16 Best Dumbbell Racks

dumbbell set with rack

Are you looking for the best dumbbell rack in the UK? 

We understand why, as it stores all your dumbbells in just one place. There has been an enormous rise in purchasing gym equipment for home use, so it’s never been a better time to buy a dumbbell rack. 

To make your life easier, we have separated the article into two sections:

The first ten products are for people who already own several dumbbells but need a rack to store the weights safely.

The following six products are for people who want to buy both dumbbells and the rack to complete their home gym set up.

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What is a dumbbell rack? 

Before we get stuck in, let us briefly explain what a dumbbell rack is! A dumbbell rack is a piece of kit designed to store and organise multiple pairs of dumbbell weights. 

One thing to know is that dumbbell racks come in 2 main types. 

The first type is a triangular or pyramid shape, with the heavier dumbbells sat at the bottom, and the lightest weights at the top. The other type is a flat shape (which can also be tiered), and this type is for people who have already accumulated a couple of dumbbells over some time. 

Regardless of which kind you choose, storing dumbbells in a rack is a great way to keep your home gym space tidy and ensure that your weights will not be a trip hazard to yourself or others. 

So now you know what they are, let’s find out where to buy a dumbbell rack! 

16 Best Dumbbell Racks (UK)

#1 – Gorilla Sports Ultra Long Horizontal Dumbbell Rack

Price: £379.99

dumbbell set with rack

Gorilla Sports sell various dumbbell racks, but one that has received acclaim, in particular, is their Ultra Long Dumbbell Rack. 

This rack will be suitable for anyone looking for a commercial dumbbell rack to put in their private studio. However, if you have space, then there’s no reason why this can’t be a staple in your home gym to elevate your training space to elite-tier. 

This rack has two shelves, but the extra-long horizontal extension sets it apart from the other two tier racks. 

A glance at the dumbbell rack dimensions for this product will tell you that it is nearly 2.5 metres long! Remember that this rack has two tiers, so that’s a total of 5 metres of dumbbell storage space.

While it may be difficult for some people to house, if you have the room for it, you will undoubtedly be able to store multiple dumbbells of different sizes. And you shouldn’t find yourself limited by weight either because this rack can hold up to 500kg!

If you’re feeling the need to go all out for your gym environment, and you have the kit to fill it, then you won’t regret going with Gorilla’s extensive dumbbell storage device.

#2 – PROIRON Dumbbell Weight Rack

Price: £28.00

dumbbell rack set

If you’re in the market for a more lightweight and portable storage option for your dumbbells, then you should consider this wooden dumbbell rack from PROIRON. 

Not only will these lightweight dumbbell trays keep your weights from moving while on the floor, but they will also look good while doing so! 

The solid walnut colour makes it a more aesthetically pleasing product than a typical black plastic one.

Each dumbbell weight rack measures at 20cm long and can store dumbbells up to 10kg, making them a great choice for most households. 

If you use mostly larger weights, then you can still take advantage of the PROIRON Dumbbell Weight Rack to store your smaller weights, conserving space for your heavier weights on their dedicated weight rack. 

The 3cm dip is perfect for storing circular dumbbells. If you have been using round dumbbells without a rack, then you will notice a difference if you buy these trays. 

Your dumbbells will no longer roll around on the floor, potentially causing injuries, and you won’t have to resort to using household objects to keep them from moving. 

#3 – Body Revolution Vertical Dumbbell Weight Rack

Price: £89.99

dumbbell weight set with rack

Available in both a 6-tier and 10-tier option, this pyramid dumbbell rack by Body Revolution is a space-saving solution to safely storing your dumbbells in your home gym set up. 

Both products come with grippy rubber feet to prevent the rack from slipping or damaging the floor underneath. 

They also come complete with a tool kit as well so you can easily assemble your chosen item.  

If you have some weighty dumbbells, especially over 15kg, you should opt for the 6-tier dumbbell rack. 

This rack is smaller than the 10-tier one (106cm tall instead of 122cm tall). Therefore it has a naturally lower frame and is more suited for storing heavier objects.  

The vertical dumbbell rack ten pairs option is more suited for smaller weights of up to 15kg as the gap between tiers is smaller, therefore bigger dumbbells may prevent you from using all the shelves.

If you don’t have any space at home, but you do not want to miss out on working out, take a look at adjustable dumbbells as an alternative. 

Remember to always store your heavier weights on the bottom of the dumbbell rack for health and safety reasons! You don’t want your vertical dumbbell racks to topple over because they are too top heavy. 

