chiropractors 
  • Yoga and Pilates instructors
  • Martial arts studios

In terms of their ‘Business’ features, allows you to easily schedule consultations for your personal trainers, appointments and classes, along with managing the waivers and contracts of staff members and customers alike.

You can also use the software to log workouts, track progress, and provide automatic workout summaries, each of which has been specifically designed to improve customer experience and keep them coming back to your facility.

The ‘Marketing’ feature offers insight into customer lifecycle and customer relationship management, helping you to acquire, nurture, and retain your customers.

Owners and managers can also automatically send email, SMS, and in-app notifications to regularly remind and engage customers of offers and services available.

If has piqued your interest, we’d recommend filling out their questionnaire to ensure that you generate a monthly quote that accurately reflects your business.

Other features of this sporting club management software include live and on-demand fitness content, as well as sales options for digital products, meaning that users of can expect a much more streamlined process.

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#12 - Pike13

Price: Ranges from £95 - £191 per month

As one of the best sports club management software in the UK, Pike13 provides small business owners with tools to better manage their day, whilst also giving customers an elevated fitness experience.

Their features include everything from tracking attendance, to enrolling customers easily on a device.

Pike13 also helps to automate repetitive tasks which often reduce business efficiency, including:

  • Recurring Billing
  • Class Reminder Notifications
  • Running Payroll
  • Automated Emails
  • Text and Class Reminder Notifications
  • Waitlists
  • Business Reports

Using their signature ‘Insights’ reporting, you are able to get an overview of your business metrics at any time, or dive deeply into data to help you monitor, assess, and evaluate performance.

Instructors can also track and rate their students’ progress from any device, using the MySkillChart feature. This is ideal for seeing which customers may need their goals altered to suit their current level of performance.

Therefore, if you’re looking for more ways to improve business performance and user experience, you can use Pike13 software for club management to develop and improve both staffing and customer experiences. 

#13 - Gymflow

Pricing - Available following consultation

Gymflow was founded by Isaac, who spent 6 years expanding a fitness brand across 3 countries, with 70+ clubs opening during the course of that time. 

Following this success, Isaac realised that the options for membership management software were fragmented and failed to provide the fundamental basics of business and finance. That’s when Gymflow was born!

What sets Gymflow apart from other sports club management software in the UK and across the world is the additional features that can be added to the customer’s dashboard. 

These are specifically dedicated to increasing customer retention and engagement, all in the name of improving your annual revenue. 

On top of this, the software also offers many tools to make managing your business easier, with some of the most popular being: 

  • Member management
  • Events and bookings
  • Automated messaging
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Lead management
  • Smart promotions

If you’d like to try this club management software for free before committing to a specific pricing package then you’re in the right place, because Gymflow provides all new customers with a demo free of charge.

This will allow you to test whether the software is suitable for your business! But even following this, Gymflow is regarded as a cheaper option on the market so you’re sure to get a good deal regardless of which package you choose. 


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#14 - Virtuagym

Price: Available following consultation 

Supporting 9000+ businesses and 40,000+ trainers in over 80 countries, Virtuagym can provide some of the best sports club management software for UK business owners. 

Since its inception, Virtuagym has grown into a leading player in digital fitness coaching and business management, by offering top quality solutions for trainers, studios, clubs, and corporate wellness.

Their PRO+ software solution is built to help your gym engage members who workout from home, providing them with all the necessary tools to stay fit and healthy.

The expertly crafted software can also help you to simplify scheduling, both online and on-site. This can make it easy for customers to see when their next training session is, whilst also allowing them to book into classes of their choice. 

Furthermore, if you’re hoping to personalise your software to reflect your current brand you can do so with Virtuagym’s customisation application, which allows you to integrate elements such as logos and brand colours. 

With brand awareness comes brand loyalty, so be sure to download this club management software to ensure customers keep coming back to your brand. 

#15 -

Prices: Range from Free - £37 per month is regarded as one of the best sports club management software for UK businesses due to the fact that it integrates seamlessly with other applications to ensure a heightened experience for both owners and users, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • Google Analytics 
  • WordPress 

The sporting club management software also allows you to build your own custom integrations, so that you can personalise your offering to suit your target audience. has more than 60 custom features in its back catalogue.  This allows you to ensure that your brand is reelected in everything you do, ensuring customers instantly understand what is being provided to them.

