How Much is a Nutritionist? Cost, What to Look for & More (2022)

how much is a nutritionist

Whether you’re looking to improve your overall health or get some assistance in reaching your training goals, you may be asking yourself, how much is a nutritionist? 

So, we are here to answer all of the questions you may have about hiring a nutritionist, from what to look out for, and how to find one. More specifically, we will cover:

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What Does A Nutritionist Provide?

How much is a nutritionist

You may have heard of the term nutritionist and dietician, but you may not be able to distinguish the difference. 

Being well aware of the differences between the two is vital when you’re researching the cost of a nutritionist, as the two have very different responsibilities and educational backgrounds.

Nutritionists provide advice and guidance, which is very different from prescribing specific meal plans or working with particular illnesses as dieticians do.

It is important that you understand the capacity of which nutritionists can help particular client types. 

For example, you may request a consultation with a nutritionist and have underlying health problems, but can a nutritionist help you in this scenario?

how much does a nutritionist cost

The answer is yes, but only under certain conditions. 

In this instance, the nutritionist can help you, but only in general capacity - it cannot be on the terms of assisting or managing said underlying health problems, like diabetes or high blood pressure. 

If this was what the client wanted the nutritionist for, they would have to work with the medical professional that is assisting them with their health problems thus far. 

Not only that, but as a nutritionist, no advice should be given to the client that is in contradiction to what a dietician or a higher ranking health professional has advised.

Other than specific situations (such as the aforementioned example), if you hire a fully qualified nutritionist you will be able to receive nutritional advice that complement your training goals. 

How Much Does a Nutritionist Cost?

Cost of a nutritionist

Now that you have all of the information you need on what it is you will be paying for when you hire a nutritionist, let’s answer your question on how much does a nutritionist cost.

Of course, the amount of education that the nutritionist has behind them, the more valuable the service. 

So, beginning with a Level 4 qualification in sports nutrition as a minimum, these are the prices that you can be expected to pay. 

One route you can take to hiring a nutritionist is employing on a freelance basis.

hire a freelance nutritionist

Freelance nutritionists are pretty easy to find and are often working as sole traders - thus, you are likely to get a competitive price.

Often, you will be prompted to get in touch with the nutritionist if they’re freelance to discuss and negotiate prices. 

This way, they’re able to justify their price to you by explaining their services and how they will benefit you, as well as provide you with more tailored information on how much a nutritionist costs. 

Some nutritionists may be transparent with their costs, and some won't, instead choosing to disclose their costs after an initial consultation.

Average cost of a nutritionist

Either way, we’d strongly advise sending them an email, or calling them if you’re interested in soliciting their services.

It is rare that you will find a definitive price bracket, especially as each person's nutritional intake is going to be different and require attention in various areas. 

So, we looked for what nutritionists expect to earn to gain an average of what you can be expecting to pay. 

Prospects are a reliable source when it comes to the world of work and they disclosed the approximate value of nutritionists' service. However, you should remember that this can change depending on the level of expertise the nutritionist obtains.

nutritionist pricetag

This is what job profile site Prospects found:

  • Initial consultation: £45 - £75
  • Follow up sessions (each): £30 - £50 
  • Recipe / diet analysis report (each): £15 - £20 

This is an average when you’re looking to hire a freelancer, which is usually a good route to go for if you don’t want to be waiting around for appointments. 

There are plenty of places to find freelance nutritionists, which we’ll discuss more in detail later in this article, but if you’re determined to hire a nutritionist for lifestyle changes, freelance is a great option. 

If the average cost of a nutritionist who is freelance doesn’t fit into your budget, that is no problem as you could get a public health nutritionist. 

In the UK, you could expect to be going through the NHS for this service, and though your consultation would be free, your appointment time slot will be based on the severity of your need or condition.

the price for hiring a nutritionist

So, when asking how much is a nutritionist in the UK, the NHS is of course a great help and could get you seen for free, like many other NHS fitness services. 

However, it is likely that without having a health related reason to your desire for a nutritionist,  you will be waiting for some time and may not be eligible at all. 

That is why if it is a nutritionist you need for reaching fitness goals or personal gain, it is highly likely you would be advised to seek a private (or freelance) nutritionist. 

Nonetheless, if you need a nutritionist for health implications that could be improved by dietary guidance, you will be eligible for a GP referral to a public health nutritionist if you meet the following criteria which you can find here.

What Affects the Price of a Nutritionist?

