13 Best Fitness Motivation Twitter Accounts to Follow

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Looking for the best fitness motivation Twitter accounts to get you inspired to workout? Well, we have got you covered!

Below are the 13 best fitness twitter accounts to check out for all things health and fitness motivation, from workout inspiration to tips staying on track with your diet, you will find exactly what you are looking for just below.

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Best Fitness Motivation Twitter Accounts

#1 Women’s Health (@WomensHealthMag)

Fitness motivation twitter WH image

Women’s Health is a great fitness and nutrition Twitter account that belongs to the extremely popular Women’s Health Magazine. 

Both its Twitter account and the magazine itself are widely trusted sources of information for all things health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and beauty. 

Women’s Health has the largest following of any account on this list, with an astonishing 4.6m followers kept entertained by posts up to 10 times a day. 

The content of Women’s Health covers a range of different topics from beauty tips to weight loss hacks.

Whatever you’re looking for from a Twitter account, if it is in any way related to health and wellness, you’ll find it on the Women’s Health Twitter feed.

A large majority of their feed is centred around fitness, they post a lot of workout videos and ideas to target every muscle group whilst keeping your workouts fun. 

For us, this is one of the best Fitness Twitter accounts because the workouts that they post are all of varying degrees of intensity which means that they cater to people of varying abilities, fitness backgrounds, and fitness goals.

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If you are interested in trying a new training style, but are feeling a bit hesitant, Women’s Health also posts testimonials and challenges, where they ask ordinary people to trial different workout programmes and then share their results - perfect for helping you to decide which workout programme is right for you!

What’s more, Women’s Health also frequently posts articles which discuss celebrity fitness transformations and workout regimes, so you can get a proper look into how celebrities actually achieve and maintain their fit, toned physiques. 

Much like the magazine itself, the Women’s Health Twitter feed manages to be highly informative whilst still being easy to understand and interesting to engage with.

If you’re like us and you love an aesthetically pleasing fitness Twitter accounts, this account ticks that box too! They keep their feed aesthetically pleasing by keeping the tweets short and snappy and adding in a variety of colourful photographs.

#2 WebMD (@WebMD)

Fitness motivation twitter webmd

If you are looking for straight forward, scientifically backed information on health and fitness, then @WebMD is the place for you. 

With a whopping 3.1m followers, WebMD is one of the most popular health and fitness Twitter accounts on the platform. 

They tweet really frequently, occasionally posting up to 20 times a day. 

This wealth of content ensures that whatever information or advice you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it in their feed.

WebMD’s content covers all aspects of wellness, but specifically focuses on providing scientific advice on how to improve your overall health and fitness. 

They post a variety of food-related articles like ‘High-fibre superfoods to add to your diet’, as well as providing healthy, easy to make, recipes.

Furthermore, WebMD also posts numerous articles on how to deal with exercise-related pain and injuries, such as learning the reasons behind muscle soreness and spasms, as well as tips on how to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. 

They really are one of the best fitness Twitter accounts when it comes to scientific advice, even providing insights into common medical conditions, such as heartburn, explaining what it is and how to deal with it.

As WebMD is focused on all aspects of wellness, they also post a significant amount of content relating to mental health issues, including scientifically backed tips on how to reduce stress and improve overall mental wellbeing. 

WebMD also acts as a great source for staying up to date with both medical and world news that concerns all things health, fitness, and wellness. For example, recently, they have shared a lot of useful information on COVID 19 and living in lockdown.

The style of WebMD’s feed is very informative, with slightly longer tweets than you may see on other accounts because their content is packed full of useful advice. 

This means that the feed is very wordy, however, this is balanced with a range of bright and colourful infographics and pictures which reduces the wordiness and density of the feed.

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#3 Jillian Michaels (@JillianMichaels)

Fitness and nutrition twitter michaels

Jillian Michaels is a famous personal trainer, fitness expert, and life coach, who is best known for being one of the trainers of the weight loss show, ‘The Biggest Loser’.

Michaels isn’t just one of the best resources for great fitness motivation on Twitter, she also has her own range of hugely popular workout videos and, in recent years, has released her very own app which is a hub for customised workouts and meal plans.

Given that she is one of the most famous names in the fitness industry, it is no surprise that Jillian Michaels is one of the most popular fitness Twitter accounts with a huge 1.6m followers. 

The content on Michaels’ account centres around everything to do with health and fitness, including both physical and mental wellness.

One thing that we really love about her account is that she actively interacts with her followers regularly and posts every few days.

Michaels aims to tell her followers the most effective ways to get fit and healthy, often debunking fitness myths and sharing information on fitness trends that aren’t worth your time.  

