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23 Helpful Gifts for Cyclists (Buyer's Guide)

    So you’re struggling to find unique gifts for cyclists? Do not worry! OriGym have listed the top 23 gifts to ensure that your present is special to those who love to pedal the extra mile! 

    From lights to coasters we have got you covered to find the right gifts for cyclists in the UK! As winter is fast approaching, why not check out our useful Winter Cycling article

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    1.Astroplast Premium Kit

    Price: 12.99

    gifts for cyclists first aid kit

    If you are looking for a practical gift for keen cyclists then this  first aid box from Astroplast is fantastic value for money. It can be easily stowed away in a backpack for emergency purposes. This product is fantastic as it can be used for either indoor or outdoor purposes. 

    The kit comprises of an eyewash, ice packs, plasters, dressings, thermal blanket, scissors, variety of bandages, wipes and gloves. This is perfect for an on the go cyclist who if they do have an accident, they will be well equipped to stop any cut or graze!

    This product is a best seller on the market and for the price of £12.99 it’s one of the greatest gifts for cyclists in the UK!

    2.RearViz Bike Mirror

    Price: £24.00

    gifts for cyclists bike mirror

    If you are looking for gifts for cyclists, this RearViz wristband bike mirror is designed as a rear-view mirror. This makes the cyclist aware of what is behind them without the need of turning their head all the time.

    This is an especially good product for night cycling or rainy days. This mirror conveniently helps with a wider field of vision to what’s behind a cyclist. 

    This product can be stood on with a glove and can be tilted to a 30-degree or 90-degree angle which helps increase the field of vision to the cyclist. There is an elastic fastening belt that can be suited for both adult and children wrists.

    There is a handy storage compartment to place keys or coins which is handy for a cyclist who does not want to always go in their backpack to get their personal belongings. If you are looking for gifts for road cyclists, this product needs to be considered!

    This product is designed amazingly, so when the cyclist would want to check the mirror, the design eliminates any road vibration which gives a clear view of what’s coming behind.

    In terms of price, it’s one of the cheapest for the quality the market at £24.00, it’s definitely one to consider if you are looking for one of the best gifts for cyclists.

    3. Bouh SR600 Anti-Theft Bike Alarm

    Price: £95.00 (£20 off with OriGym discount code below) 

    One of the best gifts for cyclists who are looking to protect their gear is the SR600 anti-theft bike alarm from Bouh. 

    Not only does it come with a 600 lumen front light, which is rare amongst products of this kind, but it also has EasyPull technology that allows the user to activate the alarm by pulling the torch out from its base; it couldn’t be more simple to use! 

    It comes fitted with a smart motion sensor that will protect the bike from theft, and easily charges up when the torch is in use, meaning that there is no need to remove it from the bike to charge it. This means that the user’s bike is protected at all times, which makes it the ideal security device. 

    The torch itself has 5 lighting modes and delivers over 10 hours of running time, which is unbelievable considering that this isn’t the product’s main purpose. 

    It also comes with a unique serial number, so that no one else who owns the same product is able to unlock another of the same kind. Plus, the torch and the alarm are connected via an electrical connection to ensure that they are never left vulnerable to cyber attacks; you would struggle to find another product as secure as this on the market! 

    Use the OriGym discount code, 'ORIGYM' for £20 off!  

    4.Travel Survival Kit

    Price: £6.95

    gifts for cyclists travel survival kit

    If you are looking for gifts for cyclists in the UK then you have come to the right place, this amazing little gift will make them smile with high-quality products for any needed emergency. From an important teabag to a much needed Love Hearts for a sugar boost.


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    There is a handy pouch ideal for future use so it can be handily put in a backpack. There is a useful laminated card with the inventory listing with a description with tips and advice. This needs to be considered if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for cyclists!  

    The sweets can be assorted so it’s a great idea to have for people who want that needed sugar boost on their cycles! In terms of price, it’s one of the most unique gifts for cyclists at £6.95 which is an ideal price for under £10!  