These customisation features include:

  • Coupons and gift cards
  • Customisable emails
  • Sale of products
  • Membership classes

Regardless of whether you already have a website, or are hoping to create one, SimplyBook offers all the tools you need for a mobile-optimised website that allows customers to make online bookings and contact staff members. 

Better yet, you can use this club management software for free with their initial package! But even if you decide to invest payments in pricer packages, you won’t be paying excessive fees, as their most expensive option is £37 per month. 

Finally, if you don’t have a fixed location for your business then you can manage things on the go with the SimplyBooking app.

If you’re still unsure, you can try the health club management software for free before you invest, with a 14-day trial that includes all features and 50 bookings.

#16 - TeamUp

Price: Prices range from £28 - £250 per month 

TeamUp takes away the complexity of running your gym or fitness studio, whilst combining all the features you need to grow your business, including:

  • Class booking management
  • Communication automation
  • Customisable mobile apps
  • Best-in-class payment management

This software for club membership management is focused on delivering an improved customer experience, allowing you to manage customer data in order to optimise sales, and streamline administration activities. 

TeamUp also offers a self-service customer sign-up and reward system, for customers who refer others to your business. 

As well as helping you to identify and target customers with automated statuses, these referrals help you to build a loyal customer base and get your business out there on the market.

In terms of the financial administration features, TeamUp allows you to process payments easily, automate billing, and set promotions with their flexible discount code system.

Alongside all of this TeamUp can also allow you to set flexible class schedules that can be reorganised and adapted at a moments notice, ensuring that your customers are made aware of any unplanned changes.

The app also allows you to set up online training sessions through zoom, opening up another potential revenue stream to maximise your current profit. 

With many other small features thoughtfully integrated into the service, TeamUp’s open-source club membership management software makes running your business much easier, so be sure to check it out today! 

#17 - Wellness Living

Prices: Range from £48 - £104 per month

Wellness Living provides several marketing solutions that help you to build an online presence and create industry connections. 

The primary aim of this club management software is to ensure that users establish themselves as a memorable fitness brand. 

Wellness Living offers all the tools your business needs to go virtual, allowing you to stream live sessions using FitLIVE.

Whether on a desktop or from their mobile device, new and existing customers can use the multi-channel booking options to instantly book classes, private sessions, and equipment at your fitness studio.

This means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of using a third-party software, and can make your streams available on-demand for customers to view at their own leisure.

The ‘Elevate’ app also allows you to manage your staff rotas on the go, schedule new classes, view detailed reports, and follow up on missed payments.

Whilst the ‘Achieve’ customer app means that you can streamline and increase online bookings, engage customers, and make online sales with just the click of a button.

However, the feature that we find most interesting is Isaac, the AI Assistant coming soon to Wellness Living’s software. Developed at York University, Isaac is a virtual business coach designed to give you unprecedented insight into your business.

This will be achieved by generating reports based on data that he has been tracking, to help you create strategies to retain loyal customers.

So, if you want to be one of the first business owners to try Isaac be sure to download this revolutionary sporting club management software today! 

Why Should I Get Software for Club Membership Management?

Club management software provides a powerful set of tools that can be of value to any professional business. We have already discussed someone of the benefits of using this software throughout the course of our list, but let’s explore these points in greater detail here: 

Management Software Increases Time Efficiency

Gym club management software automates many tasks that would typically take business owners and staff a long time to manually carry out. 

For example, throughout the article we have made numerous references to how certain softwares will be able to track class attendance and when customers are in attendance. 

This saves staff time from having to reach out to customers or shifting through email bookings to see who will be in attendance at any given time.

Therefore, when grouping tasks into a single programme, the day-to-day management of your company will run smoothly. 

It also means that the business owner and their staff can be more productive in other areas, such as on the gym floor, and have the time to provide a better service for customers.

Software for Club Membership Management Helps to Optimise Processes

Grouping everything into a single programme also gives owners a better overview of their business. 

For example, the best club management softwares will provide users with an insight into their customers' behaviour. They’ll observe and collect data regarding which specific fitness class is considered to be the most popular among customers. 

