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15 Best Folding Electric Bikes (2021)

If you’re a regular commuter, you might have been tempted to purchase a folding electric bike in the past. But with so many options on the market, and so many different folding e-Bike reviews, it’s not an easy decision to make. 

Finding the best folding electric bike (UK) to fulfil your needs can be overwhelming, which is why OriGym have decided to compile a selection of the best electric folding bikes in the UK.

We’ll explore everything from cheap electric folding bikes, to more expensive hybrid electric folding bikes, and everything in between to suit all budgets, preferences and uses. So, if it’s value for money, trendy technology or soaring speeds you are looking for, keep on reading and you will find the best folding e-bike (UK) for you. 


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What Is An Electric Folding Bike?

electric folding bike

As you may have guessed, a folding e-bike combines the beneficial functions of an electric bike, and the portability of a handy folding bike. So now, not only can you pack up your bike and go without worrying, you can also travel much quicker thanks to the electric motors. 

When you think of an electric or folding bike, you might think of a busy city commute, or short trips through the park. Not only are foldable bikes useful for the city worker, they are also ideal for storing if you have a small living space or enjoy a stress free way to travel on trips away. 

Additionally, you’ll have the electric motor to support you when your legs get tired, or if you’re on a particularly difficult stretch of road, allowing you crucial time to rest. Read more on the importance of rest days in OriGym’s comprehensive report.

An electric folding bike has both a battery powered ‘assist’ mechanism, and a small motor that allows you to glide along with ease making difficult uphill climbs or lengthy roads an easy push off the pedal. 

Basically, you get out what you put in! The faster or more you pedal, the more speed and power the bike will give back, allowing you to enjoy the ride and save time whilst keeping fit and doing your bit for the environment. 

How To Choose The Right Folding Electric Bike 

Although relatively simple sounding, there are many different kinds of foldable e-bikes, all with different qualities and features. We’ve outlined a few of the more key aspects to consider when choosing your ideal folding electric bike, including how types of folding e-bike can differ, and what you need to look for when browsing.

#1 -  Types Of Folding e-Bike

electric folding bike uk

There are a number of different kinds of folding electric bikes, depending on your lifestyle and what you need the bike for, this should determine what will work for you. We’d suggest basing your decision on what you’ll be using your folding electric bike for primarily, and how that might affect your usage.

For instance, if part of your commute to work is on a busy train, or if you struggle for storage where you live, then a mini foldable e-bike may work best for you, as this is likely to take up much less room than more sizable electric folding bikes. 

Or alternatively, if you enjoy trips away riding along rocky pathways, or you face difficult terrain on a daily basis, then a folding electric mountain bike (UK) may be better for you, as this is specifically designed to accommodate tough terrain. We’d pair this with a set of the best cushioned running shoes to keep your feet protected.

#2 - Motor Power And Battery Life

folding e-bike

Motor size and battery capacity provide different riding experiences. The bigger the motor (measured in Watts) and battery range, the higher the speed and power potential - just like a car engine. 

Motor power and battery range work hand in hand, and require some careful consideration when choosing an electric folding bike. The more powerful the motor, the faster the bike can go, but this also requires more power from the battery, meaning it’s likely to drain battery life faster. 

As a result, always consider the type of journey you will be taking regularly. If your journey is short but has lots of hills, then a powerful motor is essential over battery life and vice versa. 

When it comes to battery life, always consider the length of journey - you do not want to be running out of battery charge half-way through a journey. One important thing to be aware of is that battery life determined by manufacturers is based on ideal conditions, so always factor extra performance time in (for instance, if the ground is slippery). 

If you’re struggling with the terrain you’ll be riding on, we’d suggest tracking your commute - explore some of the best options in OriGym’s report on the best running apps for beginners.

#3 - Storage, Weight And Other Factors

folding e-bike uk

Other things to consider can be around general usability, and how an electric folding bike will fit into your lifestyle. 

