13 Best Compact Multi Gyms (UK)

best compact multi gyms

Are you searching the market for a compact multi-gym for home use? Investing in the best small multi-gym will dramatically improve your home gym game, and whether you have a dedicated gym space, or you utilise the spare room, we have a compact multi-gym to suit everyone.

The last few months have enforced us all to switch from our usual training environments and take up working out from our living rooms instead; however, this has led to many people realising working out from home fits their routine and general preference much better. For these reasons, we here at OriGym have created a shortlist of the 13 best compact home multi-gym facilities, so you don’t have to find alternatives for your favourite gym machines.

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What is a Compact Multi-Gym?

A compact multi-gym is a smaller self-contained workout unit, that allows users to achieve all of the same goals at home, as they would at the gym. With a compact multi-gym, you can build muscle mass and strength, as well as tone your body - if that is your desired goal.

Small multi-gym units are particularly great for fitness beginners and intermediates, though they have a number of features that make them a brilliant investment for anyone of any fitness level. Some of their qualities include:

  • Most compact multi-gym options on the market are fully adjustable in order to accommodate all users.
  • All exercises are guided by these machines and the weights are blocked, therefore allowing all moves to be performed safely by the user.
  • One of the obvious benefits of a compact multi-gym is they allow users to perform many different exercises that work the entire body.
  • A small multi-gym is easy to use and doesn't require any specialised knowledge to receive its full advantages.

The only negative of standard multi-gyms is that they tend to take up a lot of space, however, we have eliminated this issue by searching high and low for the most compact multi-gym facilities on the market, so you don’t have to worry about how and where you’re going to store it!

Before we dive into our best compact multi-gym shortlist, if you’re interested in pursuing a career in fitness, take a look at our CIMSPA recognised personal trainer courses or download our prospectus while you're here!

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#1 - BH Fitness Multi-Gym Plus Titanium Foldable

1 Mini compact multi gym

Price: Currently Out of Stock

The BH Fitness Multi-Gym is probably the most famous foldable multi-gym in the world. You’ll find it flying high on any list of the best small multi-gym, and it’s a perennial best seller. This is no great surprise, because the Gym Plus comes with an array of features, is small enough to slot into any room, and it’s even foldable to save that bit of extra space when you’re not using it!

For such a small multi-gym, there’s a lot to love here. It comes with 70g of resistance in eight plate increments, as well as a low pulley stowed underneath the foldable seat. Home resistance equipment is often a mixed bag, but the Gym Plus comes equipped with triple thread cables, so movements are incredibly smooth. You can adjust the seat as well, to get perfect alignment.

Those smooth cables are probably the best feature, and they ensure that you’ll be able to do natural, more direct exercises without any distention. You’ll also get high and low pulleys capable of taking a variety of attachments, a leg developer with adjustments, a chest press and pec dec.

All of this comes at a price that won’t break the bank, and the material is top quality. The station is made of heavy gauge steel with 2 inch thick upholstery so it’s durable and, crucially, safe. There’s no instability whatsoever, and the gym feels exceptionally stable. The two year warranty is a nice touch too. BH has confidence in their products, which means that you can buy with confidence too. Whatever your home gym setup, we think you’ll be extremely happy with the Gym Plus.

If you're just beginning to build your home gym and not yet in the swing of a training routine, make sure you have a look at our definitive guide to nailing your home workout routine.

#2 - V-Fit Herculean CUG2 Compact Upright Home Gym

2 smallest multi gym

Price: £379.99

Another mini compact multi-gym that’s perfect if you’re short on space but don’t want to compromise on quality or equipment. It's been designed with space efficiency in mind, and takes up far less room than many of the other compact multi-gym options on this list. That said, it’s not just a space saver, and there are enough features on offer to interest even veteran gym goers.

The weight stack provides up to 72kg of resistance, and there’s also a bench and chest press with independent pec dec. Exercise stations include leg extension, back leg curls, upright rows and tricep extension, so you certainly won’t be short of workouts.

Quite how V-Fit has managed to cram all of this into such a small compact multi-gym we will never know, but we’re glad that they have. They've not compromised on materials either. The tubular steel main frame promises unrivalled support, so you won’t detect any sway or instability, and the gym feels exceptionally safe. All the seats come with deep padded vinyl rests for exceptional comfort, and the frame is supported by shock absorbers on the ends. 

With the increasing doom and potential of another lockdown, now is the time to master that home workout plan. Check out our article that explores staying active when isolated, including home workout suggetions.

The Herculean really does feel like a premium piece of equipment that you’d be more likely to find in a high end gym, but it’s not even the most expensive option on this list. Throw in its fantastic space efficiency, and you’ve got a multi-gym that’s perfect for all.

