37 Best Fitness Podcasts to Keep You Motivated (2019)

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Are you looking for a fitness podcast that will give you some workout motivation? You’re in the right place. Fitness podcasts, running podcasts, health and nutrition – we’re about to review all of the best.

If you’re starting to find your playlist a bit repetitive, podcasts are a great alternative to have on in the background.  We love a good fitness podcast, they’re perfect to listen to as you exercise, or even whilst you cook, clean, or commute to work. They’re a really easy way to learn more about health, fitness, and nutrition, and the latest tips and tricks of the industry.

Keep reading for the best fitness podcasts that cover comedic shows, interviews with industry experts, workout motivation, and strength-building strategies that stimulate muscle hypertrophy.

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#1 Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth


mind pump motivational podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 stars

Length: 1 hour – 1 hr 30 mins

Mind pump has three hosts, Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer, and Justin Andrews. All of the hosts have years of experience in the fitness industry. Combined, their experience covers personal training, bodybuilding competitions, and club managing. With over a million listeners every month, these guys are the real deal. 

As the name suggests, this podcast is brutally honest about all things health, fitness, and nutrition. The hosts squash myths and expose the truth behind all of the ‘quick fixes’ that are constantly being marketed to gym-goers. Instead, they talk about science-back solutions to trimming fat, building muscle, and getting fitter in general. 

If you check out their website, they even break down what topics they cover in the episode and when they talk about it, to the exact minute. So, if you want to know more about a really specific topic, you can skip straight to it. Chances are, you’ll get hooked and keep listening. 

Mind pump easily up there as one of the best fitness podcasts for advice on weight-lifting workout programmes that actually work and for getting all the right information about building muscle and getting stronger.

#2 Brute Strength Podcast


brute strength training fitness podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 stars

Length: 1 hour 

This is the ultimate fitness podcast if you want to be physically and mentally strong. The podcast runs alongside the brute strength training programme, so you’ve got to be tough to keep up.

Every episode is over an hour-long, so you can count on them to go into detail about all things muscle and strength. The episodes feature in-depth conversations between the Brute CEO and tons of well-known athletes as guests, like Kelly Starrett and Michele Letendre. 

If you’ve got a competitive nature and you’re all about getting your head in the game and bulking up, you’ll absolutely love this.

#3 The Dumbbells


the dumbbells fitness podcasts image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 stars

Length: 1 hour – 1 hr 30 mins

The Dumbbells is definitely the funniest fitness podcast out there. The Dumbbells is hosted by Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger, a pair of comedians and gym junkies who are as funny as they are fit.

The weekly podcast gives advice on ‘Training Dirty, Eating Clean and Living In-Between’ without any complicated jargon, it’s just two guys talking from their own experiences. The pair dish out advice on eating and exercising, all of which is easy to understand but still interesting and somehow, they manage to make the whole thing pretty funny.

If you’re prone to getting bored during a solo workout, the dumbbells is a really good fitness podcast to have a listen to whilst you’re at the gym. Even on the days that drag, time flies listening to these two because they’re both funny and informative. 


#4 Business Meets Fitness


Podcast personal trainer image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.6 stars

Length: 15 – 30 mins  

If you’re interested in making a career out of your passion for fitness, this is the best fitness podcast to subscribe to. The host Lauren Tickner is a fitness entrepreneur, she has experience setting up and running a successful business in the industry.

The podcast covers everything you need to know about the business of fitness and finding your place in the industry. You can trust all of her advice because it’s tried and tested. For inspiration on getting started and tips on how to grow your business or your client base, you definitely need to binge on the business meets fitness podcast.

If you’re serious about this career option, check out our range of personal trainer qualifications and have a read of some our careers blogs, like the 9 highest paying fitness jobs and 14 reasons why you should become a Personal Trainer.


#5 Fit and Fearless


fit and fearless podcast image


Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 stars

Length: 30 – 45 mins

Fit and Fearless is maybe the most motivational podcast, it will inspire you to find fun in fitness and motivate you to become the best version of yourself.