Considering the weight of a folding e-bike is key as you will need to know not only how transportable it can be, but also how much weight the bike itself can handle. It may be that your own weight and the weight of your luggage are too heavy for the bike to handle, so always check this first!

Another important element is whether the bike has a pedal or throttle assist. This is why test riding is very important, as it means you can find the type of ride that suits you. 

Pedal assist electric bikes require you to pedal in order to get power back from the motor. As stated earlier, you get out what you put in, and this is specifically relevant for pedal assist e-bikes. This version may be preferred for people who want to maintain a fitness element to their cycling journey - check out our thorough report on the best cycling jackets for some suggestions - with that extra bit of support. 

On the other hand, a throttle assist electric folding bike requires less physical exertion and makes more use of the motor. By pushing a throttle, this powers the momentum of one wheel, increasing power and speed, allowing you to rest. However, throttle assist bikes require more motor power, and often have a lower battery life range. 

Throttle bikes are ideal for shorter journeys - if fitness isn’t a key concern but avoiding getting sweaty is, then a throttle assist may be for you. It is important to note however, that due to the speed, some throttle bikes are illegal in some countries so always look out for this and how it may affect you.

15 Best Electric Folding Bikes (UK)

# 1-  2021 Mirider One Folding eBike

Price: £1,450.00 – £1,650.00

best folding e-bike

The brand new 2021 Mirider One electric folding bike is a stylish, compact, and smooth riding e-bike that is a must have for city commutes or tricky terrains. The new and improved version features 25% more range and torque, is 1.6 kg lighter and has a much quieter motor. 

One of the key features of this folding e-bike is its ability to be folded in a matter of seconds. Once folded, the 16 inch wheels require minimal space for storage and, being only 17.2 kg in weight, the Mirider One can be easily popped in the boot of your car, or carried onto public transport. 

This new edition of the Mirider folding e-bike is also available in a selection of editions with a variety of colours and advanced designs.

For example, the slick looking grey camo Mirider One features chunky tyres with off-road potential and the eye-catching ‘Union Jack’ themed Mirider One features a ‘comfort saddle’ with a rear light. 

Boasting 25% more torque and a 250 watt motor, the Mirider can reach speeds of 15.5 mph! Linking to this, Mirider have also ensured that the battery range is longer too with 5.2 Ah battery, allowing the bike to ride for 40 miles assisted. 

With handy throttle assist and weather performance tyres so you can even get in some winter cycling, this lightweight folding electric bike will keep you pedalling with no problems!

#2 - Dawes Curve

Price: £1,119.99

folding electric bike uk

If you are looking for a sleek black electric folding bike that combines effortless control with sleek modern style, then the Dawes Curve is a great option for you. 

This prestigious folding electric bike (UK) offers the latest in cutting edge technology to ensure not only a safe and effective ride, but an efficient one, too. The upgraded LCD handlebar display and ergonomic grips provide supreme control and comfort, even for longer rides, and this folding electric bike’s construction allows for easy transportation and storage.

With a powerful yet aerodynamic battery that can keep you at speeds of up to 25kmh (15 mph) for up to 45km (28 miles), this electric bike with folding capabilities gets you from A to B and back again on a single charge, and at top speeds. 

So not only does the Dawes Curve allow you to go faster for longer, it is also perfect for daily commutes, with mudguards keeping you clean and the LCD screen for keeping you on track with data. Explore more on tracking your vital signs with OriGym’s guide to the best heart monitors.

All of this technology combined means that this lightweight electric folding bike provides premium quality construction, and yet keeps prices competitive with the rest of the electric folding bike market.

#3 - Flebi Swan Plus eBike

Price: €1,549.00 (approximately £1,328.00)

folding e-bike reviews

When it comes to folding electric bikes, many cheaper choices can often compromise on comfort or premium features - that simply isn’t true with the Swan from Flebi.

