23 Best Free Personal Trainer Software Options

free personal trainer software

If you’re looking for the best personal training software, we've curated 23 of the finest free software options for you to enhance your business!

In this article, we will cover:

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23 Best Free Personal Training Software

#1 - LegitFit

free personal trainer business software

LegitFit is ideal for a personal training business. It’s also suitable for a personal trainer working with minimal resources, all the way to a qualified tutor with a studio or small gym. 

The free package contains a stunning amount of features that’ll boost your business - starting with integrated payment processing. 

When you make money as a personal trainer, you want the payment process to be as simple as possible. Clients can pay you straight through this software, removing the need to exchange different payment information.

Removing this obstacle helps boost your service and reputation as well as saving you valuable time rather than fumbling through this administrative duty. 

This personal trainer software also features fantastic social media integration, allowing you to keep all your account links in one neat space. 

free personal trainer software online

Perhaps the most notable of the included services is Zoom, meaning you can easily video call your clients to maximise your communication with the ease of use that comes with this integration. 

This inclusion means you’ll appeal to a broader range of clients without the hassle of having to travel anywhere. You can simply advertise your digital workouts online and get started immediately with a variety of clients. 

This also often means you’ll earn more money, as zoom classes tend to be in larger groups. Clients who aren’t very technologically inclined won’t have to worry about managing separate services.

They simply begin the Zoom session from within LegitFit and can join easily through the dashboard.

#2 – The Workout Coach

personal training software free

With this personal training business software, you’re encouraged to grow your business beyond just working for yourself. The Workout Coach offers features to help you work with others and manage a team of trainers.

It's free for up to 5 clients, so be sure to start lightly and upgrade later if this is the software you’re looking for. 

This is ideal for any personal trainer or small gym owner who wants to expand their business to have a range of trainers working for them.

A clearcut ladder-styled table demonstrates the hierarchy you could create with this software. 

At the bottom are the clients whose respective trainers can enter their performance results with easy-to-use buttons and sliders. Above them is the trainer.

Users can add as many trainers to their team as they can handle and manage them accordingly.

personal trainer software free

Detailed reports from a client's workout will inform you of their performances. This way, you can see where they might fall short and where they excel so you can focus on how exactly you can help them achieve their individual goals.

They can log their details in on The Workout Coach app and you can access them just as easily. 

The app also has many useful widgets to create a dynamic workout experience for your client and give you more control over them if they’re training independently. 

For example, with a built-in timer, you can set alarms for a variety of reasons. You'll most likely find yourself incorporating this feature to time sets and intermittent rest periods in a ‘1 minute on, 30 seconds off’ type exercise. 

This reminder will help to get the best out of your client as you control their workout structure concisely which will reflect positively on your own performance as a coach.

As far as growing a business goes, this is among some of the best free personal trainer software out there.

#3 - 12 Handz

personal training software free

With 12Handz, you get access to a free digital marketing guide that’ll boost your business and make you the best trainer you can possibly be.

Selling yourself well and representing the skills required to become a personal trainer to attract attention online is vital in the modern age.

It's software like this that can give you an edge over competitors in the field by giving you totally free guides on key areas of online personal trainer marketing strategies, starting with online traffic.

With this free personal trainer software, you can learn how to divert traffic to your website or social media pages. This is necessary to attract more customers and get ahead of rival coaches.

Another key skill you’ll learn is customer acquisition. The software teaches you how to market yourself to a specific target audience directly. From there, you’ll learn how to take clients on board and more importantly, how to keep them!

online personal trainer software

A key benefit of using 12 Handz is the constant support you have access to. With how-to guides and hands-on help from experts and professionals, you never have to feel unsure of your next business move.

Taking advice from this round-the-clock team could be the difference between running a good training business and running a great training business, you just need to take advantage of this invaluable resource.

This free personal training software for trainers around the world also provides lessons on reputation management.

In this industry, it’s vital you have a good reputation. Even one negative personal trainer testimonial can dramatically impact the rate at which you gain new clients. 

However, if you have a spotless reputation, you’re far more likely to earn new clients over a peer who struggles with how others perceive them. 

12 Handz will help manage your reputation across review sites, social media and DIY listing services to ensure you’re getting all the clients you can.


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#4 – Trainerize

personal training software free

Using this free online personal training software is a great way to boost your career in the right direction. 

When considering software to use, it’s important and useful to see feedback and reviews from people who have or haven’t benefited from the service.