    5.Daway Comfortable Bike Seat

    Price: £20.29 - £22.63

    gifts for cyclists bike seat

    This DAWAY bike seat has one of the best protection of the hip, it’s packed with high-density memory foam and the material has a non-slip wear-resistant texture PVC leather. This is a durable, comfortable bike seat and is one of the best gifts for cyclists who have everything! 

    There are 5 super bright LED’s, it is waterproof and is powered by a battery. There are 3 lighting modes which offer optimal visibility for safe cycling. If this gift is for a keen cyclist, they will know how hard it is to install a taillight. This is a great protection at night and to ensure safety.

    The front narrow sides allow thighs to move freely whilst riding. There is a dual spring rubber ball suspension in the bottom of the bicycle seat. This is definitely one of the best birthday gifts for cyclists!

    This means that it’s more stable, better protection and a stronger shock absorption effect! The hollow design enhances the breathability of the product.

    The universal design of the product ensures that it fits most bikes, it’s one of the ideal gifts for cyclists for men, women and children! This product also comes with a 1-year warranty which is fantastic! In terms of price, the product costs £20.29 - £22.63 which is a great price for a bike seat!

    6.Great British Bike Rides

    Price: £25.00

    gifts for cyclists bike rides book

    If you’re looking for one of the cool gifts for cyclists and if they’re looking for inspiration for their next bike ride, then this book has you covered!

    Dave Barter in his book discusses his journey of the British Isles and what the country has to offer. This book has 40 of the best road rides in England, Scotland and Wales. He writes about the most celebrated routes, toughest climbs and the most scenic routes.

    The author decided to pack up his job and hit road, clocking up over a 9000 mile tour of Britain to bring the best country rides this country has to offer. If you are struggling to find gifts for cyclists on Amazon, this book may be your answer!

    Each ride provides detailed route information, bespoke mapping and statistical breakdown in every detail to a committed cyclist requires. This book even has downloadable GPX files to help further navigation!

    In terms of price, if your loved cyclist has a kindle they can get the book at £13.00 whereas the paperback costs £25.00. Therefore this one of the best gifts for cyclists that money can buy!

    7. FWE Coldharbour 3.0

    Price: £25.00

    gifts for cyclists cycling gloves

    For cyclists who love riding in winter and autumn, this product is perfect for them! The palm part has a silicone-based material to ensure that the gloves are anti-slip. The back of the glove is windproof yet breathable at the same time! If you are looking for Christmas gifts for cyclists, then this product would be perfect! 

    The wrist design is made of elastic soft fabric, this means that this product is comfortable and flexible. The finger aspect of the glove has a new updated metallic electric screen touch mesh system. The product is durable and does not fade.

    The zipper on the glove can be adjusted to fit the size of the hand. The streamlined style means that whoever you give this gift to, they will definitely stand out from the crowd!

    In terms of price, it’s retails at £25.00 which is fantastic value for the use they will get out of it. If you are looking for cool gifts for cyclists, then this product has to be considered!

    8.Multi Tool Card

    Price: £6.99

    gifts for cyclists multi tool card

    If you’re looking for a gifts for cyclists who are women and men then this product is for you!  The 46 in 1, yes you heard it right… 46 in 1 multitool card! This product is the size of any credit card and this means it can be easily fitted in to a wallet or phone case.

    There is also a leather case that’s provided so this gift can be put in a wallet, pocket or backpack so it’s perfect for any on the go cyclist. The multi-tool card has many functions and is perfect if a cyclist comes to any trouble with their bike.

    In terms of price, you won’t find many products on the market that does 46 things in 1 product and at £6.99 it’s definitely value for money! If you are looking for cheap gifts for cyclists then you have come to the right place.

    9.FWE Multi Tool Kit

    Price: £9.99 

    gifts for cyclists multi tool set

    If you’re looking for great gifts for cyclists, this product from FWE has got all the bike helping capabilities to help any keen cyclists if they have an issue. This can fix most problems of a bike and is perfect for a travelling tool kid. This can also do any basic maintenance work on the bike as well!

    The multi-functional properties of this product is fantastic, with 9 pieces of equipment all stored into one place, you know you’re definitely getting value for money. The fine workmanship of this tool kit means that this is definitely made to last. If you are looking for good gifts for cyclists, then you are most certainly, in the right place.

