22 Best Cushioned Running Shoes

Cushioned running shoes

Are you looking for the best cushioned running shoes in the UK? OriGym has got you covered!

At OriGym, we love to run and we know how important it is to protect your feet! That’s why we have handpicked the best 22 best cushioned running shoes that money can buy. 

We have split them up into two categories, the best 11 for women and the best 11 for men to make it easier for you to find your perfect pair. 

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What are cushioned running shoes?

Just before we jump into the article, we thought we would briefly explain what cushioned running shoes are and how they differ to other running shoes.

Cushioned running shoes are designed with no motion control features and are often lighter than other running shoes.

These shoes are normally built with a curved or semi-curved last which encourages faster movement and feels softer underneath the foot. 

This kind of shoe is a good option for runners with a neutral foot type and orthotic wearers, and are best for anybody who weighs under 13 stone.

If you weigh over 13 stone, there are still options! Some structured cushioning shoes are available with additional support.  

So now you know what they are, let’s find out where to buy cushioned running shoes! 

11 Best Women’s Cushion Running Shoes

#1 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Women’s Cushioned Running Shoe

Price: £60.00

When it comes to sports gear, it’s hard to beat some classic Nike cushioned running shoes because you know you’re going to get value for money and a quality item.

With this particular pair of cushioned running trainers you’re getting loads of the best features Nike have created in one product.

For example, their air zoom technology is super responsive and provides a high level of shock absorption to protect your heels from impacting the floor too strongly. 

Alongside the air zoom technology, these are some of the most cushioned running shoes, with additional foam layers to absorb and spread the shock of impact through the foot and up the leg.

The foam is incredibly durable so you know these cushioned shoes will last you a while before they’ll need replacing.

Nike also hasn't skimped on the upper of their soft and cushioned running shoes. Here, you benefit from a breathable and lightweight mesh designed to allow air to circulate around the foot during exercise.

The wider fit at the toes also helps to stretch and position your foot correctly into a more comfortable shape in the long run, whilst the midfoot webbing reinforces this fit once you’ve tied the laces, so you can feel secure during training.

Overall we think these are some of the best cushioned running shoes for women looking to invest money into durable trainers that won’t break the bank.

#2 Fresh Foam Hierro v5

Price: £125.00

Best cushioned running shoes

If you’re wondering, ‘what are the most cushioned running shoes you can find’? The Hierro V5 is certainly up there! 

With an emphasis on increasing distance and time, these New Balance cushioned running shoes differ from their male counterparts with the addition of a little more traction. 

As a result, they have a slightly higher review score and will give you a little more grip.

The Hierro offers some of the most cushioned running shoes you’ll find and the dense Fresh Foam midsole offers exceptional levels of comfort. 

New Balance describes the ride as “cloud like” and it’s hard to argue. The fit is snug, and perfect for keeping debris and loose stones out of the shoe. 

You can see the depth of padding just by looking at the chunky heel of the shoes, but despite their size, they never feel too clunky.

All the cushioning makes the Hierros well suited to trail running, or any workout that takes you off the beaten track. 

This product has industry leading traction to ensure stability. The outsoles come with the Vibram MegaGrip and we can’t think of a shoe that offers more grip across difficult or uneven terrain, as they have even been featured in our previous article on the best barefoot running shoes

These shoes are so effective because of their sleek, one piece design. While other brands divide their cushioning into separate blocks, a single strip of Fresh Foam protects the whole foot. 

It’s comfortable, supportive and does give you the sensation of running with a layer of air between yourself and the ground.

There’s no doubt that these are the best cushioned running shoes for women who prefer to take their runs off-road, but they’re so comfortable that we're sure any runner will love them.

#3 Salomon Speedcross Vario 2 GTX Ladies Cushioned Trail Running Shoes

Price: £94.99

Finding the right pair of cushioned trail running shoes can make all the difference when it comes to hitting the mixture of terrains you’ll likely experience during training.