Well, Trainerize happens to boast some impressive figures. You could benefit from 3x the client engagement, a 154% increase in revenues, and even 50% year-over-year growth rate for the average user.

personal trainer software free

With this all-in-one software, you can manage and track your client’s data and assess their performances over long periods of time, to better understand the bigger picture and adjust goals for them accordingly. 

Standout features include the ability to get a 360-degree digital representation of your client’s physique. 

After you collect statistics, this rendering will show you what the client currently looks like and what they could look like if they successfully complete their SMART goals.

This projection is dictated by the target you set for your client and can change in real-time as you update their statistics and details.

It can also change in real-time if your client owns any wearable tech, such as an Apple Watch or Fitbit.

personal trainer software free

This can be integrated into the software and track valuable information such as heart rate and BMI.

Using this advanced projection technology can be incredibly inspiring for your client, pushing them on to achieve their goals and then some.

The free version of this software allows you to manage just 1 client, with an upgrade to 5 clients at £5 a month. You take advantage of the free version to see the benefits of the app before upgrading.

Alternatively, you can take a 30-day free trial with no strings attached to see how the software can help you with multiple clients.

#5 – PushPress

personal training software free

By using PushPress, you can have the total freedom and control to manage your clients the way you want, anytime you want.

This free personal trainer software is ideal for anybody with trainers in their employ, whether you’re a small gym, studio owner, or just the managing head of a group of coaches.

You can automate repetitive administrative tasks like posting updates or refreshing weekly workout plans to save you valuable time. 

This automation extends to the financial side of managing your business as the software can calculate your overall earnings within any given amount of time.

As well as this, payment through this free personal training software is quick and easy, with clients able to alter their payment details in a matter of minutes or less. 

online free personal trainer business software

Having this automated control over the finances of your business will help boost your revenue, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Changing your management software can be a hassle, having to manually transfer piles of data one client at a time. 

Fortunately, you can automatically transfer any established data you have directly into the PushPress system.

Simply send over your pre-existing information and it’ll all be reallocated on your new software in a matter of just a few hours, allowing you to use this time saved productively.

This software is also extremely easy to use straight after launch. Ease of use is something you definitely need to consider when reviewing software options. 

If you intend on using a choice like PushPress that encourages you to take multiple other coaches on board as staff - you need to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Luckily, you don’t need any training or advanced instructions to get started as it’s all relatively straightforward. 

If you’re still unsure, you can contact the customer service,  renowned for their quick responses.

#6 - Wix

free personal training business software

If you want the freedom to customise your own personal website with software that’s free and easy to use, Wix is the option for you. 

Having a site that acts as a central hub for all of your personal details, contact information, personal training options and social media links is a great way to appear more professional and attract clients.

Making a site look slick and cleverly put together is vital to make yourself stand out within the enormity of the internet. 

Luckily with Wix, you have access to hundreds of tools and widgets that can have your personal training site up and running smoothly in a matter of hours. 

It’s recommended you opt into the free tutorials the software provides so you’re fully comfortable with all of the more advanced features. Using their templates, you can make the best site possible that’ll market your skills appropriately.

personal trainer free software

Some of these advanced features include the ability to add purchasing options on your site, such as for subscription packages or merchandising.

By taking the time to learn how to use this feature and integrating it into your website, you can maximise your brand awareness by branching out into product sales. 

You could hand out personal trainer business cards, sell clothing and gym equipment featuring your official business logo, advertising your services wherever customers may take them.

This can also help with your image. With an official store, you’ll look more professional and enticing to a potential client that can’t quite decide on a trainer to go for. 

With something eye-catching like an online store, you could seal the deal for yourself and stand out from your peers.

#7 – Virtuagym

free personal training business software

This all-in-one free personal training software will help streamline your training business, especially when it comes to virtual training for clients at home. 

By scheduling your free demo, you can experience the perks that using this software will provide, starting with an included app for your clients to use.

With this, you can train students and perform live online classes that any number of clients can access at home. This is a great way to maximise the number of clients you can have at one time, giving you vastly more free time by pooling everybody into one session.

personal trainer free software

You can also customise the app to add your own brand elements in cohesion with any other branded assets you have as part of your business as this helps emphasise brand awareness.

This software also specialises in automating mundane administrative tasks. You can send, receive and process invoices with clients to save you the trouble of assessing finances every other day.

This will undoubtedly save a lot of time you can better use on the gym floor with a client or even by marketing your business to a wider audience. 