Offering the ultimate in luxury, working in harmony with functionality and superb construction quality, their lightest electric folding bike uses a “hydroformed aluminium frame” to create a sturdy base before combining this reliability with all the technology you’d expect from one of the best folding e-Bikes on the market.

The Swan’s suspension matches this premium build quality, absorbing each and every bump along the way with a “magnesium suspension fork”, meaning you can forget about the terrain and enjoy your journey on a luxurious folding electric bike.

That excellent suspension isn’t the only thing to protect you from the bumps along the road, either. With colossal 20 inch tyres, and reinforced brake levers and disks, the safety features on this folding electric bike are second to none. We’d suggest coupling these with a helmet, and a high-visibility running vest.

And while this isn’t the cheapest folding electric bike on the market, it more than justifies that slightly higher price tag with unmatched construction, cutting edge technology, and unparalleled comfort.

#4 - C3 City Cruiser Electric Folding Bike

Price: £489.50

best folding electric bike

If a cheap folding electric folding bike sounds like what you’re looking for, the new eTech C3 City Cruiser will satisfy your need for speed at a bargain price. 

Perfect for city break trips, journeys to work and even country lane rides, get the best of both worlds for your money with this cheap folding electric bike’s reliable and versatile 12” pressurised tyres. 

Not only that, the C3 city cruiser features front and rear LED lights, a dual-disk braking system for dependable braking, and a mechanical horn. All of these safety features provide a much safer experience, especially if you’re planning to ride on busy city streets.

Given this folding e-Bike’s affordability, you might expect it to compromise on speed, but you’d be wrong. With an incredibly long battery range of up to 30km non-assisted (a substantial 45km when pedal assisted), the C3 city cruiser can reach speeds of up to 24 km/h. 

The C3 city cruiser also fits perfectly into busy lifestyles, with the option to add multi-seat attachments for children - check out OriGym’s full report on fitness trackers for kids to help keep your little ones active - and even shopping bags.

#5 - Gocycle G4 Matte Black

Price: £3,399.00

folding electric bike uk

A top of the range folding e-bike (UK), the Gocycle G4 in matte black is all you need if looking for a luxurious folding electric bike that not only looks great but performs even better. 

Starting with this small folding electric bike’s fashionable design, the carbon fibre frame forms the main body of the bike. Not only is it brilliant to look at, it forms a key connection between the motor and the rear wheels.

Furthermore, Gogcycle’s lightest electric folding bike’s MotoGP-inspired tread tyre is infused with silica compound to increase grip and to control skidding, keeping you safe even when riding on icy surfaces.

Look beyond the smart matte black frame and you’ll discover this folding e-Bike’s exciting technological features. With an integrated USB port, you can charge your phone on the go and keep in touch no matter where you are. 

Additionally, Gocycle’s new and improved low energy Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect with Gocycle’s exclusive app, which allows you to track journeys and customise your riding experience. We’d also recommend getting a running app to help track your movements outside of your electric folding bike.

Taking it back to basics, as well as the flash design and gadgets, the new G4 drive motor provides a smooth and quiet ride, reaching speeds of up to 20mph. It’s 3.5 hour fast charging battery provides a range of up to 40 miles. This e-bike is perfect for longer journeys at a steady speed, a great all round investment!

#6 - Volt Metro LS

Price: £1599.00

electric folding bike lightweight

The Volt Metro LS is a quirky looking, accessible, city-inspired electric folding bike that provides everything you need for a commute to work or a relaxed summer bike ride.

One of the more revolutionary features of this folding electric bike (UK) is its ‘low step’ feature, allowing smaller bike riders to hop on and off the folding e-bike easily with no embarrassing stumbles. 

Although it’s small in stature, this folding e-bike (UK) provides all of the power and speed you need to get from one place to another. With V-Wave drive technology, the Metro’s design ensures an efficient use of the torque and speed, all while maintaining the smooth ride you’d expect. 

