27 Useful Gifts for Runners (2022 Buyer’s Guide)

gifts for runners

Finding the perfect gifts for runners in the UK can be hard. With so many items online and so many reviews to devour, you want to find an article that will list only the best products out there, and that's exactly what OriGym have done!

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to see the definitive list. Also if you are interested in fuelling your workout, why not check out our list of the Best Running Gels.

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1.More Mile Men’s Running Socks

Price: £10.00 

gifts for runners moremile running socks mens

If you're trying to find a gift for a man who is very keen on running, these socks are a perfect gift for marathon runners!

This pair of socks has been ergonomically shaped to fit your feet perfectly. They're also made with a special sweat-wicking material to help keep your feet dry and aid comfort whilst going on those long runs.

The socks are designed specifically for the comfort of the runner, or anyone who is using them for exercise. They're definitely a thoughtful gift for runners who are men! 

Also, they're perfect for people who want to wear comfortable socks just for leisure. 

In terms of price, it’s currently on sale at £10.00 which is a fantastic price considering you get 5 pairs of very high-quality socks. If you’re looking for the best gifts for runners who are men in the UK, then this is definitely up there!

2. Rockay Accelerate Running Socks

Price: £14.50

best gifts for female runners

An award-winning product designed to feel minimal, these running socks aid performance through their cushioned and supportive fit. Designed with running-lovers in mind, these socks feature anti-odor and sweat-wicking technologies that keep feet comfortable, dry, and smelling fresh.

These running socks even come with a seamless toe to aid anti-blister protection, as well as a blister-free guarantee. The brand is so confident in its product that it even offers to refund or send a new pair to customers that disagree with this claim!

They have tons of 5 star reviews on their website, with one customer sharing:

“These have quickly become my favorite socks for running. Roads or trails – sunshine and heat, or cold, or creek crossings, or sloppy mud – they have taken the worst conditions and kept my feet in great shape. Super comfortable with just enough cushion.”

If you want to do your part for the environment, or you’re buying for somebody who shops sustainably, these socks are made with regenerated and recycled fabrics, plus Rockay remove 13 bottles of plastic trash from the ocean for every pair of socks they sell!

3.CJ&M Running Tags

Price: £8.69


This gift is an unusual gift; stainless steel running tags with a motivational message written saying ‘When your legs get tired, run with your heart.’ This is a great motivation for both men and women who are into running! 

Even in hard times, reading these tags on those hard runs will help the person you gift this to with finding that extra motivation. The tags certainly count as some amazing and unique gifts for runners! 

The trainer tags are perfect for cross country, track teams, trainers and coaches alike, and they're a fantastic gift which aids happy running or training. You can be assured that the trainers will stand out from the crowd! They will be a perfect gift for runners who already have everything else that you could think to gift to them. 

This gift can be perfect for family, friends or your partner on Valentine's day… basically for any special occasion! They're definitely one of the coolest gifts for runners to consider.  In terms of price, they currently sell for £8.69, so if you’re looking for a bargain they're definitely up there!

4. United Medals ‘Because I Can’ Medal Hanger

Price: £33.00

top gifts for runners image

If you’re looking through the category ‘best gifts for marathon runners’ in search of a creative gift, then you really can’t go wrong with this sports medal hanger.

This product allows the runner in your life to proudly display upto 48 medals on a wall mount frame.

There’s no fuss with this product as it comes with all the necessary screws, wall plugs, and spacers to ensure that installation is quick and easy.

We loved it’s stylish stainless steel finish as it gives the product a really high-quality feel. 

This really one of the top gifts for runners, available in a range of finishes and quotes to ensure that you’ll find the perfect gift.

This particular medal hanger comes with an inspiring slogan ‘Because I Can’ but other options include ‘Run The World’, and if you’re looking for gifts for female runners ‘She believed she could, so she did’. 

5. ON Running Cap

Price: £32.00

gifts for runners on running cap

This running cap is a fantastic gift if you’re looking to buy gifts for runners under £50.00. It is made from a 100% polyester material which is soft and breathable. There’s also anti UV coating and waterproof coating as well! The hat itself will not change shape or discolour in any way.  

