21 Best Cycling Apps for iPhone and Android

21 Best Cycling Apps

The need for cycling apps is at an all-time high,  in part due to the Nation’s newfound love for all things bike-related, with the number of cyclists on the road increasing by 200% following the lockdown period of 2020.

If you’ve yet to experience or use any of these apps firsthand, this article is sure to change that as it seeks to highlight the ways in which they can improve your cycling experience.

These benefits can be applicable to all cyclists, from professionals to amateurs rest assured that there is a cycling app suitable for everyone’s unique needs. Within this article we will inform you what app may benefit you specifically by tackling the following topics:

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Why Should You Use Cycling Apps?

If you’re an avid cyclist you’ve probably considered buying or already purchased many gadgets for your bike. However, if you’re a novice shopper or simply want to avoid splashing out lots of money, a cycling app can be a useful device used to enrich your overall experience.

The best cycling apps often feature several key features integrated to highlight stats related to your current performance. These features include:

  • Your current speed
  • Your average cadence 
  • How many calories you’ve burnt
  • The distance you have traveled

High tech apps for road cycling often feature information relating to ground elevation, and the types of terrain you can expect to encounter on your journey. If you’re someone who likes to cycle in rural areas these types of apps are incredibly beneficial, as they allow you to gain a better understanding of how you should approach and tackle the challenge ahead. 

On the other hand, cycling navigation apps are also popular for planning and navigating journeys. Some of these apps can even work when your phone is offline or lacks signal thanks to GPS tracking signals and pre-designed routes which have been uploaded onto the app itself, ensuring you’ll never be lost. 

Cycling apps are so advanced these days, and the benefits they provide should not be overlooked. At OriGym, we strongly advise all cyclists and bike lovers to download an app, but if you’re struggling to decide which one to pick then our list of the 21 best cycling apps should help you with this regard. 

21 Best Cycling Apps

#1 - BikeMap: Cycling Map & GPS

Available on: Apple App Store & Google Play Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £8.99 per month, £38.99 a year.

Apple Rating: 4.7 

Android Rating: 4.5

BikeMap is regarded by many cyclists to be one of the best cycling apps available to date. With an impressive 7 million routes within 100 countries pre-save on to its system, it’s easy to see why this specific app is so beloved. 

With the BikeMap cycling app you’ll never be short of new exciting routes to explore, nor should you ever have to worry about getting lost in unfamiliar locations. Whatsmore, with the help of a unique sharing feature, users are also able to exchange their own personal routes with friends and other enthusiasts online. 

For those of you interested in an app for cycling which tracks your data, you’ll be pleased to know that BikeMaps allows you to monitor your speed, the distance traveled, as well as the duration of your journey. Even better yet, you can put your fears of getting lost to rest, as with this app you also receive directions whilst online and offline. 

As one of the best cycling route apps available, BikeMap also features a tracking device which reports all potential hazards, slippery roads and potholes on your journeys that have been logged from others who have cycled that route. 

But the benefits don’t stop there, as the app also allows you to mark any toilets, charging stations and rest stops you may encounter on your journey; improving the experience for other cyclists as their information does for you.

While we consider BikeMap one of the best free cycling apps, there is also a premium version available which features routes that would be otherwise inaccessible, as well as the option of different map styles. 

Please note that the premium version of BikeMap is specifically designed to optimise the bike riding experience, so if you’re someone who takes the practice very seriously we strongly advise you to download BikeMap. 

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#2 - Komoot: Cycling, Walking, MTB

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play Store

Price: Free 

Premium: £7.99 one-time purchase (limited region bundle), £29.99 one-time purchase (unlimited region bundle), £59.99 a year (full access to everything). 

Apple Rating: 4.8

Android Rating: 4.5 

Komoot is one of the best cycling apps for planning your route and is accessible in every country of the world. Never again will you have to set off without a plan, instead you can access a detailed route and travel with ease. 

However, if you wish to chart your own path you can use Komoot and gain inspiration and recommendations from the social section. Here, other users of the cycling app share details and advice for tackling routes within your nearest area. 

Whatsmore, Komoot is by far one of the best apps for road cycling as it warns you of the terrain ahead, making particular note of any upcoming dangerous rocky paths. Even better yet, you won’t even have to take your eyes off the road thanks to the apps turn by the turn navigation system.

