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Looking for the best fitness startups in the UK? We don't blame you; the fitness industry is one of the fastest-growing globally, and it's a good idea to see what is already out there before making a start on your own ideas. 

You'll be glad to know that we've listed 7 of the best health and fitness startups in existence, as well as some info on how much a fitness startup can potentially make towards the end of our article! 

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Why people would much rather open a startup?

The increased incorporation of fitness startups coincides with the growth of the fitness industry. In 2019, the newly published ‘State of the UK Fitness Industry Report’ reveals that the UK health and fitness industry enjoyed substantial growth. This growth developed in each facet during the previous physical calendar year.

Firstly, there was a 2.9% growth in fitness facilities, 4.7% increase in gym members and 4.2% in market value. So much so, 1 in every 7 people in the UK are a active gym member.

In regards to the report, David Minten, the Director of the Leisure Database Company said:

As seen in the record-breaking figures from this report, the UK is enjoying a golden period of growth and exciting development across the fitness sector. It's a great time to be working and reporting on the industry.

OriGym is actually an existing fitness startup... 

OriGym are just one of the many health and fitness startups that were incorporated during the 2016 physical calendar year and as Minten’s generalisation conjectures, OriGym cut their teeth as a fitness company by combining technology, innovation and customer-centric fitness products together.

Our personal trainer courses use a combination of innovative learning methods and online platforms in a way that facilitates the growth of budding fitness professionals.

What makes a great fitness startup?

Moreover, OriGym are aware that there are many other successful fitness startups in the UK. This is why we have compiled a list of innovative start-ups’ within the UK fitness industry. Not only have these companies transcended the fitness industry with varied emphasis on technology, innovation and customer-centric products, but they have also set a precedent for fitness start-ups to follow.

All information regarding these startups is sourced from their own websites or Companies House.

#1 - Fitwell

fitness startups image

Date Established: 

According to the Companies House website, Fitwell was incorporated on 29th November 2016.  


Fitwell acts as a 24-hour fitness and nutrition assistant, and coaches the user on how to stay in shape through its unique database of workouts and meal plans. 

On the Fitwell website, Fitwell presents itself as a stand-alone centre for innovation and creating solutions for those looking to get and stay in shape for the long-term. It sums up its purpose in a snappy paragraph on the homepage:

Workout anytime, anywhere. Our fully-personalized programs combine various training styles and adjust to your progress to give you fast, long-lasting results.

It is aimed at both online fitness coaches and creators, as well as companies who are looking for fitness solutions in the workplace. Alongside the workouts and meal plans that the app provides, it also contains classes from celebrity personal trainers and an online fitness community where users can connect with one another. 

Main Products: 

Fitwell provides an online community for its users through the Fitwell Community, as well as a huge database of workouts and diet plans.

#2 - GYMetrix

gymmetrix fitness startups image

Date Established: 

Previously named as ‘GYMETRICS LIMITED’ between 05/05/2008 and 26/06/2009. However, name was changed to ‘GYMETRICS LIMITED’ with its incorporation date on 05/05/2009.


GYMetrix is the first of the fitness startups out there to sell and attach sensors to gym equipment. As well as this they conduct face-to-face surveys with your gym’s customers. GYMetrix provides this service for good reasons. By conducting research into the popularity of a gym’s equipment, gyms are able to buy products that match their customer’s demands. GYMetrix believes that this research will provide an influx of savings and customer satisfaction.

To achieve these increases in savings and customer satisfaction, GYMetrix enables users to follow a plan. This plan includes:

• Arranging a date with an average pattern of equipment demand.
• Sensors will then be attached.
• Data will be collected from the sensors over the next 2 days.
• Face to face surveys are conducted around the same time.
• After 1 to 2 weeks, the sensors are removed.
• Data is then analysed and packaged for management.
• Presentation of information is conducted in the hope of improving your gym floor.

This is a very profitable start-up that has developed its own market. Before, GYMetrix, there was no other company that analysed gym floor behaviour. By using technology and P2P methodologies, gym’s can now optimise their gym space and improve their member retention.

Main Products: 1-week project with a cost of £49.00 per piece of equipment or a 2-week project with a cost of £69.00 per equipment.

#3 - Open Play

openplay fitness startups image


‘OpenPlay’ is an online marketplace that connects facilities with individuals. You can easily find, book or list your sports facilities. It also allows you to become more active in your local area by enabling a user to search for local events, courses and activities, making them one of the more progressive fitness startups! 

Finally, there is an additional incentive called ‘OpenPlay Connect’ which enables users to converse and prepare sporting or fitness events. The market place covers 3030 venues, 1500 activities and 52 different sports. As well as this, Open Play work with a verity of organisations from councils, sport facility chains and governmental initiatives.

The genius of ‘OpenPlay’ as a startup is that they are not just a middle-men between facilities and bookers, they are also a middleman between sports leagues or clubs who need facilities. There is a market for this within the fitness industry and as it becomes bigger it will transcend markets.

Main Products: Open Play provides a venue marketplace, course and activity listings and communication portals on one website.

#4 - Run An Empire 

run an empire fitness startups in the uk


This is one of our favourite London fitness startups yet, and certainly one of the most innovative and creative fitness app startups to emerge since 2014. 

There's only one way to describe it; an insane strategy mobile game aimed at runners, walkers and cyclists that allows them to build their own empire as they rack up the miles. 

You heard us right, and it's just as great as it sounds! 