There is also a widened sweatband which helps increase sweat absorption capacity. The cap is one size adjustable, making it suitable for anyone. 

By applying super light and moisture-wicking fabric, there’s also an integrated design which aids you for feeling cool and comfortable. if you're looking for best gifts for runners, you have definitely come to the right section of the article! 

In terms of colour, it comes in a fantastic 3 colours so there’s plenty to choose from and it’s one of the perfect gifts for male runners and a great gift for women runners who like the outdoors.

6. Wyldsson Vegan Protein Powder

Price: £25.69

vegan gifts for runners UK

Protein powder probably wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when you thought about the best gift to give your runner friend, but protein supplements are actually a pretty practical gift for anybody who is interested in health and fitness. 

With 20 grams of protein in every serving, this product is a great way for fitness fanatics to reach their daily nutritional requirements. We really rate this protein powder as it's made from all-natural ingredients and unlike a lot of other brands, it isn’t artificial-tasting and mixes well - meaning it doesn’t have that gritty texture.

Check out our article on the best protein shakers to pair with this gift!

The fact that this protein powder is vegan and gluten free also means that this gift is suitable for pretty much anybody, regardless of their dietary requirements. 

If that wasn’t enough, this protein powder is also packed with Vitamins, high in Iron, Zinc and Potassium, and contains 5 grams of Fibre.

The only downside of this product is that you have to choose their Vanilla or Chocolate flavours (unless you want to gift one of each!).

7. Fitbit Charge 3

Price: £141.33

gifts for runners Fitbit charge 3

If you really want to splash the cash with your loved one, why not get them a FitBit Charge 3? It’s built swim-proof and water-resistant to 50m, the charge 3 has to be one of the best gifts for marathon runners! 

With the battery life of up to 7 days, Charge 3 keeps insights and inspiration for day and night. Of course, battery life depends on the amount of usage it is getting. It is one of the best gifts for runners who are men or women!  

There is a 24/7 heart rate monitor to track calorie burn, optimise workouts and uncover health trends that inspire the person you love to improve their health and fitness goals.

The Fitbit Charge 3 automatically recognises runs, swims, sports and records them for you in the Fitbit app. If you're looking for one the best gifts for runners, Fitbit Charge 3 has to be considered! 

You can also track sleep quality and get insightful information about each night and set sleep schedules and reminds to actively work towards a routine. This is a great gifts for runners! 

In terms of price, of course it’s an investment for any keen runner who has a fitness tracker but wants to upgrade, or, for someone who wants to track their physical activity! If you're looking for gifts for runners who have everything but do not have a fitness tracker, the Fitbit Charge 3 has to be the go-to choice.

The price is £141.33 and has a choice of colours so you can get the perfect tracker for your loved one!

8.Physix Gear Sports Roller

Price: £13.22

gifts for runners massage roller

We all know the aches and pains after a long run, with the Physix massage roller, it will help with recovery time! This product fits into kit bags easily, robust and water-resistant. This massage roller stick is sturdy, non-squeaky and durable to last. it can aid with releasing compressed nerves knots and achy joints!

The design of the roller has special trigger points to target those sore muscles. The way it works means it prevents any spasms or cramps by decreasing lactic acid buildups through deep reach into the muscle tissue. This is one of the perfect gifts for runners who are female!

With this gift, your loved one does not need to spend endless amounts of money on massage therapists or masseuses for the same results at home. This is a cost-effective method of relieving those aches and pains from running and there’s a free eBook guide. This is one of the best gifts for runners who are men in the UK!

What’s fantastic about the product is that if you or the person you are gifting this roller for is not happy with the purchase, the company will be able to replace or refund you. Which is a fantastic idea to keep customers happy.

In terms of price, it’s definitely worth the money as the RRP is £13.22, if you're looking for unique gifts for runners, this product needs to be considered! 

9.Menkind Bluetooth Beanie

Price: £25.00

gifts for runners bluetooth beanie hat

This may seem like one of the funny gifts for runners, however if you’re looking ahead to the change in seasons or if you have someone’s birthday coming up, this Bluetooth beanie from MenKind is fantastic! Specifically designed for winter, this can keep your head warm whilst providing your favourite music through the headphones. 

