19 Best Foam Rollers for Pre and Post Workouts

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Want to find the best foam roller in the UK? We completely understand how important it is for you to find the right one, especially if self myofascial release is your go-to form of recovery. 

Here at OriGym, we have done all the hard work by researching the best products out there and compiling them into a shortlist, so that you don’t have to. 

If you haven’t used athletic foam rollers before, they're a form of myofascial release tool often used to help release tension in the muscles, and they're ideal for pre or post-workouts! 

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1.ROLL Recovery R4 Deep Tissue Body Roller 

Price: $49.99 (£36.55)

roll recovery foam roller

As you can see from the above image, this product comes with an incredibly unique selling point; a groove designed especially for spine and neck alignment. The profiles on either side of it can also be used to loosen tight IT (iliotibial) bands, and this shows just how much thought went into the design process. 

It is manufactured from proprietary high-density EVA foam, and is therefore incredibly durable and built to last. The diamond surface pattern, which is unique in itself, provides a good grip as well as added comfort whilst using the product. 

The product is incredibly versatile, and can be used on both the inner and outer back muscles, neck, quadriceps, hip-flexors, shins, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and IT bands. It provides incredible release from muscle tension in each of these areas. 

It weighs 2.6lbs, so it is relatively lightweight, and is 18” x 6”, so can easily be stored in most gym bags

It has glowing reviews from customers on the ROLL recovery website, with many of them praising it for its unique features and overall versatility. We would highly recommend taking a look at this product if you’re looking for a super high-quality foam roller for a budget price! 

2.‘The Morph’ - Brazyn Collapsible & Portable Foam Roller

Price: £59.00

foam roller image

One quality that is missing in many products of this nature is the ability to collapse and fit easily into a gym bag. 

This is what makes the Brazyn Collapsible Foam Roller so unique, as well as the fact that it is incredibly high-quality. It is manufactured in Europe, and is made up of over 60 different pieces to enable its flattening capabilities - not a drain pipe covered in foam in sight! 

All that the user has to do is tug on the ropes placed on either side of the product to see it shift from being flat into a full size foam roller, ready to use for self myofascial release

It only weighs 1.5lbs, which makes it lightweight and adds to its portability. It is also only around 2 inches thick when flattened, so it will fit into any gym bag that the user wishes to pack it into. 

On Amazon, the product has 96% positive reviews with users praising it consistently for its portability and sturdiness. One customer writes: 

This is one of the most effective foam rollers I have used. Its size is perfect and the textured nubs on the exterior seem to be just the right amount of hardiness and irregularity to get into the most problematic areas of the body.

We would highly recommend checking this product out if you’re after a high-quality product that you can take anywhere with you when on the go!


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3.FitBeast Roller

Price: £24.99

mini foam roller

FitBeast is a well-known fitness brand in the UK, and this particular product comes in a bundle of 4 to help get rid of any lactic acid that is sitting within your muscles, and to help boost blood circulation through deep tissue massage therapy. 

With this bundle, you will get 2 foam rollers and 2 foam roller massage balls. The red small foam roller is softer and is designed to help get rid of the pain as well as preventing further injuries from a hard workout. 

The 2 rollers will help to provide you with a quick myofascial release. 

The massage balls included in this bundle will enable you to work on smaller areas around your body such as your groin, shoulders, and feet. 

This package can be carried around with you without any issues so that you can put it in your gym bag for great stretches pre or post-workout

4.Meglio Grid Roller

Price: £14.79

foam roller glutes

This is another product from Meglio which has a lightweight inner core without sacrificing the durability of the roller. Due to the inner core of the roller, the product only weighs 250g which is lighter than other rollers in this article. 

You will be able to instantly target painful and sore muscles straight after your workout as this is the ideal foam roller for back pain, hamstrings, quads and glutes. 

The surface of the roller is strong and firm which will help you target muscles with ease. This product is the ideal money saver for you because you will not have to spend money on physiotherapy, the expensive alternative.  

The product also comes with an exercise guide which is wrapped around the foam roller. The exercise guide offers a great start off point for post-recovery workouts, targeting sore muscles and help rehabilitation. 

