Comparing PT Course Providers

If your looking for a new career and have a genuine passion for fitness a future within the health and fitness sector could be just what the doctor ordered. If you however have tried to do any research into this remit already you might have found the whole process very confusing. There are different methods of studying a course from provider to provider, alternative accreditations and different costs. So how do you know which provider that is going to best for you?

Well, in this article we discuss a few things you need to watch out for when comparing personal training course providers.


  1. Always check the companies reviews, use neutral sites, not reviews on their website to get a trued reflection of the service they provide.
  2. Check with the relevant authorities to see that their accreditation is all in the right place.
  3. Check companies house to see how long the company has been operating for. It can be risky to buy a course from a company that has just been founded or has not reputation for delivering high standard courses.
  4. Check the location of the provider to make sure it is accessible to your needs.
  5. Costs of course are very important, try and get the best possible price and sometimes it is good to wait a little while to get an offer.
  6. Try not to get confused by the companies you are enquiring with having different names for the same course. For example you can find one company call their distance learning course, online , home study, self study, e-learning, they all pretty much mean the same thing.
  7. Be honest with yourself when it comes to picking the best study method for you to learn via. Many people opt for a distance learning fitness course due to price, when a full time class rom based experience would be more beneficial for their needs.
  8. Check the training provider’s career support package, its not just about the course, but what happens after it. Are they helping you into employment or providing any after care programme? You will find some providers have extensive help and support which ads to the value of your package, whilst other do not help at all.

Here at Origym we feel we provide great value for money for our services, we have all our accreditations in the correct [lace and have a proven model for delivering high quality training, something to which our reviews reinforce.


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