There is the later Bluetooth technology that is very easy to use, just simply pair your Bluetooth device to the hat and this gift is ready to go.

The sound quality is amazing, its crystal clear quality which means if this hat is on the run, your loved one will enjoy the crispness of the vocals! The battery life is very good considering it’s in the hat, there’s a 6 hour battery life. It’s also charged with a micro USB cable. This is definitely one of the great gifts for runners as the battery life lasts for a significant amount of time!

In terms of price, it costs £25.00 depending on design, however, it is worth the money if you’re looking for gifts for runners for men, it's definitely great to buy! 

10. Sweaty Betty Power Headband

Price: £7.00

gifts for runners female

This headband comes in 4 different colours and has a discreet gap to fit a ponytail designed to hold hair nicely in place.

This product is breathable, quick drying, and sweat-proof meaning you can wear it with confidence while running. Made of a stretchy and supportive fabric, this is a great gift for runners who want to remain comfortable while exercising. 

The product can be used for keen runners and joggers but also for hiking, cycling, trekking, and pretty much any other sport or activity. 

In terms of price, it is a very reasonable £7, which we would definitely say it’s worth!

11.MPow Running Armband

Price: £8.38

gifts for runners mpow running armband

You may think this counts as one of the funny gifts for runners due to its name, however, if you’re looking for the number 1 best seller in running armbands, MPow is the one. This has 2 regulating slots that can be fully adjustable and it also comes with a hand extension strap. 

On the strap, it allows easy access to all buttons, ports and functions. This product offers full-screen coverage yet, you will still retain full touch screen functionality. There’s a fantastic built-in hidden key pouch that will help you minimize carrying extra things on your workout! If you're looking for gifts for marathon runners in the UK, this product needs to be considered. 

This product is made out of lightweight, breathable neoprene and lycra materials which makes Mpow soft and durable. This means that this gift is perfect for runners as it provides superior comfort and protection that wicks, dries and breathes quickly and can be wiped clean.

There is also a reflective strip that is wrapped around the protective screen, if your friend or family member decides to go for a night, you can be certain that with the armband it will provide better visibility at night! if you're looking for the best birthday gifts for runners, this product needs to be purchased! 

In terms of price, it’s a very good price at £8.38 which means that it qualifies as one of the best cheap gifts for runners!

12. CoreBalance Foot Roller 

Price: £4.99

gifts for runners foot roller

If you're looking for gifts for men runners, this foot massage roller from H&S is made out of high-quality PU and TPE material. This is non-toxic to skin. The grooves within the device create a deep tissue massage to aid pain relief from plantar fasciitis. 

The contoured roller provides full contact with the sole of the foot, the foot roller offers muscle and deep tissue massage for arch pain, heel spurs reliever and the most important of them all, tired feet! This is perfect as one of the gifts for marathon runners in the UK to consider! 

This product is lightweight and extremely portable, this gift is perfect for anyone on the go and can be taken with you anywhere!

In terms of price, it cost £4.99 and as it’s a great product to help with plantar fasciitis. This has to be shortlisted as one of the great gifts for women runners! 

13. Proviz running backpack 

Price: £44.95

gifts for runners running backpack

If you’re looking for a running backpack for your loved one, why not have a look at this product from Proviz, it’s has a tear-resistant nylon fabric. It can be used as a drinking bag which is very handy for keen runners. There’s a special hole design for the water bladder however this is not included. 

There is adjustable shoulder straps and waist straps that fit perfect for runners. This is suitable for both men and women. The look of the bag is very sporty and it is big enough to fit an extra jacket, a mobile phone and keys for the journey.

The reflective strip on the shoulder straps ensures that even when you are running you are safe at night to vehicles. This backpack can be used as a faithful and versatile companion for short runs and long runs.

In terms of price, it’s one of the best on the market! It costs £44.95 and it’s a perfect gift for a runner under £50.00.

14. UnderArmour Men Compression Leggings 

Price: £25.00

gifts for runners mens compression leggings

These compression leggings from Under Armour is one of the well-known brands in the compression leggings world. This has fitted with dual compression cold gear construction which helps keeps people dry, comfortable yet still warm. It’s perfect for all sports and perfect for keen runners. 