Not only is this regarded as one of the best cycling navigation apps, but Komoot is also considered to be beneficial for mountain biking too. In particular, this app notes singletracks within your local area, ensuring a pleasant and easy ride up and downhill.

Speaking of pleasant journeys, this cycling app also benefits those of you who are new to cycling or are within an unfamiliar area. To experience this benefit first hand, state that you’re a bicycle tourist on the app and you’ll receive several quiet and peaceful routes to choose from.

As one of the best UK cycling apps Komoot also allows you to assess the difficulty of your proposed journey. This is achieved through analysing the distance and road elevation of your route, which should give you better insight into whether this ride is achievable or not.

Whilst this is a free cycling app the option for premium is also available, which features allow you to access the difficulty of routes in different locations, include worldwide voice navigation and can also be used offline. 

#3 - Strava: Run, Ride, Swim

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £47.99 a year

Apple Rating: 4.8

Android Rating: 4.2

If you’re looking for the best cycling apps for tracking your distance, speed, number of calories burnt and elevation gained then we’d strongly recommend downloading the Strava: Run, Ride, Swim app. 

Read about how you can start specifically tracking your swimming data with our article on the matter

As one of the best iPhone and Android cycling apps, Strava sets you monthly challenges that seek to improve your overall health.

Bring out your competitive side by competing within the Strava leaderboard, a service which allows you to track your monthly performance rate, and compete against friends. This feature also allows you to directly monitor the work of others, and note how many rides you need to complete in order to overtake your rivals. 

This cycling app also allows you to share photos, routes and achievements with friends and followers, think of it as another social media platform. This is yet another demonstration of why Strava is a top app for cycling, as you can truly gain inspiration and motivation whilst using it. 

Whilst Strava is an incredibly unique and personable cycling app the premium version takes it that one step further by providing personalised challenges. This is particularly beneficial if you’re new to cycling or fitness in general, as said challenges allow you to directly monitor your improving fitness level. 

Whatsmore, the premium version of Strava allows you to fill a train log, which acts as a diary of sorts for you to leave notes during particular sections of your journey. Strava premium also provides a live feedback feature, which is incredibly beneficial for those who are just starting out in cycling or looking to improve their overall practice. 

Most fitness experts greatly benefit from this particular type of feedback, so be sure that you don’t miss out and download one of the most unique apps for cycling available today. 

#4 - Cyclemeter Cycling & Running

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play Store

Price: Free

Premium: £8.99 a year

Apple Rating: 4.6

Android Rating: 4.1

Cyclemeter is considered to be one of the best UK cycling apps, due to its sophisticated design and features, which allow you to accurately track your own heart rate, bike speed, cadence and peddle power. All of this is achieved through state-of-the-art monitoring tools, which use sensors on your bikes to obtain this information. 

Not only that, but Cyclemeter can accurately calculate local weather and temperature, providing you with constant updates to ensure you cycle in safely. Whatsmore, the sensors on your bike are able to detect when you stop moving, meaning that you obtain accurate information relating to your performance. 

You can also schedule your rinds with the in-app calendar feature, which acts as a diary that is perfectly suited for those of you who struggle with your organisational skills. Whatsmore, you can request the app to send you reminders, which updates you of any planned/pre-scheduled rides you may have forgotten about. 

As one of the best cycling apps for android phones, as well as iPhones, you can also monitor up to a year’s worth of data on Cyclemeter without making a dent in your phone’s storage capacity. This feature is handy for all of you who are looking to track your improvement, view your progress from the beginning of the year to the end with pride. 

In today's world data sharing/stealing is a concern for many, but you can rest with the peace of mind that Cyclemeter guarantees to keep your personal information safe, and only shares it if given express permission from the cycling apps user. 

If you’re interested in upgrading from the freecycling app to the premium update, you will receive access to voice control, gear tracks, as well as audible coach announcements. The premium variation of Cyclemeter also allows you to load your rides to the Cloud, all of the data transferred during this process is encrypted and only accessible to you, a great benefit for all those who admire and value privacy.

#5 - OsmAnd Maps Travel & Navigate

Available On: Google Play Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £1.79 Per Month, £3.49 For 3 months, £6.99 a Year

Apple Rating: 4.4

Android Rating: 4.5

OsmAnd Maps Travel & Navigate is an offline cycling navigation app which allows users to download worldwide cycling maps and routes directly to your phone. 