    This product is compact and very easy to carry, it can be easily thrown into a backpack or a pocket for any long journey on the bike. There’s an additional nylon belt loop on the back of the pouch which means that it can be round worn a waist.

    With this product, it comes with multiple allan keys. In terms of price, it costs £9.99 dependant on contents of the product and design! It’s definitely one of the gifts for keen cyclists to consider!  

    10.SealSkinz Waterproof LED Beanie Hat

    Price: £35.00 

    gifts for cyclists led beanie

    This knitted hat by SealSkinz is fantastic especially if you’re struggling to find Christmas gifts for cyclists in the UK, this product could be the one for you!

    It has an adjustable and has 4 built-in rechargeable LED lights which is incredibly handy when holding a torch can be annoying. The product is simple to use with a nice and easy on and off button and is waterproof!

    It’s essential in the cold to wrap up warm and as the temperature drops in autumn and winter, this will  keep warm when anyone goes out night riding. As mentioned earlier, this could be a great Christmas or even one of the best birthday gifts for cyclists.

    In terms of price, it costs between £35.00 and comes in a choice of 2 colours so you definitely can pick out their favourite colour! If you’re looking for gifts for cyclists for men or women! This product is the one!

    11.FitNation Foam Roller

    Price: £12.93

    gifts for cyclists foam roller

    If you’re struggling for gifts for cyclists for women and men, then this foam roller is a fantastic product who clock up miles on their bike! This product will banish any muscle pain quickly. These tender muscles need to be looked after and this product elimates the pain and is listed as the number 1 best seller on Amazon. 

    The pre workout stretch is always important before any ride and this will be the perfect present for cyclists as it would prvent injuries and allows cyclists to train harder. This product can also be used in post workouts to aid recovery, one of the ideal gifts for road cyclists as recovery is key!

    The trigger point on the foam roller is a very clever piece of fitness equipment, therefore Fit Nation provides an insightful ebook to help any cyclist gain as much use from the foam roller as possible.

    In terms of price the product is currently on sale at £12.93 and comes in a choice of 6 colours which means you can pick your favourite colour for your much-loved cyclists. If you’re looking for cheap gifts for cyclists then this product should be purchased as it’s definitely value for money.

    12.VeloChampion Cycling Skull Cap

    Price: £10.95

    gifts for cyclists cycling skull cap

    This lightweight skull cap for VeloChampion is a fantastic product as it’s breathable and windproof which can be worn under a helmet in cold winter conditions.  There is enhanced thermal protection from any cold wind to protect a cyclists head. This would be one of the best Christmas gifts for cyclist in the UK as winter is fast approaching! 

    There is a multi panel design is also extended at the back to keep necks protected from the cold. This means it provides a good tight fit so a cyclist does not have to keep adjusting the hat.

    The thermo fleece-like material helps wick sweat away from the head which is essential to prevent any drastic changes from uphill climbs to freezing downhill descents. Due to the warmth of the material, it’s perfect for winter cycling and generally, one of the great gifts for cyclists.

    In terms of price, it costs £10.95 and although it only comes in black, it’s the number one best seller under the category of men’s cycling beanies.

    13.HeroBeam Double Bike Set

    Price: £17.97

    gifts for cyclists bike lights

    If you’re looking for gifts for keen cyclists then you are in the right place! The LED front lights are adjustable in light strength between 80 to 200 lumens and are designed to light up the right ahead without blinding the traffic in front of the cyclists.

    The front lights are made from aluminium billets and are strong yet lightweight and even weatherproof! The types of beams include high, medium and strobe to ensure all types of weather and time of day is covered!

    This easy simple and quick fixing device, this can be removed again in seconds for security. The front lights then become cool and compact yet powerful hand torches. This product comes in two and means that the bike can be seen at all sides!

    The product also comes with a 5-year warranty and a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. In terms of price, it costs £17.97 and it’s definitely one of the good gifts for cyclists to consider!

    14.Sugoi Classic Gloves

    Price: £17.18

    gifts for cyclists fingerless gloves

    If you are looking for gifts for cyclists in the UK, then look no further! These cycling gloves from Sugoi are packed full of features usually found on fingerless sports gloves costing two to three times as much. 