#3 - HOMCOM Multi-Exercise Station

multi gym

Price: £359.99

The HOMCOM Multi-Exercise Station might be the best compact multi-gym for weightlifters and bodybuilders, owing to its high capacity presses and pulleys and top of the range weight stack. 

While other compact multi-gym equipment focuses on a more general workout, bodybuilders who want to work out at home will absolutely love the HOMCOM, which remains space-efficient enough to fit comfortably into any setting. 

The combined press and butterfly station is probably the most impressive feature. It’s nicely padded, and you’ll be able to tone your chest muscles from the comfort of your own home. 

The high pulley is fantastic for the back, you’ll be able to isolate your biceps with the preacher pad, and the lag developer is perfect for quads and hamstrings. 

As you can tell, there’s a lot on offer here, and all of it is designed to help you tone your body and build muscle. The multi-gym comes with a counterweight block, making it one of the better pieces of equipment for beginners. 

We were fans of the mesh shroud, which makes working out even more secure, and the weight capacities are all well above average.

Compact multi-gym equipment of this quality and specialisation is hard to come by. There’s no reason for bodybuilders to look anywhere else, but we think anybody will love this gym, especially novices who benefit from the included exercise chart. 

This is a mid-range multi-gym, so you won’t have to spend too much to enjoy it. We think it’s one of the more stylish options on the list too, and we were big fans of the chic black design of the bench.

#4 - Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

4 best small multi gym

Price: £899.00

You can tell just by looking at the SE that it’s a complete package. It’s one of the more expensive offerings on the list, but that’s hardly surprising considering the amount of equipment that comes with it. This home gym allows you to perform an incredible 70+ gym quality exercises, making it the best small multi-gym for those who favour variety and want to engage in a full body workout.

The gym uses resistance instead of weights, and it goes up to a commendable 95g, some of the highest resistance on the list. Resistance carries all the same benefits as free weights, but without the added space and risk of joint damage. The cable and pulley positions are all fully adjustable, and the seat is nicely padded so that you can exercise in comfort.

Other features include a 2-position Lat tower, leg extensions, an abdominal crunch shoulder harness and a 4 position lower pulley/squat station. This means that you can perform anything from bench presses to chest flys, shoulders presses and leg extensions. The possibilities are huge, and we think it’s fantastic that there’s a home gym on the market which really can deliver a full body workout. For more advice when it comes to building a home gym, check out OriGym's ultimate guide.

Its vast array of features mean that this isn’t the smallest multi-gym on the list, but it’s still compact enough to fit into a garage or spare room. Since it comes with so many additions, we actually think it's highly space efficient. You’re unlikely to find this level of variety for this price, and with these space saving credentials, anywhere else.

#5 - Marcy Eclipse HG300 Compact Home Gym

5 compact multi gym bands

Price: £399.00

Another big name brand with a lot of positive reviews, the Eclipse currently holds an impressive 5 star rating on, and it frequently ranks high on lists of the best home gym equipment. Of all the offerings on this list, the Marcy feels the most durable. It’s robust, offers a wide variety of workouts, but still retains its fantastic, space saving credentials. 

We loved the chest press, which uses independent press arms to ensure equal resistance. It also functions as a pec dec, and there’s a heavy duty 68kg vinyl weight stack on the back, which Marcy believes is perfect for beginner and intermediate weightlifters. It comes with an array of gym attachments, all of which can be used with both the high and low pulleys. Simply because you're working out in the comfort of your own home does not mean you should be sacrificing the appropriate activewear. When it comes to weight training, it is essential that you are wearing the correct footwear - take a look at our buyer's guide for the best weightlifting shoes on the market.

If you’re searching for a compact home multi-gym that offers a full body workout, then you won’t be disappointed with the Eclipse. There’s an added preacher pad and leg extensions, and you’ll be able to do all kinds of workouts including lat pulldowns, ab crunches, bicep curls and tricep pushdowns to name but a few.

Marcy is, of course, famous for its durable and often heavy duty equipment. The gym comes with a heavy gauge steel frame that’s incredibly solid. Mini compact multi-gym products sometimes have the reputation of being a little flimsy, but that’s certainly not the case here. The Eclipse would be right at home in a fully fledged commercial gym, and it is without a doubt the best compact multi-gym UK shoppers can get their hands on. 

#6 - DKN Studio 7400 Compact Home Multi Gym

6 best compact home multi gym

Price: £799.00

This compact home multi-gym excels as a strong all round performer that simply does a lot of things very well. There are undeniable benefits to working out at home. Not everybody has the time to make it to the gym every day, and if you work a tight schedule, have commitments at home or simply live a long way from the nearest facility, then a home multi-gym is your best option.