As one of the best smartphone cycling apps available OsmAnd Maps Travel & Navigate can display your current location and orientation on the map. Whatsmore, you never again get lost among unfamiliar routes with this app, as it aligns according to a compass in relation to your direction of motion. 

OsmAnd also allows you to display points of interest around you and your local area, allowing other users to directly monitor your personal tips and tricks. You can also save routes of your favourite locations, in order to return at a later time with the ease of already having a set course of direction.

As one of the best cycling apps in the UK with OsmAnd, you can display specialised online tile maps, receive satellite views and different overlays for touring trails and navigation GPX tracks. 

All maps to feature on this cycling app are regularly updated, with the option to view maps in day or night settings. Furthermore, you can forecast what the altitude of your ride will be on the date you choose to cycle. 

These are all features of the free cycling app variation, however, the premium version of OsmAnd Maps Travel & Navigation also features hourly updates, contour lines, hill shaded maps and unlimited downloads. Ultimately, the premium version is for those of you who are truly dedicated to the cycling process. 

#6- MapMyRide by Under Armour

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £4.35 (per month), £21.75 (per year) 

Apple Rating: 4.8

Android Rating: 4.8

MapMyRide is considered to be one of the best cycling apps online to date and with over 40 million users it’s easy to see why. With just a push of the download button, you’ll have immediate access to this friendly dedicated community, who routinely shares advice and information. 

As a high-tech modern cycling app, MapMyRide also provides feedback on ever performance mile you cycle. With this information, the app can provide information on ways which you can maintain and improve upon your average stats. 

The stats tracked by this cycling navigation app include your pace, distance traveled, calories burnt, as well as the duration and elevation of your cycle. By tracking these stats you can seek to improve your cycling performance through different training methods which target the analysed areas.

MapMyRides is unquestionably one of the best cycling route apps available to both Android and Apple phones, with many users noting they trust its reliability thanks to the name brand recognition that comes along with Under Armour. A further benefit of this cycling app comes in the form of being able to save footpaths, find nearby cycling locations, as well as having the option to add new routes and publicly share them with others. 

This is also a top app for cycling goals, as MapMyRide is entirely customisable to your rides, assessing your performance and providing recommendations for how you can improve. Even better yet, there is also a feature that allows you to track your nutrition, tracking your calorie intake and how much you burn. 

If you’re interested in learning more about nutrition check out OriGym’s article on cycling nutrition.

The features of the premium variation of MapMyRide further solidifies its case as one of the best smartphone cycling apps on the market. This is due to the fact it provides a more in-depth look at your riding statistics, such as a detailed analysis of your heart rate and how you should tailor your future rides around this.

Additionally, with premium, you can avoid annoying advertisements that would otherwise distract and detract from your workout! 

#7 - Ride With GPS: Bike Navigation

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £4.49 per month (basic), £8.99 per month (premium), £39.99 a year (basic), £70.99 a year (premium)

Apple Rating: 4.6

Android Rating: 4.1

Ride With GPS: Bike Navigation is one of the few cycling apps that lets you map out your ride in advance and then provide turn-by-turn directions whilst you are on your journey. 

This cycling navigation app stores thousands of logged rides from other riders, and pre-programmed routes from your local area. You can start from your front door and customise your route as you go along, making it one of the best GPS apps for cycling.  

There are not many free cycling apps like Ride With GPS, so you should take advantage before there is a boom in popularity. 

For many when using cycling navigation apps their primary concern is their own safety, ensuring they don’t get lost or hurt whilst out on a bike ride. However, Ride With GPS allows you to use the apps live logging to keep your friends and family up to date on where you are and when you will be home, they can even reply back, and the message is read out-loud to you as you pedal.

You can record your ride just with the single tap of a button, and don’t even need to be online when you do so. Recording allows you to access your personal performance, which in turn creates the opportunity to improve the quality of your ride. 

Ride With GPS also allows you to receive detailed elevation data of the route you intend to travel on. With this information, you can check out climbs and descents, as well as zoom and pan in on the map to see exactly where the climb starts. 

The premium upgrade for Ride With GPS includes unlimited access to all of the above-mentioned features and so much more. For example, with the premium variation, you can use voice control to alter your destination at a moment's notice, receive a personalised audio navigation system and gain access to maps whilst your phone is offline.