How much is it to see a nutritionist

Now that you know how much it is that a nutritionist costs, you may be wondering what can make the price fluctuate and if you do see some higher numbers, why this could be. 

These are some of the factors that will allow the price to rise when hiring a nutritionist:

#1 Level of Education

How much is a nutritionist consultation

We have already mentioned how the cost of a nutritionist is heavily dependent on the education that they have behind them, but what is it that you’re actually looking for?

Interestingly, the NHS states that there is no set entry route to becoming a nutritionist. However, most will have a degree and a masters degree in nutrition to be a well considered candidate. 

So, you will initially want to look for a qualification in nutrition. This can come in different forms, but keep in mind that you’re going to want whomever you hire to be qualified at a Level 4 in nutrition or above. 

Other than nutritional related qualifications, there are other areas of education that can really help boost knowledge and ability. 

nutritionist costs london

This includes fitness courses and is particularly valuable if you’re a client who is hiring a nutritionist for sports related purposes.

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation. Maybe a nutritionist you’ve had your eye on to hire has a Level 4 in nutrition for sports, with a degree in an unrelated area.

Now, compare this to a candidate who has a Level 4 in advanced sports nutrition alongside a Level 3 in personal training and even a Level 4 in obesity and weight management. 

The latter may not have a degree, but the amount of relative knowledge they do have is much more valuable to the client, especially if they’re using a nutritionist to help their fitness training. 

Therefore, you should not only expect higher price brackets from nutritionists that have high levels of education, but also those that have more qualifications in relative areas. 

#2 Past Experience

How much is it to hire a nutritionist

It is important that you recognise the difference between past education and past experience. 

This is not to say that those who have gone through an extensive amount of training and education are any less educated than those who have already worked in the field, but nonetheless past experience is something that will indeed drive up the cost of hiring a nutritionist.

For example, you can look out for voluntary experience, which demonstrates their determination and passion for a career in nutrition. 

You can also look out for prestigious business names that they may have worked for, as this could also be a reason why their prices are a little higher than expected.

price of a nutritionist in london

Of course work experience is a bonus, and this can certainly be a reason why you may pay extra for a nutritionist that has been in the sector for some time, especially if they’ve previously worked in a clinical or medical capacity. 

On the other hand, you can expect to get a more competitive price for a nutritionist that is newly qualified and thus, has little hands-on experience. 

You should keep in mind that having no experience, perhaps because the nutritionist is new to the industry, doesn’t mean they won’t be well educated, but it will mean that you’re likely to get a cheaper price.

#3 Location

How much is a personal nutritionist

Like any service, location matters. In the UK, you’re likely already aware of the price jump from a city like Liverpool or Manchester, to London. 

London is more expensive than other areas of the UK, just like any other capital city is, and so prices are going to be higher.

This doesn’t just go for nutritionists. It also applies to commercial gyms, restaurants, bars - just about anything is likely to cost more in a larger city.

Take a look at this nutritionist’s prices below that is based in London, UK. Not only is the location going to be a factor into the price, but also the experience behind her. 

Cost of hiring a nutritionist

As you can see, the prices are above the aforementioned average price bracket that we learned from Prospects, this simply goes to show that there are multiple factors that make a nutritionist more valuable than others.

This example from Linda Vezzoli has justified this price bracket by being part of a particular niche, being in a more expensive location while also having an extensive education and experience.

It is clear when browsing for your right fit that the cost of hiring a personal nutritionist fluctuates and so, you should do your research into each candidate to ensure you’re getting value for your money, no matter your location.

For some helpful intel on hiring or becoming a fitness professional, read our articles below:

How Can I Find a Nutritionist to Hire?

Cost of hiring a personal nutritionist

Now that you know what prices to expect and the aspects that can drive those prices up or down, let’s find out where you can find your nutritionist to hire.

All it takes is a simple Google search to find nutritionists in your area and you can use the help of freelance websites if you’re looking to hire privately. 

Here’s a few suggestions of websites you can look through are:

These sites can often provide you with prices, and help you get in touch with the candidate easily. 

Not only that, but you can view their nutritionist job description, education and experiences, and in some cases, their hourly rate. 

One website that is particularly useful is Nutritionist Resource, this website ensures that you’re hiring a qualified individual who is in your area. 

You can see below their promises and why they know you can trust them.

How much is a nutritionist

They are a vehicle to modern day nutritionist assistance as you can even find a nutritionist that can help you online specifically or in person. 