This  also has 5 different pedal assist levels, taking riders to a top speed of 15.5 mph, and offering a challenge to even the most experienced cyclists. Check out our comprehensive guide to the cyclist’s nutrition plan if you’re serious about biking.

Not only does this electric folding bike have a bulky 250W power motor, it also comes fully equipped with a Panasonic battery that has a range of up to 40 miles. 

Despite having 20” wheels lined with extra thick tubing for puncture resistance, this lightweight folding e-bike is still easily foldable and transportable. With mudguards, lights, a basket rack and a sturdy kickstand, this hybrid electric folding bike is an ideal option if you’re looking to complete a journey in style.

#7 - Emu Mini Folding Electric Bike

Price: £850.00

folding electric mountain bike uk

Sometimes, we find ourselves short of space, and having a bulky electric folding bike isn’t ideal. However, that’s where the Emu Mini comes in.

The Emu Mini electric folding bike (UK) may be one of the smallest folding electric bikes, but it packs a punch when it comes to commuting. It’s an ideal option for those looking for an eco-friendly and relaxing mode of transport for leisurely days out, or for daily travels. 

Attractive, lightweight, and offering great performance quality for the cost, this is a great option for anyone searching for a hassle free, quick fix way to get around. It’s also incredibly compact, too, leaving more space in your home to create your own home gym.

As the name suggests, this electric folding bike folds down smaller than almost any other commercially available folding e-Bike in the UK, which is what really sets it apart from the crowd, but the powerful 5.2 Ah battery ensures you’ll never be short of power on your commute. 

And with a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge, you’ll be able to go further and travel quicker on this powerful yet small electric folding bike (UK).

Not to mention it’s road legal, so you can get anywhere and do anything without the environmental impact of a car, making this arguably the best electric folding bike in the UK for its price.

#8 - Brompton M6L Electric Folding Bike

Price: £3,215.00

electric folding bike review

Inspired by city life, the Brompton foldable e-bike has a stylish, urban feel. Available in a range of colours, the metro style foldable e-bike is as much of an accessory as it is a luxurious yet eco-friendly mode of transport.

Designed for city commutes and a fast paced lifestyle, this extravagant folding e-bike is not only for the concrete jungle, it can also speed up hills and cope with a variety of terrain, meaning it’s a perfect option if you’re seeking out a versatile electric folding mountain bike.

Pair this off-road riding with a pair of trail running shoes from OriGym’s comprehensive guide for maximum efficiency.

The Brompton brand is well known in the cycling world, with their folding eBike reviews off the charts in terms of popularity, aesthetics, and functionality. And every 5 star rating is completely warranted.

Not only do they excel in looks and features, the bike technology itself is cutting edge, featuring revolutionary M-type handlebars, mudguards, tyres that are designed for marathon racers, and powerful lights to keep you safe.

And all this is rounded out with a low weight - Brompton’s signature folding e-bike is extra lightweight (17kg including the battery), and comes with its own stylish luggage bag.

#9 - FIIDO D4S Folding Electric Bike

Price: £739.99

electric bike folding

It can be very frustrating to find the right balance of cost and comfort when it comes to folding electric bikes, but that’s where Fiido break the mold. Their signature D4S electric folding bike is an affordable, transportable and practical e-bike with everything you need for all of your commutes. 

The feature that’s most often mentioned in their folding e-bike reviews is the bike’s convenience, allowing the user to travel without the worry of parking spaces, public transport timetables and everyday nuisances. 

And with its 100% lightweight aluminium alloy collapsible frame weighing only 18.5kg altogether, it’s easy to see why they’re praised in their folding electric bike reviews (UK). 

This folding e-bike also has a great range of riding modes and preferences. You’re able to switch from pure electric to driving and electrical assist at just the push of a button. 

This electric folding bike’s 6-speed settings also allow you to set the pace and riding style that suits you, whether you’re a cycling beginner looking for a relaxing ride where you can listen to your cycling headphones, or an experienced biker seeking a tougher ride.