    The lightweight fabric, padding, cut and design have been thought out brilliantly and this product offers one of the most comfortable and robust mitts that’s been made!

    There is a well placed padding on the thumb and palm to relieve any stress on the forearm. This product is ideal for either road or mountain bike handlebars. This product would be one of the best Christmas gifts for cyclists as it can be used as a stocking filler!

    The lightweight fabric disperses heat quickly on long bike rides. This can be one of the great gifts for cyclists who have everything due to its practicality!

    This product has reflective piping on the back of the hand which increases visibility on evening and night rides. The textured feel on the product offer any additional grip. T

    In terms of price, it’s one of the best on the market as it costs £17.18, this is depending on size and colour. Sizes differ and is true to a size between small to extra large and can be chosen of the colour black. 

    15.Rehook chain gadget 

    Price: £12.99

    gifts for cyclists Rehook

    Rehook is an ingenious product as the worst time for a cyclist chain to fall off, this product will get a bike chain on the bike without the mess! It only takes 3 seconds so it’s an ideal present for any keen rider for basic maintenance and repairs. If you are looking for unique gifts for cyclists, this product has to be up there.

    Rehook also can easily attach to a bike so it’s always ready when a cyclist wants to use it. It’s great for commuters, mountain bikers, road bikers and triathletes! The weight of the product is only 20G so it won’t hold anyone back! It’s a great gift for men, women or children! 

    In terms of price, it’s currently on offer at £12.99 and due to the practicality of this product, it’s definitely value for money. This is definitely one of the best gifts for cyclists to consider as it would save cyclists time from getting their hands grubby on the chain!

    16.Apeman Action Camera

    Price: £32.79

    Gifts for cyclists apeman camera

    If you’re looking for an alternative to the market-leading company GoPro, the Apeman action camera has a professional 4K/30fps video and a 16MP image with a built-in anti-shake feature. A lot of gifts for cyclists on Amazon can be daunting however due to the great value of the product, you’re definitely on to a winner!

    There is a 2 inch screen and a 170 degree wide angle lens, this product offers cyclists to keep footage stable and smooth on any bike ride! There’s a downloadable app that can be put on a phone or tablet which can be connected to the Apeman A77.

    This cool gift for cyclists has a camera that supports time-lapse, looping video, burst photos and continuous lapse. This means that this gift will be more fun making the film and bring more options to your favourite cyclists. 

    The Apeman action camera includes a 2.4G remote control and 2 rechargeable batteries with a waterproof case and multifunctional mounting kits, which enables a cyclist to attach the camera to the helmet, bike or wrist!

    This product has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty as well! In terms of price it costs £39.99 and in comparison to the market leaders GoPro you are saving yourself over £100+ so it’s definitely one of the most fantastic gifts for cyclists. 

    17.Personalised Tote Bag

    Price: £11.00

    gifts for cyclists tote bag

    This personalised tote bag is a must for any keen rider! It’s 100% natural cotton cycling-themed bag is perfect for any cyclist who wants to make a fashion statement! If you’re struggling to find gifts for cyclists who are women, do not worry this product will have you covered!

    You can customise the bag to the person’s name your gifting this too and it’s one of the best gifts for cyclists who have everything! In terms of price, it costs £11.00 and for that price, it’s hard to find the quality of make and personalisation at that price!

    18.720Dgree Travel Mug

    Price: £22.37

    gifts for cyclists travel mug

    This product from 720Dgree is perfect for anyone who is always on the go, it’s definitely an eye-catching gem for every coffee and tea. This product is 100% BPA free which is fantastic!

    The travel mug is handy instead of bulky which is perfect for, on the go, there are a practical 1 click lids. This would be one of the best gifts for cyclists who are men or women! 

    The mug can keep hot drinks for 5 hours long and keep cold drinks for up to 9 hours which means a cyclist will always have the perfect temperature throughout their journey. There’s a vacuum double-wall design to ensure any liquids will be stored safe and most importantly, have no spillages.