With trail running you need your cushioned shoes to be reactive and durable so that you can adapt your footfall and protect yourself from injury.

All of this is why we love this product from Salomon, because they’ve used lightweight foam at the heel to cushion from impact, as well as an Ortholite insole for better fit and comfort underfoot.

This pair of Salomon cushioned trail running shoes also take advantage of Gore-Tex waterproofing technology to make them suitable no matter the weather.

Gore-Tex is special because it stops external sources of water from entering the shoes whilst allowing sweat to escape, meaning your feet will stay cool and dry whilst you're running.

You can also train safely with the Contagrip outsole which will help to keep you stable no matter what terrain you find yourself on during training or races.

The 4.4 star rating also serves to prove these are an excellent pair of cushioned running shoes (women’s) - they’re praised for their traction and support on a trail. 

They are said to come up small, though, so make sure you check before ordering the size you need.

Whilst they’re a touch more expensive than others on this list, these ladies cushioned running shoes are comfortable, sturdy and supportive both on the trail and road.

#4 Saucony Fastwitch 9 Women’s Running Shoes

Price: £64.99

If you’re looking for running shoes for overpronators you should definitely check out these Saucony Fastwitch 9 cushioned shoes.

Pronation is the technical term for how your feet move when you walk and should ideally be neutral - where your foot rolls forward from heel to toe with little lateral movement.

Overpronation is where your foot rolls towards the inside when you walk and is the more common gait problem. 

An easy way to see if you overpronate is to check the wear on your shoes because they’ll be worn down more on the inside edge.

The issue is that overpronation can cause pain in the ankles and shins, knees, hips and even up into your back, so it’s important to check and find shoes that can help level out your gait.

That’s where this pair from Saucony comes in handy as they’re built with a medial post in the midsole. 

This is a firmer part of the midsole designed to even out your footstrike as you walk or run and provide extra stability.

Alongside this feature the PWR TRAC rubber outsole provides 3x better traction and grip so you can train confidently on any surface in these cushioned women’s running shoes.

The upper is also specially designed for breathability and support by allowing air to circulate freely through the shoe to keep your feet cool as you run, with a flexible and seamless mesh for additional comfort and durability.

All of this means that these are certainly some of the best cushioned running shoes for women - they’re a comfortable, well designed and stylish trainer for any runner!

#5 Saucony Triumph 18

Price: £145.00

cushioned neutral running shoes

Saucony has managed to design the perfect shoe for those worried about the increased weight of padding. 

The foam in the Triumph 18s is 25% lighter than the previous model, so although these are high cushioned running shoes, that height doesn’t equate to any additional weight, particularly impressive since even top of the range shoes struggle to navigate that compromise.

The lighter foam isn’t the only innovation on the show either. Saucony has dramatically increased the durability of these shoes by adding a blow rubber outsole. 

It gives Triumphs extreme grip across any surface, and it’s incredibly tough, so you won’t have to worry about any of the problems associated with worn down soles. That, of course, increases the lifespan of the Triumphs, which will give you loyal service over many miles! 

We found the foam in these shoes to be especially springy, so they feel much more responsive on the road and make transitions a bit smoother. 

Anybody in search of cushioned stability running shoes will love the FormFit design, which hugs the foot and provides industry leading levels of support.

The weightless feel remains the biggest reason to check out these cushioned running shoes. 

They’re some of the lightest around, and the newly designed foam cushioning translates into a much more flexible, responsive run.

If you want to feel the terrain beneath you whilst still getting plenty of support and padding, then these are the running shoes for you.

#6 Skechers Max Cushioning Premier Open Path Women’s Running Shoes

Price: £58.79

Skechers have made a name for themselves in the sports industry by providing comfortable and well designed quality footwear - and this pair of ladies cushioned running shoes is no different.

Every part of these shoes has been considered and included for its individual qualities that combine to make some of the best cushioned running shoes for women.