All 3 hosts, known as the #GirlGains crew, are witty and motivating. They’re all qualified personal trainers so they know their stuff, and after listening to them, you will to. Ditch diets for calorie deficits, and let these girls help you become a fitness fanatic like them.

#6 Ben Greenfield Fitness


ben Greenfield fitness podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 stars

Length: 1 – 2 hours 

One of the best fitness podcasts for gym-lovers, Ben Greenfield’s advice is up there with the best. Never mind experienced hosts, Ben has tons of experience himself. He knows his stuff when it comes to fitness, nutrition, physiology and loads more.

Because Ben is so passionate about all thing’s health and fitness, he’s always up to date with the latest research, trends, and products. So, if you’ve heard of a new fitness fad, chances are Ben will discuss it and give his expert advice on one of his episodes.

You can find all of his self-confessed best episodes here


#7 Addicted to Fitness


addicted to fitness podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 stars

Length: 30 – 45 mins

The Addicted to Fitness podcast co-hosts, Nick & Shannon Burch, are long-term enthusiasts of all things fitness, health, and nutrition. They have both made careers out of these passions, and now their next step is fitness podcasts, where they have decided to share insights into their careers and interview the industry professionals that they’ve met along the way.

If you’re a qualified personal trainer, just starting out on your career in the industry, or if you’re just into fitness for fun, your business and body will benefit from all of the valuable advice that these two have to offer.

The podcast is great for keeping up to date on industry research and the opinions of professionals, but also has more light-hearted segments where they review products for fitness products and taste test the latest fad foods. For us, the best episodes of this podcast are those that feature debates about current issues relevant to health, fitness, and nutrition. If you like a good debate as much as us, have a listen to ‘Ok, Not Ok: Weight Watchers for Kids’.


#8 Losing 100 Pounds with Phit-n-Phat


phit n phat health podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 stars

Length: 30 mins – an hour

This podcast is less for the fitness fanatic and more suited to anybody struggling to shift excess weight. Thanks to host Corinne, who is a master weight loss coach, this one of the best fitness podcasts if your goal is to lose a few pounds. 

She was once in the same position that many of us have found ourselves in – vowing to start a diet on Monday and not making it through the first week. Corrine talks about all of the fad diets she’s flunked and discusses the life-changing mental and physical transformations that she made that led her to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

For example, episodes include ‘The Three Worst Pieces of Diet Advice’ and ‘Teachers, Nurses, Doctors: How To Lose Weight Around Your Schedules’. If you want straight-talking advice that will get you on track to a healthier lifestyle, this is one of the best health and fitness podcasts to check out.


#9 Well Far


well far running podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 stars

Length: 45 mins – an hour 

Well Far is the first of the running podcasts in our list, it’s a marathon specific fitness podcast so the entire series is tailored around preparing and running a marathon. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, you’ll enjoy and learn a lot from listening to this podcast.

The host, Amy Hopkinson, commentates her journey during her training for the Paris marathon. She is completely open about her experience, discussing everything from top tips for the big day, getting in the right mindset during training, to race day anxiety and how to deal with the most common injuries.

The podcast also hosts a variety of interesting guests, getting the advice of other running experts, athletes, and experienced coaches, to help fuel you to the finish line.


#10 The Rich Roll Podcast


the rich roll vegan health podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 stars

Length: 1 hour – 1 hr 30 mins

Rich Roll is an ultra-endurance athlete, author, and the host of one of the most informative fitness podcasts out there. The podcast consists of conversations between Rich Roll and a range of inspiring guests who bring up some really thought-provoking points.

The topics covered give a really interesting insight into everything you could need to know about the world of wellness, fitness, and nutrition, and it especially focuses on the health benefits of living a vegan lifestyle. If you’re a vegan, you’ll rate this as one of the best health and fitness podcasts.

Even if you’ve never really considered following a plant-based diet, you’ll definitely feel motivated to lead a healthier life after listening to this!


#11 The Jillian Michaels Show


jillian Michaels fitness podcast

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.5 stars

Length: 45 mins

Jillian Michaels – a health and fitness guru – has dedicated this podcast to showing people that it is possible to find a healthy balance in life.