    Using a travel mug will actively contribute to reducing waste production of disposable coffee cups. This is a unique idea for cyclists as this helps with reducing single-use plastics and be a money-saving technique as many coffee shops offer discounts if you bring in a reusable cup!

    You will also get a choice of 7 colours and prices range between £22.37, in terms of saving for the loved one you are getting this for, this product is definitely worth value for money. If you’re looking for gifts for cyclists, this product has to be shortlisted as one of your choices!

    19.Personalised Coaster

    Price: £3.75

    gifts for cyclists coasters

    If you feel like your loved one is a keen cyclist then this product is for you! This unique gift can be personalised to your loved ones name! All that needs to be done is to edit the text and there you go! This has to be one of the gifts for cyclists who have everything as it’s something unique and quirky!   

    The high gloss coaster has an easy clean surface and a wooden back to ensure the longevity of this product. In terms of price, it may seem quite expensive for 1 coaster at £3.75 however the quality of the product is fantastic and definitely one of the unique gifts for cyclists to purchase!

    20.Science in Sport Drink Bottle

    Price: £5.00

    gifts for cyclists SIS sports bottle

    If your loved one has a bottle holder on their bike and does not have a bottle, why not purchase this SIS 800ML water bottle. Its large capacity ensures that cyclists will be able to take all important fluids whilst they are pedalling hard. 

    On the bottle, there’s markings to state how much powder that should be put in with the amount of water that needs to be added. If you’re looking cheap gifts for cyclists, this product can be the one!

    In terms of price, there’s an offer on the transparent one for £3.99 and the wonderful lemon yellow for £5.00! If you’re struggling to look for a practical gift, then the SIS drink bottle would be their perfect companion.

    21.Gerber Multi Tool Pliers

    Price: £39.99

    gifts for cyclists gerber pliers

    If you’re looking for gifts for cyclists in the UK, Gerber has released a multi-tool plier set which has everything a cyclist needs in terms of tools. The product has up to 12 functions in just one product and comes with a handy pliers for those pesky night repairs.

    The product also comes with a nylon belt pouch where both tools fit perfectly allowing a cyclist to take it with them anywhere and with the knowledge that it will be safe and secure. The multi tool appliance is made out of premium stainless steel which includes a swiss army knife!

    The product is made to such high standard that the company Essence believe that it will last for multiple years! They even guarantee a lifetime warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee if you or the person you gift this for is not satisfied.

    In terms of cost, the product costs £39.99 and with the versatility of the product, this essential survival kit tool is definitely value for money. This could be one of the potential gifts for cyclists to consider!

    22.Muc Off Cleaner

    Price: £10.99

    gifts for cyclists muc off

    This bike cleaner for muc off is the number one bestseller in bike cleaners and this product cuts through grime while protecting the bike's colour! It’s the only bike cleaner with state of the art technology the penetrates dirt, oil and grime and gently break it down for the best clean. 

    The unique formula contains anti-corrosion inhibitors that leave nanolayers for extra protection!  This product is safe on all components and finishes, carbon, aluminium and will not harm seals or dis brake pads. This product is suited to all bikes, from road bikes to endurance bikes, this product has you covered.

    In terms of price, it ranges due to the bottle size so prices start at £7.00 - £62.04! If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, this product is definitely the one!  This could be one of the best birthday gifts for cyclists due to its practicality! 

    23.ProBikeTool Mini Ratchet Tool Set

    Price: £22.79

    gifts for cyclists ratchet tool set

    Pro Bike has created this brilliant tool kit to help any cyclist back on the road if it has broken down. The product is made of quality stainless steel material with reversible drive. This is the perfect kit as it’s convenient and easy to store away. The tool kit can easily be placed in a backpack as it’s small and compact.

    The usefulness of this product is second to none! It has 10 tool bit extenders so whatever the issue with the bike, this is one of the best gifts for cyclists due to its practicality!

    There’s a useful 6-month warranty on the tool kit and return policy as well, if you have any questions or concerns about the product, let them know and they’ll be happy to replace it for you!

    In terms of price, with the high quality make and the amount of usage a cyclist will get from this product, it costs £39.99 and worth every single penny!

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