#8 - Google Maps

Available On: Apple App Store & Google Play Store 

Price: Free

Apple Rating: 4.7

Android Rating: 4.1

Although Google Maps isn’t primarily a cycling app, it still offers a lot of perks and benefits for cyclists, many of which go unnoticed in favour of apps that are specifically dedicated to the sport. 

Google Maps is one of the best apps for road cycling because it has a never-ending knowledge of roads and streets from around the world. It updates every second, receiving up-to-date information relating to roadworks, traffic, road closures and any other obstruction blocking your route. 

Google Maps is one of the few cycling apps to feature on our list that redirect you should you accidentally take a wrong turn. In the event of this instance happening the app immediately comes up with a new route leading towards your destination. 

The cycling navigation app also offers street views of routes, which provides images of landmarks and sites you will come across when you’re cycling. This is incredibly beneficial for those of you who struggle to read maps and prefer to learn through visual cues. 

Google Maps could make a case for being the best cycling app in the UK and the entire world. We all use Google on a daily basis and therefore trust it as a name brand to deliver a high-quality performance. 

#9 - Busby

Available On: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Price: Free

Premium: £1.99 per month, £19.99 a year

Apple Rating: 4.4

Android Rating: 3.7

Busby is certainly a unique entry on this list as it is designed with your safety in mind with features specifically chosen to ensure your protection whilst cycling.

An example of how this multi-award-winning cycling app protects you can be found in its detecting software, which picks up on incidents nearby and alerts you when it thinks you are in danger. 

As one of the best apps for cycling protection, Busby also comes with a panic button, which you can hit if you fall or face another kind of threat. Once this button has been pushed authorities are immediately notified and help is immediately dispatched to your location.

Cycling Weekly voted Busby the “Top Safety App for 2020”, certifying the cycling app as a must have for anyone who cycles regularly. Whatsmore, Busby is the app of choice for leading cycling teams such as the Qhubeka NextHash and is even the official safety partner for the British Triathlon. 

Check out OriGym’s history of the triathlon article, for further information relating to this challenging task.

As one of the best cycling apps for Android phones and iPhones, Busby is guaranteed to keep you safe regardless of where you choose to cycle. The app simply exceeds every possible expectation of leading industry competitors, by having the ability to detect when you are unresponsive then immediately sending your loved-ones a text message giving them your exact location.

The premium upgrade of this free cycling app allows you to add up to 5 emergency contacts, all of whom have immediate access to the Busby Panic - live tracking system, being able to see where you are at all times. Safety is so important and should not be overlooked by even the most experienced cyclist, be sure to use this emergency contact system wisely in order to ensure peace of mind when on your bike.

#10 - TrainingPeaks

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play Store

Price: Free

Premium: £14.50 per month, £87.20 a year

Apple Rating: 4.7 

Android Rating: 4.8

TrainingPeaks is one of the best apps for cycling lovers who are serious about their craft, and consider themselves to be dedicated athletes. Ultimately, this app is designed for the avid cycler and features a plethora of features that benefit your overall riding experience. 

TrainingPeaks is considered to be one of the best smartphone cycling apps for daily cyclists, as it is able to provide unique workouts tailored to the user's routine and goals. Even better yet this cycling app automatically tracks your progress, and in turn provides updated targets to work towards. 

TrainingPeaks’ training calendar is also a popular feature among users, who argue that this tool solidifies it as one of the best UK cycling apps on the market. Using this feature you are able to set regular targets and reminders for yourself, as the calendar logs your work and encourages you to stick to your routine. 

But what makes TrainingPeak one of the best apps for cycling? Well, some argue that it’s compatibility with over 100 existing apps is a great benefit, which allows users to sync their training across many platforms. The apps that can be linked to TrainingPeak include Apple Health, Apple Watch, FitBit and Garmin. 

The premium upgrade for TrainingPeaks allows you to plan your workout weeks in advance, by creating customised workouts that you can revisit within your personal library. You can tailor these routines to your personal preferences, creating custom intervals and goals that can be adapted over time if you’re either struggling to meet or exceed expectations. 


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#11 - Wahoo Fitness

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play Store

Price: Free

Apple Rating: 4.7

Android Rating:  4.0

Wahoo Fitness is considered to be one of the best cycling apps available on today’s market because it accurately measures the calories you have burned whilst cycling. The app achieves this by using your personal data such as weight, height, and age in order to calculate an accurate average. 