Our favourite episodes are those where Jillian and her business partners squash exercise myths and extreme diets because she isn’t afraid to give her honest opinion and even have the occasional rant. Even if you haven’t listened to this podcast, you might know Jillian and co for their strong (negative) opinions on the keto and cross-fit hypes.

This weekly podcast has just reached its 300thepisode, so we’ll let that speak for itself when it comes to its success! To get a good feel for this health and fitness podcast, have a listen to ‘Debunking Fitness and Diet Myths and Fads’.


#12 Diet Starts Tomorrow


diet starts tomorrow health podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.6 stars

Length: around an hour 

For a real-life perspective on all things health and fitness for women, this podcast is perfect. If you feel like you’re the only one struggling to balance getting in shape with having a social life, you’re not, and this is one of the best fitness podcasts to show you that the struggle is completely real and normal!

Hosts Aleen Kuperman and Samantha Fishbein are still trying to figure it out for themselves. The witty titled ‘diet starts tomorrow’ is realistic about diets and fitness and acknowledges that saying no to indulging on the weekend, or choosing the gym over a gin, isn’t always easy to do.

Good fitness podcasts don’t have to be all about spending every day in the gym and sticking to a strict diet regime. The hosts give their personal tried and tested tips for motivation and willpower but won’t make you feel shamed for not getting it right every time.

If you’re looking to find a podcast that will leave you feeling more confident and body-positive as well as motivated, you need to listen to diet starts tomorrow.


#13 Whoop


whoop fitness podcast cover image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 stars

Length: 1 hour – 1 hr 30 mins

Whoop started as a company that created fitness trackers that measure human performance. Now, Whoop also hosts one of the UK’s best fitness podcasts. If you love to push yourself to your limits, you’ll enjoy this one.

Whoop has some really interesting guests, all of whom are passionate about all things fitness. The guests include well-established athletes and Navy Seals, who chat with the Whoop CEO and share stories about their careers in the industry and the experiences that shaped them into the exercise enthusiasts that they are today.

If you’re a gym lover, you’ll love to listen to these like-minded fitness fanatics. And who knows, you might even be inspired to pursue a career in fitness yourself!


#14 Get-Fit Guy


get-fit guy best fitness podcast image


Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.6 stars

Length: 15 mins 

For the ultimate guide to getting the most out of your gym sessions, listen to Get-Fit Guy (aka Brock Armstrong). Brock has extensive experience in fitness and wellness coaching and he’s really passionate about exercise, mainly cycling and running.

This definitely isn’t just a cycling and running podcast, his advice is useful for anyone with a fitness goal, whether that goal is strength or endurance-based, or whatever else, listening to this fitness podcast will get you a step closer to success.

If you’re stuck knowing where to start in the gym, or you want to change up a mediocre workout, the get-fit guy will be able to help you! 


#15 Half Size Me


half size me weight loss podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 stars

Length: around an hour

Half Size Me is more than your standard weight loss podcast, it focuses on something that is often either forgotten or struggled with – weight loss maintenance.

This podcast is an essential part of a successful weight loss journey, host Heather Robertson has been there herself so she shares how she lost excess weight and how she managed to maintain it.

Although this is a weight loss podcast, Heather is all for promoting healthy lifestyle choices and stresses that you shouldn’t set your goals based on a number on the scales. She talks a lot about the pros and cons of different diets but doesn’t really advocate a specific one, she isn’t too pushy which makes this podcast is perfect company on your weight loss journey.


#16 Ben Coomber Radio


Podcast personal trainer ben image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 stars

Length: 15 mins – an hour

Ben Coomber is a nutritionist, fitness coach, speaker, and writer. His podcast will have you thinking about nutrition, exercise, and mindset. In the words of Ben himself, listening to his fitness podcast will have you well on your way to ‘being generally awesome’. Every Thursday, a new episode is released. Each episode features Q&A shows and interviews with guests who are always world-class health and fitness professionals.

