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Finding a Personal Trainer Job UK (Full List of Employers 2019)

Whether you have just completed your personal training qualifications or you’re seasoned trainer, finding a job as a personal trainer can sometimes be tricky, but no fear, we have you covered!

In this article is a list of every employer with direct links to their careers pages, every fitness jobs baord and every fitness recuitment agency out there - All in one place to make finding a personal trainer job UK or overseas as easy as pie!

Lets jump right in.....




STEP 1 - Get Personal Training Qualified with a Reputable Provider

Going to keep this step short and sweet for those whom are already qualified in personal training. But for those who are not already qualified, you must possess at minimum a of level 3 certificate in personal training form an accredited provider, such as ourselves. 

Employers and mainstream gyms within the UK will not even entertain the thought of intervierwing you unless you have trained with a training provider or college that is both accredited by REPS (register of Exercise Professionals or CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity).


Click for more details on how to become a personal trainer.


Additionally, if you have your level 3 exams booked. Making an early start with applying for personal training job is not a bad thing, many employers will still hire you on the provisional basis that your PT qualifications will be passed.


More on this later when we show the exact methods to how you can find a job as a personal trainer…..




Assuming you have now completed your personal training certification, there are a few required steps to take to finding a job as a personal trainer.


Firstly, before you start applying away at places, you need to get your personal training covering letter and CV looking the part!


We receive around 200 applicants a day for personal training roles and 90% of them go straight in the bin, regardless if they are qualified or not. The average time we spend looking at a PT’s CV is around 10 seconds, some far less. That is how long you get to make an impression.


See our complete guide’s on writing a covering letter and personal trainer CV before progressing onto Step 3.


Firstly, just because you think you have a great knowledge of fitness with bulging biceps and a 200kg bench press, this does not mean you are necessarily very appealing to gyms and personal training studios.




There are many routes to getting a personal trainer job and below we have broken them all down here for you....

Your Training Provider


If you have completed your personal training course with a reputable training provider, they normally as part of their due diligence towards your career will help you find a personal training job or at least offer some support with your CV and the interview process.

The level of service you will get from your provider to finding a personal training job  depends on a few factors:

  2. A high end training provider can help with some and in some cases all of the following areas:

As a training provider ourselves, see below our commitments to graduates who have completed personal training courses with ourselves to helping those individuals finding a job as a personal trainer:

Using ourselves as an example, we have a jobs board that all our corporate partners advertise on and have the direct emails for the heads of recruitment at all the major gym chains, doing all the heavy lifting of finding a job as a fitness instructor or personal trainer for you.


Going to your Training Provider is also useful as they frequently do the recruitment aspect for personal training roles for major gyms via jobs boards:


See below our current job advertisement for our corporate partner JD Gyms on

This is why contacting your training provider for help post course completion should be your first point of call.

Expand your CV and become more appealing to employers by becoming a Level 4 Master trainer:


Become a Level 4 Qualified PT

Find out how to become a Level 4 Master Trainer

Leisure Specific Sites


Like all industries, the fitness sector falls has dedicated websites for finding a fitness job. These websites are go to websites for tens of thousands of thousands of personal trainers as most of the major employers advertise their roles using these sites.

Leisure Jobs


Leisure jobs is a fantastic website for finding a personal trainer job. With around 2,000 persona trainer jobs per month advertised by both small and large operators Leisure jobs is a must go to platform to finding a job as a personal trainer.


Creating an account is simple and takes under a minute!


Scroll by location and job title through hundreds of major brands to find a personal trainer job local to you.



Leisure Opportunities


When asking yourself how to find a personal trainer job, look no further than Leisure Opportunities. This multimedia website works with some of the biggest recruiters of fitness professionals in the UK. This includes the likes of personal trainer jobs for Pure Gym, Everyone Active, Xercise4less and GL Leisure.


Create a free account, upload your CV and start applying. It’s that simple!

All Cruise jobs


Not for every trainer, but if you fancy an adventure and like the idea of travelling the world, then create a free account on All Cruise Jobs. This is the number one website board for finding personal training jobs on a cruise.




Cruises hire personal trainers to deliver fitness classes, personal training sessions and as wellbeing coaches. You can find personal trainer cruise jobs with the likes of Connect, Windstar cruises and Uniworld:



Flow Sports

Flow sports is a fitness and sport specific job site where you can find personal training jobs (UK) amongst other jobs that might peak your interest. Flow Sports advertises roles with Leisure Centres, Reebok health club and PFP Leisure to name just a few. Go set-up your free account and start applying today.

Health club Management

Health club Management has a nice variety of both recreational personal trainer jobs and opportunities for both PT managers and health club manger jobs. Major brands such as Pure Gym, The gym Group as well as local council and smaller private gyms use Health club management to advertise for their roles. Finding employment as a personal trainer could not be simpler with hundreds of roles on their website.

