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Why Is It Important to go the Extra Mile For Your Client? (2019)

 Personal Training is a service-based profession, same as a hairdresser or being a beautician and where keeping clients happy can be tricky, but it is an integral skill to being really successful at the role. 

You may be wondering why is it important to go the extra mile for your clients, and in this article we are going to show “why” and strategies that you can implement right now to providing top customer service and how this will benefit you:

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Why it is important to go the extra Mile for Your Clients: To Retain Them!

You might have heard the phrase keeping a client is far easier than getting a new one! That is because it is a very true statement!....

What is Client Retention Exactly? 

Client retention is simply referring to the actions a company or business takes to keep or retain as many clients as possible.

In other words, what activities they have done to prevent clients leaving or stop paying.

Increased Client Retention Means Increased Revenue as a Personal Trainer

It costs on average seven times less to retain an existing client than to try and acquire a new one as you don’t have to pay out for: 

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This would suggest why going the extra mile for your client is extremely important, they don’t just influence how much money you will earn, but also how much you will spend!

Increased Revenue Through Higher Value Sales

Personal Training clients that are new to your service, tend to be tentative about what you have to offer as you have not yet developed that trust and rapport that you may have with existing clients. Generally, this results in lower valued sales. 

For instance, have you ever bought a product or service where you bought the cheapest option available, so you can try it out first with the minimum damage to your bank account – We all have! 

This happens to new Personal training clients too! But this is why is it important to go the extra mile for your clients ….They spend more, 300% more according to RJ Metrics:

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This is because if you have found out how to retain clients and built a rapport and understanding with them, they will do one of two things: 

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Naturally the longer we keep a client happy, the longer they pay us for. Additionally, clients we have built a solid relationship with are more inclined to buy our higher end packages as they are more familiar and trust us or our brand more. 

Later in this article we will show you how to retain clients and how to upsell to get more business from existing clients….so stay tuned!

Going the Extra Mile & How to Get More Business From Existing Clients

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What is one of the most powerful tools in marketing?........Testimonials!

When thinking why is it important to go the extra mile for your client, testimonials and reviews is a biggy! 

When people are making buying decisions on services, very frequently they will look for reviews and testimonials from people who have bought a similar product or service to themselves. 

This is why is customer loyalty important, you want your clients to take the time out of their day to write a review on Trustpilot or Google where other potential clients can see the level of service you provide.

See here how Trustlpilot reviews increased Formation 1’s sales by 31%!

Additionally, when specifically thinking how to keep clients as a personal trainer, you really want client testimonials showing before and after photos to help positively reinforce your sales by showing prospective customers how you can have helped people just like them.

Another great reason why customer loyalty is important! 

This next one is really key…..

Why is it important to go the extra mile for your client: Getting Referrals

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Leads are the blood supply to any business and referrals are the best kind of lead you can get!

Referrals are the best kind of lead as they are coming from people they know, like and trust the opinion of and we will buy of their experience…. Noticing a common dominator yet?..... TRUST! 

This is why is it important to go the extra mile for your client, to build trust with clients!

Clients with high trust levels will promote you on social media and to their friends and family.

Clients will only refer their friends and family if they really believe in the product or service that is being provided, which is why is it important to go the extra mile for your client, you want a continuous supply of new leads into your PT business.

Shortly we will show you how to get referrals from existing clients, but first, how to increase customer retention and how to increase client loyalty….

Get The Basics Right First: Do What is Expected of You

One of thr first things we say on our personal training courses (UK) is you must get the basics right, like turning up to your personal training sessions on time, being prepared and well-presented, but many trainers neglect these key areas that leave negative impressions in client’s minds. Being professional and getting the basics spot on is the building blocks for how to increase customer loyalty.

Showing a Genuine Interest in Your Clients

When thinking how to retain clients, that costs you nothing, simply show a legitimate interest in what your client is saying. 

Engage them in both activities at the gym and in their private life. Take the time to find out about your client, you may be surprised what things you may have in common with them that can make the difference for how to keep clients as a personal trainer in the long run 

How to Retain Personal Training Clients Through Bookmarking Special Occasions!

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We all love a birthday or Christmas card and guess what? Your clients do to!

We all know the phrase “It’s the little things in life”, well that is particularly prudent with how to keep your clients happy!