If you’re the type of person that enjoys being active and you’re always looking to improve yourself, you’ll probably rate this as the best fitness podcast. This podcast will leave you with a can-do attitude, and the advice will motivate you to be the best, both in and outside the gym.

There’s a reason this show has 100% 5-star ratings on Sticher – it’s informative and funny. All of the latest fitness and performance trends are discussed, every week they manage to find a new topic that is relevant, educational and entertaining to listen to. If you’re a fitness fanatic or a personal trainer, you’ll learn a lot of useful information from Ben.


#17 Barbend Podcast


barbend podcast image 

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 stars

Length: 30 – 45 mins

Maybe the newest in our list of the best fitness podcasts, Barbend was brand new for summer 2019. There are only a handful of shows so far but they upload every couple of days so there’s constantly new content to have a listen to.

This podcast has already hosted a lot of big names from the world of strength. For strength training tips, an insight into the world of strongman athletes, and powerlifting competitions, the Barbend fitness podcast is better than a gym buddy.


#18 40+ Fitness Podcast


40+ fitness podcasts image 

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 stars

Length: 30 mins – an hour

40+ Fitness is the ultimate guide to staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle once you reach the age of 40, and beyond. The podcast is hosted by Allan Misner, a certified PT who will leave you feeling motivated to get moving for the benefit of your health and fitness.

If you want to commit yourself to leading a healthier lifestyle, you’ll find it much easier with the encouragement of this podcast. Allan Misner is really informative, all of his advice is really clear and practical so this is a great listen if you’re starting a healthy lifestyle change.


#19 Food for Fitness


food for fitness podcasts image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 stars

Length: around 30 mins

This is up there with the best fitness podcasts for personal trainers and good to listen to if you’re a client, too. If you want to reach the next level in your fitness journey, this podcast is great for realistic advice and achievable goals.

The food for fitness podcast host is Scott Baptie who is clued up on all things sports and nutrition. He talks a lot about the latest research and explains how it can be applied to clients or to your own plan.

The podcast is really informative in itself, but the best thing about it is it points out tons of useful resources like books, websites, and other professionals in the industry.


#20 Marathon Training Academy


marathon training podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 stars

Length: around an hour

Angie Spencer, marathon runner, nurse, coach and now podcast host, shares her experiences to help her listeners get through marathon training and make it to the finish line.

If this is your first time training for a marathon, this running podcast will make the whole experience less daunting.  Angie Spencer will coach you to the next level and help you to reach your potential.


#21 No Meat Athlete Radio


no meat athlete health podcast image 

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 stars

Length: 45 mins – an hour 

For vegan and vegetarian fitness fans, No Meat Athlete Radio is the best podcast out there. Maybe one to rival Rich Roll, but luckily, he’s a guest on an episode so you can have the best of both worlds – check it out on their website.

These guys have tons of great tips on how to eat a nutritional vegan diet when training or trying to bulk. If you want to become vegan but are apprehensive about how it will affect you’re training, this podcast has tons of tips and tricks that will make going vegan a lot easier than it seems.


#22 Work, Play, Love


work play love health and fitness podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 stars

Length: around an hour 

This health and fitness podcast, hosted by Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas, has a perfect 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts. The podcast is all about finding the right work-life balance.

If you like to listen to content that is relatable, this is one of the best fitness podcasts you’ll find. The hosts are both really genuine, they’re a married couple trying to find their balance between being fitness fanatics, business owners, and parents. They use their experiences to answer listeners’ questions about pretty much anything from working out, to starting up a business, relationship advice, and everything in between.

Have a listen for some general life advice and top tips about staying in shape without stretching yourself too far.


#23 Low Carb MD Podcast


low carb md weight loss podcast image 

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 stars

Length: around an hour

Low Carb MD is the real deal when it comes to healthy ways to lose weight. This is a patient-centred weight loss podcast hosted by medical professionals.

The episodes include hour-long interviews with other experts from the health industry who discuss different and interesting approaches to weight loss. If you’re interested in a doctor’s perspective on weight loss and wellbeing, give this health podcast a try!