In-turn, business owners can then begin to invest further into this specific class by heavily promoting it to other users in order to reap the financial benefits. 

This data can also be used to spot potential weak points of your business such as specific points in which customers begin to drop out. By having this information on hand, business owners will be able to make the proper amendments required to resolve the issue. 

Gym Club Management Software Improves Customer Relations

Off the back of the previous point, management software can also increase customer retention too. This is largely due to the fact that it provides customers with the control to determine how and when they wish to train.

Rather than jump through multiple hoops to attend classes or use specific equipment, customers can simply book their place with the simple push of a button. This will improve their overall experience with your fitness facility, avoiding any form of stress that could potentially arise. 

Furthermore, as we stated in the point made above by tracking customer behaviour you can learn what they like and dislike about your business. This will allow you to make alterations in your approach, capitalising the captured data. 

This allows you to form closer relationships with customers, as you have an understanding of exactly what they want from your business.

How Do I Select the Best Sports Club Management Software for My Business?

Generally, there is no way to determine the one best piece of club management software, because each has different features and could potentially benefit your business in one way or another.

Therefore, you should have your business best interest at heart - don’t go for an option simply because it's popular with others within the industry. You need to look at your business plan and begin to question what you require this software to do. 

For example, do you need to monitor class attendance in order to estimate which are over or underperforming? Or are you more interested in looking for a software that will help you to launch an online fitness store? 

Each point is perfectly reasonable for their own respective reasons, so let’s look at a few quick tips that can help you to separate the beneficial applications from ones that you should avoid at all costs: 


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The Best Club Management System Has Good Support

It’s important to check what support services are included when purchasing software, both for you and your customers.

Therefore, support should be available for you to access immediately, whenever a problem or question arises. This can be provided through consultations and demos that put you in direct contact with employers of the software in question.

Remember, technical issues can occur at any time so should something happen these software companies should make it a priority to assist you. 

Therefore, if you can’t find any information or reviews regarding their customer support, it may be best to avoid using the particular software.

Sports Club Management Software Should Be Easy to Navigate

Your chosen software should be user-friendly and easily accessible, as it will be off-putting to both staff and customers if it is difficult to find their way around.

In a highly competitive market it's easy to see why some owners would want to stand out with an interface that is unique and creative. However, if customers struggle to use your software they aren’t going to invest in your company. 

Therefore, we’d recommend looking for a software which priotises simplicity and streamlining customers towards an end sale. 

Customers Should Be Able to Make Online Bookings and Payments Through Your Software

Regardless of whether a customer is using an app or desktop variation, they should be able to renew packages and pay for individual purchases with ease. 

By ensuring this transaction can occur online, you can make things singing salty easier for both employees and customers alike. 

Rather than being told about their renewal on the day itself, customers can simply receive a notification reminding them that they need to pay.

Additionally, by providing the option to pay in advance you can keep business running smoothly, removing the need for customers to gather at the front desk. 

For information on what third-party softwares could be integrated for this, check out our article on Personal Trainer Payment Methods

Analysis, Insights, and Reports Should Feature in Club Management Software

As we have discussed at length throughout the course of this article, the best club management software will provide you with an overview of your business.

This will include collecting and analysing data and statistics relating to aspects of your business such as finances and customer behaviour. 

The collection of this data will allow you to evaluate how your business is performing, and what aspects could be improved or built upon in order to ensure you generate a higher profit. 

Before You Go!

Before you invest in any club management software, remember that it’s important to ensure that the platform you choose has the specific features that your business requires to not only run efficiently but also thrive!

But before you go, remember qualifying with our Sports Nutrition Course can help you and your staff create a unique business plan that attracts customers with niche interests. In turn, this can help to increase the revenue of your business.

You can also download our FREE course prospectus to learn more about all of the industry-leading courses OriGym has to offer.

Written by Rebecca Felton

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Graduating from the University of Liverpool with a first-class degree in English, Rebecca’s combined passions for fitness and writing are what brought her to OriGym. Rebecca is a keen gym-goer and specifically enjoys lifting weights. Outside of fitness and writing, Rebecca enjoys cooking, reading, and watching the football.

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