The synthetic mesh upper encourages and allows for better airflow around the foot which makes this pair of cushioned shoes super breathable and helps to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature whilst running.

The lacing system is also designed to fit tighter around the midfoot to stop you from slipping inside the shoes. 

In terms of padding, these running shoes are cushioned with an Ultra Go midsole that is designed to support your foot as it rolls through your gait. It’s long lasting and shock absorbing, which protects you from each impact with the ground.

Even better, these cushioned running trainers transform the shock into rebounds to give you an added boost with the Air-Cooled Goga Mat, which is part cushioning part insole to provide extra stability when you run.

With a heel drop of 6mm these are also some of the best cushioned running shoes for bad knees because it promotes a more natural footstrike for midfoot runners which then spreads the shock of impact more evenly.

The Natural Rocker Technology also helps to provide a smooth transition from heel to toe as you run and encourages a better running form.

For those of you looking for running shoes with a cushioned heel, these have padding in spades to make a comfortable and durable running shoe.

#7 Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Women's Trail Running Shoes


Whether you’re hitting the treadmill or running through the forest, these Nike cushioned running shoes are some of the best around and will keep up with you during training.

The shaped ankle collar and laces are both supportive and comfortable with a secure fit that will stop you sliding around inside your shoes.

This shaping combines with a 9.5mm heel drop to provide necessary additional support for your ankles, protecting them from injury and helping to distribute the shock of impact with the ground through the leg.

A heel drop (or offset) is the difference in height between the heel and toe areas of a shoe. If you’re prone to ankle injuries, you may want to consider a higher heel drop because it spreads the shock of impact up through the knees and hips. 

On the other hand the best cushioned running shoes for bad knees tend to have a lower heel drop that puts more pressure through the ankles. 

If you’re unsure it might be worth checking with experienced gait assessors to help you find the best fit for you.

The mesh upper is incredibly breathable and allows air to circulate inside the shoe to keep your feet as cool as possible whilst you exercise.

These running shoes are cushioned by several layers of padding, with a lightweight midsole and insole providing extra comfort beneath your foot without making the overall shoe too heavy.

As cushioned trail running shoes this pair benefits from a multidirectional tread pattern for added traction on the ground - just one more element that makes them excellent quality and value for money.

#8 Asics Gel-Pulse 13 Women’s Running Shoes

Price: £89.99

If you’re looking for some more stylish cushioned women’s running shoes, this pair from Asics comes in a beautiful purple that stands out from the crowd.

Plus they’re not all style over substance - these are some of the best cushioned running shoes for women on the market right now!

The jacquard mesh is engineered to allow for maximum breathability to keep your feet cool and dry whilst you exercise.

Meanwhile the forgiving fit allows for a more natural foot position and toe flex, which means they’re more inclusively comfortable depending on your foot shape and running form.

The Amplifoam midsole provides durable cushioning that will last under pressure, which is perfect for running shoes. On top of this layer is an Ortholite Sockliner for additional comfort underfoot.

What sets this pair apart from the rest is the Rearfoot Gel Technology which adds yet another layer of comfortable padding and is an excellent shock absorber to help prevent injuries to your joints.

These are some of the best cushioned running shoes for bad knees because the shock absorption helps reduce any hard impacts with the terrain beneath you.

You’re also benefiting from Guidance Line Technology which helps you to naturally improve your gait efficiency so you can train for longer without getting tired - what more could you want from a pair of soft cushioned running shoes?

#9 Brooks Transcend 7

Price: £140.00

mens cushioned running shoes

Brooks has featured heavily on this list, and with good reason. 

The Transcend 7s are another phenomenal bit of kit, which come with all the same GuideRails innovations as the previously mentioned GTS 20s.

This means, of course, that they’re great at protecting the knees and offer all the same benefits for those suffering from overpronation.