#4 – BalanceFrom 2-Tier Easy-Grab Dumbbell Rack

Price: £49.17

dumbbell set and rack

If you have dumbbells on the heavier side or have a large set of them, you may not feel secure storing them on some of the dumbbell racks that we have on our list.

BalanceForm can put you at ease though with their heavy duty dumbbell rack, capable of holding up to 600lbs (270kg) of weight! 

This black and yellow dumbbell rack has two tiers, each offering over 30 inches of horizontal dumbbell storage space. 

Depending on the size of your dumbbells, you should have no problem fitting your set on here.

While the top tier shelf is flat, the lower tier shelf is angled. By doing this, BalanceFrom has created a more ergonomic product that reduces the chance of you scratching your hand or damaging your wrist when removing dumbbells from the rack.

Bulky items like weights can cause a lot of damage if stored incorrectly. This rack from BalanceFrom is made from solid cast iron, and you can rest assured that your dumbbells will stay safely in place.

On Amazon, this product has some exceptional ratings. With 86% of its 429 reviews coming in at 4 or 5 stars, it’s safe to say that you’ll be purchasing a very well-rated product. 

#5 – CCLIFE Weight Bar Rack

Price: £99.90

hex dumbbell rack

If you have a dumbbell set with various weights and a couple of extra weight plates too, or if you want a solution to storing your dumbbells alongside your other gym equipment such as EZ bars or barbells, then this product by CCLIFE will be perfect for you!

There is a flat rack shelf on the top where you can store your complete dumbbells, and room underneath for any spare plates. 

The product maximises the use of all of the available space by having seven poles on one side that you can use to store extra dumbbell or barbell plates, while on the other side are hooks where you can hold your barbell bars or hang other items like resistance bands. 

It’s a great option for home gym storage if you have different types of equipment! You can store all your kit together on one rack that can be a lifesaver for some people. 

The maximum weight capacity for this rack is 300kg, so as long as all your gear comes in under this, then you’re good to go. 

#6 – Mirafit 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack

Price: £79.99

dumbbell rack uk

If you are looking for a piece of equipment to take your home gym to the next level, then look no further than this smart storage device from Mirafit!

Mirafit is one of the top fitness equipment brands in the UK, and they have some high quality dumbbell racks on offer at various price points.

For this article, we’ll go for one of the best home workout dumbbell racks in the UK: Mirafit’s two tier dumbbell rack. 

This dumbbell rack can hold up to 150kg worth of weight across two tiers of storage. Each level is 26” long and can store any dumbbells that have a handle that is a minimum of 11cm long.

There is plenty of height between the two shelves so you can store and retrieve your dumbbells easily, regardless of their shape. 

Whether you use hexagonal or standard shaped dumbbells, this product will be suitable for you, as this is a hex dumbbell rack as well as a normal one.  

We recommend storing your heavier weights on the bottom shelf to prevent making it top-heavy. 

The rack enables a securely fastened free-standing design which is just as fashionable as it is functional. 

Available in either black, silver, or orange, this fitness accessory will meet all your storage needs while looking stylish in either your home or garage.  

If you’re thinking about upgrading your fitness equipment at home, take advantage of our ultimate guide on building your home gym!

#7 – Studio Dumbbell Rack

Price: £374.80

dumbbell rack on wheels

For those of you searching for a commercial grade dumbbell rack on wheels, you can’t get much better than the Studio Dumbbell Rack from Jordan Fitness. 

People may benefit from having an easily moveable dumbbell rack if they need to save space. The casters on the bottom of the stand are perfect for manoeuvring your set when it comes time to exercise, and then quickly putting them away to save space after your workout. 

You won’t have to worry about the dangers of having such a hefty stack of weights on wheels with this bit of kit from Jordan Fitness, as both the wheels and the vertical slots that hold the weights in place are capable of securely locking. 

If you have plenty of dumbbells in different sizes, then this may be the best rack for you. The 11 vertical slots are capable of holding up to 42 pairs of dumbbells.

And if you’d prefer, you also have the option of purchasing this dumbbell rack complete with a Neoprene Studio Dumbbell Set for £954.00, which means you’re good to go and ready to exercise on day one of delivery. 

So, for a dumbbell rack with wheels that you can use in your home workout space or your workout studio, go for the Studio Dumbbell Rack by Jordan Fitness. 

If you’re lucky enough to have enough space to build a home gym, you should invest in the following fitness equipment:

#8 – IKAAR Vertical Dumbbell Rack

Price: £16.99

heavy duty dumbbell rack

Those of you looking at the prices on this list and thinking, ‘they are too expensive’. Don’t worry, IKAAR have got you covered with their 3 tier dumbbell rack for £16.99. 