These multi-gym compact products have come a long way over the years, and nowadays you really can get a full body workout to rival that of a gym. The Studio 7400 is a small compact multi-gym perfect for a garage or extra bit of room in your home. It places equal emphasis on working out the upper and lower parts of your body.

It comes with a high and low pulley station, chest and butterfly station, as well as a preacher pad so you can get to work on your biceps. This combination of equipment offers a fantastic choice of exercises, so you’ll be able to do pulldowns, bicep/leg curls, leg extensions, chest presses and more, all from the comfort of your own home. If you need some inspiration and guidance, we have an entire article focusing on variations of the cable chest press that we think you should check out.

Special mention has to go to the build quality. Structural integrity can be a genuine concern with small multi-gym products, but the Studio 7400 is exceptionally well built. The weight stack is up to 80kg, one of the heavier on the list, and the frame is sturdy. You’ll love the soft padding, which makes workouts extra comfortable. It comes with a 1 year warranty too, which is proof of DKN Studio’s faith in their equipment. 

#7 - Teeter FitForm

7  small compact multi gym

Price: Currently Out of Stock

Anybody searching for a multi-gym for an especially small space needs look no further. The Teeter FitForm is absolutely tiny, and you’ll be able to fit it anywhere. We’ve never encountered a home gym quite like this before, and it delivers fantastic total body strength training at a fraction of the price (and space) of a full sized gym.

Resistance is very much the focus here. As such, it comes with some of the best compact multi-gym bands available anywhere, and we love the simple yet innovative approach. You'll build strength, endurance and flexibility via a number of resistance exercises, and the FitForm offers a very impressive 65 lbs of resistance, which is more than enough for anyone.

It’s low impact and easy on the joints too, which means that anybody, regardless of age or ability, can get the most out of it. You’ll be able to perform a variety of targeted upper and lower body exercises, as well as high intensity cardio workouts. The cardio functionality is a large boon, especially if you’re hoping to burn some calories.

The TeeterFit is innovative, and we love the focus on resistance. It comes with patented Radial technology, so you can adjust said resistance in tiny increments of just 1lb, which is much smaller than on any other home multi-gym compact. The cable is an impressive 9 foot long, and since there’s hardly any negative resistance on recoil, you’ll experience less muscle soreness and much quicker recovery times. 

Best of all, the FitForm comes with its own app, which offers trainer led videos, personal workout routines and a vast library of exercise videos. This is completely free and doesn’t require a subscription, so it makes a fantastic companion to the gym itself. You won’t find many smaller compact multi-gym facilities for your home than this, so if you’re short on space it’s likely the one for you.

#8 - BodyBoss 2.0

8 foldable multi gym

Price: £184.84

The world's first portable compact multi-gym, the BodyBoss 2.0 is a must have for any fitness and travel enthusiast.

The BodyBoss has an interesting history. It began its life on Kickstarter, where it raised a staggering $1,000,000 to push ahead with production. The result is undoubtedly the best multi-gym for small space. It’s so small that you can actually carry it around with you when you’ve finished your workout!

Even though this is a fold up multi-gym, it’s bursting with potential. It comes with a collapsible workout bar, resistance bands, wrist/ankle straps and the chance to do over 300 exercises, all using a bit of kit that you can carry around with you. Moreover, you’ll be able to do full body workouts, with targeted equipment for the upper and lower body as well as cardio

The exercises are largely resistance based, and you can scale them up and down by lengthening or shortening the bands. BodyBoss aimed to assimilate all the heavy and expensive equipment found in a gym into something so small that it’s actually portable. We couldn’t be more impressed, and never thought we’d see a home gym capable of 300+ exercises, but small enough to be carried around.

It’s no wonder, then, that the BodyBoss 2.0 is the best selling portable gym in the world. We love the resistance workouts, and how simple it is to scale their difficulty up and down. There’s endless variety on offer, and you really can get a full body workout from this tiny home gym. 

For students who have moved away from their family home into a possibly smaller location, this is the perfect piece of equipment to transport with you and store away in your room. If you need some guidance on how to build a home workout to do whilst in student accommodation, make sure you take a look at our article after you've finished up here.

The BodyBoss 2.0 is certainly the most creative product on the list, and it might just be the best compact home multi-gym for beginners or people who don’t have much space to spare. 

#9 - Fusion Motion Portable Gym

9  fold away multi gym

Price: £149.95

The Fusion Motion is another dimension bendingly small gym that somehow comes loaded with all the features of a much larger, bulkier workout station. It promises gym quality results while remaining portable.