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Wahoo Fitness also offers personal heart rate zone information in order for users to better understand how their heart is positively and negatively affected by specific cycling habits. Wahoo Fitness displays your current, average and maximum heart rate, as well as how much time you spend in each zone during your workout.

Customers who have downloaded Wahoo Fitness from the Google Play Store have noted that this application is arguably one of the best android cycling apps available today. This is largely due to the fact that Wahoo Fitness is compatible with other apps such as Strava, Ride With GPS, TrainingPeaks, relieve and Komoot. 

Another element of compatibility among Wahoo Fitness can be found in its interaction with the ANT+ Fitness Sensor. This pairing can allow you to gain a better understanding of the positive and negative aspects of your training schedule. 

Additionally, by pairing this cycling app with your ANT+ you can also monitor specific elements of your cycling workout, such as your cycling power, average cadence and your overall speed. 

#12 - Bike Routes

Available On: Apple App Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £4.99 one-time purchase

Apple Rating: 4.4

Even the most dedicated cyclists can get bored of their same monotonous routine, so why not spice things up and blaze yourself a new trail! iPhone users this entry is exclusively for you, as one of the best free cycling apps Bike Routes is the perfect companion for all novice cyclists looking for new and exciting journeys. 

As a cycling navigation app Bike Routes also allows you to create your own trails, putting you in complete control of your cycling experience. You can decide whether you want to challenge yourself with a hilly trail, or take an easy relaxing path for a post-work unwind, the choice is entirely up to you. 

Bike Routes also offers route advice and suggestions based on what type of cyclist you are. These notes can range from what routes are suitable for touring, for mountain biking, to the most scenic route, and even better yet all of these suggestions are entirely customisable to your needs and preferences.

As one of the best GPS apps for cycling, Bike Routes also allows you to create cue sheets with turn-by-turn instructions, that can be in customised with your own waypoints. As evident from this and all the points above all of the benefits of this app typically center around the GPS aspects.

This can also be found in the premium upgrade for Bike Routes, which allows you to export routes into your own personal GPS or navigation app, in order to share with others. Additionally, whilst this is technically an article dedicated to outdoor cycling apps you can also use the premium update to find any route in the world and tackle it virtually from the comfort of your own indoor elliptical.

#13 -Trailforks

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play  

Price: Free

Premium: £24.99 a year

Apple Rating: 3.0

Android Rating: 2.6

If you’re after a cycling app which has a vast amount of routes at its disposal then it may be worth checking out Trailforks. This is considered to be one of the best apps for cycling, as it has been known to store over 300,000 trails in its database that are begging to be used and explored by cyclists.  

Not just that, but Trailforks also allows you to blaze your own trail, by recording your journey and sending the data to local trail associations. This path is then analysed and can become officially certified as a cycling trail advertised within the app itself.

This cycling navigation app boasts an impressive database of trails, which also include thousands of points of interest for cyclists, such as service stations, trail markings and potential hazards. 

As one of the best cycling apps in the UK, Trailforks offers fast and efficient incremental regional updates to all maps which seeks to provide up-to-date detailed information relating to any alterations within the trails conditions.  The cycling app also provides automatic routing for your chosen location, allowing you to track and record your path using the GPS. 

You can even follow racecourses with TrailForks, attempting to beat the personal best of others through timed intervals. These race challenges are often colour-coded for stages and checkpoints, so be sure to be on the lookout for them whilst using the cycling app. 

Features of the premium upgrade for Trailforks include a global heatmap base map, if you live in a hot area or are traveling one to the first time this feature is incredibly beneficial for providing information on what your body can expect. Additionally, you can also download 

trail and route GPX files, using them on different devices or taking the old school approach and printing out a paper copy. 

Feel free to look at our article on trail running for an in depth look at what you can expect to face on your next trail outing. 

#14 - Bike GPS – Ride Tracker

Available On: Apple App Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £5.99 one-time purchase

Apple Rating: 4.7

Bike GPS – Ride Tracker is a simple app in concept, however, that doesn’t detract from its potential, as it is considered to be one of the best GPS apps for cycling. 

With Bike GPS you don’t need to sign up for anything, nor do you have to create a username or hand over any personal data or information other than your current location. By doing so the cycling app tracks local cycling trails in your area for you to explore. 

As one of the best free cycling apps available to Apple users, Bike GPS doesn’t overcomplicate things, in fact the app is so simple that its home screen often provides all the information you need. 