These shoes have plenty of individual benefits, too. Cushioned shoes for running always have a more luxurious feel because of the padding but the Transcend 7s take that comfort to a whole new level. 

Brooks used their softest cushioning yet, and the difference is palpable from the first step. 

These shoes have undergone a redesign with the midsole in mind. The changes made more room for cushioning while ensuring that they remained lightweight at just 269.3g.

The grip is top of the range too, and the outer sole works in tandem with that midsole cushioning, offering brilliant road feedback whilst still retaining comfort. 

Whether it’s cross country or road running, you should consider pairing these shoes with a running watch to track your progress! 

Even better, these ladies cushioned running shoes come with a 90 day trial period.

If you’re not completely satisfied with them in that time frame then you can send them back with no questions asked! 

This brilliant offer essentially makes the purchase risk free, so there’s no reason not to give them a try, and experience a new level of cushioning.

#10 Hoka Speedgoat 3

Price: £112.50

ultra cushioned running shoes

A staple on lists like this, the Speedgoats are designed with long distances in mind. 

This makes them the perfect neutral cushioned trail running shoes for anybody looking to tackle a difficult run, and they offer so much support and cushioning that they’ll be able to see you through anything.

These shoes are famous the world over for their sheer durability. The wider design makes them more stable across difficult terrain, and multidirectional lugs offer fantastic traction.

You won’t lose traction on even the worst trails, and the shoes retain their grip as you transition from one surface to another.

The cushioning is, as you might expect, deep and supportive. CMEVA foam in the midsole is specially designed to absorb maximum impact at pressure points on the foot. 

These shoes are by no means the most padded on the list, but the strategic nature of that padding makes it extremely effective, especially over longer distances where pressure points are subjected to force again and again.

Other neat features include an antibacterial insole and reinforced midfoot for a closer fit and even more stability, really elevating these shoes into the category of essentials. 

If you’re planning to go on lengthy trail runs across precarious terrain, you won’t find a better companion anywhere.

Just in case you need any more convincing, Speedgoat is the range of choice for trail runner Karl Meltzer, who holds the world record for the most 100 mile plus trail victories! 

It’s quite the distinction, and you won’t find any other cushioned running shoes for women that can boast of such a high profile endorsement.

#11 Allbirds Tree Dasher

Price: £120.00

cushioned stability running shoes

The Tree Dashers are cushioned running shoes with a difference. Their futuristic design hints at the many innovations beneath the surface, and they’re also the most environmentally friendly shoe on the list. 

Sustainability is at the core of Allbirds’ mission, and it’s behind every design choice on these shoes.

Everything is 100% renewable and plant based. If you do follow a plant based diet and you need the extra protein boost, perhaps consider pea protein to help hit your protein goals! 

The majority of the shoe is made from tree material. It has a different feel to the usual suspects of synthetic rubbers and plastics, but that’s no bad thing. 

The eucalyptus upper is extremely comfortable, and we noticed a difference in terms of breathability. The material maximises airflow, so there’s no danger of overheating.

Intriguingly, the cushioned midsole is made from a dual density material derived from sugar cane! Not only is this the first ever carbon-negative EVA, but it’s deep, soft, and provides excellent support. 

The wool insole cushions the foot and while wool may seem like an odd choice, these shoes are so well ventilated that its inclusion doesn’t make them too warm.

Durability is another big plus. The shoes achieve their notoriously robust properties through a mixture of cunning design and natural materials.

The eucalyptus used on the upper is strong in its own right, but the one piece design maximises its potential. 

These shoes represent an excellent investment, and they won’t need replacing any time soon. Cushioned shoes for running doesn’t come much more environmentally friendly than these, so you can enjoy them with a clear conscience. 

With that being said, they’re fantastic shoes in their own right, packed to the brim with unique features and materials that feel like the future of running.

11 Best Men’s Cushioned Running Shoes

#12 ASICS Gel Nimbus 20

Price: £99.49

cushioned heel running shoes

Anyone in search of men’s cushioned running trainers for long distance, look no further than the Gel Nimbus 20. 

