9 Ideas for Your Fitness Emails

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With email marketing growing in popularity, using various fitness email ideas is an easy way to grow your business and gain new clients.

In this article we will cover:

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9 New Fitness Email Ideas

When it comes to fitness email ideas, the aim is to increase client retention and gain new clients by offering them the opportunity to regularly engage with different aspects of your business. 

These emails come in many different forms so now we’ll run through some fitness email examples below to help you design your own!

#1 Fitness Email Ideas for Introducing a Newsletter

announcement fitness email ideas graphic

A newsletter is a classic piece of any gym email campaign to keep clients engaged and aware of any new services or classes that you offer.

A newsletter is also an opportunity to persuade people who’ve registered their interest, but not signed up for your services yet, to become paying customers.

By regularly giving people valuable information, you’ll be nurturing your professional relationship and showing them why they should be paying for your training!

Though they may not have the same immediate return on investment that a sales driven email will, this doesn’t mean they’re not lucrative.

In fact, research shows that customers who have an attachment and familiarity with a company spend 23% more than the average customer!

Growing engagement with your newsletter can come down to how you structure both the email that introduces it as well as the newsletter itself. 

You can structure your newsletter around any of the following valuable sources for the client:

  • Latest news from the gym where you’re based
  • Client success stories and transformations
  • Resources and research from the web about health and exercise
  • Elements of your knowledge such as avoiding injury and benefits or certain types of training

For example you could start with:

Subject Line: August Newsletter!

How's it Going (Client Name)?

This (Timeframe)’s Newsletter is jam packed with everything you need to know about (any upcoming events you may have).

Keep an eye out for this (Timeframe)’s ‘Champion’s Corner’ and read all about their own fitness journey and success story!

We’ve also included some of our favourite tips for keeping motivated during a routine change, as well as some great advice on how to care for your mental health.

Stay in the loop with an updated timetable of all our classes over the next (Timeframe) so you won’t miss out on your favourite session!

See you soon,

(Your Name)

(Attachment of your Newsletter)

You can release a newsletter as frequently as you like but you need to strike a balance between being present in a client’s mind without them feeling harassed. At least once a month is ideal as a regular, engaging reminder of your services and why they should stay with you!

#2 Fitness Email Ideas for a PT Client Referral 

fitness email ideas 2 graphic

Another important email you can use as part of your marketing is the client referral email.

With a referral email you effectively incentivise your existing clients to reach out and get other people (like friends and family) to get involved with you and what you have to offer.

This is a great way of growing your client base and having your clients be a part of the marketing process by providing ‘social proofing’. 

This just means showing people’s opinions and genuine experiences. People are far more likely to take a particular action if they can see that it’s worked for others before.

You should offer an actual incentive too for the client to refer another person, such as a free or discounted session.

For existing clients this will also encourage them to stay with you, because they know they can get more out of their brand loyalty. 

It’s also customary to offer the referee a discount to encourage them to book. Whilst you may feel like you’re losing money, just consider the fact that you likely wouldn't have acquired your referral client if it wasn't for the discount you offered- overall, you'll be earning more.

Here’s one way you could structure this type of fitness email:

Subject Line: (Discount)% Off for You and a Friend

Hey (Client Name),

Congratulations on your progress with us, you’re crushing it!

Since you’ve been doing so well, we’d love to offer you the chance to share the love. So from (Date) to (Date) you can get (Discount)% off your next class if you refer a friend or family member to one of our classes.

To make it even better your friend will get (Discount)% on their first class as well - so everyone's a winner!

All you need to do is ask them to quote the promo code (Code) over the phone/ email when they book their session to apply the discount.

See you both soon,


This is why referral emails should be a gym email you have as campaign ideas for gaining new clients and cementing your professional relationship with existing ones!

#3 You Can Include Recipes in Your Fitness Email Ideas

recipe fitness email ideas image

Another idea for your email campaigns is including recipe collections and ideas for healthy meals!

Not only does this add value for the client but reminds them of the range of your skills outside of just exercise.

Completing a Level 4 nutrition course will deepen your understanding of sports nutrition and how you can help boost your client's performance.

This will add even more value as you’re not just showing your client how to maintain a healthy lifestyle but also how to improve their exercise sessions with the food they eat!

This doesn’t just help with potential clients but also helps with client retention because you’re offering a valuable resource and increasing engagement as the client anticipates the next recipe.

You can include this in your newsletter or have it as a downloadable PDF so that clients can keep the resource and use it in the future.

Another one of the best ways to do this is through a fitness blog on your website. This is because you’re using the email to drive traffic to your website, meaning even these emails are helping towards sales!

So, your email may look more like this as it introduces the topic to your client:

Subject Line: Say Goodbye To Boring Lunches With (Recipe/food)

Hey (Client Name),

Are you running out of new ideas for tasty lunches?