This includes your current speed and distance, and the overall temperature, it even goes as far to show you information relating to your personal best, just to provide you with that added sense of self-motivation. 

Not only are your stats clearly and efficiently laid out, but there is also an option to change your display to night mode, allowing you to ride better during those darker nights without the added worry of straining your eyes. 

The premium upgrade for Bike GPS - Ride Tracker lets you store more than 20 trips into your route log, which can be accessed at later dates should you wish to repeat routes. Additionally, the premium also provides a fully customisable main screen that allows you to display your stats and information in any way you like. 

#15 - Outdooractive: Walks & Biking

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £2.14 per month (Pro), £4.27 per month (Pro+)

Apple Rating: 3.5

Android Rating: 3.6

This cycling app was created to act as a successor for ViewRanger, with the makers now heavily encouraging all users to follow and use Outdooractive instead. This app is branded as the perfect companion for all cyclists and hikers alike, perfectly suited to make both forms of exercise that much easier. 

Speaking of making exercise easier, take a look at our list of the 15 best long distance shoes which will provide your feet with cushion and protection whilst you’re travelling. 

Outdooractive is considered by many to be one of the best cycling apps for android phones as well as iPhone users alike, as it can efficiently plan routes around the entirety of the UK with ease.

With state-of-the-art vector technology, Outdooractive is one of the best cycling route apps you could possibly have, as it allows you to zoom in on specific areas of the map, all of which is displayed in high resolution. Whatsmore, you won’t have to sit through any awkward buffering wait times when zooming out, meaning your journey won’t be disrupted in any way. 

This is a great app for interacting with the wider cycling community as you can share your own routes whilst still being able to interact with others. This benefit is improved by the feature of adding photos and text to your shared journey, allowing you to leave helpful tips and elaborated comments for other potential riders to study. 

The duration, distance, and altitude of your journey is also tracked by Outdooractive, collecting data from your entire journey with the help of the app’s speech output. By viewing your personal data and stats you motivate yourself to constantly improve, a benefit which is commended by Outdooractive who provide the chance to earn rewards for surpassing goals. 

The premium version of Outdooractive allows you access to constant map updates provided by Ordnance Survey, ensuring that you won’t ever be cycling outdated mapping material. Whatsmore, this premium version is perfect for those of who are interested in a detailed analysis of your routes, as you gain access to information relating to protected areas and details about local wildlife.

#16 - CycleComputer

Available On: Apple App Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £6.99 (separate app)

Apple Rating: 4.7

With most cycling apps a specific demographic of individuals is often targeted, be it mountain cyclists or those who are looking to lose weight. However, CycleComputer is regarded as one of the best cycling apps for providing a different beneficial experience to all cyclists. 

This cycling app gives you the option of three different displays; digital, analog and map. All of these displays are effective monitoring tools, which can be monitored at your personal preference.

The digital variation presents information relating to your speed and altitude in an efficient manner that's easy to read and understand. Whereas the analog display highlights your current stats in the form of speedometers, whilst the map function provides a fairly straightforward view of your journey mapped out. 

Following every one of your rides CycleComputer tracks your speed, distance travelled and the time it's taken to complete your journey, along with detailing how many calories you have burned. These stats can be logged by either yourself or through the app’s tracking system. 

This free cycling app also comes with a feature dubbed ‘Auto Mode’ which automatically stops your tracker time as your bike grinds to a halt. This is a great benefit for those of you who like to take stops on your journey, you can rest with the peace of mind knowing all the information displayed is accurate to your current performance. 

The pro-version for the CycleComputre app allows you unlimited access to all its features. Whatsmore, you can also view your older rides, a feature which is particularly beneficial to those of you who are interested in monitoring your progress for races. 

#17 - Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & More

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £6.99 per month, £38.99 a year

Apple Rating: 4.9

Android Rating: 4.6

If you’re someone who likes to hear the opinions of others before purchasing a product, then you’ll be pleased to know that identifying Relive: Run, Ride, Hike & More as one of best apps for cycling is easy thanks to the app’s excellent reviews.

A unique aspect of Relive is that it allows users to be creative and have fun whilst cycling. It encourages you to record your ride, in order to create 3D video stories that can be shared with your inner circle. 

In order to get the most out of this feature, be sure to take lots of pictures as this helps to improve the design of your 3D video story. Whatsmore, the Relive app for cycling heavily encourages you to share the video on your social media pages, in order to interact with the wider community. 