Not only are these some of the most cushioned shoes available, but they adapt as you run. The more fatigued you become, the more support they offer. 

This kind of innovation is rare, and it means that the shoes provide optimum support from the beginning of a run, but come into their own towards the end. 

These are neutral cushioned running shoes, which makes them suitable for nearly everyone, although they do have quite a wide fit. 

The adaptive gel is obviously the biggest draw, and while you might not feel the benefits straight away, the longer you run the more of a part it plays. 

You won’t find any other shoes on the list that adapt as you run, and we think these are the closest you’ll get to a smart shoe!

Cushioning is multi-layered and exceptionally comfortable. The top and middle layers are made with foam, and there’s gel on the rear and forefoot. 

The upper skin moulds around the foot. It’s a snug fit without ever becoming uncomfortable and, much like the reactive gel, the longer you run, the more you’ll appreciate the added support. 

Gel always provides an added layer of comfort, and these ASICS cushioned running shoes are better than most due to the reactive quality of that gel. 

If you often run long distances and need some extra assistance as fatigue creeps in towards the end, these are the shoes for you.

#13 Adidas Ultraboost 20

Price: £160.00

cushioned running shoes for overpronators

Adidas is a go to brand and has been featured previously in our Mud Run Shoe ArticleWhen you think of cushioned shoes for running, the Ultraboosts do not disappoint. 

The biggest area of interest here is the cushioning itself, and how it redistributes kinetic energy on every step. It’s designed to send energy back to your stride which, of course, will help you run faster and for longer. Running shoes often make all kinds of claims about their speed enhancing credentials, but the Ultraboosts do deliver. 

From your first step, you’ll notice that midsole cushioning works for you, taking the impact of each footfall and redistributing energy into the next. 

Quite simply, these shoes make running easier and recovery times shorter.

As such, they’re some of the best neutral cushioned running shoes for men on the market. The fit manages to hug the foot without being constrictive. 

This support is second to none, and it’s precise. Fibre placement delivers support in the areas you need it the most, making even the most gruelling run that bit easier.

The midsole drop comes to 10mm, and the outsole is made of patented Continental Rubber for unparalleled levels of grip. 

Gone are the days of worrying about road conditions or dreading venturing off the track, because the traction on these shoes will see you through anything.

Adidas cushioned running shoes are somewhat of a staple in the shoe world, and with good reason.

While many of the shoes on this list offer admirable levels of comfort, few others can match the tangible performance enhancing qualities of the Ultraboosts.

#14 New Balance Fresh Foam 880v10 GTX

Price: £140.00

best cushioned  running shoes for underpronators

Here is another pair of new balance cushioned running shoes, the GTX does a fantastic job of keeping your feet dry in even the harshest of weather conditions.

This is due to the patented Gore-Tex waterproof fabric, which covers the shoe and is capable of repelling water from rain and puddles.

Better still, this waterproofing doesn't come at the expense of breathability, and we didn’t find the fabric in the least bit stifling. This is quite the achievement, and enough on its own to recommend these shoes. 

The benefits extend far beyond just waterproofing though, and these are some of the most well cushioned running shoes that you’ll find.

Fresh Foam is supportive and the midsole is packed full of it. 

The uppers incorporate Hyopknit, which is a super flexible fabric that stretches to provide extra support in strategic areas during the run. 

Soft textile completes the rest of the shoe, making it wonderfully comfortable and lightweight.

These are some of the best cushioned running shoes in the UK for anyone who wants to run in all weathers or take their run off road, where they might encounter muddier or wetter conditions. 

Incidentally, the grip on the outer sole also provides fantastic traction, further boosting the trail running credentials of the GTX.