Virtuagym is also home to over 20 different types of software integrations designed to keep all of your business operating in one organised place. 

These include services like PayPal, Google Fit, and Fitbit which will help you to manage payments and keep on top of client’s nutritional information all at once.

You should check out the free demo and then decide whether or not to upgrade from there.  As a personal trainer, free software of this quality might even be worth upgrading.

#8 – FitSW

free personal training business software

This is the ultimate all-in-one, free personal training software for trainers around the globe seeking to streamline their business. 

The number of features present in this option is staggering, allowing you to take full control of your business and thrive. Some of the most prevalent features are the customisation tools, with which you can establish your brand and connect with clients efficiently. 

For example, every trainer is automatically granted a default style to the software complete with exercise templates, plans, and designs. You then have the choice to totally overhaul the aesthetics of the site your clients will be using to make it a little more you.

You can also quickly edit and customise workout plans for individuals or groups of trainees, allowing you to save time managing schedules.

Another outstanding feature is the automated results tracking technology. Gone are the days of manually entering a client’s results and formulating your own data charts to see the bigger picture.

free personal training software for trainers 

With FitSW, any given client can enter their own results which can be instantly converted into a chart or graph.

The metrics of this software illustrate just how popular a choice it really is among coaches - with over 1 million metrics tracked and 2 million workouts completed in over 100 countries, this worldwide app is definitely a safe choice!

Defining features of the software include multi-day programmes, allowing you to create tasks, workouts and nutritional goals to add to a larger program. 

The intention here is that you add smaller details onto long-term plans on a daily basis that appear when your client views the plan, this way they don’t get overly pestered by notifications.

This flexibility in tacking on details to larger plans enables you to make small course corrections to your client’s journey which will make all the difference.

#9 - WGER

free personal trainer software online

By using this 100% free, open-source personal training software, you can take advantage of cutting-edge nutrition plans and schedule organisation.

This web app software is ideal for replacing other forms of data logging (like spreadsheets), as it’ll keep all of your logs stored neatly in one easy-to-find place. 

Not to mention entering data is quick and simple, so it’s not something you need a ton of computer experience to fully utilise.

However, if you are extremely computer savvy, you can take advantage of the open-source nature of this software. Using ‘REST API’, you can actually integrate other software options into WGER. 

Essentially, this allows you to mix and match standout features of software across the web and even add in tools and widgets you’ve created.

free personal training software for trainers

This freedom of customisation is great if you know how to properly create or transfer digital tools, widgets and software.

Just as this software makes it easy to put data in, it also makes it easy for you to understand when everything is converted into diagrams.

With the use of the diary system, you can enter the specific details of your client’s performance such as their rep count, sets and weight.

Following this input, WGER transmits the information into flowcharts you can track anywhere from daily to annually. Another handy tool that’s included is the notes feature. 

You can mark down notes on these data charts and send them to your clients so they better understand your guidance as their personal trainer.

Free software with features like this shows all sides of the data. It's a good idea to highlight positive and negative areas, so they can be proud of their current achievements while also recognising places they can improve.

#10 – Nudge Coach

free personal training business software

With this free personal trainer business software, you get the freedom to create your own mobile app for clients to use.

Having the independence and tools to craft a unique experience, you can make an app that plays to your strengths as a coach, perhaps by including special offers on a variety of classes you’re qualified to teach. 

You're encouraged to deliver an engaging experience to clients through the use of Nudge Cards. 

With these customisable prompts, you can update your students with tips, guides or instructions on any matter of topics instead of taking them through a wordy online course.

These light prompts help boost client engagement and performance, as well as keeping constant communication between all parties. 

You can easily add images or graphics to your customisable cards too, so you can easily drive home the message you’re trying to send.

free personal training software for trainers

With all that said, what’s the point of acquiring a great personal training business management software if you don’t know how to use it? 

Well, every Thursday at 12pm ET (5pm UK time), you can tune into a live webinar to take you through the ins and outs of this software.

You can add upcoming sessions to your calendar to make sure you catch them live. If you can’t, don’t worry! The episodes are recorded and stored on the Nudge website.

Previous episodes have dealt with ‘sequences for 1-to-1 coaching’ and ‘programme planning templates’, and are definitely worth a listen. 

Improving your skills at successfully running your chosen software is vital to thrive in the industry, you need to get the best out of your experience.

Nudge is totally free for up to 5 clients, so make sure you take advantage of this free personal training software.