#24 Beginner: The Guardian Guide to Running


guardian Running podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.1 stars

Length: around 30 mins  

For those who are completely new to running, the Well Far marathon running podcast is probably a bit of stretch for a beginner. Instead, you should check out the Guardian’s beginner guide to running.

We know this list is all about the best fitness podcasts of 2019, but this series is timeless. It’s an 8-week fixed guide so there won’t be any new episodes of this particular podcast, but it’s one of the best running podcasts for beginners so we couldn’t not put it in this list.

If you listen to this 8-week guide, you’ll be well on your way to improving your running stamina and overall fitness.


#25 Advanced: The Guardian Guide to Running


the guardian Running podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4 stars

Length: around an hour

If you’re already more of an advanced runner, the Guardian also has a version of the above podcast that’s suited to more confident runners. If you’ve been running for a while and you want to take the next stride towards speed, endurance, or stamina, have a listen to all of the most useful tips in another of the best running podcasts out there.


#26 The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous


nutrition diva health podcasts image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.5 stars

Length: 10 – 15 mins

Obviously, we had to add in a couple of fitness podcasts that focus on the nutrition side of a healthy lifestyle. The nutrition diva simplifies the complicated world of dieting and nutrition.

In short 15-minute episodes, she gives a dietitian’s perspective on topics many of us want to know more about, like fad diets and stress eating. All of the advice is achievable and easy to understand, she explains small changes that will make a big difference in terms of how you look and feel.

For a health and fitness podcast that gives achievable advice about how you can improve your eating habits, we definitely recommend that you give the nutrition diva a listen.


#27 Another Mother Runner


another mother runner podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4 stars

Length: 30 mins – an hour 

One of the longest-running podcasts in this list, another mother runner, dates back to 2011. So, if you really get into this one, there are 8 years’ worth of educational and entertaining episodes for you to catch up on.

The main theme of the podcast is how to do it all – have a family and career whilst maintaining your fitness. It’s a conversational podcast that discusses things like staying motivated and being mentally tough.

The host and all of her guests will become your running partners, chatting away about the relatable struggles of being a mother and runner.


#28 Move Your DNA


move your dna motivation podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 stars

Length: around an hour 

Move your DNA is hosted by Katy Bowman, a well-known author and a leader of the ‘Movement movement’. This fitness podcast has more of a focus on permanent lifestyle changes rather than working towards a specific goal.

Katy talks a lot about the benefits of being more active outside of working out, for example how simply walking more is a step towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Even if you’re not much of a fitness fanatic, you’ll learn a lot about how moving more will improve the way you look and feel. We wouldn’t be surprised if you finish this podcast feeling motivated to move more, it could change your life!


#29 The FitCast: Fitness and Nutrition Podcast


the fit cast podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 stars

Length: 45 mins – an hour  

This weekly podcast is all about fitness and nutrition, with a focus on strength and conditioning, for us this is one of the best fitness podcasts and we think that you’ll really enjoy it, too.

Every week there are interviews with industry experts with different specialisations within the world of strength and conditioning, so the variety of topics is huge.

This podcast has been going for nearly 500 episodes, have a listen to episode 321: The Lean Muscle Diet with Alan Aragon and Lou Schuler.


#30 Hurdle


hurdle health and fitness podcast

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 stars

Length: 30 mins – an hour

Hurdle is the ultimate fitness podcast if you need some extra motivation to get into the gym. This is the best thing to listen to if you’re struggling to fit your workout into a hectic lifestyle.

The host, Emily Abbate, talks about her experience overcoming her own hurdles from obesity to a wellness advocate and fitness fanatic. She also invites guests onto the show so that they can discuss their own experiences using wellness as a way to get through the tough times.

The host is realistic about the inevitability that you’ll face hurdles in life, but after listening to this, you’ll feel motivated to take on the challenges and achieve your goals. If you feel like exercising is a task or a hurdle itself, listening to Emily will allow you to see how and why so many people use exercise as a form of stress relief.