We loved the range of available attachments and the number of workouts on offer. As well as the Fusion Motion base, you’ll get two standard resistance bands, two strong bands, pulse attachments and handles, 2 pushup handles, a bar/squat rack, an ab roller and a door anchor. That's more than enough for a full body workout, and the package contains more resistance bands than any of the other home multi-gym compact. 

If you're looking to fully kit out your new home gym, why not complete it with a leg press machine as well as your new compact multi-gym? Take a look at our guide on the best leg press machines on the UK market right now.

Anybody looking for a fold away multi-gym that’s also strong enough to support a rigorous workout will love the steel reinforced bars and the secure, heavy duty feel. Another seldom seen but fantastic addition is the accompanying exercise guide. While many fold up multi-gym products promise a certain number of exercises, the Fusion Motion actually shows you how to do them, step by step, and there’s 200 to choose from.

We think this setup is suitable for people of all levels. Beginners will benefit from the detailed exercise book, and advanced trainers will love how easy it is to scale up the exercises. Attach the heavy resistance bands and all of a sudden you’re looking at a high intensity, muscle shredding workout to compete with any gym or personal trainer.

The Fusion is available on Amazon at a very reasonable price, much cheaper than many of the other offerings on this list, making it easily the best compact multi-gym UK shoppers with an eye on their budgets will be able to find. 

#10 - BodyMax CF372

10 fold up multi gym

Price: £549.00

The CF372 isn’t the smallest multi-gym on the list, but it’s still much more space efficient than a standard home gym. Anybody looking for mini compact multi-gym equipment won’t be disappointed. It’s perfect if you want to work on muscle definition or take your workout to the next level with some slightly more intense, challenging exercises.

Every muscle group will get its fair share of attention, and the gym comes with a great selection of stations. In fact, we think it’s one of the best equipped compact home multi-gym facilities on the market. There’s a high and low pulley, seated chest press, leg extension and curl, preacher pad and pec dec. Compact multi-gym facilities sometimes have the reputation of being somewhat under equipped, but that certainly isn’t the case here, so you’ll never get bored doing the same exercises again and again.

You’ll be able to perform upwards of 20 different manoeuvres, and we loved the sturdy design of the CF372. It feels robust, and we’re confident it can take anything you throw at it.

Of particular note is the weight stack, which generates a highly impressive 200 lbs, some of the best on the list. Better still, and if you have the space to spare, the CF372 can be the first piece in a much larger home gym. There are optional attachments available including a triceps bar and lat pulldown bar, so you can diversify your home gym setup even further.

With its array of stations, cool design and heavy duty feel, this is the perfect home gym for anyone who still wants something compact, but has a little more space to spare. However, if you have a little more room, why not think about investing in a bench for your home gym station? We've got a shortlist of the best weight benches for all workouts that may benefit you.

#11 - Altas AL-3000F

best multi gym

Price: £1,361.77

It might be one of the most expensive on the list, but with the Altas AL-3000F, you really do get what you pay for. It is an easy pick for our best compact multi-gym in the UK list, and it also happens to be space-efficient, compact and lightweight.

The ingenious “space-saving-all-front-design” has allowed Altas to cram the 3000F to bursting point with stations without making it bulky.

This is a multi-gym compact for those who take their workouts seriously and want to elevate them to the next level. With its hefty price tag, it certainly isn’t for beginners or anyone for whom exercise isn’t already a big part of their life. That said, everything here has a premium feel, and you simply won’t find a higher quality home gym anywhere else.

For this version, the weight stack has been boosted to an impressive 90kg, which is more than enough for any workout. 7 different settings have been added for the butterfly workout, so you’ll be able to tailor each routine to your own specific needs.

We know the Altas 3000F isn't the cheapest option on the list, so since you've splurged a little on this compact multi-gym, you can save your money in other areas by utilising items from your home to excel in your training. Have a read of our article consisting of 7 surprising household items to level up your home workouts.

A huge variety of exercises are possible, ranging from bicep curls, rowing and seated chest presses to bending deadlifts and standing cable curls. If you ever worry that a home gym might be a compromise, then this piece of equipment is here to prove you wrong. Whatever you can do at the gym, you can now do just as well at home. 

Quite simply, the AL-3000F is the business. The bench is super lightweight for what you get, and if you’re looking for a big-budget multi-gym that doesn’t compromise on features, then you’ve probably found the newest addition to your home.