So if you’re wondering how much is it to see a nutritionist in person compared to online, it is easy to find out with the help of their handy search tool. We have an example below of how this works:

cost of a nutritionist freelance

This is the home screen above, and immediately you can choose whether you want to opt for an online or in person session, and what location you wish for it to be. 

We used Liverpool as an example, as well as looking for in person nutritionists.

where can I hire a nutritionist

This is a great way to narrow down searches and browse through relevant candidates. You’re able to filter the type of practitioner to postcode and find your perfect fit. 

It is super easy to find out the cost of a nutritionist too, as you can see the ‘email me’ button next to their profile.

This is a great way to find out how much it is that a nutritionist in your area costs, you could even email a couple candidates at a time and find the best value for money. 

Ultimately, using resources like these is a great way to pick from a great bunch of nutritionists, and determine locally how much a nutritionist costs. 

What to Look Out For When Hiring a Nutritionist 

how to find a nutritionist to hire

After asking how much does a nutritionist cost, you should now have most of the tools you need to find out just that. 

But, there is one last thing you should take into account and this is the key nutritionist qualities you should be looking out for to make the cost of a nutritionist justifiable.

#1 Recognised Qualifications

how much does a nutrtionist cost

As we’ve reiterated when answering your question of how much is a nutritionist?, qualifications are vital! But, arguably more importantly, they should be recognised. 

You have probably seen nutrition courses online, perhaps you’ve even come across some that are free. 

You do not want to hire a nutritionist with this level of education, you should be hiring a professional with real qualifications and the easy way to distinguish the difference is by looking out for the regulating and accreditation body. 

Two useful names that you should look out for are:

  • Ofqual regulation 
  • CIMSPA accreditation 

In the UK, Ofqual is a regulator that ensures standard in assessments, plus this is recognised internationally so wherever you hire your nutritionist this stamp of authority is a great one to look out for.

how much a nutritionist costs

Similarly, there are companies such as CIMSPA, which stands for the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sports and Physical Activity.

This organisation is recognised internationally, not just in the UK, so wherever you find yourself be sure to look out for these stamps of approval from regulators and accreditors.

It is a good way of gauging if the cost of a nutritionist that you have your eye on is well priced.

#2 Reviews & Testimonials

cost of a good nutritionist

Like any service, a great way to find transparent opinions is by looking for reviews. 

This can be easier to find on more experienced nutritionists than the ones who are new to the industry but it can be a good way to see if they can answer any frequently asked questions like:

How much is a nutritionist consultation? Or where is this nutritionist based?

Reviews can be a good place to have answers for these questions and for you to see other people’s success stories that have similar backgrounds to yourself. 

For example, take a look at this testimonial page from the London Clinic of Nutrition below:

How much is a nutritionist to hire

This is a good place to look for recognition on what nutritionists can offer and in this instance above, how nutrition impacts positively on specific conditions.

#3 Good Communication Skills

nutrition costs

With such responsibility, you can only justify how much it is that a personal nutritionist costs if they have the personal qualities, as well as the educational ones.

This is when researching your nutritionist is important and works in conjunction with the likes of reviews. 

You may need or want a nutritionist for personal health implications, this is personal information that you’re willing to share with somebody who you’re hiring.

Thus, you must be able to trust them. So how do you find out if they are trustworthy and have good communication skills - talk to them!

Cost of a nutritionist

Often, you can receive free ‘discovery calls’ which act as an opportunity to get to know the nutritionist and judge how well they take you and / or your condition into consideration. We mentioned the London based nutritionist Linda Vezzoli and below you can see how she makes access to a discovery call really clear.

We recommend looking for a nutritionist that offers a free discovery call so you can make this judgement on your own before investing.

Before You Go!

Now we have answered your question: how much is it to hire a nutritionist? You should be ready to look in all the right places while seeking out the qualities they should obtain. 

If you’re interested in a career in the fitness and health industry yourself, why not take a look at our Level 4 course in advanced sports nutrition here at Origym? 

Alternatively, we have plenty of other fitness courses available that you can find in our downloadable course prospectus.

Written by Kimberley Mitchell


Having gained a B.A Hons degree in Media, Culture and Communications, Kimberley has gained experience in areas of web journalism, website production and marketing.

Alongside this, Kim expanded her knowledge and passion for fitness, by becoming a fully qualified fitness instructuor and personal trainer. Kim has also gained specialist qualifications in yoga, nutriton, spin and many more.

After working in the industry as a PT, Kimberley went on to study an MA in Digital Marketing and continues to expand her knowledge in the industry. Her main focus is to keep up with current trends and communications with a focus around health & fitness, writing and being creative.

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