#31 Rambling Runner Podcast


rambling runner podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 stars

Length: around an hour 

Maybe the most relatable running podcast we listened to, the rambling runner podcast isn’t just for marathon runners or exclusively for mums (as a lot of running podcasts are). This podcast is easy listening for everyday runners who want to hear about the experiences of other, everyday runners.

If you’re not interested in any of the technicalities behind running and you run simply because it’s something that you enjoy and keeps you fit, this weekly podcast is perfect for you.

The guests talk about what got them into running, they share any unusual or inspiring stories that they have and recommend their favourite products, top tips, and more. We recommend you give this guy a listen during your cool down or whilst you’re on a casual jog.


#32 20 Minute Fitness


20 minute fitness podcast cover image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.4 stars

Length: 15 – 45 mins

As the title suggests, every episode is 20 minutes of anything and everything fitness related. 20 minute fitness covers the latest news in the fitness industry and the hosts chat with tons of interesting fitness fanatics, including athletes and motivational speakers.  

For up-to-date advice on a range of topics that cover understanding nutrition, getting healthier, and losing weight, this is one of the best fitness podcasts to give podcast a listen to. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn by tuning in for 20 minutes.


#33 The Primal Blueprint Podcast


primal blueprint podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.3 stars

Length: 45 mins – to an hour

This is definitely one of our favourite health and fitness podcasts, you’ll really enjoy it if you’re into (or want to know more about) nutrition. The primal blueprint podcast particularly focuses on the keto diet and talks about nutrition from a primal perspective.

The guys behind primal blueprint know thier stuff about primal nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness, they’ve produced a book, blogs and now a podcast. So, if you want to learn about how to stick to keto and how a primal diet can help benefit your fitness and well-being, listen to these guys and you’ll learn a lot.


#34 Ali On the Run Show


Ali on the run podcast image


Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 stars

Length: 45 mins – to an hour

Ali Feller has combined her love for both running and talking by creating this podcast. She talks to a ton of different guests, everyday runners, experienced athletes, and entrepreneurs, all of whom share her love for running.

Our favourite thing about this podcast is Ali’s positive can-do attitude, she’s a mother, career woman, and enthusiastic runner. Listening to Ali tell her stories and her struggles will leave you in such a good mood, she really is the running buddy you need.


#35 The Daily Boost


daily boost motivational podcast image

Apple Podcasts Rating: 3.9 stars

Length: 10 – 15 mins 

Whilst this isn’t strictly a fitness podcast, it’s still one of our favourite podcasts and it is relevant to people who are active and driven. The main theme of the podcast is about turning aspirations into achievements.

If like many of us, there are days where you need a little extra push when it comes to going to the gym or starting to follow a healthier diet, this is a really good podcast to help you to stay on track. Every episode is packed with enough motivation to keep your eye on the prize whether your goals are fitness, career, or lifestyle orientated. 

Every podcast in this series is no more than 15 minutes long so it’s easy to fit into your hectic schedule. Because the daily boost is released 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, it’s perfect to listen to during your morning commute to work – saving our favourite fitness podcasts for the gym.


#36 Found My Fitness


found my fitness podcast image


Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 stars

Length: 1 – 2 hours

Found My Fitness is one of the more scientific shows out there as all of the advice is based on scientific explanations of everything to do with the human body and health.

The host, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, is always up to date on the latest well-being research, like increasing your healthspan and enhancing athletic performance. Some of the topics are pretty scientific with a fair bit of jargon, but Dr. Patrick is really good at turning the science into strategies, so it isn’t too overwhelming.


#37 Body Love Project


body love project podcast image


Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 stars

Length: 45 mins – an hour

The Body Love Project is a podcast hosted by Jessi Haggerty, a registered dietitian, and qualified personal trainer. The title kind of gives it away – she talks and teaches a lot about body positivity.

The podcast discusses unhealthy relationships with dieting and advocates the abandonment of crash diets in favour of happier and healthier attitudes towards body image and eating. Jessi talks a lot about lifestyle changes especially around eating disorder recovery.

You’ll get a good feel for the podcast if you have a listen to our favourite episode, ‘How Diet Culture Impacts our Body Image with Katherine Zavodni’.


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