One thing that makes this one of our favourite accounts for all things fitness on Twitter is that she is really open in sharing her views on various fad diets, giving her followers a heads up about which ones you should avoid. 

Michaels also posts tips on how to get the most out of your training and explains the reasons why you may not be seeing results from your current workout routine.

Additionally, she posts tips on different exercises to try, focusing a lot on teaching the correct form and technique.

In terms of diet, Michaels posts no-nonsense, straightforward information about nutrition that is easy to understand. 

Plus, she has some really great advice and tips about the foods that should add to your diet if you want to see significant results.

If all of this wasn’t enough to convince you that this is one of the best fitness Twitter accounts out there, Michaels also focuses on the mental aspect of health, often posting a series of meditation videos designed to reduce stress and improve overall mental health. 

The general style and tone of Jillian Michaels’ feed is light-hearted with a mix of both short and long tweets, and plenty of bright and colourful images.

#4 CrossFit (@CrossFit)

Twitter fitness crossfit image

CrossFit is one of the most popular training styles and sports in the world, with over 15,000 CrossFit affiliate gyms worldwide. 

It also runs a competition every year called ‘The CrossFit Games’, the winners of which are declared the fittest man and woman on Earth.  

The official CrossFit Twitter account has an impressive 972.6k followers and tweets very regularly, typically posting a couple of times a day.

The content on their feed covers everything to do with the sport of CrossFit - from workouts to nutritional guidance, to news updates about the CrossFit community. 

A staple in their Twitter feed are their WOD posts. 

WOD stands for Workout of the Day and, as the name would suggest, these are a series of CrossFit workouts that are posted daily.

The workouts always include a variety of exercises and functional movements that are intended to be performed at a high intensity.

On top of this, CrossFit is one of the best fitness motivation Twitter accounts. They constantly post motivational videos featuring the stories of people whose lives have been transformed by CrossFit.

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Not only that, the CrossFit fitness Twitter account is the official news outlet for any updates in the CrossFit community, and it acts as the number one source of information for everything to do with the CrossFit Games.

In terms of the aesthetic of their feed, the overall style of the feed is engaging and informative, with lots of videos and pictures to break up any larger pieces of text.

#5 (@Bodybuildingcom)

Fitness motivation twitter is another great fitness Twitter account, dedicated to helping its followers reach their health and fitness goals by providing them with both information and motivation. 

Since its creation in 2009, has managed to gather a following of 701.9k people, an audience which it maintains by tweeting every single day.

The content from the Twitter account covers all things fitness related,  posting tips and tricks on how to maximise your workouts, and advice on how to tailor your training to help you achieve your goals.

They also post more detailed content, often unpacking the science behind different styles of training, such as, ‘Why does HIIT burn so much fat?’.

The minds behind really understand how integral a good diet is in achieving your fitness goals, so you can expect a lot of great posts about nutritional advice and tons of healthy recipes to try. also has its own website, selling supplements that you can use to boost your training. 

On their Twitter account, you will find links to buy these supplements, as well as advice on which kinds of supplements are best for you based on your exercise goals.

Basically, this account really does have it all. We would even go as fat as to say that this is the ultimate source of health and fitness motivation and information on Twitter. 

#6 Shape Magazine (@Shape_Magazine)

Fitness motivation twitter shape

Shape Magazine is one of the most reputable sources for the latest health, fitness, beauty, and fashion news. 

Whilst the style of both their magazine and their Twitter account would suggest that it is geared towards women, Shape offers a lot of valuable information for absolutely everybody. 

Shape Magazine has 615.2k followers on their health and fitness Twitter account and tweet very frequently, sometimes posting up to 20 times a day.

Their content covers pretty much everything to do with health, fitness, beauty and fashion, and is full of a mix of light-hearted news articles, beauty and fashion tips, and advice on fitness and nutrition.  

In terms of dieting and nutrition, they focus on more than just quick weight loss results. Instead, they discuss how food affects our gut health, and they share a variety of healthy, easy-to-make recipes to help their followers to achieve their goals. 

They also post a lot of fitness related content, covering a wide range of training styles including yoga, running, strength workouts, and HIIT. 

If you’re looking for more than just a fitness motivation Twitter account, Shape also shares a significant amount of content around beauty and makeup. This can be anything from styling tips and hair tutorials, to the best concealers for covering dark circles.

Shape has a pretty colour scheme with plenty of pinks and reds and they keep up their aesthetic by posting accompanying photos alongside every tweet.

#7 Cassey Ho (@blogilates

Fitness motivation twitter bloglates

Cassey Ho is the creator of the extremely popular YouTube channel ‘Blogilates’, and she has been named as one of the top 5 fitness influencers in the world. 