This mix of excellent cushioning and waterproof exterior makes these shoes perfect for the long haul. You’ll be free to run in any weather across any distance, and the shoes will support you every step of the way

#15 Skechers Gorun Elevate Cipher Running Shoes

Price: £56.94

Finding cheap cushioned running shoes can be rather tricky, and may often leave you compromising on quality.

However we think these men’s cushioned running shoes from Skechers manage to fit the bill - whilst they’re expensive, they are on the more affordable side compared to others on this list.

They’re also excellent value for money as they have a lot of features to help you train to the best of your ability.

One of the main advantages of this pair of men’s cushioned running trainers is the incorporation of M Strike Technology.

Skechers M Strike Technology encourages a midfoot running form that is better for your joints and your running efficiency. This means you can train comfortably for longer without tiring as much as well as helping prevent injury.

This is useful if you’re looking for running shoes for overpronators as these trainers encourage a more level footstrike position.

The Ultra Go midsole configuration is lightweight and responsive; it provides cushioning where you need it underfoot without any unnecessary weight which could slow you down.

The Air Cooled Goga Mat with Ortholite helps to keep your feet cool whilst absorbing the shock from impacting with the ground, which keeps you safe and comfortable during training.

Overall it’s fair to say that these are some of the best cushioned running shoes for men on the market - they’re high quality and relatively low cost, so why not invest in a pair?

#16 Hoka ONE Bondi 7

Price: £129.99

high cushioned running shoes

These shoes are hugely popular, and if you read a lot of cushioned running shoes reviews you’ve probably come across them already. Hoka sells an array of running shoes, but the Bondi 7s are the most cushioned of the range. 

They provide some interesting features that can help with gait and balance, too, which elevates them above much of the competition.

Ultra cushioned running shoes might reasonably be expected to make some big compromises in the areas of flexibility and track feedback, but that isn’t the case here. 

The upper is constructed from open mesh which is exceptionally breathable. The fit is snug, but the mesh allows air to permeate the shoes with ease. 

This prevents unwanted heat build up, and generally makes them more pleasant to wear, especially over a long distance.

The cushioned EVA midsole is particularly intriguing. It comes with “Meta-Rocker” technology, which actively helps you develop and maintain a better rhythm as you run. 

The cushioning encourages a rocking chair style fulcrum whereby runners are encouraged to transition more smoothly between steps.

It might sound like a gimmick, but Meta-Rocker makes a palpable difference. Rather than actively interfering with your rhythm, it supports natural posture and gently eases you into more regular, smoother footfalls. 

The heel bevel encourages seamless heel to toe transition, and the padding facilitates a smoother roll even on more treacherous surfaces.

The Bondi 7s are probably the most cushioned running shoes you’ll find in the UK, and they manage this feat without sacrificing flexibility.

If that wasn’t enough, Meta-Rocker is a real game changer. It will help you run smoother, faster, and reduce the risk of injury.

#17 Brooks Ghost 12

Price: £77.00

gel cushioned running shoes

This product has the perfect combination of soft cushioning and shock absorbing tread. It comes with a lot of unique features and patented devices to enhance the running experience and make it as smooth as possible. 

They’re easily the best cushioned shoes for running if you have a slightly wider foot and require extra room, as the fit is on the wide side.

A closer inspection of the tread reveals a series of segmented pads, which distribute shock from the road evenly across the outer sole. 

The result is one of the smoothest rides on the list, and while the design might seem simple, it doesn’t make an appearance on many other shoes.

The 3D printed upper offers some great flexibility to contrast the somewhat snug feel of the lower. It’s 3D printed and comes with specially engineered mesh. 

The mesh vents air quickly and facilitate excellent ventilation, so the shoe won’t get too hot or moist over long distances. 

While the cushioning offers noticeable support, we were barely even conscious of the upper because it is so light.

The fit is such that these are best the cushioned running shoes for men with slightly wider feet, who might sometimes feel neglected by standard sizes. 