Active Careers

Active Careers founded in 2015 is the only free jobs board of its kind for both candidates and employers. This means they have over 9,000 fitness related jobs making it the number one place to find a personal training role as the employers don’t have to pay to advertise. with the likes of Virgin Active, Sports Direct, JD Gyms and Fitness First, Easy Gym and many others all advertising positions via their website. Go and create your free profile and start finding a gym instructing or personal training job today.

Personal Training Management Companies


Many gyms and major fitness employers use PT management companies to run their personal training for their respective companies. These management companies have huge reach and when it comes to finding a personal training positon, the process is generally very quick and simple than most jobs boards.


Your Personal Training (YPT)

Your Personal Training, founded by Joe Oliver is the largest PT management company in the UK. Working with over 700 Leisure Centres as well as major gym brands such as Simply Gym, Oasis, Better Gym and GL Leisure.


Finding a personal trainer job via YPT is easy, follow this link to start your career as a fitness professional:


Club Training

Club Training is a long and established PT Management company and finding a personal trainer position (UK) with their corporate partners is super easy. You can even, book straight in via their website for an interview to go and meet a regional PT manager with the click of a button.


Club Training works in correlation with DW Fitness First, Anytime Fitness, Gym Box and Darwin Wellness.


Take a look at their top listed jobs today to start your journey as a personal trainer.

Approaching Gyms Direct


If there are particular employers you know of in your local area or a certain brand you wish to work for then applying direct from their websites is the recommend route. Most major operators will have a careers page to their website where you can ether obtain their main recruitment email address or more often than not have a dedicated online application process.


Sometimes it can be difficult to find these careers pages, but lucky for you, we have done all the hard work for you and you can use the links below to apply directly to all the major operators we could think of:


Simply click the logos and be taken straight to their online application forms:

Fitness Recruitment Agencies


Personal trainer recruitment works the same as in any other industry. You can register with the recruitment agency and they help find a personal trainer job for you against the criteria that you outline with their established industry connections.


This is a good avenue if you do not have a specific gym you are wishing to apply for or need a helping hand getting your first personal trainer job.

4Leisure Recruitment 

4Leisure recruitment are a specialist within the health and fitness sector of placing applicants with high end jobs. With over 40 years combined team experience and have roles ranging from temporary and interim through to permanent PT Management positions.

With extensive affiliations with the likes of Anytime Fitness, the Massage Company, Motiv8 and Virgin Active there are plenty of opportunities to find a personal trainer job with 4Leisure Recruitment.

Ultra Force

Ultra Force is the first ever dedicated recruitment agency for the fitness sector in the world after being founded ion 1985 with over three decades of helping fitness professionals within the sector.  

Ultra Force is a specialist fitness recruitment agency for overseas applicants and as you can see from below have roles in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and all across the globe.


Future Active

Set-up back in 2005, Future Active mainly focused on helping candidates get roles as PE teachers. Since then, they have expanded their reach and now work with major brands to help people find a job as a personal trainer amongst other health and fitness employment. Sing up form free and find jobs both in the UK and overseas.

Leisure People


Leisure People is a fitness recruitment agency that specialises in placing fitness professionals into management and Director based roles. If you’re looking to find a Personal training management job Leisure People would be a great shout! With dozens of roles you can apply for and simple sign-up and application process, heads of there today to get the ball rolling.

Love Recruitment


London based, Love Recruitment which is founded by Lawrence Everest and Abhi Lakhina works with some of the biggest Leisure operators and health chains in the UK to help you find a personal training job.  Love Recruitment has connections with the likes of Xercise4less, Snap Fitness, Energie Fitness Clubs, Les Mills and David Lloyds, which is why when it comes to job hunting in the fitness sector, sending them your CV should be high up your list. 

Yves Preissler 


Yves Preissler is a fitness recruitment agency that helps you find a job as a personal trainer overseas. Working internationally can bring some added benefits such as reductions in tax in the likes of Dubai or Bahrain and you get to travel whilst earning great money as a personal trainer. Yves Preissler has plenty of jobs in personal training for you to peruse, go check them out today.

Core Recuitment

Core recruitment operate across multiple sectors, one of those areas is the Leisure and fitness industry. Core Recruitment helps place fitness instructors and personal trainers into the industry.



Although there are Leisure specific jobs boards, many companies still advertise personal training jobs via mainstream sites. This is for a few reasons, they tend to show very high up the organic searches as you can see from the below screenshot of Indeed dominating the top three searches for the term “personal training jobs”:

why major employers still use more generalised job baords and so you should too:



On that mno0te let's start with Indeed themselves. Indeed is the biggest jobs board in the world and great for finding a personal trainer career. With close to 3,000 live fitness related jobs at one time and hundreds of fitness employers taking five minutes out to create your free account is a must!