She is also the creator of POP Pilates, a programme where you can learn how to become an instructor teaching a unique style of training which combines highly focused Pilates movements that strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility, and transform your body.

Cassey Ho has 190.4k followers and is one of the best fitness influencers on Twitter. 

Cassey tweets regularly, typically posting every couple of days, and her content covers a range of topics associated with health and fitness, focusing on both the mental and physical aspects of overall health.

If you’re looking for workout inspiration and fitness motivation on Twitter, Cassey posts about a variety of workouts, most of which are specifically targeted at certain body parts, for example, ‘30-minute extreme thigh burn’

Additionally, she posts a lot about her own fitness journey, documenting how far she has come and sharing struggles that she has encountered along the way - a real source of inspiration if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey.

Another thing that we love about this account is that Cassey also uses her platform to comment on topics and current events that she feels strongly about, such as the lack of body diversity representation for men, and the toxicity of fad diets. 

But as well as addressing these issues, she keeps her account relatively light-hearted and upbeat by posting funny fitness related TikToks and sharing ‘vlog-style’ videos about what she gets up to in a day.

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#8 Tony Horton (@Tony_Horton)

Fitness motivation twitter tony horton

Tony Horton is a world-famous fitness trainer, and creator of the extremely popular fitness programme, P90X. 

In addition to being a trainer, Tony is also the author of top-selling books, “Bring It”, Crush It!”, and “The Big Picture”, and now he even has his own hair and skincare line called TH Care.

Horton’s Twitter account boasts a sizable 168.5k followers, who he keeps engaged by tweeting very frequently, typically every day. 

Tony Horton offers a great source of fitness motivation on his Twitter account, referring to his followers as #PowerNation.

Horton posts a lot of instructional workout videos, which are unique in that they focus on exercises that you wouldn’t find in your typical workout programme, such as incline bicep curls, and Arnold presses.

These videos take you through exactly how to do the movements step-by-step, and he also includes some great tips on how to perfect your form.

In addition to this, he also posts a ‘Horton’s Fitness Feat of the Week’, which is a complex fitness move that he challenges his followers to try every week.

Horton also posts a lot about his own fitness journey, sharing the tips and tricks that he has learned along the way, as well as photos of his own meals and their nutritional benefits. 

The overall style and tone of Tony Horton’s Twitter feed is very motivational, and showcases a lot of different, innovative styles of training which can be fun for people who want to switch up their regular exercise routine. 

The tweets themselves are pretty short and straight to the point, yet still informal and are almost always accompanied by a visual aid.

#9 Chris Kresser (@chriskresser)

chris kesser Fitness motivation twitter account

Chris Kresser is a self-proclaimed ‘health detective’, leading clinician, and top educator in the fields of Functional Medicine and Ancestral Health, making him the mind behind one of the most qualified fitness Twitter accounts out there.

Chris Kresser has an impressive 112.3k followers, and he typically tweets every day.

He provides fact-based and medically backed information about Functional Medicine and general health, typically using his Twitter account to post advice on how to improve your general health and fitness, as well as updates on the latest news in the medical world.

This really is one of the best fitness Twitter accounts, especially when it comes to science and inspiration.

But don’t just take our word for it, let the fact that he was awarded “Best Inspirational Voice” and “Best Health & Wellness Website” by Paleo magazine back in 2019 speak for itself!

Kresser’s content focuses largely on the science behind food as well as delving deep into topics such as ‘Is all sugar created equal?’. 

The tweets also discuss how you can improve your health by making changes to your everyday lifestyle. This includes everything from tips on improving your skin to learning proper breathing techniques that can improve your sleep. 

As well as physical health, Kresser also covers a lot of topics linked to mental health, specifically focusing on lowering stress levels. 

If this sounds like something you are interested in, you need to check out our guide to improving mental toughness right here.

This is one of the wordier accounts that you will come across, as the feed is generally quite intellectual, with a lot of the tweets containing complex language. However, his tweets also link to longer, external articles in which this medical language is explained.  

#10 The Food Babe (@thefoodbabe)

foodbabe Fitness on twitter

Run by Vani Hari, The Food Babe is a great health and fitness Twitter account, a great follow for anybody looking for easy to understand, straight forward advice about health and nutrition. 

Hari is a dedicated food activist who was named as one of the most influential people on the internet by Time Magazine.

The Food Babe has racked up 101.8k followers since the accounts creation in 2010, and tweets very frequently, posting almost daily and sometimes multiple times a day. 

The Food Babe’s content is all about unpacking food myths and getting to the truth of what really is ‘healthy’. This includes exposing hidden ingredients and chemicals in foods that are marketed as healthy but really aren’t all that good! 