#11 - Gymvio

free online personal training software

This free personal training software is ideal for crafting your own unique workout and meal plans for clients

The interface here is really something special. It has everything a client could need displayed clearly on a neat tab, including necessary features for any personal trainer app such as appointments, packages and activities.

As this software is customisable, you can add or subtract tabs as you see fit. These tabs act as easy access for clients to get straight to the point of what they’re looking for, and help Gymvio to stand out as one of the best software options around.

However, where this software shines brightest is with the incredible nutrition builder you can utilise to create individualised dieting regimes for your clients.

free personal training software for trainers

With a database of over 260,000 foods to choose from, you’ll have no shortage of recipes and an awful lot of nutritional information to ensure you’re making the best choices for your clients.

The impressive interface is made even more so with the flexibility of the dashboard. You can totally customise the central hub of your business page, adding a wide variety of widgets and tools for clients to explore.

You can further customise this by saving particular dashboards and assigning different boards to individual clients, or by having one shared board for everyone.

This allows you to cut to specific needs of unique clients without them having to waste time searching for what they want.

Additionally, you can design the software to fit into your established brand and even create a website with your own subdomain. This means the software will serve as a hub for all things you.

Gymvio is free for your first 3 clients, so be sure to give it a try now and see if it’s the right software for you.

- - - - 

Enjoying our list so far? Check out some other personal training resources below:

#12 - Acuity

free online personal training software

Acuity is great for scheduling, giving you the freedom, flexibility and ease of use to truly excel in your field with this free personal trainer business software.

You can create your own live online calendar for your clients to view. With this, they can slot themselves into any free spaces you may have with the click of a button. 

You can allocate separate prices to separate classes, meaning you can charge more for a one-to-one session. This level of specificity allows you to craft a truly unique timetable you can alter on the fly.

This scheduling software also allows you to sync with other calendars you may have on your phone or laptop, meaning not only do you not have to start from scratch but also that this software is compatible with other services. 

free personal training software for training

You can actually integrate this scheduling software into your pre-existing personal trainer website, making this an extremely adaptable choice.

This adaptability extends far beyond compatibility with other apps. You can actually overhaul the whole design of the software to match your existing brand.

Further examples of integration are the inclusions of Zoom and Google Meet. With these video calling services, you can get in touch with clients with ease to discuss their progress or perhaps upcoming changes to your shared schedule.

free personal trainer software

Finally, if you think this software would be great but you’ve already got a host of other features on your own personal trainer website, you needn’t worry.

You can embed this scheduling software into your site, meaning you can have all the benefits listed here among your own personalised system.

You can control your time your way with this free personal training software, so be sure to start your 7-day free trial now and take it from there.

#13 – Magicline

personal trainer software free

As perhaps one of the largest packages available amongst free personal trainer software options, Magicline is an ideal choice when it comes to managing a large amount of people under your tutelage.

The free version of this software allows up to 100 of your clients data to be stored and managed using a variety of tools and widgets.

Any given client’s performance data is converted into charts and tables for you to get an overview of their accomplishments and manage their schedule to ensure they’ll hit their goals.

The analytics don’t just stop here either. You can analyse a whole host of different figures, most notably the utilisation of your classes.

personal trainer software free

The software shows you great details about the classes you provide, such as their popularity and attendance over a certain amount of time.

This is extremely useful as it provides you with valuable information on what classes you should double down on and what classes you could let go of.

You can also view the analytics of your finances and expenditures, getting a clear overview of your profit margin for any specified amount of time. 

online personal training software free

This information can help you streamline your spending and maximise your revenue by eliminating any unnecessary spends that pop up, all thanks to this free online personal trainer software.

Free standout features are that you can access clients online via Magicline’s own booking platform and grow your client pool with marketing tools. 

Here, you have your own page where you can highlight skills that set you apart from the rest of your peers. Potential clients can search for what they’re looking for and if you fit the bill, they can be in touch through a built-in messaging service.

With this, you get both marketing and management software for your training business, so you’re getting the best of both worlds.

#14 – Visibook

personal trainer software free

This powerful appointment scheduling software has everything you need to manage your timetable and keep clients in the loop.

You can automate messages to remind clients of their appointments via texts to minimise the chance of anyone not showing up. 

This saves you the time of having to individually go through multiple contacts as you can send messages to as many clients as you like.

While these reminders are transmitted through an SMS text, Visibook also features a built-in messaging service for strictly fitness related topics. 