And all of this is powered by a mighty 250W motor that can swiftly take you up to speeds of 25km/h (15mph). 

The battery endurance on this folding e-bike is also great with 36V allowing a performance range of up to 80km (49 miles), meaning plenty of charge for daily commutes and trips away.

#10 - Hummingbird Folding Electric Bike Gen 2.0

Price: £4,495.00

best electric folding bike uk

The iconic Hummingbird folding electric bike is another five star product. Designed to be the ultimate city bike, it combines cutting edge technology with luxurious build quality and superb battery life. And with the second generation, they’ve produced one of the lightest folding electric bikes ever made.

Available in a range of colours, this simple yet popular electric folding bike design is powered by an all in one 250W motor system with a built in battery. This evolved design has 50% more torque and 20% more range, allowing you to travel for around 50km (31 miles) assisted. 

Perhaps what really sets the Hummingbird apart, and what the electric folding bike reviews (UK) focus on, is the ease with which you can set up and take down this luxurious yet small folding electric bike.

And when it comes to technology and gadgets, this electric folding bike (UK) does not fall short. With their custom-made ‘Bitride’ app, which allows you to connect with your bike, customise your riding experience settings, monitor speed and even charge via bluetooth. 

Furthermore, this high-tech folding electric bike has an innovative remote controlling system, allowing you to change settings whilst on the move, and even deploy a power boost.


Enjoying this article so far? We’ve compiled 3 more we think you’ll enjoy

#11 -  Raleigh Evo Electric Folding Bike

Price: £1,349.00

electric folding bike reviews

Raleigh’s Evo, one of the best folding electric bikes in the UK, is an incredibly stylish and high quality ride, combined with an affordable price. This folding e-bike provides the perfect balance if you are looking for both a practical, more traditional riding experience, but with the convenience of a compact and transportable way to travel. 

With 20” wheels and an easy folding mechanism, riders can pack their bike up within a minute, and be on their way. This can be easily stored in the corner of a busy office, in the boot of your car, or in a cupboard at home. 

Raleigh’s signature folding e-bike packs a punch when it comes to power, too, with a 250W removable battery which can provide charge for 30 miles worth of travelling. Raleigh are also incredibly safety-conscious, with an individual key to lock away the battery, and a smart control system which prevents the battery from overheating or overcharging, and prevents circuit cuts.

It’s among the fastest folding electric bikes on the market, too, thanks to a sophisticated TranzX motor system which delivers a smooth yet powerful ride. In addition, the bike also features a speed sensor which will automatically pick up when assistance is required, but if you’re a confident cyclist who’s had plenty of energy foods for breakfast, you can turn it off entirely.

So, if you are looking for a combination of safety, performance and practicality, this might be the best folding electric bike (UK) for you. 


#12 - Basis Hybrid Electric Folding Bike

Price: £789.00

lightweight folding electric bike

It can often be a tough task to find an electric folding bike that can handle both city life and rugged countryside terrain. 

The Basis Hybrid electric folding bike is a suitable option for those who seek adventure as well as commuting, and would be an ideal folding e-bike option for beginners just stepping into the world of folding electric bikes. 

Many people express that one of the annoying things about electric folding bikes is the wheel size, which can make it difficult to transport. Ultimately, you need a good balance between the practicalities of riding but also the ability to fold the bike up and out of the way. 

Basis’s hybrid folding electric bike provides the best of both worlds, with 20” wheels that can be folded away into nothing before your next commute across the city. And if you get caught in the rain while commuting, read up on safety tips with OriGym’s exploration of running in the rain.

Designed for city-goers and easy rides, the Basis hybrid is recommended more for work and day to day commutes rather than rocky road trips, meaning it’s not great as an electric folding mountain bike. 

However, the folding bike with an electric motor has a 250W engine, and a 9.6AH battery that can keep you electronically assisted for up to 30 miles on a single charge. And with a robust steel frame mudguards and powerful braking discs, you will be able to take on the city wind and rain with the Basis hybrid folding e-bike. 

