17 Top Fitness Motivation Videos: Get Inspired (2019)

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From time to time, we all need a bit of inspiration, check out our list of top fitness motivation videos and gym motivation videos we collated to get you in the mood for every session.

Even the most seasoned bodybuilders and gym fanatics need a mental boost to get them in the zone. These fitness motivation videos are designed to get you motivated and ready to hit the gym!

1. Female Fitness Motivation Videos - STRONG

"Don't expect to see a change if you won't make one"

2. Gym Motivational Videos - VICTORY

"Don't tell people your dreams, show them"

3. New Year Fitness Motivational Videos - Be Better

"Every Journey begins with a single step"

4.Video for fitness motivation - Lead

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you"

5. Get Inspired from the best bodybuilders in the world with this bodybuilding motivational video - WHO WILL WIN?

"Work hard in silence, let the success be your noise!"

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6. Gym Motivation Videos - Focus

"Today is another chance to get better"

7. Fitness Motivation Videos - Begin

"Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don't want to do it"

8. Fitness Motivation Videos - Challenge

"Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limit"

9. Gym Motivation Videos - Believe

"Your Only limit is your mind"

10. Fitness Motivational Videos - Push Harder 

"Once you see results it becomes an addiction" 

11. Gym Motivational Videos - Unbroken

"The act of getting strong doesn't start in the gym, it starts in the head"

12. Motivation Bodybuilding Videos -  Pump Up 

"Dot it over and over again, until it becomes part of who you are"

13. Fitness Motivation Videos - Be Stronger

"If you want it, work for it, simple as that!"

14. Fitness Motivation Videos - No Limit

"A little progress each day, adds up to big results!"

15. - Gym Motivational Videos - Don't Give Up 

"Win the battle in your mind and you will win the battle in the gym"

15. Gym Motivation Videos - Patience

"The pain of being overweight is far worse than the pain of working out"

16. Female Fitness Motivation Videos - Keep Moving

"The body achieves, what the mind believes" 

17. Bodybuilding Motivation Videos - Best Self

"I never regret when I do it, but I always regret when I don't"

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Written by Luke Hughes

CEO and Co-Founder

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Luke is the CEO and Co-Founder of OriGym. Holding a first-class degree in Sport and Exercise and an MSc in Sport and Nutrition, he is also qualified as a Level 4 Personal Trainer with various specialist credentials covering the entire spectrum of health, fitness and business. Luke has contributed to a variety of major industry publications, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Metro, Cosmopolitan, The Mirror, The Sun, The Standard and more.

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