This saves you the hassle of switching between your personal and business-related texts

free personal trainer software.

Customers book their own appointments in accordance with your online calendar using the free Visibook app. This eliminates the need to chase up clients individually and work around them.

Now you have the power to communicate with all of your clients at once and have them work around your timetable.

By downloading the Visibook app for your mobile, you can take your scheduling on the go. 

This means you can instantly adapt your schedule wherever you may be, rather than having to wait for a later time to notify your clients of any potential changes.

free personal training business software

This lends you transparency as a trainer, improving on your relationships with clients by being open and forthcoming with them. 

Communication is key to retaining trainees. Keeping them in the loop with potential changes as soon as possible is a great way to boost your credibility.

You can manage up to 25 clients with the free version of this app so give this software option a try and see if it’s the one for you!


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#15 - Everfit

personal trainer software free

Everfit is designed to automatically do the heavy lifting required to keep your business afloat. You’ll find a lot more spare time on your hands with this online personal training software.

Free users have access for up to 5 clients they can manage with a variety of useful services, one of which being the custom workout builder. Using the software’s dynamic interface, you can easily craft a set of workouts for your client within just a few minutes.

You can add descriptions, instructions, and even video footage to help your client understand the in-depth mechanics of the workout. 

This extra detail in your training service will help elevate both your professional image and performance greatly, so it’s a feature worth taking advantage of.

The macro tracking food journal feature is incredibly well made. You can view reports of your clients daily eating habits and analyse the chart provided. 

personal trainer software free

The details are broken up by food categories such as fats, proteins, and carbs. If a client has overdone or fallen short of their daily, weekly or monthly SMART goals, you can use this software to understand exactly where they’ve gone wrong.

You can then modify their goals accordingly with your fresh insight of their nutritional habits.

You can experience the peak of automation technology with the AutoFlow system. This remarkable tech will passively run parts of your business for you, allowing you to shift the weight from your back and let the software help.

You can automate pre-existing workouts, messages and even automatically contact potential clients. This is an option definitely worth your consideration.


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#16 - Ubindi

personal trainer software free

Ubindi is the ultimate all-in-one free personal training software for trainers and coaches. Being able to manage up to 50 students totally free of charge, you can really take this software a long way.

Firstly, it possesses a well-integrated payment system. You can take payments from clients through a credit card from anywhere in the world, so there’s really no limitation on where you can operate. 

You can even make payment optional or by donations. If you’re looking to throw on a few freebie classes you can do so easily!

Setting up a schedule is quick and easy, too. Just publish your calendar to your clients and they can book a class that works for them. 

While this is a pretty standard feature among free personal training software, it’s Ubindi’s data insights into your schedule that sets it apart.

online personal trainer software

With in-depth analytics, you can see where you may be going wrong with your scheduling and adapt your business model to improve.

For example, you can witness the attendance statistics for the last 30 days of your classes to get an overview of your success.

If you see low attendance, maybe consider mixing up your timetable to include more popular time slots. Through this software, you can also view reservations. 

This could serve as an insight into understanding what aspects of your training are most popular with your clients.

free personal training business software

If you have one particular class that always seems to have reservations, it’s clear this is popular amongst your trainees. This means it could be a good idea to add more classes of that type instead of other classes that often underperform.

You also have the freedom to implement your own business model when it comes to prices. By creating custom subscriptions, packages and bundles, you’ll be maximising the variety you have to offer as a trainer, therefore enticing a wider variety of students.

You can even add ‘punch cards’ designed to inspire loyalty among your clients. You can add any given number of classes or activities to your card then put it on a discounted sale, rewarding clients who take advantage of the system.

Do you want to expand your fitness knowledge? Here are some great resources to help you:

#17 – Science Training

personal trainer software free

The free version of this software is perfect for one-to-one training with athletes of a high skill level. 

Science Training is built to manage the specific needs of a variety of athletes in their unique fields. Naturally, this means the data collection and workout plans need to be much more advanced than they are for your average trainee.

It can take an especially long time to build a workout regime for an athlete but with advanced workout templates you can shave a lot of time off of your administrative work. 

With handy tools at your disposal, you can make training simple for your client as well as save you even more time.

online personal training software free

By using the colour-coding tool, you can colour code different training events per sport to highlight the diversity of activities you have on offer. 

The colouring also extends to being able to differentiate between upcoming and completed workouts.

This provides both you and your client with a visual representation of daily, weekly or monthly achievements.