5.FX FFEXS Roller 

Price: £14.99

foam roller for shin splints

Now you might not have heard of FX FFEXS, but this product is fantastic. The roller is suitable for anyone whether they're a beginner or a professional athlete.

The foam roller will help to relax the glutes and other tight muscles. Also, due to the small grid, it is great for trigger point massage, improving balance, muscle strength, and posture realignment. 

This product can be used as a yoga foam roller to help stretch out those muscles, and if you are thinking about getting into yoga, why not take a look at the best yoga studios in the UK, to help you find a studio near you. 

What’s interesting about this product is the biodegradable material so if you are eco-conscious, it will be for you. This roller is also heat and water-resistant so it can be cleaned very easily. 

6. Fit Nation Foam Roller

Price: £14.93

foam roller for back pain

This product from Fit Nation is the number one rated foam roller that is manufactured by this company. You will be able to use this product as a pre-workout exercise to release any toxins in your muscles to help prevent injuries and help you train harder. 

You will be able to target various muscles as it is one of the best foam rollers for the back, neck, quadriceps, hamstrings, deltoids, and latissimus dorsi. You can even use the roller for post-workout so your muscles will not feel sore the next day. 

This gym foam roller is a clever piece of fitness equipment and what’s different about this roller compared to others on our list is that it includes a physical ring bound exercise guide containing the 10 best foam roller exercises to help you get started. Fit Nation has even included 2 of their most popular foam rolling ebooks which give you access to 10 online lesson video courses. 

7. Mirafit Deluxe High Density Foam Roller

Price: £12.95

high-density foam roller

Mirafit is a popular name in the sports equipment industry, so it’s no surprise that they’ve made one of the best foam rollers in the UK.

With a mixture of smooth and ridged sections that mimic a masseuse’s thumbs and fingers, this foam roller will help you stretch your skin, smooth out any tension in your muscles and gradually improve your flexibility.

At 33cm in length the Mirafit high density foam roller will fit in any gym bag, making it the perfect size to grab and go on your way to the gym or fitness class. The smaller size also means it’s an excellent yoga foam roller to reduce any soreness you’ll feel after practice.

This product comes in the classic orange and black we tend to expect from Mirafit, giving you a little more choice when it comes to picking sports equipment to match with, or stand out from the rest of your kit.

8.Elvire Sport Roller

Price: £18.99

gym foam roller

If you’re after a reasonably cheap foam roller then this portable set from Elvire Sport may be your answer! It’s not just only designed for recovery and injury prevention, but it’s also designed to enhance performance, strength, agility and balance. 

The premium, high-density foam roller helps target muscles with tight knots and release any tension in that area. The softer inner core is removable, you will be able to target more sensitive areas like your neck. 

Included in this bundle is a hand and foam foot roller for a deep tissue massage and a contoured foot roller which is fantastic for the price of £18.99

You will be able to get this bundle in a handy carry case so you could recover your whole body on the go with ease. 

9.Maximo Foam Roller

Price: £15.97

foam roller ball

This product is firm enough to support you but not hard enough to be uncomfortable. The roller has a textured surface which gives you a more comfortable muscle massage compared to other rollers online. 

Maximo has even gone further and included some instructions within the packaging to help you start out. 

This roller will help with muscle massage, sports rehab, physiotherapy, pilates and yoga. This product will help to relieve any tension and improve blood circulation by stretching and massaging your muscles. 

This product is lighter and longer than other rollers, you will be able to carry this easily in your gym bag or you can store it away at home. 

Maximo fitness has made this roller to the highest standards and made to last for years. If you are not satisfied with the roller you’ll be able to get a replacement with a brand new roller, no questions asked!

10. Odoland Large Foam Roller Kit

Price: £29.99

foam foot roller

In this kit is 5 pieces of equipment, which includes a large 18-inch foam roller, 1 mini foam roller stick, 2 massage balls and a portable bag. All of the products can easily fit into your gym bag or backpack and be taken anywhere!

This is the ideal foam roller to massage your back muscles and thigh muscles for relaxation. The roller can also be used to relax your neck muscles too. The 2 massage balls included in this set can help settle muscle knots within your body. 