#13 - Tern Vektron S10 Gen 3

Price: £3,700.00

lightest electric folding bike

Taking it up a gear, the S10 is a top of the range folding e-bike for those who like to ride in luxury. 

The company’s vision for this folding e-bike was to create an easy riding experience that can both speed up the morning commute significantly, but be easy enough to fit under the desk when you get to work. And we think they’ve done that.

As Tern Vektron’s lightest electric folding bike, the S10 comes fully equipped with the latest developments in folding electric bike technology, boasting a 10-speed gearing system, hydraulic disc braking, and a high performance line motor that gets you up to speeds of 15.5mph.

However, what really sets their lightest folding electric bike apart is its versatility and adaptability - it can easily be adjusted to suit multiple riders and rider experiences. This function makes the bike easy to share between family members, and means you’ll be able to get back in the saddle without a fuss, and even exercise together.

Explore more on the benefits of group exercise with OriGym’s complete case study and article.

The tyres on this small folding electric bike are also at the very cutting edge of technology, providing a durable, puncture-resistant ride that’s not only safe but smooth journey, even over potholes or cracked pavements.

And the ride technology doesn’t end there - this folding electric bike comes with a full control display, allowing you to switch between eco, tour, sport, and turbo modes on the fly, as well as displaying all the information you’ll need to know. 

#14 - Eelo 1885 14" Adults Folding Electric Bike

Price: £1,299.99

best folding electric bike uk

This compact electric folding bike with lightweight construction from Eelo is a small but practical e-bike that will provide a speedy trip to and from work, as well as a comfortable ride along the way. 

Perfect for storage, you can fit this lightweight folding electric bike into a carry bag - it weighs just 16.5kg, and folds down small enough that it can be comfortably carried onto a train or bus.

With their signature electric folding bike, Eelo worked tirelessly to produce a battery that can stand up to the strains of a difficult or undulating commute. And, with a partnership with LG, they’ve managed it, creating a battery management system that mitigates against straining the battery when travelling uphill or against force. 

The battery is positioned in the central tube which protects the battery better than most other e-bikes, and with a charge time of 4-6 hours, the battery can last up to 40 miles of travelling. 

Eelo go above and beyond with this lightweight electric folding bike though, providing a thumb throttle control, as well as completely customisable control over how much assistance they want from the battery and motor. The motor itself can power a ride with speeds up to 15mph. 

Not to be outdone by other bikes on the market, this small folding electric bike also has a multifunctional LCD display designed to display data from speed, battery charge levels and temperature. 

We’d suggest using a heart rate monitor to keep track of your own vital signs - read more in OriGym’s complete study of heart monitor effectiveness.


#15 - Oxygen GO! Unisex Electric Folding Bike 

Price: £1,149.99

electric folding mountain bike

Last but not least on our list of the best electric folding bikes is Oxygen’s Bikes flagship model, the Oxygen Go! One of the more technologically advanced folding e-Bikes on our rundown, the tech isn’t all that might attract you.

With an LCD console, positioned centrally on the handlebar, you can access and keep track of performance data as you ride, as well as charge your devices through the mounted USB port.

Built on a frame that uses a delicate yet durable alloy mix, this lightweight electric folding bike combines toughness with transportability, making it ideal for a busy morning commute on the train or bus. 

And all this superb construction comes coupled with performance, too. This folding e-bike has a 250W motor, 20” wheels and a 7 speed gear system. This, combined with it’s 36v battery, provides for a smooth and powerful drive reaching 15.5mph with a range of 30 miles. 

While it is one of the lightest electric folding bikes, it’s rugged, and suitable for any terrains. Make sure you’re prepared, though, with our selection of the best waterproof trail running shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve explored some of the best electric folding bikes in the UK, let’s answer some of the questions you might have, especially with a purchase as big as a folding e-Bike.