In terms of a workout library, you can add and even create specific exercises and log them in your own personal library. 

This saves you the time of finding and reusing exercises all over again as you can curate your own collections that you can mix and match on the fly.

Another great tool is the intensity distribution function. With this scale, you can select how intense a week’s workout needs to be for your client and the software will suggest a number of workouts for you which you can select accordingly. 

online personal training software free

The automation of your set training plan is what makes Science Training standout amongst the options on our list. 

With this, you can have training programmes be automatically updated when a certain threshold is hit. 

This means you can pre-set a more difficult training schedule to automatically be given to your client once they start performing particularly highly. 

It might be if they lift a specified amount of weight or run faster than a certain time.

This means you can transition your client more smoothly onto greener pastures without having a delay in their training.

There are also plenty of advanced tools you can use for performance tracking. One of which is having your client rate the perceived exertion of their exercises. 

Using an emoji scale, athletes can rate how they feel their performance during the activity has gone, giving you the feedback and insight into their mindset as well as their physical wellbeing. 

#18 - Momence

free personal trainer business software

The free version of this software gives you access to most of the tools available, providing you with just enough to get a great experience without necessarily needing to upgrade.

Firstly, the software integrates incredibly well with other useful services that allow your business to become more dynamic. 

For instance, Zoom is one of the more prominent options you can take advantage of to boost your business with a little dexterity.

By syncing up with Zoom, you can start to teach virtually for clients to access at home and become an online personal trainer, all through one neat and tidy space provided by this software.

free personal training software for trainers 

This will attract a whole new demographic of clients to the table and provide you with a litany of benefits to boot.

Without having to consider travelling or finding a space, you can pretty much just get up and go on with your class at any time. You can do this regardless of obstacles like weather or travel distance, meaning more revenue for less inconvenience.

This all-in-one software also allows you to sell products. Selling branded merchandise is a great way to illuminate your business out in public. 

You'd be surprised at how many new clients you could catch by advertising your brand through customised gym equipment such as water bottles or sweatshirts.

It's an option to consider if you’re a personal trainer with a keen eye for marketing, as extra avenues for revenue are always a good thing in personal training software.

Free personal trainer business software options like this tick all the right boxes you need to succeed - be sure to install it and see the perks for yourself!

#19 - TempoKit

free personal trainer business software

This free personal training business software enables you to create your very own coaching app from scratch. Much like Wix, this option allows you to imbue a mobile app with your own branding, style and content just the way you want it.

The app is programmed for both Apple and Android devices, allowing you to expand your software to a larger range of people and get personal training clients.

The detail in customisation is great with this option. You can edit the layout, colours, and tabs as you’re able to fully develop the app that represents your services. 

These customisable features are all of course related to the formatting of the app but you also get just as much freedom when including your content.

You can add photos and videos wherever you see fit as well as custom exercise guides and training plans. 

free personal training software for trainers

Consistently adding more content is a great way to retain clients over long periods of time. Taking advantage of posting fresh content with the ease of use of this software is a no-brainer.

Increasing brand awareness is vital to thrive in this industry and a certified app on the App Store or Google Play Store is a great way to establish yourself. 

By promoting your business through online stores, you’re more likely to reach a wider audience of clients who are eager to hire your services due to targeted digital marketing by companies like Google. 

This is to say that if someone’s online history is relevant to your business, your app could be promoted to them as a product they’ll likely engage with.

Finally, you can even set up subscription services for members to view, freely deciding your payment plan according to your rules with this online personal trainer. Free to use app builders are hard to come by, so be sure to give this option a try. 

#20 – PT Distinction

free personal trainer business software

This all-in-one training software is an incredible management system you can take advantage of with a 30-day free trial.

Perhaps one of the best things about PT Distinction is the credibility the software comes with. Being the highest rated option across TrustPilot and Capterra, it instantly lends professional esteem to your training business.

With this option, you can totally customise an app and website to highlight your unique brand. This allows you to take the benefits of one of the best free personal trainer software choices around and combine it with your established aesthetic.

personal trainer free software

Following this, you can even integrate the top tier software into an already existing website you may have, providing a powerhouse of a membership site that’ll be sure to attract clients.

When it comes to the creation of your app, it doesn’t get much easier than this. Helpful widgets are just a tap away as you can reorganise the structure of your app in a matter of moments, and undo any mistakes just as quickly. 