Although they aren’t the cheapest cushioned neutral running shoes on the list, they are at the lower end of the price scale. Considering how supportive and all purpose they are, this product is a great choice for beginners.

If you are brand new to running and you’re struggling with ideas on how to get started, try running apps to make cardio more interesting!

#18 Asics Gel Nimbus 22

Price: £155.00

cheap cushioned running  shoes

Another addition from Asics, these cushioned support running shoes also make use of gel to offer more comfortable, adaptive padding. They also come with quite a few other innovations that have a tangible effect on how you run. 

These gel cushioned running shoes feel somewhat futuristic, which is perfectly in keeping with their sleek, modern design.

First and foremost, the cushioning is second to none, especially in the heel, where the gel comes into its own. A patented GEL cushioning unit acts as a shock absorber in the heel, which often bears the brunt of the pressure over an extended run. 

It makes a huge difference, and we recommend these cushioned heel running shoes to anybody who routinely struggles with wear and tear over longer distances.

There’s more gel on the forefoot, which works to redistribute forces away from the foot, while a deeply padded midsole acts as the engine room. 

This is where the magic happens. That deep, Flytefoam Propel padding is the reason that these shoes are so responsive, and feel so springy on the road. 

The combination of padding in different areas helps with weight distribution, increases stability, and makes for a much more energetic experience. 

You’ll feel the shoes responding and rebounding with every step, making it much easier to fall into a natural, safer rhythm. 

Of all the shoes on the list, these feel the most “natural.” They won’t interfere with your stride, and they’re so light you hardly notice them!

All this support, technology and gel makes these the best cushioned running shoes for heavy runners who might require a little extra assistance. 

#19 Adidas SolarGlide 3

Price: £83.97

best cushioned running shoes for heavy runners

Another pair of Adidas cushioned running shoes to make the list, the SolarGlide 3 excel at fixing the problem of under pronation. 

Under pronators will find that their heel leans inward, putting extra strain on the outside of their foot and causing, at the very least, cramps, muscle pain and damage to the shins. 

It’s extremely common to have under pronators and can lead to a myriad of complaints ranging from corns and blisters up to more serious issues like sprained ankles and even damage to the Achilles tendon. 

Fortunately, Adidas has developed the best cushioned running shoes for underpronators by some distance.

The inbuilt Solar Propulsion Rail guides the foot into a better running position which, after long term use, will develop into a natural, much safer rhythm. 

The system offers incredible stability, and since it can correct under pronation, these shoes have the potential to quite literally change your life. 

Elsewhere, the cushioning is top of the range and inspired by aerospace technology! This means that it’s super aerodynamic and has been designed to adjust to your body weight as you move. 

The boost cushioning of these shoes is particularly responsive, and Adidas even claims that it delivers the best energy return of all their shoes. 

It’s hard to argue, and the deep cushioning certainly feels springy and energetic on the road. 

The mesh upper is nicely breathable, and it’s stitched in place for added durability and increased lifespan.  Nonetheless, it’s the support for under pronators which sets these shoes apart. 

If you often find yourself struggling with the injuries associated with under pronation, the SolarGlides might well represent your first steps along the road to recovery.

If you’re interested in learning more about treating and preventing injuries, OriGym offers a Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy Course which you should check out!  

#20 On Cloud

Price: £120.00

best cushioned running shoes for men

A stylish offering that looks a little different from the other cushioned running shoes on the list, the Clouds are undeniably cool. 

The chunky outsoles are the first thing you’ll notice, as well as the striking geometric design of the shoes themselves. 

They certainly stand out from the crowd, but plenty is going on beneath the surface too. That eye grabbing outer sole is made from impressively named “Zero-Gravity” foam.

Its landings are extraordinarily soft and comfortable and depending on how you run, you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing them at all. 

It’s difficult to describe just how supportive and soft that outer sole is, and the pictures don’t do justice to the size of the shock absorbers. 