Very few free cycling apps provide the opportunity to transform your cycling activity into a fun and exciting video story. If you enjoy getting creative and having fun whilst you cycle, then OriGym strongly recommends downloading the Relive app. 

Features of the premium variation of Relive include the ability to add music to your videos,space for 50 photos in said videos, as well as the chance to export a copy in HD quality. At OriGym we would strongly recommend this cycling app to all of you who are interested in social media, as you are able to share these exciting pieces of media with your followers and show off how well you’re doing. 

#18 - OS Maps

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £4.99 per month, £25.99 a year

Apple Rating: 4.7

Android Rating: 3.9

Not every cyclist is interested in fitness or competition and that’s totally understandable, if you’re someone who enjoys leisurely bike rides on a sunny weekend, then we advise using OS Maps for a relaxing journey. 

If you’re someone who struggles to get in a proper exercise session, then here at OriGym we strongly recommend making it as fun as possible, an aspect which this app can help with. 

As a cycling navigation app OS Maps helps you explore the great outdoors, taking you across beautiful landscapes and scenic routes, all whilst healthily benefitting your body by burning hundreds of calories. 

Whilst on the subject of calories burned, click here for a comprehensive look at cycling for weight loss. 

As one of the best cycling apps in the UK, OS Maps helps you to search for the best possible biking routes, whilst allowing you to record each trip for your own later enjoyment. You can also share your routes on the app, a feature that is particularly useful when visiting a new location and wanting to see some local beauty. 

OS Maps’ status as one of the best cycling route apps has been secured through winning a number of awards for its ground-breaking OS tracking technology, including Outdoor Industry Awards Digital Product of the Year, and Yahoo Sports Technology Awards Best App

Another added benefit of this cycling app is that you can access all of the trails whilst your phone is offline. This means you won’t have to worry about losing signal whilst out on the trail. 

Features of the premium upgrade for OS Maps include unlimited printing of maps and routes, and access to authored routes by BBC Countryfile, Mountain Bike UK, and Trail Walks. You can also use augmented reality with the premium features of this cycling app, this allows you to pan across landscapes to assess hills, mountains, forests and woodlands, ensuring that you never go into a ride unprepared. 

#19 - Fitmeter Bike Basic

Available On: Apple App Store 

Price: Free

Apple Rating: 4.8 

Keeping track of your stats is very important to some cyclists, and if you fall under this category you should consider Fitmeter Bike Basic, which is considered by many to be one of the top apps for cycling. 

Fitmeter Bike Basic allows you to count your calories, speed and distance, whilst investigating how you perform on each journey, in order to give you tips for improvement. Whatsmore, as one of the best UK cycling apps, Fitmeter Bike Basic automatically saves your journey for a later review, meaning that you are able to accurately track your progress. 

As one of the best cycling route apps on the market, Fitmeter also features auto-pause detection, which automatically stops recording when you pull to a halt. This ensures that all your collected data is accurate, with no anomalies that may affect your overall results.

Additionally, this app for cycling also ranks your rides from best to worst, allowing you to directly access how your rides compare. This is especially beneficial for those of you with a competitive nature, as you can be in direct competition with yourself. 

#20 - Map My Tracks: Cycling Tracker

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £2.99 per month, £29.99 a year

Apple Rating: 4.7

Android Rating: 3.9

If you are someone who is looking for interactive free cycling apps, then stop...because your search is over. Map My Tracks is a brilliant tool which allows you to live stream your cycling journey.

Voted the number one iPhone app in health and fitness in Japan, France, Belgium, Iceland and Czech Republic, this cycling navigation app breaks down all your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities. With just a push of a few buttons, you are able to receive information relating to your average distance, speed, pace, heart rate, calories burned and the duration of your workouts. 

Using the data collected overtime, you can also set personalised goals to keep yourself motivated. However, if you’re hoping for other forms of competition you can also compare yourself to other app users on the Map My Track leaderboard.

Map My Track has an augmented reality feature where you can use your phone's camera to identify nearby parks, trails and other locations suitable for cycling.  Additionally, you can also use the map function to discover routes that other cyclists have highlighted as being fun, scenic or challenging. 

Features of the premium upgrade for Map My Tracks: Cycle Tracker includes sensor integration, which is used to monitor and recognise when you stop cycling. This feature provides an accurate reading of your riding stats, whilst other apps don’t stop recording which can lead to inaccurate results. 