If so, we thought we’d give you a helping hand with some new and interesting recipes to keep you powering through classes like a boss!

This (Timeframe)'s entry is (Recipe) - not only is it super tasty, it’s cheap and easy to make all year round. We’ve even included some ideas for substitutions or replacements depending on your diet.

To find out more, follow the link (Link) to our blog and read all about it.

Bon appétit!


#4 Class Reminders are Good Fitness Email Ideas

calendar fitness email ideas graphic

Sending class reminders are another one of the easiest fitness email ideas to keep your clients engaged and keep class numbers up. 

This is because a reminder reduces cancellations or no-shows, so you’re getting the full course load you expected.

They’re also great for the client because it shows that you’re dedicated to holding them accountable and helping them with their fitness goals!

These are fitness emails that don’t need to be long and in depth because they’re a simple reminder for your clients to attend or cancel a class. 

Here’s an example of how you might format one of these emails: 

Subject Line: It’s Nearly Time for Your Class! (Class, Date And Time)

Hey (Client Name),

Just a quick reminder that you have your (class) at (time) and (date)! 

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Happy Training,


#5 Educational Fitness Email Ideas

teaching fitness email ideas graphic

To help your fitness email campaign stand out, you can create an educational series that shares the latest research or fitness trends with your clients.

As we mentioned earlier, you can include this as part of a newsletter format or keep it as a separate, simple email with this singular focus. 

The benefits of promoting the latest fitness trends is that you’re showing your clients that you’re up to date and engaged with the fitness industry and willing to introduce them to new styles of training. 

This also shows you know what you’re talking about and reinforces the fact that you’re a trustworthy source of information. 

This will mean people will feel more confident training with you, increasing client retention and chances of referral. 

You can use information about fitness and health trends to promote how you would include it in your own training or how you might include it in recipes and meal plans.

For example, if there’s a new trend of a particular style of training, such as hulahooping, you can target this email to anybody who’s looking for new and fun ways to lose weight. 

You could include links in the email to research by sports scientists and nutritionists to show you’re getting your own information from reputable sources.

This is also where you can promote a fitness blog on your website by providing links to this content on there.

You can keep things clear and concise whilst still providing details of the particular trend, as we’ve done below:

Subject Line: Have You Heard About (Trend)?

Hey (Client Name),

Here at (Business Name) we’re dedicated to helping you throughout your entire fitness journey.

Part of that responsibility means keeping you up to date with all the newest fitness trends as they happen!

So this week we’re delighted to tell you about (Trend). This is the newest fitness craze that’s sweeping across the UK and we’d love for you to get involved.

This is great for:

  • Losing weight
  • Toning up
  • Energy levels

For more information follow the link (Link to a popular article breaking down the trend) and check out how (Trend) could be your next favourite thing.

Happy Training!


#6 Fitness Email Ideas for Thank You Messages

fitness email ideas thank you image

Though it might seem simple, one of the most effective gym email ideas can be a thank you! 

A thank you email has no hidden meaning or agenda and is aimed at simply showing your client you appreciate them and make them feel proud of their efforts.

This is not only great for their morale but will also help with retention and the rapport you build up over time.

They also make your business seem more human and help your clients to feel less like a number and that you’re only interested in selling them something.

The most important thing about this type of fitness email example is that you don’t send them too often, otherwise they lose their impact and may even end up annoying your clients (which is counterproductive).

You could set your system to send one every few months, or after certain criteria have been met - like they’ve attended a certain number of classes or they hit a milestone with their membership, i.e 6 months, 1 year etc.

Thank you fitness emails examples are short and simple, like so:

Subject Line: Thank You For Being The Best

Hey (Client Name),

Just a quick one to say that we think you’re great!

Thank you for choosing to be part of the (Business Name) family - we really appreciate you and all of your hard work on your fitness journey!

We can’t wait to see you at your next session. If you want to book a place at a class in the mean time, you can click below:

(CTA button for booking)


Whilst this is definitely one of the less obvious fitness email examples on the list, it can still add value to your overall marketing strategies and encourage your clients to stick with you.

#7 Fitness Email Ideas for Announcements 

megaphone fitness email ideas graphic

Another important gym email for your campaign ideas is keeping clients informed and up to date with regular announcements.

This might include:

  • Changes to schedules
  • New classes introduced
  • Times when you’ll be away
  • Introduction of new staff
  • Changes in opening hours or availability

Announcement fitness emails are a great way to get clients excited about new services or products and maintain engagement.

You want to make sure that clients always know what your availability is and that they want to make the most of your new services.

It helps them to organise their workouts with you and stay up to date whilst also allowing you to showcase any new services and keep engagement up!

You need to make sure that your announcement fitness emails are focused and announce the necessary information you want to communicate in a clear and concise way.