Built-in Speedboard technology is all about energy transfer. It redistributes energy from landing into forwarding momentum, propelling you into your next stride.

While this might seem like a fairly complex set of physics, all it means in practice is that the shoes have an extremely lively feel and rebound nicely off the road. 

With all this on offer, it’s easy to overlook other areas like the moulded, super supportive heel (we think these are some of the best heel cushioned running shoes that you’ll find) and the speed lacing system, which makes the shoes super quick to take on and off. 

There are features everywhere, some of them to help with motion, others geared towards comfort, and some, like the lacing system, merely designed with ease of use in mind. 

These shoes are the whole package, suitable for any kind of run and stylish enough even for everyday use.

#21 Hoka Clifton 7

Price: £125.00

best neutral cushioned running shoes for men

The Clifton 7s are some of the most popular running shoes in the world, and it’s no surprise given their strong, all round credentials. 

Many cushioned running shoes choose an area of particular specialisation, be that trail running, track days or marathons, but the Cliftons have the distinction of being great in nearly all areas.

They're also widely recommended for those with high arches, due to the added cushioning in that area and the emphasis on support during the “toe off” part of the stride. 

We think these are the best cushioned running shoes for high arches and a great place to start if you're finding your current shoes uncomfortable. 

The stack height helps too, and the cushioning makes for a smooth, comfortable landing.

Similarly, the shoe is one of the stiffer models on the list, so it provides a little more support to the ankle area, which is often required by those with high arches. 

Hoka hasn’t tried to reinvent the wheel with these shoes, but they provide just the right amount of cushioning for nearly any type of run.

It is, of course, extremely convenient to own a good all round running shoe, which you can strap on without having to worry.

These shoes come in enough colours to make them suitable even for social occasions away from the track. 

If you’re training outside and it’s cold, buy a running gilet to help keep you warm! 

The stylish white version is favourite. The gold trim adds a real touch of class, especially with the Hoka label emblazoned on the heel. 

These are certainly the best cushioned running shoes for high arches, but they’re also strong all rounders and perfect for anything.

#22 iNov 8 Parkclaw 275

Price: £130.00

 well cushioned running shoes

These shoes are probably one of the more niche offerings on the list, but they deserve their place as the best cushioned trail running shoes currently available online. 

With deep cushioning, shock absorbers and 4mm lugs, they are ready to take on anything, and they're robust enough never to let you down.

The neutral cushioned trail running shoes require a whole host of features which is absent from the standard shoe. 

The grip is a huge priority, as runners will be traversing all kinds of uneven terrain, and often transitioning rapidly from one surface to another. The Parkclaws have this covered with a chunky outsole that provides unrivalled traction in even the worst conditions. 

These shoes aren’t all about trail running though. iNov 8 describes them as hybrids, perfect for both road and trail. We found the stability was excellent, and the cushioning easily adapted to various surfaces.

The shoes are great if you run on the road but as soon as you make the transition to rough terrain you’ll begin to experience the benefits.

The midsole is filled with Powerflow+ cushioning, boasts up to 10% more shock absorption than a standard running shoe. 

That makes a huge difference on a bumpy trail. Somewhat surprisingly given their heavyweight look and feel, these shoes are light and weigh in at just 275g.

Few shoes protect the foot like the Parkclaws. It has boosted shock absorption pays dividends on rocky or difficult terrain and relieves much of the pressure associated with arduous trail runs. 

If you’re thinking of transitioning off the road or looking to replace a standard pair of shoes with something more technical, these are the place to start.

Before you go! 

Well, there you have it, the 22 best cushioned running shoes for women and men!

It’s great to see how far cushioned shoes have come in terms of design and fit. Whichever one you choose we’re sure the shoes will last for years to come. 

Whether you go for your staple brands like Nike or Adidas or the less well-known brands like Allbirds or Hoka, it’ll be hard to go wrong with any of these shoes.

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Written by Zac Yeo

Fitness Content Executive, OriGym

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