Additionally, the premium update for Map My Tracks also provides access to online training guides, which are suitable for a variety of skill levels from beginner to advanced. If you’re unsure of where to start with cycling, or are simply looking for a new challenge be sure to upgrade to premium.

Live streaming is becoming more popular than ever, a topic which we have dedicated an entire article to with the 17 best virtual personal trainers

#21 - Bicycle Ride Tracker: Bike Map

Available On: Apple App Store - Google Play Store 

Price: Free

Premium: £3.99 (one-time purchase)

Apple Rating: 4.4

Google Play Store: 4.1 

For precise and detailed information relating to a statistical analysis of your performance, we recommend downloading Bicycle Ride Tracker: Bike Map, which is considered by many to be amongst the best apps for cycling analysis. 

Once you have downloaded the app and completed your personal profile, which requires inserting a number of personal details such as age, height, weight and tender, Bicycle Rider uses the information to formulate personalised targets designed specifically for you to strive towards. 

With Bicycle Ride Tracker,  your time, distance, speed, calories burned and elevation are all measured and recorded, in order for you to use and analyse at a later date. Whatsmore, you can proudly share all your stats and accomplishments via Facebook, email and Twitter.

Without a doubt, Bicycle Ride Tracker is one of the best GPS apps for cycling because you can map out your routes and trails whilst you ride. The app lets you improvise your journey and automatically records each ride you decide to participate in.

Features of the premium upgrade for Bicycle Ride Tracker: Bike Map includes advanced study graphs that detail your riding stats. This is a very niche benefit, but many cyclists are interested in learning how they can improve their performance through these stats, making it the perfect app for any aspiring professional cyclist. 


Do Cycling Apps Require an Internet Connection?

This question is somewhat subjective and depends on what type of cycling app you are searching for. If you are simply interested in basic statistical information, such as: speed, distance, and calories burned, then you won’t need an internet connection. 

Throughout this article we have highlighted apps that can be used whilst your phone is ‘offline’, if you find yourself requiring an app that doesn’t need an internet connection we recommend sticking to ‘offline’ apps. 

However, if you require GPS tracking and access to multiple maps, routes and trails, then you will most likely need access to the internet unless stated otherwise. This is primarily to stay updated on any impending road and safety changes or to ensure that you don’t get lost. 

The best smartphone cycling apps allow you to access routes and maps offline. But a lot of them usually ask for a small payment for you to acquire this feature.

Are Cycling Apps Expensive?

Typically, cycling apps won’t be expensive, in fact, most of them are free to initially download and use at least their basic features. 

However, in order to access in-app benefits, a small recurring fee is likely to be required.

These in-app purchases could either be one-off purchases or subscriptions you can sign up for, you should always double-check what plan you’re signing up for before committing to a financial commitment. 

Some cycling apps even have separate ‘pro versions' of their app that you can purchase for unlimited access to the basic apps’ features. These variations will be clearly marked so have no fear, you will never be accidentally charged.

What Cycling Cadence is Considered Normal?

Let’s begin by stating that no cadence is considered to be ‘normal’, as it is unique to every individual. 

Firstly, cadence can be affected by the distance you plan on traveling and how confident of a cyclist you are. The slower you perform, the lower your cadence will be; on average novice, cyclists have an average cadence of 60 - 80 rpm. 

Alternatively, competitive cyclists average a cadence of 80-105 rpm as their bodies are conditioned to sustain more intense exercises. However, don’t feel the need to conform to the cadence examples given above, instead focus on developing your own personal best. 

For an elaborated look at running cadence, take a look at our article dedicated to dissecting why this analysis matters and how it can improve your overall performance.

Before You Go!

We hope that our article has helped you decide which one of these cycling apps to download. Remember, each one offers something different from the other and you should focus on choosing one which is right for you. 

Additionally, please be aware that some of the best cycling apps may sound perfect for you in theory, but may fail to live up to the hype. At OriGym, we strongly recommend choosing an app that places your health and safety above all else, especially if you're cycling across dangerous terrain or late at night. 

Before you go, if you have found our article on the best cycling apps to be of interest, perhaps you’d like to enter the fitness industry professionally. Check out OriGym’s online personal training course here and extend your interest in fitness into a career. 

Alternatively, if becoming a personal trainer does not interest you download our prospectus for further information on all of our other fitness courses. 

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