The ergonomic seams and stretch fabric which provides a natural feel, the non-abrasive fabric material with excellent elasticity and durability. The flat seams ensure ultimate comfort for runners. 

The compression shorts help bolster muscle support and increase circulation. In terms of price, it retails at £25.00 and are available in a selection of 3 colours.

15. Nike Running Water Bottle 

Price: £8.99

gifts for runners nike water bottle

If you’re looking for gifts for on the go people, this is a reusable eco-friendly plastic bottle. This product comes with a leak proof top and practical nozzle which makes it very easy to avoid leaks, spills and dust.

It’s perfect for any keen runner, the size of the bottle is 591ml.  This ensures that this gift will get any runners hydration needs topped up perfectly.

You can also mix up water because let’s face it, water can be boring sometimes! They can add fruit to the mixture like lemon, strawberry, mint… The possibilities for delicious flavoured water are endless!

The product has a free stylish box to put your bottle in and also comes with a handy cleaning brush which makes the customer's life so much easier to clean the nooks of the bottle. This product can be taken anywhere and it’s a perfect gift for a runner!

The price of these costs £20.95 and it's well worth the investment for a keen runner!

16.Your Pace Or Mine? Running Book from Lisa Jackson

Price: £9.99

gifts for runners book

This is more of a thoughtful yet practical gift for a runner, this book Your Pace Or Mine? By Lisa Jackson is an inspirational book for anyone who is looking in to starting running or wants that extra pick me up of motivation!

As she only started her running journey at 31, she’s on a mission to inspire likeminded people across the world. On her journey of self-discovery,  she meets a number of people along her journey that will inspire like minded runners!

In terms of price, you can either buy the paperback £9.99 or you can purchase it at a cheaper price if your loved one has a Kindle at £2.99. 

17. Sweaty Betty Compression Shorts

Price: £35.00

gifts for runners sweaty betty compression shorts

Sweaty Betty have released a fantastic product of high waisted compression shorts, of course, there are many on the market but not for this value and quality! These compression tights help protect muscle trauma during training. They also provide support to the upper leg muscles and reduce muscle vibrations.

The quick dry unique mesh design is breathable, soft and contains moisture wicking fabric. This will make a perfect gift for anyone who wants to be dry and comfortable after long runs.

The product is lightweight and contains elastic which increases anyone’s range of motion and will make the runner not restrictive like some other shorts on the market. The compression shorts aid a quicker warm-up for greater power output to boost performance.

It’s perfect for running, however, it can be used for a variety of sports like regular weight lifting or hockey for example. It ensures that you are cool in the summer and retains vital heat in the winter.

In terms of price it costs £35.00, the selection of colours is great  as it comes in blue and black. I’m sure you’ll be able to choose your friend or family members favourite colour!

18.Grittin Running Belt

Price: £6.99

gifts for runners running waistband

Grittin has got a fantastic running strap which a perfect gift for runners! There is a constructed with skin-friendly, this product has a soft breathable material and has an adjustable elastic strap. It is comfortable and convenient for running or other outdoor sports.

There are multiple pockets store your workout necessities such as mobile phones, keys and wallets. There’s a convenient one zipper seal design allowing easy access to all the personal belongings, whilst the actual bag not being too cumbersome. 

The bag itself comes with a reflector for safety and visibility whilst anyone is running in the dark. The unique cut out headphone hole for music means that your loved one will enjoy their favourite tunes whilst working.

The product is machine washable, quick drying, weather resistant, lightweight and durable! It’s perfect for runners or any other outdoor activities.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty and money back so if you have any issues with it, you just need to contact them or simply return the product back to them and they will issue you a full refund.

In terms of price, it’s on a fantastic deal at the moment as it costs £6.99 and comes in a choice of black and grey! You know it’s definitely a quality product.

19.AiRunTech Hydration Belt

Price: £16.99

gifts for runners Running belt

This running belt is an alternative to the previous one on our gift for runners product review! The anti-slip technology makes sure that runners have the ultimate freedom of movement and comfort. 