The low price is reflective of the storage capacity. Don’t expect it to be able to hold your 20kg+ dumbbells safely if you’re in the market for one of those, then please consider some of the other options on our list for a more appropriate choice!

The maximum load for this dumbbell tree is 25kg. The rack makes it ideal for storing your small dumbbells used for functional bodyweight exercises as these often come in sets with up to 3kg weights – which you’ll see more of below!

The small black ‘tree’ has been made to look discrete and take up as little space as possible while keeping your dumbbells organised and tucked away. However, if your dumbbells are colourful, then it can also look quite stylish!  

If you already have some small dumbbells and don’t need to buy a whole new set, then the IKAAR Vertical Dumbbell Rack will be just right for you. 

#9 – Weight Racks Wall Mounted Dumbbell Rack

Price: £202.51

rubber dumbbell set with rack

If you find yourself with limited floor space and are looking for a practical space saving solution to storing your weights, consider using a wall mounted dumbbell rack such as this one from Weight Racks.

Measuring in at 98 cm by 35 cm by 20 cm, you’ll find that this dumbbell rack is a very convenient size for your wall. It isn’t so long that it will severely impact your room to move, but it is big enough to hold several dumbbells.    

Speaking of this, you should have no issue filling your gym dumbbell rack because the sturdy steel frame can hold up to 200kg worth of weights.

However, if you have the vertical space and need to store a few more dumbbells, why not go for their two-tiered storage option? The rack doubles your storage capacity and keeps your horizontal space free because they are above one another. 

Having a wall mounted dumbbell rack for your home gym really would elevate your training environment and impress your friends and family, while also being a convenient storage solution for your dumbbells. 

Lifting heavy dumbbells can be difficult if you don’t have the right grip, luckily for you, OriGym has recently written an article on the best weightlifting chalk you can find online. 

#10 – BLK BOX Basecamp Storage Rack

Price: £311.98

dumbbell rack with weights

For those individuals out there who don’t want just to buy a dumbbell rack, but want to buy the best and most efficient home gym storage solution on the market, then the Basecamp Storage Rack by BLK BOX is one of the best options that money can buy.

This four-tier Basecamp Storage Rack is customisable to your exact needs, offering a different rack-type choice for each shelf. If you want, you can opt for a 3 tier dumbbell rack, or if you also want to store different pieces of equipment like kettlebells or slam balls, then you can mix it up and add a shelf for each of these! 

The dumbbell shelves come angled rather than flat, as this makes accessing your weights easier and safer.

With the maximum of four shelves attached, this dumbbell storage rack measures 1.78m tall and 1.86m wide by 70cm deep. And each dumbbell shelf is capable of holding weights of up to 27.5kgs. 

While gym equipment like this may come at a steep initial investment, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your contents are safe from potentially 100kgs+ of kit doing destructive damage to your home.

Dumbbell Racks With Weights (UK)

#11 – SONGMICS Women’s Set

Price: £49.99

dumbbell storage rack

Selected as Amazon’s Choice for dumbbell weight sets for women, SONGMICS’ colourful dumbbell set and the rack has prompted plenty of happy customers to give it a review of 4.6 out of 5, and that’s with 567 total reviews!

These dumbbells are the lightest set out of the selection on our list. There are two 1kg dumbbells in yellow, two pairs of 1.5kg dumbbells in red, and two 2kg dumbbells in purple. 

Due to their low weight, these dumbbells are suited for bodyweight exercise movements to help tone muscles while improving range of motion and other sports specific skills. 

The dumbbells are hexagonal shaped, meaning that they will stay in place on the floor, perfect for exercises such as push up grips. 

If you do need an alternative to these dumbbells for push ups, take a look at push up bars as they’re great for strengthening your upper body. 

The small dumbbell rack included is a small black three tier vertical stand, perfectly suitable for holding your weights up to 2kg, or a combined 9kgs.  

#12 – BalanceFrom Coloured Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Set with Stand

Price: £97.44

dumbbell rack dimensions

As opposed to most dumbbell rack with weights sets that you can find online that come with weights up to 3kg, this one from BalanceFrom includes weights that go up to 5kg.

Dumbbells of this size can be a suitable replacement for stationary exercises with heavier dumbbells or barbells if you want to improve your muscular strength and cardio for sports specific movements.  

The dumbbells included come in pairs of three sizes and colours: 5lbs (2.27kg) in blue, 8lb (3.63kg) in yellow, and 12lb (5.44kg) in black.

As the cast iron weights come wrapped in a durable neoprene coating, the dumbbells’ colours look bright and attractive and would fit in well in any home gym. 