The benefits don’t stop with extensive customisation. With this software, you get instant access to world-class marketing resources in a digital library filled with advice from industry experts.

online personal trainer software free

This allows you to boost your status as a trainer by simultaneously creating your own app and providing you with the appropriate resources to grow it to its full potential. 

Finally, the software allows you to build out your business in a scalable way so you stay in control of the tempo of your business at all times. 

You can scale your business up by offering courses and free trials or even scale it down by adding 1-to-1 specialised classes or personalised nutritional diet plans.

This free personal training software for trainers everywhere gives you the freedom and control to manage your coaching enterprise with incredible precision.

#21 – The Good Coach

free personal trainer business software

With this free online personal training software, you’ll get access to one of the best software options around when it comes to planning schedules and managing clients.

You can plan workouts for your clients far in advance, setting them up for a month’s exercise if you choose. On the other hand, you also have the ability to craft a daily workout plan on the fly to stay adaptable to any changes or obstacles your client may be burdened with.

Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to create a new schedule or alter an existing one. This means you can respond quickly to any issues that arise with a longer plan.

Through push notifications, The Good Coach keeps both client and trainer in the loop with one another due to the reliable messaging service. 

online personal trainer software free

While you'll be notified when you receive a message, you also have the option to be notified when a client has completed a given exercise so you can jump right into the analytics.

When it comes to analytics, there are few software choices that offer more in-depth insights than this. The software breaks down different metrics of data depending on the activity your client has performed.

For example, if you’ve assigned some long distance running, you can not only view the distance they ran and the time they did it in but also their average pace and heart rate.

This is due to the automated calculations of the software, allowing you access to more complex information that will in turn help you to further understand your client and their abilities.

The Good Coach features motivational tools to keep clients working to the highest level they can. 

By simply pressing the ‘like’ button on their live exercise, you’ll provide the support they need to get through a tough weightlifting set or experience the benefits of running uphill.

#22 - WeStrive

free personal trainer business software

If you want free personal training business software that lets you keep all your data in one place, look no further than WeStrive! 

This software allows personal trainers, studio owners, and gym owners to manage all their session schedules and bookings online.

WeStrive organises your billing, payroll, and receipts, allowing all finances to be exported as PDF or CSV files. 

By having all your data in one place, this makes it easier to get an overview of your situation and gives you simple access to everything you need.

free online personal trainer software

WeStrive has all the features required to grow and manage your business from your phone, whether you’ve only just become a personal trainer or have been in the industry for years.

Some of the features included in this piece of free personal training software are:

  • Programme Building
  • Automated Billing
  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Free Personal Tracking
  • Client Dashboard

As mentioned above, this free personal training business software allows you to build your own free website. Or rather, this will do it for you! 

Your own business website will come complete with features such as pricing, testimonials, contact information, and signup forms!

WeStrive is free to get started, without any sign up fees. You can also add your first client for free, meaning you won’t have to pay to access all of the other features on the software. 

However, adding more clients means you’ll need to pay, although this does come with a 14-day free trial.

#23 - EZFacility

free personal trainer business software

If you’re focused on managing small to midsize fitness centres or clubs, EZFacility may be a good personal trainer business software choice. This is a cloud-based fitness centre management software that automates schedules and tracks payments.

A few key features of this online free personal trainer business software include:

  • Payment processing
  • Trainer and membership management 
  • Equipment tracking
  • Fitness assessment
  • Commission tracking

The features of EZFacility do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on your customers and find more ways to get online personal training clients. Having software such as this allows you to spend more time training clients instead of working on difficult administration tasks.

Other benefits of EZFacility include:

  • The gym membership management feature allows clients to create membership plans, renewals, manage contracts, and track active members.
  • Improves efficiency of staff and trainers by automating scheduling, commissions, payroll reporting and tracking
  • Consolidates all revenue sources in one place to track memberships, point of sales and packages efficiently
  • Allows users to subscribe to the software on a “per user per month” basis

Even better, this free personal training business software allows users to request a free trial as well as an online demonstration, allowing you to test it before upgrading.


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Why Do You Need Personal Trainer Software?

free personal trainer business software

The main premise behind using personal training software is to help you not only in your day-to-day activities but also your monthly or even annual goals by streamlining your business, allowing you to reach your full potential.

Using software is also great for saving valuable time. Whether you wish to spend this time productively enhancing your business through personal trainer marketing strategies or just enjoying yourself to create a steadier work and life balance is up to you. 