It's basically the fitness version of Pokemon GO meets Clash of Clans, and we can't stop playing it ourselves. If this doesn't make it one of the most exciting new fitness startups in London, then we don't know what can! You can:

  • Customise your own empire banner 
  • Connect the game to STRAVA on your Garmin or GPS bike computer (so that you don't even have to take your phone!) 
  • Claim the street you live on, your surrounding area or even your entire city... 
  • View stats from your journey, e.g. calories burned, distance, speed etc.
  • Battle with fellow users to capture their castles 

Aside from this, it is also commended by Engadget and Runner's World, which certainly gives it a lot of credibility in the running community as well as in the world of technology. 

Main Products: the Run An Empire fitness app

#5 - Mini Monkey Gym

mini monkey gym fitness startups image

Date Established: 29th March 2012.


Mini Monkey Gym is a fitness initiative developed to combine physical play, sensory adaptation and musical engagement in one play area. The fitness areas range for toddlers between the age of 0 and 5. Toddlers are able to use these soft obstacle courses to explore their movement and physical skill. Pre-mobile mini monkeys have fun with activities so toddlers can become more mobile and active.

This is a very interesting startup because it emphasises the crucial nature of movement and fitness within the physicality of early toddlers.

This is because toddlers require varied mobility to develop important neural connections between their body and brain at such an early stage. These obstacle courses are situated around the country but they can also be hired for events such as birthdays and gatherings. This opens a market because parents who are health conscious will be much more likely to hire a mini gym for their children.

Main Products: 4 main fitness orientated play areas for children aged between 0 to 10 months, 6 to 18 months, 18 months to 3 years and 2.5 to 5 years for hire. They can also be found in classes across the UK.

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#6 - Fight Fit Combat Fitness

FF fitness and nutrition fitness startups image

Date Established: 26th March 2014


Fight Fit Combat Fitness is a company that combines physical training with the conventional moves of combat sport. When Fight Fit Combat Fitness started it was offering a one-hour martial arts to music workouts aimed at men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

The fitness franchise is extending its reach by selling franchise packages, complete with training, choreography and equipment.

These packages are available for £12,000 plus VAT with the potential for lucrative earnings. This is why the brand has held ‘Franchise Discovery Days’ at its centre in York as of late. This type of franchising allows fitness professionals to set up their own classes under the same banner in different locations.

This is an inventive strategy that allows the brand to spread in capable hands. While this is the first time any startup has done this, it is a lucrative opportunity for a startup of this nature because it increases the brand's awareness and the number of customers it can retain.


  • Fight Fit Combat Fitness – Martial Arts workout for the whole body.
  • Personal Training with Fight Fit – One on one with a PT
  • Ab’s with Fight Fit – 30-minute abdominal workout
  • Tone with Fight Fit – High rep’s with low weight workouts
  • Home Workout with Fight Fit – Emulate classes in a home environment.

#7 - Good Zing 

good zing fitness startups image


Good Zing is an online index that combines health tips from a community of wellness experts. The index contains articles, answers and resources to answer any questions a user may pose to the search bar. This was one of the new and exciting fitness startups in London that has been crowdsourced for consistent improvements and content updates.

Crowdsourcing is one way for a company to reach the upper echelon of the startup industry. However, in this case, due to the nature of its services that is primarily free information, the company had to be crowd sourced to fully optimise the websites interface and experience.

However, the website involves the best solutions for a multitude of wellness issues. The crowdsourced index enables users to search for health tips in regards to any issue including hangovers, detoxes and insomnia.

How much can a startup make?

fitness startups money

These seven start-up companies have a number of differences in regards to products, services and standing but they all have all started from the very same place.

The fitness industry is ripe with health and fitness startups because it is a pocket of the monetary market that is currently very lucrative. 

The world's largest marketing intelligence website Mintel has reported that 7 million Brits will hold a gym membership by 2024, which is a good indication of just how many people will be willing to pay for fitness business and fitness app startups (as long as they add value to their lives!).

We're not saying that it isn't hard to succeed in a competitive market, but if you're passionate and business-minded then there's no stopping you. If you're going to provide a product/multiple products that will add value to the fitness market and stand out from the crowd, then you're already halfway there! 

Some of the best and most successful fitness startups in the UK have actually been freelance Personal Trainers and fitness models. This may sound like a smaller idea than crafting an entire 'business' with an abundance of employees, but there have been multiple instances where individual trainers or models online have gained a better income than traditional business setups. 

One example of this would be the incredibly successful personal trainer Nick Mitchell, who is also now the founder of Ultimate Performance (that we're sure you've heard of). His net worth exceeds $25 million, which goes to show just how successful fitness startups can be. Ultimate Performance was a fitness startup itself once, so keep that in mind! 

We're not saying that every startup in the industry is this successful, but it's true that if you follow the simple formula of providing a product that fills a gap in the market then you're much more likely to achieve success than if you emulate another idea. Take one of our favourite fitness startups 'Run An Empire' for example; they're incredibly unique, offer a fun and immersive product, and have a huge potential for growth. 

This is the kind of idea that you want to try putting into practice! 

Before you go...

We hope that you feel inspired by our list of the best health and fitness startups in the UK, whether that means brainstorming your own brilliant business idea, starting your career as a Personal Trainer, or finding new fitness app startups to try out for yourself!

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Written by Luke Hughes

CEO and Co-Founder

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Luke is the CEO and Co-Founder of OriGym. Holding a first-class degree in Sport and Exercise and an MSc in Sport and Nutrition, he is also qualified as a Level 4 Personal Trainer with various specialist credentials covering the entire spectrum of health, fitness and business. Luke has contributed to a variety of major industry publications, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Metro, Cosmopolitan, The Mirror, The Sun, The Standard and more.

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