How Long Will An Electric Bike Last?

cheap electric folding bike

This is naturally a question you might have, especially if you’re opting for a more expensive from our list of the best folding electric bikes. Sadly though, there is no definitive answer.

As we’ve already explored, electric folding bikes are all different - they all have varying features, construction, and components that make them up. However, they will all have a battery, as that’s what qualifies them as folding e-bikes.

Generally, though, you can expect an average electric folding bike to last between 3 and 10 years. This is because the battery will usually be the first component to break or wear down to the point where it can’t hold a charge, although many modern electric folding bikes will use long-lasting lithium ion batteries.

Some companies will offer a warranty or guarantee period for a set length of time - our advice would be to always double check with the manufacturer to ensure that the folding electric bike you choose will suit how long you need it for.

However, the lifespan of your electric folding bike can also be dependent on what you’re using your folding e-Bike for. 

For instance, if you ride a particularly rough road to work, or are using a more traditional folding e-bike for mountain biking or off road terrain, other components (such as the suspension forks, or the frame itself) can break under the strain. In this scenario, we’d recommend opting for an electric folding mountain bike.

Are Electric Bikes Expensive?

lightest folding electric bike

Similar to the question we’ve just answered, there isn’t one definitive answer for this. Many different folding electric bikes will have different features that can often mean they increase their price tag, or can command a higher price because they offer something that other folding e-bikes don’t offer.

However, there are options out there when it comes to more affordable or cheap electric folding bikes, and it can be hugely important to follow a guide like OriGym’s to find a folding e-bike that suits your budget and your needs.

For instance, if you’re looking for an electric folding mountain bike, then you may need to opt for one that offers features that can increase the price significantly, especially as your choice of folding electric bike will need a more powerful motor and sturdy suspension.

Or, if you know you’ll only be using your folding electric bike briefly for a commute or short ride each day, you can opt for an electric folding bike that’s cheaper, and instead use the money to opt for other equipment that can augment your rides, such as a running water bottle or cycling shorts.

Is Riding An Electric Bike Good Exercise?

folding bike electric

You may be surprised to learn that riding an electric bike (even an electric folding bike) is a great form of exercise. Let us explain.

When you ride a folding e-bike, you’ll often be relying on the electric motor to power the wheels, and generate a lot of the forward momentum, especially when compared to a more traditional bicycle.

However, with a lot of electric folding bikes, you’ll still need to pedal at times. This is often done to charge the battery, or to complete easier parts of the journey (such as flat stretches of road, or gentle inclines), so that the electric motor can then be deployed to fully aid with difficult sections of your ride, such as steeper inclines.

This means that you’ll be utilising a lot of the same muscles that you use for cycling - we’d suggest incorporating some of the best arm stretches to ensure you’re full prepared - and therefore be completing a great (although less intense) workout.

Before You Go! 

With this guide, our aim was to provide you with everything you need to know about the best folding electric bikes on the market, meaning you can choose one that fits your needs and your budget.

Whether you’re aiming to start serious off-road cycling and are looking for an electric folding mountain bike, or you’re seeking to ease your commute with a cheap folding electric bike, OriGym’s list has all the options you need.

But if you are more serious about fitness, and want to elevate that passion, then a career in exercise could be your calling.

OriGym’s signature personal training courses offer the pinnacle of service, providing 7-days-a-week expert support, unlimited career guidance, a wide range of bespoke learning resources, and guaranteed post course interviews.

Download our FREE prospectus today, and explore what we offer, and how it could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Written by Katie Hammond

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Katie is a freelance content writer here at OriGym. Holding a first-class honours degree in Theatre and performance from The University of Leeds, Katie has a background in physical theatre, performance arts and cultural industries.

With experience in script writing and having worked for My Protein and My Vitamins, Katie has a keen interest in writing about health and fitness. She has a love for skiing and enjoys attending the gym and personal training sessions.

When not content writing or skiing down a mountain, Katie runs her own foodie blog and enjoys singing, song writing and performing.

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