#12 -Total Gym Apex G1

12  best compact multi gym uk

Price: Currently Out of Stock

The Apex is a small multi-gym with big promise. Like so many of the other compact home multi-gym products on the list, it focuses mainly on resistance to bring you reliable, low impact results. With its space saving design and variety of exercises, we think it’s perfect for beginners taking their first steps into the world of fitness.

We loved the levels of resistance. There are 6 to choose from, so you’ll always be able to scale your workout up and down. Since these movements are all low impact and fluid, it’s easy to transfer from one exercise to the next. The Apex offers a full body workout and can help with toning, sculpting, weight loss and general flexibility. 

Total Gym might be best known for its association with Chuck Norris, but novices need not fear. This gym comes with some brilliant accessories to get you started including an exercise wall chart, Total Gym TV access and guides on both nutrition and exercise. It’s also well suited to short, sharp bursts of daily exercise. Apex recommends 15-20 minutes, which is perfect if you’re short on time. 

When working out at home, it can be easy to ignore the need for rest days due to how accessible your workout station is. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of rest days - whether training from home or a gym facility. We have a whole article that focuses on rest days and how many you need.

It’s the best fold away multi-gym for beginners that we’ve tested, and has a robust construction absent from so many other fold up multi-gym facilities. It can support an impressive 300 lbs, and the steel frame comes with auto-lock height adjustment for added peace of mind. Structural integrity is key on pieces of equipment like this, and we didn’t detect any sway or stability problems. 

#13 - Fit4Home 7080A

13 best multi gym for small space

Price: £499.99

Safety is a big concern with any home gym. Without the presence of trainers or the health and safety measures of a gym, there's sometimes a feeling of added risk. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with the Fit4Home 7080A. Not only is the build quality incredibly high, with robust tubular metal, but there’s even a protective cover on the weight rack for added peace of mind. 

This compact multi-gym comes with a nice variety of features. The weight rack is probably the biggest draw, especially as it comes with individual plates which are easy to adjust. The plates are around 4.6kg each, so it’s easy to scale your workout up and down.

There’s a preacher curl/arm pad, and a leg extension with pivot point, both of which are well padded. In fact, the quality of the padding is another big plus point, especially on the bench, which feels extra soft and comfortable. The chest press and pec dec feature independent arm mechanisms, so you can be sure that you’re working out both sides equally.

While it’s not the smallest multi-gym you’ll find, and it does require self assembly, it’s still far more compact than some of the other compact multi-gym equipment on the market, so it won’t take up too much space. The many features and safety first policy really make the 7080A worth a look.


Can You Build Muscle with a Multi-Gym?

Like we previously mentioned, incorporating a mini compact multi-gym into your home gym routine can help you target and achieve a range of different goals; from building muscle mass and strength, to toning your body. 

A compact multi-gym usually consists of a range of weights, which allow you to do a range of different exercises all from the same device with the simple change of a pin. The resistance on these machines can be changed to suit the user's needs when doing both upper and lower body exercises, such as leg extensions or chest presses. 

What to Consider When Buying the Best Compact Multi-Gym?

When shopping for the best compact multi-gym for your goals and needs, there are a few factors you should consider and apply to products on your search. Below we will walk you through the main factors you should consider:

  • Size - Though our list consists of compact multi-gyms, these items will still vary in size, so it is important to think about the space in your home and where you are planning on putting the machine and whether you will have enough space for full movements.
  • Weight stack - Before purchasing a compact multi-gym for your home, make sure you check the range of the weight stack prior. If you’re a heavy lifter, you’ll want to ensure there is enough additional weight so that you can progress as you get stronger. If you’re currently an active weight trainer, you will most likely benefit from opting for 80kg and above, whereas, if you’re a  beginner to lifting and training, we would recommend opting for a machine that offers between 60 and 70kg.
  • Price - A compact multi-gym can cost anything up to around £5,000, though we did target our list to more affordable products, however, if you’re serious about training, then they are definitely worth the money when it comes to building up strength. 
  • Is the seat adjustable? - An important factor that few people remember to consider when purchasing a compact multi-gym is the importance of an adjustable seat. This will ensure everyone wanting to make use of the machine can, and also make for an easier workout for those above or below the average height range. 

Before You Go!

And that concludes our shortlist of the best compact multi-gym products for your home. We hope we have provided you with enough options and information that will allow you to make an informed decision of the unit that will best suit you.

When working out at home, especially with the addition of any specialist equipment or machines, it is important you are taking all the necessary precautions, educating yourself entirely on the functions of fitness units and being sensible in your abilities to ensure your safety when at home. 

If this article has inspired you to jump into a career in fitness, take a look at our personal trainer courses and decide what career path you want to go down! If you want further information about the courses we do, download our free prospectus!

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