The dumbbells included are of a hexagon shape which makes them easy to store on the rack while also being safer to use as if you need to swap weights while exercising, you can do so without worrying that they will roll away.

BalanceFrom provides you with assembly tools to have everything you need to put your 3 tier dumbbell rack together at home. On top of this, BalanceFrom products come with a 2-year satisfaction guarantee in the form of a warranty. 

#13 – Hardcastle 12kg Dumbbell Weight Set with Rack

Price: £35.99

2 tier dumbbell rack

This highly rated dumbbell set with rack from Hardcastle is perfect if you want a no nonsense, all black set of dumbbells with their small stand. 

The weights included with the set are pairs of 1kg, 2kg and 3kg round dumbbells. They come with a black vinyl coating, so they are soft and comfortable to handle when exercising. 

As these weights are only small, they are perfect for those who want to start adding extra weight to your yoga or Pilates workout routine. 

Do you need guidance during your yoga flow? You should check out OriGym’s recent article on the best yoga DVDs.

The rack is similar to others for dumbbells around this weight range and has three vertical tiers, with space for the larger dumbbells on the bottom and the smaller ones on top.

While it may not be a big or intimidating rack like some of the others on our list, it is more than capable of holding this 12kg set with ease.

So if you’re looking for a cheap dumbbell set with a rack, then you should be more than happy with this set. 

#14 – York Fitness Vinyl Dumbbell Set with Stand

Price: £59.99

two tier dumbbell rack

York Fitness is a big name in gym and exercise equipment in the UK. Their dumbbell rack set with weights is highly praised on Amazon and has an overall rating of 4.4 out 5 with 102 reviews, 89% of these being four or five stars!

This small dumbbell set is perfect for use in a home gym – whether it’s temporary or otherwise! The round end dumbbells have been wrapped in bright vinyl that provides grip and is easy to keep clean. 

The stand included is a vertical three tier black stand, great for blending in with your room and functional for what you need.

A fantastic addition to this kit is an instructional dumbbell guide that helps you use these dumbbells effectively. It’s a feature neglected by most other similar products on the internet, so be sure to take advantage of the tips inside!

York Fitness markets these dumbbells for use during rehabilitation and physiotherapy. They’re designed to be used with low impact, low stress body movements to help you to get back to your ideal fitness levels after an injury.

For a trusted name in dumbbell racks in the UK, go with York Fitness for your set of choice.   

#15 – BodyRip

Price: £84.95

dumbbell rack set with weights

A unique looking dumbbell and rack set pairings is this one from BodyRip on Amazon. It is also one of the best reviewed, with 92% of its 173 reviews being at four or five stars!

The grey stand comes with a handle at the top that makes it easy to handle and manoeuvre. If you don’t like the look of some other small vertical dumbbell stands then maybe this one will be better suited for you! 

The stand also needs very little work to put together as the legs easily swivel and lock into place.

The dumbbells that come with this set are covered in a soft and comfortable neoprene PVC that prevents slippage during exercise. 

They are also in weighted pairs and come in three different colours: the 1kg pair is red, the 2kg pair are purple, and the 3kg pair are blue, great if you want a splash of colour in your home gym! 

If you need to switch up from dumbbells to kettlebells, we’ve got the perfect article for you! We have recently written an article about the best kettlebells you can find online! 

#16 – Body Power Rubber Hex Dumbbells and Rack

Price: £229.00 

dumbbell rack wheels

If beginner home workout sets aren’t for you and you’re after a commercial grade rubber dumbbell set with a rack, then you should be more than happy with this selection from Body Power. 

The dumbbells included with this rack come in pairs of weights at 3kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, and 10kg. They are encased in a protective rubber that makes them durable and practical for home use due to soundproofing properties and safety reasons.

The horizontal two-tier hexagon dumbbell rack has a contoured bottom shelf that makes it easy to access your dumbbells.  

If you are using this set for home or light commercial use, you have access to various warranties, with a one year warranty for the dumbbells and stand and a ten year warranty for the frame! 

If you’re wondering where you can buy dumbbell rack sets, then have a look on Fitness Superstore for some more heavy duty options than are available on Amazon.

Before you go! 

There you have it, the 10 best dumbbell racks and the six of the best that comes with weights included.

If you only have a smaller selection of dumbbells, it might be wise to purchase a triangular shaped dumbbell rack as they are a great space saver and store the weights safely away. If you have a large selection of dumbbells, it would be ideal to go for the flatter shaped racks as they can often be tiered to fit different weights on the racks.

Each of these products will ensure your weights are neatly stored away, and ready for your next workout.

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