Make a quick note of their special occasions and when it comes around to one, simply take two minutes out of your day to send a quick text can make all the difference to how to retain a client that little bit longer….Not bad for something that costs you nothing!


How to Increase Customer loyalty with Rewards & Recognition

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Clients come with all sorts of fitness goals and ambitions that they want to achieve and sometimes they hit their goals and sometimes they don’t. 

Where many trainers go wrong, is telling clients their reward scheme (not the same as referral scheme)…

Example: Right Jayne, if you hit your two-stone weight loss that we have set in 4 months I will buy you a protein tub.

You would be better off from a how to improve customer loyalty perspective of not setting it with your goals but leaving it as a surprise.

Think of this logically, how different would you feel if you were expecting to get a reward as opposed to been surprised with one? Even though the reward is the exact same and based on the same goal, the shock giving a reward to someone who was not expecting one creates a greater feeling of satisfaction and gratefulness.


Client Check-ins 

Schedule regular check-ins with clients outside of your 1-2-1 PT sessions. It only has to be for 10 minutes or so, but it shows you care and allows them to engage with you on a more personal level. It can also reveal how other aspects of their life is affecting their goals and help you as a trainer really understand their drives and motivations. This is one of the easiest ways for how to retain Personal Training clients.

Social Activities & Building a Community

Probably the funniest method to retaining personal training clients is through running a social activity where you can really get to know your clients better and it creates a great community feel between you and your clients and to one another. 

Doing a Sunday fun race at Tough Mudder, a night out or a summer barbecue can build a great community feel and really help you get to know your clients, thus increasing client retention for personal training.


Create Social Media Groups

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Image credit: Connect Groups

Great ways of how to keep clients as a personal trainer is using social media groups, plus they are free! Similar to scheduling a social activity, setting up a social media group has a few advantages to helping you to retain personal training clients: 

  1. Is a great medium to sharing tips, tricks and engaging with clients all on one platform
  2. Creates an online community feel that they are exclusively invited to
  3. Clients can easily interact with another

This technique is a great way for how to go the extra mile as it helps your clients bond with one another and you at the same time. Clients don’t just go to the gym to develop our relationship with their trainer, it’s with one another too and the more avenues they can exercise that, the better!

Respect & Be Loyal to Your Clients

Ultimately respect and loyalty is a two-way street, always be committed to your clients in the same way you expect them to be committed to you and their goals. Show loyalty with your existing clients over new clients for the days and times they book. New clients should be fitting into your existing timetable, do not substitute an existing client booking for a new client’s requirements. They may have had that time slot for years and you never know how long a new client will stick around for.


Going the Extra Mile Allows You to Upsell to a Client


Upselling is the process of trying to persuade a customer to buy something additional or more expensive. This could be an increase in more PT sessions per week, additional supplements that you supply or perhaps a nutrition plan for them to follow.

How to upsell to a client in personal training is actually easier than in many other industries because you have built that inter personal relationship, which is why it is important to go the extra mile for your client.

Upselling to personal training clients that already know and like you is super easy, here is OriGym’s go to way of how to upsell to a client: 

Use Progress Checks / Monthly Goal Meetings

Use progress check meetings as the platform of how to upsell to a client. When upselling to a personal training client, you always want a closed off environment without distractions and where you are 1-2-1 and sitting down which is why using progress checks is so effective.

The best is that almost irrespective of the outcome of the results, you can use that information for how to upsell to a client.


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PRO TIP: When Upselling to a personal training client, ensure that you back up claims with tangible results that you have gotten with other clients to show the additional benefits of them upgrading to more sessions per week. 


Hopefully, this has answered the question, why is it important to go the extra mile for your client and how it can finically benefit you through multiple avenues. If you're a qualified personal trainer, find out about expanding your PT business with OriGym's Level 4 Personal Training Qualifications

OR, check out our latest prospectus to see the incredible range of courses that we offer! 



Written by Luke Hughes

CEO and Co-Founder

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Luke is the CEO and Co-Founder of OriGym. Holding a first-class degree in Sport and Exercise and an MSc in Sport and Nutrition, he is also qualified as a Level 4 Personal Trainer with various specialist credentials covering the entire spectrum of health, fitness and business. Luke has contributed to a variety of major industry publications, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Metro, Cosmopolitan, The Mirror, The Sun, The Standard and more.

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