This kit is ideal for a warm-up or physical recovery after exercise. It helps you by easing soreness and stiffness, reducing recovery time, and most importantly; avoiding injuries. 

When you use your kit as a pre-workout warmup, you will be able to release any toxins sitting within your muscles, so that you can train even harder with enhanced mobility. 

This kit features a high-quality durable small foam roller. The outside is filled with high-density EVA foam and within the middle is a rigid PVC core meaning this roller will last for years to come. The roller is also stress-crack resistant, waterproof, and sweatproof. 

11.Spark Remedy Foam Roller

Price: £22.95

small foam roller

If you’re on the hunt for cheap foam rollers which are designed to prevent and allow you to recover from common sporting injuries, this will be your answer. This set will help you to avoid having to see a physiotherapist and instead, you’ll be able to be your own masseuse at home to boost blood circulation through deep tissue massage therapy. 

This set includes two different rollers, one of them is a trigger point roller which will help improve your overall sporting performance. The other mini foam roller is designed to target hard to reach areas on your legs or back and smaller muscle groups.

Within this set, you will also receive a resistance band which will help strengthen and elongate the muscle fibres and help increase your flexibility. If you’re after a new band for the gym, why not take a look at our ultimate list of resistance bands article! 

The travel bag included in this set goes over the shoulder to carry the full kit which makes it easy to transport so you’ll be able to take it with you to the gym, at home or even outside and it will help keep your items clean and safe. 

This roller is suitable to be used as a yoga foam roller, and for other sports like running, boxing, and even cycling. The roller kit is ideal for using pre or post-workout to stretch out your muscles. 

What’s different compared to other foam rollers is the kit includes 8 workouts within an ebook guide with clear step-by-step instructions and visual illustrations and diagrams. 

12.Fit Beast 2 in 1 Roller 

Price: £21.24

fitness foam roller

Now, you may have heard of Fit Beast considering that they're a popular brand here in the UK, and you'll be glad to know that this product reflects their brilliance. It can help with sports like running, cycling, yoga, and pilates. The kit is lightweight and portable which means that it can all be packed up in one handy bag. You could use it at the gym, at home or even at work to help you relax those muscles. 

This roller is unique compared to other foam rollers with its sturdy and textured bumps. It will help to reduce any pain as well as any bruising on the surface of the skin when you use it. The roller is stress-crack resistant, waterproof, and sweatproof meaning that it will last for years to come. 

With this roller, you will also receive a massage stick to help you massage your arms, neck, shoulders, calves, and inner thighs for a more comprehensive deep tissue massage. 

The foam roller ball can effectively penetrate the soft tissue layer of tired muscles and deeply massage the soles of the feet, between the arms and palms so you can enjoy a pre or post-workout experience.  

This roller set will help you to flush out any lactic acid from your muscles and increase blood flow and improve blood circulation. 

With this set, you’ll be able to receive a professional workout guide as well as tutorial videos to help you stretch out.

13.Iuga Roller

Price: £24.95

cheap foam roller

This roller will help you to increase circulation to sore and tight muscles, providing relief from any pain. This is the perfect self-myofascial release for all sports athletes. From CrossFit to Yoga, this roller is suitable for anyone. 

The roller is ideal for daily rolling and for muscle relaxation. The roller is soft enough to be comfortable but hard enough to penetrate deep within the muscles. The smaller stick massager is great to use as a foam roller for shin splints or any other injuries you may have. 

The massage roller included in this bundle is different compared to others on this list, its unique design helps massage deep tissue of your legs, foot, calves, back and more! 

This product isn’t as bulky so you can take it anywhere with you! Whether you want to take it to the gym, outside or at home, you’ve got your own massage equipment. 

14.Romix Foam Roller

Price: £12.89

foam roller uk

This is a premium roller from Romix which offers deep, targeted professional sports massage to ease soreness and stiffness, improve range of motion, and most importantly, reduce recovery time. 

You will be able to target different trigger point areas including your upper back, lower back, neck, calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and more! The roller will also help you to gain better balance and flexibility. 

The roller is ultra-durable and will not flatten after usage, which is perfect for providing a deep massage. You could use this product before workouts to increase circulation and to release toxins from your muscles.