We advertise all our personal trainer jobs with Indeed where we hire hundreds of personal trainers for our cooperate partners each month:

As you can see from the below screenshot, 2,767 related jobs to personal training - this is why Indeed is the number one site to visit:

Total Jobs


We all should know Total Jobs, they are one of the biggest generic jobs boards in the world with 280,000 live jobs and 20 years of experience. Total Jobs attracts recruiters such as The Gym Group, The Village hotels and The Marriott who all are looking to hire personal trainers, fitness instructor or class instructors so what are you waiting for, start finding your ideal role today.



Reed is a huge job site that attracts 25,000 global recruiters each year and has 350 offices worldwide. With over 1,600 live fitness positions on their website at one time, whether you looking at finding a fitness manager job or a role as group class co-ordinator, Reed will have you covered.


Monster is an all-encompassing jobs board where hundreds of thousands of jobs are uploaded to each year.  Fitness employers such as Sports Direct, Three People and Everlast all advertise their fitness positions via their platform.


Gumtree does more than just allow you to buy and sell things online. Gumtree is actually one of the biggest job sites in the world and one that many health club operators in the UK turn to advertise roles. Whether you’re finding a personal trainer job, class instructor or club management position, Gumtree has plenty of jobs to choose from with massive chains such as Pure Gym and DW Fitness First listing jobs on their platform.

Glass Door


Glass door is primarily known as a platform for employers to receive feedback from current employees through Glass Door’s anonymous review system. It also hosts thousands of jobs across over 150 countries. Companies such as Nike, The Gym Group, Pure Gym and Virign Active all have jobs currently advertised with Glassdoor. Click the link above to get started finding a personal trainer job with Glassdoor.


Ever fancied an adventure to work as a personal trainer in the UAE? Naukrigulf is the biggest job website to finding a job in the likes of Dubai and all across the middle East with over 800 live fitness jobs on their website. With accredited UK personal training qualifications being recognised internationally, hundreds of trainers each year take on work in the Middle East with the huge savings made on tax, beautiful culture and perks of 40 degrees weather all year round. Naukrigulf attracts all the major players and operators in the Middle East for personal training jobs with Fitness First, Fit Republik and Urban Energy Fitness all using their services. Finding a personal trainer job abroad could not be easier, create your free account and start applying!



Social Media Sites


Social media is not just great for connecting with friends, family and watching funny cat videos. Social Media websites are fantastic tools to connecting directly with employers.


All companies of any magnitude have a dedicated Facebook business page and with instant messenger that you can reach them on. This is a great way to get straihgt in touch with major employers and you tend to get more replies with average open rates on Facebook messneger being 97%.


You can even send your CV via an attachment direct to the specific branch as companies the size of the Gym Group or Pure gym for example you can reach out to the specific branch you wish to work for:

Facebook has also launched their own jobs section to rival LinkedIn, so you can now find personal trainer jobs via their Facebook page and apply direct as seen below from Your Personal Training:

You can find more jobs by typing keywords into the search bar such as “Personal trainer jobs” or “Fitness Jobs”.



Have you have not created a LinkedIn account as of yet, then go and do it! When you start building up your connections on LinkedIn you will see relevant job adverts popping up down your feed, on the right hand side and in your inbox that might tickle your fancy.


LinkedIn is also the best way to find key decision makers with companies by simply typing in titles of positions in the search bar.


Here are some job titles you can put in to find key decision makers when it comes find key recuiters at major fitness brands:

LinkedIn has a massive reach and with around 8,000 live roles in fitness via their jobs baord as seen below, finding a personal trainer job could not be easier.




Yes companies still use Newspapers to advertise jobs, but probably not in the same way your thinking. All Newspapers now advertise roles digitally and due to their very high domain authority scores their job listing show very high on Google and Bing searches, dragging in people searching for jobs online to their platform.


See an example below from the Independent’s job board:

Google Is Your Friend – Find Private Gyms, Boutique Fitness Clubs & Personal Training Studios

If you are still having no luck finding a personal trainer jobs using the techniques listed in this article, remember Google is your friend.


Remember Google is a system of relevancy, thus its sole aim is to give you the best experience and results possible when using its service, meaning if you are looking for smaller, more private based establishments you need to manipulate the search to bring those up.


To find boutique gyms / studios try some of these searches:

See this in action below:

Notice how all the big gyms and jobs boards have disappeared out of the search and left smaller private establishments that you can now easily find and apply for. 

There you have it, the comprehensive list of how to find a personal training job (UK). 

Once you have been offered a job, ensure you check out our article on Writing a business plan for success to get 60 paying clients in less than 6 months.

Looking to take your Personal Training career even further? Download our latest prospectus for more info on the courses we offer! 


Become a Level 4 Qualified PT

Find out how to become a Level 4 Master Trainer

Written by Luke Hughes

CEO and Co-Founder

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Luke is the CEO and Co-Founder of OriGym. Holding a first-class degree in Sport and Exercise and an MSc in Sport and Nutrition, he is also qualified as a Level 4 Personal Trainer with various specialist credentials covering the entire spectrum of health, fitness and business. Luke has contributed to a variety of major industry publications, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Metro, Cosmopolitan, The Mirror, The Sun, The Standard and more.

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