This is why you should usually focus on one announcement per email so that you’ve got a single, clear CTA and you can be more confident clients will take the action you want them to. 

For example you could choose something similar to the below to announce you’re moving premises:

Subject Line: We’re Moving!

Hi (Client Name),

Good news everyone! 

As of (Date) we will be moving from (Old Address) to (New Address).

We’ve been eagerly anticipating our move for the past 6 months and we’re finally all settled in at our new home!

Please check out the website for the updated class schedule (Link), and watch this space for some exciting new content in the coming weeks.

(Book Your Next Class or Session CTA button)

Happy Training!


You’re making sure all clients are up to date as well as encouraging them to book a class! This is why it’s another one of the most important gym email campaign ideas.

#8 Promotions and Offers to Include in Your Fitness Email Ideas

offers fitness email ideas graphic

Another one of the most important marketing fitness emails is one that tells clients, or potential clients, about promotions and special offers.

Special offers and promotions actively encourage more people to sign up meaning though you’re reducing the price you’re more likely to make more money!

Promotional fitness emails are also a great way of upselling your other services.

For example, if somebody signs up for several of the same classes you could send them an offer for block booking these or other classes that match their interest.

Clients are more likely to stick with a business that gives them offers and promotions because it makes them feel appreciated and treated for their loyalty. 

In terms of structure this type of fitness email is easy to put together, and easy to adapt and change when you need to - like the one we have below:

Subject Line: Treat Yourself With (Discount) Off!

Hi (Client Name),

Thank you for booking onto (Class) - we can’t wait to see you there!

As a little treat we’d like to offer you (Discount)% on our monthly class and session package with a personal trainer (Link) from (Date) to (Date).

Simply quote the code (Code) via text/ email to apply the discount.

Happy Training!


#9 Fitness Email Ideas for Birthday Promotions

gift fitness email ideas graphic

Last but not least, one of the more unique fitness emails you can send to stand out is a birthday acknowledgement or promotion.

Some of the other occasions you could use for fitness emails include:

  • Mother’s Day
  • New year
  • Bank holidays
  • Christmas
  • National Fitness Day on 21st September (in the UK)

All of these occasions are a way to hook in clients with special offers themed around the day and their interests, and encourage them to stay with you.

From a technical standpoint gym email templates are super easy to make, and even easier to automate since they are set to go out on certain days (that tend to be around the same time every year).

Celebrating a client’s birthday or the anniversary of their signing up with you helps your emails appear more personalised as these dates are unique to the client, and will make them feel special and appreciated by the business.

Why not try something like this?:

Subject Line: Happy Birthday! 

Hey (Client Name),

Happy Birthday to you! We hope you have a day just as wonderful as you.

To celebrate please enjoy (Discount/Offer) on us.

Happy Training,


Key Elements to Include in All of Your Fitness Emails

There are a few key elements that you should include in all of your fitness emails. 

These will help create a uniform brand identity, making your emails immediately recognisable, as well as making sure your fitness email ideas look professional.

#1 Personalise Your Fitness Emails to Your Clients

fitness email ideas 1 image

Personalising your emails to clients will make them feel valued even if you’re not necessarily writing out each individual email.

Clients are much more likely to respond or engage with a fitness email that directly relates to them and their interests. 

According to research from 2019, 90% of consumers found non-personalised emails irritating.

This is why it’s crucial that, whichever fitness email ideas you take on board, you make yours personal and don’t risk losing clients and subscribers!

The easiest way to do this is to include the recipient’s name in the email. This will help them feel like a number in a list and more like an important client!

This also extends to the kind of email you send. For example, people who sign up for a circuit class will be interested in that topic and more likely to be interested in bookings related to that.

You can use information from previous class sign ups to do this and target your emails to specific audiences!

Another easy way to personalise your campaign is to use the right fitness email subject lines.

Having an appropriate subject line has a variety of benefits including:

  • Attracts the attention of readers
  • Makes your emails look more professional
  • Emails are less likely to go to spam with a subject line

#2 Automate Your Fitness Emails

fitness email ideas 2 image

Automation is another one of our fitness email ideas that will help save you time without compromising the quality of the email.

This is where you can set your emails to send automatically based on certain criteria from clients such as:

  • Class attendance
  • Amount of sessions they’ve completed
  • What kind of package they pay for 

The benefits of this are that you can personalise your emails without necessarily writing each one by hand, saving you time whilst also making your clients feel valued.

When you set up your gym email templates, with the particular conditions you want to use, then you can ensure that clients will be sent appropriate, individualised emails for their needs and preferences.

For example, you could set it up so that after a client has been to 2 or more HIIT classes they’ll be sent an email for any promotions for HIIT or bootcamp classes.

This way you can ensure your marketing is more targeted giving people what they want and meaning they’re more likely to sign up for different offers, classes, or promotions. 