On the flip side, The Food Babe also covers some unexpected health benefits of your favourite foods that you may have dismissed as unhealthy, such as fudge and pasta.

Not only that, but, if all this food talk has made you hungry, The Food Babe posts a variety of healthy recipes, such as ‘Cilantro Rice Salad’, with step-by-step instructions. 

The overall style of The Food Babe’s feed is very informative and educational, with the tweets being slightly longer because of the sheer amount of detail included. However, this is balanced out by an array of bright eye-catching images which stop the information becoming overwhelming to read. 

#11 Fit Bottomed Girls (@FitBottomedGirls)

fbg Best Fitness twitter accounts

Fit Bottomed Girls is one of four ‘Fit Bottomed’ fitness Twitter accounts, with Fit Bottomed Mamas, Fit Bottomed Eats and Fit Bottomed Zen also being great accounts to follow for all things fitness on Twitter. 

But for us, Fit Bottomed Girls is the one to go to if you’re looking for content that covers all things health and fitness. 

Fit Bottomed Girls has 82.2k followers and tweets fairly frequently, generally posting every couple of days.

Their content is centred around health and fitness and includes lots of helpful resources to help you live a healthier, happier life.

In terms of their fitness content, they post a range of workout videos, catering to people of all ages and abilities and covering a variety of different training styles. 

For us, this is one of the best fitness Twitter accounts simply because there really is something for everyone. 

What’s more, they post plenty of advice on nutrition, and provide information about the negative effects of fad diets. On a lighter note, they are always sharing fun food and drink related articles like ‘the best summer wines to sip.’

They also post a lot of content surrounding mental health and how to improve the wellness of both your mind and body, mainly articles about reducing stress and improving your confidence. 

If you’re looking for more than just a health and fitness Twitter account, Fit Bottomed Girls also retweet a lot of posts from their sister accounts, such as ‘Fit Bottomed Mamas’,.

This means that you can expect a lot of informative content about parenting, too. For example, articles like ‘Easy Ways You Can Help Your Kids Deal With Stress and Anxiety’ and ‘How to Prepare Your Kids for This Uncertain School Year’.

Overall, the style and tone of feed is very fun and upbeat, with lots of bright colours to make it aesthetically pleasing.

#12 Daily Fitness Tip (@DailyFitnessTip)

Daily Fitness on twitter

Daily Fitness Tip is another great Twitter fitness account, aimed at helping women find their love for fitness. 

This account has been supplying its Twitter followers with informative content since 2009. It has 62.9k followers and some great content centring around wellness, covering aspects of both physical and mental health.

Tweets are posted regularly, usually daily, which keeps their content fresh and ensures that the feed for Daily Fitness Tip never becomes stale or boring. 

A quick review of the feed would show a wide range of content, covering just about every topic that falls under the ‘health and fitness’ category. 

Specifically, they share tons of centred specifically around motivation and getting in the right mindset to exercise. 

But not only is this a great source of fitness motivation on Twitter, they also share tweets providing tips for cooking, healthy recipes to try, as well as tips and tricks for your workouts, such as ‘Tips for effective core training.’

As they aim to cover every aspect of health and fitness, @DailyFitnessTip occasionally post reviews of fitness gear and gym-wear, for example, they recently shared their rundown of the best trainers for different styles of training.

Just like our blog post reviewing the best barefoot running shoes

Scrolling through the Daily Fitness Tip feed is made easy as all of their tweets are short and snappy. However, this doesn’t mean a compromise on the quality of the content, as a lot of the tweets link to longer, external articles.

#13 Daily Burn (@dailyburn) 

daily burn Fitness on twitter

Last but not least in our list of the best fitness motivation Twitter accounts, is Daily Burn. 

The Daily Burn Twitter account belongs to the owners of the app of the same name, which if you haven’t already heard of, offers a range of different workout programmes to suit people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

The account itself has 29.5k followers and tweets fairly regularly, typically posting every couple of days.

The content on Daily Burn is very fitness focused, we love that they post loads of different workouts and workout challenges, such as ‘The Booty Burn Challenge’. 

They also post links and schedules for the workouts that they post on their YouTube and Instagram platforms. Their workouts cover a range of different training styles, including yoga, strength workouts, booty workouts, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

If you are looking for an account that is going to provide you with a lot of diversity in its content, Daily Burn may not be the one for you, as their feed is pretty much just packed full of their own workouts. 

However, if you’re keen on getting some workout inspiration, then this is a great platform with a huge range of free workout videos and programmes, so it might just be the perfect Twitter fitness account for you.

Before You Go!

We hope that you enjoyed our review of the best fitness Twitter accounts and that you have found some great new accounts to follow.

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