The belt has a personalised fit for the hips, designed to be worn low down on the hips, this ensures total comfort by removing friction.  This allows for a snug like fit that stays in place without bouncing or chafing during use.

There’s an innovative 45-degree angle bottle holder design. This is perfect as it will resolve the annoyance of always holding the water bottle. The design of the bottle holder ensures there’s no shaking whilst the runner moves. This is perfect for someone who is in a race and wants easy access to their trusty water bottle.

With the elasticated design of the bottle holder, it allows the runner to pick their favourite sports water bottle and has a holding loop for extra security if required.

The running belt is perfect for any necessities on the run like keys or running gels. The compartment also can fit most mobile device brands, so it can be used by anyone! The bag also has a reflective tab on the pocket to ensure safety on night runs. In terms of price, it’s a great price at £16.99 so it’s a perfect gift under £20.00.

20.Asics Women’s Patriot 10 Running Shoes

Price: £20.00

gifts for runners Asics Trainers

We could not of course not include a pair of trainers in our product reviews, could we? The Patriot 10 is a perfect gift for women runners as it has an expertly crafted with a mesh upper for ensured breathability. 

A lot of running shoes on the market may not be the coolest on the streets, however, the design on the trainers ensure whenever these trainers are taken on a run, these will definitely stand out from the crowd!

These trainers are designed for runners who are just starting out on their fitness journey, these comfortable running shoes ensure support, comfort and flexibility as you can rack up the miles with these comfy shoes!

The classic Asics logo and signature tiger stripes complete the design of the product and aesthetically please the eyes! It also comes with a removable sock liner if you need to have a medical orthotic required.

In terms of price, these runners are a bargain at just £20 and are available in 2 different colours.

21. Adidas Men’s Duramo Run

Price: £49.95

gifts for runners Adidas Trainers

Moving on from an amazing women’s running shoe to now a pair of amazing running shoes from Adidas. These pair of trainers pride in how comfortable the shoes are when worn to go for a run. The cushioning on the shoe is impeccable ensuring even during the long runs, it will protect at all times.

The adidas Duramo Lite can also be worn as a casual trainer as well so the design of the actual trainer is very sleek and stylish. It’s a great start shoe for either light running or for someone who’s just getting into running and they do not want to buy an expensive product.

The cushioned insole and outsole of the shoe ensures that every workout is a little bit easier as the running increases!

In terms of price, prices start from £49.95 and do go up due to sizing and sale offers. The trainers do come in a choice of 3 colours so it can be a perfect gift for a runner.

22.Jabra Elite Wireless Headphones 

Price: £149.99

gifts for runners wireless earphones

These Jabra earphones are one of the market leaders for wireless earphones and a perfect gift for a runner. The secure fitting earbuds come with three different size ear gels for superior comfort. The music that can be listen to can be customised with the Jabra Sound+ App. 

It is now the 3rd generation of truly wireless earphones, what’s handy is the Alexa built-in so even when you’re at home far away from Alexa, you can still contact the device with ease.

There’s an auto-pause feature when you remove one earbud and if you forget to turn of the device, do not worry! The auto power feature will turn the device off when not in use to save battery.

On a single charge, the battery of the earphones lasts 5 hours which is fantastic for runs! It also has 15 hours with a charging case as well which is perfect for on the go people.

There’s one-touch access to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, this ensures that all users of Android and Apple are covered with this device. You can find further information about this product on the Sound+ app.

In terms of price, prices start from £149.99, it may be an expensive gift however we believe that it’s definitely worth the price as other branded headphones exceed the £200 for this quality!

23.EcoWhiff Activated Charcoal Shoe Deodorant

Price: £8.45

gifts for runners shoe deodoriser

These shoe deodorisers can be a perfect novelty gift for a runner as the bags are perfect odour absorbers for shoes which have been through the wars! The activated charcoal odour eliminator is made from 100% bamboo charcoal.

The activated charcoal contains no fragrances, no chemicals and is non-toxic. The bags do not mask the odour, it eliminates it. This product also prevents any mould, mildew or bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture.

What’s fantastic about this product it is long-lasting, it can last for up to two years! It’s super easy to refresh it as all you need to do is put it out in the sun for an hour and it’s back to normal.