#3 Use Engaging Fitness Email Subject Lines

subject line fitness email ideas image

Next up on our list of fitness email ideas is ensuring that your subject lines grab your client’s attention.

Chances are your emails won’t be the only ones your client receives so you’ll need to grab their attention with bold subject lines!

The right fitness email subject line will clearly show what the content of the email is in a clear but interesting way.

You want to avoid being too pushy and putting people off though! 

Striking this balance is important to make sure people open the email and they don’t get sent to spam.

For example, you could use something like ‘Are You Ready to Try Our New (insert offer here) Offer?’ or ‘Looking to Boost Your Fitness Regime?’

Both of these fitness email subject lines hint at what your email is about quickly and clearly but in a way that encourages the client to click to see what’s inside. 

They also work with some of the other fitness email ideas on our list as they can be personalised for the recipient and automated in order to do so!

#4 Make Sure There’s a Call to Action in Your Fitness Email Ideas

CTA buttons fitness email ideas image

Another one of the most important things to remember is that you should include a call to action (or CTA) in your email marketing strategies.

A call to action is exactly as it sounds - a button or line of text that is designed to encourage the reader to take a particular action such as:

  • Clicking through to a certain page for further information
  • Providing personal details 
  • Enquiring about a particular offer or session
  • Sign up for a particular class

However, effectively using CTAs is a little more complicated than sticking ‘click me’ all over your email.

Different fitness email ideas will require different actions or ways of clients engaging in your services, so make sure you choose the right CTA for each email.

For example, whether you’re emailing new or existing clients, one of the most common CTA buttons is ‘Book Now’ or ‘Enquire Now’ as shown below from us:

There’s clear information about why the potential client should click through and book a consultation but the CTA itself is short and clear.

Other calls to action you could use include:

  • ‘Book Now’ for classes or personal training sessions 
  • ‘Confirm My Place’ or ‘Sign Me Up’ for a bootcamp 
  • ‘Get Your Free Session’ for discounts when getting PT referrals 

#5 Include Links to Your Website or Other Service in your Fitness Emails

phone reach fitness email ideas graphic

When you’re designing your gym email templates it’s worth including links to your website and any other online services you have to offer.

This makes it easier for clients to find your content as you’re directing them towards it rather than them having to seek it out or stumble upon it independently. 

This way you’re also motivating people to follow you and engage with you across several platforms and seeing content you won’t necessarily include in your email marketing.

For instance, plenty of your testimonials will come on your website or your personal trainer landing page.

You may also have transformation photos and success stories on your social media pages to encourage people to sign up.

By linking to these sources you’re providing more evidence for people to sign up to your services and take the action you want them to take. 

You can include these as buttons at the bottom of the email or have them linked in your PT email signature.

#6 Keep Your Fitness Emails Simple and Understandable

type fitness email ideas graphic

When it comes to putting your gym email campaign ideas into practice you need to remember to keep it simple and understandable.

This means being mindful of having the correct:

  • Grammar
  • Structure
  • Flow
  • Use of language

Whilst it may seem simple, this can make a big difference in how your fitness emails are received by a prospective or existing client.

Getting these things right will help to engage the reader properly without alienating them. 

This is why it’s important you don’t overload your fitness email with too many technical terms or jargon.

This is also important for establishing the right mixture of friendliness and professionalism. Your tone of voice should be relaxed and relatable to start rapport building, without being overly friendly. 

Most importantly in terms of language, you need to come across as human - clients are less likely to engage with an email that seems robotic or overly automated. 

Structure and flow will make sure you’re guiding people to the call to action and being clear about the purpose of the email. 

Another important thing to remember to avoid waffling and being unclear is ensuring you stick to one topic per email.

Don’t try and promote everything at once because you’ll jumble different objectives and mean the reader is less likely to take the action you want them to.

#7 Use a Consistent Design Base Across Your Fitness Emails

branding fitness email ideas image

Last but not least, you should also ensure that all of your fitness email campaign ideas are consistent in design, regardless of content.

Consistency in branding is hugely important when it comes to brand recognition and engagement.

You want to be instantly recognisable as well as looking professional to prospective clients. 

This will make you more memorable and make you seem more trustworthy and consistent, meaning people are more likely to try and trust your services.  

So, the following elements are all important for establishing yourself as a solid and professional business in people’s minds:

  • Structure of the emails
  • Colour scheme
  • Sign off/introduction
  • Style of any CTA buttons included
  • Font style

Staying consistent will also make it easier for you as you can use gym email templates and change fewer details when the structure and styling are the same! 

Before You Go!

Plenty of these fitness email ideas can be combined so hopefully now you have everything you need to have a strong email marketing campaign to suit yours and your client’s needs!

Don’t forget, you can offer a wider range of services, and attract more clients, by completing Level 4 personal trainer courses.

You can also download our free course prospectus to find out more about these and all of our personal trainer courses.


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