Personal trainer software also serves to take the weight off of your shoulders as you don’t manually have to remember each client’s needs. 

You can store an incredible amount of information in different devices, from mobile phones to desktops. 

You should certainly consider using personal trainer software to enhance your business. As you’ll see, the list of benefits is immense!

Benefits of Personal Trainer Software

#1 - Transparency

online personal training software free

Being a personal trainer means you'll constantly be accruing different metrics of data for different people, meaning you need to be able to clearly see the bigger picture.

A huge benefit PT software can offer is the ability to overview your entire roster of client data and not get lost in the confusing details that may be prevalent when logging physical data.

Seeing and managing all of your clients information at once gives you more free time. You can spend this productively or use it for relaxation, allowing you to balance your life more easily. 

Transparency also matters when it comes to communication. Different software choices allow you to post updates and talk directly to clients around the clock. 

This maintains a transparent relationship that can help boost client retention. Be sure to look for free online personal training software that promotes transparency!

#2 - Accountability

online personal training software free

It's important to hold yourself accountable for client performances. Choosing the right personal training software is key to making this happen.

As their trainer, you’re almost always directly responsible for their results. You need to take the control and responsibility needed to transform their lives.

Holding yourself accountable for providing a better service than your competitors will also help boost your overall performance as a trainer. 

By constantly checking yourself to see if you’re working as hard as you can is a great way to keep a consistently high quality of service, helping you gain and retain clients.

#3 - Tracking Client Progress

online personal training software free

Using personal trainer software to track the progress of your trainees is perhaps the most valuable thing you could be doing to save time and boost your performance.

Juggling the progression of multiple clients without the proper software to manage it can be a nightmare at the best of times. 

A great solution to this problem is selecting software that divides client performance metrics into separate categories in the form of graphs, tables, and charts.

Not only will this drastically improve the organisation of your business (therefore giving you more valuable free time), it also gives you the clarity you need to hone in on specific details with individual clients.

This means you can seek to improve their shortcomings in a way you just can’t do without the help of charted data.

Utilising these tools will undoubtedly boost your performance as a trainer, so be sure to take advantage of software that includes features like these. 

#4 - Scale Your Business

online personal training software free

With the right personal trainer software, you can scale your business with precise control. 

By taking advantage of analytics and different streams of data, you can assess how well your business is performing and take actions to grow or shrink it depending on your goals.

For example, if your software demonstrates your online ads aren’t reaching many people, you can take appropriate action to scale your business up, creating more income and a greater livelihood.

This software can also be used to increase the scale of your business by compartmentalising what might otherwise be complicated processes, such as allocating different workouts to different clients.

You can now save time by using software that allows you to create workout templates to fit the needs of a group of clients, essentially allowing you to scale your business up by taking on more trainees with your newly found time.


What Apps Do Personal Trainers Use?

free personal trainer business software

It’s likely personal trainers will use a lot of apps throughout their career. Most commonly, they’ll use an app that has a built-in messenger service to stay on top of their communication duties and successfully manage the needs of their clients.

Other popular apps include unique home workout generators, where trainers can delve into databases of 1000’s of exercises and construct individualised plans for their clients. 

This is helpful as finding new exercises can help your classes stay fresh, meaning clients will more than likely stay with you for longer, improving your livelihood as a personal trainer.

Sometimes, the simplest apps can be the most effective. Anything that helps to organise your life is a solid suggestion, which brings us to calendar apps!

Staying on top of your schedule is one of the most important skills required to become a personal trainer

A good calendar app featuring push notifications to remind you of upcoming bookings and events is exactly what you should be using.

Is Personal Trainer Software Free?

free personal trainer business software

The short answer is no. However, while a great many are behind a paywall, you can often get access by taking advantage of a free trial period. 

This is a common promotion deployed by most mainstream software options, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Alternatively, you can actually scale your price with the package you select. For example, a premium package with extra features will be more expensive than a basic or even free package. 

So, while not all are free, there are certainly far less expensive options you could buy when it comes to personal training software.

Free options are hard enough to come by, so remember to always check for any deals and discounts to minimise your spending. 

Also, be sure to weigh up the cost of a software option with its content. You may get a great package for free with some software, but an expensive, subpar service elsewhere.

Before You Go!

Regardless of personal trainer software, OriGym’s Level 4 Sports Nutrition Course is ideal to take your personal training business to the next level and attract a wider range of clients.

Contact us today to find out how you can stand out from the crowd and download our course prospectus!

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