This reusable bamboo deodoriser bag is easily portable and can be taken anywhere, it can be put in gym bags, shoes or even boxing gloves! In terms of price, it’s currently on sale at £8.45 so get it while you can!

24.Coskey Sports Running Gloves

Price: £13.99

gifts for runners with gloves

Before you know it winter is fast approaching, these running gloves are perfect for this weather condition and autumn as well. It comes with premium soft fabrics which provide premium performance for zero pillings, breathability, durability and anti-static function. These will definitely keep your loved one warm! 

These gloves work amazing as regular gloves for use in running or other outdoor activities. Some people have used it for additional ski gloves and biking gloves! These gloves are also very useful as they are touch screen so you can conveniently use a mobile device without taking gloves off on the go.

The anti slip silicone design on the palm ensures a superior grip. What’s good about this company is that they provide a 12-month guarantee service which means if you have any questions about this product let them know and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

In terms of price, they cost £13.99 and are definitely one of the best quality pairs of running gloves on the market today.

25.Garmin Fitness Tracker

Price: £129.99

gifts for runners Garmin Fitness Tracker

We, of course, could not just include one fitness tracker for gifts for runners we need to at least include 2. Garmin has a lightweight, easy to use the running watch with a high-resolution display and a built-in GPS that tracks how far, how fast and where you run.

This device also tracks the heart rate in the day and night to provide more accurate calories burned.

The connected features include smart notifications, music control, automatic uploads to Garmin connect and the ability to track runs with LiveTrack software

There’s an all day tracking count steps and it reminds the person wearing the device to keep on moving. This device is compatible with most android and apple devices. This product can also create fitness goals that also contains a run/walk mode.

In terms of price, it is the same price as the Fitbit charge 3 as it’s currently on offer at £129.99 and it does come in a choice of 4 colours which means that you can pick an amazing gift for your loved one! 

26. Karrimor Running Jacket 

Price: £34.99

gifts for runners Karrimor Running Jacket

This Karriomor Women’s running jacket is perfect for women who are starting out running. The fitted product has an almost second-skin feel without the jacket feeling too tight. The material is soft and stretch which delivers a light weight fit and feel. 

The material wicks sweat away with ease and it dries really quickly ensuring whoever is wearing the top will be able to run that extra mile without feeling damp!

What’s fantastic is that if people do not like to hold belongings whilst going on runs, there are secure, zip hand pockets which ensure all the personal belongings are safe and are in one place.

There are also handy thumbholes to keep the sleeves secure whilst running and it will help seal in essential body heat especially in winter! 

In terms of price, it costs £34.99 and you can choose up to a choice of 5 colours so you definitely can choose the perfect gift. 

27. Suddoro Cooling Towel

Price: £11.99


gifts for runners cooling towel

Our final item in this product review is this genius gift from Suddora! If you add a little water to the ice towel, whether it be hot or cold water and you shake the product and wait, the towel turns cold. This would be one of the cool gifts for runners to consider! 

The ice towel can stay cool for a significant amount of time. The towel itself is very soft and comfortable to touch, the cooling towel will not drastically cool you down but it will make a huge difference to someone who needs to have a cooling sensation on a difficult run!

The towel is made out of super absorbent microfibre that is a superior material that uses the cool core technology and it’s not harmful to your skin. The breathable microfibre material helps absorb rapidly. If you're looking for gifts for runners in the UK, you can definitely purchase this one for sure! 

There’s a nice portable waterproof carrying pouch that’s provided with the towels. It also comes with carabiner clips so you can easily attach it to the belt of the sports bag. If you're looking for gifts for marathon runners and you don't know what to buy, this needs to be purchased! 

This is a fantastic product which can be used not only during exercise but for things like camping or other outdoor activities. In terms of price, it’s one of the best gifts for runners under £20.00 and can be chosen in a 5 colours. 

Before you go! 

We hope that you found the perfect gifts for runners in this product review article! If you are looking for more running gear, why not check out our list of running gear for winter! 

If you feel like we’ve missed any products out on the list, let us know either on Instagram or Facebook.

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