15. Bulk Foam Roller

Price: £14.99

cheap foam roller

The foam roller above is from Bulk, and benefits from a sleek and lightweight design that will compliment the rest of your training kit. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also available for a bargain price of £14.99 so you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

The varied pattern of short and longer ridges means you’ll be able to adapt this foam roller for the quads to the feet and several muscle groups in between. The design means you’ll be able to shift lactic acid quicker post workout and aid with your recovery.

This foam roller is made of strong and durable foam that can take the pressure you need to put in to properly stretch out your muscles. The sustainably minded amongst you will also be happy to know that Bulk’s foam rollers are made from recycled materials.

For clean up, this offering from Bulk is non-porous so you’ll be able to wipe clean without worrying about any liquid absorption.

16. Aptonia 500 Hard Foam Roller

Price: £6.99

foam roller for the quads

With an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 on the Decathlon website, this product from Aptonia is one of the best in terms of cheap foam rollers at £6.99 and clearly well worth the money.

This particular foam roller is compact and easily fits into your bag for training or travelling. It’s relatively smaller size makes it perfect for smaller muscular areas, which when added to the material’s durability means it’s a brilliant foam foot roller.

The Aptonia high density foam roller is made from 100% expanded polypropylene which benefits from being fully recyclable, durable and with a high strength to weight ratio. It’s also lightweight and impact resistant, which means your foam roller will return to its original shape after use.

17.HCFGS Roller

Price: £10.95

foam rollers for back

This premium high-density foam roller from HCFGS is an eco-friendly option for those who want a product free from lead, phthalates, and other chemicals. You will be able to enjoy the release of your muscles without the worry, as it will not cause you any health issues. 

The point design is meant to target different pressure points and would be the ideal product to reduce any soreness in your back, legs, neck and shoulders. 

You will be able to take this cheap foam roller anywhere with you with its portable carry bag. This roller will enable you to get any aches and pains gone anytime, anywhere. 

The weight limit is 226 kilos so it’s suitable for most people. Even after repeated use from strong pressure, the roller will not snap or break. This product will help facilitate any post-workout recovery, prevent injuries and help with injury rehabilitation. 

This roller has different raised areas on the product so the massage will hit your muscles at different angles which will help target your muscles with ease. 

18.Core Balance Foam Roller

Price: £14.99

athletic foam rollers

You may have heard of this brand from our article on the best yoga mats. This roller relieves aches, pains and muscle tensions from the grid design. It also breaks up soft tissue adhesions and targets painful trigger points that will often develop after a workout. 

This product features a hollow plastic core with a foam grid exterior for a deeper penetrating release. The mini foam roller bumps on the product act as the hands and fingers of a masseuse to help target and loosen tight muscle knots effectively. 

As you roll your muscles you will increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the targeted area. As you roll before a workout, you can help increase your performance or use it after a workout to boost your recovery time and help protect you from any injury. 

The roller has been designed using EVA foam which is firm enough to help deliver a deep muscle massage without feeling too harsh as you roll out. Another great benefit of using an EVA foam roller is that it retains the shape after heavy use rather than the product degrading over time. 

19. TRX 26” Foam Rocker

Price: £59.95

best foam rollers in the uk

Our final offering on the list of best foam rollers in the UK is from TRX, who are a well known high end sports equipment brand.

Their foam roller (or rocker) is so called due to the fact that it’s not actually spherical, but has an edge that encourages a more purposeful back and forth motion to target stubborn or sore muscles pre/post workout.

With the TRX foam roller you benefit from 3 areas of varying intensity with the ridges at different sizes to stretch and soothe the muscles across the body. The anti-slip surface means you’re able to use the product anywhere and get a deeper pressure for better overall muscular relief.

At just shy of a foot in length you’ll be able to use this foam roller for the quads or hamstrings as well as your calves and even your hips and back.

Before you go!

We hope you enjoyed our article of the best foam rollers online! It’s important to have a range of rollers so you can have a great choice to choose from.

It’s important to invest in myofascial equipment because it helps improve blood circulation, improve flexibility and most importantly recover or warm up your muscles pre or post-workout. 

If you wanted a career in health and fitness, why not take a look at our Level 4 Nutrition Course and download our prospectus for more information! 


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